Crisis Averted: The Government Can Run

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Oh, my goodness Crisis averted. We have raised the debt ceiling lifted the debt ceiling was senator Well, let me pause the Senate has voted to raise to lift the debt ceiling by $480 billion with the bee that gets us through what they get us through early. early December, I think is what it is. Think about that between now. Yeah. It's enough to fund the government. Fox Business says through at least early December. Whoa, now it's time to worry about COVID which again, I don't want anyone to misconstrue what I'm about to say I'm not saying that COVID was made up I'm not saying that it was something that wasn't real. I am saying that it's been used to manipulate people to scare the living daylights out of people. It's been used to give authority additional authority to I shouldn't say give it it's been used as a tool to take additional authority. Some of these executives, governors of states the state we're in right now this store last night in beautiful absolutely stunningly beautiful northern New Mexico. Red River is actually where we where we've been the past I think it's I think it's it's three nights but anyway stunning saw the mean the stars out here at night. In these these dark skies are absolutely brilliant and beautiful. But governor here you know, make sure that everyone wears masks still, regardless of your vaccination status. Biden cash this guy, Joseph, our Biden he's out there talking about you know, we've we've gotten past the crisis. It looks like I mean, this this debt ceiling legislation is now headed to the head to the Senate. So now arbitrary to the House of Representatives. So presumably it's gonna pass Democrats have enough votes there. There is no such thing as a filibuster there. Nancy Pelosi doesn't have to negotiate with Kevin McCarthy or any of the House Republicans, they can truly force Republicans to get out of the way as Biden says there. Anyway. Biden was speaking yesterday about the vaccinated and the unvaccinated and all sorts of things about this, you know, just with COVID, and now he's blaming economic problems on the unvaccinated. Incidentally, you ever stop and think the democrats are telling us they're expecting the economy to turn South? Right? I mean, everywhere we look at first that was, if we don't raise the debt ceiling, there's going to be a major recession. Now they've raised that now. Now we've got Biden, who by the way, made literally no sense I want to play this first. This, he was an Illinois he didn't know where he was. He literally had no idea where he was he was telling people where he was from, which of course is Scranton, PA, Scranton, Pennsylvania. Then of course, he moved to Delaware took the train every day to DC just one of the average everyday guys run of the mill. Just normal. Just you know, drinks beer and, you know, works with his hands and just a normal everyday guy, right? Just riding the train in, of course, being a public servant. I get so sick of that term being used by politicians, they enrich themselves while in office. They are not public service servants. They are many times the public minutes if I might be quite candid. Anyhow. Biden tells us he's a public servant serving us for half a century now. Half a century. Of course, nothing that's wrong with our government can be blamed on him. It's all Trump's fault. The guy that showed up out of nowhere and served for four years. He's the one that's the danger. The menace to society. But Biden yesterday, this. Folks, if you
if you listen to this, and you really think that this guy is all there, I get I take no pleasure in this, but he is not all there mentally. He just he just isn't. There are major problems here. There are red flags, left and right. If Trump were acting like this, we would have implemented the 25th amendment by now. I mean, this is this is problematic. And I know Look, I talk for a living, I talk a lot. Some of you might say too much. But I understand sometimes what I say the other day, I said and Andrew Wang instead of Andrew Yang, and I knew it was Andrew Yang. I just got caught up and was trying to hurry to get something in before the end of the show. And oz looked at me and said, isn't an Andrew Yang and I said you Yad she said, You said Wang? And I said Hmm, I think you're right. So I understand, Miss speaking. But this is not anything remotely close to miss speaking. This guy can't put together a sentence this guy can't. Can't stop, take a deep breath and get himself back on track. He has no idea what he's talking about this listen to how he begins. How he begins his speech. This is actually when Fox joined it in progress. Yesterday, just listened to all this fumbling and bumbling from the guy that was supposed to save the presidency, save the United States of America from Donald J. Trump. Listen to this. Being in Illinois right now.
And the Ohio, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Pennsylvania and from Pennsylvania. The Illinois president Don Harmon, state senator Laura Murphy state rep. Martin Moylan and we got great paper leaders here to watch Tim. Tim, thank you. Thank you, pal, afl-cio State President and Jeff Isaacson united brotherhood of carpenters and Don fen IBEW and Robert, writer, reader, reader, Rei T. reredos. Chicago Federation, la
And folks. That's how we beat COVID-19. All right, we're gonna continue monitoring.
if not the world is this guy talking about? It's good to be here. Oh, how Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, I'm from Pennsylvania, Illinois. making up words. What in the world is this? This is the guy who's supposed to be supposed to be leading us out of this crisis of COVID. This crisis of well, we just got through the crisis of not raising the debt ceiling, supposedly, so they can go spend more money. There you go. How do you get out of a of a massive debt crisis? You put yourself into more debt? Right? I mean, that's Everybody knows that. At least that's what they want us to believe. So Biden said some, as usual, not just fumbling and bumbling things yesterday, but some flat out ridiculous and dare I say stupid things yesterday. here's, here's another this is actually I've pulled a couple of sound bites here from the post millennial. And post millennials a good site to go to they've got some good things here. Anyway, that's what Biden's thoughts are about COVID 19. In in specific areas. Specifically, I should say, the vaccine now he's standing in front of a screen that says, the government's going to come in and save us with these vaccines. And yes, I want to talk about Project Veritas. And a little bit and yes, I want to talk about Pfizer now requesting to us to be able to give their vaccine to what is five or six to 11 year olds now. Talk about all that. But I want to start here with Biden, here's Biden's thoughts on vaccination coverage, and the American economy. get a kick out. Oh, x nose, Dragon cue this one back up. This is one. This is one I thought it was the neck. I'm one ahead of myself here. But this one, just listen to how stupid This is. So he's up there trying to talk about how everyone should get the vaccine and that this is a crisis, a crisis of the unvaccinated as he says, an epidemic, a pandemic, whatever they say now, and so he picks on fox news here because Fox News, even forces its own employees to get vaccinated, but it's a peculiar way to say it. In my opinion, he should be if he wants people to follow the example of Fox News. He probably shouldn't be mocking Fox News. But again, just Joseph Biden here he is explaining, I guess you could say mocking Fox News's position on vaccines.
Even this, I always get a kick out. It's a kick out of it. Fox News requires vaccination that's wrong employees can be a great Fox News.
Yeah. So I mean, I mean, I'm not, I'm not supporting forced vaccinations by employers. But that is a different thing than the federal government, forcing it, which is what this guy this guy wants to do. Why did he get a kick out of it? Shouldn't he? Shouldn't he be encouraging people to follow their example? If it's the right thing to do, if it's the moral thing to do? It seems to me that that is exactly what you would want somebody to do. But of course, but of course, that isn't what he's going to do. This is everything is politics, for the left, right? Everything is about posturing and positioning. And it's better for the left, like Biden, to get the low blow in on Fox News than it is to actually use it to I mean, if he really thinks it's a good thing that fox news or is requiring vaccinations then use it to try to persuade, that's not how you persuade By the way, you don't mock. You don't mock somebody that you're trying to persuade anyway. This is the one I really wanted to get to. I'm sorry, I get those out of out of order. This is Biden saying just how dangerous the unvaccinated are, did you know not only are you putting if you're unvaccinated, and according to Biden, and of course, science, Biden is on the side of science, that's the only only way we can look at Democrats, they're pro science, they are never wrong, factually. They always follow the truth wherever it leads. Lisa, Lisa is what they want us to believe. What I think they want to do is lead us to the position where they take more of our money, more of our liberty and empower themselves more. That's what I see, when I look at the landscape from a well, using the scientific method, testing my hypothesis, that is what the result I get each and every time meaning that I can say with scientific certainty that the democrats use any and every opportunity available to them. Whether it is I mean, take your pick, whether it's a fear from COVID, whether it is defunding the police and that that mantra, that slogan, whether it's making sure the rich rich pay their fair share in taxes, whatever it is, they'll use it to their political advantage, which is to, of course, empower themselves, take more of what you earn, take more of what everybody earns individually, making people less free, more relying upon the government ultimately empowering these jokers. So here he is not not just saying that you're you're not vaccinated, that you're putting people at risk from a health perspective, which is what they've been saying for a long time, which of course, has led people to say, well, doesn't your vaccine work? If it works, and how am I infecting you? Well, you're causing the virus to mutate. Well, isn't it true that maybe the vaccine people who are vaccinated who catch the virus it might be mutating against around the vaccine anyway, how I responsible for everybody else, but this is the storyline. They're sticking to this. They're not budging one bit. They're not. They're not moving, they're not capitulating, they're not ceding one tiny millimeter in this argument. Now they're actually upping the ante Biden says, if you're not vaccinated, you're actually hurting the economy. Now, did you know that hurting the economy here is
we keep our eye on the ball here. We still have a long way to go. The fact is, this has been a pandemic of the unvaccinated. unvaccinated, unvaccinated overcrowd our hospitals, overrunning emergency rooms and intensive care units. The unvaccinated patients are leaving no room for someone with a heart attack or a need of a cancer operation. And so much more because one secret time they can't get into the operating room. The unvaccinated also put our economy at risk. Because people are reluctant to go out and think about this. This is unbelievable places where there is no restriction on going to restaurants and gyms and movie theaters. People are not going in anywhere because they're worried they're going to get sick.
I mean, there's so much wrong with this. I mean so much wrong with this number one. Number one is there an example I've not seen and maybe There is somewhere. But I've not seen emergency rooms at that there's always I've seen a 15% vacancies, I guess you would say, or, you know, before they hit their limit, which, of course, other steps can be taken to expand. I mean, as we did, there were drastic steps taken for New York, they never hit the limit, which is good, right? He's saying that apparently there's all these unvaccinated people with COVID going to the hospital, that are keeping people from getting treated for heart attacks. Now, pause and go back in your memory who, which, which politicians actually made this a thing? How many people were not able to get any medical treatment whatsoever? Because the government forced all these closures and shutdowns. And who were the people calling the shots on this? They were either they were mostly Democrats. And there were some what I want to say Country Club Republicans, some liberal or moderate Republicans, it wasn't the conservatives that caused this. And so you're gonna talk about the economy? Who, if people are scared to go out, why are they scared to go out? because of the fear mongering that is going on? It's almost like, Look, I am not minimizing COVID. I'm not saying that it's I'm not making any of these claims as some people make, that it's fake, whatever. I think that there are things with the numbers we're being told that are highly suspect and questionable, given what I've, I've seen how certain COVID deaths have been counted and so forth. But I obviously COVID is I'm not suggesting it's not a real thing. I'm not suggesting we shouldn't take measures to protect the ourselves or the spread of COVID. I'm not saying any of that stuff. What I am saying, what I am saying is that this has been magnified. I mean, people think that you can catch COVID simply by going outside, I pass people on the road. I've passed them out here I've passed them back home in Indiana driving in the car by themselves with their masks on. I've seen people again, who are terrified who are terrified to go out but it's not it's not because of any They're over there being scared because they listened to a media or they listened to politicians that this is all that they talk about. And I didn't play it yesterday just because the time but Rashida to leave a member of the squad. She did to leave, she actually said it's on video. The reason she was wearing her mask was because she had a Republican who was filming everything she did. And she wanted to make sure that he didn't I guess have a video of her not wearing your mask, but it turns out that instead he has something even potentially better and juice here, which is her saying that it's all for show. To begin with. How many times have we seen I've seen the video of I never talked about the royal family but Harry and what is it Megan Markel. They were walking out to some conference the other day, without their masks. And before they went out on the stage, they all made sure they put their masks on and walked out as a group. I mean, it's all theatrical. And this is scared the living daylights out of people, and who harmed the economy by shutting everything down. I mean, this is to blame the unvaccinated to to blame the unvaccinated to me is, is unconscionable here. It doesn't make sense. It's not scientific.
It's actually the people who are probably not living in fear, whether they should get the vaccine or not their decision, but they're not living in fear every day, they're probably the ones that are going out and keeping the economy moving forward, ignoring what the Biden administration is saying and recommending and telling us to be afraid of next. But that's the bottom line to me, for me today, which is now that we don't have to worry about the government shutting down and holding our breath and crossing our fingers making sure we don't default on our debt. Now we can put that fear aside and lo and behold, Biden's out there today, talking about COVID and how we should now again be afraid of the pandemic of the unvaccinated, it never ends. And once there's fewer people who don't you know, COVID is the curve continues to come downward. Hopefully it continues to do that. Once it's down low enough, they'll find something else. For us to be scared about gun violence or Trump or something who knows that they've got plenty of things to get scared about, so that they can push their radical agenda quick timeout is an order really, really long in this segment. AWS has given up telling me to take a break. I can't say I blame or quick timeout listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.
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to have some folks might hear that and think what's the big deal. Other people might hear that and think, gee whiz now, it doesn't appear I'm trying to be fair here, right? I'm trying to be fair as to what it appears she's found. And these are her allegations. This is these are the emails that she's released to Project Veritas. So it only it references trials that human embryos, human embryo cells were used in the In the trial process or in the research process or something it doesn't, you don't see an outright admission or or statement that they've been used in all the vaccines. I don't know that some people believe that that is absolutely the case. Other people's have people have questions about it, I'm just trying to be fair. But what I do know from the emails is that they are looking to keep this information from the public. And now of course, the lids blown off of that because of Project Veritas and the whistleblower there. So we'll talk about that after the break, sit tight. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. Back here Just a minute.
Welcome back. So let's say let's say that Pfizer, say that Pfizer actually, they they appeared to admit in this email sequence that whistleblower has discovered, she said, almost by accident, I searching the Pfizer database, instead of being on the worldwide web via Google. And she said, she finds these emails, it's higher ups. I mean, this the Vice President, and I mean, some some higher ups in the company that are talking about messaging and how to not talk about this in the public. So it again, it doesn't remain clear, at least from the emails that I've seen. Now, maybe there are, maybe they are out there, but they at least we're using human embryonic cells in some phase for some of the testing or processing of the vaccine. Now, why does this matters? Why does it matter? Right? Well, number one, it's for people who are pro life This can this is a very atrocious thing to think about, I mean, we've got human embryos, or excuse me, cells from human embryos that are being used in vaccines that are being injected almost you can make the case by force now, right? I mean, we're not technically there. But there's a huge amount of pressure, a huge amount of coercion to say the least to get the vaccine. And for people who are pro life, they weren't. They weren't informed of this, right? They weren't informed of this, this wasn't something that was stated. They weren't given the option.
To understand what was in this vaccine, potentially, potentially, based upon what we've discovered this point, Project Veritas has shared with the rest of the world at this point about the Pfizer vaccine. And so you can make a very legitimate case, that there should be a religious exemption for many people who are pro life who believe that life begins at conception as I do. And now you're being almost forced, perhaps even forced by your employer. Of course, some radicals on msnbc would say you don't have that's not really force, you can quit your job, you can homeschool, you can stay at home all the time. One of the idiots on there actually said that as though that's a real choice. You're not really being forced. It's just that you have to change your entire life. Now we homeschool I have no problem with homeschooling, I'm no no problem. People quitting their jobs and saying enough of this nonsense. I'm not playing this game anymore. But it's not. It's very difficult and impractical for a lot of people. I know people that have been that I would say their hand was forced, they very, very strongly manipulated and coerced into having the vaccine. But anyhow. So they're limiting religious exemptions to the vaccine. And they are the Biden administration even has said that they're monitoring closely. These religious exemptions. We don't want people taking advantage of this. And don't think that this won't be used in the future as well, folks. Right? I mean, if if you took the vaccine unknowingly took the Pfizer vaccine, and let's say it didn't, it doesn't have having I'm not making the claim, because I don't know I want to be clear on that. But based upon what the email say, it seems at least possible that that is that is the case, could be the case. So let's say we find out that human cells, human embryo cells from you know that they were tested, right, from aborted fetuses. So now, if you've had that injected into your body, you may in the future no longer be able to claim a religious exemption because you object To that, to that form of research being conducted that sort you object to abortion or unborn children being used in that, in that capacity, you might have potentially, you know how this works, given yourself, no future way to object to that when they want to force something else on us, which is probably going to be what the fifth booster shot or the 25th booster shot or COVID 26, or whatever it could be next year. Once again, I'm not saying COVID-19 is not real, I'm just saying when they've got something that they can use, as motivating people to act out of fear and to give up their liberties, and their freedoms and their money. And just say, please help me government. This is this is something that they don't like to let go of, they just they just don't, they like the power, they like the control. They like to be able to have a set of rules for themselves, which is basically do whatever they want. And then for the rest of us to be forced to comply to all sorts of whims, dictates mandates and the rest. Quick Time, great work. By the way, I Project Veritas quick timeout back here in just a minute.
Welcome back yesterday, yesterday, I concluded the program by talking about the National School Board Association, School Boards Association, request for federal assistance, to stop threats and acts of violence I'm reading here from their press release or whatever this is against public education leaders. And I just referenced it at the very end of the program. And so there was a fact check. There was a fact check done on this, which is by the Associated Press. And so people were saying, hey, the National School Boards Association, is claiming that people who basically protest or are upset at their local school boards. They're being called domestic terrorists by the National School Boards Association. So the AP, good old AP coming out now or came out this was just two days ago. And they tweeted this, they fact check this. And it says that's contrary to false claims circulating online, the National School Boards Association, didn't ask President Joe Biden to label protesting parents domestic terror, sorry, I can't even I'm just picturing a picture of the people that I know that have gone to the school board meetings, who oftentimes aren't even speaking, sometimes they don't know what to do, this is a new form for them. They don't know what to say they don't know what to do. But they're not happy about. In the case, the case that I'm thinking is the mass policy of the local school district, the most of the people are either upset about that, or critical race theory or some of these other stupid things, gender education programs, or transgender stuff or whatever, they're upset at these, you know, at the school boards for letting this stuff happen. So I'm thinking, the last thing in the world, these people are our domestic terrorists. I mean, these are, these are many times like homeroom moms, right? People who are focused on I don't know, baking cookies for the class are taking, you know, going with the class on field trips, being involved in other activities within the classroom, within the school within literally sports, whatever these are, these are parents who are just normal, average, everyday citizens who say, you know what, I don't want my kid being taught about critical race theory. You know what, I'm tired of my eight year old or 10 year old or whatever, being forced to wear a mask at school, because we're playing one big game this is they're upset about this. So they go to the school boards. Now. Let's just make a distinction here. The people who actually threaten an official need to be faced the consequences for that, right This is you can't threaten people. without, you know, I mean, there's there's certain what I want to say there's certain regulations or I guess, rules that if there's a viable threat, I mean, you can't do that you can't threaten someone without having some sort of recourse that is not the the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of this, the vast, vast, vast majority of this are people who are simply upset at what's being taught, or in the case of critical race theory or what's being forced upon their children regarding regarding these masks. But there's a problem with this.
Because some people on Twitter, here's one from Sean Davis, he actually I mean, they've highlighted the letter. And you can read this sentence. And this is what so the fact checkers that AP said that the School Boards Association did not require a request at the Biden administration called these parents domestic terrorists. But let's read the letter directly. It says this as these acts of malice, violence and threats against public school officials have increased the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes. As such, an es Ba, request a joint expedited review by the US Department of Justice, that's Merrick Garland education or Homeland Security, along with the appropriate training, blah, blah, blah, but you get the point. So they quite literally in their factcheck it's remarkable. At first we had a media that lied to us, then they knew that they weren't believable anymore. So they start having all these journalists become fact checkers. Well, it turns out the same liars that were in the media, when you call them fact checkers are still liars. And now, people are realizing that the fact checkers are trying to convince us and lie to us about the same exact things that they were trying to lie to us and convince us about when they were merely journalists. And it's the same game continues. These folks are lying to professional deceivers. The FBI are shooting me the Biden ministration was requested by the School Board Association to consider these folks domestic terrorist Now again, it's all about the application. There is a difference between actual threats and simply voicing concerns. But you know where this leads This is a slippery slope. We know how this is abuse. We know this is used to shield public officials from real accountability from their from the folks that vote for them. So gotta wrap up here quick timeout back in just a minute.
Perhaps the Biden administration will be less offended by what's happening at the school board meetings if the parents chased the school board members into the restroom after all, as Biden said, as it pertains to the US Senate. That's just part of the process. Just part of the process. So I guess memo to all parents out there who are upset at their school boards. I guess that is a safe space to go after the school board member is in the public restroom. Gotta go. Have a great weekend. SDG see Monday. Take care