The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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That is right, my friends, you are listening to the homeless, conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, it really is me. Took me one extra day to get back in here and get situated after being out. Oh, a little bit here the past few days. My wife and I went on actually something I don't know, that I've ever really done before, which was a little retreat and wasn't just it was it was time to truly rest not just travel or do something in particular, it was designed to rest and reflect and I gotta tell you, I feel better and more relaxed. And I don't know what the wording is. But just I just feel better than I have in a lot. Not that I felt bad. I don't want to say that I just just to take the time to do that. So I apologize for being out. I appreciate your patience with me as we did take one extra day. And I want to thank Micah Beckwith for filling in for us yesterday I had mentioned before we left. I was I I thought we had another guest host but just some travel plans of his prevented that from happening. So my apologies for that, but good to be back. So a lot, a ton of stuff. And when I has happened since I have been gone. Pause to email, Todd Todd, I'm sure that calm thought thoughts, questions, feedback, and always adoration and praise will be accepted there. Our community that sign up is another place where you can go as well to do those very things. So anytime I'm out for a couple of days. There's a backlog of things I want to talk about. And there's a ton right I mean, we've got the Rittenhouse trial, we have and again, just for the sake of where we are, as of the time I'm recording here because we're recording the evening before if you listen to this live, you listen to this. So I don't have all that information handy. If if something happens overnight here with the with the trial or what have you, but we got the Rittenhouse trial. That is um, it's I would say unconscionable what this prosecution has done. I am in common in much on this not that it doesn't matter. Because it obviously does. And it's an important thing. I having served as a juror i i don't know maybe I think about this a little bit differently. Most folks that talk about these things are attorneys, everybody wants to tell you, you know how much expertise they have in these trials and what certain things mean from judges and juries, I don't get into that I just as far as the issue is concerned with me. Excuse me. I think that just that we've gotten to this point that that cow Rittenhouse has gotten to this point where he's he's literally being charged and tried by a jury of his peers is remarkable from a common sense perspective. I know folks don't like the fact that he traveled to Kenosha with a weapon or maybe a couple of weapons even. But once you know the whole story as to what he was doing what he was trying to do.
It's It's not like he went there with the purpose of doing these things. And when when you see the video of the folks attacking him, the folks clearly threatening this guy. I mean, I just I'm always cautious because I don't know, there's always things as again, just from my experience as a juror. I'm which I've shared a little on here from time to time. I just there's things that I don't know, there's things that we don't know that I guess if you watch the whole trial, I guess you know, but there's just there's things that we don't, we don't necessarily know and of course We also have the option of watching analysis of the trial, which I don't do. I don't do that either the folks that are going to talk to me nine times out of 10 are going to try to deceive me anyway. So I don't even pay attention to that. But we have that, that option, and we're not in the jury, the pressure isn't on us. You know, and you don't know what happens when those jury room doors closed, what the conversations are things that you know, once that that weight of that decision is upon you. It changes the I mean, it did for me, right, the seriousness of this because again, as I said, when I shared my experience in the past, I wanted the trial was a jury on involved the death of a of a five year old little boy, and it's a terrible, terrible thing. So you want a justice for the victim. But you also wanted justice for the defendant you did didn't want someone to pay for the heinous crime of what happened to this boy, you wanted to make sure it was the right person. And that you went through the process of reviewing evidence, giving the defendant the benefit of the doubt when able to do so and come to a conclusion, which ultimately said is this person or the decision and the conclusion was based upon whether or not we thought there was enough evidence to convict or say the person charged with the crime was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. It's the best way, the most logical way to describe the series of events and the evidence was that it was pretty much as the prosecution had presented, or some variation that led to the same ends, right. So as you when you go into that jury room, you you feel I think I did anyway, this this weight of responsibility. And Justice was the objective justice within the rules of our system, which by the way, as I've shared before, it's it is a beautiful thing. Our system is a beautiful thing for lots of reasons. I don't want to go down that rabbit hole today. I'm always tempted to talk about these things. And these are the things that make America great. That's one of them, but I want to go down that that path today I want to stay on this from the Rittenhouse perspective. So you have a guy who clearly and I'm going to play a soundbite here. Look at the clock. The clock went black on this here, bear with me here. Okay, I'm gonna go ahead and play this sound bite. So this was from a couple of days ago. Right. I know, we've got Aaron Rodgers, we've got Gail COVID vaccines and mandates and I don't know, just a lot of stuff to get to. We got the Biden administration, doing whatever the Biden administration is doing. We get the passage, we get the passage of this massive spending bill for infrastructure Republicans who may you know, face who voted for those who may ultimately face some repercussions, perhaps from their constituents or if not from their constituents from from people once they once chairmanships are, are open if Republicans regain the house, I don't want to go into that but these are just things I just want you to know. I'm aware of them trying to parse this but I want to start with with Rittenhouse because it matters and I'm just thinking again as someone who's just looking at this probably much like I'm guessing most of you do right I mean we're we're watching the evidence we see evidence of him shooting an individual vaporizing his bicep does that's become a I guess a popular term. Something by the way, I don't want to have happen to me. But I will say this I would not be taking the actions that this individual tried to choose the best word I can hear this individual had taken against against Cal Rittenhouse. Now keep in mind the prosecution is trying to make a
firearm pointed at Mr. Rip
correct self defense committing a crime
Once your firearm at any point in
aggressive posture, that's what
Yes. No. Look, I don't want to look like you're being shot. So I agree your firearm.
I want to play this exchange and you may have heard this this this happened a couple a couple of days ago. But I want you to hear this I want you to I mean this this is effectively the case as as a as a juror and my In my book, if I'm sitting on this jury and I hear the entire case basically come down to this very thing I just don't understand. I do not understand how how this case was even brought to be quite honest. So, listen to this testimony of one of the individuals who got their arm vaporized. I want you to listen to this. Listen to what he says here.
Your degree your firearm is pointed at Mr. Rittenhouse Correct?
Once your firearm is pointed, that's when he fights his gun. Yes. No, sir. Look, I don't want to
know. Okay, so the whole context here is that there's a still shot and it shows cow Rittenhouse sitting on the ground. And this person testifying here the individual who got his biceps vaporized by sub muscle vaporized by Kyle Rittenhouse. justifiably so from everything that we've seen. And so there's a picture that shows what's going on. And he says that he's trying to basically paint the picture that it was not justified that this was not done in defense, but you can see the picture. Now you can't see it right now because you're listening to my lovely voice and not looking at anything on the screen. But this is I mean, he's a couple of feet away, and a very aggressive posture. His hands are no longer up in the air. The attorney will go through all this. And he's, he's not the whole it's an aggressive posture and the guy who has a handgun. I mean, this is pretty. I think cut and dry.
Like I don't want to,
does this look like right now? You're being shot? That looks like my bicep being vaporized? Yes. Okay.
And it's being vaporized as you're pointing your gun directly? Yes.
Yes. Okay.
So when you were standing, three to five feet from him with your arms up in the air? He never fired. Right? Correct. It wasn't until you pointed your gun at him. It fan stabbed him with your gun. Now your hands down pointed out in a fire? Right?
Correct. The attorney This is the attorney. This is all why body? Silence. Silence Good. Well done by this particular attorney. So what this guy just admitted. He said, I know the attorney was hard to hear there that this this individual testifying, you could hear much better because he's sitting at the podium or whatever with the microphone. But the attorney said, you know, when you were three to five feet away, and you had your hands up, he didn't shoot, right. He said yes. He said your hands down in this picture. And you know, you've basically gotten closer things have changed. Now your hand is down. You've got an aggressive posture, you're closing the distance. Is that right? Yes. And that's what's going on when this picture is taken. Right? Yes. So he didn't shoot you. He didn't shoot you when your hands were up. Right. He didn't shoot you when your hands are up when you were not posing a threat to him. But when you changed your tactics, when you suddenly decided to make a an offensive attempt at Mr. Rittenhouse. That's when he fired his gun, isn't it? Yes. And then the attorney and I love it. I'm glad I hope he sat there. I just had this clip but I hope he sat there as long as that judge or that other prosecuting attorney allowed him to do so because that this needs to resonate and sit with that jury. So you you're one of the people who are supposed to be making the case. That cow Rittenhouse was making an an, you know an indefensible offensive act against an innocent bystander. And the video footage is the photographic footage that we have shows you with a gun pointed in the general vicinity of the defendant. He didn't shoot you. When you were a few feet further back in your hands were up, but he did once you started to make a more aggressive move. Is that correct? Yes, it is. I mean, Case dismissed. Who knows again The time I'm talking right now, I don't know what's going to come from this jury who knows in today's world, I, I have no idea. But the fact that this case has gotten this far, based upon what I know, and I'm not going to paint myself as someone who knows every detail about this case, but based upon the things I've seen in the trial, the the evidence that I'm aware of, there's no way in the world that Kyle Rittenhouse should have even been charged. This is preposterous. This is absolutely preposterous. On top of that, the judge kind of jumped the case of the prosecuting attorney, because he was I don't want to have the sound bite, but I'm not gonna play it just for the sake of time. And I want to get to other issues. But he did. He the judge basically said you're getting very close to the line. And you may have even crossed the line because you're basically implying that Kyle Rittenhouse using his Fifth Amendment right, which is of course in the Constitution, to not talk to, you know, to law enforcement authorities about the crime you are alleged to have committed. That doesn't, that does not imply that you're guilty. And the line of questioning
certainly made the defense attorney and it sounds like the judge say, Hey, this is well, you're making an argument in front of the jury. That makes it sound like if someone uses their fifth amendment rights. I mean, this that's a very serious constitutional offense. My friends are the Fifth Amendment is there for for very good reason. And I know what's popular to say, you know, if you're innocent, what do you have to? What do you have to hide? You should go talk to her. I'm sure. Law enforcement officers even even say that, and I don't blame law enforcement officers, their job is to try to solve a crime. But if you've been charged with something, I just what? How's it gonna help you? Because there's a whole I've watched people speak on this issue, who are defense attorneys. And they've said unequivocally, that there's nothing good that can come from giving a statement or answering questions if you're appear to be or have been, have been charged. So anyway, this is just a mess. It's a mockery, from what I've seen. It's a disaster. Kenosha, Wisconsin, and that happens in other places as well. We see it with these other high profile cases. I don't know if there's pressure. Of course, why do those pressure? I don't know if it's they take these cases just because of the political pressure. They didn't want to have to answer questions from the media as to why they didn't charge him. I don't know why. But in a sane world, this trial would not be going on right now. As far as I'm concerned. quick timeout, get to take a break and listen to conservative, not bitter talk. Good to be back, my friends. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friend. So the thing that was big in the news here the past couple of days, I think it may be happened that he was an Rondo's on with Pat McAfee on Friday. Or was it? It was I think it was Friday, I remember I watched the whole thing. And I got it. I remember as I listened to Pat McAfee, I'm just reminded of when he was playing here punter for the Indianapolis Colts but entertaining guy but he was basically let Aaron Rodgers come on the show. And you didn't even ask you many questions which I'm I don't, I don't want to be misunderstood. I'm not criticizing, I'm just saying I'm just explaining what the format was. It was Pat McAfee. They're all you know, third of the screen each there are three folks. Pat McAfee Aaron Rodgers in the center. And then AJ Hawk on the right side of the screen if you're, you know, watching the the feed on YouTube or wherever it is. And they basically let Aaron Rodgers just get on there and share his side of the story. Of course, Aaron Rodgers NFL player for the Green Bay Packers, we learned he had not been vaccinated. Oh, my gosh, the guy's not been vaccinated. And I'm sure that there's people out there. They think if you've not been vaccinated, and I'm not please don't misunderstand me. There have been people that I know or that people I know who have passed away from this like it is. It is a real thing. It is a serious, it can be very serious for some people. For a lot of people. It isn't with or without the vaccine, the vaccine they Tell us is supposedly helpful in keeping extreme conditions from arising concerning an individual's health or whether or not they get hospitalized or, or die from it. But there's no there's no guarantee there's no, you can get the virus even if you have the vaccine. Right. And so Aaron Rodgers comes on here. And he explains his rationale, explains that he had done research, which have you listened to many leftists you're not even supposed to research at your disposal to do whatever you're told, which is so foreign to me. I've always, I don't mean to imply that I'm some model of health, but I've always taking taking ownership in my health. I mean, I respect the opinions of people who have gone to medical school, they clearly know more about these elements than than I do than I ever possibly could. But it doesn't mean that an individual cannot, should not take responsibility for him or herself. Right. I mean, these it's called practicing medicine for reason, right? I mean, this is deliberate use of language. You know, some people have it into their mindset, Oh, I get sick, I just go to the doctor, they write me some prescription or give me some shot that is fixes everybody, every time they come in here with this problem. And that's just not the way that it works. I mean, there's a lot more, to us a popular phrase I've heard here recently, new ones. In fact, I'm gonna talk about that. Tomorrow, we're shooting our next episodes of the television show, which airs Monday night, by the way at 930. On wh MVTV 40. But I'm, I'm thinking about this medical care, just just like we talked about the Rittenhouse trial, it's called practicing law as well. I mean, there's no, it is. There's a lot still the we don't know about a lot of things, right. I mean, there's all sorts of treatment, there's not you know, viruses evolved, nothing is written in stone different. I mean, that there's different treatments for different things. I mean, there's not, it's not just something that you plug into a computer and it just spits it out. And you should just do whatever it says without asking any questions. I'm at least I'm not wired that way. I don't know, maybe some people are. And I'm not saying not to trust your, your medical professionals or the people that you surround yourself with. I'm just saying that ultimately, these decisions rests with the individual. And that's what Aaron Rodgers was saying. And he was giving the reasons and rationale for not taking the vaccine. Any he pointed out things that honestly.
I'm not, I'm just going to tell you this, so that you understand I'm not some raving Aaron Rodgers fan or you know, not not even a huge, you know, NFL fan anymore. The NFL has burned bridges with people like me in a lot of ways. And the way that they're handling players over this vaccine is another way that they've done that. But he pointed out things that I I've spoken about on this show as well. That he, I mean, I've listened to the whole 45 or whatever it was minute interview. And a lot of these measures that they're taking don't make any sense. The only sense that appears to me that the NFL is basically trying to shame people into getting the virus. And he even said when he when they were talking about the virus, shoot him in the vaccine, specifically, he raised his hand and shared concerns with the team in front of them in front of the team with medical personnel or whatever. And he said he had a lot of teammates, coaches, other folks involved with the organization come up and thank him for saying those things. And it's remarkable to me. You just think about that how many people took the vaccine if you took it and wanted it, and you thought it was the best thing for you? i That is great. I I'm not here to try to make you feel one way or the other. I guess what I'm saying is, why not? What I'm saying is is that it's your decision and I I respect you crazy God stepped in 2021 I respect your autonomy to make that decision. The Radical Left, however, does not respect that the radical left thinks that there should be one solution for everybody. And the group of people or the individuals who are best suited at making those decisions are of course radical leftist and probably Marxist to be quite honest. They'll tell you what to do. You shut up you get in line. You get one vaccine, you get one booster shot you get 57 booster shots, whatever. They tell you You never asked any questions, you hang on to every word that Dr. Fauci says breathlessly. You never criticize you worry about what you say you measure your words so you don't get in trouble it with a YouTube or Facebook or excuse me meta meta to get makes me think of Ron, our test Metta World Peace, but you don't do any of those things. You, you you do what you're told. And Aaron Rodgers is saying I'm just That's not. That's not how I live my life. He voiced concerns about being able to have children, I was concerned about the long term effects of whether or not it might interfere with someone's ability to have children. I'm not suggesting that that's it does or doesn't it? We just to his point, there's some studies and things that we don't know. And that is absolutely correct. Aaron Rodgers is, is a intelligent guy. I mean, if you watch the interview and listen to his reasons and rationale, it's what a lot of you are thinking whether you got the vaccine or you didn't. And again, this shouldn't divide people. What, what we should all kind of circle our wagons around each other is to say, why are we forcing people? Right? I saw a tweet here. Somebody shared it on Instagram, heck, my wife may shared that with me. I can't even remember I see so many things. But there was a tweet that said something to the effect of for those of you who don't think we're coming after your children with vaccine mandates, you are wrong, and we're going to succeed or some such thing. We're coming after your kids, we're going to basically hold them down, jab him in the arm, probably forced parents who don't want their children vaccinated to watch to make them just realize that you know how terrible of parents they are they want they want you to suffer for being such Neanderthal idiots. That's the way that they act. And this is how people go about it. I almost tweeted her back and said that may have shot Bring it on. So but anyway, point is aaron rodgers of course is now I'm faced facing so much criticism. Howard Stern had something Howard Stern, acting like Howard Stern here, which I don't listen much ever. I couldn't even tell you last time I listened to Howard. Howard Stern Yesyes.
But he's got some bad things to say about Rogers. That's the politically correct thing to do. Howard Stern said if there was decency in this world, you know, I would throw this guy out of the Football League so fast. I don't know what Howard Howard Stern This is what how liberals think they think that they're smarter and better than everybody. So Howard Stern assumes I guess that he can be the leader, the commissioner of the NFL, so he can step in and throw Rogers out what he did to his fellow teammates, this effing guy, they should throw him out of the league so fast. Why, why should they throw him out of the League? He tested positive for COVID didn't play on Sunday, had been ostracized and going through the charade that the NFL makes players who are not vaccinated go through colts have the same thing with Carson Wentz is going to wear a mask on the sidelines, stupid stuff. I am so over the stupidity of this crap. And the same thing Aaron Rodgers has, well he didn't have to play the game. He just they thought he was vaccinated. Right. And then this idiot, Howard Stern, we literally have a player who plays for the Los Angeles Raiders Henry rugs who played at Alabama, the Alabama Crimson Tide fan who crashed he was drunk in Las Vegas I believe drove a car 156 miles an hour while intoxicated killed some other person. And Howard Stern is comparing comparing Aaron Rodgers they have no ability to navigate analogies, the radical left, these folks have lost their ability to think to reason. That is absolutely not what Aaron Rodgers has done. I mean, we could go through this 5 million ways. If your vaccine works. What the heck does it matter? If Aaron Rodgers gets the vaccine? Well, Todd he could get it and the virus can mutate. Okay, well, can people who get vaccinated get the virus? Well, yeah. Okay, why can't it mute? I mean, it's just so defiant of logic and sense and reason, but that's what's going on as well. This is continuing this is gonna be a I mean, this is this is not going away anytime soon. i My wife just told me someone tweeted something about day number 600 And something of the 10 days to stop the spread 15 days or whatever stupidity we were told, a year and a half ago. Now I have a good break. quick timeout is necessary. But that's another thing that happened while I was out, continue our discussion of all things get caught up here. For the days I was at, it's good to be back. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. By the way, caution out there if you're driving a vehicle right now listening to the contents of this program may in fact cause you to lean and drift to the right back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So something else? I don't know if you saw this or not, but Representative Paul go sorry. I was just talking with AWS about this representative Paul gustar. His I guess his staff his campaign, I don't know one. One, someone associated with him, created a video and animate video. photoshopped anime if you can picture all this. So there's anime, you know, the little, I don't know, the little characters that you know, it's fighting and swords and all this stuff. Jumping into I can't even really describe the video adequately, you have to kind of see it. But it appears that the video from what I can ascertain, and I can't read Japanese, so maybe it says something. We probably would have heard about it by now, specifically, but it appears to me, Paul Goldstar is a representative from Arizona that the videos predominantly depicting pol ghosts are fighting against the radical left for open borders. That's what it seems like to me as I watch this. And isn't my thing. It's a little weird. If it's not your thing, I guess. If it is your thing, fine. But though so you get the anime cartoons and then you have Photoshop Ted's you ever seen the things I was telling us about this? And I remember doing one as a family a couple years ago, like where there's animation and you can put your family's faces or pictures on the dancing elves or whatever it is like we did that. No, I'm not gonna post it anywhere. But we did that a couple of several years ago. And of course, it's funny. That's what this looks like. Except for anime instead of just like dancing elves, you know? Doing Gangnam Style or whatever. So it shows in one scene, the little anime fella. Two swords jumping up and striking on the neck it appears another much larger individual that appears to have AOCs face on it. Anyway, whatever, right? The headline is CNN is CNN. Yeah, CNN. Couple days ago. Paul Glos our representative Republican rep. Paul co star posted a photoshopped anime video to his Twitter and Instagram accounts showing him appearing to kill Democratic Representative Alexandria Acacio Ocasio Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden. Now I just it's clearly not meant to be literal. This is supposed depicting a battle of what people who are symbolizing an open borders movement. What Paul ghosts are is fighting against them. This is not a literal thing. I to say that it appears to kill her in the video. And then from the same people who literally had no problem with Kathy Griffin holding what appeared literally to be Donald Trump's severed head with blood real life blood, it looked real. I've said before it looks like she was doing a
casting call to be a member of ISIS. Right? Baron saw this and got all upset. You remember, remember this back? I don't know four or five or whatever it was. Soon after Trump became president. That was art. That was sophisticated art probably the same type of art that Hunter Biden was able to pick up over a weekend with a paintbrush. But Biden, excuse me, ghosts are doing that offends the media. I remember there was a play a Julius Caesar play where someone who literally looks exactly like Trump is supposed to be Trump they get murdered at the end of the same bad is, man that's profound. That's serious thinking. We got a cartoon with some crazy music and animation. And suddenly the media is this hysterical about this? I don't know. I'm not saying I would even have done the video. I'm not defending the video. I just, I don't know. We've lost our ability here to use common sense. Well, you and I haven't. But a lot of folks I certainly have it's taken while out of context again, not defending it, maybe they shouldn't have done it. But the idea that it's literally depicting the murder of AOC is so far, outside of reality, I think it was blocked. I don't think it was blocked by Twitter, I think, had a disclaimer. Because this upset the media, too, they want a Twitter to take this thing down. Guess it was giving somebody that green light. And I don't want any of these folks to be hurt, but political speech has to be protected. And if that's how you communicate, fighting against what these folks are standing for or doing then you have to let someone do it unless they're literally calling for harm, which I unequivocally completely stand against any harm as I'm sure go sir does as well. Anyway, quick timeout, get our take a timeout back here in just a minute.
Friends, I want to get to this really quickly here in the winning moments of the program. This is something I'm gonna be speaking with someone about this spokes person from the organization that actually released this. And this is a an individual that's Abidan nominee saw Omar Rova. And I want you to listen, it's just it's truly unbelievable. I mean, it really, it's not because we know this to be the case and what they desire. But listen to her casually does throw in the desire of the radical left to see an entire industry go bankrupt. Listen to this troubled industries and firms that are in transitioning. And here what I'm thinking about is primarily coal industry and oil and gas industry, a lot of the smaller players in that industry are going to probably go bankrupt. In short order, at least we want them to go bankrupt if we want to tackle climate change, right. At least we want them to go bankrupt if we're going to tackle climate change. Someone the administration is nominating for position in the in the cabinet and the executive branch is now openly saying we want an industry or players in the in energy industry to go bankrupt, which we all know this, you know this, I know this but to hear it being said these folks are becoming bolder and bolder. by the minute, these are Marxists that cannot be trusted. They are very, very bad for America quick timeout back in just a minute.
By the way, that organization that is working well that shared that soundbite that I played last segment, they are called the American accountability Foundation, the represented or the individual, Saul, OMA Rova is being considered by the Senate to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. And she's an open market. She's the one by the way, who had written a thesis on Marxism and so forth. I mean, just truly Marxist. I mean, I'm not even making this up, truly Marxists. And I'll be speaking with one of the founders of that organization on the television show. I've got to go have a great day. SDG cinnamal Take care