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Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right, my friends. You're listening here the home of conservative not bitter talk. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff. And for those of you watching on the the camera on the feed here to the home studio, I want to say you know, we are in the process of, of moving. And basically what I've got on this morning is because I have a kind of a Colts and old polo shirt on this morning. It's not because I'm a revived revitalised fan of the NFL or anything. It's because there's not a lot of selection with what's what's available upstairs to, to were here this morning because of the the move and everything going on. So welcome to the program, emailed Todd at The Todd Huff show.com, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube so far as I know, as long as they allow us to be there. And of course, you can email me your thoughts, questions, feedback, and yes, even adoration and praise accepted at that email. Folks, you know, I read these VB stories. I mean, here, here's a headline for you. Here's a headline for you. As Biden continues to try to lead us pen and lead the United States of America through this debacle that is Afghanistan headline at Fox News says Biden urges Taliban to provide for well being of Afghans. I mean, is there a more naive headline that you could possibly come up with today? I mean, again, this I'm not blaming Fox, this is, this is what Biden is out there calling for this is the best that we've got. The best we've got is to cross our fingers. And the hope that the tala bond is not the same tala bond that we've been fighting and dealing with. Since Well, for 20 years now in the nation of Afghanistan. It's a remarkable it's just remarkable to watch this. And I'll tell you what, what else is remarkable here. polling shows let me get let me find this here. polling shows 25% of Americans approve of Biden's handling of Afghanistan 25% you can say three out of four people don't approve and I would say that's that's a sign of people realizing just how pathetic This is. How terrible This is. But how in the world how in the world does one out of four people think that this is actually positive a good thing what on what on earth is good about this? i? I would like to know. Well, for starters, I would like to know what is good. What is better here remember, Biden's campaign thing was was build back better. Build back better I see. hid in the basement and refuse to go out in front of people and campaign during the election that was that was the storyline that was that's what you know, we're supposed to be. So this, you know, this new president supposed to build back America better now. Of course, that is not. They use that as a kind of a catchphrase as a code word to say we're gonna build America into the socialist utopia. That's what it is supposed to indicate to the radical left. But to those of us living in reality to those of us who love America as founded when the world did build back better mean and how in the world What's one example of how America is better today? Happy Birthday dad. By the way, today's my father's birthday, but how Was today better? Here August 23, than it was on January 20. In one substantial way. Any anyway, I will say to anyone out there, what is one way anyway? that things are better that America is in a better position. But just what is it?
Because I don't, objectively and I mean, I truly mean this, there is not one way that that is even remotely better, not even close to better. It is a dumpster fire in every conceivable way. And Afghanistan is the latest example. The most. I mean, the saddest example, that I mean, Words fail me to express just how badly we have managed this process of removing our troops from Afghanistan. I've seen headlines with ISIS in the title now. I mean, this literally, I'm waiting for I said this last week, half jokingly but, you know, some of these things become reality. I'm waiting for a headline that says, one of bin Laden's relatives is re starting al Qaeda terror camps in Afghanistan. It really I'm not even kidding. At this point. It would not surprise me if that was the case. This is absolutely astonishing. It's inexcusable. And somehow 25% of Americans think that this is, I guess, good. I just I guess 25% of Americans can, I guess, believe in anything but 25% of Americans. Here it is. A vast majority of those polled say they disapprove of Biden's handling of the current situation in Afghanistan with only 25% noting, they approve of the way he's dealt with the crisis. How what in the granite now three out of four people realize what we're witnessing here. But how in the world This goes to show just how devoted in fact I saw on Twitter the other day. I saw on Twitter the other day, there was a somebody you know that you write your your description of yourself and your Twitter profile, and it said, devout Democrat, devout Democrat, which I think is a pretty good depiction of what the 25% here would be considered or how they would self identify devout Democrat, it doesn't matter what the evidence shows, it doesn't matters. It doesn't matter what the science shows, it doesn't matter what the the fallout is, it doesn't matter how mismanaged and how messy a situation is, they are going to stand by the President of the United States, because they cannot afford they cannot afford their ideology does not allow for this sort of bad news. They cannot accept that. They refuse to acknowledge even when their guy makes blunders on a scale beyond comprehension. They refuse to accept that but 25% of Americans I guess, are still okay with the way that Biden's handling. Afghanistan is truly remarkable. If you stop and think about when we get again, we get people throwing their babies over razor wire fences we've got we've got people who are running to the mountains for their lives hiding. fleeing the Taliban, you've got Taliban forcing women to wear the the burqa again or that face death in some reported incidents. I mean, this this is the reports get worse there. By the day that and not only that, that that's that's a situation but because we are so focused, I saw
this this story too. We are so focused here on the optics of this, that we actually have a story here's reporting that here it is us general tells British forces style rescuing people in cobble. You're making us look bad. This is a headline a story in the Washington Examiner Tom Rogen, this was from Friday evening. He writes this I understand that the Commanding General, the 82nd airborne division has told the commander of the British special forces at the Kabul airport to cease operations beyond the airport perimeter. Major General Christopher Donohue has told the excuse me his British army counterpart, a high ranking field grade officer of the British Army's 22nd Special Air Service, that's si es regiment that British operations were embarrassing the United States military in the absence of similar US military operations, according to multiple military sources, I understand that the British officer firmly rejected the request and good, by the way. So the story here is that one of these generals who apparently I guess, takes his job to be defending the President of the United States instead of conducting military operations, first and foremost, to save the lives of Americans, people that are trapped behind Taliban lines in the nation of Afghanistan that has been caused because of the mismanagement of the withdrawal of US forces led by President Joe Biden. Because of this, instead of thinking hat, I mean, this this again, I said on Friday or maybe Thursday, maybe both This is reminisce and have been Gaussian so many ways to me, in so many ways, instead of thinking, all hell has broken out, you know, in this area, instead of thinking, these are you know, this is a situation that we need to do something to try to stop. We need to save lives, the first thing they think of is how do we make this not look as bad as it is unless you know, apathetic that is, you know, how wicked and evil that is. You know, how? Again, word Words fail me what this is. So unfortunately, the US general hair again, as as being reported here in this Washington Examiner, article, Major General Christopher Donohue, basically said, Hey, man, quit running these military operations and saving people, you're making us look bad, because we're not doing anything. We're telling people to, you know, to be careful to be on the lookout for ISIS, you know, coming after them at the airports. You know, that's the sort of stuff we've, we're not doing anything about it. You guys are out there running operations and saving people, you're making us look bad. And to his credit here, the SS officer basically says, Now we have people to say we have a job to do, you know, probably said, What are you guys doing? What are you guys doing? This is this is embarrassing. This is pathetic. This is sad. This is reprehensible people. And again, this is not the military's fault. This is the fault of what they're being instructed to do. Of course, we could go in and run similar operations if they had not they the Biden ministration had not made the final call that none of this was going to that their political. The political fallout of this was greater than any anything else the loss of life. I mean, what what on earth and get to again, 25% of the devout democrats are the folks who I guess live with their head in the sand. This is this is awful, awful stuff. people calling for the impeachment of Biden over this. And that's never gonna happen. This is still being blamed on Trump in some circles. If I get some sound bites of that, maybe I'll play those maybe, maybe I won't. I mean, there's just so much to come through and sift through here.
But the takeaway is that this is objective really horrific. What has happened in Afghanistan, and its objective, really, the fault of the Obama, excuse me of the Biden administration, or the third term of the Oh Biden Obama administration, as we've been told, to refer to this, to this, I guess administration now or Jimmy Carter's second term is bad stuff. It really is. It's just and there's lives are at stake here American lives, Afghan lives. The future of a nation the hopes and dreams of children squashed and basically an instant Because of the complete and utter mismanagement of the circumstances here on the ground in Afghanistan, quick timeout is in order. Listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. Hell, let's see here. sifting through some of these headlines, Defense Secretary contradicts Biden, on Afghanistan withdrawal. This goes back to what Biden was talking about. In the weeks leading up to I guess or the the withdraw from Afghanistan Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said Sunday that intelligence assessments on the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan predicted the Taliban could retake the country in a matter of months appearing to contradict President Biden's reassurances last month that Taliban takeover was not inevitable. During an interview with ABC News, Martha Raddatz at the Pentagon, Austin declared that nobody in the in the excuse me in the intelligence community, that no body this would include in theory. President President Biden predicted that the Afghan movement would fall to the Taliban as rapidly as it did remember, this is the story and at first that Biden Biden told us with George Stephanopoulos last last weekend. Hey, man, this is just the way it's gonna be we Yeah, we knew this was going to happen. We knew it. course we knew it. Okay, so why do we leave the people behind there? Why did we leave our people unprepared? Why did we not take steps and precautions? Wouldn't that have been part of this? I remember even saying at the time, that those comments made it worse for Biden, if he's trying to defend themself, and it actually makes it worse, to admit that he knew that this was going to happen. I remember go back and listening. If I went back and listen, I remember we could pull that, that sound by bed that actually makes it worse for President Biden to say, yeah, we knew this was gonna happen. But we did in any way. We didn't take any precautions. We basically just said, Be ready to fend for yourself. Now we know that his generals are out there basically telling those that are saving people. Those who are conducting missions to save people behind Taliban lines. We're out there, according to reports. Our generals, at least one of our generals are saying to other countries, please stop it. You're making us look bad. What on earth? So now we get that that conflict within the administration. Got another headline here. Secretary of State Blinken dodges questions on if Biden knows what's going on Afghanistan? His response to that question? It's an emotional time for many. It's an emotional time for many of us. Now, I'm mentioning this because one of the questions I've been getting from some of you. And I've heard this multiple times, through email, through social media, so on and so forth. Some people or some people believe that this is the moment, right, this is the moment that the Democrats have either been setting us up for or they've just made some decisions that it's time for Biden to no longer be President of the United States. And we're gonna start hearing about the 25th amendment and all this stuff. This guy's not aware of what's going on. He's telling us things and then he's, you know, he's telling us that it was unavoidable. And now his secretary of state's out there saying or Secretary defense, excuse me, he's out there saying that that's not the intelligence reports. And I understand I understand where you're coming from, but I also think that you know, you have to we have to backup rewind, the tape, so to speak, and we have to look at what was happening. In the months and years leading up to 2020. Right, so 2016 was not supposed to happen. President Trump was never supposed to be president. Hillary was supposed to. Hillary was supposed to win. They were sure of this. They were shocked when President Trump won election in 2016. Now, some folks would go out there and say
that this was, you know, when you look at what happened in these elections, and the allegations of some things that happened, some people think that that was the case in 2016, as well, and they just underestimated the response, they didn't have a response set up. They weren't prepared to, to do whatever had it had to be done in 2016, to actually stop the numbers from being what they what they were, I'm just telling you what some people think I'm just painting the picture here, we had something that was never supposed to happen. Trump, this rank amateur, when it came to politics was never supposed to waltz into Washington, DC. wall to wall I guess, to waltz into the political stage here in this country. And when in a convincing way clobbering someone with the name recognition and the machine that Hillary Clinton had, right, we had, we had pay to play stuff going away, the Clinton Foundation stuff back then all this stuff going on stuffing money in the coffers of the campaign. Just some really atrocious stuff that that I think was going on this certainly needed to be investigated. And no one's had any interest in that. since those days when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State and, you know, certain people would give money to her campaign for foreign while to the Clinton Foundation oversees and then there would be some favorable decision made by the US State Department on behalf of that country that would benefit those donors. And the money went into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation, the second that she lost the presidency. The Clinton Foundation donations dropped, I mean, off the charts dramatically. Right. I mean, it's all that stuff was going on back in 2016. And before that, but leading up to 2016. And Trump came along, Trump won. And not only that, but when Trump became President Trump started actually doing the things he said he was going to do doing things that threatened threatened the advancements that had been made the so called advancements, of course, they're regressions, they're not advances the regressions when we move towards big government and statism. Right, which is where the left wants to take us. But they saw that they were going to literally start losing ground, Trump cut taxes, Trump cut regulations, these are things you simply do not do this panics, the left in ways that you and I can't really understand because they have built so much into the psyche of the American public, or at least into their their base, that without those bureaucratic rules, and without the level of taxation. This country can't, that they've established, this country can't function. People are gonna start dropping dead from eating hot dogs in the city of New York, because these things save lives. And when that doesn't happen, and when people see that the economy is roaring and humming along and that unemployment is that statistically zero because the only unemployed folks are really those who are changing careers and you begin to see all the the power of the US economy, the might of the US economy, you begin to see that we are a net exporter of oil at that point in time. When you see that immigration was slowed. And there were there were policies in place to stop the tide of illegal immigrants crossing our southern border. All these things were happening and they don't like that. They did not like those that they benefit from these things. I saw reports out that says that the democrats sought to take advantage or there's a report that says that they did take advantage from over COVID during the the election. Well, no kidding. They did that. That was their very intent. You know, anything that happens, and then the government comes to step in to solve the problem or to help these Democrats, they realize that it's these lovers of big government, they they, they take steps that benefit them. This is not this is obvious This is a universal truth. It's obvious is the noonday sun.
And so, so this is kind of the scenario with President Trump. And there was no way on planet earth that they were going to have a repeat of 2016 and 2020. But the problem was they had a candidate that no candidate that some but that the democrats wanted to vote for. And so they remember this was back after super right before Super Tuesday, they made some phone calls, we've gone through all those they called Pete boot edge edge, they called Elizabeth Warren, they called Amy Klobuchar. They call these other jokers that are running for president and they said, Look, name, your price, name, your position, name, whatever you want, we'll take care of you, we just need you to drop out when you need to. We need everybody to coalesce around Biden, because we know that a Bernie Sanders campaign is not going to win, not going to defeat President Trump. And so we need your support. And everybody dutifully did this. Now we've got Pete boot edge edge in the stair what the transportation department secretary, he's the one that's wanting to tax us for every mile that we drive. That's the guy that's right, lover of big government never found a tax or a bureaucracy, any sort of rule, regulation, any form of bureaucracy he's against, he loves all of that stuff. This is what lovers of big government, do. They think that they can micromanage your decisions in your life, my life in such a way that we all benefit. everything turns out to this utopian society that's ushered in by their ability to manage every little detail. He's been rewarded, a lot of these folks have been rewarded for dutifully stepping in and supporting Biden. And so it's been a common belief. And I'm gonna take a break here. And in fact, I'm gonna say this sentence and then stop, and we'll pick up after the break. But it's been a belief of many for some time that Biden was a temporary solution, but not really the right candidate. For the long, you know, for the work that was needed to push this nation further left, because the guy candidly, is a bumbling. He can't he can't string sentences together and I guess, expressing the ideas that the radical left believes and so at some point, it was believed that has been believed that the left over place and when the time is right, and some people are believing that this or thinking or asking suggesting that this is the time. So we'll talk about that is the moment in time when Biden is replaced. This is the moment time when the media is going to stop defending him and start point pointing out his obvious weaknesses that they've been covering up all this time. What's gonna happen next and we'll talk about that. I know some of you are thinking that and I'm going to get to that as well here so sit tight, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, by the way program Brought to you in part by our friends at Edwards equipment. You can find information about them online. Edwards attractor.com. Located in Danville, just a little bit west of Indianapolis, they sell they rent and they serve as several makes and models of lightweight residential or heavy duty commercial equipment. Check them out at Edwards tractor.com or call them 31774564. To seven Be sure to tell them you heard about them here on The Todd Huff Show. So for the break began to set up this I guess. discussion, the bait as to whether or not this is the beginning of the end of Joe Biden as commander in chief. Right. You hear the calls for impeaching Joseph are Biden. Those calls calls are made predominantly, almost exclusively, probably exclusively by Republicans and conservatives. So but there are people out there who also believe that this is what Biden, the future Biden's feature ends, at some point along the way before we get to a reelection bid in 2024. Remember, at one point, Biden said he was only going to be a one term president that he changed his tune on that later in the campaign in 2020, so it's conceivable this guy thinks he's going to run a second time. And but there are people there are power brokers in the Democrat Party, the big money, folks, the folks that we don't even always know who their what their names are the most, the most common name you'll hear thrown around is George George Soros. But there's others as well. And of course, they have an ideological worldview, they have a worldview that they want to see implemented in the United States of America. And I think they assumed, again, going back to the history of how we ended up with Biden, which was they threw up their hands, I wish I was in that meeting, when these power brokers in the Democrat Party came to the realization, or came to the conclusion, that the only chance they had was to nominate and to get behind Joe Biden, in 2020. And that's when they made their phone calls prior to Super Tuesday. They made their phone calls, they said, this is our guide. This is we're going all in on Joseph arbeiten. And I can only imagine I can only imagine the looks they shot at each other, you serious man is the best we got after four years of demonizing Trump of setting up Trump to be the most hated president in American history, with the help of the media, with now you know, the way that we've been weaponizing, COVID, and all this stuff, all this stuff on the political landscape. And they still, they still barely pulled this off, with all their money with all of their corruption with all of these things that were happening, parts of the strategy and tactics and so forth. And the thought always was okay, this guide, obviously can't do this for very long, because we can only pretend that he's a normal president for so long, like this guy just doesn't have. I don't get I don't take any pleasure in saying this. I really don't like it. But the truth is, the guy does not have all his faculties. JOSEPH BIDEN does not and it is sad, no matter what his ideas are. It's sad to watch not to see some of the stuff that we see from Joseph Biden. And so I do think that it was a contingency for them to say, let's find a way to empower. Maybe it's Camilla Harris. Right. She's the natural next choice, because she's the vice president. If Biden is removed from office, the Vice President will become president of the United States. The problem is, her approval rating is at 43%. The problem is, she's up there cackling when she's asked about the Americans that are left in Afghanistan. Right. I saw this I got a maybe we play the quick soundbite, but
you know, the laugh. That laugh Oh, my goodness, I kind of feel like I nailed it. It sounded as ridiculous in my head is a Saturday in real life. So I had to be close. But this is this is their person. This is her. Right? This is we're supposed to all just fall, you know, for the next person who's the has the identity of a candidate that we're all supposed to support. She's a black, female, Asian Pacific Islander candidate. Right. I mean, this historical. That's supposed to be the the narrative, but the problem is, she just isn't likable. She just doesn't have you know, there is no Obama esque sort of person out there. Well, I mean, Michelle Obama is probably the most likely or maybe if they get someone like Oprah to run, but these folks are saying that they're not even. They're not in politics. They're not out there. campaigning there. I mean, they're doing their thing. They're trying to move the needle. They're trying to help the narrative, but they're not actively interested in actively engaged in becoming. Some people will disagree with that. But they're not out there actively, you know, lobbying for, you know, to be the replacement they could have. They could have Biden practically was begging Michelle Obama to be his vice presidential running mate. So is this still the plan? You know, you have to put yourself in the positions of these decision makers and these power brokers. You got a dumpster fire here across the world caused by your party, and you know, this. They know this. They absolutely know this. They know how this looks. The media's even the probably calling in and said, Hey, we're having a hard time saying what the straight face that, you know, being able to say on our air, CNN, for example, last week, we had that reporter who said if this isn't a crisis, then we need to know what a crisis is. Because this is looks pretty bad. I can't imagine it being any worse. candidly, the media, it's so blatantly obvious. This is a mass of the media can't even defend it. So they looked down and they think, okay, is it time to invoke the 25th amendment? Well, what are we gonna do? We're gonna put camo up there. We're going to, we're going to waste all this political capital for Camila, who's another terrible candidate who may not be any better than Joe Biden. I mean, they they don't know what to do, either. They do not know what to do. And I'm telling you, this is we're at this the stalemate. They don't know they don't know what to do. Either. They don't have an answer. It's much like the same situation they were in when they had to decide to coalesce around Joe Biden prior to Super Tuesday. Now that is, they still don't know what to do. And I've been taking break long in this segment back in just a minute.
Welcome back really quickly, appreciate the feedback I'm getting here on social media. The media is being tougher on Biden, but they're not I just don't see them, turning on him until they're given the green light to do so. And they're not going to be given the green light to do so until the power brokers of the party know and are ready to push the next person be assuming that's common law. But that's not gonna happen until she's I mean, maybe that's what this tour in Southeast Asia is about to try to get her ready for this? I don't know. But they don't know what to do, folks. That is what I do know, quick timeout back in a minute.
Welcome back, I'm not trying to imply that they're not looking forward or looking at the option the possibility of replacing Biden of enacting the 25th amendment. In fact, I remember rush prior to his passing, saying that Biden would never finish his first term. That's what rush thought, I don't know. I do know that they will do whatever it takes to advance their cause and before squaring up for a Trump 2024 run. They know that they've got to do something. They know that this guy this Biden is not going to beat Trump in 2024, at least not right now. And they don't think Camila can either. So what are they supposed to do? Anyway, I've got to go. Have a great day. SDG See you tomorrow. Take care.