Mark Levin On American Marxism

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All right, my friend's rocks are rockin here ready to go locked and loaded. Ready to talk about? Well, an interesting morning here on The Todd Huff Show. Inviting Mark Levin on the program, Mark Levin's syndicated talk show hosts, television show hosts, author and lawyer, an American lawyer here in this great country, and constitutional expert, he will be joining us. Yeah, next segment. I spoke with him yesterday and about his book American Marxism. And that's what I want to talk about off the top this morning Marxism in America today, this insidious ideology that is that's been permeating every aspect of our culture and our world today, and that's, again, the name of his book. And the concept of America as founded is, as I've said before, antithetical to the opposite of Marxism, the collective, the collective versus the individual. Course, logically, if individuals are protected, the individuals when they join together and form groups also carry within that state that that same protection and so but the other unwinding that doesn't work if you protect only the collective if someone leaves the group or has an idea different from his own Well, from the rest of the group does something unique and different. That doesn't follow the herd? That I don't know, for example, says that they don't believe in or they question I should say, the question some of the things that they heard about the integrity of the 2020 elections, that they have questions about the safety or the efficacy of a vaccine that they don't feel comfortable taking. They don't follow the narrative. They have questions about the January 6, so-called insurrection. I have never in my life, by the way, what watched a group of politicians, a group of a political opportunist, tried to redefine something in such a dramatic way to make it look like the enemy or the people again, I don't I know that there. There's all sorts of things about this January 6, what happened at the Capitol building on January 6, but I'm I don't want to get into all of that, and the, the theories and, you know, the allegations and so forth about who really was doing what and who the group was, and all this sort of stuff. And I understand I do understand, I think that there are certain questions that need to be asked. And that's really the point. Right? I know that there are some who say that it was antifa, or some that say that that's ridiculous. There's some to say, FBI agents were embedded. There's some who say that these FBI agents were trying to get the folks to go into the Capitol, there are videos that are questionable, where police Capitol Police have opened up certain barricades to let people into areas and that sort of thing. There's a lot of questions. That's That's the point. Whatever you think about this, you're not allowed to ask questions. And this soft form of American Marxism that I speak about with Mark Levin that he writes about in his book is that it is so insidious that it controls it's taking control of every aspect of our lives. You think, what the leaders, the poor, I don't want to call them leaders, but the politicians tell you to think you do what they tell you to do. Or there's going to be proverbial hell the pay. Right depending upon the particular situation if you're Jim banks and Jim Jordan and you had questions about electors from certain states on January 6, you can't be allowed on Nancy Pelosi these make-believe January 6 Commission. Right? This is about one thing, this is about positioning the 2022 election so that Democrats don't get the snot clobbered out of them. This is two. And by the way, Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are willing who have replaced on that committee that commission,
Jim Banks and Jim Jordan, their content, they are content to help the democrats because as Kevin McCarthy said, a couple of days ago, they are Pelosi, Republicans, Pelosi Republicans. And so Marxism is insidious. It's all around us. It is covertly taking over the hearts and well, the minds of many Americans, the hearts of some Americans. And it is not a good thing. It is the opposite of what we were created to have in this constitutional republic. Again, the idea between the differences between Marxism and the constitutional framework that we have here in this constitutional republic is our profound, our profound one, again, believes that the individual matters. That's the constitutional republic that America was founded upon our founding documents talk about that, the importance of the individual, you've heard me say on this program, many times before, many times before that, this nation. For the first time, the world believes someone in the world believed that instead of being a subject to some ruler, in some country, you were a citizen, that you had rights that were granted not by that government, but rather, by Almighty God, our founding documents say that, right? The Declaration of Independence makes, makes that clear, you have the freedom to live your life, as you choose. The federal government has responsibilities that are clearly defined in our Constitution, and those are limited. Right? Those are limited. They're not unlimited. You're not meant are created to be a servant of the state, the government is there. Right? If men were angels, no government would be necessary as something that was said during the time of the founding of this great nation. And that's what the founders believed government is there. Because it is necessary. It doesn't mean that it is. It is a dangerous force to be worked with. Because at its core, the government is force. Government is force. And so the force is not a good thing. So you have to limit the power, the control the scope of that government, the founders did that in our founding document in the Constitution. They did that they gave certain constraints. They created lanes for which the federal government was supposed to be operating with them. But the, in reality, that is not what is happening at all. The federal government is bloated, just out of control, growing like wildfire, and by the way, doing as much metaphorical damage as a wildfire. That's what the government does. That's what the government does. You see some of these things happening in our public schools today, which are supposed to be you know, that they're run by locally elected school boards. And you see some of the actions, the things that are being taught. You see some of the confrontations at school board meetings. And so you find a lot of these teachers and administrators that want to push this while these Marxist ideas upon students force-feed them, push them down, you know, these young people's throats. They want to do this covertly. You've seen reports of students saying we were told not to tell about this. This was a sick shutdown, Mom and Dad, don't tell mom and dad about this, right? That's not a good thing. That's not a constitutional thing. You know, someone who is in the government is not it's not funny, but it's just to have to say these things folks, and, and 2021 the government is not in control of your children, the government is not in control of your life. The government cannot make the government cannot fulfill, they can make the promises all day they cannot fulfill the promises to keep you safe and healthy. The things that they tell you on a regular basis. They've literally quite literally within minutes, or hours or days or weeks, some short period of time tell you precisely the opposite. And yes, I'm talking about COVID-19 and yes, I'm talking about the response to allegations of a problem with problems with election integrity in the 2020 elections and a host of other things. Right headlines that say experts were wrong.
So here we go. This ideological and when I say I've said this on the show repeatedly, and I believe it the idea or the problem, the main problem we face in America, yes, we have to win elections in the short term, but this insidious, dangerous, just awful ideology that's permeating every aspect of our culture. What Mark Levin calls American Marxism is, is a real thing it is attacking us it is undermining the American way of life, the American system, the American ideal at every corner at every turn, and it takes so many forms showman in so many shapes, so many sizes. But at the core, at the core is this idea, this constant push towards America. The founders of my paws, the founders said, in order to form a more perfect union, we the people of the United States in the order form a more perfect union. So they understood that America could get better. And then it never reaches that point of perfection. But it can continually seek to get better. Marxism says no, America can't get better America, or that this, this idea of American Marxism challenges the entire notion of this country, we need to have something different, we need to have the opposite. This is where we see the tensions and the turmoil that had been created by self-proclaimed Marxist leaders that lead the, you know, Black Lives Matter, critical race theory that I mean, the list of things go on and on the extremists, and the climate change movement. All of these things, all of these issues require certain actions according to the people who are making these arguments. And what are the actions required that America turn from its system that America embraces a system that is different that is not fundamentally flawed? That is instead a utopian utopia of sorts? That sounds great, that sounds also wonderful to so many people, but is unattainable. This side of heaven. And so we deal in the world of mythical make-believe jibberish. It's funny, it's not funny, but it is. Marxism gets to live in a world of hypotheticals. Because I was speaking with someone yesterday, and they made this point Marxism makes it deals with hypotheticals, you know, you get to, you get to say that. This is what the idea will allow us to do. And your imagination can run free. But capitalism, the American system is held to reality. While this is happening in a capitalistic society, this is happening. These are some of the bad things that are happening in your free society. And then they compare that to this utopian society and people say, Wow, you can't, you know, there's a crime in a capitalistic society. They told me that in the utopian Marxist society that everybody's happy and holding hands and singing Kumbaya around the campfire. Wow, I wonder which one of those is better? reminds me Actually, my wife and I, years ago went to Jamestown, which honestly the time I didn't. I was before I knew, by the way, documented by genealogists scientifically demonstrated that I am the 13th great-grandchild of Pocahontas. That's where Pocahontas and POW Hatton and those folks lived that in that area. Right? I mean, Jamestown, and there's placards, placards out there, and it had like little drawings on it. I would say I'm paraphrasing, but this is the truth. I mean, the general gist of this I don't remember specifically, but I remember he would say things like, before the white pioneer arrived that you know, the Native Americans were catching fish in the local rivers that were the size of great white sharks. I'm using hyperbole here. After the white European arrives, the fish were the size of your tiny pinky finger now, was it better before or after the white man settled the colony or the well the settlement of Jane Jamestown. This is the kind of narrative that we are that they establish and I remember standing at the time thinking these jokers there wouldn't be this park without what Americans came. And did they wouldn't. These advancements, I mean, the placards that the study that went into what happened to tell this story, this national park, I just, they just ignore all of the real advancements that were created in this country by, by the way, that the ideas that were brought in the, you know, just the society that was the result of decisions made deliberate decisions made by people, the way that America was founded in this, our constitution and our republic and all that, they just ignore that none of that matters, that would have happened anyway. In fact, they have you believe that if Marxism was the ruling way of thinking, if that was the system we had in this country, then we would be even better off we would have everything we have, and then, even more, we'd have more peace, more prosperity, which is complete, completely ridiculous. They are never held to the account of reality with their ideology because again, it appeals to the heart it appeals to the emotions. I remember in college when, when we were taking that one of my last courses is capitalism really better was really the name of the course no joking around. We compared communism and capitalism. And I literally remember the professor. I won't say his name. I remember his name. I remember him he was sympathetic to Soviet communism. He lived there for some time and would tell us how great it was and just these ideals they were embracing and ignoring the bloodline, or the bread lines, the bloodline, sometimes there were bloodlines, to people that were trying to escape or that were forced in the gulags that were beaten cruelly without, without any reason whatsoever. But the bread lines have ignored the people that were trying to flee those places. The reasons were ignored because the ideal sounded so great and the professor would tell us the reason all Yes, the reason that communism didn't work was that just because they didn't find the right leader, the benevolent dictator had not come in yet. All these ideas are perfect. We just need a little bit better leader. Turns out Stalin, the brutal dictator, thug murderer that he was, didn't fit the bill. Although they still in some circles talk about styling with a little gleam in their eye a little sparkle in their eye when I talk about that dictator and murderous thug there. Anyway, this is an insidious thing. It's different than traditional American Marxism as Marco ventile point out in our interviews is different than Marxism by the book traditional Marxism but there are similarities and this specific brand, if you will, of Marxism in the United States. The word that I keep coming back to is insidious. It's it's everywhere. It's little by little, it's attacking your defenses, our defenses slowly and surely pecking away, just kind of bit by bit, softening up or trying to soften us to the teachings and the lessons and the beliefs of this completely morally bankrupt ideology. It ends. In tyranny It ends in ruin, it ends in just all-around bad stuff. It is not good and it is permeating our society. It is reaching our children through certain people, sometimes people who are their teachers, sometimes people who are their entertainers, sometimes people who are supposed to be bringing them unbiased news. Sometimes through churches, which may be the most upsetting to me, but I've got to take a break. quick timeout is an order here when we get back. Want to share a brief conversation I had with talk show host television show host conservative commentator, author, Mark Levin, you're listening here to some of the conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Huff back in just a minute.
It is a great honor for me this morning to have the host of one of the most popular talks radio shows in the country. The Mark Levin show, the host of Fox News is life. Liberty and Levin and hosts are author I should say of several books, including his latest book, American Marxism, Mark Levin is on the phone with me mark is a pleasure, sir. How are you this morning? I'm great. Todd, how are you? I am doing fantastic. And as I share with you offline, you've, you've been a major influence, positive influence on me and countless others. So I want to say thank you off the top here. I want to start by asking you, oh, my pleasure. Can you start by explaining this insidious brand of Marxism that we're seeing in America today?
Yeah, I try to explain in the book that we have to come to grips with what we're confronted with, because we don't come to grips with what we're confronting, we're not going to be able to effectively defeat it. And what it is, is over the course of many decades, at least half a century in many of these areas. There have been movements afoot in colleges and universities, and they spread throughout the culture now promoting what I call American Marxism. So it's not Marxism in every technical respect, but it is Marxism in every fundamental respect. And you've had tenured professors, you've had individuals come into this country from professorial positions in other countries who have had as their aim to destroy the country. And we can take critical race theory as a perfect example, that's born out of critical theory. And what is critical theory comes from, comes from a cabal of Marxist forms something in Berlin called the Franklin school. And these were Marxists who, who thought that at the end of the Weimar Republic, the people in Germany would rise up and embrace communism, instead, we know about the Third Reich, and they could never understand it, one of their leaders fled Germany came to the United States, to name was Herbert Marcos, I discussed in the book. And this is one of many examples. And he comes to the United States. In the end, he's tenured in three different Ivy League schools. And he writes and aggressively pushes Marxism any, any cannot come to grips with the fact that the communists didn't defeat Hitler and the rise up of the Third Reich. He looks at the United States. And he sees some similarities in the terms of an industrial country, and he calls it a democracy. And he just determines, in his own mind, we're not going to have the bourgeoisie rising up and overthrowing the proletariat. Instead, we need to secrete ourselves in these different institutions. So he's pushing this theory in law schools to begin with. This is a long way of answering all the questions in regard to where does Marxism comes from here? Which is this that the laws in the United States are, are all unjust, because the laws are made by the dominant culture? They're made by the majority? So the minority whether they're the minority and physical features and minority viewpoints, can I get a break? There's no justice from an art. big leap from there. Again, I discussed one of the books, he go to Stanford, and then to Harvard Law School with a guy by the name of Derek Bell, a law professor. He takes that and applies it to race, that black people and other people of color in the United States can't get a break, that this is a corrupt society, because the dominant culture, the white culture, makes other laws sets all the rules, creates other policies. We began with slavery and we still have, you know, severe injustice is in inequities. So critical race theory is born from critical theory. And so you look at that area, you look at climate change, green New Deal, which is the latest nomenclature they've come up with, you know, global cooling, global warming, where does that come from? It comes from the 1970s. In Europe, where large number of people got together communists, again, trying to figure out how to take down industrial societies, particularly if it's actually a D growth movement. It's a war on capitalism to D growth movement has nothing to do with the temperature of the earth, or polar bears are clean water, anything of the kind, that's just another facade that they've created. So I go through these different, what I call American Marxist movements. And I explain the history of each one. I quote, the people who are fundamentally responsible for them and try and explain their ideology. And this is the first six chapters of the book, there's only seven and the reason I do this is again, if you're in a military operation or political campaign or your business competing with somebody else, you need to understand what you're up against and you're not going to win. And that's what I've done beyond the surface level. And then in the last chapter, I have scores of suggestions on how we confront each one so is
what makes this I guess what you're calling American Marxism so attractive to some Americans or are they tricked into falling for the ruse because of their it's coming in the guise of something else help us I guess, understand that.
Yeah. And in the first chapter, I go through some of this psychology these people say why is Marxism so attractive given its track record? Marxism isn't it abstraction it's a theory it's not reality. It gives the the the imagination of heaven on earth, everybody's going to be equal with a very small government. Once the worker's Paradise is is established, people just need to surrender their selfishness to the commune to the greater good. We're too focused on materialism and private property rights. And if there is a reason for your failure, people obstructing your accomplishments, it's because the system is corrupt. Now, it's that latter point that I think is the most attractive to people who are the followers in this movement, not the leaders. Because many people who don't work hard or maybe they fail a lot, or they have whatever their issues are. Marxism gives them excuses, it's not accountability. It's not personal responsibility, the system is corrupt, the system is set up against you. So you can self identify as oppressed or self identifies as a victim, that the system it's not you it's the system, whereas, you know, the American system is you have freedom, you're an individual, you have free will you have mobility, you have the ability to do whatever you want. Marxism says, No, you don't because the system is corrupted set up against you. And so the successful people who are satisfied people are happy, they are the oppressors, they are the victimized. And so the oppressed versus oppressor attitudes, and people like to belong to groups, they like to belong to things. And so this gives them an excuse of, and also replaces religion with this, this ideology. The leaders of these movements are diabolical people I looked at the leaders of Black Lives Matter, that becoming extremely wealthy, they're not in the ghettos and inner cities pushing for school choice or anything else. They're just interested in overthrowing the country, and they're using the veneer of the race to try and do it. We just have a minute or so left, you mentioned in your book that Marxism American Marxism is ubiquitous. It's all over the place. I'm wondering if you could, is there ahead? Where's this head of Marxism? Is it more complicated than that? And maybe speak to that for a moment?
Yeah, it is it this is the complexity and daunting nature of what we confront. This isn't a single Marxist, there's the party, that's their headquarters, this is the guy leading it type of thing. American Marxism is not a movement, its movements is spawned from Marxism. And what they do is they, they, they develop these different approaches based on what they consider imperfections or weak points in American society. I explained this in the book too. And that's race, the bordering climate, and so it is tailored for America. So rather than talk about this, this great proletariat overthrowing the country, it doesn't happen. As a matter of fact, the reason they hate the industrialized society, or the industrial revolution in America is because that demonstrated no Industrial Revolution created the great mass of middle class in America, not a massive revolutionary movement overthrow America, which is why Marx and his and his progeny hate capitalism and hate the American Industrial Revolution because it proves everything they did wrong. What's happening here. This is a top-down movement. This is a movement by so-called elites, by professors, by teachers, by activists, by politicians, by media types. This isn't truck drivers and electricians and lawyers and doctors all standing up trying, to promote critical race theory or undermine their economic system. And that's the way most of these so-called Marxist revolutions occur all over the world. They're not the peasantry or the middle class, right? It is the top-down type of revolution.
Absolutely, Mark, where can folks grab your book? is very reliable. They've been actually very good to us in terms of stocking the book and get it the next day. Every major retailer has a Barnes and Noble and so forth. If they don't you go in that store, and they don't have it. It's in the back because we printed hundreds of 1000s of copies sold over half a million. And you should tell the manager, why don't you put the book out? We're having a little bit of that. Not a lot of it, but some of it.
Not surprising. Well, Mark, I know you're a busy guy. Keep up the good work. God bless you. Thank you for joining us today. And, again, thank you for being so instrumental in people just like me all across this country, sir. Appreciate your time.
Thank you, Todd. And God bless you and everybody in Indianapolis.
Mark, I appreciate it. My friend. God bless okay.
Welcome back, my friends, I really enjoyed speaking with Mark Levin and that, you know, that's I've said on this program before that the greatest single influence individually individuals influence me and teach me even though I didn't personally sit, you know, and ask him questions, but just listening every day to his program for years was rush. Rush Limbaugh and I also have been inspired a lot of ways by Dave Ramsey for a couple of reasons that I can't necessarily I don't want to go into at this moment. But those were the two biggest impacts impact individuals that had an impact on, this program. And what I do and kind of my way of thinking, but Mark Levin's up there, as well. And I have great respect for Mark Levin and what he's done is he knows the constitution very, very well. He knows. He knows the law very well. And he's very intelligent. And I, it was an honor to speak with him. It's just, you know, it's just fun to look back. We're so busy here. We're so busy. Sometimes it's hard to see. You don't take time and just think, Wow, that was kind of a cool experience. But it was and I just want to say thank you to mark and it's just kind of I don't know, just this is the fun part of this journey is to have opportunities like that. So it was indeed an honor. His book is American Marxism. And now I'm they sent me a copy. My wife's already trying to give it away, which I find fascinating. But I'm, she I'm gonna, I'm gonna read the book she doesn't. She apparently thinks someone else needs to read it first. I don't know what that's all about. But anyway, I appreciate mark, and him taking time here with us on this program, and for what he does, so quick timeout when we get back. Oh, there's some things that have humored me that I want to get to one of these here. Is President Biden yesterday? Do you know if you're not vaccinated, President Biden is you're not as smart as he thought you were. You're not as smart as he thought you were. He's got some words for you this morning. If you're among the unvaccinated Charles Barkley said that if you're not vaccinated by this point, you are a moolah. What's the word I can say? I can't say it. It's what he called you. He calls you a bad name. You're the worst type of person that there is. And Biden Biden thinks you're an idiot. Which may be a compliment, I guess. I don't know. quick timeout is an order. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
back my friends, so Biden, if you're not well if you've not been vaccinated, Biden doesn't think you're very smart. I tell you what, I just can't get enough of this kind of stuff. What in the world is this? So the art of persuasion, you know that we talk about this a little bit on here and with conservative, not the bitter university, I think this is critical. But when you find yourself resorting to this sort of rhetoric, Nah, you're stupid. You're too stupid for this. are two are not? Yes, you are. I'm rubber, you're gluing, whatever I say, bounces off me and sticks to you or whatever. Do you know what I mean? This isn't what I feel like. This is so underwhelming to me. I don't even know how to explain this. Listen, this is Biden walking off stage after giving what was probably just a stellar, stellar speech slash press conference, whatever this stupid thing was yesterday, but listen to this exchange. He walks off the stage here. All federal employees get vaccinated to the ratio right now, but if you're not a question was Will you require all federal employees to be vaccinated? vaccinated? Here you
go, you're not nearly as smart as I thought you were. Are you concerned that the CDC guidance could sow confusion? He didn't like this. No,
yeah. pandemic because the unvaccinated are sowing enormous confusion. And the more we learn about this virus variation, the more we have to be worried and concerned. And there's only one thing we know for sure. If those other 100 million people got vaccinated, we'd be in a very different world. So get vaccinated behalf I'm not terribly smart, as I said.
So now you're stupid that we've literally resulted to your stupid if you don't agree with President Biden I literally consider this a compliment. I that this? This is so moronic to me this, this says to me, you have no other, you have nothing that you can do, besides name call at this point. I mean, there are legitimate questions. How about you find the answer? See, the problem is for some people who think about these things independently. And if you get the vaccine fine, if you don't find this, I'm just saying, Just think about it, make your own choice. Make your own choice, which I know you do in this program. But Biden here has gone past the point of saying, Give us reasons why we're now on to all your stupid, we have a pandemic because we people aren't getting vaccinated. No, that's not what caused the pandemic. Well, Todd, he means the second way we're beginning to see a second wave or a third wave or a 10th wave or whatever wave. We think we're on here. Now. There's a lot of questions about this. There was I don't have time, there's stories about leaked data from COVID-19 in the UK that said that over half of the people that were being treated for COVID-19, were really treated for other the symptoms were caused by other things. I mean, there's all sorts of questions about this. course I'm sure this will get taken down. But those are I mean, that's what's been reported. I don't know what they want me to do. goes back to what we were talking about earlier. With this American Marxism as Mark Levin, the book is entitled this, this insidious, just process where you can't ask certain questions about COVID-19. You can ask certain questions about January 6. And you cannot ask certain questions about election integrity Call me crazy. But when someone tells me I can't answer that, or the best reason they can tell me for following their way of looking at things that I'm stupid. I am completely underwhelmed by that completely underwhelmed. And you should be too and I know you are this is stupid. This is not leadership. This is I don't even know what to call this. Biden doesn't think I'm smart. Maybe that should be a T-shirt. I think that's a compliment. quick timeout back in just a minute.
Get this out quickly here. Did you see these remember the democrats that fled Austin, Texas to Washington DC that act like they're trying to save Texas? I don't know some totalitarian government because of the voter laws that Texas is trying to pass. You see this right. Do you remember this? I know you remember this because we talked about this. But did you see that they are they had requested care packages? Dallas democrats said this, our dems in DC so they'd appreciate care packages for home. This is a tweet before 5 pm Tuesday we're collecting Dr. Pepper, salsa, hard candy hairspray, travel toiletries, hand sanitizers, sewing kits, first aid, and or Tinder or money to pay to ship. Thank you. These folks are something else I've got to go StG cinema. Take care