President Biden's Afghanistan Speech

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That is right, my friend you tuned in to the America zone for conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. And we're going to go through this, this Biden speech from yesterday. Place someplace some of it talk about it go through it's not the good, the bad and the ugly, I suppose. Right. So that's what I want to do today. I guess is before we do that, though, I want to talk a little bit about just Well, what's I guess what's going on? What's going on in the nation of Afghan Afghanistan, and it's truly tragic. Now, there's a lot of pieces of this to sift there. Right? There's the mismanagement of the troops leaving and what has transpired almost in I mean, the proverbial minutes after we, you know, made the final moves, we've got the whole concept of nation-building, why we were engaged in that in the first place. That's something we even should have been doing why we were in Afghanistan, to begin with, who the Taliban is, what's going on the condition of the lives of people in the nation, of Afghanistan, and what that means for people, especially women, and young girls. What that means for the drastic change, you've seen the, probably by now, the CNN, I don't know the field reporter. I don't even know who it was, at the moment. There's just so much information. But on Sunday, she's reporting from somewhere in Afghanistan, I don't know if it was Kabul or where, without you know, he job on and then on Monday, she has gone on she's hearing chants of Death to America. And she's confused because she said the people seem peaceful or some so I mean, it just kind of nonsensical gibberish like this. But of course, that's, that's what's happening at CNN, or through the lens of CNN. Anyway, there are lots to unpack here. And I thought the best way to do this was by listening and talking through Biden's Biden speech was some people Nicole Wallace acts like this is the greatest speech given by, you know, an American president ever, more or less Nicole Wallace? I don't know. I just the perspective and the judgment. And I don't know that's she didn't use to be least I didn't think back in the bush years. This. Maybe delusional, but I don't know. I guess working in msnbc will do that to you, for all I know. But here, we want to play this. I want to play this. I want to talk about parts of this. This is Biden. The dressing room of the White House here
is the Presidents that have taken place yesterday. And the steps were taken to address the rapidly evolving events. my national security team and I have been closely monitoring the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and moving quickly to execute the plans we had put in place to respond to every constituency, including in contingency Yeah, that's contingency, Joe.
By the way, I see people on Twitter making fun of Trump what you got a laugh, he's reading from a teleprompter and the word Yosemite comes up and he can't get it right. And people act as though that he can't pass a cognitive test because he can't pronounce Yosemite Biden over here saying, a considered constituency in the word is contingency. I mean, these things happen, right? These things happen when you are reading from a teleprompter, the amount of words that these folks have to say in a given day is a lot. Okay? So just because someone slips up and mispronounces a word doesn't mean anything. Of course, there's a lot more going on there with Biden, I think it's worth it, it's worth pointing out. I also want to point out, I don't know if you've seen this. But there are people, you know, there's this detective sleuth like folks on Twitter and they're saying Biden, they don't, they don't really think Biden was at Camp David. And I'm not saying he was or wasn't. But there are things that they have picked out from the photo of Biden sitting there in the I guess, the Situation Room, the war room by himself, big empty room. And just him. And some clever folks have photoshopped. My wife showed me a photoshopped picture of Biden, they had put hunter Biden shirtless, smoking some illegal substance in one of the chairs. And then I don't know if you've seen one of the workers for Well, I, someone else from the Biden ministration, that has been on Twitter as well as sitting there. So those sorts of things are happening on Twitter. But Twitter also says, look, the time zones on the clocks on the television are not accurate, meaning the time difference or team mosque, I forget the two cities, Moscow and some other plays. It was it's supposed to be three hours this time of year, and it's only two. And the time difference between Iran and somewhere else is supposed to be an hour and a half this time of year, and it's only 30 minutes and the time change happened March 9, or some such date. And so some people are saying he's not really there. This has been photoshopped. I'm not saying I'm just saying that this is the kind of stuff that happens, it is at least a bit suspicious that the war room would not know the times of cities around the world, which that's one of the things you're supposed to be able to do is just look up and see. Oh, man, this is the time we're dealing with, you know, it's, it's about to be dawn or it's, you know, the sun setting soon, that's gonna have an impact on events, you know, to be able to fluidly just have those conversations and it's not right. Not by dramatic amounts, but something is is wrong, of course, with the government today, I'm surprised they get anything right. But that's just a side note. But people are asking where Biden, even as he came out yesterday gave a speech would not answer any questions and went back to his whether that scene is calling it a retreat. Imagine if Trump did this again, you can imagine, and it wouldn't be treated any way the same as it is, it wouldn't be treated the same way. As it is. You know, for Biden, nothing would be remotely close to the same. But anyhow, there is some question about that. And people think that he's somewhere else. I'm not suggesting I think that I'm just sharing because it is peculiar, that those times would be wrong in the war room wherever he was the collapse we're seeing now.
I'll speak more in a moment about the specific steps we're taking. But I want to remind everyone how we got here. And what America's interests are, this is Organa. Stan, that's right. This is important want to Afghanistan almost 20 years ago, with clear goals. Get those who attacked us on September 11, 2001. That's right, and make sure al Qaeda could not use Afghanistan as a base from which to attack us again, this is accurate. We did that. Okay, severely degraded al Qaeda in Afghanistan. True. We never gave up the hunt for Osama bin Laden, and we got him. That was a decade ago. Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to be nation-building. It was never supposed to be creating a unified centralized democracy. Our only vital national interest in Afghanistan remains today. What has always been preventing a terrorist attack on the American homeland?
Okay, let's pause there. I don't disagree with this. Okay, but there, it also is not necessarily as cut and dry. And there are other factors here that are being glossed over. So, for starters, he's right. The reason we went to Afghanistan 20, almost 20 years ago was because of 911. Which, by the way, was the worst terrorist attack the worst attack on this country. In modern history, I mean, there's nothing like Pearl Harbor back on December 7, 1941. was, was comparable, very comparable as far as just the amount of damage and death and flood On, on this nation on one day that was conducted by warplanes, Japanese zeros attacking the island of wahoo and other places in the Hawaiian Islands, but particularly Pearl Harbor and taking out our, our naval base and most of our battleships and naval assets in the Pacific so that they can run free and without having any interference from the United States in the South Pacific as they took over islands and expanded the Evil Empire of Japan. That's what was happening in those days. 911 was something that was conducted by a group of excuse me of terrorists, a group of terrorists, and led by Osama bin Laden, and they were training in Afghanistan, this was home, the home base, Afghanistan was the home base. Right? And for those that want to compare 911 to January 6, it is completely absurd. absolutely ridiculous. It is not even remotely comparable to things that they don't even deserve to be anywhere in the same universe, discussion, anything in the stores, these things are two totally different things. Now, again, not justifying anything in particular that happened in January, That's not at all what I'm saying. I'm simply saying they're not comparable. We've just been through this recently, where people want to say that January 6, was worse, was worse than September 11. That is completely and utterly false. It's It is beyond laughable to suggest that. So anyway, so we did go to Afghanistan for the purposes Biden just spoke about here, we went to Afghanistan, to basically eradicate al Qaeda, break up their network, their infrastructure, go after their, their leadership, go after their membership, or whatever they call themselves, these terrorists, and bring them to justice. Take care of them, ultimately, going after bin Laden, himself, who, by the way, by the time we captured him was operating, if not a few miles away from an army base, he was an army, a military base in Pakistan. Thank you, Obama, for teaching me how to say that. So this is accurate. Then it's more complicated, though, because here's what we learned. So you're forced with the decision, you go in, you stabilize the country, or you go after the terrorist, you also in the process, realize that the reason that these folks are the folk's al Qaeda is being able to operate freely is that the Taliban doesn't really care. The Taliban is not a good group of people themselves. They're not necessarily directly involved in terrorism against the United States of America, but there they are terrorizing and abusing their own people. And they don't really care. They who knows, I mean, they're not friends of the United States, they just want to create Sharia law, they want to, they want to rule with a caliphate, they want to make women subjected to these, to their wishes and demands over there is not a good group of people. And so when we come to realize if we leave, if we leave and create this void, the Taliban is gonna, you know, take back over. And they are, it's gonna be a repeat of what we just had. And so you have this, this tension, and I'm not arguing one way or the other. I'm just trying to explain that there's a real conversation. It's not as though I am sure someone got there and thought, hey, since we're here, let's go ahead and build this nation up in a way that's, you know, more westernized and I understand the alert to that because if you can have places in the Middle East or in that region, General region of the world that are open and accepting to freedom, which is how all humans, By the way, every human is created to be free. I don't buy this notion. This is all these people, you know, this group of people that grew up equal don't want freedom. I mean, did you see the people that were chasing the airplane, the military aircraft on the tarmac? Did you see that there were people that were on that aircraft as it took off? To them, it appears I mean, they were from a very, very high altitude had fallen off the aircraft and to their deaths. I mean, just to get out of Afghanistan, you've probably seen or heard by now. Reports of women official elected officials in Afghanistan, I saw one I think on Fox, or just so I just, I've been daily aged with information. I think it was on Fox, one of these women, legislators in Afghanistan was talking about being afraid for her life. You have, you have interpreters and their families who are afraid for their lives, because the tala mon is back in charge, and they want to go find the people that we're helping the Americans, there are reports that they're going door to door trying to find out who they were, who these folks are. And I mean, it's unspeakable, what is perhaps waiting for the folks that they either believe we're helping the Americans or the folks that really were helping the Americans or some combination, that it's unspeakable. This is these are real people. These are real people facing real oppression. And my wife said last night, she's exactly right. She's like, you know, I think about these Olympic athletes, that think that this country is truly impressive. And we look and we see this is, you know, people hanging onto an airplane to escape that country because they do not want to be subjected to the tolerance. It is that horrific it is that people would willingly Hang on, I just think about that. There's no chance of survival if you grab onto an airplane that's going to go cruising to 30 or 40,000 feet, even if you do somehow managed to hang on to an aircraft that whatever, five 600 knots or whatever it's going for able to do that at even the Hang on, but at those altitudes, there's not enough oxygen. I mean, it's that hopeless. There's that is what folks are willing to do to escape that. And yes, there are legitimate questions about what we were doing why we were there for that long. But then again, there's another part of me that says, is that well, that clearly knows this wasn't the best way, there's no way that this is the best way to lead this. This is an unmitigated dumpster fire. It is and it is destroying the lives, of people over in Afghanistan, that were told and that we're taught to trust the Americans. And we just completely abandoned them. Again, I'm not saying we should have been engaged in eternal conflict over there. But why was there no other solution? I mean, Biden presents as a speech unfolds as almost a straw man that says we either stayed here and fought this war forever, or we left today the way that we did. It seems to me that the way that well, that he human logic demands that there are probably hundreds of other options besides those two, why couldn't we have maintained a presence? should we have? I mean, is that preferable to this? Is this not going to, you know, lead to the same thing we had in the early the late 90s and early 2000s when they were allowing al Qaeda to operate from here? How's this in the best interest of the United States? In order to get our troops out? We're actually now sending more there. Does this make sense? I mean, it's one big colossal mess and failure that we can agree upon. There's no other way. There's no other way to live in this bite, Biden kind of tries to blow it under blood under the bridge and say, Well, you know, this, no matter when we let this is what was gonna happen. From the people who everything is optics is based upon optics, right to the group to the people who, who before they'll talk behind stage without their masks on. And right before they come out, we'll put it on. I saw some guy do this the other day, was standing there without a mask, put his mask on for five seconds as he walked out, and then took his mask off at the podium. I think I retweeted that video, I don't even know who was some official for a group that is this focused on optics app like well, you know, this is gonna happen anyway. Then why do you say a couple of days ago, there was no way a couple of weeks ago 300,000 Afghan armies were going to protect the nation and they were going to hold firm and all this. What happened to that Lots of questions, lots to discuss on long in the segment, quick, quick timeout. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, again, I just, I take no, no pleasure in this. I know that for some people and you know, people like this, this is an opportunity to, I don't know, for, for the side that you don't like to have a political loss or whatever. Right. And I do not look at it like this. This is these are real people. This is our country. This is what we've been contending and dealing with trying to have a solution to her walk ourselves through for 20 years in Afghanistan. And this is truly sad. And it is clear 100% clear that this migration or not, that's not the right with it. This departure from Afghanistan was completely and utterly mismanaged it was. And I'm not saying you can say that, even if you believe we shouldn't have been there. Even if you believe we should have left. Maybe we should have been there originally left decades ago or Well, a decade ago, after we got bin Laden, whatever your thinking is. Whatever your thinking is, this, the way that this happened was disasters and people are paying the price for this is truly it's just awful. And again, I fully understand I'm not making the case that America should be. We cannot fix everybody's problems in the world. That's not at all what I'm saying, either. But I think we can look at this and say, Surely there's some middle ground between we were there, right, we're there for reasons that I think I think people looking back in time would have said that was what we had to do in 2001. We had to go and destroy these terrorists where they were before they started bringing the fight more to the United States. We had to eradicate, you know, drive them out. Get them out of there. They drive them out of the caves, expose them, Go after him, take them out, figure out who they were working with take them out. Right. I mean, that's what we did. I don't think that I don't think we had to do that. I think we had to do that. I don't think there were any other solutions, what I'm saying. And that was these situations, they always they turn messy because there's so much. There's so much history and so much Oh, my goodness, what the problems with the Taliban and the rationale and the reasoning, and the things that they want to do, the way that they govern, take over the lives of people, again, particularly women, and the things that they're the people that live under the rule the Taliban are subjected to. I mean, this is not good stuff it gets messy. And then you start asking yourself, what these people rule again, and this is really what they believe, even though they're not openly and actively engaged in terrorism against the United States. Is this not going to send us right back to that position? Maybe we can. Maybe we can empower the Afghan people. This was the thinking I get I'm not justifying it. I'm just simply saying it's understandable in some capacity to think okay, now we've got to figure out a way to prevent this country from making this country hate us. Right. Because if, if they hate us, if they
what, at least, maybe that's not the way to sit, allow this country, the opportunity to truly be free and to elect the type of people at once running its government, instead of making them subjected to people who are hell-bent on instituting Sharia law, antiquated ways of living evil instead of having that and then creating pockets where al Qaeda can freely operate. Because you know, the tala mon is his understanding to the, to the to al Qaeda because, you know, they're just taking Sharia law to the next level and they're going after the Great Satan. So, I mean, there's a level of there's a point to where you we understand we should understand what's you know what's going on there and why decisions were made without necessarily justifying them completely. Likewise, I understand why we're out of Afghanistan. But what I can't get my head around. And I don't think any reasonable person can is how that went down. And how on earth, how on earth it can be this bad. So quickly, I saw clay Travis tweeted something out. Half of the experts be this wrong and Afghanistan, right. I mean, Biden was up there five, six weeks ago, telling us how there was really nothing to worry about, this was not going to happen. We were not going to evacuate our embassy as we did in Saigon, Vietnam, and whenever was the mid-70s 75. I think. So that wasn't going to happen. If you see the pictures of the helicopter evacuation, it literally almost looks exactly truly exactly the same. You can tell someone that that was the same photo from the same location, and they would probably believe that it was true. It quite literally looked exactly the same. There's no easy answers here. But the first thing is we have to admit that we royally screwed up here. We royally screwed up here. And we've got there are major consequences as a result, people that have worked for hand in hand with our military whose lives are now in jeopardy, who knows? I mean, some of them may have already been captured. I don't I'm not saying that's the truth, but it is certainly a possibility. people doing their best to get on airplanes and get out of there hanging on to airplanes to avoid being subjected to the rule of tyrants. I mean, really, that's what we're dealing with. People will do anything to get out of that situation. hanging on to airplanes. And we believe not you and I but there are people that believe that America is the problem with the world give me a freakin break yet. You're not serious. You're just not serious. If you're saying that you have no, you have no understanding or no empathy towards your fellow human being if you think that this country is anywhere remotely. It just it infuriates me, folks to think that the level of hatred or programming or just a lack of critical thinking to where someone believes this place, this United States of America is anywhere remotely as bad as much of the world is. You don't want to think America is the greatest nation. Okay, fine. I think you're wrong. I think it's demonstrably obvious that America is but Okay, we're not talking about number one we're talking about the evilest, and America is nowhere near the conversation as to what you know, whether it's the number one country and places like Iran and North Korea and Afghanistan under the leadership of the Taliban and Pakistan, and I mean, you've got Cuba, Venezuela, I mean, give me China, the Soviet Union, Heck, even Russia. I mean, today we
have people fleeing Burma, I just it's not living in reality. It's people who have been, I don't know just fed a line by these radical professors or something because it's nonsensical, to kind of take a break by the way program Brought to you in part by our friends at inter interior construction services, competitive prices. They have a residential commercial construction service in check him out on their website, interior interior or call them 317-991-4660 located in Indianapolis, servicing the central Indiana region 317-991-4660 interior construct. COMM is their website quick timeout back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So let's go back to some of this speech. Again, I just want to play and talk through parts of this. This speech he blames Trump in this speech as well also says the buck stops here with him. I've learned Biden likes to talk like the tough guy, right like he did with the Korean pop stories, man, my favorite stories of Biden, he could just get I tell you what if this guy if we could remove all power for him from him and just have him tell Korean pop stories, I could get me down with that. I could listen to this guy talk about the legend corn pop all day because it's entertaining. And of course, it probably never happened. But it's still entertaining. And it's harmless at that point. Maybe we could get him a Netflix series or something like that talking about Biden in the legend of corn pop, I can be down with that. But letting this guy run the free world is something altogether different. And there are consequences for Well, I say elections, and of course, that opens a whole other can of worms that I don't want to go into this morning, because like it or not, he's the president and he's the one that's you know, calling the shots right now not saying that. Don't read any more into that. I'm just simply saying this is the reality that we're dealing with. And we're going to have to figure this out and hold these folks accountable and replace them with adults. But here Biden is continuing his speech on Afghanistan.
I've argued for many years that our missing should be narrowly focused on counterterrorism, not counterinsurgency or nation-building. That's why I oppose the surge when it was proposed in 2009 when I was Vice President, and that's why as President, I'm adamant, we focus on the threats we face today, in 2021, not yesterday's threats. Today, the terrorist threat has metastasized well beyond Afghanistan, Al Shabaab in Somalia, Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, on looser in Syria, ISIS attempting to create a caliphate in Syria and Iraq, and establishing affiliates in multiple countries in Africa and Asia. These threats warrant our attention. How can I pause there?
Can we pause there the last time we really heard about ISIS One was that remember, ISIS at the end of the Obama administration was running wild they had, literally had parts of nations under their control. I've said before on this program that if we drew maps at that point in time, we would have had to have drawn in a map of Syria or of Iraq that said, This really isn't Syria, this is ISIS. This little territory right here belongs to ISIS. You know, the people that are beheading people, like in sport, executing people trying to execute people in new ways, so that it gets viewed on YouTube. And that, I mean, they were having to remember, they were having, like Hollywood type productions. I mean, looks like trailers to movies, some of these folks trained in western film courses, and so on and so forth. I mean, this was, I mean, the production value of this stuff was high quality. I mean, they're complete animals and barbarians and evil scum of the earth. But this was they had people that were putting together high-quality trailers of their atrocities in wickedness, trying to recruit more people, recruiting people from the United States. Remember, young kids, young, young adults, whatever, young people getting on planes, you know, jumping off of, you know, somewhere in, in Europe making their way into the, in the ISIS, and some of them shockingly found out it just wasn't that appealing. When they got there. They wanted out of it. forced marriages and all this kind of stuff. I mean, just disgusting, brutal, horrible stuff. And then lo and behold, again, what a coincidence. What a magnificent coincidence, President Trump came into office, and guess what, ISIS was eradicated again. Now, again, it is just so maddening to me to look at the I mean, this. We've always lived in a tumultuous world. Their bad things can happen on anybody's watch as a leader of the free world. But it's something different when you are the factor that makes it what it is. And that is candidly What I think has been going on under this administration, this was completely mismanaged. They have a history of well, watching terrorists rise in power. ISIS is the, I would say, most recent example. And now we have the Taliban, which I would say, while they may not be engaged in global terrorism, exporting terrorism to take down the great Satan, which is, of course, the United States in their warped perspective, they still engage in terrorism locally, they rule by Sharia law, and they will do whatever it takes to get the political outcome that they want. torturing killing, terrifying. People that they have, under their control, do not have a good track record. They became buddies without kinda, and now they're back in back in control What could possibly go wrong? It is sad. It is sad. It was avoidable. This did not have to be the way that it was no matter what Biden in his speechwriters tried to convince us of and look, there were things with this space that I did agree with there were things that I thought he's got points here, but you know what, what it comes down to is that this transition was completely atrociously mismanaged and I've got to take a break back here in just a minute.
Really quickly, here's Biden blaming Trump for what's going on. Not surprising,
came in the office. I inherited a deal that President Trump negotiated with the tollemache. Under his agreement, US forces in the out of Afghanistan by May 120 21. Okay, just a little over three months after I took office. US forces have already drawn down during the Trump administration from roughly 15,500 American forces to 2500 troops and the country was anything happening in the atomic bomb was at its strongest militarily since 2001. The choice I had to make as your president here we go was easy to follow through on that agreement or be prepared to go back to fighting the Taliban in the middle of the spring fighting season. We would have been no ceasefire after May one there was no agreement protecting our forces after May one there was no status quo of stability without
getting stopped for the sake of time but I mean that's the I'm surprised he didn't say I will you know we either had the followed Trump's plan or go to nuclear war so there's no other option here on table I just to me this seems like there's there's there has to be something else. It is inexcusable how this transpired go take a break back in a minute.
Welcome back to this situation in Afghanistan, we've got a long way to go and see how we navigate through this and hopefully, hopefully the United States will do the right thing here. and protect those interpreters and those folks who had been helping this nation over the past 20 years from facing consequences I don't know what to think about this of course this brings back in some ways I'm saying it's the same thing at all but it just reminds me of how they at least covered up or change course are trying to make it look like something different. And Ben Ghazi this is their first reaction is to cover it up politically. So hopefully it doesn't get any worse, folks. I gotta go sdgc tomorrow. Take care.