Covid Insanity

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio, be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff, welcome to the program, it's good to be here. Thank you for joining us community that The Todd Huff If you want to see some things about the true tour and give you an update, and so forth, they're gonna be posting some things there soon. And it is always, like I said, a pleasure to be here. I want to go through a couple of things today, one of those things is going to be an update on this legislation that, you know, look the Democrats. They've, at this particular point in time, they've failed with what they've told us, they are going to do they have not accomplished what they want us or what they wanted to. to do. And so there we go, I was getting, I was getting a backfeed in the headphones. And now I think I'm I'm good to go here. So anyway, they've they only all they did. All they did yesterday. Well, they passed the infrastructure bill, which was a trillion, trillion dollars, roughly the three and a half trillion dollar monstrosity bill, the tree equity bill, as I like to refer to it did not pass because of Joe Manchin. And now Joe Manchin is out there saying, look, the top dollar that we want to put on this spending bill is actually what he say one and a half trillion. So he's 50, more than 50%. I know we have some socialists, listen to the program, welcome. I don't care what I do care what you believe, I hope we can persuade you to the truths of constitutional conservatism, the Absolute Truth of these principles. But I know that sometimes if you've been following the Bernie Sanders, the ABCs of the world, there may be some struggle with with economics and math that we're here to help help with that, by the way. And I love I'm glad you're here, I'm just having a little bit of fun. But it's over half they've mentioned says it's going to be more cut in half more than half right down $2 trillion from the proposed Well, that's what was stated. There's some groups out there that say that this package is going to be much more than three and a half trillion, maybe approaching 4 trillion. Nobody knows. I mean, we're talking about numbers. So incredibly large, we're talking about entitlements, that and social programs and an expansion of the role of government unlike anything we've seen in quite some time. So these costs, of course, are always greater than what they're originally telling us. Just like the jobs numbers, you see that they're unexpected rise in the number of jobless first time jobless claims. They missed it by about 10%. If they miss the three and a half trillion Mark by 10%. That's 350,000,000,300 50 billion, by the way, that's the amount per year well, that's AOC was mocking mansion because she says at one and a half trillion over over 10 years is nothing she said is that one and a half trillion a year because now we're talking and to the socialist left, that's of course, their dream come true. That gives them more power that gives you less liberty that gives you less of your money that makes the business that makes the business community have more things to add to contend with. So that at least all we did was extend the what the continuing resolution that keeps the government open. So take a deep sigh of relief. We're not going to close down the government tonight at midnight, they have funded it for the next few months, and will of course, legislate from crisis to crisis yet again, as we continue down this, this road of insanity that we've taken, when it comes to when it comes to the things that we've allowed Congress to get away with. And that's really what I want to talk about today. You know, I've been, I've kind of I've been following and I just haven't we haven't talked lately about COVID and what's going on with COVID vaccine mandates. You know, the mocking and the ridicule and the force? I mean that the cheering right? We have people that are losing jobs because they won't get vaccinated people that are working in health care. What is it New York City's losing that I see 70,000 health care workers and teachers as well, I think it was. Maybe it was 20,000. Teachers, I've got to confirm those numbers.
But I've read that earlier, like earlier this week, I guess. And people are cheering this. People are literally excited about this, because they believe those people who are not getting vaccinated are a threat to life on planet Earth. They believe that if you've not been vaccinated, that you are quite literally trying to kill people. This, this is insane, especially when you go back, you go back in time, what's it now 18 months or whatever it is, back to march of 2020. Right fact, we're gonna talk a little bit about Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, who's out there defending the policy of the Mavericks, to insist that fans have proof of being vaccinated, or that they have a negative COVID test within 48 hours of a home game to simply you know, to attend a game, because of course this is keeping players and fans safe. This is to keep the Mavericks from being you know, tagged as a super spreader event. Like the Obama birthday bash. Anyway, but you look at this, and I'm reminded I'm reminded of Mark Cuban's reaction when they first got I've seen the camera you know, you've seen the the video of this as well, when Cuban got the alert on his phone, basically saying NBA games had been canceled. And the game that he was at, I think it was his game may have just concluded I don't remember. But he just said, Wow, he was shocked. He was dumbfounded. Now he's out here defending her defending vaccines, or a negative COVID test to enter to enter the arena. By the way, you've probably seen that sec football has been blamed for Well, they said it was going to cause all sorts of super spreader events that has not come to fruition. Course Southeastern Conference, that's the part of the country the left likes to mock and ridicule and criticize on a regular basis. Those are the folks down there that are too stupid in their minds to be sophisticated enough to be North Eastern liberals and so forth. people that love their football, love God, oh my goodness, that's just a crazy notion for the the radical left. But anyway, so that you compare and contrast with COVID. Where we were in March of 2020, when when Dallas owner, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, had a look of utter shock and dismay, and and mouthed the words, wow. Or I can't believe it or what or something like that. When he was informed that the basically that games would be canceled, and that the season would be at least temporarily shut down and so forth. That was so crazy back then remember, we were told, we were told, we were told 15 days 15? Do you remember this? This is where we've come from? We've come from 15 days to slow the spread. Because the the Fauci is of the world at the time. were basically telling us look, this is this is coming. This is back when he was ridiculing masks as well. You know, it was only a political statement or just you know, it didn't do anything back then that's what they told us. Now, of course, masks are saving lives. If you're not vaccinated, wearing two masks, have a shield, have goggles, protective gloves, you are, again in some of the radical leftist minds trying to kill people. But that's how far we've come in 18 months. That's how far we've come in 18 months, and I look at the nation, the continent of Australia, and look at the nation, the governments of Australia and you've seen
some political leaders down there basically, I mean, they've got it looks like a Nazi state down there, beating people on the streets for simply going outside and you know, smoking a cigarette or taking a walk. I mean, this is brutal show of force, right in in the nation of Australia. And you look and you and there's still there's still cases of this, right? And you just go back in time, you go back to march of 2020. And you realize that, the truth is we're dealing with a microscopic virus, that at the time, we knew Little about, we've learned things about this. Since then, of course, remember people were wiping off groceries, people were, you know, being told that the virus could survive on certain services for ungodly amounts of time. I mean, maybe days or something ridiculous. And you know that that was the the major way of transmitting it. I, I actually remember an article that was saying that you could actually pass the virus when, when someone passed gas. Remember that oz is shaking her head here in disbelief, that was a real thing. We had all these, you know, speculation and but the whole the whole premise of the temporary shutdown, if you will, which again, you can understand in hindsight, looking back, or even at the time, just just the confusion and the uncertainty of this and you know, the government does have a concern in the public health. I'm not defending the shutdown. Please don't misunderstand, but I can at least see what the thinking was. But the stated premise back when this started was to slow the spread, right 15 days to slow the spread and now we're 18 months in and we literally have people who are cheering who are cheering when people who do not get vaccinated lose their jobs. We have people cheering when you know mask mandates are reinstituted you have people I mean, condescending, arrogant radical leftists looking at people and saying you're too stupid you deserve to die let's let these folks succumb to Darwinian forces and simply let survival of the fittest take its place its role and thin out the population reminds me of Dwight k schrute on the office years ago when he said we need a new plague there's too many people on this planet that was a joke back then. Back when things could actually be you know, you could have comedy and understand that that's not a serious character that's just to have I don't have to laugh at things in life right? I love the office by the way, I was watching a little bit of it. Actually, it's it's well I was watching a little bit that last night anyhow. But that's how far we've come. And when you look at how much power and authority maybe as much as half the country I don't really believe that that half the country has looked to the government basically to be their savior to be their God. But there's a lot and I'm not saying the government should have no role but I am saying that the role that they've taken the role that they have played as well outside of anything rational anything reasonable. We have an I know it's not the government here but the NBA for example. I'm not necessarily a fan but I do follow this stuff because this they they the government the media uses the influence of leagues or sports and Hollywood to to move public opinion. And you look at what they're doing in the NBA it's nothing short of penalizing trying to make life intentionally difficult for those players who are not vaccinated. mean they can't be with the team they got to but yet they can play on the same court. I mean, it's it's patently ridiculous and absurd. They're literally segregating players up anytime up until game time. And apparently COVID knows when the tip offs there because COVID can't spread because the same guy that couldn't eat with this team before tip off can suddenly be in the huddle you know putting hands in the center whatever they do in their
you know, high five and and all this stuff. That's okay. Going into the low post buddying up No problem, because this game time, but if you want to eat Nope, put him in the corner. If you want to fly on the team plane put him in the back. There is literally segregation and it is just it's insane to me to watch how far we've come how quickly Americans have some anyway have been willing to give up their liberty Benjamin Franklin had a phrase for this, I'm probably gonna butcher it a little bit. But those who look to the government for for security and are willing to give up their freedoms to do so deserve neither freedom nor security. They just we have a roll. And I was looking at the you know, the Spanish Flu 1918 1919. When you look at how long that was around, which is between one and two years, I mean, when all the dust settles on COVID when all the dust settles on COVID and when it does actually stop spreading or it mutates into something that is You know, it's already from what I can tell less lethal. I'm sure somebody out there, some sensors gonna not like that. I'm not saying that I, again I don't want I didn't want the common cold or flu I like to feel good I had a migraine yesterday I didn't like that. I didn't like that, but just the way things go. And, but to act like to be willing to throw away so many freedoms and to cheer to cheer When people are punished, to get them to comply with what the government wants. This is a scary, scary thing. It's remarkable to me how quickly how quickly people are prepared to make radical changes to their, to their beliefs. Of course, it maybe underscores that folks didn't really believe in liberty and free choice to begin with. But now that now that this is out there, it's pretty obvious to me how many people how many people say that whatever the government tells them is the gospel truth, the government has the right to tell you what to do, we got places in Australia that quite literally, quite literally tell their people that if you don't get vaccinated, you're giving up your freedoms. They'll give you your freedoms, when you decide to go along and get vaccinated. So anyhow, a few more things about this. Also later in the program, I've got an interview with Jay height that I want to share with you, Jay, the executive director of Shepherd community, they're doing great things I like having Jay on, because what Jay does and what his team at Shepherd does, they, they actually do a better job than the government at solving addressing some of these social problems, especially breaking the cycle of poverty on the Near East Side of Indianapolis, and they do it in a way that makes sense. It doesn't involve the government and actually believe it or not involves things like like choice and actually teaching the person who's struggling life skills to break that cycle, help them in certain areas, get back on their feet, not to make them a permanent dependent and so forth. Which is, in my opinion, the way that we're created to live this side of heaven. And it also is something that I wish we saw more of in this in this crazy world of COVID right i mean choice still matters if we're going to say that that nobody has a choice as to what goes into their body I just that's that's a that's crazy to me to think that we've come that far that quickly because folks are terrified and they put all their faith in government. And I'm telling you for some folks government quite literally is equivalent to to their God and the thing is it's run by people who oftentimes cannot manage their own lives. These people make grandiose promises that sound so good and attractive to so many people. They don't sound good to me and probably not to you either because we know that it's foolishness to believe in this nonsense. These are unattainable objectives, but nonetheless, it sounds good and so pleasing to the ear of many people. I gotta take a break though. Come back talk a little bit more about this play maybe a sound bite here but I've got to take a quick break sit tight back here in just a minute.
Welcome back my friends by the way program Brought to you in part by our friends at free g auctions, friedgen free g auctions and marketing website is free g auctioneers with an S that's f REIJ e auctioneers with an S com. Actually, I'm just looking here on their website. They've redone this you can see actually a whole bunch of their upcoming auctions here. Normally you had to click on another link and now they're all they're all listed here. There's another big boy I love the big boy toy auction here and a couple of weeks on October knife 10 a lot of these are live well you can do live live and online for some of these online only for some of these. Check them out free g auctioneers calm and you can see what appears to me to be a new picture of the gang looking fantastic as as always except TJ there in the middle. But anyhow, fridge auctioneers calm Be sure to check them out. So I want to play this. I want to play this sound bite. Now this is something that was from I want to say a couple of couple of days ago we're talking about Australia, Australia Look, this matters because to me There are it's just how quickly how quickly we can see a government and a people be open to having out of control. I mean, this looks like I police state in this in the the nation of Australia. So in particular here, this is the what is he the New South Wales, Deputy Premier, john barilaro. He's talking to the media. And he's telling the media, this is a couple of days ago, earlier this week that the unvaccinated in his in his province, that province, provinces in Australia, whatever equivalent to state, basically, if you are not vaccinated, you're going to be be prepared to lose your freedoms. On October What is it October 11. I think unless you get vaccinated, here it is
the message to the unvaccinated is that you will not achieve any further freedom unless you get vaccinated. And the further the further and final message to regional New South Wales. They're parts of regional New South Wales that are currently open. The 70% Road Map does apply the whole state. So there will be individuals in regional rural New South Wales who choose not to be vaccinated who will lose their freedoms on the 11th of October three message to everybody in regional enroll New South Wales is to continue to get vaccinated. We're seeing vaccination rates quite so
if you want to if you want to have your freedom thing get vaccinated. So the reason I wanted to play this is because a few recently I we talked on here about the words from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address of the people, a government of the people, by the people and for the people. And we in this country recognize that we have something special here in that we are allowed. Well, no, we're not allowed we have, we recognize that our freedoms come from God, they don't come from government. So this guy in New South Wales, is basically saying, Hey, I'm like mom and dad here, if you want to take the car out for the weekend, you got to do your chores, you've got to, you know, play along, you've got to, you know, play nice with your, your sister, and brother or whatever else, and then we'll allow you to have your freedoms, folks, that's not how this how this works. That's not how freedom is set up. Freedom is not something we are given by the government is something that comes from Almighty God Himself. It is how we were created to live. And this guy stepping in and trying to interfere with that. And it's, it's a terrible place to be. And here domestically in the United States, we have places that are similar to this not not as out of control police state, but I mean, we're quickly moving in that direction. quickly moving in that direction. That's why I applaud those, those governors who have stood up, stood up for freedom stood in favor of choice. And this, you know, notion that freedom comes from government, when we comply is a dangerous, dangerous thing. to, I guess, believe, right? I mean, it's truly dangerous. It I'll tell you what it also lends lends itself towards, it lends itself towards the possibility of a social credit score system as well. And don't think that they're not thinking about that. If you're vaccinated, you get points you can, you know, get access to flights, or hotels or soundworks. In China, if you wear a mask, you get bonus points. If not, who knows, they might try to say reeducation camps. I mean, I know. I know, it's crazy, but some of these folks, I'm telling you the radicals out there, they are prepared to do this, they are prepared to quite literally jab you in the arm with the vaccine by force there quite literally prepared to say these folks need to be re educated, because they're too stupid to understand that taking a vaccine is going to save their lives or whatever. Right whatever they want to whatever they want to tell us. And by the way, by the way, this is what modern universities have turned into. In a lot of ways not every way but in a lot of ways. Taking what kids have been taught in you know, really conservative communities and just trying to get rid of those if you believe in God that stops here at the college door. If you believe in conservative principles and values. If you believe America is a great place, we're here. Universities I'm telling you they believe this you know this, we're here to reprogram Because that's dangerous thinking that has no place in our civil society, we've got to get these things changed. And that's not i'm not saying this, I'm saying that's what they're saying. So how quickly we can move in this direction. Terrifying, it's, it can make one shudder to think what the next the next steps are, what's the next thing that's gonna happen. And think about where our starting point is, as far as the government's role, and how we must immediately comply. So gotta take a break, quick timeout, probably going through a really short segment, we come back and then share the interview with Jay Hite. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, I always hate doing this to you. But we are long those first two segments. So I've got an interview that I've got that I got to share with you with with J height that I want to share. And I just don't have the time. But I wanted to make sure that we took some time to talk a little bit about COVID a little bit about freedom and liberty. And again, I think it bridges even though it's it's different in the sense that what Shepherd community does is not related to any of that. And whatever I said about that has nothing to do with anything they're trying to accomplish, right? They're just, they're their objective is to try to help break the cycle of poverty in the near near east side of Indianapolis. And so I just I think that choice, I mean, choice is such a vital integral role in our society in our nation. And instead of using force is usually what people resort to when they don't have an argument when they can't persuade someone. And usually, when you can't persuade someone, it's because there's reasons for them not to be persuaded and calling them idiots are calling them morons, or whatever else people like Don Lemon call them is not how you persuade. But they don't want to persuade they want to force major, major difference. So can I take a break when we come back share, have j height from Shepherd share, again, one of the assets to breaking the cycle of poverty, here on the Near East Side of Indianapolis and elsewhere around the country. These are principles that apply. universally, I mean, they're pretty, pretty fundamentally true and and very instrumental in as we've gone through these, you can go back and listen to some of the episodes, but some definite benefits from implementing these, these things and helping to break the cycle of poverty, we'll do that when we get back sit tight back in just a minute.
It's always a pleasure to have Jay hight. Executive Director, Shepherd Community Center, and Jay has been sharing with us ways that we can or the shepherd is helping in the ways that we can ourselves help as well break the cycle of poverty, and there are 10 assets to doing that. And Jay and I have talked about others, those are on previous podcast, if you want to check those out, please, please do so. But we're on the eighth one to Jay, and welcome to the program, by the way. So what is the eighth asset to breaking the cycle of poverty?
It is knowledge of dominant culture. It's those interests, it's those unwritten rules that we know in life, culture sets up, and it could be different from where you're at, to where I am, how systems function, you know, it's basically how to get things done. So for for an example, the challenge is a student of ours many years ago at a college gets a notice that she owes this huge amount of money. And she said, I have to drop out. I don't have that money. Some of our staff was able said, Wait a minute, no, you need to go ask somebody because we helped you with your financial aid. You don't know that money? Well, no, I just need someone to come get me. And so she says, Who do I go talk to? And said, Well, I'm, you know, this person? Well, I've called and I can't leave messages. Until finally, our staff from Cisco said outside the door, when the door opens, stand up and say, Hey, I need to talk to you. I have this issue. You know, and those are things that knowing how to advocate and navigate is sometimes very much taught to us in middle class, and, and in more dominant parts of our culture. For those in poverty who poverty takes away Your ability to advocate and navigating, you don't know all of these unwritten rules. My wife who was trained in college, the nurse will still say to me to say you're the, you're the advocate for your health. That's right, everyone else doing the job, you've got to own it for yourself. And so if your doctor says this, you just don't say, okay, you could say, well, you will be you know, I'm taking this medicine, and it's going back and forth that way of advocating for yourself. And so there there are, whatever you're setting it here in the inner city, is different than even where I grew up in middle class American, Dayton, Ohio. There are different rules in my house, a different rules in the world that I lived in, then what would necessarily happen to where I live today. And so part of that is, we want to teach our students particularly how to be able to advocate navigate through themselves to know how to work in a culture that sometimes doesn't make sense, sometimes doesn't reward you for pushing back. You know, the, whether it's governmental programs, it's this way or no, and we've learned how to advocate to Well, I understand that, but could we try this? And if someone says, Sure. And other folks said, Well, how did you get away with that? Well, I just asked him if I could do it. Well, some cultures you never, if you're told no, that's just it, and you just stop and we want to help our neighbors to be able to, you know, own their future. Obviously, it's all in God's hands. But being able to move forward with the idea that I have some control on not upon in this world. People would tell us, you know, nothing matters. You don't matter. Your people are forgotten you. He's the master of lies. And God has said your beautifully, wonderfully many.
That's exactly right. So we're talking with Jay Hyatt executive director, Shepherd Community Center, going through knowledge of dominant culture, which is one of the eight assets to breaking the cycle of poverty, I'm guessing as I'm going through, as I'm listening to you to talk and thinking through some of the others. It's interesting to me how these things all intertwine. We talked about self advocacy, and forgive me if that's not exactly the right term, you can correct me but you know, just you might be able, I guess, to advocate for yourself at some point, but if you don't know, have a knowledge of, as you said, the dominant culture, and know how to advocate specifically, or what you're trying to accomplish, you know, negotiate or like the example you use off the top of the student aid. That can certainly hinder your ability, of course, to, to get out of that cycle. So I guess speak a little bit to how these assets are intertwined and codependent upon one another.
Well, we build on them. So I like to think and I probably share this, the whole Indiana Jones movie with a tween bread, and pizza, these assets are a different plank. And if you're missing more than four of these planks, you really can't get across. And for those folks who are tasting you, and you're trying to get away from them to run across this swinging bridge, if there's too many assets, that there's too many planks missing, you just can't do it. And, and that's why we want to move folks to a life of upward stability. And it's really built on bringing these together, part of it is understanding the culture. And then what's the action to take with that knowledge. And so understanding that you need to advocate and push for yourself, but what is it appropriate to do that? And when is it not appropriate, and there's different routes, there's different rules for you than there is to me, too, if I was to go into certain parts of Indiana, I'm not going to know the rules of a rural Indiana, but there are unwritten rules about that community, right? That's right, and, and so it's trying to help them, help our neighbors help our students understand how to read culture and understand it, and then apply that, in that self advocacy. Seven and eight go a lot together. So one is understanding it. And two is you're taking the action. So in Matthew 1016 says, I'm sending you out like sheep among wolves, therefore be as shrewd as snakes and innocent as doves. We are foreigners in this plane. And I'm not referring to the United States I'm referring to, to our our world that our citizenship is in heaven. And so as Christ followers, there is a part of this dominant culture that would call us into believing the life of the deceiver. That's what he was presented to us. And God brings to us this understanding that that dominant culture is going to fall. And that dominant culture with all of its inequities is going to be one way The day when the New Jerusalem is built. And so, our hope and all of these assets is in Jesus Christ. And that's where they're woven together. You're beautifully and wonderfully made in the image of your Savior.
Amen. You know, as you're talking here, we just have a couple of minutes. But, you know, I'm thinking there's some really, I think, good people out there listening. And and I'm not saying that this describes any of those folks, but there are sometimes there are people good meaning people and well meaning people who say, you know, that person should know that, you know, there, there's no sense in helping someone who doesn't who doesn't know that. But when you're in the the cycles, J, the cycle of poverty, where every day is about many times survival getting by there's not really thought maybe about tomorrow, so much. It's just getting through today. I mean, that could really, these are real problems that people just they just don't know about. Is that right? Right. Right. Okay, so go ahead. Yeah, go ahead. I'm just gonna say So what are some ways that Shepard helps people specifically, with the knowledge of a dominant culture? How can someone get plugged in if this interests them?
Well, I think part of it, one of the things you do is in the summer, obviously, it's a little challenge for COVID. But we take students, both middle school and high school students to colleges, and help them understand that they can't they do fit in the seat of a college, then trying to help them in come alongside them and helping them navigate filing for FAFSA. And if there are people who love filling out FAFSA, I think there's probably only two people in the world can do. I wasn't one of them, many of them, but you know, helping families fill out their FAFSA so their students can get the financial aid that that is afforded them, you know, I had three kids go to college, and I am so glad they're out of college and, and that they are married, and I don't have to sell out fast, but ever again, in my life. But it's simple things like that, or, or helping someone understand how they interview. And because there's certain things that people aren't, yeah, those those types of things. I think it's helping our students know how to fill out FAFSA, helping them know how to apply for a job, helping them understand what it's like to be interviewed. I think those are all the things that ways that people can help. So if
someone wants to do that, today, if they're interested in saying, You know what, I think that I, you know, maybe I'm a, maybe I'd like to fill out those FAFSA forms, maybe I maybe maybe this person interviews, maybe they're an HR person, you know, at their job, maybe they're interviewing every day, maybe they're a manager of people and can teach, I don't know, people skills, or other things that might help someone who truly has no idea just because of how they've, what their life has looked like. And they've not been a part of that, being able to learn some of these things, how would they go about doing that, Jay,
they would call us here at Shepherd community 317375 o two, O three, asked to talk to Donna, she coordinates all of our volunteer activity. And I would just say this, that whatever you want to do, say for lots of challenges these days in our cities, in our whole country, the hopelessness has taken over. And, and so violence continues to grow. And that's really the consequence of hopelessness and loneliness. You know, somebody may say, Hey, I'll call two or three people every week. And I'll tell you that one of the greatest things you could do is just connect to people who feel like, society doesn't see them. It feels like society doesn't understand or even know they exist. I saw commercial says, Hey, you know, we want to be seen, and that's what my neighbors would say. And so acknowledging that they matter. And so they're basically things to say, I'll call and talk to somebody to see how they're doing to maybe tutoring a child to help you with FAFSA, helping do taxes. during tax season, we provide pre tax services to our neighbors through through the government. And those are just some of the ways that they can help and we appreciate it. We appreciate your listener support. These are exciting days, because we have the opportunity to pour ourselves into so many people and probably appreciate the continued partnership with you in the in the radio.
Well, I appreciate that. And I think you guys do fantastic work, Jay, every time I go over there, whether it's for the TV show, or we talk, I learned something and I wish more people were doing what you're doing around the country and this is a completely worthy organization. Folks, if you've been listening to this and feel a little bit of tug in your spirit, don't delay reach out to shepherd community. They're good folks. They'll plug you in, and they are really making a difference on Indianapolis. side so Jay is a pleasure as always, sir. Have a great day. We'll chat soon Okay.
Okay, thanks.
Alright folks, I can hear the wailing and crying in the background. That's all the time we have for today and for the week, but fear not We will be back here. God willing on Monday, it's always a pleasure to and you can listen to older not older. That's not the right word. Encore. There we go. Encore episodes of the program by visiting The Todd Huff slash podcast or wherever you get your podcast. also connect with us at community The Todd Huff if you want to see what's going on with the truth tour, got some things that I think will get posted there. today. Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening StG. See you Monday. Take care