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What is right my friends, you are listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff can email me your thoughts, questions, feedback, opinions, whatever else, including that adoration and praise also accepted Todd at Tata show.com. It is good to be here this morning. You know, yesterday, we spent a lot of time talking about this piece of legislation, or I guess this two-part piece of legislation that the radical left is working to push through Congress, and it's now gone from the house to the Senate. And I want to say this, for those of you who are in Jim banks, Congressman Jim banks district, you have a very, very solid. Congressman, you have a very solid Congressman, I wish that other congressmen in the state of Indiana and elsewhere around this great nation would take notes from Jim Banks. Take note from Jim Banks. And actually, you know, I just like the way that he stands up, and that the way that he fights the way that he communicates the way that he doesn't back down the way that he doesn't. He seems to understand what we're up against ideologically. And it's, you should consider yourselves very fortunate. There's another good Congressman, in the state as well. But nonetheless, I think, I think Congressman Jim banks really leads the way as far as it comes to properly identify what we're up against ideologically. And not, I don't know, falling for some of the shenanigans and he just he gets it, I think and there's a memo that's circulating that I want to reference here this morning that came from congressman banks. And it is the top 10 infrastructure package. roadblocks and this is going what was sent to Rs see members here republican study. The Republican Party here and it says this is the first point 10 points or 10 problems with this legislation that's passed, the Senate is now headed to the house is that is not true. infrastructure. Now, this is, in particular, talking about it's confusing. I know it can be. There's a two there are two pieces of legislation. One is the infrastructure bill. The other is this budget reconciliation package. That is a wish list for the radical left, which may who knows and of having problems in the house, even AOC is for her own for her own reasons, which I don't want to get into that just yet. Maybe we will. But she's not sure about this package. She's not sure about what they call the pay fours. Meaning this bill doesn't really pay for itself and they need to strengthen the pay fours which essentially means they're going to raise taxes even more It doesn't mean they're going to cut expenses. Now Now that's not in fact when it's all said and done. There's a laundry list of items that may grow it may be amended in the house for all we know but anyway, here just really quickly. And again, kudos to Jim banks for leading the way on this number one, he says this piece of legislation is not true infrastructure, only 110 billion of the so-called 1 trillion-plus a bipartisan infrastructure package goads goes towards road bridges and other major private projects that the American people generally can Consider infrastructure, according to an analysis done by Club for Growth, the remaining 1 trillion, the remaining $1 trillion, our green New Deal provisions. So if you have one point, what is it 1.1 or $1.2 trillion piece of legislation that's supposedly for infrastructure? He's saying here that only about 10% of that roughly, maybe not even 10%. is designated towards real infrastructure projects. Now, you know, what infrastructure is? Joe Biden knows what? Well, I don't know about that. His team, his team knows what infrastructure is Jen Psaki knows what infrastructure is Nancy Pelosi knows what infrastructure is. Even AOC knows what infrastructure is, or she did to leave Ayana Presley, Cory Bush, she knows what infrastructure is Chuck Schumer knows what infrastructure is. People know what infrastructure is. infrastructure is things that allow for just the backbone, the components of the pieces of the puzzle that allow for, for travel, to take place for commerce, to move, so the highways or the bridges, things like that. Green New Deal provisions or things like child care is not infrastructure. Now you can make the argument that in fact that they excuse me that things like federal, federally funded childcare, or whatever else the democrats want to give away for free is a good thing. You're free to make that argument. But it's not infrastructure, words mean things as the great Rush Limbaugh used to say words mean things. In fact, there's even a thing called a dictionary. And you can look up words. Now, these jokers that run these dictionaries today, change what words mean now, and they do it very, sometimes very subtly. Because they don't really have to print stuff anymore used to there were different versions of a printed dictionary, you can keep one on your shelf at home and reference it when the time came to when you needed to look something up. Probably when some democrat politician was talking and trying to tell you that a word meant something that you knew that it didn't. But now, now they change definitions. I can't think of one of them. They changed one of them here recently. I remember talking about it, maybe it'll come to me later in the program. But there's still words that mean things, right? I mean, when you take the time to use a word, you're trying to communicate a thought, even a leftist folks. This is an unavoidable reality. words mean things infrastructure means something specific. There may be some things around the edges that are gray that people can argue about. But simply saying whatever you want, falls under infrastructure, because you think it helps Americans out is not the case. And this bill, this bill, according to the club, the Club for Growth, is only about 10% for infrastructure. Just let that sink in. Right. Everybody's onboard. I saw a clip fact I saw leftists tweeting this laura Ingram had Senator Bill Cassidy from Where's he from Louisiana, I think, Louisiana. And he was defending it. You know, why? Why wouldn't I vote for this bill that does this and this and this and that. And people said, Oh, my he owned her put what is in there isn't necessarily the only problem. It's what's in there that shouldn't be in there. It's It's not just the pieces in there that you like, why does it cost senator Cassidy? Why are we only putting 110 billion? That sounds ridiculous to say, in a sense, but this is a big nationwide, supposedly nationwide infrastructure project that does cost a decent amount of money, but why and why in the world? What about the other 90%? Let's talk about that. Why are you only focused on the other? The minority here, the tiny 10% of what is in this legislation? Why do you need to pass all these other things in order to get that done? Why do you need to take nine out of every $10 and give it to something else that you don't even? Who knows? I mean, do you Are you aware of this? Are you ignoring it? answer that question that seems to be the majority of what this bill is about? Why don't we talk about that? Are you willing to pass any piece of legislation and have it as one tiny thing that you wanting it accomplished? Are you willing to forsake all other sorts of principles? Are you willing for that price tag to be 10 times what it should be? I mean, this is just silly. But nonetheless, it's how they go about doing it. Meanwhile, Jim banks are trying to expose this for what it really is the second point here on this 10 point, the 10 major problems that people like Jim banks and real people like everyday average Americans should have with us. It builds on a green New Deal plan to reduce air travel with trains, includes $66 billion to help fulfill aocs vision for a massive expansion of Amtrak, and another rail while explicitly eliminating taxpayer accountability from Amtrak's mission. Like I've traveled by train before I took the train from Washington, DC to New York City. A couple of years ago, I think, actually, it was 2000. So it's been five years ago, g was five years ago, I took that train. And it was the most convenient and expensive way for me to get from DC to New York City. And no problems with trains. But the idea that trains are going to somehow replace air travel is a patently ridiculous and absurd fact, we were watching my family and I like watching the History Channel. In fact, I have a new obsession. I've always had an interest in American history, in particular, the American Revolution. I love the founding fathers, I love the vision that they embraced. I love the purpose upon which they stood and built this great nation, I just have so much respect. And I'm an all those guys I really am when they pin those words, we mutually pledge to one another our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor, in the Declaration of Independence, they actually meant that they meant that and I think we need a whole new generation of Americans, myself included, who are willing to say that same thing, this is a great place and we've got to be willing to sacrifice and pay the price to make sure that this nation gets on the right track again. And kudos, by the way to the people who are out there attending school board meetings. I freakin love it. I love it. I saw what Clay Travis at one of his school board meetings, lecturing the school board about the silliness of the mass policy for kids pointing out to the school board that more kids have died from both the flu and lightning strikes. And if they haven't mandated mass for the flu, why did they not care about children's lives lost the flu. I mean, I just think what is happening in this country, at school board meetings. This is where the rubber meets the road. And there's a variety of issues. There's the masking policy, that's a big one. But there's also things like combating critical race theory and had had someone yesterday, tell me about a school board that was a situation locally with one of our schools here in Central Indiana that had recently been exposed for some things in some books, pretty much pornography in literature. I don't want to call it literature. And one of our local school libraries and parents was upset and drawing light to this. In fact, he said that one of the parents at the school board meeting was reading from the book. He said I don't he didn't even know if I can play it on the air it was so vulgar, and so forth. But there's a whole variety of issues that people are rising up and they're going to school board meetings, I got a friend who's a member of an of a town council and he gets people to attend their meetings, he's done a great job of getting people engaged locally, this is these are all good things. If we're going to wrestle control from these lunatics from these lovers of big government, we're going to have to do this at all levels. And not everyone is suited or equipped or able or whatever, to be at every place that every time. And so wherever we can get involved, we should get involved. And I love it. This is exactly what needs to happen. And kudos to the American people. They've had enough of the nonsense. They haven't had enough of the shenanigans. They've had enough of the double talk. They've had enough of the lies the misrepresentation. They've had it, you've had it. I've had it.
And if What if history has taught us one thing about America, if the American people demand it, the American people will get it. I know that at times. That may seem odd Likely, I know that at times, especially when the people who hold political power are wanting to do insane things or things that are the antithesis of what we want or what needs to be done, it can be a little bit discouraging, do not be, do not be continue to stand firm continue to hold these folks accountable, continued to shine the light of truth on what they're doing this will expose these jokers these pretenders these Heck, in some cases, straight-up evildoers. My friends, I'm not saying that everybody who disagrees, falls into that bucket, but there are straight-up some evil people out there and political office. And it is just like there isn't anything else, by the way. But these folks need to be exposed. They need to be held accountable. They need to be confronted, I don't mean in the way that Maxine Waters meant when she said, if you see him at a restaurant, don't let him eat in peace. That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying at these meetings, to challenge them. I'm saying when they propose something that's ludicrous. It needs to be exposed, they need to be asked about it. We don't need to lose our ever-loving minds. There's nothing wrong with getting emotional, but we shouldn't be treating them like they treated say, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family. Right? That's not at all what we're saying is what's happening at these meetings is exactly what needs to be done. And so as you look at this memo, that Jim banks is circulating here and has gotten through to two points that will get quickly through the others after the break. But this is going to require some hands-on from the American people. It's going to require that we vociferous Lee, oppose the nonsense. This is your future. These are your dollars. This is your kids, your children, your grandchildren, maybe your great grandchildren's money that they're spending. It is their country that they are ruining. It's our country too. But this stuff in some instances won't even be rare. It's ugly head for decades and decades to come. But it has to be righted. It has to be stopped. We need the adults to take control. Once again. We need immorality to be stopped. We need the bad ideas to be halted. We need the bad politicians, the folks that have no business you the one school board member in Oklahoma, I've had the soundbite for a couple of days. She said kids need to keep wearing masks to school. If they don't, I'm paraphrasing. But if they're allowed to wear masks to school, they're basically being allowed to murder other kids a school board member and I think Norman, Oklahoma somewhere in Oklahoma, I might play that as well. These folks need to be exposed, they need to be removed through the ballot box. And this move on down the road to a better candidate, which candidly, if that's the candidate you've got, I mean, you can probably just get a map and throw a dart at it. And wherever the Dart lands, whoever lives in that residence is probably a better candidate. Anyway, long In this segment, quick timeouts are necessary. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends circling back as Jen Psaki would say, after the break here, so I want to get back to these points. And Jim banks his memo again, reasons that we should be concerned this is just with the smaller of the two infrastructure bills, not the massive, radical leftist wish list. So we've gone through the first two The third is this bill fixes racism and highways. That's right racism and highway is part of the 100 to $110 billion earmarks for rebuilding highways, excuse me roads and bridges is dedicated to fixing the quote racism physically built into some of our highways. Transportation Secretary Pete boot edge described. So our highways are racist, I did see that they're talking about moving some of the highways because they split some of these inner-city, black communities or some such thing. The racism in our highway system is going to be fixed, supposedly, of course, that'll never fix it either. I mean, racism, the way that the left talks about racism, I mean, this is impossible to eradicate It's impossible to truly eradicate in their warped viewpoints in this society. But there's funds dedicated to fixing racism on our highways, the fourth, it gives woke regulators oversight on broadband expansion, it says gives regulators oversight to decide where and when broadband expansion occurs and mandates regulators not use federal funds in a way that discriminates on the basis of gender identity. According to our friends at the American principles project. If your job is to expand broadband, just for the sake of argument, What in the world? I just how would you How would you discriminate on the basis of gender identity? What do they really think is happening? Here? Yes, we are expanding broadband into your community, we first need to know your gender identity, what are your preferred pronouns? I mean, there probably are questions like this on the stupid questionnaire. But are they really the reason that there's because of the leftist? You know, people like conservatives, we don't give a rat's behind. If this is legitimate, and I'm just starting with the premise that is legitimate. I'm not suggesting it is do not misunderstand me. I'm just simply saying if the government's job is to do X, and I'm saying for the sake of argument, let's assume it is. I'm not suggesting that's really the case. So don't put words in my mouth. Don't misunderstand. I'm just saying, if this is the case, we would say then, then do your job. You don't sit there and say, Okay, well, I'm going to either prefer one group or deny one group because of any sort of I just it, this isn't coming from people that agree with me this thinking, what does this even mean? not discriminating, broadband, expansion on the basis of gender identity, Doug about creating problems here. Five favors people who live in blue cities, this is legislation, electric vehicle owners who overwhelmingly live in blue cities will get 15 billion with a B in the form of infrastructure for their electric zero-emission and low emission, plug-in vehicles. So you can say it's payback to their, to the Bernie supporters out there, which I don't have any problem with electric vehicles again. I mean, the problems come with how this stuff is, is funded, and who's paying for what, who's, you know how this is all coming about. But that's another story. This money is designed for people who predominantly live in the city because people that live out in the country, who are more likely to vote Republican, or more likely, you know, focused on things like self-sufficiency, and so forth. There's other reasons do I mean conservatives often want the left often resides in cities versus places out in the country, even the suburbs, but
we're not percentage-wise driving around an electric vehicle because it's just not practical with where we're coming from and so forth. Some people have I'm not saying it's a bad thing or anything. I'm just saying that what Jim banks are pointing out here, six pushes the left's social justice mission, that term equity is in that Bill 64 times equity, not even equality, we're now in the equity. This is literally social. When people say these are not socialistic principles and the word equity, the equal equality of outcomes. This is what socialists preoccupy themselves with making sure everyone's outcomes are the same, which is absurd. It's like it's the same to me as going to the maternity ward at the hospital, and sitting there and trying to make sure that all the babies that are born are just as cute as the others, right? I mean, maybe babies are a bad example. But you know, just making sure that people are as attract equally attractive Our job is to make sure that all people are equally attractive, and that is just first of all impossible. Second of all, why? because they can't control themselves. They need to control your circumstances. They want to make sure that everything is just equal problem is not how Planet Earthworks at all. At all. And thankfully, by the way, you can't have excellence if everybody's it's bizarre, but anyway, this is what they it makes about as much sense to me as someone literally saying that's what they're going to do for the day. Make sure that all babies are equally cute and good looking or all people in general are number seven here. too long to come. comprehend this thing's 20 701 pages, the average reader who reads 55 pages an hour would have to spend 49 straight hours reading to finish the full bill. That seems very impractical. In today's world, any world but especially today, the pay fours will not pay for these things. The bill calls for $550 billion, new spending over five years, but the bill won't even cover the amount and offsets over 10 years. So that's obviously a problem. No one knows how much it will truly cost. This is the case with any piece of legislation that these jokers put together, no one knows anything. They just throw it together, it sounds good. They tweet about it, they tell you how it's gonna change your life, how they're caring for you and making your life easier, and they're making sure that it's, it's equitable, everyone's gonna have the same outcome. And you know, no one's going to behave their gender discriminated against because of who gets broadband, which again, what in the world talk about creating problems. No one knows what this thing will cost. And number 10, it's a Trojan horse for the radical Pelosi Biden agenda that That, to me is the big one, the biggest one, these other things are important. The speaker, points out here that Speaker Pelosi Pelosi promise I won't put it on the floor until we have the rest of the initiative. And that's that three and a half trillion dollar wishlist from the radical left, which includes all sorts of freebies entitlements, and silly nonsense. And that's really what they want to see past. So I just wanted to hit on this and admittedly took me longer to do that than we wanted than I thought it would this morning. There's other things I want to get to. But we did take a couple of detours along the way with some things that are happening with school boards and your involvement in politics, which I think, ultimately to fix these problems. That's exactly what has to happen. You're gonna have to be I'm gonna have to be more engaged, we're gonna have to get more people aware of have an understanding of what the problems are. We got to educate a little bit. That's why we're launching CNB c NBU. conservative, not bitter University. Anyway, we're on the right path. We got a lot of work to do, but and we shouldn't be, we should be concerned. There's legitimate problems. This bill is insane. These two bills. And I don't know what's going to happen with them. I mean, there's there's a good chance these things ends up end up passing in some way, shape, manner, or form. But that said,
there's still a lot to be encouraged about because again, Americans are rising up and they're opposing some of this nonsense. The problem is it's overwhelming. There's so much of it from local schools to local town councils to your federal government, your statehouse, critical race theory, tax and spend Bill's new Green Deal it's a lot to keep on top of But folks have I think more people are awakened to now than probably I say definitely than at any other point in my 43 years on planet earth so long in this segment, quick timeout back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, by the way, program Brought to you in part again, you can find out a whole host of folks to make this program possible by visiting support our advertiser's comm one of those folks. ords apparel, my friend john Ward, their wards dash apparel.com.com you'll find high-quality clothing for work for play, affordable price. Here in the central Indiana community, still, family-owned, still family-operated still family-run. In fact, they kind of specialize in finding those hard-to-get sizes john and his team, just good people, good quality people I tell people and I mean this, we are blessed to have more. I'm blessed personally to know and to get you to know, to get to know some of these folks but on top of that we're blessed by having some really high-quality people running businesses and our central Indiana communities Ward's apparel, again in Morrisville, Ward's dash apparel calm is the website. So I was reading this as during the break I you know I go back and forth. We haven't talked a lot about this. I've referenced these things a couple of times. I can't I have to say something about this. I just have to, I'm going to read you a headline. I'm going to let you absorb this headline. It's probably going to take you the full break we're going to take here to really wrap your head around these words I'm about to utter to you this is in Breitbart. It's not funny I just can't even believe sometimes what I'm reading you ready for this? Hunter Biden? So think about this is it this and steps with eyes because it's so much to comprehend her hunter Biden, so picture hunter Biden's son of President Joe Biden says he lost another laptop another which of course means he recognizes or acknowledges losing the at least one other, at least one other. This could mean multiple, this could be something that is an ongoing occurrence with him. So hunter Biden says he lost another laptop to Russian drug dealers. In naked pillow talk, I would add that the pillowtop was with a hooker. And I don't know where this one was. So, Biden, Hunter Biden is filming himself I'm sorry. If you have young ears in the car, I should have said this just to cover them up for a second because just because So anyway, three to one get those years covered. I should have mentioned it earlier. But he's filming himself. having sex with prostitutes. This is a thing that he does that leaves the laptop running. And he begins to have this conversation. The sounds like it might be a plot from the latest, you know, a movie in Hollywood or something. Russian drug dealers, he almost drowns hunter Biden says he almost drowned in a hot tub. As he was going penthouse to the penthouse in Las Vegas, sleeping with prostitutes every night passed out in the hot, which is crazy because he says he doesn't pass out talking about this with a hooker, who by the way with her responses seems to be the responsible one in the room. And he loses another laptop to Russian drug dealers. What in the world and I just look, this doesn't necessarily mean anything about the president. But if this can you imagine that this was if this was Ivanka, if this was Don Jr. If this was Eric Trump, if this was Tiffany Trump only want to bring in Baron he was a kid during the presidency. But can you imagine this is insane I get headlines and I never get break? Hunter Biden says he lost another laptop to Russian drug dealers in naked pillow talk. And the pillow talk is what the prostitute captured on film on his laptop. Crazy stuff quick timeout is ordered back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. What exactly that headline was on I don't want to go on to end all that. But just the with this hunter Biden stuff but I just the complete lack of interest in the story. By the way, the prostitute was I mean, just the prostitute said are you concerned about being blackmailed? And Hunter Biden's and yeah, you know, a little bit my dad's running for president. But they know I make gazillions of dollars or some such thing. I mean, there's this is concerning. Right. I mean, this is concerning. You have the president now the United States his son. I mean, you he's the little boxes that blur out. people's private parts have been used on hunter Biden more times than I care to admit. Or to tell you about. But because there's these videos are everywhere. There are all sorts of videos, he's losing laptops, plural. The last one of them, he says to Russian drug dealers. You can't You can't for a moment say that this is not something that the White House wants to keep Quiet. And what did they do to keep it quiet? Or did they not? I'm just the risk of this the pot the possible consequences have real ramifications. ramifications on the country. But anyway, I want to play I mentioned this earlier. I've had this for a while now, this is a soundbite of something I referenced earlier in the program. Oklahoma school board member, again, I think this was, yeah, normal public schools, nonpublic schools. This is a school board meeting, they're sitting at the, you know, one of those rounded desks where they vote sitting facing the audience. You know, debating and voting on issues and so forth. Here is what this particular board member says about masks in schools, and people or students who don't wear masks being well being allowed to be murderers students, here it is.
Because it's just not okay. for kids to commit murder by coming to school without a mass. And when it comes down to it, it's possible they will, they will cause the death of another child because they come to school without a mess. Okay, so
she thinks this school board member who ran for office, who people voted for, apparently well presumably vetted. This school board member thinks that if you don't allow or don't make your kid wear a mask to school, that they're going to kill another kid. And they are murder. That's what she thinks is murder. I would like to know her position on abortion. I would like to know her definition of murder. I would like to know if she has any idea what she's even talking about when it comes to statistics. I mean, this is irresponsible. This is stupid. This is politically loaded. This is not at all living, in reality, murder, murder. If you're a kid who doesn't wear masks to school, or probably by extension, if you're a parent who doesn't force your kid to wear masks, got to take a time out. Listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So waning, waning moments here of the program. I had hoped to have time to play clay Travis before his school board pointing out that the flu is more deadly to kids than is COVID based upon current numbers, and lightning strikes as well. I mean, we just seem to have lost our perspective here. And someone forwarded, by the way, thank you for forwarding, news, and stuff. information to me a video of someone in the Obama administration I forget who it was saying that deaths were being counted with COVID which we knew all along, not necessarily from COVID. Anyway, I've got to go out of time StG See you tomorrow. Take care