Inflation & Vaccine Mandates

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I want to get right down to it. These radical leftists are just absolutely unequivocably disconnected. They're disconnected from reality, they're disconnected from you. They have not the slightest idea, the slightest idea what life is like in flyover country in the heartland, they outside of academia, media hub, political bubble in Washington, DC they have absolutely I'm literally no idea. They these folks, and I'm talking about the political class, I'm talking about the media class, the ruling class in general, the folks who are in positions of political power, to well, to mislead and deceive you, to pass things against your will, in the dead of night, with a couple of votes or whatever it takes. Political deception, communication, deception. With the help of the media, these folks have no idea. They have no idea what's coming, either. I think they sense a part of it. And they fear what's coming in November. But I think at their core, these folks have no idea what they're about to do. Welcome to the program, folks. I am your host, Todd Huff, email, Todd, the Todd huff And connect with us. Well, you can ask questions, get feedback, share your opinions, thoughts, and of course, always lavish that adoration and praise upon us we will accept that. Kidding, not kidding. But community, the Todd huff If you want to join our Well, we we do this to step aside from the Nazis at Facebook, metta, whatever the world, their metta, world peace, whatever they're called today. So community, the Todd huff, as one I mentioned this off the top, excuse me, I'm Stephanie rule of I think she's MSNBC, this is NBC. It's all just it doesn't matter. When you get down to it. It doesn't matter what news network these folks are with. What logo is actually in the bottom corner, there are radicals, these folks are disconnected radicals. Now you know that inflation is actually increasing at a rate. You probably have heard this by now. After the October numbers came in, we realize that inflation is increasing at a rate that is higher than it's been a faster and higher inflation rate a faster rate, then it's been in 30 years, three, zero 30 years. Now, some folks listening to my voice today might have been in high school or elementary school 30 years ago, or for the MO or seasoned in the crowd, you might have been new parents and now your grandparents but we're talking to generation, right? A generation ago, we've gone an entire generation of inflation not being as high as it is right now. 6.2% As per the October numbers, if again, if you can believe that. I'm skeptical of everything at this point. These folks are so deceptive and duplicitous. And liberalism is so insidious, and just
the desire to mislead and deceive is everywhere. But 6.2 is what we're is what we're being told now. So basically, why why is that the case? Now without getting into some deep, deep economic theory, what I'm going to tell you is kind of the common sense way of looking at things here. And that is which of course is absent is non existent in Washington DC. It's non existent at MSNBC. No one at CNN even knows what the words common sense mean. I mean, these folks are so disconnected and have no idea how to think things through they have to turn to experts, so called experts who oftentimes have a dog in the fight, as they say, whenever looking for answers to problems, but at its core, the reason inflation is taking off is because we've pumped too much money into the economy. That's the simple answer, and I'm not saying it's too simple. Of course, there's other there's other factors. I mean, when you look at macroeconomics, there are other factors and things that that matter, but at its core, we're pumping too much money in to the economy, it's. And so what happens is, if $1 is worth less as it is with inflation, companies have to adjust companies, it may be shocking to leftists listening to this program, companies cannot like the US Post Office or like the federal government operate at extreme deficits for extended periods of time, because they need they need the capital to to survive, and so prices must adjust. And they have to adjust for really what the dollar is worth. And there are a lot of factors that are lining up against businesses today against the economy. And that includes labor shortage. If that's there's a lot more available jobs and available workers. So let's put it that way. You want to say labor shortage, some people say yes, because people weren't paying enough. Okay? The market can respond to that. But then what happens, prices are gonna go up even more. I mean, now we're talking stagflation, where you have a stagnant economy, coupled with inflation, which is what we're on the precipice of, right. So inflation, in general, not stagflation. Inflation just means, basically, that there's too much money in the, in the economy. And again, I've gone through this before, and this is very rudimentary economics. But before we had currency, people were bartering, right, they were trading. And then currency was developed, so as to allow for people to make trades with one another, even in situations where an individual did not need something that the other person that they were engaging in trade with, could provide. So if you were selling, I don't know if you had some beef from a cattle that you were providing. And the other person was, let's say, a builder could can work on your roof, but you didn't need anything done to your house. And that other person didn't have anything else of value to you at that particular moment in time, it would have hindered the opportunity to trade that person could have gone without beef, or there had been some other accommodation, right? Currency allowed for that transaction to take place. And instead of the person who traded the beef to the person that needed it, taking something he or she did not need, he or she could hold on to that currency, which was backed by a government that at one point in time, not in recent years, but at one point in time, had the full, full faith that the American people, right. And so then they could use that capital, they could use that income, that revenue that money as they desired, they could save it, they could invest it, they can make other improvements to their home or business they could, whatever, right, buy something else that they that they needed. And so that whenever you inject too much money into the economy, you're basically saying,
How do I say that you're you're putting, you're watering down the value of the money that people have given for legitimate trades, because there's more of it. So it's easier for me to get money somewhere else, because there's a surplus of money making, making it worth less, not worthless, although sometimes I feel like we're headed in that direction, it's just worth less when there's too much of it. Right? One of the principles to determining the value of something is how plentiful is it? Is it a commodity? Are there is there a surplus of it is there in supply and demand economics? Is there excess supply, then you no more supply than there is demand that will drive values down? And so the same general principle applies here. So that's what's happened and whose fault is this? Whose fault is this? This, my friends is the fault of Washington DC and specifically, specifically, with efforts that have been taken this year by the Democrats in the Biden administration, it is the responsibility falls squarely upon the Biden administration and today's Democrat Party, they are the ones calling the shots they are the ones who are establishing policy who are voting on things who are increasing control of spending, who have given extra stimuli. I mean, you look at the additional stimulus that was given earlier this year. If you look at the bill, they just passed the infrastructure bill. You look at just what they're also trying to spend to the larger through the larger spending bill. And these things are all catastrophic to the economy. Right? They are not good. These are factors that make operating a business or being profitable, or having to adjust your pricing structure, these things directly impact that a 100%. No questions asked this fault falls at the foot of the federal government and in particular Democrat Party, because they're in control of both houses and the Biden administration. These are the jokers that want to do these sorts of things, all under the guise of helping you. My question is, how is it helping you? How is it helping your family? How is it helping your neighbor? When inflation is at a 6.2%? Rate? How is that good? How, how is driving up consumer prices good. And the truth is inflation. smaller numbers of inflation's folks are willing to live with and accept it's kind of a reality. I'm not defending it. But it's a reality of the world we live in, and the government that we operate within, in the 21st century, but these rates are astonishingly high, as I said earlier, and the top, the highest they'd been in the past 30 years. And so it's unavoidable. Everybody knows that you go to the gas pump. And of course, it's not just inflation. There's other problems and issues as well. I mentioned the labor shortage. There's a supply chain crisis, which again, is not being helped by the government this, the problems that exist in supply chain can, in many cases, not all cases, but in many cases be traced back to government response to COVID-19. shutdowns. That's, again, not 100%. But there's a lot of blame to be laid there. And people looking around and people say, by the way, Biden's approval, I think I saw is down to 41%, I believe is that what I saw 41%. People are looking around and they said wait a minute, this wasn't like this a year ago, what on earth is going on folks that cast a ballot, because they were terrified of what Trump might be. And they never took any time to really stop and think about what Biden and his Democratic Party actually are. These folks are radical leftist, in some case, some cases, extreme Marxist. socialists. Again, some of the some of the more radicals are literally I'm not exaggerating when I say this, they're nominating people. You know, Biden has nominees who are straight out Marxist communist, literally, that is not hyperbole, that is not exaggeration. That is not anything other than the actual realities and facts as we see them today. In fact, I spoke with someone, Tom Jones of the
American accountability foundation. He's one of the cofounders of that for our television show. We just cut those episodes. Last week, I guess. And we are, that'll be airing here soon. But to hear what some of these I think I even played that clip, maybe on this television show, where the nominee said that she wants to see energy companies go bankrupt. That has to happen if we're going to tackle climate change, folks, this is statism. This is Marxism. This is not free market capitalism. This is not how America was built. And so so this is unavoidable to the left and to the media, they have to address it. There's no other way, because we've now ventured into people's pocketbooks, right? When someone goes to buy a gallon of milk, a gallon of gasoline, when someone goes to a restaurant, and there's a sign on the door that says we're close today, or we can't find enough help. So we have to close early today or open late. This happens virtually at every restaurant that I can think of at the moment, or do you can't dine in or you can't do this. There's regulations stipulate that once a regulations there's just consequences that these businesses are dealing with, because of our in at government. And what's super ironic about this, is that these are the same jokers who tell us that they can tell us that they can cause the sea levels to decrease. Right They tell us They can make complete and utter equality for all people, but they cannot even make sure that each of their presidential candidates get an equal amount of time talking on the debate stage, these folks are completely inept, completely incapable and the gig is up in a lot of ways folks see it. It's all around them. It's unavoidable. And so the media is beginning to have to respond, the media and the Biden administration and the Democrats. There's an attack on the finally, thank goodness, they've realized the term woke isn't really what they wanted it to mean. It's a it's a term of mocking these idiotic liberal ideas and policies for ignoring reality, ignoring science, ignoring common sense ignoring basic economic principles. And so they're out there trying to defend it. So before the aroma get back from the break again, take one here, I want to play this interview Stephanie Ruhle MSNBC does the short segment a minute or so talking with Willie's guys, I think it's Geist of NBC. And she's trying to explain away just how we should properly look at this issue of inflation get ready for a lot more of this. As we move into an election year midterm election, which is going to hit us here that year, election year begins in about six weeks, we're halfway through the month of November. So in six weeks, it is an election year, and we're going to begin to see them begin to really start to reframe the debate isn't really that bad, right? This is the new normal, that sort of talk is going to begin to be coming out from all different individuals, and they're going to begin to blame Trump even more. We had no idea how really bad it was, I'm sure Biden will tell us when we took over, Trump had dug us into a much deeper hole, he had set some sort of a secret a time bomb to explode on the economy, not our fault. It's his fault. Get ready for this sort of stuff. And whatever you can imagine them saying, I'm telling you, it's not out of the realm of possibilities, with some exceptions, depending upon your imagination. But it is not outside the realm of possibilities as to what they will try to get away with because this is so obvious, that the average condition the just the economy, and just the impact on the average American under this administration, is markedly worse, incredibly worse. noticeably worse than it was under President Trump. In fact, it was good and improving under President Trump even in even in the wake of a worldwide pandemic, take a break. Come back, continue our talk play that sound by Stephanie Ruhle trying to tell you that what you're really seeing and feeling isn't as bad as you think it is. Leave it to the left to do that. So condescending and arrogant back here, folks in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends. So I said before the break that I was going to play this soundbite This is Stephanie Ruhle. And is it Willie? I think it's Willie Geist. I think it is I forgive me, I, I listened to these knuckleheads, sometimes I just not all the time, right? I just can't put up with it, I guess when you get down to it, but so she is being asked. She Stephanie Ruhle from I believe MSNBC. She's gonna try to reframe this. And I think this is important to understand, because after we get through the holidays, we they're still going to fight about this federal spending package, which may be in jeopardy, who knows, because of Joe Manchin, maybe KEARSON, cinema, inflation and all this sort of stuff. The Democrats, it's thing about that, it's gotten to a point where Democrats are concerned about the effects of a piece of legislation on the economy, because of inflationary rates and the rate of inflation 6.2%. So, that is astonishing in and of itself. These are folks that never pay any attention to any of that stuff. They just don't care. They have a bigger desire to see federal programs in place and I'm talking about the ones who are strategic and intentional about this. Some folks believe in this stuff. And it's complete. Just fantasy world to believe in these things. But there are also people that seek and we've talked about these folks a lot. They seek to acquire power they seek to transform this nation from the free market constitute Only based system that we have into something that's more radical, something that's more socialist something is more Marxist. And they use phrases and words that sound so appealing to many people equal pay for equal work, and a stop to see levels from rising. They care about clean air and clean water as though the rest of us want dirty air and dirty water as though the rest of us want people to be gypped out of what they rightfully earned. But this is the false the false arguments that are out there building the straw man arguments but anyhow, Stephanie Ruhle sitting here with Willie guys of NBC trying to explain away explain away inflation because they're gonna have to deal with this before the next election. So look at these explanations almost as, as trial balloons. She says her she's, you know, talking to it's a mainstream liberal. MSNBC, his audience is straight, liberal, liberal and radical, a large part of them in BC his audience is more mainstream liberal. So consider these explanations as trial balloons so that they can determine these are like test groups that this is, this is like a marketing focus group for them. Let's see if this really gets traction with people? And if it does, that's the answer we want to give. Right? So here it is Stephanie Ruhle, trying to explain away just how you and I, and the people we know need to not be so upset about inflation, we need to have our perspectives adjusted, because Democrats in the Biden administration are just doing so many other wonderful things. I guess. Here it is.
And Stephanie joins me now live, Steph, it's great to see you, as you say inflation is over 6% numbers we haven't seen in more than 30 years. So how much higher? Can these prices go? And when do you see them coming down?
Well, listen, really, nobody knows exactly when they're going down. But you have to put all this in perspective, this inflation is not in isolation, and the government predicted it was going to be a challenging recovery, recovery, all tied to COVID. So it's why you see things like that expanded Child Tax Credit, you've got the families, over 60 million kids, on average, getting $430 a month for people on fixed incomes, older people on social security, they're getting those fixed payments adjusted next year of 5.9%, for inflation, and the dirty little secret here, willings, nobody likes to pay more. On average, we have the money to do so household savings hit a record high over the pandemic, we didn't really have anywhere to go out and spend. And as we said a moment ago, we're expecting retail sales this holiday season, to break records for those who own their homes, the value of our homes are up. And while the stock market isn't the economy, you got over half of American households with some investment in the markets. And the markets have hit record highs. In perspective, this time last year, when you and I were talking Willie, nobody had a vaccine. Now 200 million Americans do. And we're seeing this push of demand. And that's pushing up pricing.
I mean, that's that's about as stupid as analysis on on economics. As I've, as I've heard. I mean, that, in many ways could not be more wrong. If she intentionally tried to come up with something that was that was wrong she to frame it that way, which ultimately is Hey, suck it up, buttercup, you have more money. So you can you can pay. You can afford to pay for more. But why do many people have more money? It's because the the government decided to either France borrow or steal from future generations and give it to you now or it wasn't or take it from Southern other taxpayers? It's not because it's not because suddenly things are just humming along well, and by the way, remember when they laughed at Trump's V shaped recovery when he talked about a V shaped recovery for the economy, the economy, going into COVID Going into this COVID crisis it was humming along. I mean, it was just tearing it up. People were confident. Consumers were very confident things were just going very well. And then things came to a complete Nutter standstill because of what the government told us. Now. I'm going to extend some of you won't and I understand I I understand the the initial the initial reaction. I'm not excusing it. I'm not saying that it should have been done. I'm just saying I at least understand where folks were coming from when they didn't know what to do. As we were learning about about this virus, right, I, again, I'm not defending. I'm not saying it was the right thing to do. I'm just saying it was at least understandable. It is completely not understandable at this point to watch some of the things we're doing. Take New York City, for example, I saw a sound clip. I'm not gonna play it. I don't even have it here. Actually, I might have it somewhere. Bill DeBlasio being asked by the media, about checking the vaccination status of five through 11 year olds before they walk into a store. Yeah, oz didn't like that. I don't like that either. They're gonna check. He talked about that. That's something that they're gonna look into as more and more people in New York City become become vaccinated. Right, Los Angeles, we got vaccine. So vaccine mandates to basically walk outside in Los Angeles. Right, we've got the Biden administration, I spoke, by the way with Attorney General Todd Rokita, also to air on our television program here in a couple weeks. He and other states are fighting back against these vaccine mandates that had been issued by the by the administration by the federal government, unilaterally, by the way, right, fighting back against this Biden administration vows to fight back vigorously, I guess, to the nail against against this particular these losses trying to stop this. I find myself wondering what is what is the real rash? I mean, truly, all emotion aside and personal preference on the vaccine, what is the actual logical thinking? Truly a political just what is what is the case? I would love to hear I asked Attorney General key if he could summarize what he's you know what he believes the case is going to be he really couldn't do that yet. For the government, the federal government, the Biden administration, when they look at vaccine mandates, but what is the thinking? I mean, this is bizarre, crazy stuff. We're in an anti logical world, at this point, no matter what your position on vaccines, no matter what you have decided to do or not do, which is your choice. But this, suddenly a company that has 100 employees has to have everyone vaccinated or tested daily. But if 99 doesn't, it's just I mean, I need someone to explain that to me, I get, I get that. There's federal stipulations that once you cross certain thresholds that different rules and so forth acquire are passed on to you. I questioned that as well. But I understand that's the thinking. But it's so arbitrary. There's no, that's that's not science. What's the science between the company when 99 people not being forced to get vaccinated and those with 100? Having to what if what if a company split into two businesses? 50 and 50, and 50 instead of 100? I mean, it is beyond stupid to me, some of this stuff, and these mandates are absolutely out of control. In fact, we'll probably talk about that a little bit after the break. But get ready for more of these idiotic defenses, explanations for inflation, how it's not really as bad as you think it is. Remember, when Obama was president, we were told that GDP coming in at 2% annually would be the new normal. Remember that? Do you? I know some of you do. Some of you may not might have needed a reminder. But then things change now. Right? It changed when you have a president and policies that are actually encouraging to businesses than the free market. The free market can then run unrestrained and produce a lot of gross domestic product. Diana take a break. Oz is waving at me to get my attention. She has succeeded. I will take a break sit tight back here in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friend. So let's talk a little bit about the government or the Biden administration's desire to take this fight on vaccine mandates to court and to defend it. I mean, they are prepared. This is serious. This is I mean, that the battle lines have been drawn here. They're going to stand up and fight this with all that they've got. So what I mean, what is the case? Really? What is the case for the government for Biden ministration to arbitrarily unilaterally apply mandates upon businesses to say, your employees if you're over a certain size, your employees have to be vaccinated or subjected themselves to regular testing and I don't know if it's how frequently but it's regular. I don't maybe I need to look that but you It's looked that up until you but it's regular testing to prove that you don't have the Coronavirus. So they're going to defend this and say, I guess what's the defense? What's the argument for? First of all, allowing this? I mean, number one, number one, the idea, constitutionally speaking, I don't care what we've seen in practice, because what we've seen in practice in recent years, in recent decades, is not any. I don't think it bears any resemblance to what the founders had intended to create the idea that the President of the United States can unilaterally establish this and say, This is what's going to happen is crazy to me.
The idea that states don't have rights, even if the federal government decides to tell them what to do is crazy. To me from a constitutional perspective, again, we're talking about a vaccine, right? So you're supposed to take the vaccine so that you won't get infected by the virus, except that you do get infected by the virus. We know this. I'm not making the case not to get vaccinated. I literally have not tried to persuade anybody any direction on that. I think that there are things that people need to think about and not just take advice blindly from Dr. Fauci and these other radicals, these other people in government. But that aside, it's your choice. Everyone has crazy to say in 2021, we all have different circumstances, different health experience different. I don't know, pre existing conditions or not any pre existing conditions, different age brackets, different risk pools and so forth. But to say, what's what is the case? I mean, really, what is it? Because if the case, it seems to me the only thing that they're going to argue that for Okay, for example, if they say you have to take it, because we don't want you to spread or to someone else, the immediate question to me is, can an unvaccinated person get the vaccine or excuse me the virus and spread it? The answer is yes. So that completely nullifies that particular part of the argument, does it not? So to me, the only thing that they can really say is that you have to take it, because it prevents you, it makes it less likely that you will have dire, you know, circumstances consequences from getting the virus, it makes you less likely to go to the hospital less likely to die. From what they're telling us. That, that that is what they tell us is true. But now, how does that net now we're into a whole different argument, because now you're saying, what I decided to do with my body only affects me and you're telling me what my risk level should be that my friends there, I am telling you, there is no way there is no way that that should in our system of government work. I'm one by the way, I got a story about this. Maybe I'll tell it after the break. But I'm one, like, they'll say, Well, you have to wear your seatbelt. See, I reject that notion. I'm not saying you shouldn't wear your please, if you don't if you're driving right now, put your seatbelt on. I'm not saying not to wear your seatbelt. But I'm saying why is that a law is my question. Who else does that harm? I've actually got a quick story. I'll share it wasn't it crossed my mind that this might come up today? I kind of put it aside. But now that I said it, I'll share it next next segment. But now we're into that category, should you be able to ride a motorcycle without a helmet? Because who else? That's the bottom line. If I decided to put myself at that risk, and I was and I am not posing any greater risk to anyone else's life, liberty or property. What the heck's the problem? Right at that point? That's where I think logic takes us clearly without any questions whatsoever. We'll see where this goes. Government loves power. I mean, so I'm not predicting this as a slam dunk. I hope the Rokita and other attorneys general win this case. But nonetheless, I I am kind of interested to see what the the federal government is going to do as regard as it regards the way that argues its case because I I don't see any way possible that this is even marginally coherent in a court of law, but that's never stopped him from succeeding. Anyway, quick timeout. Gotta take a break back here in just a minute.
I'm going through this story with us here behind the behind the scenes and I've told you this before, but she'd forgotten I years ago. In fact, she reminded me that we We were looking for a pediatrician for our not it was our first child, we were pregnant with our son, Logan, and he was not yet. She was still pregnant. And we met at one of these. I think it is the pediatrician we ended up working with but anyway, on the way back for the pediatricians office, and I know some of you listening to me are law enforcement. So please, I, I really, I'm just telling the story here. Okay. So I get pulled over. guy weighs me over. And I didn't have my seatbelt on. And he said, he walks up to the car, and I did do this. I mean, think about, I wasn't being super snarky. I was just kind of dumbfounded. He says, I'm on seatbelt patrol. I said, you're on seatbelt patrol. He said, Yeah. I said, Look, man, I said, you're doing your job. I didn't have my seatbelt on. I said, you know, you got me. I'm not gonna argue and say I didn't. You know, I'm sorry. That's the law. I think it's crazy. This is what I did say, I think it's crazy. So then he tried to tell me why it wasn't. And he said, No, no, just wait a minute, let me tell you. And I said, Okay. And he said, suppose you're at a intersection. And you get the, you know, the light turns green for you to go and another vehicle, a big truck, runs the red light and hits you and the intersection and knocks, the impact of that collision knocks you out of the driver's seat so that you are no longer in control of your car and you hit someone else. He said, that's your fault. I'm what he said, I'm not making this up. And I looked at him and I said, No, it's not. I said, it's the guy's fault who hit me. Right? I mean, this is as clear and obvious to me as the noonday sun. And I don't think he was expecting a retort. And I wasn't I know, I wasn't being I wasn't trying to be argumentative. I. And you know, I? And you could say I shouldn't say anything, maybe not. But I'm just saying that there's real crime out there in the world. And the risk, and I'm not, I'm not out here saying don't wear your seatbelt. Because it's wise to wear your seatbelt. I'm just saying. There's a lot of other things that it's wise to do, as well. Right? And maybe just maybe the guy I think it's wise to go to church, do you think you should have the police knock on your door and say, Get your rear end in church? I think it's wise to do save money. Should the police come and say, Where's your deposit? What you decide to do? In instances pretended your own personal health safety circumstances whatever should be up to you. Plain and simple. And I think that's what we're left with this COVID forced man forced vaccination deal. I have to go quick timeout back in a minute.
I want to say sorry, I got a little bit of a cold here. But I want to say that the officer in question was was simply doing his job. I mean, he didn't do anything wrong. I'm just saying that the things that we have officers doing is, I think, a little bit crazy. And it's going to get to the point if this MAC vaccine mandate holds up and becomes law. Now you're going to have sheriffs and law enforcement agencies talking about whether or not they're going to enforce that. I mean, this is going to get who knows where this thing is. But anyway, folks, I gotta go. Thanks so much for listening. Have a great week. SDG see tomorrow. Take care