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And you can find our slash podcast too I think and you can find different ways to listen to the program. Download it on the Apple podcast, whatever. And you can catch anything you may have missed so again, apologize for whatever technical issue happened yesterday but yesterday we talked about it for those of you that listen on freedom 95 podcast listeners or people that watch on social media channels hang in there with free with me for a minute because I'm going to rehash just a bit not rehash blaring on but I also want to make. Okay, so yesterday we talked about Gwyn Berry. GWEN berry is an athlete who is she's a hammer thrower. And some folks may not even know what that is. It's an Olympic event them, they get the ball on the end of that chain, they spin in circles and they throw that sucker down the field and she finished third at the Olympic trials. And she was on the podium for finishing third she qualified to go to the Olympic Games, which are in Tokyo here and about a month, I think something like that, maybe three weeks now. And when she was on the podium, she stood and turned her back to the flag. While she was standing already. She just turned. She said that. She was surprised the anthem was playing and I did I didn't get this correct at first until I read it again. And I pointed that out that that was apparently they were only playing the anthem at a certain time. So it was scheduled to play throughout the day. But it wasn't necessarily supposed to play when anyone, in particular, was on the podium, but it's the way that it worked out. She was stuck on the podium. I stuck on the road. I mean that I'm just trying to tell you what she's how she's trying to present this. She's the one she feels like she was the one that was put in a bad position. Because the anthem play and the anthem played. It's just bizarre to me. The anthem played while she's on the podium which newsflash Olympic Games, podiums, and national anthems go hand in hand, do they not I mean, this and flags. If If you don't like the flag, if you don't like the national anthem, if you don't like the country that you are representing, this might pose a problem for you. And so she did this she put her t-shirt over her head at one point in the T-shirt, red activist athlete or athlete activists, something like that. And she's fighting some pushback. And so we talked about that yesterday, I made some, some comments. And actually, I got a comment somewhere that I want to read here. Read here quickly, cuz I find this fascinating Really? Now, if you say that you are she has that she is fighting systemic racism is it not to me, if you believe your country, your nation is inherently fundamentally systematically systemically racist? I believe it's fair to say, I think it's a very logical conclusion that one can draw to say that the person who says that hates their country as it's founded, isn't that this is that not synonymous? If, for example, there are things about this country, and it's not so much the country as much as it is some of the decisions that people have made on behalf of this country that I don't like, I don't like and I don't agree with, for example, the issue of say, abortion, I believe that it's without any doubt, and science is on my side, by the way, Sciences is on the side of those of us who are pro-life, the radical left wants to tell conservatives, that they're anti-science and all these sorts of things. On any other issue when it comes to masks, for example, which now Fauci says that herd immunity is now 90%, he's gone about as high as he can go, although, although if he's talking primarily to leftists, today, they're the only ones that pretty much listen to this guy. If you're listening to Fauci and if he knows that the people listening to him, don't have much of an idea on basic math, he might start saying it's over 100%. And people might not an agreement with what we need in order to reach herd immunity, we need 110% of people to have gotten the vaccine or have antibodies from this virus, and people might not along with that, I mean, those are the folks listening that are left in that crowd anyway. But this whole issue herewith, with abortion, is an example. Which again, pro-science, life begins at conception, it's undeniable, 100% undeniable, life begins at conception. So if I am pro-life, and I think that policies that allow for the killing of innocent life are I think that's reprehensible. I do think that that is morally reprehensible. So, but what I what doesn't, what I don't do, if, for example, I was an Olympic athlete, who, by the way, the Olympics, the Olympics are a sporting event, where athletes from different countries around the world compete to represent their country, right? They compete to represent your country, their own country. And so if you're going to represent your country, to me, at some point in time, it stands to reason that you, at least are proud of something with your country. Now see this happen, I tell you who definitely doesn't do this. Because there would be awful repercussions or people say from China, for example, you won't see any turning of the Mac to the flag or whatever. And if you do that, by the way, it would be real, real courage, by the way. But this, this whole notion of saying, I hate my country because of something going on in it, or something I think is going on in it or whatever. So I'm going to show disdain for the real, something that represents it is foreign to me. So I'm pro-life. I think pro-choice policies are reprehensible when they lead to life to the termination of unborn life. And I but I wouldn't think of kneeling during the anthem to make that point.
But this for some reason to those who believe that the American system is systemically racist, that's become the go-to move the go-to protest. And so to me, it stands to reason if you hate your country, as it was founded as it was, or if you have such a problem with its systemic, the way that the systems are built, if you say this is beyond repair, we've got to we got to throw everything out. This is so corrupt and so terrible, that there's nothing that can be done to fix it. That, to me suggests that you hate your country, I think that that's a logical thing to you are disrespecting, and show, you know, just discussed with the national symbols, the flag, the National Anthem, whatever else. And you're doing that in a public way to bring issues to life that are again, systemic, something that is fundamentally flawed with this country, if our nation was, for example, Now see, I'm a little bit different than maybe some of these folks that are will probably a whole lot different than some of these folks that are not respecting the anthem and flag and so forth. But I would hate if this nation were founded upon communist principles, I would hate a nation that told me that I could not worship God that the government, in fact, was God, I would hate society, I would want to radically change something that takes away tries to take away our freedom, even those freedoms come from God, not from government. I would hate living in a place like that. And so I think if I grew up, of course, it's hard to say how we would react if we grew up living in an oppressive, say, Soviet-style government. But I know that the yearnings of the heart is that and that's for man to be free. And I would hate that I truly would hate that. And so, but I get this comment, this says she never says she hates America. But isn't that what all of her actions seem to indicate? If you say that you fundamentally hate believe that this country is evil? I mean, that's effectively what that means is that now what that means, I just, if you say this, this nation is fundamentally flawed and fundamentally racist than beyond repair. How can you not say that that's something? How can one like that country, these are pretty bold statements? This guy says I'm the Joker, you are the Joker, sir. I appreciate the fine, the recognition of my wittiness and humor, but nonetheless, dissent and protest are patriotic, he rides, dissent and protest is a patriot. I never said she couldn't do this. I always love how the conversation shifts. The conversation shifts when someone is doing something, using their freedoms to express an idea that I don't agree with, or they say the vast majority of Americans don't agree with. I didn't say she couldn't do it. Although, although the US Olympic Committee, which so far as I can tell, it's not part of the government should be able to say, look, if you're going to represent your country, you're going to follow certain rules, and you're going to at least show some respect to your nation, you're not going to make a mockery of your nation, if you want to be a part of what we're doing here. That seems like not necessarily the worst thing in the world to me. But he's writing that dissent and protest is a good I mean, well, we ought to be able to do that. not suggesting it's not but it's like, if you say something idiotic, don't come to me and say, Hey, man, free speech. You gotta respect Well, yeah, you have free speech. But we're not talking about that. I'm not saying you couldn't say it. I'm just saying you shouldn't say it, because it's stupid. doesn't make any sense. Don't change the subject here. And say to me, that all man free speech free to dissent, dissent. Well, what is she dissenting about? Don't tell me that someone who feels this strongly against her country doesn't have a lot of I mean, at least anger and I would maintain hatred for this nation as found that and by the way, if it's as evil have a place as folks like this are saying that it is I don't necessarily disagree that there shouldn't be hatred. I'm just maintaining that this is not reality that this is not a fundamentally flawed nation. In fact, I'm going as far as to say it is the antithesis of that not perfect, but a nation that is what that once it's come on to the world stage. It has done massive amounts of good for average people around the world, not just its own citizens, it is raised the level of the standard of living prosperity, the length of life and look at the advancements that have come from this nation. You will get the promotion of freedom and the individual people beings Decisions are not subjects on down the line, the rights of the individual opportunity. People that can now actually move between. I don't like to use term classes, but people can move from different economic classes, if you will, because of the freedom to basically start with little in this country and change things even for generations in your family, that possibility exists in ways that it never has before. I just don't agree. here and I'll finish the comment of this individual who left me here. Stop whining here. He writes and gets over it. Okay, I'm not whining. I'm just saying it's, it's silly and referee. I mean, I will say reprehensible. I just, it's just, it's, it's, you're representing your country. This, again, explain to me how in modern times, there are systemic problems in our, in our culture and government, in the cases that there are, in the cases where there is there are, you know, officers that are abusing their power against any person, but whatever black white, then they need to be held accountable. But to say that there are systemic problems is beyond repair. And the only way to fix this, which, when you get down to it, what Black Lives Matters leaders want is for us to become radical. I mean, the leaders are Marxist, they want us to be communist. I know folks don't want to accept that. But that is they are they've self-identified as such. The self-identified as mine, I guess I should get over the fact that they're trying to push radical leftist ideology, and in fact, even radical communism on the American people. I also pointed out that what is she going to do? Should she end up on the podium in the camp, the Chinese national anthem plays a country that truly oppresses its people, by the way? Is she gonna kneel for that guy? This guy says that, hey, you know, she doesn't have that experience of oppression firsthand. Nor is her generational lineage. So basically, she shouldn't be held responsible. She probably should stay in, I guess, in respect for the Chinese national anthem, she can't personally relate to that. So I guess we should only stand against injustices that happened to us, I guess, is what this gentleman is trying to say here. The timing was misleading. He writes the timing of the anthem and caught her off guard is what she says why should we not believe I don't say I don't believe her. She was there. Yes, she was there. We saw. We saw her on video we saw her acting petulant, I think and my opinion, and a little bit ridiculous. It doesn't anger me. I'm this is not the first time that we've seen stuff like this. It's just interesting to see how people come down on this. I'm not saying she shouldn't, that she shouldn't legally be able to protest her country. I'm just saying that it is empty. They need to articulate what she's protesting. Because to say this country is systemically flawed and cannot be changed is something that I reject. Completely 100% This country has had terrible things in its past. And you know what? This country has changed those things. It has changed those things. So anyway, that's what we talked about yesterday. But again, well, and now the White House. Jen Psaki had some things to play, I'll play that next segment, but Jen Psaki is talking about President Biden's position on this and so forth. And I'll play that after the break. But we talked about this yesterday and I just wanted to kind of fill in some things especially since I got some comments about this. This particular one, someone who doesn't agree with my babble. By the way, when you write me you don't have to agree with me. We can still be friends. As long as you handle it, at least somewhat decently, but I have to take time out really long in the segment you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, by the way, the program brought to you in part by Greg Hubler. Chevy Greg Hubler chevy.com. In Camby not far from Indianapolis down Kentucky avenues, State Road 67 Greg's also got some dealerships in the northern part of this, this listening area, Muncie, Marion. We're actually Greg's yesterday, family and I Greg Hubler chevy.com 317-831-0770. So Jen Psaki circling back, I'm sure on all sorts of things yesterday at a press conference was asked by Peter, do you see fox news? She was asked about President Joe Biden's position, I guess what he thought about this athlete, when Barry and what she did on the podium, and I want to move on from this, but I wanted to play this as well. Because, again, what, what the left likes to do here is they like to conflate things. And I want to point out what she says here and point out that that's not what when Barry says that she's actually protesting. So let's listen to the question. And, and the answer here.
And very cool. represent the United States as an Olympian on the hammer throwing events, won a bronze medal at the trials, and then she turned her back on the flag. Well, the fans complain, because President, I think that is appropriate behavior for someone who hopes to represent Team USA.
Well, here, I haven't spoken to the President specifically about this. But I know he's incredibly proud to be an American and has great respect for the anthem, and all that it represents, especially for our men and women serving in uniform all around the world. He would also say, of course, that part of that pride in our country means recognizing there are moments where we are as a country hasn't lived up to our highest ideals, and it means respecting the right of people granted to them in the constitution to peacefully protest.
Okay, now, she said there, the President would recognize I'm paraphrasing here, but it's something very close to this. That there have been moments. Emphasis mine. There, there have been moments in American America's history where we've not lived up to our ideals, and so people can protest. Now, wait for a second, that's not what she's protesting. When Barry is not protesting moments, she is protesting the systemic problems. See, words mean things. Jen Psaki, no matter how many times you circle back or run away from the question, they mean things. And if you say you fundamentally have disdain for the systemic problems of this country mean, it doesn't mean that they're just repeated, it means they're part of the system, it means that it is part of the fabric of this culture and the society and this government and this, I mean, everything our economic system, is not just that an event happened or something reprehensible happened, which everyone acknowledges has happened in the history of this great nation. There were problems. There were problems that the early states had when it came to slavery that was systemic problems. They were but they had been fixed. To say that there's a systemic problem, something that's wrong with the very foundations and the underpinnings of this country is not the same as saying that America has not lived up to its ideal. There's something that, you know, that happened at a point of time you were saying that system itself is fundamentally flawed, and dare I say, dare I say for the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, they would maintain that our ideological system our system built upon freedom. The American system itself is in fact the problem. They have said it. They're trained Marxists. That's what Patrice Koehler's have said, as she's accumulating houses left and right. Right, I mean, this is no good. I have no I don't care if she has 100 houses. But don't tell me. Don't tell me that you're an avowed Marxist, and then accumulating goods and possessions. Much like say Bernie Sanders and his wife, at least be ideologically pure. You want to you know, live life according to John Lennon and the word and the song imagine, then put up or shut up. Don't put a boat don't make a house and in your name, don't put the deed of the house in your name. Just put it to the American people. Right no property, no possessions. Imagine all the people come together under this wonderful worldview, right this is I mean, this is how the this is how this is talked about. But in practice, the problem is the people who run the government end up having a different style and standard of living than the rest of the servants, the servant class, the working class, the people who provide for the coffers of the government, and communism, they're the ones who have to sacrifice so that they can feed the fat cats at the top. It's not a complicated thing to say. I mean, it's there for everyone to see, by the way, and I'm going to get a break. I saw. I saw the state, I'm going to look this up during the break a state thinks it's Arizona? I think it was Arizona has voted. I think they've passed a law that says, schools have to tell the stories of people who have survived communism. Either think, I mean, look, I think that the idea of that people, students hearing about real stories of communism instead of this utopian nonsense, how, how it's talked about in academic circles and outside of reality, and this just kind of hypothetical world. And what it does, in reality, is totally different. So this, the legislature says, fine, you want to talk about all the things that America should be and how it should be more socialist than even communist? How about we bring people in to tell their real stories about what that's like, people from Cuba, people who lived behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Union. How about we do that? How about we hear the real stories instead of your utopian, nonsensical gibberish and garbage. quick timeout, listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
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showed favorable tendencies towards Soviet communism. But I mean, you know, he, a lot of these folks do is sound so good and appealing. But anyway, in the very last class that one of the students said, let's take a bone because we did this whole comparison of communism and capitalism. And I remember the vote was four to four folks in favor of one over the other It was a tie it did we have a winner for communism, for capitalism, for I guess that went to the tie-breaking vote, which would have been the professor who almost certainly would have been communism. So I guess you could say it even lost. But you think if the real stories of communism were told, and there are books, there are books written, in fact, I'm looking at parent a bookshelf, I may not be on this one. But I have a book called foxes Book of Martyrs, foxes Book of Martyrs. Now, it's about Christians who have been killed for their faith. But a lot of those stories, I shouldn't say a lot, there's a certain percentage of those stories that happened. In the Soviet Union, I'm reminded of one in particular, when a group of Christians was taken out during the freezing weather somewhere in Mother Russia out to the frozen pond. And they were taken out naked, to freeze to death, and the guards took him out there. And the Christians started singing hymns to God. And somewhere along the way, it's a tremendous story. But as the story goes, one of the guards was moved. I think it was just one It could have been others. But I seem to remember one. I've read this in years. But one of the guards who was tasked with basically standing there while these folks died, was so moved by the faith of these folks and the worship of these folks as they stood facing certain death, death by exposure to the elements, stripped down his clothes, took off his clothes and went and stood with them, suffering the same fate. And some remarkable stories. I'm not taking away from just the power, though. That's an unbelievable story, right? The power of that story. But that's the kind of stuff that happens. That is systemic problems and the government right there. That is it. That's what it looks like. taking people out because of their religious beliefs to die, torture is death. Not even just looking for a humane way, which I'm not saying would have been justifiable in this case anyway, but not looking for a way to minimize the suffering. No, no. Let's make him pay. Let's send a message to anyone else who may want to go against the state in this particular way. Why not? Why not share stories like that? That's, again, that's systemic. That is what a systematic problem looks like that is evil and wicked. by the government itself. The founding principles and ideas of that government are morally reprehensible they are I don't care what they say they want to look like they're so altruistic. But below the surface, my friends and you don't have to look very far to pull the covers back. You're not the dig feet, just dig an edge. This isn't a wicked ideology. communism is that is talked about as though it's some great force for good and love on this planet. And it's and that this nation is built upon ideas that are reprehensible, which is factually incorrect. As I always say I'm not including slavery in that particular part because that part is completely obviously reprehensible and evil but that part has been eradicated Soviet communism embraces the antithesis of ideas that are good that lead to liberty and choice and opportunity and freedom and humanity being able to live in accordance with its conscience and worship or not worship as it chooses as he as we choose. And most stories more stories about true communism need to be told. So the Arizona house is the house anyways passed the bill saying teachers are gonna have to tell these stories here. People are gonna hear the stories of people that fled communism, right because that's what they do. People don't flee. the constitutional republic of the United States to go to these other places, they flee these other places. They get on RAF's makeshift rafts and go across oceans, right from Cuba to the United States to end up here just to have a chance. It doesn't. It's a one-way street, folks. We've not headed back in that direction. quick timeout is in order. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, you remember the whole defund the police movement? Right? I mean, it's still a thing. defund the police that was going to fix. That was one of the systematic and fundamental problems of law enforcement. I'm not saying that I'm saying that that's what the radical left says. And you remember the folks that were calling for this? It was not Republicans. It was, of course, radical left, not all Democrats. And this is I think, an important point. I know that it for simplicity sake, sometimes it's easier to say the democrats and candidly, the people who are elected democrats are bat crap crazy half the time or No, that's not true 90% of the time, and I get that, but the rank and file are not and I don't have time to get into all that today. But there's a lot of normal. I know it can be maddening or confusing to say, how can you support what all these other things are? But a lot of these folks are single-issue voters. But this is what Jen Psaki had to say about, really, who is defunding the police apparently she says republicans here do. Come on Jen soundbite Let me read you that. Let's try it again. Come on, Jen.
The American rescue plan, the state and local funding, something that was supported by the president, lot of Democrats who supported and voted for the bill could help ensure local cops were kept on the beat and communities across the country, as you know, didn't receive a single Republican vote, that funding has been used to keep cops on the beat. So now, we've redefined that. There is literally a whole movement we had, we had city council members, we've had politicians and Ana from places literally say defund the police, but instead, and they're all Democrats. Instead, Jen Psaki thinks or wants you to think she wants to reframe that and say if you didn't vote for the American rescue plan because tucked in there somewhere, there was funding for local police. That was, again, that was the defunding of the police movement. Truly insane, completely dishonest, totally untrue. But then again, so is the rest of her press conference had to take a break back here in just a minute.
All right, my friends, wrapping up here for the day. But look, I mean, this is we're dealing with a lot here in this in this nation. And you know, you got the issues at the moment. There are the issues, the way that they're being addressed, like illegal immigration, like the economy, for example, traditionally, things that are political, but then we've got the ideological problems that run underneath this, and the larger root causes of that my Kamaal out there looking to decide how to fix the root causes of immigration, illegal immigration. But you also have to stop the flow of illegal immigration, we get to do both things. And these, these ideas and these problems run deep, and education and culture and so forth. So anyway, lots to do. We can pull it off, sit tight, or we'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening. Take care.