Facebook Considering A Name Change

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Hey, hey, hey, my friends, you've tuned in to conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff bag added here. back in the saddle again. As my wife and I were gone for a few days, I want to say thank you. I want to say thank you to my good friend, Chris Dunham. And by the way, I know that when you're listening on the radio, sometimes it's that you know the name. His name's not spelled. Normally, as you may hear this, it's not Chris Dunham. It's Chris KRISH. Chris, she's from India. And then Dunham, d h. a, in a Christian Dunham, which he's a dear friend of our my brother, of course, is very close with him. I've gotten to know Chris over the past past several years, many years now. Good to have him fill in. And also for for Michael Beckwith as well. I appreciate the help. And I appreciate you as well hanging in there with us until we get back at it. I want to say a couple of things about this, this little short little trip that my wife and I had had taken here. This is something that's been, I guess, planned for some time. And I just I ran out of time and forgot to mention before I took off on on Friday of last week. So apologize for that. But we went to to Fort Lauderdale. And I want to say thank you to TV 40, which is where we have our TV show Monday night at 930. You haven't seen the show. I invite you to do that. And find out that yes, in fact, I do have a face for radio, but they were kind enough to invite us on a trip to Fort Lauderdale and I hadn't been before I'd been to southern Florida but really more to the keys. I think I'd been through Miami before, but never really to Fort Lauderdale. And just stunning beautiful weather. Had a great time. And it's good too. Good to be back. And again, thank you to TV 40 for taking us inviting us to tag along so back at it today. Did you see I read this as we were coming back from Florida. I saw that Facebook is actually in the process. Possibly they're teasing this out. They're rebranding, they're going to I've read a couple different stories here but rebranding, trying to put everything under one umbrella and whatever else. And it got me to think and they're talking about changing their name. And of course you think about this. And you think that's a major? I don't know a major investment, a major risk, a major change and adjustment that needs to be taking place from Facebook, right Facebook I think when Zuckerberg I never watched the movie or I didn't you know, none of that stuff. But wasn't it though Facebook at some point in time when they started it anyway. So they're talking about changing they're changing the name for Facebook and so I was asking, asking us to throw around some names because I think this is a great opportunity for us to well brand them for what they for what Facebook really is. And of course you know the one of the common words is fake book. Now work if you use Facebook at this is not a I always say talking about this because I don't like to criticize something that someone loves every word different. I genuinely loathe social media platform. I just do now. I say that. I want you to know for those that connect with us on there, I'm cool with that. I don't care to communicate through there. I don't want you to think that I just I don't do stuff privately on there. I just I just don't. fact I think, I think everything we've, I think my personal page is just sharing the show, I'm almost I can't even think of anything I would post on Facebook. It's not, it's not in my interest, or it's not how I communicate, it's not what I find interesting. I'm a, I'm a face to face guy, I'm at least a verbal guy, right. And you lose a lot of that on Facebook. And it was also, you know, the generation I grew up in many of you as well. I'm a child, I'm a child of the ad, was born on the last day of 1977, four minutes till midnight for the tax break, my dad will tell you more, there's a story that goes along with that, as well. But anyway, I just it's not my thing. However you cut it up, slice it and dice it, it just isn't really my particular thing. But I know a lot of people and you've seen some of these studies, and I'm going to, you know, just tell you what the studies say this studies are what they are right studies. Studies tell us general things that well, the researchers have learned so long as they're not trying to manipulate and lie to us, which also happens of course, as you know, as well, but not suggesting it's the case with these studies, but it always certainly can be so but a lot of folks, a lot of studies will show that the more time someone spends on social media, the less content they are. And it's because of this name, the fake book, right fake book. It's for some people, they want to live their lives through the camera, right? They want to they want to give off an impression. You know, we talked about Facebook changing its brand Facebook's what Facebook wants you to think and feel a certain way about it. And they're trying to achieve that result with how they position themselves talk about themselves interact with their customers, what they call them, you know what the name of the company is all this stuff. But the customers the users on Facebook are the same kind of the same way. Right? They want to look not all if you're on there, I'm not saying fact I know a lot of people who are on there just to snoop, look at other people's stuff. But some people want to post and make it look like something that maybe they're really not hence the name. Fakebook as also throughout the name Big Brother I mean heavens, big brother they're everywhere. Facebook knows more about you than probably you know about you so maybe a Facebook is being honest, as I talked about the rebrand here, maybe they should look into something like Big Brother oz also suggested sensor book, sensor book, it would actually be more accurate because I the people I have encountered in my day to day life. Many of them have been censored on Facebook. Now I will tell you that there are some that I know not most, but some that just broke Facebook's rules. I mean out now they did stuff that they shouldn't have done. And it was at least understandable why they get in trouble by Facebook. But a lot of folks are just sharing information that comes from conservative sources, sources that fake book or Facebook or sensor book or whatever, they're going to be here. They've determined to be inaccurate. I mean, you look at the people that they've taken down. I mean, they've taken Trump off the platform Trump's trying to get as I saw, he's he's considered Well, there's the legal route and so forth for returning back to Facebook but that's why is that that they want you to believe that they're stepping in to stop Trump from using Facebook and using fake book and using sensor book and big brother to basically overthrow the government. That's what they want you to believe January 6 insurrection Trump's involved by the way, Bannon is going to his fighting himself in some hot water with the this charade and this January 6 committee is a pure Sham and charade and of course, Liz Cheney is playing right into their hands, she loves the press, she loves being able to get praised by them when she talks about Bannon, of course, being an organizer and a planner for this and then how that of course, implicates Trump and all this stuff. Right so we've got got all these things happening here. With with Facebook, but if you if if you share information that's posted by someone that Facebook or Facebook or whatever, doesn't like or agree with they will By extension, you'll get warned there'll be sharing this stuff. That's the content of these messages. Who do you think you are? Don't you know that you should be a Democrat, you should share stuff by media matters and MSNBC and CNN, we don't need to fact check these guys. That's the impression anyway, of course, nothing can be further from the truth that's living in a fantasy. Lala world. But nonetheless, sensor book is perhaps an appropriate name as well, because because they candidly have censored a big chunk of people who have an ideology that Facebook executives, and really Facebook, grassroots, you know, the the, the people on the front lines at Facebook making decisions. People that they disagree with, I think maybe they should just call their platform, happy little socialists, I told us, that's what they're teaching people, this is what they're promoting. Now, of course, they wanted it that now man, we're not promoting anything, we're creating a place for people to have dialogue and connect and grow and, you know, have groups and get to know people and all this kind of stuff. And that's fine. Again, I don't have any problem with that. I think you should be a little skeptical of some of the things at least a little that you see on there. But anyhow, that's all fine. But what they're promoting at the end of the day, is this idea of happy little utopian socialists, so maybe that should be the name. But as I thought about this, I really think I really think if they're talking about putting everything under one umbrella, I'm on board with this, I'm on board with them putting everything under one umbrella, but they need to call it what it is. And as I've thought about this, the name that they should choose, is right there for all of us to see. And it's it's perfect. It is a match made in heaven, because then the transparency comes into play. Then we all get to see they'll admit by the name, who they really are and what they're really seeking to do, which you've saw this, you've probably seen the stories about Zuckerberg and the amount of money he invested to push votes one way or the other, which of course is to the left. But I think I think you look at this and you realize that who Mark Zuckerberg who this company is, is the DNC, they should just call it DNC DNC book. I don't care they can keep the book if they want, but that's really who they need to brain with their one to brand with their other social media platforms. And that's all well and good. You should probably call them a version of DNC as well Democratic National Committee so I think that that's probably the route that they should go if they believe in honesty, if they believe in transparency, if they believe in accurately depicting and calling themselves who they are letting the rest of the world know exactly what they believe. what they stand for a quick timeout here. Good to be back. Back here in just a minute.
Welcome back to my friends by the way program brought to you by our good friends at Greg hubler Chevrolet in Camby which is right outside the city of Indianapolis right down State Road 67 In fact I was telling someone the other day our churches located in fact Greg is neighbors with the church we attend which is in Camby when I was a kid Morrisville and can be we're like that's I thought of candy as being part of Morrisville but can't be is really now an extension of Indianapolis so it's not far down 67 they've got they take great care of you this where we we bought our Ford F 350 which is what we used to pull our fifth wheel as we're going around the nation on the truth tour. So check them out. Give them a chance to earn your business they will do whatever they can bend over backwards great great guys I really mean this Greg is a guy that I've I consider a friend now as well. So Greg hubler just outside just outside of Indianapolis down State Road 67 Greg hubler chevy.com To find out more so you know a couple things I want to make sure I get to today. You know we've been out for a few days a lot of stuff is going on I saw this apparently a rumor going around. That mansion Joe Manchin is considering now I'm looking here as well as at a at an article that is already getting out in front of this and saying it is not true, but I'm just gonna mention it. Joe Manchin, it had been reported it again, I'm not I don't want you to to think that this is going to happen so please I just want to use this as an as an illustration to show just how much in disarray. The Democrat Party is. See Joe Manchin. Joe Manchin is I would say a blue dog democrat or Reagan Democrat. He's liberal Of course in some ways but the guy's not an out now socialist The guy is not living in a fantasy world, the guy look, he's been all the the stood between America and hardworking Americans and people who believe in this country has found that an out and out socialism, I mean, he really is you could throw Kiersten cinnamon there, potentially as well. And there's a political factor. I don't want to make this into more of an ideological thing for Joe Manchin than it actually is now he's out there denying it. In fact, this 4x live website which I believe I saw this on the bun Gino report. In this particular story is the headline is mentioned denies the report that he mentioned the possibility to Biden of leaving Democratic Party mansion says the report is bull excrement. So anyway, I'm going to read a bit of this a report from Mother Jones that moderate Senator Joe Manchin was considering leaving the Democratic Party has been doing the rounds for an hour he was quick to deny it saying it was bs with a capital B yes it would also have he used the full word but I guess if you agree abbreviate it, I guess it would have a capital S as well I didn't ask him that continues here the report is full of details that make it tough to discount though it's filled with anonymous sources once again this is this is modern journalism, anonymous sources. I know you know this, but I mean, I wish more people knew how much the media uses anonymous sources, unnamed sources. And they they don't verify this or they'll use some people to verify their own, you know, reports and so forth. I mean, it's it's their professional deceivers I'm, I call them that on here and I'm not exaggerating, they're paid. They are paid to deceive you in many cases, not all of them, but a big chunk of them.
And so anonymous sources is one one thing that's used I also personally like when eight reporters write one story because then it's hard to find. It's like they give themselves cover so if we're all culpable then none of us are culpable, I guess is the thinking there. But there's other tactics and techniques that they use as well. Anyway, so he's out there saying look, I'm not I'm not thinking of switching now. I don't know does that mean he's he was if he's really is considering this or threatened that. Does he become an independent it just seems weird to me that he's gonna become an independent because he was still caucus with the Democrats. What does this look like? I mean, these folks, you know, they don't want to give up their positions of power you threaten the party leaders Chuck Schumer in the senate Nancy Pelosi in the house, at least as of right now. I mean, you'll you'll be permanently blackballed blacklisted in in certain circles, right. You won't you won't have a committee chairmanship and these folks, they, I mean, they covered this, right. I mean, they, this is what it's all about. It's about the accumulation of power. It's about moving up the ladder. It's about you know, being the person that can sit with the the gavel at the podium and tell everybody else to shut up and all this sort of stuff. And there's a lot of stake right. And mansion state is interesting, right? They are huge Trump supporters. But they vote for this democrat and it's, you know, they're not radical leftists in general they're they're union democrats who are not radical, right. They're not extreme socialists, they're not. They don't believe they're not AOC supporters. They're not receded saline, folks, these are folks who if if the entire Democrat Party believe what the democrats who vote for Joe Manchin by and large and West Virginia believe we would have much, much less problems on our hands in this country when it came to thinking about the problems ushered in by today's Democratic Party. So all that being said Manson's out there denying it, but it to me whether he whether he said it or not, we're at a point to where this sort of story gets traction this if it's rumors or maybe Manson's really thinking this I I wouldn't doubt that he thinks that he's considered these things I think that the guy yeah, he's been around politics for a while he's he's not an idiot. He can see the tea leaves and read the writing on the wall. So I'm sure he's he's considered these things especially he's as he's getting more and more and more pressure to vote for things like the removal of the filibuster, which he's not in favor of when he's looking at being forced to or not forced, but coerced and pressured to vote in favor of invalid environmental regulations that would create a massive problem for his particular state, a coal producing state, which he's, he's expressed this right, was now this price tag on this piece of legislation is what 1.75 to 1.9 trillion, which again, at least some of this and maybe even all of this is just, you know, some some trick accounting. But there's some things that Manson says he's not gonna, you know, go along with, which include things that make it hard to use coal, and that's going to hurt his state. I mean, kudos to the guy for this. I, I respect this I
you know, there's an argument to be made where, you know, this is a standard principle, someone might believe that some people might say, look, this is all political. It's an it's a no brainer for him. And that's true as well. Doesn't mean both can't be true. But the point is, the point is, to me, we're in an environment where this is even being considered or being rumored. Right, if, if Biden was doing a good job, which there's no way on God's green earth, he can, because he embraces ideas that are morally bankrupt, and are candidly the root cause of almost every problem we face in this nation today, that the broken ideology of the radical left, and the broken worldview, as well. And you look at this, and there's nothing going good. In fact, I saw a poll that showed what his numbers amongst independence, his favourability are. approval rating, I guess it is is 28%. What 28%, I was telling my wife as we were traveling back, I think we actually had to stop and well, we stopped in Charlotte. But I told her, I said you don't these folks running the democrat party or a lot of things, but they are not stupid. And they No, you do not win elections. You do not want elections with 28% approval rating amongst moderates, or independence, right? You just you don't do that. It's not the math. The math isn't there. Sorry. I'm thinking about some of these. These claims about election for which I'm not laughing at that, I'm just thinking the math either has to be created by coming up with it somewhere else, which there isn't anywhere else. They've got all the leftists or you got to do something else, I guess. But the bottom line here is that we are in an in an environment where this is actually being rumored because it's it's at least believable to some extent, and it's believable to some extent, because the Democrat Party is an absolute, unmitigated dumpster fire the country and I don't mean the country as it's being run by the free people. I mean, the way this country is being managed Ron is an absolute dumpster fire. We've talked about this a lot. It's so bad. It's so bad. And now there's rumors or maybe even a real comment made by mansion along the way mansion, again denies it. But at least there's something about it that's believable to think that Joe Manchin would consider leaving the Democrat Party, he's getting all this pressure. All this pressure from the likes of Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, other Democrats in the House, virtually every other sorry, Democrats in the Senate, every person on the hill, who's a democrat who's saying this is our chance, and you know, I hope he stands for him. I've got I'm under no illusion here that we're dealing with just people that we need to be emulating here. So I don't know if they're gonna, if he's gonna follow through with this or not, he's been he said things consistently, I will say that he's he's said, the consistent message all along, that he's not going to support certain things, and he's not going to support a certain price tag. And the negotiations are moving the direction that he's kind of put, you know, the direction where he's standing or sitting. So Democrat Party is in such disarray, or I should say that the nation is in such disarray after just nine months, nine months. I mean, it is, it is unbelievable, to think about nine months yesterday,
right? Nine months, folks, this is the time this is the term, you know, a pregnancy, nine months, which is not that long for folks to be in charge. And it went from promising, hopeful, people believing having optimistic outlooks, all that sort of stuff, and I get COVID and COVID happened and that changed people's outlooks to even with Trump in office, but you compare and contrast and they have, they have made it impossible for the average person to have any faith. They've made it impossible for a person with half a brain to have any faith. And of course, I you know, this, I know this, they're not going to run the country the right way anyway, but it's it's so obvious for anybody who wants to see it. That's why I say there's never been a better time to convince people to consider the truth of constitutional conservatism. there really hasn't been. I take a break, continue when we get back. I'm your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back. So all right, we again, we there's a port, a port, the shipping port, and Fort Lauderdale, where we were last the past few days. And I noticed there were some ships, you know, off the coast anchored waiting to get into port. And I had seen, I had seen all of these. You know, we all know that there's supply issues in this country right now. And there are some ports that are way backed up. I mean, way over the top backed up. And so there's, I asked some of the locals down there is this is something that's newsing the ships parked out there. Know that that's common, I was told that that's the way that that it is people are trying to get into port and it just just take some time. So that particular port isn't apparently from what I'm being told, I was told isn't really backed up by some of these others. And you've seen I've seen videos of people who are showing the ships that are backed up, they can't get into port, and you've got a supply problem. You know, free market economics. I don't want to oversimplify, but based on this concept of supply and demand, and right now, there's a demand that supply is having trouble meeting. And why is that? Why is why wire businesses, wire companies having a difficult time meeting the demand. Now, there's always the case in a free market. It's always a possibility that there's a correction, right? There's sometimes demand may spike and then people realize that they got too excited about a product or really the economy wasn't as strong as they wanted. And there's currently Right, that's that's a possibility. But generally speaking, when there's a problem in our, you know, supply and supply side economics, it's almost always or very, very commonly, because the government's put his hands on the scale. Right, and the administration, first they want to ignore that there is a problem like they do in the southern southern border, like they did in Afghanistan, and continue to do in Afghanistan when they're actually asked about it. Because there's still people in Afghanistan that apparently I guess, of course, they matter, but to the media, to the narrative, to the folks who actually can do something about it, it doesn't appear. That that's that that's the case. Anyway, when you look at the way that the administration and I got a soundbite from from Jen Psaki, she was asked about, you know, supply or how, what's going on? What's the administration think about it? And there's this question and I just want you to listen, at play after the break. Now I just show me that we're past the I need to take a break to fit everything in as they format it as closely as possible as what we need to be. But just, it demonstrates so much about what these leftists believe, the smugness, the arrogance, the self righteousness, the complete lack of concern for people involved in the selling of certain products you I don't know if it's it may be news to Jen Psaki, but it doesn't matter what the product is at somebody's livelihood. In fact, if you go back to the days of the pandemic, we're talking about essential services. I remember saying at the time, and I stand by it, if it's your job, it's essential. If it's your business, it is essential. When the government tell us what's essential, what in the world, Who do they think they are? You're essentially you're not, how about you sit down and shut up and stay in your own lane and not tell me what I do is essential or not, because that is my livelihood. That is how I provide for my family. It's how I put food on the table, send my kids to college if I didn't want to do that, and today's messed up world, such a waste of an investment in so many circumstances and situations. Because of the stuff they're taught. The way they're taught to hate this country, sometimes subtly, sometimes, very openly. And take a timeout, we'll come back I want to play that soundbite and just talk about just their inability to be empathetic, sympathetic, rational human beings.
quick timeout, back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So I told you before the break and I'm going to deliver here we're going to play a sound bite. In fact, I was talking with us as thinks, you know, you've heard me say that. I think Kamala Harris is hurting Hillary. I really believe this politics. What they believe aside, just the likability factor. I think they are the two most unlikable politicians today. Now I know a lot of people would say Trump and the people hate Trump. I don't I don't think that's true. I think for people that actually see him now some people are just offended by him, but camo a completely unlikable Hillary completely unlikable. I said she's Jen Psaki. He's not necessarily a politician. She's speaking on behalf of a politician, President Biden. But also as she's giving Camila, a run for her money as far as the most unlikable maybe person in politics, and she's just so smug. Now. I'm not gonna play oz and I were listening to something different here during the break, but I want to, I want you to listen to this reporter's asking. I want to play the I'm gonna play the question, too. He's asking Jen Psaki, we've been talking about just lack of supply, we get empty shells. You got Biden out there talking about the administration talking about maybe not being able to get things by Christmas and calling the CEOs of UPS and FedEx and Walmart into the White House and saying, Hey, you guys had to work more hours and it's like the businesses left and thought you know what we never thought about that. We never consider that. never consider that as a possible solution. Thank you, Joseph are Biden for telling us how to successfully run our business? The right way. So that's kind of where the narrative stands. But what we know in reality is that there is a mess. The mess has been caused almost completely by governments responses. Governments responses, depending upon where they are the different state, federal, national governments around the world, how they've responded to, to COVID-19. they've they've thrown everything into disarray. There's a labor shortage, there's a supply shortage. There's inflation, we're talking about stagflation, where there's a stagnant economy mixed with inflation, you get all this mess that's been created. Again, I'm hammering this home, because this is important. It's been created by the left, and now they're gonna go fix the problem that they created. Right. And so she's been asked about this, what's the administration thinking about this? I want you to listen to this smug, self righteous. just stupid answer.
The question on the timing on the supply chain issue. Yeah. actions of the president is taken. It was clear in March of 2020, when COVID hit that the supply chains across the world has been disrupted. Even as, as the sort of work to fight back against COVID proceeded. People it was it was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain, people couldn't get dishwashers and, and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things. So why did the tragedy of the short the treadmill that's delay?
The tragedy of the treadmill that's delayed? She says, What the heck? I mean, the arrogance? Does she not realize that this pays people's wages? Does she not realize they're shipping companies involved in this, there's health, people get a product and actually can can lose weight on a treadmill, which should make them less susceptible. If we believe everything the government's telling us make people less susceptible to COVID-19 and having bad, you know, reactions or having hospitalizations, or God forbid even even death. She thinks this is a joke, I just and that's how they look at the economy. They everything that what matters to them is government. What matters to them is control. What doesn't matter to them, is you if you sell treadmills, if you give to the Democrat Party, I guess you matter. If you believe in embracing socialism, sure. But if you're just one of the little guys, they'll mock you. They don't understand the economy, they have no idea they have no idea what they're doing. Either that or they're trying to destroy the very fabric of what we have in this nation and the free market system that we're built upon quick timeout, come back and wrap up back here in just a minute.
And you know what? The reason that let's go Brandon is the number one hip hop song on iTunes which entertains me in ways I can't even begin to express to you is because they have destroyed this economy and country in so many ways that it is obvious to people who haven't even been paying attention. It is right there for everyone to see our job, by the way is to make sure they understand it's not just Joe Biden it's the entire Democratic Party. And it's the entire agenda and worldview thereof. I've got to go StG cedar mount take care