Covid Mandates & The NBA

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Well, that is right, my friends, you're listening here to almost conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. It's a pleasure. Pleasure to be here. Thank you so much for joining us. There we go. had a little bit of feedback to the microphone, email, Todd, The Todd Huff Show calm thoughts, opinions, feedback, questions, adoration and praise will be accepted at that email address, just make it count. Most of you do. Sometimes I get messages from people that I think wah wah. It's usually people that are being unnecessarily critical of the program humors me. But if it's a thoughtful thing, which most of these things of course are welcomed me to email me those you can also connect with us on our online community community, The Todd Huff, no worry about the Facebook police or whatever they're going to come up with, as far as your name is concerned. Next week. We talked about that yesterday. But community, The Todd Huff, we can also connect there, I want to start you don't want to talk today about I want to go back to just some of the developments. With with COVID. And I actually want to start today we don't talk a lot. I do sometimes talk a lot about sports. I mean, we again, sometimes we do sometimes, oftentimes we don't but I have to tell you, and I'm thinking in particular about these NBA players who are saying they're not getting vaccinated which of course the headline becomes, Kyrie Irving is one Kyrie Irving refuses, just outright refuses to get vaccinated. So the starting point is, the starting point is you must get vaccinated. Okay, well, why must I get vaccinated? Kyrie Irving and others would ask? Well, because it's good for your team, why is it good for my team? Well, if you don't get vaccinated, you can't play in certain places like New York City. Okay. But that's because of their rule. If someone else's vaccine works, then why do they care if I have mine because it could mutate, it could mutate and proving someone else's vaccine and effective? Okay, so if I had the vaccine, I can't catch the virus? Well, no, you can still get it, it just won't be as dangerous to you. Okay, but if the virus is seeking to find ways to, you know, be stronger and thrive longer, wouldn't it seek to mutate around my vaccine, which is also the same one you have, which also would cause it to potentially pause or causing greater harm to you. And this is the dialogue, right? And they, the dialogue, if the rationale here falls apart, it falls apart at some level where, where we get to the point where we realize that people still with the vaccine or who've been vaccinated, can still get the virus, right. When we when we realize that it suddenly the thing is, even if, even if the other is even if the opposite is true. If people with the vaccine, can I get the virus, then why do they care? But if they still can get the virus, then what they're saying about the unvaccinated is also true about the vaccinated. Now maybe, I mean, it looks as though I don't. I don't want to, you know, there's evidence if based on what we're being told, say, a lot of people say trust the science, I don't trust the journalist. I don't trust I trust the science, if we want to put it that way. I don't necessarily trust the people who are taking it upon themselves to tell me about the science. That's my problem. See at the root of our problem here in this country is that we have people who are in positions of power, who have violated our trust for in some cases, decades in the case with Joseph arbeiten, from nearly half a century, violated our trust. Call people like us names misrepresented what we really believe in have sought to enrich themselves, empower themselves, help their children get cushy jobs on boards of directors, allegedly. All sorts of things like this the big guy, right? Even sharing a bank account, allegedly, between Joe Biden and his son Hunter. All sorts of we don't trust these people. Right? We just, we don't trust them. And then a few 1015 year old 1012 years ago there was the the faulty reporting on some of the
what was it the global warming data? It had been fabricated. It had been, you know, tampered with, you remember that? I can't even think of the East anglica. Is that what it was? But there was this? We we've had it before. We've had people Dr. george Zimmerman's 911 call, for example, we've had Dan Rather go on to put together a hit piece on George W. Bush. I mean, there are plenty of examples. And so I for 1am, tired of people who say you don't trust science, if you don't get vaccinated or where mass? Well, first of all, the mass thing. I it's it's ludicrous To me, it really is we just traveled so I had to experience that firsthand. On aircraft, you know, it's funny, we were on an aircraft, we all had our masks on, we get on a bus, no one puts their mask on. And I'm thinking, no, everyone is just playing this game. I don't statistically know how many people really believe in the efficacy of this, of this mask thing to begin with. But it has been so over the top and so heavy handed and so dramatic. And we had studies and we talked about this in the early days of COVID studies of now was the flu. So it's a different, different virus. But there were the last eight studies that I had found showed that there was no difference in the transmission of the flu virus amongst people who were wearing masks and those who were not in fact, One study showed there was a higher transmission because of the likelihood of physically touching one's face or one's mass thereby making the germs having a pathway in through the nose and mouth or what have you. So I just this thing has gotten so out of control. And we it's it's worth noting again, that it was 15 days, right two weeks to flatten the curve. If we just suck it up for two, two weeks, we're gonna you know, we're gonna Brace for impact here, we're gonna make sure our system doesn't get overrun. And then we can go about our business. Remember, Nancy Pelosi was out there encouraging people to go to some what some event in San Francisco, you had de Blasio and others doing the same thing in New York City, literally days, a couple of weeks as Trump was shutting down travel to China, remember this, he was called a racist for this because the only reason that the left can understand at the time, the only reason Trump would possibly have considered shutting down travel to and from China was because he's a racist. It's just idiotic stuff. We've gone through this for so long. People are just they're fed up with this. They are they're fed up with the shenanigans and the games that we have to play. I'm not I'm not talking about whether or not this I'm not suggesting it's not real. I'm not suggesting is not something that can do a lot of damage and kill people. I'm not suggesting any of that. I'm suggesting that there's more to this equation, our way of life, our economy, right inflation, stagflation, all of these things. What about treating people like human beings? Again, I was talking with my wife here. I think it might have been during this trip maybe maybe end of last week? I don't know. But I remember we were talking about this. And I said, it's just striking to me how what, what this masking and what this social distancing has done psychologically to people, right? Suddenly we go from people being viewed as human beings created. Hopefully people started with this belief. Of course, I know many didn't, but created in the very image of God, right? And were to love God and love people. And we went from that mindset to many people. We're almost taught now that people are nothing more than spreaders of germs. We're carriers for COVID-19 and God only knows what else and then you put a mask on a person you tell him you can't get close to a person you can't handshake you can't touch. Some people haven't seen their grandchildren in aeons. Some people go along with all this stuff. They're worried about transmitting the disease. They believe that if they're healthy, they can make someone else sick and all just this whole thing, right, the healthy should be quarantined. And this this whole mess that we're in right now, to the point now, where it is, you can't go and play a basketball gamer in New York City and other places around this country. If you are unvaccinated.
And if you're not vaccinated, and you can play in the city, you've got to sit in the back of the bus ride in the back of the plane. I mean, it sounds like I'm talking about the 1950s here. Right different places to eat, you probably get different food may have a different restroom, a different water fountain, some of these things I'm adding in there, but you get the gist, I mean, literally, they want you to sit in another part of the cafeteria or the place where you're eating, they want you to sit on another part of the plane, they're not going to let you during the time in the locker room, have a locker close to the to the rest of your teammates, you're gonna have to be on the other side, somewhere else in the corner, for all I know. Then suddenly, when you go into the arena, all is good. You can get in line for warmups, be fine you can be put your hand in the circle, right? When the team comes together, they all touch hands, you can guard a guy you can you can body him up in the post, you can probably get nose to nose. If it gets intense out there on the court, that's fine. The second the game's over, you better get yourself back into isolation. Back in the corner. I mean, this folks, this has happened in what 20 months, whatever the year and a half roughly. We have gone from normalcy to this. And there are people whether it's fear, whether it's just blind trust in the government, it's a combination of things, I don't know, necessarily case by case, but who are all on board with this, who are cheering along. And now, Kyrie Irving for the Brooklyn Nets. If I ever if I say the New Jersey Nets in this program, it's because when I was growing up, that's that's what they were the New Jersey Nets, but the Brooklyn Nets Brooklyn, New York. So he cannot play players cannot play in cities that require vaccination if they are not vaccinated. So he already you know, he's he's from Brooklyn, so half their games are in Brooklyn, New York. So that means 41 games out of 82. He can't play. So the team said, the team said, You know what, we don't want a guy that's only going to be playing 50% of the time. So it's an all or nothing thing for us. So you either get vaccinated, so you can play here, or you choose not to get vaccinated, and you can't play at all. And so Kyrie Irving, whatever may be wrong with this guy, a lot of other levels, all that aside, has said, I'm not getting vaccinated. And he's, you know, explain some, to some degree, he seems like he's confident in his choices. I mean, from what I'm hearing. He doesn't sound like he's getting too much pressure, he's getting some pressure. I will say this. I've even heard folks like LeBron James, and I am not a LeBron James fan. In fact, buckle up, I wouldn't, at some point, put the look, go say that he's not going to run for office. I think that at some point, be ready to see LeBron James name somewhere in politics. He's alluded to this before Heck, I think he's even alluded to running for president. So just keep that in the back of your mind as we talk about this, but even he's come out and his the fencer, and and stood up for teammates, he's got a team mate was a teammate that someone didn't get vaccinated.
So you're seeing guys Dream on green of the Golden State Warriors. That's San Francisco. He's actually up there defending Andrew Wiggins, who's another player in the NBA who's not gotten vaccinated. There's some of these guys that have not gotten vaccinated and look if you want to get vaccinated get vaccinated. I just think if you don't want to get vaccinated, this this idea of brute force, or just humiliation intimidation, it's just it's way out of control is what it is. And it's now taking away the livelihood of some of these guys Now, granted, they make tons of money but to me that's that's really irrelevant. You shouldn't say well, you make a lot of money. So suddenly you lose your your freedoms. That's something that apparently flies in the UK or in Australia, but it shouldn't fly anywhere, and in particular, shouldn't fly here in the United States of America. The wealthy have been demonized so much, who knows, I don't care what they make, they should be free to make choices. They should be free to make choices. I sometimes, you know, when I think back to when I started this program, you think about when you say things years later, you think those are, oh, I never thought I would say someone has a right to make a choice. I never thought I would have to say that. But I do. I do have to say that because of what's going on in the world. So for the games, so if if there's a state law or mandate or whatever, in a particular NBA arena where that arena resides, these guys won't get paid. So Kyrie Irving forfeited half of his salary already, because he cannot play in in Brooklyn. And probably slightly I don't know if there's another state or arena that does that as well. But regardless, half of his salary roughly is gone because he can't play and you don't, they don't know you money. Apparently, if you can't play because you didn't comply with some forced rule now, and the other games, which is roughly half I think it's $15 million or something that's, that's half his salary. Which good for him. I guess. By the way. I can hear some of you telling me the MBAs overpaid. I get all that but that's what the markets determined it's worth anyhow, so they still owe him 15 or 17. Something like that million dollars to not play. to not play reminds me of the Pacers. There was a pacer a few years ago named Jamaal Tinsley. It's been several years ago, and Larry Bird actually told him Don't come. We we don't want you here at all, we're still gonna cut you a check, because we have to per year contract, but don't show up. Because you're not good for the team. That was what happened then. This is that except for this is about a personal decision. So I want to talk about this today I want to play some sound bites from the NBA Commissioner, Charles Barkley, T and T. And I want to talk a little bit about some other things and some, some that I pointed out early on the kind of the what I want to save the standard that this might set for other issues, right? If someone can declare an emergency on health, what other things might the government try to declare an emergency on. And then the chief executive, which is in this case, Joseph, our Biden, President of the United States, can use his temporary authority to make all sorts of whims and wishes and dictates and I think, look, you can still believe COVID is a real thing, still believe that we should, you know, want to eradicate this and beat this thing. And still, you know, have all those concerns and believe that people should get vaccinated if they want to all that stuff, but also realize that there is a group of people, some bad old brains out there who are paying attention. They're paying attention to how we respond, they're paying attention to how much we resist, they're paying attention to who complies. They're paying attention to how much people fight back, they're paying attention to all this. And they're paying very close attention because folks, they they are enemies of liberty, these people have existed since the beginning of time. Since man was created. There have been enemies since the fall the enemies of creation of a freedom of choice of truth. And they're out there and they're paying attention and some of them hold positions of power. And that's a scary scary thing to have to think about. So quick timeout is needed here. We'll get into these things when we return. Sit tight back in just a minute.
Welcome back my friends by the way. By the way, this program Brought to you in part by our friends at Wallace construction. I know we're near the end of the season here in the good weather season in the season where you're maybe thinking about paving having some concrete work done but there's still some nice weather days that'll that'll be out there. Consider reaching out to our friends at Wallace construction Wallace construction, Inc, I NC Wallace construction is the website reached out to them and see if they can help you or maybe it's a good time to get on the calendar for next spring. If it's something you're looking at in 2020 at Wallace construction Be sure to tell him you heard about him here on The Todd Huff Show. So I mentioned Before the break, just this I mean, mess that we've gotten ourselves in. Right? We were in a mess. And we're in a mess. Because collectively as a society, we have been asleep at the wheel. Right? We have we have been, I'm not talking to most of you. I'm sure someone would listen in my voice would say, you know what I was asleep. I understand that. I think there's a time maybe for all of us even, especially, you know, even if it's when you're just a kid, and no idea the world was as big and that our lives were so controlled by what happens in places of government. But as we grow and learn, and our eyes are open to things we begin to understand. And I just certain degree, I guess that's true for for everybody, but some folks had just, you know, ignored it and allowed it to happen, because maybe it didn't affect them directly. Right, maybe it just affected somebody else. So it doesn't get your attention. It's easy to to, to ignore that some people can say, wow, that's his problem, or her problem, or, I don't know what's going on there. That's nothing for me to worry about. But now, what we've done is we fed a beast, and that beast grows and that beast has an appetite. And that beast suddenly grows to a point where it's telling people how close they can stay into one another. And then it's telling people that in order to fly across the country, or whatever, to go in, to, uh, to the National Park, inside a building, you got to wear a mask, or whatever it is today, I can't even keep up with all this. All this nonsense and silly stuff. Anyhow, that's out of control as far as I'm concerned. So now we're to the point where the NBA is, I mean, basically creating two classes of citizens that not just the NBA, not just the NFL and sports but in all aspects of life. It's happening in states and cities. You probably know people that you work with or that are in your family that think that you're maybe if you've not been vaccinated, you're a second class citizen, you're part of the problem. You don't care about their well being or if you did, you would have gotten you would have gotten the jab. So I want to play this conversation. I want to play two sound bites. The first is Adam Silver. NBA Commissioner, talking with Ernie. It's earned his last name, I'm drawing a blank on T. tn T. drawn a blank on earnings last name, but he's one of the guys that sits up there with Barkley and Ernie Johnson, with Barkley and Shaquille during halftime or before games, and Kenny Smith as well. But I want you to listen to this. I want you to listen to this exchange between Ernie Johnson who's a reporter, if you will at TNT and NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver. Here's the dialogue about Kyrie Irving he's a player for the Brooklyn Nets. He's a guard that matters. I'm sure somebody out there thinks that guards should get vaccinated and not forwards or senators or who knows. But Adam Silver is talking about this with Ernie Johnson.
Adam, let's talk. Look, your league is at 96% vaccination rate on your among your players. But there's so much talk about one of the guys who hasn't done it, Kyrie Irving. And so now and you have said, Look, this is not an NBA against Kyrie or vs Kyrie thing. This is a New York City law or regulation, and how it pertains to Kyrie yet it is an issue that impacts the product that's put on the floor. If you could sit down with Kyrie Irving, what would you tell him?
I'd tell him to get vaccinated first and foremost for himself and his family, next for his teammates, and his community, and also for the league that I know he cares so much about. I understand you know, that it's not just Kyrie there are people in this country who disagree with the notion of getting vaccinated. But these from everything that I understand, science is firmly on the side of getting vaccinated. And this is, in essence, a miracle vaccine think where we are Ernie. You know, when we first stopped this season, and we all spoke, and then when we went into the bubble, and we started last season, and then this vaccine came along, and it's already saved 10s of millions of lives, 10s of millions and I think at some point that's for Kyrie to be an engaged member of society, putting aside this league. He needs to get vaccinated, and that's you said that's the law in New York. I don't know in New York, I need to look at play in arena. If you want to visit an arena, you want to participate money in an activity in arena, you need to be vaccinated, and that's where he finds himself. And that's where we are as a league. And here I am in Milwaukee, where after we give out the rings tonight, the Bucs will be playing the nets. And I wish you were here
then I mean, do something about it. I guess. I need to look this up. I don't know. Most of the time, these are not laws most of the time and this. This is such a sleight of hand laws are not passed by Governor's or mayor's laws are signed by governors. Right laws are signed by presidents but they didn't write them. Well, they might have written them and handed them to someone has to pass the House and the state legislature in this particular example, or I suppose maybe the New York City Council or whatever governing power to be there is they could have passed some ordinance or law. But I don't know that that's what's happened here. And what is this? If Kyrie wants to be a member of a member of society? What in the world is this I this stuff? This, this wouldn't get gotten laughed at, you know, 18 months ago, even when this started? Remember two weeks to flatten the curve. Now, if you want to be a participating member of society, is that what the phrase he used I, I got bored with the nonsensical drivel I was listening to. But is this really he's the Commissioner of all NBA players. He's the commissioner. He's chastising them. And I guess I loved what he said to that based upon what I've read and understand. The science is clear. Oh, I guess we're gonna base everything upon what Adam Silver NBA Commissioner has read and understands about science. The science has spoken. Oh my gosh, no, the scientists have spoken. Some of them are mostly the liberal scientists, mostly the scientists. I shouldn't say mostly, they're many. The ones who were the most vociferous or the most adamant about this are the ones if you look at where they're getting paid from probably getting paid, probably getting paid somewhere by the government or some government organization. So they're happy to, you know, to continue the research and, again, you can say that without saying it's fake. I mean, you can say these things. You can raise these questions. Adam Silver, the complete audacity and arrogance, the self righteousness, carry the first what would you tell Kyrie I'd tell him to get vaccinated? That's what David so are. Adam Silver says here David Stern used to be the commissioner Adam Silver says I would tell him to get vaccinated. I would sit him down carry for your family. Can you not care as much about your family carry as I care about your family? get vaccinated for your family get vaccinated for your teammates get vaccinated for this league? I don't want to have to deal with this. I'm just trying to run a league here can't you be a responsible participating member of society? How what a bunch of bunk? That's absolutely unequivocally what this is a bunch of bunk and I'm gonna play a soundbite from Barkley who I honestly genuinely joy enjoy most the time and find myself agreeing with in many cases that we might sound crazy sometimes with the way he says things But anyhow, it doesn't stop there. This is this is becoming the new cool thing in certain circles, to criticize and mock those who don't toe the line quick timeout back here in just a minute.
Welcome back. So I don't I want to move on from this but I think don't get it don't get stuck on the sport or this being sports. This is larger than that. This is just how we are now dealing with people who want to participate in life, right? Go to the grocery store, you know, there CNNs over there, you know, talking about you know, making people making it harder on people, right? There's been people out there saying these things, make it hard on people difficult on people. msnbc was the station that said, hey, you've got a choice. You can homeschool your kids stay at home work from home. You know, order your groceries online live as a hermit. What's the big deal? This is what they say. I'm just telling you what they say. So let's play Barkley Barkley. I don't have the part where Kenny Smith shares his his comments, but I do have the part where Barkley is sharing his response to what Kenny Smith had said and Barclays, Charles Barkley is not happy about this doesn't get why people don't understand the vaccine. He's proud of the NBA. He wishes the NBA could find some loophole, Neil like Chuck Schumer's team, they find all sorts of ways where they can use budget reconciliation 25 it's only been able to be used once or twice a year, until Chuck Schumer's interns find that there's, you know, 57 ways to use it. Never people never knew before. Those maybe Schumer's interns need to go to the NBA be commissioned by Barkley to figure out how do we not pay Kyrie Irving for not playing in the games that we told him he couldn't play in? I mean, it's crazy. It really is, is I want to say some days. I'm not going to it's crazier than heck. So here's Barkley. Here's Barkley taking his turn now at no going after Kyrie Irving
your buddy over here is grimacing Chuck.
First of all, you don't get the vaccine put yourself you get it for other people. I'm not saying Hold on. I got vaccinated I can't wait to get the booster. I don't you don't get vaccinated just for yourself. Like Adam said, you get vaccinated for your family first. You get vaccinated for your teammates second things like that. That's what bothered me about this whole thing I think everybody should get vaccinated don't live proud of the death of putting their foot down for say no, we're not gonna deal with his half on half on half off. Now one thing that bugged me he's still gonna make $17 million sitting at home I wish they could find a way if he wants to go on this thing. But you know people say he's like Ali first of all don't ever compare anybody to ali ali went three years without boxing me with the highest paid athlete in the world. This guy go make Sep $17 million for sending home, but to every person. You don't get vaccinated just for yourself.
This is beyond I just I don't even follow. I they just they just grab on to these talking points. You don't get vaccinated for yourself. And what they've done is and I have to tell you, they are the people who are coming up with the messaging on this stuff. It's, it's effective, it has it's just like on a probably ruffle some feathers here. But it's just like when people say they're in favor of, you know, I'm not against recycling or anything like that. But they want to do their part. So they'll take um, I got an aluminum can here, you can't see it. But I'm squeezing it right there. They, they think you know what, instead of dealing I think I've heard Jordan Peterson talking about this, instead of dealing with the real problems in my real life that I that I'm you know, maybe ignoring or not wanting to deal with, I can deal with some abstract thing that I'm never going to be able to measure whether or not is made any noticeable difference whatsoever. But I've made myself feel good about it. Right? And so, again, I'm not against recycling, I'm just using the point because it's an emotional thing for some people, right? I'm really not if you want to recycle, there's nothing wrong with recycling at all. Nothing. But the point is, people want to think in terms of something so big that they you know, again, they don't have to deal with some of the real issues and their own life and it becomes like this. It becomes like a moral stamp on your arm. I'm a good person, I recycle. I ride my bike to work. I don't eat beef, I'm vegan. This isn't me I'm don't do any of those things. But on top of that, I got vaccinated and I wear my mask, I might wear two masks and public like Fauci said and two masks goggles, a face shield, plastic gloves. You know, I'm just out there caring about people. Right? That's that's what this does. And it's gotten so far out of control. I mean, it's there's no end in sight for this. I mean, there really isn't. It's, it's, in fact, in many ways, it's probably poised to get worse, but I just wanted to talk about that today. We haven't talked about this in a while. I've seen this Kyrie thing for a little bit and I thought, you know what, here on Friday, we want to get to this so quick timeout is an order we'll shift gears when we get back. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends I want to continue to talk about, I don't wanna talk about COVID. Specifically, I want to talk about these. This This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., written by Brad Palumbo, headline states spent at least 90 million with an M. dollars on vaccine lotteries. Studies show they accomplished nothing. Nothing. So the takeaway here is that, and I'm reading from this article from Well, it's from, excuse me. And the study was published by Journal of American Medical Association Health Forum. And it says this researchers examined the 19 states with the vaccine lottery schemes and compare them to states that did not enact such programs. The authors conclude that the impact these lotteries had on increasing vaccination rates was, quote, very small in magnitude, and statistically indistinguishable from zero. So basically, $90 million was being spent by a total of 19 states to bribe people into getting this. I mean, they're every technique has been used in the book here, not only Oz, and I were talking OFF AIR here a minute ago. And I, I said to her What I would say to you, which is, I think the reason is because the people who haven't gotten vaccinated at this point have they're compelled they have strong reasons not to get vaccinated and some chance of winning a lottery just doesn't even compete with these folks. Better yet. What about the the free doughnuts or whatever else they were given away? I mean, it's just it's, it's patronizing. To think about this, come get a free doughnut, come get, get your chance to win the weekly drawing for a million bucks. If we inject you with something that you in some cases, if it's got a border, aborted fetal cells in it, right, potentially, anyway, at least and what was tested. People are saying it's just not, I'm not going to violate my moral conscience on this $90 million down the tube, I just, it is so perfect for the way government thinks and operates. This is the way they do everything. blow through our money, nothing to show for it. And if you don't comply, they're gonna ratchet it up. Forget about giving you the carrot, it's not a break time to break out the stick. quick timeout, back here in a minute.
You know, one more thing that I guess share with you, you may have seen this reported by disclose TV or disclosed that TV, OSHA is not requiring businesses to report what negative side effects from the COVID 19 vaccination? That's right there were they're not requiring this. This is. This goes against one of the rules rule. What is it 29 CFR 1904. which requires employers to record whether or excuse me record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination vaccination at least through May of 2022. So that's out there as well folks, I gotta go have a great weekend. See you Monday. Take care