CRT: Is It Real Or A Campaign Invention Of Republicans?

Attention, you're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio, be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
conservative, not bitter indeed, you're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And I'm your host, Todd Huff. It's a pleasure as always to be here. As you know, we are broadcasting our schedules a little bit different because of our launching of the truth tour. And so I'm broadcasting this a little bit earlier than what we have maybe done in the past. So some of the things that we are, I guess, dealing with, you know, in politics and so forth, they may be timing may affect what I what I know now might be different from what's going on, you know, regarding these races, and so forth with Virginia's governor, and of course, New Jersey's governor, which they've now even now called the New Jersey governor for the Democrat. But the, the the election, the election of what we saw on election night here a couple of nights ago, was was devastating to the left, absolutely, positively, devastating for the left. They really have the races they won, they were supposed to win by bigger margins, the folks that were on the radical left, I'm thinking about this mayor of buffalo who won the Democratic primary, but then the more moderate Democrat won on as a write in candidate, right. So we have all these things, ballot initiatives for defunding the police that thankfully, lost. And it was just a resounding defeat all the way down to school. But I mean, folks are winning school board elections now. And it's because because of things that are being taught in the schools and the issues that matter, and we're being told, and this is what I want to get to today, I told you yesterday that we were going to have a guest, Dan Ferreira, who's a teacher at Albemarle. He was a teacher at Albemarle County Schools in Virginia. We'll get him on in just a moment. But I want to set this up a little bit, because Nicole Wallace, on MSNBC, and not just Nicole Wallace, also I've seen you meet she Alcindor, who's one of the members of the White House press corps, asking questions, basically saying that this narrative of critical race theory being an actual issue in schools is false. It's Republicans lying, and voters being too stupid to understand the truth and the difference. And so, as I've heard this, this is a recurring thing. Because whenever the Democrats lose an election, especially something as embarrassing as this, right, I mean, this has been at least 12 months in the making folks voted for Biden, and they didn't actually vote for Biden, a lot of folks voted against Trump. And now they're saying what Biden and folks that believe the things Biden believes and has the worldview, that vial that Biden has, they see what happens when that's implemented across the country. And it's devastating, right? I mean, open borders, problems, worse problems in Afghanistan. You know, economic problems, inflation, stagflation, all this sort of stuff happening. And then on top of that, the crazy stuff that's being taught, or pushed upon us, in our school systems, this all filters down from the top from the radical left. This is not being brought to you courtesy of the Republican Party. I'm not a I'm not a defender of the Republican party all the time, but they're not the ones that are ushering this stuff in. And so the narrative now is that critical race theory is is made up, Republicans were able to successfully use that issue to get votes, basically, by lying to people. And so I thought it would make sense to bring in someone who would actually tell us and I'm going to welcome to the program, Dan Ferraro, who was a middle school teacher in Albemarle County Schools in Virginia, which I understand is near or outside of Charlotte's Charlottesville Virginia. So Dan is on the phone with me now. Dan, welcome to the program. We want to hear about your story today. How are you?
Hey, Todd, thanks for having me. I'm, I'm doing really well. Just interested in that I'm kind of looking back over this stuff again. And well, yeah, what had happened to me was I was, I guess, an early person from a before they had, I guess, generated a playbook on how to deal with teachers that were not interested in indoctrinating students.
So let's My first question to you is when you hear these pundits, Nicole Wallace, you mici, I'll send her now. And there's lots of others. When you hear them say, critical race theory isn't really a thing and isn't an issue. It's not being taught anywhere in Virginia, maybe they say anywhere period. What's your response to that? I mean, would you say that they're right? Are you saying your experience was something altogether different?
Oh, first of all, those specific people that was speaking with me, I'd say, how would you possibly know what's going on inside of a school in Virginia, and they really, you know, the concept of it, but not existing. Now, it's completely false, in my experience, and others, of course, but my personal experience is that they may say they're not doing it, but they'll call it something else. Even if it's the same acronym, but different, you know, mean to different things. Like, for instance, culturally responsive teaching, is another CRT. And so that way, when I complain or tell people that, you know, the teachers that are still there, they have training on CRT, it's so obvious, they'll say, Oh, that's not what CRT means. It doesn't mean critical race theory, it means culturally responsive teaching, which is really just another way of saying That's right.
And so critical race theory at its core is essentially, it's not just and this is this is misrepresented by the the media and the in the left as well. They act like the choice and it's a false choice. They act like the choice is to either teach the things America has done in its past that had been racist from slavery to the way that things were, you know, what life was like prior to the Civil Rights Movement, and all these sorts of things. They say you either teach America's you know, not so flattering racial history, or you you teach critical race theory, but critical race theory is much more than that. It's, it's teaching people that they're more different than they're like, it's teaching people that race is the ultimate identifier. And I think it's used to get people to hate the founding principles of this nation so that we can replace this nation with something more as they would say, progressive, which of course, is more regressive. So you saw this on the front lines? I mean, tell us let's go through your story. You. You saw some curriculum or just a new teaching approach, maybe paint the picture of what happened? And then what actually got you into trouble, I guess.
Okay. Well, the actual school division verbage for it right, is that I had violated multiple school board violations that occurred, me essentially because I had expressed a disagreement with curriculum to families without sharing concerns to the Henley middle school administration prior to sending. And so that refers to an email that I sent to the parents of the group of students that I was teaching for. In the morning, when they come in, like basically the homeroom or the we call it advisory section, which is supposed to be to help them throughout their day and work with them on communicating with other teachers and things to help them learn how to navigate their, their lives in the school. But they also want to make sure they have some other things there. Well, what I decided to do was, let's get these, these lessons in there that are going to help kids work through identity, and their sense of belonging, and all these things that kids in middle school struggle with, through the lens of specific slides, the principal would put out with short notice, claiming to the parents that Oh, no, no, everything was done ahead of time when in fact, the teachers were were getting it just, you know, days before. And so I saw that and what was coming up next I talked about some of the things in the slides, the Google slides that were to go through and see what was coming next. What was next with ybr Max candy, saying that America is a dangerous and racist country that we've got to protect students from and protect them from understanding that the past does have something to do with the future. Of course, these are the people that recommend tearing down monuments and statues of the
path. So really quickly let what age student were you teaching?
These would be Middle School. Seventh grade. So we're talking about safe 1213 year old, probably 13 year old,
and this candies are I mean, radical. I mean, he is off the charts radical. And this is your curriculum. And he's also involved with the notion the concept. I mean, he's one of the people that's involved with promoting and teaching critical race theory. Am I right?
Yeah, absolutely. And the defense is that oh, no, no, that's recommended reading. But that's not in the curriculum. In fact, CRT is not a curriculum. Well, it's interesting, because in the discipline documents, for me, they've used the term curriculum multiple times. This is before they found out that their unofficial leaders, in the extreme left, don't want schools to call it curriculum. They didn't know that yet, I guess is what I'm thinking. Because these are not. These are not individualized school decisions. These are broad reaching things to reach as much as the young societies, they can change their opinions and their minds about America to a destructive opinion. And to feel like they've got to tear it down in order to make it better. And so they followed the likes of evomax candy and this other one singleton and several these race, baiting hucksters that have come in at the right time to cash in on this whole concept of people. I gotta say, dumb people that are willing to say that, Oh, yes, my people are very oppressive to everyone else. And I feel guilty about that. So I want to tell everybody, and tell the kids especially to treat people based on race First, look through the lens of race, because if you look like this person, and have you know, that race, well, we're gonna flip it around, that used to be the dominant race, but it's no fair, we want the under group the oppressed to become the oppressors instead. And that's what it's all about. They want to change the entire way America is, and it's anti American, and anti Christian.
That's right. And so you saw this curriculum coming and you thought to yourself, Okay, I don't this is the stuff that I'm not comfortable with. I don't like you wanted to get some input from the parents on this, which is, really, I mean, it's the antithesis of what Governor Makawao, former Governor McAuliffe wanted, which was he said that parents shouldn't be telling teachers what to teach in schools, but you're trying to actually figure out how to navigate this. And you'll get feedback from your parents, which I think is a good thing. So you did that. And then, and then kind of explain what happened.
Right. So I did that. And it so happens that there was one parents that had already bought this garbage hook line and sinker for himself. I guess I wasn't counting on it. Because I, I'd known some of the students, it was a spring by then I actually thought that parents would be appreciative and say, Oh, wow, I didn't realize they were doing this. Well, what happened was the one who's already bought this stuff, and really enjoys it was had a complaint just went to the principal and said, Hey, did you know if he knows was teacher sent this email, and he's disagreeing with the curriculum and the email? You know, I was being turned in. So why, but
what did you say in the email? I mean, what was the the gist of it?
The gist is that it's just, you know, hey, parents, just a quick note here, you may have noticed some things that you're still was talking about school with part of these critical or not critical, these courageous conversations at school, and explained what some of it was that we talked about a couple of these things in the concept book coming up next, a little bit controversial, I believe. And I'm not sure how to approach it other than to let you know, this is required teaching. I don't know if you were allowed to opt out of it, or if you knew about it ahead of time, but this is what's going to be happening in the next few days. And I did not go to the administrator and say, I want to question this or ask this or anything like that. So they had tracked all my emails, and they said that, well, here's an email from a parent that you spoke with, that had said that they didn't have they can't believe that the parents didn't know about it, and they would have opted out if they knew about this. And then you took that upon yourself to tell all the other parents that they didn't have the opportunity out that when in fact they did. And then later it was exposed that this, this principal and another teacher, they basically were in agreement in another parent meeting where they had said that, no, there can't be opting out of it, because it's so important this work is going to be infused throughout all the subjects. So that again,
they didn't want people knowing. I mean, it sounds like they didn't want people knowing what they were trying to sneak in and subtly teach the students, which is a major problem.
Yeah, even to an extent. And one slide, there was something that was seen the eighth grade parents had gotten that leaked out as well. And it said that what he talked about here in this classroom about this, you should not talk about outside this classroom because it'd be out of context. In other words, don't tell your parents the things that we're talking about my gosh, but that got out to the parents of Henley Middle School in Albemarle County, Virginia had a big mess. And they thought we got to get Ferreira out of this because he's the one who leaked everything's DNC. Breitbart into it, he brought everybody. But actually, I did not speak to anyone at Breitbart until after some of the things had leaked out. And then I was approached that like, Oh, my goodness, wait a minute. Is this the you know about this? I was like, yeah, let me tell you what happened. What do you have? And we compared things. And they had stuff that didn't even come for me came from some other teacher who was able to keep themselves hidden somehow. Anyhow, it was a huge controversy. And, you know, it ended with right off to the superintendent and the school board every appeal, saying, No, mister, that's not what happened. You were not let go based on your ideology, which they called it an ideology. I never said ideology. All I wanted to do is actually just partner up with parents and say, how can we work through this, there's got to be some things that people did a lot of work to put this together. I don't know. And at the time, I didn't know much about law for the same document. Kendi, but Ibram X kendi. I didn't know much about I said, You know what, these people they put some work into still gotta be some good substances, let's work together and see what we can do. But it apparently wasn't, you know, accepting of it. And, you know, that's where you can express disagreement with curriculum to families. What that basically said, which meant that, in that one action, I had violated professional behavior, unsatisfactory work, performance, insubordination, failure to follow supervisors instruction, you know, anything they could remotely think about, yeah, to keep that secret. But basically, I didn't keep a secret that I didn't even know was supposed to be a secret, because I thought we were a public school.
That's right. So then I told you, I thought we could do this, I need to take a break. Can you can you sit with me and maybe wrap up here in the next segment with us? Sure. Thank
you. Okay,
so we're gonna take a timeout, folks. And when I've been told maybe a little bit more about it, the rest of the story. And just again, the context here is that we're being told and this is coming next. This is this is the Democrats in the media, doing damage control, trying to explain away what happened in this particular election, where they got so lacked, they got shellacked. And they're trying to find a way to prevent this from happening in November of next year, and the 2022 midterms because they know what's coming. So they have to say, this does being made up by conservatives, by Republicans, by apparently by teachers like, like, Dan, he must just be making this up completely out of whole cloth here because critical race theory is taught nowhere. It doesn't even exist. I mean, it's a remarkable thing, folks. So talk about those things after the break. Sit tight back here in just a minute.
All right, my friends. Welcome back. I'm with Dan Ferriero. He was a public school teacher at Albemarle County Schools in Virginia, and I use that in past tense because that's what he was before he got himself into hot water over this critical race theory stuff. And when we left off, we talked about how Dan had simply tried to involve the parents, you know, hey, this is coming up. This is a difficult subject to, to talk about, to be honest, I don't really know what to do. He had mentioned that there was at least at one point in time and you know, the opting out situation which again, it seems like to me, parents should, you know, need to be aware of, and that's kind of where this we left off. So Dan after after a parent who actually is apparently a critical race theory, believer, I guess, someone who's all about this being too They went to the principal, then you got in trouble. There were meetings and reviews and that sort of thing, I guess walk us through what happened next.
Okay, so what happened was, there was one thing simultaneously, first of all, outside of what was going on with me, the principal and the school division was trying desperately to mold the narrative within the media, to stay ahead of what I was saying publicly. And also, the meetings that we were having, were giving me the legit opportunity here, what I did wrong. And then I would get the opportunity at those meetings to, I guess, state my side of things, but that they really weren't interested in that they just didn't go through a series of processes. Before they could get me out. The thing was, they wanted me to quit. This is what they do in school, they say, you know, we're just thinking in different ways, you know, we should past this point, you know, we'll give you an opportunity to resign. And that way, it will be on your, your human resources file that you, you know, didn't renew your contract, which is the deadly sin in public schools, apparently, is the question on applications and say, has your contract ever been non renewed, but they also say, Have you been given the opportunity to resign facing a non renewal, so it's, it's going to be found out anyway. And the thing about it is, it's not it's not such a big threat, as they believe it to be. So the idea is, if you disagree with one public school, then you'll probably be out of all of them, which is the truth that did happen to me. So the thing about it is every day, I'd have to go in and teach the kids, like the last six weeks or so I was still working with students. And I wasn't allowed to teach these controversial topics, because I called them controversial. Now, the kids were still getting it. They just brought someone else in to do the indoctrination that affect the library. And at one point, was really upset that I had said that to someone. And she said, we're certainly not indoctrinating. And I said, then why, you know, why can't I be in the classroom with my students? And I never got a response about that. So yeah, it just didn't go anywhere. And it just was meant to waste time. But they really did not want to put that on a school board. Agenda, that, you know, the staff actions that they have to report, they report, the comings and goings, and terminations and stuff like that. And they couldn't report mine, because then they'd be admitting that I was like, over critical race theory. So they decided to just go with the school board policy violation. But the thing is, the biggest violation that they could find was a 2019. New policy that was essentially the policy that was putting CRT into the school division, you know, which did How surprising. Yeah, it didn't exist. And if it didn't exist, yeah. And so it's been months and months of that since then. And anyhow, here I am looking back at it, working in a different school. That's not part of the public schools. But of course, there's a whole nother dilemma that that will be going on with that. But for the critical race theory part, it definitely exists. It's there, I went through it, because of the great field paint and myself and my family going through this and caused me a major pay cut, increase in benefits to the point where I no longer can use my employer for my family's benefits. It goes to my wife's employer who happens to be working for a grocery store, doing some really, you know, heavy manual labor and things like that used to be that was just a little a part time job for her. But she said, take on a more a bigger role to get insurance for our families, because it is so so expensive at this new school and working for it's a very low budget. Facility, anyhow. But all that is because there's no such thing as critical race theory. I don't think so.
So let me ask you this. So the parents in that that school district are not just the parents, but the taxpayers. The voters? Are, were they? What's the breakdown of people that thought critical race theory would be a great thing to teach versus people that would be very upset with us. What what's your, I guess assessment of that?
Well, in Albemarle County, there's a lot of people that their livelihood is tied into state functions. And like large institutions like the University of Virginia, and the medical community there and a lot of things were Well, they've had to keep a good political stance, to make sure that they're not canceled, you know, if they disagree with it. So a lot of people said that we don't undersurface disagree with these issues that exist, we just disagree with maybe the approach, and maybe not bringing it for where we could work as a community to come up with some of these things before putting it into the students. So that was an overall consensus. So they were talking about, they wanted to have a seat at the table. And I guess a much more common negotiating matter. So where I live, the next county over, which is across the mountain, in Augusta County, is a more rural area, much, people are much more straight up with what they're going to say they're tied into their livelihoods based on you know, their their own things. They're not as much tied into it, as in that Charlottesville area. And so they're a little bit more direct, and a little bit like, oh, no, we are not going to bring this into our school. So I've been working on both sides of the mountain, trying to get it to not come to the other side where I live. That's right, and to expose it on the side that's already there. And it's, it's a really tough, tough thing. So I spending a lot of time lately at school board meetings and talking to other parents in the community and trying to come up with like, what, what are they going to do next what it's going to be, because I've said before, all the different school boards in the country have been doing pretty much the same script, especially if they're in a blue state. And there's Democrat control, because the Democrats have been pushing this new world order business as much as they possibly can, during the Trump presidency, because it disrupted their plan was supposed to take a lot longer to make America a socialist nation. And so now it's not happening because the pendulum went all the way through. And people saw what it was on all kinds of sides of it. So between the two counties that I'm involved with, they're both in a position where they're like, up in arms about this, and they don't want it. But some of the parents initially tried to say that, like I understand, they were concerned about that whole canceled culture thing. And so I think as it got louder, the group that started over there got much louder, and they started about things. And now they got themselves into the school board game a bit. And so on both sides of the mountain, I was helping people support new candidate for school board to get the incumbents away from it. Because on both sides, you've had uncontested school board elections for many years, people have have it backwards. And now they figured it out. They don't have it backwards in terms of everyone's so concerned about who's the president of the United States, without barely paying a glance to who is in charge of the curriculum at their local school, which is actually where it's much more dangerous to our society to look the other way. And that's how we got into this mess. So people have waken up now
that you're exactly right on that. So and, you know, the final minute here, and we'll we'll let you go. But final minute or so here. What advice would you have, especially after hearing you say that you were involved in, you know, getting people campaigning and so forth for school board? What advice do you have for taxpayers, voters parents across the country as it pertains to their local school board? And just what points or tips and advice do you have for folks that would be listening today that don't want this to become a problem in their local district?
I would say this, read up and show up, meaning read up on these controversial issues with schools. Because if you learn about what happened in one place, be it Albemarle, Virginia, or Loudoun, Virginia, or other states as well, where it's going on, you'll see that we're talking about the same script, we're talking about CRT, we're talking about conversations that they believe are necessary for everyone to have, and all this, this things to say that there's an issue like the person, the principal at my school, so the only purpose is to bring awareness to these kinds of issues. And, you know, the idea of being anti racism is not an attack on political or religious beliefs. It's just what's necessary for, you know, kids these days, you know, to say in shorthand, but it it means that it's For a long time, they said they want to eliminate racism in schools. Well, now wait a minute, if there's racism in schools, what? Why are you you're saying you're the administrator of schools, and there's racism in schools. But couldn't you just end it, then if it's actually racism in the schools, and they cornered them on that, they'll jump another direction, and say, Oh, that's not what we're talking about. So this whole thing is word soup. From the extreme left, that is now you know, starting to be put on check with recent elections and stuff. And what I would say is, when you read up, I know what you're talking about. That way, when you show up to the school board meetings, to say, what you think you want to see in the classrooms, remind them who they work for, remind them that the school boards work for the communities, and they should be representing the communities and take some of them out of it, and tell them you're going to take them out of it. Month after month, we show up in Augusta County. And we look over what we think is going to happen next. Because I'll tell you, Loudoun County, Virginia, seems to have the debate just ahead of everywhere else in Virginia in the country. So if you see what's going on in Loudoun, you know, well, let me see, what are they going to talk about? And say, do not implement this, we don't want this. And we even bring into the factor of why are you doing this? Is there something in it, you know, are you being paid off whatever we can think of, to disrupt it, that's what you should be doing. And then also be running for school board to take over those seats. When they come up. Know the rules, know, who can qualify to take over, no one that the seats are gonna be up Don't let people run uncontested. And we still had someone run uncontested. And I'm very disappointed in that. We just didn't have someone in that area to contest at the time. But just you have to do that you have to be there. You have to make them do their work, that for years, a lot of school boards have not done anything other than BS men, to the superintendent that they hired. So they've got it all backwards. The superintendent is running through the Department of Education, who get monies from federal, and they have monies from state purposes, that require them to do certain things. That's right. And they're not very clear to the public. And that's right. That's what it comes down. And
they're very liberal. And I've got very liberal. Yeah,
sir. Thank you so much, Todd. I appreciate you having me on. But yeah, that's the best way to say it at the end, isn't it? They're very liberal there.
And I appreciate you and what you've done. And thank you so much for sharing. Dan, have a great day. Got to take a break here. Folks. Listen to the conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
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I will leave it up to you to decide whether or not critical race theory, or even other things that are being taught in our schools or things that are pushed into well, curriculum, or just the overall policies and procedures and so forth that our schools are actually being taught or if what the media is telling us is true or not, which is our David say I literally as I was uttering those words, I had to fight off the urge to chuckle because these folks are professional deceivers. They are. I mean, folks, they they are good at what they do, we have to acknowledge that I don't mean good in the sense that there's good school board members, I don't mean to say that there's good teachers, I'm sick. But I'm talking about the woke infiltrators, who are trying to basically use their role, almost as a bit of a Trojan horse to sneak in there and to further their leftist agenda. I don't know what the percentage of these people are. I'm not suggesting it's the majority. But oftentimes it's people with power. Oftentimes, it's people with influence. Oftentimes, it's people that know how to, I don't know manipulate or to get people to go along without really telling them the full story or to win an election. Right? Again, not all people that hold these positions are bad. That's not at all what I'm saying what I am saying is that we know definitively that there are people out there that use the opportunities and the power that they have, whether it be an elected official, be a superintendent, Principal, teacher, whatever. If they're truly woke to use that as a platform, to infiltrate and tell anybody, not, don't talk about the member, dancer that don't don't talk about these things at home, because that's out of context, your parents, your parents won't understand. Your parents are so stupid and not with it, they won't have the slightest idea the sophisticated concepts and ideas we're discussing here and you're just, you're stupid enough, you can't explain it to them, you're going to go home, and you're not going to be able to communicate really, how brilliant what we're teaching you is and how true it is what they don't they don't like the word true, by the way, anyhow, I'll let you decide whether or not that's happening. But I tell you, maybe it's not happening in your district, but it's happening in a lot of places, we've got to be on the guard on the alert, quick timeout, sorry, it's a short segment, I wanted to get as much of Dan's conversation in with us. Gonna take a break back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So just the waning waning moments of the program, winning moments of the week, I am going to be out. Actually, my wife and I are going to be out Monday and Tuesday, and then be back in here. On Wednesday, I just thought I should let you know that. Working on getting a couple of guests hosts to to fill in for those those two days. But we'll be back on on Wednesday. I do want to say in closing I think, you know I the left does things better than us now. They don't have a better understanding of truth. They don't have better ideas. They're they're not more consistent with the Constitution. In fact, what they're talking about today, the radical left is truly the antithesis of our Constitution. They're not on the right side of freedom and liberty and all that they're they're wrong on a lot of things, but they do things well. They market well, they organize well. And folks, they are relentless. They're relentless, we have to match that intensity we do. And I'd liked Dan's advice. And I don't know who needs to hear this. I'm just I'm wondering. I'm thinking there's somebody out there listening to my voice right now that needs to hear Dan's advice on just getting involved and maybe running for school board or if nothing else, organizing and finding people to to challenge the status quo and to make things better. So I appreciate that advice. quick timeout. Be back here in just a minute.
Alright, folks, that is all the time I have I want to mention this too. I should have mentioned this earlier in the program is Shepherd humanity, which of course, you know, I'm a big fan of what they do there that what they're doing. We need more folks like this. They have a virtual banquet, a virtual banquet. That on Friday, there's three options that you can choose from different things that you can take a look at that Shepard does one of those is supporting physical and mental health. One is engaging deeper in our neighborhood. The other is empowering neighbors to acquire sustainable jobs. You can sign up, you can sign up by visiting them on line. And that link my friends is Shepherd community. Shepherd 2021 Shepherd banquet slashed banquet 2021 Gotta go SDG take care