A Real Impeachable Offense

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That is right, my friends, you are listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. It's a pleasure to be here still flying. A little bit solo here, behind the scenes as oz is still recuperating and recovering. She's much, much better, but still not completely back to to normal. So anyway, good to be here. Thanks for joining us email Tata Tata show.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, well, not Instagram, we were on Instagram, but we don't stream there. YouTube, so long as these folks, of course allow us to stream on their platforms. And it's a pleasure to be here this morning. So let's look at you know, we've been we impeach not you and I but this nation and peace President Trump twice, right? Remember this? Again, Democrats always fishing for headlines fishing for talking points, fishing for narratives. They want to be able to say that Trump's The only president in history that's been impeached twice. This is just I mean, this guy was so terrible republicans were protecting this guy. We were on the verge of collapsing and turning into a socialistic regime. It's a miracle that we made it through those years. It's a miracle Trump didn't nuke North Korea, on his way out of office. Remember, Nancy Pelosi wanted to take codes from him and all these sorts of things, all that drama, The drama, Kratz again, perhaps my favorite term for describing these folks who oppose President Trump in the opposition party when they're not in power, now they're the party in power. And they still govern by drama, they still legislate by by drama. But if you want to know what a real you want to say that I real legitimate, impeachable offense, but look like it's what we're seeing unfold again, with Afghanistan, and our presidents complete. Again, Words fail me to describe just how pathetic and competent or some people think deliberately, it doesn't even it doesn't matter because what we need to measure are are the results here, and these results are absolutely positively positively unequivocally disastrous. We've gone through this a lot here the past few days, the past few weeks. headline here, this is a Reuters a story exclusive before Afghan collapse. Biden pressed Ghani that's the president, excuse me, of Afghanistan, President Ghani to quote change perception to change percept perception. Here it is Washington August 31. Reuters in the last call between US President Joe Biden and his Afghanistan counterpart before the Taliban, seize control of the country, the leaders discussed the military aid, political strategy and messaging tactics, but neither Biden nor Ashraf Ghani appeared aware our of or prepared for the immediate danger of the entire country falling to insurgents a transcripts a transcript reviewed by Reuters shows the men spoke for roughly 14 minutes on July 23. On August 15, Danny flood the presidential palace and the Taliban entered Kabul. So this call was on July 23, a little over a month ago, about five weeks ago, which is an eternity as we've learned in the Biden administration, I mean that here we are, we're seven and a half months in and this dumpster fire is not just in Afghanistan it's all across this nation as as well.
I mean it is unbelievable the amount of damage these folks cause in a matter of months seven and a half months you know if you are we have we have three children they're a little bit older now but I remember the days when you would count you know, how many weeks how many weeks pregnant we were with our children full term is what nine nine months 40 weeks 40 weeks Biden is not hasn't even gone full term in that regard yet the amount of damage that can be done and and if you think about it, I mean you effectively in roughly I'm ballparking Here you go through five you go through 540 month pregnancy terms in in a four year presidency 200 weeks roughly I'm again these are ballpark figures here. So we're 20% not even 20% probably closer to 15% of the way through this guy's first term and yikes and wowzers and this is just I don't even want to know what tomorrow holds as far as is can you know as far as what Biden in the drama Kratz can cause to happen here in this country, but the call was July 23, about five weeks ago. And then about three or so weeks later on August 15. Ghani fell flat, excuse me, the presidential palace any I guess you could say he fell from power is technically still the president, but he's not. I mean, this place is being run by the the Taliban. So the story continues here since then. 10s of 1000s of desperate Afghans have fled, and 13 US troops and scores of Afghan civilians were killed. In a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport during the frenetic, US military evacuation. Reuters reviewed a transcript with the call of the presidential student at the presidential phone call and has listened to the audio to authenticate the conversation. The materials were provided on condition of anonymity by a source who was not authorized to distributed. So this is something leaked from somebody in team Biden, in the white house somewhere somewhere there. In the call Biden offered aid. If Ghani could publicly project he had a plan to control the spiraling situation in Afghanistan, quote, this is what Biden said we will continue to provide close air support. If we know what the plan is, Biden said, days before the call, the US carried out airstrikes to support Afghan security forces and move the Taliban said was in violation of the Doha peace agreement. The Taliban now citing the peace agreement is I mean, ironic at best here. But anyway, the US president also advised Ghani to get buy in from powerful Afghans for a military strategy going forward. And then put a quote warrior in charge of the effort or reference to defense minister general Bismillah Khan, Mohan army. Biden lauded the Afghan armed forces which were trained and funded by the US he said, quote, you clearly have the best military, you have 300,000 well armed forces versus these 70 to 80,000 you had previously. So again, sorry, my, my screen reset there, there it is.
Yeah, versus the 70 to 80,000. And they're clearly capable of fighting well, days later, the Afghan military started folding and cross the provincial capitals in the country with a little fight against the Taliban and much of the call, and I think this is, this is where we want to settle here. And this is, again, this is all that matters. I said this yesterday, before I even saw this, and you know, this, this is all that matters, to Biden, to the drama grants. And to the radical left, this is all the matters. This is perception. Because it says here in much of the call Biden focused on what he called the Afghan government's perception problem. This is another thing he said to President Ghani I need to tell. I need not tell you the perception around the world and In parts of Afghanistan, I believe is that things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there is a need again, this is Biden talking to Ghani, there is a need, whether it is true or not. There is a need to project a different picture. Remember those words there is a need to project a different picture. If you want to know what's being said behind closed doors in the Biden administration, it is this there is a need to project a different picture. When we look at the Afghanistan debacle, when they have meetings in the Biden administration. They are saying to one another behind closed doors, there is a need to project a different picture when Biden came out to the podium a couple of nights ago, a couple of afternoons ago, because bedtime, apparently hits Biden's schedule quicker than it hit President Trump's but when they were preparing for that speech, the speech writers and Biden to whatever degree he actually has anything to say, as far as shaping the messaging, which based upon how he talks at press conferences, which is I'm not supposed to answer questions, they tell me not to do this. And that is probably next to zero if not zero. But the message that was going on prior to his walking out on out to the podium to talk about Afghanistan on Tuesday, the message that they talked about behind closed doors was how much there was a need to project a different picture and need to project a different picture. That is what these folks are focused on. Now. I want to pause, I want to pause because so this is where it gets to me. Now that this is now now we've we've circled it now we're at the meat of the issue, right? When you look at political theory, the role of government, the problems we have with different different people in positions of authority, whether that be president or different legislators or whatever, governors, this is the number one focus right the need to project maybe not always a different picture, but a certain picture a picture that is favorable to you. Right and your administration or your your, you know, Senators office or your congressman's office, whatever. You want to be able to project a message or a picture. That is favorable, because first and foremost, first and foremost, and this would go for virtually all politicians in power today, I'm not going to say 100%. But it's darn close to that number. in their minds, the first job that they have to accomplish is to get reelected. Now to a certain extent, that is a practical I there's a practical aspect of that right, especially for a congressman who's constantly campaigning because they're just serving two year terms. I mean, we're halfway through almost not exactly but halfway through this Congress and not quiet and I'm gonna get your hopes too much up. But that's why everything right now is about projecting an image projecting a picture, a different picture. If you're the democrats because they see what's coming. They see what's over the horizon. They see a political shellacking. That is materializing that is coming together in November of 2022, which is about 14 months away. They can see it. They know what's coming historically. It's coming with redistricting. It's coming that's going to help Republicans. They think just redistricting alone. I think I read six seats six or eight seats just by the redistricting process we'll probably somebody has projected will change simply because of that. That's enough. I believe that's enough to look close to enough to flip power on its in and of itself. When you factor that the end of the party in power is typically in a midterm election is typically positioned to lose seats in the House. You can see that that is another reason that Democrats are scared when you look at the laws that are being passed in certain states that make voter fraud harder, even though they act like they don't. The real reason they tell you is because of voter suppression. There's not a there's not someone's vote is not being suppressed in this country, we've got early voting. If you want to vote in America, you can you can vote in America, in fact, in fact, I saw that I'm not seeing the cam County, I think, Georgia 70 or 78% of all ballots. But early ballots, or I'm looking here for the headline, a huge number of ballots did not go through the proper chain of custody. I mean, almost almost all of them think it was I think it was 78% right now, I don't I don't see that pulled up. I thought I had it. In our stack here of stuff. I know, I know. I read it anyway. Well, we'll pull that up and noster that specifically with you. But when you factor these things in and you factor in that they're trying to clean up some of this, the mess that we had an elections, you look at typical midterm elections, and you see that the party in power loses seats, when you factor in redistricting, and then happens every, every 10 years that will be there will be new districts for the next election in 2022.
And what's going to be just just the result of that, again, someone has projected that I think it's six or eight seats we'll just based upon that will go Republican. So they know what's what's happening here. And so they are trying to change their projected different picture, projected different picture project, a different picture, because the real picture, the real picture is disastrous. The real picture is a dumpster fire created by you know, there's a difference between something happening, that you didn't necessarily contribute to, or can you know, that you're directly responsible for if bad things happen? During anybody's presidency, no presidents in charge of everything that happens in America or in the world. But there are certainly things that happen at times that are the direct result of a particular leaders in this case, president's action, or lack of action, or miscalculation, or just complete mismanagement, whatever you want to call it. And that is what we see. All across the horizon, from illegal immigration, to labor shortages, to mean incredibly massive spending bills to what happened in Afghanistan, to fill in the blank inflation at highs for the past what decade or so 12 years, I think 12 year high maybe this is the responsibility This is these things are happening all as a direct result of policies and decisions and actions implemented by Team Biden. That's why they want to project a different picture, just like Biden told, Ghani in Afghanistan, Hey, your job is to project a different picture. And I want to talk about that today. Because there's a difference between a leader reframing something correctly and a leader or a politician trying to get you to believe something that isn't true just because it benefits that particular person, his administration, what have you talking about that? here playing a soundbite from Jen Psaki as well, we'll do those things as the program unfolds. Sit tight back here in just a minute. Welcome back. By the way, program is brought to you in part by our friends at Midwest tax group, Midwest tax group, I know that some of you may have filed tax extensions, if you have a business those taxes I do, I believe here, the 15th of this month, maybe you had to file for personal extension as well. That's in October, I believe. I'm not even 100% sure on that with the way that they've changed the with COVID tax dates were changed for individuals they don't. They didn't do it for businesses, but they did do it. As I understand for individuals anyway. He didn't help with that stuff. If you need some. Just you're looking for an accountant. You're looking, I've worked with Midwest tax group for a good while now. m w tax group.com. I've worked with them I'm pausing here, I think I've worked with them. It might be 10 or 12 years now, m w standing for Midwest MW tax group.com, Jodi, and his team will take care of you. They got offices all around Central Indiana, and they can meet with you meet with you in those locations, MW Task Group comm or call them 31728 850 to 60. Be sure to tell him he heard about him here on The Todd Huff Show. So before the break, we were talking a little bit about the difference, excuse me really quickly here.
All right, had to readjust the microphone, I swing it out of the way during commercial breaks. And when I swung it back here, when I swung it back, when we got back, I didn't have it at the desired height. So now it's right where it needs to be perfectly placed. Just like Biden's withdraw from Afghanistan down to the minute my friends, just remarkable stuff. But we were talking about leadership, leadership versus being a politician. And folks, those things are not synonymous. See, a leader says, here's a problem, we have a problem in Afghanistan, we have a problem on the southern border, we have a problem with inflation, whatever it is, whatever the problem is, and then they say, this is the course of action that we need to take, even, even if it's not popular. And they try to communicate that to the American people, they try to make the case for their position, what they think needs to be done. This is what leaders do, of course, they listen to people, they take advice before they you know, before they determine what course of action needs to be taken, and then they then they make their case, then they you know, if you will go out and try to sell what they're trying to the steps that need to be taken from their perspective. They may be wrong, they may be partially right. They may be completely right. And so this is the job of a leader. And so there might be a time especially I think back to during Trump's time in office, and I think Trump did this. I do I think Trump did this quite well. I think Trump did what he thought was was right, or tried to do what he thought was right, I also think the Trump absolutely wanted to spin it in his favor. But then again, if what you're doing is in your mind, truly the best thing, then that changes the meaning of the words or the words that they that I kept saying here projected different. What did Biden say here to Ghani, you need to make sure that you project the different picture. So you might need to try to move the narrative, you might need to say this is not the correct way of looking at it. And then from a position of arguing for truth, arguing at least what you believe is the truth, readjusting or projecting a different picture doesn't it just simply means? Well, I think you get to that point better say, I'm trying to get you to see this for what it truly is. But that is not hear me out. And I think this is critically important to understanding politics, I think it is critically understand important to understanding the problems that we have and why they are so insidious in politics and in media, and in culture is because all they care about is how it looks. They don't really care about the truth. That's why for example, we're going on the truth tour here. As we take our message to different states around the country, different stations, going and speaking and whatever else we're going to be doing here, actually beginning in just a couple of weeks. So why I feel that that is important because we do want to project a different I guess you could say project a different picture. But not to mislead we want to project the message of truth. We want to project a message that's rooted in truth that gets people to have maybe an aha moment or realize my goodness, we've been so deceived and lied to, for the church to realize that we've been hoodwinked here into being silent on things that are quote unquote, political issues because politics has taken over every aspect of our lives. For example, the Supreme Court you may have seen, has not as basically allowed this Texas law to stand in a five to four vote now It puts a tremendous amount of restrictions on virtual Well, on abortions that happen after six, six weeks.
And that's a major victory for the pro life movement. But, and those things are very, very important. And they don't get talked about enough because of all this other drama and nonsense that's happening that's often being created by these politicians. But when Biden says, When Biden says you need to focus on projecting a different picture, Biden has, it has nothing to do with truth. And I'm not picking on Biden here. But I just the context, maybe I am, I don't know. But it's not personal to me. It just these folks need to be exposed for who they who they are, and they need to be a buyer has been in office for half century folks, not president, but he's been in political power for virtually a half a century. Think about that a half a century, this country's only 240 years old, he's been in a position of political power for almost 20% of this nation's actually probably a little bit more, or right there. Right at that number 20% of this country's history. You got to be kidding me. It's not necessary for that that's not a healthy thing for a constitutional republic. And when it gets to the highest office, I guess, is the land right? The highest office of the land. What's he do? He throws gasoline, on the whatever fires existed, and now we've got an out of control blaze dumpster fire, it's what we've got. It is inexcusable. And when he says to Ghani, and when he says to his own team, or when they have these discussions behind closed doors, about his administration, when they say we want to project a different picture of what's going on, they just want to project the picture that helps them they doesn't matter what the truth is, it doesn't matter what's in the best interest of the United States of America. None of that matters first and foremost, to these folks whose job in their minds is to get reelected number one. And in order to get reelected, I've got to, I got to, they've got to project a different picture than reality because of the dumpster fires they've created. So they create a different one. As long as it sticks. They don't care. They don't care if it's true. They don't care if it's based in reality, they don't care any of that. That's why they need a complicit media to go along with their nonsense and shenanigans to try to pull a fast one on the American people at every turn. But the media right now is saying, Man, we can't even we can't even pretend for a moment that this isn't a disaster. And so here we are, the drama, Kratz doing what they do creating drama, creating bad political theater, to try to change the narrative from what it really should be, which is the disaster of how things are in this country because of our politicians, the party in power. And this is not a pass given to the Republicans, there's plenty of blame to go there too. As far as I'm concerned. I'm just I'm kind of sick of politicians in general. shouldn't say kind of I'm absolutely fed up with politicians in general. There are some exceptions. But they are few. There are a few In fact, I just read a headline this morning that talked about republicans are going to hold Biden accountable. Prove it, you know, what, prove it. Prove it. I mean, they're doing in a lot of sense, the same thing. They want to hold this up and say, you know, we're going to campaign on this, right, we're going to talk about how terrible This is. And it's at least it's true. But what are you going to do about it? Because candidly, I heard a lot about the Derm report. I've heard a lot about all sorts of things you've been going to do for a long time that you've never done. You've never done. And candidly, I don't believe you. I don't believe you. And I don't think America believes you either. And it's why a lot of Americans are sick. And it's By the way, why a lot of Americans why a lot of Americans like President Trump because he didn't play that particular game of, of just, you know, promises that were never fulfilled chasing political political narratives just for the advantage of getting reelected and all that sort of stuff, but really long in this segment. That's why it helps to have as a rabbit quick timeout next segments going to be short, so forgive me in advance but sit tight, listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friend. So we've been talking here this is going to be a short segment of what's what's been going on in the y house and what's been going on in the Biden presidency. And we had a president that had been impeached twice President Trump. And if President Trump had done this absolutely, unequivocally, there would be a third impeachment trial, the articles they would have, you know, put on the solemn faces, Adam Schiff, looking like he's carrying a casket from the House of Representatives to the Senate, Nancy Pelosi will be telling us about how much she'd been praying for President Trump, all this sort of stuff would be happening again, you know it, I know it. And when you factor in some of these other things. And before I forget, I told you, I would double check this during the break. That two breaks ago. Just the news.com, I had mentioned, that there had been one of the things that Democrats I think fear are the tightening up of of elections. And I said that absentee ballots in DeKalb, County, Georgia, that 70% of them violated Chain of Custody requirements. I didn't know if it was 70 or 78%. But it's more than 70%, seven 0% of the ballots that were in one county, the cab county violated in 2020, the chain of custody ballots anyway, just wanted to make sure that we went back and uncovered that but when you factor in other things as well, for example, for example, that listen to this headline in the Washington Free Beacon, free beacon.com headline Biden waived congressional mandate for report on Afghanistan withdrawal risks. So basically, really quickly here. It says that Biden waved a mandate in June that would have forced the Pentagon to provide a detailed report to Congress about the risks of leaving Afghanistan under the federal statute. The administration was barred from reducing troops in Afghanistan below 2000. Without first briefing Congress, about the expected impact on us counterterrorism operations and the risks to American personnel. Biden waived the mandate in June arguing that providing this information to Congress could undermine the national security interest of the United States, you got to be kidding me, you know, what undermines the national security interests of the United States, President Biden, that's what's undermining the national security interest of the United States today, the radical left running this country. You got to be kidding me. So when you factor this end of the equation, he wave? I don't know, can you do this? I don't know. It's a federal statute that was passed by Congress, they said, Hey, if you're going to drop troops below 2000, we want a full report before this, you know, this body, this elected body, or at least the one of the committees and, you know, in charge of these things. And we want to know what's, what's going on? We want to know the risks. Now Biden waived and, and for all, I don't know if, again, who knows if he has that power? Maybe maybe Nancy Pelosi okayed it. I don't know. I just know that. That was done. That step was skipped. And look at the results, not not saying that the Democratic Congress would have done anything differently to prevent this hellhole from creating the mat magnifying or being created in Afghanistan or whatever, but but that step was skipped. So we've got a call to the Afghani president that all Biden is focused on his political optics. We've got Biden Wei Mele putting a waiver on requirements to for the Pentagon to make a presentation to the Congress. We've got Biden speech the other day telling us how wonderful this was, how how amazing they are and getting all these people out. Of course, they're the ones that put them there in the first place. And we have an absolutely ridiculous unmitigated disaster. We get Republicans, by the way, saying they're gonna hold him accountable to that I say prove it, put up or shut up. And we've got a poll out, which we'll talk about after the break. Washington examiner.com. resigned now 52% want Biden out of fear worse under Harris. 52% of Americans want Biden to resign over Afghanistan, the situation there alone, so we'll talk about that after the break. Sit tight. Back in a minute.
Welcome back, my friends program. Brought to you and Part by intrepid financial intrepid financial.com Are you concerned about your investments, and trepat is always ready to walk you through your investment strategy. They've been helping Hoosiers since 1998. Very good year. Indeed. family owned and operated intrepid financial.com they've got a great phone number 2317818 1776 317-818-1776 to be sure to tell them. You heard about him here on The Todd Huff Show. So look, not a lot of time here. And this is again, your you are paying the price. The price for us still not being able to be dad here to throw stuff at me when I run long and in segments, but I mentioned here in the waning moments, that 52% according to a Washington Examiner, Article 52% This is a Rasmussen reports survey 53% on what Biden of Americans want Biden to resign over the Afghanistan withdraw along just 39% disagrees with that. 39% said that they don't want Biden to resign 52% say they do what's that bring us to 81%? Is that right? No 91% sorry. 91% of Americans have said they either wanted to resign or not. So there's another 9% out there that maybe they're asking who Biden is I don't even know anymore. But 52% want Biden to resign over Afghanistan alone. This is, folks, this is serious. Americans know it. Were seven and a half months in dumpster fires have been created all over the planet now by these radicals. And of course, Trump's blamed and everything else, I'm sure you and I talk radio will probably be blamed here in the next couple of hours or days or whatever to But anyway, gotta take a break. What a mess back in just a minute.
Welcome back. So there we are. I mean, this is I said I would I'm not tired of playing Saki sockies response. She was asked. She was asked, was the president in any way pushing a false narrative? Excuse me? was President Biden pushing a false narrative in any way? In that call that again, is the call where he allegedly according to the transcript, and so forth, according to Reuters, have we want to put our faith in these folks. But he allegedly told Ghani to Hey, focus on creating a different perception or a different picture here. And she says this, she says, I'm not going to go into details of a private conversation. I'm not gonna go into details of a private conversation. But what we saw over the course of the last few months was a collapse of, of in leadership. And that was happening even before Gandhi left the country of collapse and leadership in the pot meet kettle because we have an absolute collapse in leadership here in this country as well. Of course, it's been happening for some time and it didn't, Biden's never been ready to lead. But here we are. I've got to go, folks, thanks for listening. Have a great day. SDG See you tomorrow. Take care.