Virginia Votes Republican

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the rights here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
You know I am busting at the seams I am. What do you say chomping at the bit, I'm ready to get after it this morning. Because there is a lot of stuff happening. A lot of things we're going to try to dissect and get through and we're doing a basically an autopsy here for the Democrat Party. Just for this election, I want to be clear, this is not I don't want to be misunderstood. And this is not unnecessary, or extravagant celebration, I don't believe in that I do think we should be pleased with with where we are in relation to the things that are being done to the American people. By today's radical leftists Welcome to the program, I am your host the one and only very lovable or caring as Russ used to say, all syncing off all feeling Todd Huff email, Todd, at the Todd huff You can also connect with us on our online community community the Todd huff And folks it is good to be here. As I said yesterday, we are a little bit ahead. This is I I feel the need to share this with you simply because of where we are and how quickly things can change and information can I guess unfold. We are recording a little bit before. We're not if you're listening during the morning drive, you're not listening to this live, we're just sharing this the the evening before. So if something happens between now and then I just want to make sure that you understand that what I'm dealing with the facts as we know them now could change between now. And the time that you actually hear my beautiful voice. So this is yesterday, all right. Election Day was a very good day for sanity for logic and reason for limited government. For the folks on the side of doing things as adults, the folks on the side of living in accordance with our Constitution, the folks on the side of limited government and conservatism. Again, it doesn't mean that it was a clean sweep, it just means that it was a good day. In fact, the left really should have its proverbial tail between its legs, if I'm even allowed to use that symbolism and analogy in today's world, but they should they should have their tail between their legs because they got shellacked on election night. They got shellacked they should not have on paper. Now I'm I want you to understand what I'm saying here. I'm not saying when I say the left should not have lost the governor's race in Virginia. It's not because I think that they make any sense or that their vision for America is what we should have. I'm simply saying based upon based upon where we supposedly were just one year ago, one year ago from right now, the 2020 election, they should have won this race
fairly comfortably. But the American people now and there's something else I want to be clear on. There's still way too many people who either buy into socialism, the worldview that's embraced by the radical left, which is one that welcomes and even idolizes the morally bankrupt world, the worldview of socialism. There are still a lot of folks and the difference between winning and losing is in the case of Virginia could be you know, A few, you know, 10s of 1000s of votes, right? We're not talking massive, massive amounts of victory, or, you know, separation between ideas, embraced by the radical left. And those truths that are embraced by constitutional conservatives. So that that is where we are. And that is where we're going to be, unfortunately, I think for the rest of my life, and I think, probably for, I don't know, if you're four years old, listening to my voice, it's a pleasure to have you by the way, care what your age is, is my point. If you're listening to this program in your, you know, your with your mom and dad listening to this show as a podcast, or why I have friends, or I know folks who have have kids that listen, listen with their grandparents or with their parents or what have you. And so I know that sometimes there's young years, and it's a you never can start too early. In fact, science is firmly on the side of starting early listening to this program. It's, it's probably, if we did a study on this science, it probably proved that it extends your life, probably long, many years of happiness, and bliss, because of the truths that we're proclaiming here. On this program. I'm sure that if we got a roomful of 100, scientists that at least 98 would agree with those sentiments so but no matter what your age is, the idea that we are going to be fighting this for the rest of our lives. In fact, it's what Reagan told us, freedom is always one generation away from extinction. It's always one generation away, it's left to its own devices, government will take away your freedoms, we have to be vigilant, we have to be active, we have to be engaged, we have to be persuading, we have to be out there. And we have to be on the front lines doing those things that express or articulate the truths of constitutional conservatism, the importance of these ideas, which I maintain, are critically critically important. And so in one sense, this is never going to leave us this and that's okay. And that should not intimidate you. That should that's not intended to discourage you. This is just the way that it is this is the nature of government. It is how things work, we have to understand that whether we win the 2021 election or lose whatever that even means, and what that specifically looks like, or 2022, or 2024, we're in for a long term fight. This is a marathon, it is not a sprint, this is something that is going to consume a lot of our time and energy if we care enough to preserve and pass along this great constitutional republic, this true shining city on a hill, if we want to pass that on to the next generation, we are going to have to be constantly, for all times engaged moving forward, no more apathy, no more. being asleep at the wheel, no more casually paying attention, no more trusting politicians. And I'm not saying you have done this, but Americans have they've trusted politicians, they've gotten busy, didn't pay close attention. Listen to the professional deceivers in the media. And by the time they were awakened, and thank heavens that they were many folks were awakened here in the past couple of years. By the time they were awakened, we had gone from the time they drifted into slumber until the time they were awakened. A lot had happened a lot of transpired a lot of things that were not in the best interests of the American people of our children of our grandchildren, great grandchildren.
Just truth and liberty, that those things were not being considered for many of the decisions and actions being taken by I'd say our various governments, whether it be local, statewide, or federal government, and so we're in for a heck of a fight. So let's not forget that. That being said it's also important to win elections and elections have consequences. And whether we can fully comprehend or wrap our heads around this or not. It is true that many Americans into 2020 And now we see it. We we have documented evidence and proof as to how people have reacted in just one year, folks. 12 months, radical changes 15% changes in how people voted in certain places. 15% swing at you're experiencing what it looks like to be led by today's modern leadership and the Democrat Party, which of course is often controlled, or at least strongly influenced by the extreme radical left. And thank goodness across this country. ballot initiatives, referendums, things like defunding the police replacing the police force in say, Minneapolis was defeated on a ballot initiative. Now, it only lost by I want to say 1312 or 13 points. So, you know, something like that should lose. I mean, really, it should lose 100 And nothing. But it should at least lose 90 to 10. Right. But we see, we see that people voted, I think this is one of the lessons we've learned people voted exactly how we've said on this program for a long time, they voted more against Trump because they were stirred up into a frenzy. They were told that he was dangerous. They were told that he was a fascist, they were told that he was going to establish his, I guess, kingdom and become a monarch, and a dictator. And we were steps away just millimeters away from becoming an absolute fascist state, which of course was ludicrous and absurd, absolutely ludicrous, and absurd. And those folks who were tricked or deceived or misled or didn't do their homework, or whatever you want to say, in 2020, those folks have seen and witnessed and felt what it looks like to have the antithesis, the antithetical approach to leading and governing and legislating in this great nation at right before the rise at the helm. The Democrat party led by Joe Biden, whenever he's not asleep, whenever he's not having to excuse themselves for extended bathroom breaks. I'm kidding. I just these are the stories that we hear, right, whether he's falling asleep, reading from a script, telling people what his staff has given him permission to say and do calling on reporters in an assigned order. Probably getting pre approved questions. Who knows? I mean, it seems at this point, very possible that that's the case, given how this stuff is done. He's in the what the G 20. Over there in the picture looking like he doesn't even know where he is truly. I mean, it is an unmitigated disaster. We illegal immigration, Afghanistan, economy, inflation, stagflation, freedom, liberty. Just everywhere we look tension, turmoil, crime, defund the police, all this stupid stuff. All of this stuff is brought to you courtesy of today's modern Democrat Party, and they paid for it yesterday. They paid for it on election day, I should say, keep in mind, I'm broadcasting this the day after election day, your listening two days after Election Day, but they paid for it. And I say good to that. They paid for it now, though, now comes the time. And they know it they know that they lost and there's discussions about all the reasoning, all the rationale, all the causes for where they are, why they weren't able to, you know, win the support of voters around the country in these local elections. Now, as of the time I write this, and I'm going to write this as the time I speak this
verse New Jersey has not yet been officially called it is incredibly close within within one percentage point a half a percentage point. But it appears I anything is possible. Who knows benign it, it seems to make at this particular point in time quite likely that the Democrats are going to retain the New Jersey, governor's governorship I guess. Now, on the one hand, you can say that unfortunate Republicans were so close how to Democrats have any victories given what's what's going on in in America today and people seeing The implementation of their ideas and policies right before their very eyes. But New Jersey is a solidly blue state. So there's no way in this world, this race, based upon what we've, you know, the way that it's been framed the way that, you know, just based upon how the people of New Jersey vote, there's no way that this should have been this close. I think. I think by virtue of it being this close, this is one heck of a bellwether, as to what the American people think I think a lot of the American people are like I was before kicking off this program today, chomping at the bit to get back into the voting booth back here one year from today, roughly right around this time of year, next year. We are ready. And we are looking forward to casting our votes for Republicans now, hopefully, between now and then Republicans will nominate the most conservative, constitutionally minded, freedom loving individuals that they possibly can people who can articulate a message people can who can explain and cast a vision of what conservatism really is, what Liberty really means and all those sorts of things. That would be a fantastic, fantastic thing. Now, unfortunately, where you live largely determines how, how conservative a person can get elected, right? I mean, that's, that's where we that's where we are today, unless you have a gifted politician, like say, a Reagan type, someone who's a great communicator, which of course, I'm always on the lookout for people who can communicate and persuade and inspire like he could. The people are ready people have had enough this is been this has been heavy. American people have gone through a heck of a lot here these past couple of years from COVID, to shut downs, to take your take your pick, right vaccine mandates, all the all the crazy stuff they've had pushed upon them by the radical left. And despite what we're being told by the media, things like CRT critical race theory isn't really a thing. And I've got a montage of clips of the media election night having many meltdowns upset about this, trying to determine how to spin this because there's another election on the heels of this. Well, I mean, in one sense, we're always in some sort of an election cycle. But Congress, Congress, all 435 of these jokers are going to be up for election or re election a year from now. Right. And a third of our senate is also going to be up for reelection. That's why they want to get this this monstrosity bill passed. So they can put it in the rearview mirror. So they don't have to campaign on it every day that it doesn't get passed and it moves into, you know, closer to 2022 or even into 2022. The odds of this thing passing decrease. Now, I'm not saying decreases enough to guarantee it doesn't pass. I'm simply saying that there are consequences. And the closer they get to the election, the closer they get to being held accountable by the American people, they suddenly begin to show some of these ludicrous and crazy ideas. And now, given the shellacking they took on election night here. They are telling us they're telling us that it's really about deceptive messaging by the Republicans having issues created out of thin air by Republicans issues like critical race theory. I'll talk about that. After the break long here in this segment, take a timeout listen to conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.
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Don't get mad at me, I'm gonna do this after the break. I'm going to rein this back in, get us back on schedule here. Because I want to play a couple minutes of Scarborough, I want to play some of these other sound bites and attempts to try to explain what happened election night. away by the left, I want to talk about it. I want to just go through that. I also want to talk briefly about just the notion of we still don't as of right now, when I'm talking we still don't know about New Jersey, there is absolutely no reason that in 2021 we don't have results for an election where the polls closed roughly 24 hours ago. There is zero excuse for this. Absolutely zero excuse. I've got a few thoughts on that as well. And then tomorrow. Tomorrow, I want to talk with you I want to actually have a guest on it's the plan. The plan and I've we've got it scheduled but I want to talk with a teacher who's been kind of in the middle of all all this stuff was CRT and COVID Maths and all that sort of stuff. I've had him on the television program I want him to explain. I want him to tell you what he experienced was CRT in schools and you can decide Do you believe Nicole Wallace, do you believe some of these other like Joy read or do you believe a teacher like our guest tomorrow which will let him kind of explain what he experienced. So that's what we're going to do today and tomorrow. I'm going to take a break. Listen here to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff sit tight back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friend. So let's get right to it here. Let's listen. This is Joe Scarborough, I guess yesterday morning, the morning after Election Day. I'm talking with Michael Steele, primarily. Mika Brzezinski is also here. She doesn't really I think she kind of sighs that at 1.41 of the comments he makes. But anyway, I just, this is the closest I think, to what, to someone in the media or the left really understanding what's happening here. This is a referendum on the craziest stuff. People have had enough of what's going on in their local school districts critical race theory is a thing Oh, my goodness to act like it's not a thing is crazy. And if it's not a thing that I want right now, the Democrats are serious, which I don't think that they are just for the record. Actually, I'm very confident that they're not as far as acting like this isn't serious. But if they're serious thing, go out today, and say that, no, this isn't real. But if anything like this is actually ever attempted to be implemented. We will stand against this vociferous Lee because it's not just teaching. Critical Race Theory is not just teaching children about America's racist history, that the things in our past that were racist, I am in favor of that critical race theory is about teaching children, that there are basically the color of your skin determines everything in your life, that we are separated by color. And that if you love America, or excuse me, I know you don't love America, if you're a critical race theory follower. But in order to embrace critical race through you have to hate your country and want to see it replaced by something that socialistic or even worse communistic. But this is, in fact, this is in fact, the truth. It's a real thing. It's absolutely a real thing. But listen to this. This is the closest any media figure has gotten that I found regarding what happened on election night
speaks to when the nation focuses on the big picture, President Ryan and when citizens folk focus on things that are a little bit closer to home
to 2009 Bob's for jobs right it's the same thing it's the same thing here you have a lot of people saying that we need to talk about this around the table a good bit because the Democrats are gonna have to come face to face with this issue of workers.
They don't have to talk. Not CRT
but focus on Well, CRT you have a lot of people saying, Oh, he won, based on something that's not real, that doesn't exist, CRT, or woke ism, or whatever you want to call it. I can tell you, that's the next narrative. I mean, that's all fair and stuff. I mean, I I've said this on the show before people, just because they're all racist, no, no, they're lifelong Democrats. And they're talking about what's going on on college campuses. They're talking about what's going on in high schools, they're doing it people can get mad if they want to just shoot me as Elton John said, I'm only the piano player. And I'm like, This is what we're hearing all the time. Wherever we go. when nobody's watching when the cameras are off. And when people aren't worried about people calling them bigots. It's just happening. And that played out last night Virginia did play out. I
say so. Okay, let's go back to your first point. If if you've got people Oh, well, you know, they're just you know, using this tool and it's, you know, it's not real and see it isn't okay, we'll give you that then why don't you have a counter narratives
gonna say I'm making up against it right? If you're making something up, that's not true. I'm gonna just I'm gonna chase you all over the state mock and ridicule you and people are going to be laughing at you. The fact that he kept bringing this up, and Terry didn't have an answer other than say parents shouldn't be in
classrooms. That is what happened Scarborough is right it's it's woke ism and critical race theory. These two things are at some level completely. Inseparable. It is the they are the same thing. Right? I mean, what is its woke ism is just the latest tool that's been used by the left to create separation between America, Americans, I should say and their love of their country. If you're woke you have to believe certain things about all sorts of things which include how this country was was founded and you have to hate those things. And so one of the prescribed antidotes to combat that is teaching critical race theory. This is a real thing. I mean, it has a name, right? What? There's there's books, there's professors that talk about this, they act like oh, this is just completely made up and fabricated. America, the left wants to deny, and kudos to Scarborough here, who, of course, is somewhere he's not a radical leftist. But he's confused a lot. He's not a conservative, he was Republican. But not not a conservative, Republican he's, but he has recognized that regular people don't want this and for a liberal politician running for governor in the state of Virginia, excuse me, the Commonwealth of Virginia to say, to say that parents have no voice shouldn't have a role to determine in determining what is taught in the classrooms. That is how they chose to combat that. I mean, if it was a real, why would he? Why would he respond with that? It reminds me, it reminds me as a Christian here to one of the things that people often say about the resurrection, right restaurants, the the disciples stole the body. But if you go back to the earliest documents, right, and you look at the Gospels, the guards and the the leaders actually had a meeting to figure out how they were going to, to respond to the question of where is the body and they what they didn't say was we'll try here, they had to come up with some other excuse the disciples stole the body or whatever it was to minimize the I want the time the possibility or the truth that Jesus did, in fact, raise from the dead. Likewise, if it wasn't a real thing, you wouldn't say well, teachers excuse me, well, parents don't have a right to tell teachers what to teach in the classroom, which is absurd and ridiculous and offensive and candidly anti American in and of itself. It's a form of tact and technocracy. It's a form of liberalism that is rooted in arrogance, and that the belief that the state knows better for your children than you do, which is patently absurd and ridiculous. That's why these jokers are being held accountable. They don't want to come out and admit it. Of course, they live in circles. There's hope there's so much here, right? They live in circles with other people who were radicals. And so they just can't not understand what average people in I know Virginia is not flyover country, but you get sat outside of Metropolitan DC and outside of Richmond in some of these urban you know, more cities and so forth. You'll find people that relate a heck of a lot more to people in flyover country, the heartland then you do to Big East Coast elitist cities or West Coast crazy Alita cities. And it's not complicated. It's right there for anybody who wants to see it quick time back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends so, so so so I told you I was gonna play some a montage This is courtesy of NewsBusters I want to play a little bit of this as much as we can in the time we have remaining here is MSNBC, Nicole Wallace and some guests there.
Glenn younguns interviews on Fox News and he did nothing but Claire's, he did not mean he worshiped at the altar of Donald Trump on Fox News. He flew in insurrection flag at his rallies, he simply didn't. He played dumb about a zoom rally. He did not really put much distance between himself and Donald Trump on the big lie, or the deadly insurrection in which police officers were maimed by flagpole. So I think that the the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn't real, turn the suburbs 15 points to the Trump interaction endorsed Republican critical race
theory was a law. And I think we need to go on the offense a little bit. And Terry McAuliffe tried to do this say it's a lie. They know it's a lie. But are you scared for your kids to learn about slavery, or lynching or housing discrimination? are we raising kids to be that weak? Like I think sometimes we answer with facts that we don't believe people will believe these things, but they're not going to campaign on the level Nicole? They are going to lie. They will say anything. If this is a boxing match, they're bringing heavier gloves and knifes in their boots
Trump approved Republican Glenn younguns closing message to Virginia voters has almost singularly singularly focused on weaponizing race, stoking hysteria over the coded boogeyman of critical race theory, which is not currently taught in any Virginia Public School for promoting banning Toni Morrison's Beloved, this epic novel, a Pulitzer Prize winning seminal work of Americana, that renounced the horrors of slavery. So we're gonna we're gonna talk to a teacher tomorrow, who's from from the state of Virginia, who's going to tell us exactly, exactly those things that he was fired for not going along with critical race theory, which is crazy, because that's not a real thing, I guess, and public schools. So quick timeout. Come back and wrap things up here today. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, I'm gonna play a little bit more of this stuff, just to give you a flavor. Other guests on MSNBC and other places trying to they're just shocked. I mean, Democrats won in 2020. They have no questions about election integrity, this nation in their mind is moving left and poof, why wouldn't Americans want to go along with all the woke nonsense? Here's another person on MSNBC.
Joy is just the most recent more eloquent iteration of of the Southern strategy, right? Whether it be Crosstown busing, whether it be the welfare queen, whether it be defund the police. This original sin of America keeps evolving and critical race theory is, is is the most, most latest and most eloquent, quite frankly, iteration of the Southern strategy in a way, quite frankly, to tribal eyes, an election to tribal eyes and electorate in a way to drive up drive up the white vote.
So all those things that he listed are false. I mean, there's no way around it. He lists there. I mean, those things are, are not real critical. Race Theory, of course, being the one that that we're focusing on everything is because of race. In America, there's no, there's not actually people in the Democrat Party who are trying to push these things. I mean, this is not serious. I mean, they want it to be construed as serious, they want you to think that they're sophisticated, and they're so smart. They see these, you know, these, they just see things that we don't see they're there to explain them to us. But they don't have any basis. In reality. They're not rooted in sense. They just, they just come up with anything that avoids having to look at reality. They don't want to deal with truth. They just don't. I mean, we're we're embarking upon the truth tour. My goal on this program every day is to of course, entertain, educate and energize those folks who are conservative and conservative Christians as well. That's That's my objective, but I also I also want people to hear and receive truth. May we all win if that's the case, right? But that's not how the left looks at it. They lose an election, they got to spin it, and I get it. I do. It's easier than facing the cold hard truth and now they want people to think crap, the things that we've been telling people they're rejecting. So let's just tell them we weren't telling them that defunding the police is another one. I gotta go SDG See you tomorrow. Take care.