Kamala And Illegal Immigration

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That is right, my friends, you are listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. I am still trying to figure out if Kamala Harris. I'm 98% sure, at this particular point in time that she has still no idea where the southern border is between the United States and Mexico. She's crisscrossing, she's flying over that border now heading to Central America to address they say the root causes of illegal immigration. Which luck needs to be done? Obviously, we need to address the root causes of immigration. illegal immigration, let me make that clear illegal immigration. But give we'll talk about that this morning email address, by the way, you can send your thoughts, questions, feedback. Yes, I'll even accept the adoration and praise as you well know what Todd at Todd up show.com. It's good to be here. So again, that's what been 75 days or 75 days. I feel like it's been a little bit longer. But anyway, Camila Harris has been the borders are now 75 days hasn't shown up at the border has been closed to the Canadian border than she has been to the US Mexican border. We had reported. I don't know late last week, maybe it was it may have been last week that Camilla's team was upset that she was given this issue of illegal immigration because again, politicians do not want to fix problems. They just want to give the appearance that they are being successful, that they are doing things that need to be done that there is kissing babies and shaking hands or as people like to say now shaking babies and kissing, and whatever the case may be, but she's that's what she wants to do, you know, no politician. Well, outside of Trump really wants to tackle those difficult issues, which is exactly why they've been elected. Now, of course, that's people that elected Camila and Biden under the auspices that they were going to fix difficult problems or living in a fantasy world. But that's the reason that people vote for them is to do certain things. And they don't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. They don't want anywhere near these situations. And so now Komla has been forced to go after 75 days or whatever, it's been down to Central America to talk about illegal immigration and again, dealing with the root causes. She's in Guatemala, telling the Guatemalan president well, and the people down there in the media, and yes, she's ticked off AOC as well, which we'll share what she ticked AOC off about when she something she said yesterday ad at a press conference, but she's listing it's remarkable to me. It's remarkable to me, not necessarily she's half right here or she's, she's got a list of things that are reasons that people are choosing to make that long trek from a central America to the southern border, even though she doesn't know where that is. She understands or at least has read the right words off the teleprompter or her notes here. And she's identified some of the reasons some of them even some of the core reasons that people come here but she's also fabricated some others to throw out there to the radical left. And to throw out there for the latest or the next push for some sort of crazy legislation, which of course we'll see coming down the pike here during any given moment with the radical left. She says this, when asked about the root causes of illegal immigration, she says I'm thinking of corruption, violence, and poverty, the lack of economic opportunity. Those things, by the way, are at the root the causes of people illegally migrating to this country. The land Then she adds us the lack of climate adaptation and climate resilience, lack of good governance, which is also in there. But something she doesn't acknowledge, and something candidly, the Guatemalan president acknowledges is that it's also that the new administration, the new administration is welcoming,
encouraging people to come. This is what he said, according to CBS News, the message change to the message of America to people in that part of the country or that part of the world or just in general, the message of coming to this country illegally when Trump was president, this is not his quote, yet. This is me explaining the difference. But you know, when Trump was president, it was clear that he was discouraging illegal immigration, build that wall. Stay in Mexico policy, if you were coming to the United States, and you were detained at the border, then they were sending people back to Mexico to be detained or housed or whatever there until this can be sorted out, the legal process is followed, and so forth. Now, none of that stuff is the case. the fact we've got catch and release. Again, we've got in many respects, we've got open borders, we've got folks we have. We have coyotes, folks who are paid to smuggle people across the southern border, they're actually openly advertising on Facebook, which we'll get to in due course today. But the Guatemalan president says that the message has changed from America to those in Latin America, Central America coming, wanting to illegally enter or cross into this great nation. He says the message changed too. We're going to reunite families, we're going to reunite children. And then he added the very next day, the coyotes were here organizing groups of children to take them to the United States. We asked the United States government to send more of a clear message to prevent more people from leaving. So yes, Camila is right in part here, by pointing out some of the reasons corruption, violence, poverty, the lack of economic opportunity, she throws in some crazy notion of the lack of climate adaptation. People are fleeing because of climate change. And which is nutty. But then she says the lack of good governance, so yes, there are problems in Central America. Yes, there are problems when it comes to poverty and violence, and corruption. But those things existed prior to Joe Biden, taking office. Those things existed prior to Trump taking office, these things are going back for a long time. So yes, these are root causes. And yes, these things need to be addressed. But one of the other things that are not being addressed, which is actually fueling this thing, fact, you've seen it, I've seen reports on this, the vast majority of people when they crossed, I shouldn't say that but I know it's a very calcite is a common thing for people to say, who when they crossed the border, when they're asked about why they came or whatever that they'll say Biden's name, President Biden, President Biden's encouraged us to come or some variation of this. Biden's out there saying no or common was out there saying no. It's other factors. Now, what is that factor? Again, it wasn't like this when Trump was president, because they knew that wasn't the message of the administration. That was not the message at all. It was securing the border and look, the other thing is, and I think I talked about this last week with an analogy, but you can't, you can't stop to enforce the law. You can't allow these things that illegal border crossings to happen at the rate they're happening. You can't let these things happen and say we're gonna just ignore that for the moment and look at the root causes. And then you have to also, I'm not saying to ignore the root causes, those need to ultimately be addressed. And I, unfortunately, think we're being subjected to a dog and pony show here anything besides what needs to be done in the meantime, which is a continuation if, if I may be so bold of what Trump was doing, right? We know that Biden, they're actually using continuing some construction of the border wall, the border wall that they claimed was racist, and anti-immigrant and so forth. They're continuing that because they realize that is actually a good thing. In stopping some of this chaos, they're feeling the political heat, and they have to do something it's gotten. So How bad is it now to work, Kamala Harris, who's been hiding from this issue for 75 days, How bad is it, for her to actually have to go and get on camera and talk about this has to be really, really bad folks. This is a major, major crisis. In this country, it's an attack on our sovereignty. There is a criminal element, drug element, human trafficking element. I've read some reports of people who have shared some stories of horrific experiences of young girls and women, I don't want to go into that on the radio, but just the abuse and the violence that they are subjected to during the journey. We know some folks don't make this, make this trip, they don't survive. For a number of reasons. And this is it's a crisis. It is a crisis. And it doesn't have to be a crisis. This is where leadership needs to step forward, and actually do the things that need to be done. And yes, in the long term, the root causes have to be had to be identified. But as I've said on here countless times before, it's hard for the root causes to be addressed when the people, the people who are running this country right now fundamentally dislike how America was founded. And that's what we have. That's what we have with Biden and Kamala Harris, they want to remake this country, you need people who are willing to export if you will, the ideas that made this country great, that's you want to solve the long term problems, it is to help other countries adopt the ideas that made America great, adapt in that way. Take the ideas of liberty, eliminate the corruption, hold people accountable for their actions, law and just do justice in order
and promote liberty and choice and opportunity and free markets that will allow people to prosper, dare I say capitalism? Oh, my goodness, right, and to eliminate the corruption to hold people accountable. to not allow some of the nonsense has happened. And candidly, by many of the leaders in these foreign countries, which we have our problem I'm locked in. At some point, it's a little bit hypocritical to point the finger, but the ideas, the ideas of this country are so powerful, that and so strong and are lead to so much prosperity and goodness that we've been able to endure things a little bit differently than when you're not built upon the same ideas or to the same extent, and then you have corruption on top of that, it's hard to get any traction. Here we're living in spite of our leaders many times, in spite of our leader simply because of what America was made to be as it was founded, we're able to kind of adjust sometimes even to people who are complete morons, as far as it pertains to decision making and so forth for this country, economic policies and other things like that, folks, and countries that are still trying to further grow and develop and in, you know, turn into something that makes that a possibility and more likely possibility. They don't have that, that luxury. And so, we need people in this nation who are in Kamila Harris's position who actually love this nation who don't want to fundamentally change it so that they can go and sell those concepts to the people in these countries, to the leaders in these countries. Get out there and talk about the goodness that gives a few Reaganesque speeches as to why America is such a wonderful place a shining city on the hill not because we're superior. That's not the message at all. It's because we have discovered we have been gifted if you will. This beautiful opportunity here we have. We have learned and implemented and applied ideas and principles that truly unleash Potential or opportunities for, for people to make the most of their lives to improve the state that they find themselves in economically or socially or whenever they you know, just career-wise, Dream wise to pursue those things. You I live a part of that you live a part of that. Those are the ideas that need to be exported. Not that climate change is causing mass illegal immigration to this country. That is patent nonsense. But yet some educated expert will tell us Oh, Todd, you've really missed it on this. Meanwhile, though, the obvious is right there. The obvious is right there, which is people want to come here because of the opportunities. I don't fault anyone for wanting to come to this great nation, I do not. And if they in these other places around the world would adapt and become more like American not am I even saying a cultural, I'm just simply saying in the sense of the ideas, the fundamental principles, and ideals upon which this nation was built and found that if we would communicate those with more conviction with more, I don't know hope with more confidence. If we had our leaders that embrace those things, instead of wanting to change those things. Maybe, maybe just maybe some of this would begin to help fix or address the problems that people in these places are dealing with. And Kamla Harris is not the salesperson for that she's absolutely one of the worst people to carry that message. So timeouts in order when we get back, I want to talk about Facebook, not apparently caring about coyote groups advertising on their platform, to be paid to illegally transport people across the southern border. I want to talk about why AOC is upset with Kamala Harris something she had yesterday soundbite from that. And I'm gonna take a timeout, quick timeout here is necessary long in the segment elicited conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. Be careful out there contents of this program may cause you to lean and drift to the right, especially if operating heavy machinery back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. AOC not very happy, not very happy. I'm happy here this morning. AOC is not very happy. She's upset with Camila. Because of this press conference yesterday Kamala Harris had with the Guatemalan president, she tells folks to not come to the southern border, not trying to illegally comment to this great nation, which I mean it is good to hear again, as a human being I just want to make this clear. And I think I think most people would hope to agree with us. You can be against illegal immigration, but understand what these are, I understand that people want to come here. I also understand that it's impossible for everyone who wants to come here to actually come here, given how this nation is, is, you know, just given the way that we are set up and entitlement programs and all this sort of stuff. And just you can factor in the labor market. I just, I don't want to get into all that. I'm just saying I understand why someone wants to come here while also understanding that everyone can't come here. And I think that the most compassionate thing that we can do as Americans isn't to because of the number of people that want to come here and the number of people that we can actually process legally through the immigration system. It's roughly a million people a year. I mean, even if you think it's it should be double or even triple that which I'm not arguing for that I'm just making a point. Say it's a couple of million people a year that could legally be processed into the United States of America by the way, blowing every other country away on this. Turns out people want to come here again, for reasons I talked about the last saying that because this is a wonderful place. And I'll be honest with you. Sometimes I don't I have a variety of reactions to people who bad-mouth this place.
Of course, it's never to get bitter at them. I'm perplexed. I'm sometimes amused. I'm sometimes terrified whenever they tell us what they want to do, to change America. But to see it to me, it's just a total lack of perspective and understanding about the history about world history, about the conditions that humanity has lived within, on this planet, as it pertains to their government and their lifestyle, their liberty, you compare that with what we have the day here in this wonderful place with, you know, throughout the history of the world, and it's not even close. It's not even close to other places in the world today, in comparison to the United States. I mean, the proof is in the pudding folks, people want to come here because it's special. And there are a group of people that often call themselves, unfortunately, that they run for political office and call themselves democrats oftentimes, and they hate this place. They're ashamed of this place, they want to change this place. And this place, the ideas in this country have unleashed more good things on planet earth than any other utopian promises. it you know, uttered by the socialists and the other folks who care so much who say the things that all just sound so right, but they produce nothing, the road to hell is paved with good intentions is, is a common phrase, something that people have, you know, will repeat. And you can have all the quote-unquote, good intentions in the world, these people that adore socialism, and so forth, because it sounds so fair, everybody has equal stuff. But that's just not the way that it works. denying the way that life works, this side of Heaven is denying human nature. It's denying what we've learned throughout history, philosophy, the nature of government, all that stuff, it totally ignores it. And this lives in La La Land. Meanwhile, we've literally got a track record of prosperity spreading around the globe, starting here because of the freedoms and liberty and choices and opportunity. And we don't have leaders and the Democrats, candidly, I'm just gonna say we don't have people in either party. There's a couple of exceptions. Where are the Reagan-like leaders that would talk about these things on a regular basis who would adore this nation who would lift up the principles and the ideas in such a way as to articulate into explaining them in a beautiful way? It's there for anybody who wants to do this. And he could point to Pete, I mean, Trump, did it agree of this? I know some people didn't like his style, and I get all that. But you're not hearing it from the Democrat Party. That's for sure. And candidly, if I'm being candid, I don't hear enough for the Republican Party as well. There are some exceptions. But it's just not the way that the republicans typically. I don't know talk today, it's kind of disheartening to me. Anyway, here's camo, this is this statement here and I have to get a break after this. But this statement right here, made by Kamala Harris, in the press conference yesterday with the Guatemalan president, has upset Alexandria acacio Cortez, who fresh off of denying her Abuela the money raised by Matt Walsh through GoFundMe to save our boilers, apartment or whatever, in Puerto Rico. Now she's out here slamming Camila, for telling people to not illegally come to this nation. She's upset about that. Anyway, I want to play this. And so actually, one of the things that I can say I agree with come along is I don't know, if she, it just goes to illustrate right below the surface, the political pressure. This is an unavoidable issue for the Harris Biden administration. it's unavoidable so they have to at least give lip service to this but I agree with the con the general sentiments here, here you go. stinking soundbite hold on here. Let's do this again. Here we go.
I want to be clear to folks in this region, we're thinking about making that dangerous trek to the United States Mexico border. Do not come. Do not come. The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure our border. There are legal methods by which migration can and should occur. But we as one of our priorities will discourage illegal migration. And I believe if you come to our border, you will be turned back. So let's leverage our friends, our neighbors, our family members from embarking on what is otherwise an extremely dangerous journey.
So anyway, a lot to say about this. I, I listened to this earlier today I didn't watch I'm watching the video as I play this and I have to tell you just watching her body language on this, she is not comfortable saying this. She is very uncomfortable when she's saying this. I don't know if she feels forced. I don't know if she knows she has to say it for political purposes. But she's not selling this at all. She looks very uncomfortable. And you can look this up yourself. She does not. She looks pulled back hesitant. She's, there's just something wrong, wrong about this. But anyway, she says the right thing. This is upset AOC AOC tweeted this out complaining about this comment. But anyway, timeouts necessary more to say about illegal immigration, including Facebook, which I've hinted at earlier in the program, allowing coyotes to advertise on their platform. Coyotes literally have ad campaigns. I don't know if they've been shut down. But they hadn't been shut down at the time this article was posted. So we'll talk about that after the break. quick timeout back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. So for those who are wanting to know what AOC is problems with Kamala Harris's statements were This is what she tweeted out. Again, I played that segment or that soundbite last segment AOC tweeted out this, this is dis disappointing to see so disappointing. First, like she didn't say like, but she should like seeking asylum at any US border is 100% legal method of arrival stop pause. The rule for that is that you go to the first country, the first country that gives you safety, which if you're coming from Central America, could be the nation of Mexico, which people will say, well, Todd, that's not a safe place. But meanwhile, they've tracked entire Mexico is not a tiny country. I mean, it's not anywhere near as big as America, but it's not like the Central American countries is a long, long track. It's safe enough to track all the way through. I mean, it's just it's remarkable to me what we see these individuals subjected to by the coyotes, and you get the sex trafficking, the drugs, the violence, which we're not allowed to talk about those things, because if you say those things you're implicating, apparently, in the minds of the radical left every Hispanic in the world, which is insane. That's not this is not about that at all. This is about the people regardless of what they look like. It's the type of mindset that they have. It's what they believe and how they treat people. That's the problem of exploiting people. But she says that illegal artists seeking asylum here is 100%. Legal and a legal method of arrival. That's not necessarily the case. But asylum seeking is a legal thing. I wouldn't want to be misunderstood there. Second, she writes, the US spent decades contributing to regime change, and destabilization in Latin America, we can't help set someone's house on fire and then blame them for fleeing. She is not necessarily wrong there. But again, what we've been talking about here this morning, which is the idea that we can't, I think we should try to address these long-term problems. And we shouldn't try to promote, as I said, very clearly here this morning American principles and ideas, not because they're American, and it's our way of doing it. It's because it's so much it's the way that we were created to live the America I just I firmly believe that. I'm not talking about a specific policy and talking about fundamental the foundational principles upon which a nation is built what America has is how mankind Humanity excuse me was was meant to live. So I also want to talk a little bit here. That's an OC I just wanted, to get to that. But the other thing that's going on that I mentioned here this morning with coyotes advertising on Facebook, is the epic time this is from a couple of days ago, June 4, headline smugglers openly advertise illegal border crossings on Facebook human smugglers. It's written here, human smugglers along the southern border are openly advertising their services on Facebook and the social media company has fallen short on removing such content. a plethora of user accounts have posted offers to facilitate illegal crossings on illegal border crossings on the platform, some even directly advertise how much they charge for the service. So there's that happening, as well. You can't You can't ask a question on social media about signed affidavits pertaining to you know, allegations of voter fraud. You will be shut down in a heartbeat. You can't at one point you couldn't question whether the Wuhan Coronavirus or whatever we're calling this thing now Coronavirus. COVID-19 came from a lab in Wuhan. You weren't allowed to question that.
Because Dr. Fauci and his infinite wisdom did not think that we should say that and of course, Facebook complied. And so these other social media platforms and they shut you down, they shut you up, they take you down, the free discourse of ideas totally abandoned here. And this whole process as it pertains to election integrity as it pertains to COVID-19 and vaccinations and vaccine passports and all this stuff, you're not allowed to even ask legitimate questions anymore. You're just supposed to have a certain opinion and shut up about it. But you can advertise smuggling people across the border here just a remarkable thing. I mean, I we've done Facebook advertising and there's a process you have to post your ad. You don't post it to Facebook you have to get approval they literally had someone approve this they reviewed the ad and it got approved now maybe there's a way I mean is it I'm This is my I don't do it directly. I have people that do this with us or for us. But the ad has to get approved. Someone at Facebook said Yeah, that looks good. Coyote is illegally transporting leading people across the southern border in the United States. Charging whatever they charge. Yeah, that looks fine. Let's let them approve that add absolutely incredible to think about. Anyway, time is necessary. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Oh, I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. This program brought to you in part by gatekeeper services in the gatekeeper.com you have a residential gate, commercial gate, or maybe you need a new residential-commercial gate gatekeeper services can help provide that conveniently located here in Central Indiana great guys, By the way, maintaining a current gate maybe you have a gate you just need to have fixed repaired just some general maintenance Whatever the case, in the gatekeeper.com gatekeeper services the name of the company gate indie gatekeeper.com is the web address. Check them out. Be sure to tell them that Todd since you know I want to tell you this really quickly. Got a kind of message just the insanity that we deal with day in and day out here. In this in this country. I had a buddy last night texted me a screenshot. He was watching apparently a movie and it says this film contains outdated cultural depictions. Viewer discretion is advised. Now you know we're all used to this I don't know this film contains violence or graph whatever they say at the beginning of our some TV shows you'll see some disclaimers. Viewer discretion is advised but now we've got outdated cultural depictions outdated cool, is that even the right way to say it? They're outdated. They wrote does that mean that they were okay and one point in the past They're outdated. Seems like the wrong word to use to me. But anyway, I'm curious. Curious, I asked him Well, what? What movie? Are you watching? What's going on over there? What's that from is? What was my question? You know what the movie was. And I am not familiar as much as familiar with this one as I am with the others in the trilogy, that gives you a hint, and the trilogy of these films, but this is the third and final, third and final film in a series and the trilogy of wait for them, you can leave your final guesses in here before the buzzer, three to one, it's Back to the Future three. I told. I told us this morning I'm not as familiar with Back to the Future three as I am with the first one or even probably the second one. Although I remember, as a kid growing up, my brother loved watching the Back to the Future movies. And I've seen all of all three of them. But I don't know if I've ever sat down and watched number three beginning to end. But that disclaimer, if you will, came up and I don't even want I mean I know they went to the Old West. So man I don't know. I don't know exactly what this is even referencing. But Back to the Future three, this film contains outdated cultural depictions, if you were discretion is advised that reminds me of something else I wanted to get to here today, which was there was a speaker at Yale. And she said that she dreams of killing YT back some other loyalty. This is I had fantasies of unloading a revolver into the head of any white person that got in my way burying their body and wiping my bloody hands as I walked away, relatively guiltless, with a bounce in my step like I did the world a blanking favor. That was just the mere seven minutes and 17 seconds into this wonderful enlightening uplifting speech given by what's this lunatics name. This lunatic is a psychiatrist. She's psychiatrists forgot about that part of the story at the look at her name after the break, but I got to get him out. This is the kind of stuff we're subjected to today. Incredible, incredible stuff back in the future gets disclaimers. Meanwhile, this lady gets invitations to Yale University to speak and talk about how brilliant her ideas are on race relations in America back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. I don't have time to read any more quotes you can live by from this radically insane delusional. She says psychiatrist and psychoanalyst is that what forensic psychiatrist aroona ki lionni. I think as I said, MD, she's a medical doctor. She gave her talk on April 6 at Yale on a virtual thing or whatever. totally ridiculous and offensive. These people think they're so enlightened. They're so morally bankrupt. I've got to go. Thanks for listening. SDG See you tomorrow. Take care.