Media Can't Even Ignore Afghanistan Mess

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All right, my friends, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. It is a Friday. So we're going to catch up on some stuff maybe we missed earlier in the week. And display to talk about as we fire up there we go the Facebook, YouTube Twitter cam so it's good to be here. Thanks for joining us. And you know, the media cannot even ignore at this particular point in time. How terrible how terrible what is happening in Afghanistan is I mean, they've tried, you know, we've seen george stephanopoulos ask as mind some questions that need to be answered. But they didn't or he didn't. He didn't press him real hard. He didn't press him real hard. And Biden did. You know his little routine, his little gig where he tries to do what they're trained to do. Sound strong. overly simplify it. You know, we didn't know. We didn't know this was going to happen until it happened. kind of talk. Now we're finding out all sorts of stuff internal state department cable warned Blinken of pending Afghanistan collapse. Anthony Blinken is the Secretary of State headline and Fox News from yesterday, says this. Officials at the US Embassy in Kabul sent the memo through the department's confidential dissent channel. A confident confidential internal state department cable was sent to Secretary of State Anthony Blinken last month warning about the potential collapse of Afghanistan. Following the full withdrawal of US forces on August 31. Fox News confirmed on Thursday that would have been yesterday. roughly two dozen officials stationed at the US Embassy in Kabul send a memo through the department's confidential ascent channel to alert Blinken, along with another top State Department official that the Taliban was well positioned to take over the nation. The Wall Street Journal first reported, you know this, I'm gonna I'm gonna bring something up here that's gonna send the radical left into a tailspin. But it's it's it's obvious there are there are similarities at this particular point in time, too. And I'm not don't I'm not saying this is precisely what happened. But this this has this is reminiscent of been Gansey. This is reminiscent of Ben Ghazi. And I'll tell you the things that are similar. Again, I'm not. I'm not saying it's the same scenario. But I'm saying there are things in general with the way that we had this we have this crisis that was created by or caused by political pressures in a in a nation and a volatile nation. And these pressures were created by just the political landscape, namely that people did not want to be held accountable. For they wanted to pretend, I guess I should say that things were going well, that things were running smoothly. They did not want any political consequence domestically. Right, because with Ben Ghazi that was in 2012. That was just a few a few weeks before the election. That was a few weeks before the election. You know, Obama's second term when he was running against Mitt Romney. That was a few weeks before most Americans cast their ballot in the net. back then was, as you will know, that GM is alive and Osama bin Laden is dead. That's what they were saying even Obama would say this. I think Biden said, even during the vice presidential debate against
Well, I'm drawing a blank on the vice presidential, Paul Ryan. So that was the narrative back then. Right? gM is alive. We saved GM in 2008. Because the government came in and threw money at this problem when we avoided an economic depression. That's that was the narrative back then. And then, not only that, Biden and Obama got into the White House, Biden, sued me Obama suited up with SEAL Team Six, right after he helped save Captain Phillips, from the Somali pirates. And he said, Let's go get Osama bin Laden. And the way Biden excuse me, Obama talked in the Rose Garden or wherever he was when he announced the death of Osama bin Laden. It was as though he personally went out and took care of business himself. I've delegated this responsibility long enough to the seal teams, I need to go out there and take care of matters myself. I take out Osama bin Laden and here we are right here we are now. Everything's fine. And that was the campaign that was the narrative in 2012. Because there was an election, and because again, everything is for political consumption and that's why I call them the the democrat party leaders the drama Kratz because this is what they engaged in. It's political drama. It's extreme political drama. As we played yesterday, Nancy Pelosi acted as though Yeah, of course they took our equipment that's what happens when you leave a war and sometimes you know, the other side is get your equipment now, I just saw this morning. But tala mon now has our Blackhawk some Blackhawk helicopters. That's fantastic. Can't imagine the can't wait to find out what we let them have. You know, tomorrow or night, my Monday, my goodness, they might have access to Biden's nuclear codes for all we know. I'm kidding. But I mean, in a sense, I'm not right. We this is this is a dumpster fire. That's what this is. This is a complete out of control dumpster fire. And it is reminiscent of it is similar to the just the the way that they are trying to protect themselves from political fallout. This is similar to Ben Ghazi now. One of the differences is Susan Rice. Obama was Obama was I mean that that administration was of course terribly run as well. But Obama was very politically savvy. He didn't go out there. And he didn't play the point man on Benghazi that was delegated to Susan Rice. Remember this? Susan Rice was supposed to carry this ridiculous stupid narrative. Susan Rice, who is almost certainly on Biden's shortlist for Supreme Court.
Justice or, you know, pardon his administration, Attorney General, what have you in the future as as things change? Hopefully, we don't get to the point where he has a second term and you know, is maybe, I guess naming more people but misses on those lists, right? She is. She was the one back in 2012. He was supposed to go out and sell this stupid narrative that said, related to Benghazi that, you know, this was just peace. These were just protesters spontaneous. Protesters, they were protesting, they saw some video on YouTube, some random dude with you know, there at the time, they were like, maybe 17 views of his video. And apparently it was enough to it went trending, I guess in Afghanistan, that's what we're supposed to believe. And they were offended by the video. And so they grabbed the nearest RPG and they went, they just went ballistic on the US consulate there and Benghazi. But the truth was, the truth was, and we know this, and no one's been held accountable. We knew we knew and this I think is the point and how it's one of the ways that's connected here. Just as the State Department was warning, the Secretary of State Blinken that, hey, when we pull out of here, the Taliban is going to be this is not good. Right? So in that sense, or Biden yesterday, I played that soundbite on a from ABC News when he's talking with George Stephanopoulos. And he's like, we knew this was gonna happen. We knew, you know, this was this was always going to happen. In a sense, I said in the in one sense, he did not know because they wouldn't have done it this way, unless they really are that app. And I said, if that's the case, and this is even worse than he's trying to pretend that it is. But they didn't know. I mean, that's what these cables are saying that they knew that this was going to happen. And so we moved forward anyway. didn't take any precautions, what precautions that we take did not care and there is incredible consequences. The pay as I mentioned, they have our Blackhawk helicopters and what the heck man here's the headline of that this is in what is this is epic times. Yeah. The Epic times it says this, US Blackhawks us Blackhawk helicopters captured by Taleban as horrified senators demand DOJ, the Department of Defense audit. So we've seen the pictures you've seen or you've heard the stories of women. Of course, they're, you know, it's terrible for women in Afghanistan whenever the Taliban is in charge. One woman reportedly has already been executed for not wearing a burqa. Women were taking their babies and throwing them over fences that had razor wire at the top of them just to get their children out of out of the hellhole that would be in Afghanistan run by the Taliban. That is how this this is what happens when I said this. We've talked about this, you know this. Whenever faced with extreme tyranny, and an evil type of government and evil group of people that are ruling you like the Taliban, like the communists, like the fastest, you try to get the heck out of there. You try to get the heck out of there, you you try to flee, if you can't flee, you try to fight it, or you just you have to come to reality that in order to survive, people are different. Some people say I'm just gonna forsake any hope that I have just to survive. That's the choice left to the Afghan people fight, flee or forsake their freedom. That is it, and I'm not theirs. That is the that is the choice. Throwing babies over razor wire to escape that. It's atrocious, even the media can't ignore this. But again, one of the important points here is the State Department had sent cables, you know, protected encrypted messages. Right, they sent those in to the State Department to the State Department sent them to Secretary of State Blinken and said, Hey, we got a big problem here. This is going to be taken over by the Taliban.
In a matter of I don't know if it said how quickly but it's been it's been effectively days. I don't even know it was hours. I mean, the Taliban took over more quickly than the people who ran the nation of Chavez actually stayed in the streets before they had to go home to mommy in the basement and have her wash their clean on you know, give them some clean underwear and something to fill their tom toms. So that's the Taliban took over quicker than those folks capitulated and said, Hey, is running a nation thing is a lot of work. I'm going to keep my own clean underwear I get to provide my own food. Remember they had the sign out there in the streets. The poster board this is what we need get us some jello pudding pops or whatever was on the sign. Kind of like the Democratic senators who fled the state of Texas as fugitives to the nation's capitol. People were putting the gear together care packages for these jokers and drama Kratz and clowns. And just to help take I guess, meet their basic their basic needs, as they took a private jet to DC to avoid their own role, their own responsibilities of being legislators in the state of Texas. drama Kratz is what we're dealing with. And in this in the case of Afghanistan, and this is what's tragic, is that it's not just political theater with no consequences affects real lives. This affects national security in the region in a volatile region that we have many interests in. This may open the door for more terrorist groups, like Al Qaeda or maybe alkine. And maybe ISIS maybe who knows, to operate freely in that region. Once again, creating a less safe world. Again, we're seven months into this dumpster fire. And today, Happy Anniversary Biden's seven month anniversary. Because we're celebrating not with candles burning on top of the cake, but a nation burning before our very eyes. quick timeout. Was there any conservative not bitter Talk, I'm gonna get some warmer fluids into my throat here as I'm struggling still with my my voice in some time, I feel fine. It's just the voice gets sometimes attacked here with with an issue, but we'll try to remedy that during the break. And we'll get back here in a minute. Sit tight back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends down some hot beverages during the break special things to us for taking care of that because it does help loosen up the vocals here this morning. So things are again, bad enough now to where the media cannot even ignore what's going on in Afghanistan. They can't In fact, CNN yesterday because yesterday Yeah, this was yesterday. CNN is actually one of the journalists. Well, I don't want to say she, she had a moment of of actually being a journalist. Her name is Clarissa ward. She's on the ground. In Afghanistan, I believe this is the woman who we've employed this the soundbite, but you've probably seen it, where she said the Taliban is chanting Death to America. But it's still remarkably. It's still very peaceful. She I don't know doesn't see the the violence baked into the words, Death to America? I don't know. But anyway, that's its own thing altogether. But now she's if things are even bad enough to where she's asking the administration. You know, this isn't failure. What does failure look like? Because being on the ground here in Afghanistan, and I'm paraphrasing what she's saying, but i think i think that this is a true depiction of what she says, being on the ground of Afghanistan and looking at the chaos at the airport and looking at the fear, the uncertainty, the terror in the eyes of people, as they're trying to figure out how to navigate this dumpster fire my words, not hers, created here by the Biden administration. If that's not failure, what's happening? The people here would like to know what that looks like, because, candidly, we don't want to get anywhere near it, because this seems like an unmitigated disaster. So I want to play this soundbite for you. This is Clarissa Todd, talking back with the studio. There's some back and forth here about what's going on in Afghanistan. And why she concludes this little clip here was with basically saying, if this isn't failure, what is failure? Because this is just disastrous. So here's this exchange.
It's actually mostly men that we are seeing who are evacuated make sense because it's men who are the translators on the cultural advisors, but their families to should be eligible? Where were the women who were eligible perhaps to evacuate? I mean, you have to ask yourself, What kind of a man or what kind of a woman you know what kind of a man is going to bring his wife and children into that tornado of insanity outside the airport. I mean, it takes a lot of guts and there's such a lack of certainty that you're even able to get in. We have seen and heard these reports and our British colleagues who are staying in the area where the British paratroopers are have have heard and spoken to To British soldiers who say that they have seen people so desperate that they are passing and throwing their babies over the razor wire to try to get them into safety. I mean, I can't even fathom what level of desperation an individual needs to be at, where they are literally throwing their baby over razor wire to try to get them to safety. But I think what that very clearly speaks to is the panic, the lack of clear information. The rumor mill is in overdrive, there's hysteria, you have Taliban fighters, with whips. with guns, you have US and UK soldiers who are not allowing people in you have mixed messaging, coming through about what kind of paperwork you need, and how you can get on flight and where you can go. I mean, it is just an absolute mess. And we heard President Biden say yesterday in his comments to ABC News, that this is not a failure. And I think a lot of people outside that airport, particularly those taking the kinds of extreme actions we're just talking about, would like to know if this is an failure. What does failure look like? Exactly?
This isn't failure. What does failure look like? Exactly? We have women throwing babies over razor wire. We have I mean, pandemonium and chaos, mixed messaging. We have different requirements being told to the people as to what they need to do. We have reports of the Taliban, now in control of Blackhawk helicopters, right. I mean, we have there's other reports here, where the Taliban is going door to door. Here it is the daily wire Taliban, going door to door seeking Christians searching through phones for Bible labs. I mean, folks, this is this is a week. I mean, we're weekend to this basically days into this. And they're already looking for the people, whether they be Christians, whether they be people that had helped the Americans, these translators, folks, that helps in some capacity, cooperate with the US forces, the going around looking for them and looking for women who don't have burkas letting people know that they're back in in charge, and that they will make a make a point out of your disobedience. If you don't comply, folks that I just she acts confused here. And she's asking good questions I want to be I don't want to be too hard on on her because I'm sure colorista reward. First of all, she's employed by CNN, who has no interest in truth. Second of all, I have no idea where she went to school. But I'm pretty sure it's a place that has a hatred for the United States that probably taught her that the real problem in the world is and what's happening in these other nations, it's with what's happened in the United States of America. This is what our younger people are being taught lots of places today. But it's what anyone who went to certain schools was taught 2030 years ago. Now it's becoming more I guess, popular to teach some of this nonsense. She is asking the right questions here. Namely, this isn't failure, then help us understand what failure would look like because this seems pretty bad. Women throwing their babies over razor wire, you know how hopeless they feel. mean? They don't. I mean, it's as though they're saying, I love this challenge. And as a as a parent, I mean, this really, as a human this tugs at your heartstrings, as a parent even does at least I think in my mind more because I can relate to it even differently than not having kids but we all get this theory that says, I do anything for my kid. Right? And I would, especially when you when you look up and you say the Americans are gone. And you look at who's in the White House, and you think, you know, just like the the folks coming to the southern border, they come down there and they are literally on record saying we're here because Biden's in office, and basically he's just letting us in for free. You know, no, no real questions asked. That's why we're here. I mean, you can hear him say this. I'm paraphrasing again. But that's that's the general message. Biden's in charge so we thought we'd come. Trump was talking about walls and, you know, sending people back to Mexico and just all you know, making sure that we couldn't cross legally that there'd be consequences and got a new guy in town who acts as though board Security is priority number 26,000 on his list. But likewise, likewise, you have people that that realize that there's a change in the administration, that you don't have an American first president who, who, by the way, Trump said we're pulling out of Afghanistan anyway, he's on record as saying it's not wrong, that Biden pulled us out what's wrong is how we did it. What's wrong is how we did it. And so these poor people there, they know this. They know that this
that a US presence that's going to actually protect them from the Taliban is not there anymore. And again, I'm not you can ask these questions without saying that we should be involved in, you know, building nations and, you know, trying to get people to embrace, you know, to the degree we were there to, you know, to try to promote really push democracy or, you know, constitutional government or what have you. That wasn't rooted in, you know, any religion, but in this case, Islam, let people be free sort of thing. But I'm not arguing for them simply saying that there are consequences for what we've done and how we've done it. And this is, this is them. And now these parents, these mothers and fathers, realize it's better for this child and not be here, I may never see him or her again, I'm gonna toss him or her over this. I mean, in the air over razor wire, all sorts of bad things to happen in that scenario, but it's in their mind, it is worth the risk because of what they would face in the Taliban in Afghanistan, under the leadership of these maniacal, evil people, folks, this is this is today's modern version of totalitarianism. Sharia law, well, how the Taliban rule this is the same thing as communism, in many ways isn't the same thing as fascism in many ways. And this is just give violates everything in human nature to live the way that these poor people are now being forced to live in I'm long in this segment. I think the voice is better. But we'll see. quick timeout. wasn't any conservative, not bitter talk ever. Who's Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. I mean, this again, I it's a Friday. I didn't want to drop this. too heavy. But this is this is just awful. What we're what we're witnessing here. I don't know what else to say about this. And CNN and the media can't hide this from this reality any longer. They have to ask the questions. They have to ask the questions. But going back to what she said the very end of her of her comment, or I guess it was it was a couple times within her remarks back to the studio there. at CNN. Again, this reporter Clarissa ward in Afghanistan, she I think what what is a little is totally predictable, but it's still it's it is dumbfounding, to watch, to watch her just act not have any sort of idea that that I guess the telemon are run by totalitarians that people when faced with totalitarian governments, again, they either fly or they either fight, flee, or forsake their freedoms and just give in to be a part of the system. But it's it's never willingly The only people that want to do it willingly are the people who are put in positions of power where they can lord it over everyone else where they can be the one calling the shots. Those are the people who are the only ones that enjoy communism or these totalitarian type regimes, the people who are forced to live under them, don't want anything to do with it. And what's remarkable to me, what's remarkable to me is that certainly, I mean, today's radical left is not like just arguing for a lifestyle Well, there are some that are Marxist and The Taliban and Marxism is ruling by Islamofascism and ruling by communism or fascism itself, those are, those things are very similar. They're very similar structurally to one another. They basically say, We're the boss, you're the, you're the servant, you're the subservient, you do what we tell you to do, or there will be hell to pay, you'll pay dramatically, we will make examples out of you, there will be no tolerance, you will have no freedom and liberty, you will believe what we tell you to believe you will do what we tell you to do. And as long as you do that, then while there may not be any problems, there may still be problems. Because anytime a government's run by people like that, with power like that, there are no rules. Ultimately, the rules are what they make them to be. And if they want what you have, if they want. If they see a woman walking by, and they want her, they will, you know, they'll take or they believe that they have the right to do whatever that they want. If you say things against them and their authority, and you challenge them, you mock them. You talk about Christianity or freedom, talk about the West. If you don't start every sentence with debt to America, I mean, they you will become their enemy, and they will make you they will make you pay this is this is so predictable. This is so predictable. When you look at how totalitarians rule. I mean, this is this is the formula. This is the formula. It happens in more places than I care to admit it's affected more lives on this planet, then, free market capitalism over the course of history has, has had the ability to influence these totalitarian regimes. And that's why I say it's why I love America so much. Because when you have a full understanding of what life has been, like on planet Earth, under governments throughout history, compared to what we have the day I mean, this is a again, there's not there's certainly problems with the United States of America there certainly our we're not perfect, it's darn good. It's the best country on planet Earth. And people like like it's not, but we are better off than the vast, vast, vast, vast, vast majority of people who have ever walked this planet.
And Case in point, look at what's happening in Afghanistan the day. And this journalist is Clarissa ward. She's just dumbfounded. It's like she didn't I'm aware. Were you during the Cold War. Were were you during the Taliban drain earlier 20 years ago. I just I mean, it's almost it's almost as though she deliberately put her head in the sand not to see how these how these groups of people govern. And we have leftists here that literally want to push us more towards I'm not saying to Islamofascism I'm saying to the same type of mentality which says, there is a ruling class of people that can tell you how to live your life. They're in charge the rest of you, rubes you hayseed Hicks, you people in flyover country need to sit down and shut up, while the liberals among us make the decisions, the smart people, the technocrats to solve all of our problems and issues and they believe we would have utopia and peace on earth earth if only us rubes and hayseed hex would comply with their ruling with their dictates with their iidx. Of course, what happens when people are forced to comply with those things is what we see happening. In Afghanistan. people flee from it, they fight it or they just give up and forsake their freedoms. It's a sad, sad state of affairs that was completely avoidable. And it falls squarely 100% squarely on the Biden administration don't get break back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, I thought I should maybe wrap up today by just giving you an update on some things happening here. As you know. We are beginning the truth tour what we're calling the truth tour here in the not too distant future. We have sold Our house, we're still here we can be part of the final agreement with the buyer. We can be here for about another few another few weeks. But we've just yesterday with the help of one of our, actually one of our advertising partners, Greg hubler, Greg Kubler Ford in Muncie. And I want to say thanks to Chet for taking care of us up there, took really good care of us got a really good Vehicle At A really fair price. And so now the next thing is we're actually doing we this truck I'm driving, I never, I never imagined I would drive something that's big bore Pomona a fifth wheel, we've we kind of shifted gears here from a class a motorhome, which is really what we were looking at at first. And there's definitely advantages, but there's also advantages to that to the fifth wheel and to the the Ford, f 350. That we have now. So I just wanted to tell you that there's some progress on that front. And things are, I guess, coming together. And so the truth tour for those of you who may have forgotten or were not here, when I told you basically, when we started this program back in 2000, actually, we just we just passed, I got to get better at recognizing anniversaries here. But we just passed our six year anniversary on August, the 10 days ago was our sixth anniversary for launching this program on August 10 of 2015. When we started, when I started podcasting, two floors above my head and in my wife's closet in the bedroom, and now, of course, we're on the radio and expanded and we're trying to expand more. And so we're going to take that message, we're going to go and speak at places around the country. If you'd like us to speak or you are anywhere in the country, I want to hear from you, you can email me Todd, The Todd Huff And we'll see if there's a way that we can speak at your church or event or what have you. But that's what we're doing to take the show to other radio stations and tell them that we have the TV show now two TV stations as well and just want to give you an update, those things are coming together and praise be to God and it's been a heck of a journey. So we'll keep you posted. But a timeout is necessary so tight back here in just a minute. Right, my friends, that's all the time that we have for this week. I know that Look, I don't I don't like talking about these heavy things all day every day. But I mean that the realities are these are important. This is not avoidable. This. The Messier the trapped Americans, the Afghans who are you know throwing babies over fences who are trying to extract escape extreme tyranny. All this stuff. I mean, there's so many lessons here and there's so many sad stories and just things we have to be aware of and fight vigilantly against, but I've got to go have a great weekend. See you Monday. s The G take care