Biden Gaffe On Veterans Day; Rittenhouse Trial

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You remember my friends when by No, you remember this because we talked about this and played the sound bites and so forth. This was prior to the election. JOSEPH BIDEN went on. What's that? Right? It's a breakfast club with Charlemagne the god stupidest stupidest I get entertained just by that. Anyway, Charlemagne, the God was interviewing Biden. And at the end of that interview, Biden literally told Charlemagne that if you vote for Trump instead of him, you're not black. Remember this? I know you remember this? You ain't black. There's Biden telling people. They're not black. I'm reminded also of the time that Biden This was when Obama was running. And Biden ran for president that time as well. Biden was out there talking about the Indian American not not Native American Indian, from India, American and the growing Indian American population. And he literally told who I don't even know he was talking some reporter I don't know. But stupid stuff. I mean, he said, You can't walk into a 711. Without an Indian accent. This is what he said, I'm not Look, I'm just telling you what the guy said. And he said, Not kidding. Not joking, or something like that. You know, hi does this. But Biden yesterday. Biden yesterday was doing some Veterans Day honors. And I don't know, he got on the topic of satchel page. He was a baseball player from the 1940s. A black baseball player. Remember, that's, I mean, of course, the racial history and the divides and all these sorts of things. Well, I think Biden's out there saying, I'll play the soundbite. If you played baseball in the 1940s and had dark skin, this is this is what Biden said, these are not my words. I'm just telling you. Because he said effectively, you ain't black. Just like he told Charlemagne the God. He called him negro. I just, it is just remarkable to me to watch, and this is not surprising. It is totally, Biden's a train right. By the way. Welcome to the program, email, Todd, the Todd huff You can email thoughts, questions, feedback, adoration and praise will also be accepted there. But this is I just again, I don't want to go to this too often. But just imagine if Trump did this, I can't imagine the explosion that would happen. And I'm not. I just said it to make fun at the stupid comments. And the double standards of Joseph are Biden how many times this guy has to say things that truly are not racially sensitive at best, maybe outright racist? Fact you go back into the 1980s, you know, find comments that were patently racist, that were made by Joseph Biden, we're supposed to believe, however that he is. He's a Democrat. He's a liberal. He's working with the radical left. And he you know, he loves all people. I mean, that's what it means to be Democrat. He's had a past that we just ignore. He's been in DC for half a century doesn't matter has never accomplished. I mean, anything. You can say he's been there and passed legislation. But let me ask you this, the guy runs or he ran to whatever degree he campaigned with all these folks that run basically say you need me to come in to fix these problems. But if you've been here for half a century and still can't create any noticeable difference, then I'm sorry, you're probably no no, not probably you are actually part of the problem. In fact, you might be the poster child of the problem, but this is send me yesterday and this is that at Fox News, I saw this is just Unbelievable. The stuff that this guy Biden is allowed to get away with and nobody cares. He got some pushback on social media. But here it is.
You know, I've adopted the attitude of the great. The row at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues went on to become a great pitcher, and the pros, and today, Major League Baseball up to Jackie Robinson, his name was satchel page.
So I mean, that is potentially, right. I mean, just from talking a lot. Maybe he was trying to say someone who, a player who played in the Negro Leagues, which is what they were called, but he said, The Great Negro at the time satchel page. It's just, it's remarkable here to me to watch this stuff happen in real time, before our eyes, but that's Biden out there with his latest gaff, as he's doing everything else to wreck and destroy this economy. We've got inflation, which you ever noticed when when Republicans are in office, everything that happens is their fault. Other president, I mean, if there's a shooting in a shopping center, and I'm not, you know, condoning any of this, but there's a shooting in a shopping center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trump's fault. Trump's fault, the starting starting point, Trump's all if there is, I mean, if gas is 302, in Memphis, Tennessee, Trump's fault. Trump's fault if he's president, when the left runs the White House or when they're in control of this country, it's they're never responsible for anything I have read and subjected myself to so many excuses for what's going on in this country, to protect Biden and the radical left. But folks, this is what happens every single time. This is there for anyone to see. And if you work, if you look, the left likes to say all the economy does better when the President is a Democrat. Well, you have context matters. It's not just because a person is a Republican or a Democrat, but what are they doing? Right, what are they doing in office, presidents not pulling levers with the economy, but the President is setting a tone the administration is either instilling confidence or in instilling fear into the economy. And, folks, the media and the left know this. I mean, when, let's say, let's say Trump or some other Republican wins in 2024, not predicting it. But let's just say that it does. You know, what happens? They start talking, they the media, start talking about bubbles, housing bubble banking bubble, is this a bubble here? Oh, man, when are we going to go into recession, this becomes the news narrative for months until they actually have an input impact on people's feet perception of what's going on in the economy. Meanwhile, you contrast that with what we have the day with Joseph Biden, and the radical left blowing this thing to smithereens this economy, this country, in ways that. Again, I contend that the only way, the only way you're this bad is if it's deliberate, because there is no way, no way in the world that any person with half a brain can do this much harm to something that was doing quite well, whenever he took over a mirror, what 10 months ago now, whatever it is, there's just there's just no conceivable, no conceivable way. So you look at this. And you look at what the media is doing. They're not talking about the bad things happening in the economy. And to the extent that they do, they're blaming it on something else. They're blaming it. They'll blame it on COVID. But I'll say, who caused the problem with COVID? Folks, this is a government problem. We look at look down the horizon, at labor shortages at what's going to happen when if and when these vaccine mandates actually get kicked in what can potentially happen to certain industries, whether that's air travel, whether that's military firehouses. I take your pick this this could have repercussions down the line health care. It's it's really
I'm not a fear monger. But it's concerning let's say that it's concerning when you look at all these things that are basically lining up in such a way supply chain problem. open border problem in Afghanistan, stagflation, Biden, inflation inflation In whatever can go bad with the gas prices, people of course, the media is telling us that's actually a good thing. In fact, you got left us out there, that thing is a wonderful thing because it causes people to drive less. And that's the first step towards moving people towards accepting climate change, radical climate change BS that they're pushing upon us this the legislation that the Paris Climate Accord, all this sort of stuff, to save the planet, right to save the planet from man's role in increasing the temperature and melting the polar ice caps, and we're gonna flood ourselves and kill ourselves and all this sort of stuff, right. And so, this is, the chaos is actually necessary for the radicals, because what they do is they use that as a mechanism as a as kind of an initiator for the radical ideas to be implemented, and to be pushed on the American people snuck in. On the American people. I played a soundbite yesterday, one of Biden's nominees was an armor Rova. In fact, I talked with a gentleman today for the television show that'll air here in a couple weeks from the American accountability Foundation. And they're the ones that releases this stuff. They're the ones that, that dig up and find this information. Literally, we have Marxists, we have actual literal Marxists that are being appointed. I'm not using figures of speech, I'm not taking anything out of context, I am talking out and out defenders of communism and Marxism that are being pushed into American into the Biden are accepted or welcomed into the Biden administration. And so you look at the scope of where we are as a country. Right, right. And right now, which is not good now. I hope that you're doing well, I hope that, you know, people that I hope individuals are doing well, but you look at what the country, the direction we're going, and the things that are happening, the burden that's being placed upon the American people by because of the decisions made by this administration, and the radical left, and it's, it's an overwhelming, it's an overwhelming thing.
Right, it's, it's it's a lot to take in, but they need the chaos, they need the disorder, to give to cause enough tension to get people to say, This isn't working. Let's try something else I told in the TV show today, which we'll do this next week, by the way, the story of Thanksgiving, I guess, in two weeks, I'm ahead of myself here, but we'll tell that story rushes to tell it every Wednesday before Thanksgiving, we'll do we'll do the same thing to carry on that tradition. It's a fantastic story. But the pilgrims, the Pilgrims took the opportunity to replace, basically socialism with free market capitalism. And they saw instantaneous results. And so likewise, although it's the polar opposite, as far as which ideology we would be moving from and which ideology, we would be moving towards an embracing but the left wants to do the same thing with capitalism. They want us to turn our back on to think it doesn't work, think that it's racist, or homophobic or unfair, or evil or wicked and profits are wrong and all this sort of stuff. But I always wonder where do they think the tax dollars come from tax dollars come from? Profits, right? I mean, ultimately, they come from money that's left over after you. After businesses operate, you know, pays its operating expenses. And after people pay for their living expenses, the money that's left over, effectively, I'm overly simplifying this, but that's where the tax dollars come from. But they demonize that right. And that's their source, the government's source of livelihood. But this, this is the direction that we're headed as a nation and their Marxism I'm telling you, Marxism is an absolute and real threat on multiple levels in education and entertainment, in sports when got Kaepernick Have you seen the stupid Kaepernick video comparing NFL players quite literally the way that they're inspected during the NFL Combine their wingspan, their vertical jump comparing that to inspection of slaves before they were sold. Back in the days of slavery, and people think that that's brilliant and insightful. But I mean, what some point What do you even say to that, I mean, this is not even close. The same thing, right? I mean, you sign a contract in many cases for multiple millions of dollars, you do it willingly you can walk away, you can not play, you don't have to do it. I mean, there's reasons that they're taking measurements and looking at vertical jumps and speed and reaction time and hands and all this sort of stuff. And it's not has nothing to do with, with one's race, it has everything to do with one's ability to perform on the football field and given other team give the team that selects that person a chance to win the Best chance that they know how to win a football game or same thing in the NBA anyway. But this, this sort of, you know, insidious, everywhere you look, attack on culture, attack on our system of government, kind of subtle promotion of Marxism is all around us, is all around us. And sometimes it's not so subtle again, with this nominee, who's actually an open, she's running into trouble in the nomination process, but there's actual trouble, or I'm sorry, actual, open promotion of these folks, they're becoming more and more brazen, less than less concerned, it's a less and less of a stigma to be called a Marxist. And Marxism is absolutely the opposite. The true polar opposite of what it means to be American and someone who believes in freedom, but yet,
yet they get people that believe in that ideology each and every day morally bankrupt, though it may be quick timeout here, when we get back, I want to talk a little bit. I've been thinking about this Rittenhouse trial for a little bit. I want to talk about that fact I want to make some comparisons and to other things and just kind of talk about what's going on here play a soundbite possibly from joy Reid, from MSNBC who is, in my estimation, nothing more than a thrower of the Molotov cocktail. She is just tossing hand grenades. Just I don't know if she's trying to get people to pay attention to her. Or she is that deranged in her thinking. But nonetheless, we'll go through some of these things that that are out there. Everyone seems to me in the mainstream media or CNN, MSNBC, all they see is everything is about race, I think is about truth or right and wrong. Everything is so politically volatile right now. So we'll talk about some of those things. And in particular, the, I guess how the Rittenhouse trial, some of the things I've seen with that commentary. LeBron James is out there mocking an 18 year old kid who's probably well we'll talk about that after the break. I'm gonna take a break, sit tight, sit at home with conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute
Welcome back, my friends, by the way program brought to you in part by our friends at best in sight. I care best inside I care located. Actually two convenient locations one on the south side of Indianapolis, near the Beech Grove area. The other actually were more in the new pal area. Ones The new pound ones in Beech Grove, I should say. So two locations best inside eyecare. Check them out online or give them a call at any one of their either one of their offices. 317861 4100 is the one a new power 317861 4100 Or visit them best in sight. Eye Be sure to tell them you heard about us heard about them on The Todd Huff Show. So remember, remember, Michael Brown, Michael Brown, Ferguson, Missouri. You remember this? Right? This is Officer Darren Wilson. This is the 18 year old black male in Ferguson, Missouri. And I'm only I'm only telling you that I don't even like look, I kind of play you know, jokingly off the top said that about Biden, but how Biden wants to tell everyone what you know, who's black and race matters. And you know, all the identity politics? I don't look at it that way. I just think of us as people, right? I mean, people create an image of the same God. And we all have some commonalities. And we all have things that are different about us. Right? And that's a good thing. And sometimes the difference is the color of our skin. Sometimes it's how tall we are, how big we are, how fast we are, how smart we are. Any number of things were different but yet we have a shared common humanity and but to leftist it's all about identity. So I like to mock it and sometimes illustrate how absurd it is by pointing out some of the stupid things they say which Biden said yesterday, the comment about satchel page, and of course the comments to Charlemagne, the God on the radio show. But anyhow, let's let's kind of bring in some some memories and some facts of things that have happened. In the past. Michael Brown was the 18 year old in Ferguson, Missouri who, what I want to say he committed a strong arm robbery in a local convenience store, basically taking something by force and having a physical altercation with the person where the person was the owner. The person was an employee working behind the counter. And so that individual called police, they were looking for an individual that matched Michael Brown's description Michael Brown was his big was big he, I mean, a big, tall I think he was I think he was 300 plus pounds. So Officer Wilson saw a person matching that description not far from the scene of the alleged crime stops Michael Brown, we're told right, we're told a bunch of stuff that was not true. In fact, Eric Holder, the radical, insane leftists, Eric Holder as far left on the political spectrum, as you can possibly imagine, Eric Holder, his FBI, after doing an extensive investigation found that the things that we were told at the beginning of this the things that inflamed tensions in Ferguson, Missouri, we're not true. The narrative that said Hands up, don't shoot remember that. Officer Wilson
Drew, what was what we were told was Officer Wilson Drew's gun, Michael Brown put up his hands. Hands up don't shoot an Officer Wilson just empty the chamber engine. That's what we were told from a distance effect. I think at one point the story was shot him in the back even. But as the facts came out, and this is why I don't like commenting on something that happened last night. It is foolishness. There's we just don't know what really happened right? Now sometimes. It's obvious. What's what's going on. Sometimes it's obvious the politics of a situation like I'll mention the January 6 stuff for a moment since that's headlines, CNN and MSNBC. Not this absolute disaster of a mess that we're in because of Biden in the radical left. But anyway, that was the narrative of Michael Brown. Right. Michael Brown Hands up, don't shoot this. The narrative was white cop kills black kid, right. And that was a term that was used. He was just a kid. And I'm not suggesting he wasn't a kiddie. I mean, he's right there on the precipice. He's He's 18. He's an adult, but he's still kid. I'm not denying that. But as I was thinking about that, and I started thinking about how the cow Rittenhouse trial and how cow Rittenhouse himself has been covered in the media. I mean, at the time of the shooting when Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people, three people in Kenosha killing two of them which he was there. He went there. I believe the offer medical help to people that were in the riots and he took weapons because there was was violence, it should be pointed out, I think fairly. So. The cow Rittenhouse didn't cause all the violence. In fact, the violence could actually kind of be traced back to what we were I mean, in an indirect way but the movement to George Zimmerman, right. George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin, that was Trayvon Martin. And Michael Brown, were two of the first Black Lives Matter hands up don't shoot stuff. That's that's where this movement got its traction. And they perpetrated things that were factually incorrect, and that inflamed a situation and that caused more violence within a city and that caused looting and fires and other shots and in some cases, other people died. Right. And allegedly, right. I mean, this is what I've, what I've seen through reports you know, articles and so forth from there's people that have that were that died at some of these. During some of this violence riots, it's not it's not protests, some of these, some of them are protest, but some of them are riots. And maybe it's time for me to do when a protest becomes write it again. Because I can do that if necessary. But there's a difference between protests in a riot. You find yourself wondering which one you're at. I've got some little checklist I can share with you. But the point is, the point is the way in which this is framed in the media the way it's talked about by people like Joy Reid and I want to play the soundbite from her the things she says about Kyle Rittenhouse. And how she interjects race. This has nothing to do with race. Other than the fact he went to places where Black Lives Matter was causing riots, right. The people he shot were not black. They weren't black. He was he is white. But she makes it about she's making the entire issue about his his race. And I didn't hear stories or see pictures of Kyle Rittenhouse when he was 14 years old or eight years old or five years old learn to ride a bike or anything they show cow Rittenhouse with his with his weapon, right? His gun, we're still calling assault weapon and all this sort of stuff. This is how this stuff is done in the media. They act as though it's innocent and that they're not really spinning the narrative but they absolutely are. Michael Brown was a child cow Rittenhouse. We never even heard that he was younger than Michael Brown. Cow Rittenhouse did not just commit a crime prior to this alleged shooting which the jury is the defense has rested they're going to reconvene as I understand on Monday. But he's not been convicted of a crime. Michael Brown there's video evidence of him committing the strong arm robbery. I mean, there's so many differences here and for the left to get every one of these things wrong. Right they wanted to they wanted to basically convict cow Rittenhouse
just because they were tired of you know, shootings I get this type of shooting. Not the shootings in Chicago for some reason. But they're ready to convict cow Rittenhouse at the moment at a moment's notice but they're not ready. They don't they're turning a blind eye to all the reasons and rationale that Officer Wilson shot Michael Brown. Michael Brown was actually in the car trying to get the gun away from the officer. He was shot at close range. I mean the the narrative that we were told from Michael Brown was completely false yet he's still treated as though he's some sort of victim and cow Rittenhouse cow Rittenhouse is treated like he's the criminal and that the people he shot were just innocent victims. I mean it is bizarre, right it is it's predictable, but it's still bizarre. And one of the folks he shot was person that I know at least one was a criminal I've been trying to get there's no reason to shoot someone just because they're a criminal. I'm just saying there's a history there and there's a video there to go along with the history. But yet the car Rittenhouse situation is covered much more differently. I want to play the soundbite from joy read what an absolute despicable disaster I'm really long, quick timeout. Let's get into conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute
Welcome back, my friends. So I told you how much time this segment actually just got tiny bit of time somewhat really long last segment. But um, I want to play this, I'm going to do this and then get right to it. This is joy read now some of the stuff we've discussed. We discussed yesterday with the Rittenhouse trial, we talked about this prosecutor getting in trouble and just keep in mind as she she acts totally shocked that the judge would go after the prosecutor because I guess he's the prosecutor and they're off limits like who would even think about it. Just remember how incessantly they went after President Trump. And I by the way, I'm not saying that you shouldn't hold someone accountable or go after them, I guess, depending on what you mean by go after that. I mean, to hold them accountable, but not to personally destroy them or threaten them as, as we've seen happen to Trump, but in his family, but I'm not saying that people should be you know, insulated from that. But she it's just remarkable how blinded they are, to their own hypocrisy and double standard. I mean, it really is something to behold so this is her little. She has a guest on here talking about this but this is her little rant. Regarding cow Rittenhouse
during cross examination judge Schrader or be rated the prosecutor at times yelling at him for questioning Rittenhouse about whether it was appropriate to use deadly force to protect property. The judge then accused the lead prosecutor Thomas Benger of improperly trying to introduce testimony. An hour later, the defense requested a mistrial with prejudice, meaning no retrial, claiming that the prosecution was attempting to promote provoke a mistrial. No Stop, stop a minute here to trade or be raided the prosecutor starting over.
She literally one of the things that this prosecutor had done in the prosecute questioning Rittenhouse, one of the things this prosecutor had done was question why Rittenhouse did not answer questions and that is not that's off limits. We have a right to refuse to answer questions that could be incriminating, we have a right to remain silent. I mean, this is pretty basic stuff here. I don't know what joy Reed's problem is here, but I'm gonna let her continue. Here it is.
prosecution was attempting to promote provoke a mistrial, but doege Took it under advisement after admonishing the prosecution once again. Joining me now is Paul Butler, former federal prosecutor and Georgetown Law Professor Paul, I feel like I was having flashbacks to the George Zimmerman trial right. I mean, everything from Congress in house using sort of COP speak about trying to stop the threat, saying this sort of really dramatic thing that the person he shot, supposedly, like a gangster movie, you know, and then this whole thing of the, you know, heat the whole breaking down and dry heaving in court. That was one thing that we didn't see from Zimmerman, but you know, making himself the victim and sort of making himself seem innocent, which the Zimmerman trial also featured. If he's not guilty, the judge is sort of almost like it was his dad. I mean, since the Zimmerman trial, I haven't seen anything like it, but it feels very similar to me.
What did you see that delusional is what I just heard you say today, the
jurors saw what must be the greatest performance of Kyle written houses life. He was well prepared by his defense attorneys to disrupt his image as a trigger, happy vigil launch, he went on a shooting rampage and a Black Lives Matter protest. On the stand. He was polite, and deliberate. When Rittenhouse got emotional, it may have come across to the jury as a genuine expression of remorse. Or on the other hand, maybe it was crocodile tears designed to elicit sympathy. But I'm hoping with the help of the judge. Rittenhouse did avoid most of the risks that defendants incur when they take the stand. He probably advanced his own defense in front of the jury.
Alright, so there you go. Whatever you want to make of that. I don't know I I just I compare and contrast this with other other things. You know, Michael Brown, George Zimmerman, Steven brought up how can you be How can you be this wrong on so many things, and still have a show? I had maybe no one watches that I mean, no one watches those channels. But it is. It is unbelievable. And that to hear the way that she described what happens is beyond it is so far beyond Look, I I am what I want to say I am somebody who I'm not trying to be someone who just tells both sides of the story here. This isn't I'm not a news anchor. I'm someone who's telling using news stories to talk to you about things that are important to try to navigate these issues and to properly know how to deal with them. That's what I want to do. Now. I'm still fair. If someone I disagree with this, thanks, Ivan earlier in the program said maybe Biden just had a slip of the tongue when he called satchel page, a negro because he was trying to say the Negro League. I think that's at least a possibility. But she has totally misrepresented. What happened here. I mean, the prosecution got excoriated because they call them the question. The defendants constitutional right to not answer a question to remain silent. And they made the jury think that maybe that implied guilt and you're absolutely not allowed to do that. I'm not allowed. Can't do that. But yet, she doesn't understand that. Words escape me to describe this sort of analysis. Anyway it does most times I listen to sound bites from joy read quick timeout back in just a minute
we'll come back really quickly here I want to say this I didn't read the headline of I guess the link to the to that joy read sound bite that clip I played last segment have oh my gosh headline Kyle written houses white crocodile tears referring to him getting upset on the stand. I saw LeBron James call him out for this too because they didn't see tears. I guess they didn't think it was real. He's 18 I mean, can you imagine I after watching the video and what I'm familiar with again, I don't know all the details. But if you shoot somebody, even if it's justifiable, you still have regret you don't I can imagine you wouldn't want to be put in that position and they're mocking this kid. Literally mocking this kid all joy Reid sees his car written houses white. That's all she sees. So her narrative is if he was black, he would have gotten shot. If he was Arab. I saw someone say this fuse. He was Arab he had been in Guantanamo I mean really? This is beyond stupid to me and I My question is who are the racist at this point? Right. Who are the people who are racist when they look at this cow Rittenhouse trout and the headline is Kyle written houses white crocodile tears what holds you in court? What where does that even come from? I mean, to live in joy Reed's world she must be absolutely miserable I don't even know the amount of what it would take what would it take toward that is your conclusion from all that it's just bizarre to me. Why can't we just look at the the case and try to be fair and understanding to someone who's clearly clearly didn't want what happened to happen I mean if you watch the video he waited to the as long as possible to fire the weapon folks back they got very very close anyway stupid crap that we have to listen to and be subjected to in the mainstream media by the likes of hacks like Joy Reid quick timeout back in just a minute
Welcome back, my friend, just waning moments of the program for this week, but I want to say share something else here. Really quickly. Remember when we took all the flack we conservatives and so forth for saying that the National School Board Association's letter to all the Biden I should that letter asking the FBI they wrote a letter to the bight administration asking the FBI to investigate parents it's now being reported that the White House was actively engaged with the National School Board Association before sent the letter to the Biden administration asking for the FBI to investigate outspoken parents. It's not shocking it really isn't just the way this stuff plays out. I gotta go have a great weekend. SDG see Monday. Take care