MSNBC Following Rittenhouse Jury Bus

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conservative not bitter indeed. You are listening to the homos, conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. And folks, this Rittenhouse trial, my oh my what a unmitigated disaster. And I'm not saying that in the sense that the judge has done anything wrong, but just the it's the media. It's the media at every single turn and who is it? It's even better when you look at who it is. It's the stinking jokers at MSNBC. Absolutely. Unbelievable what we're dealing with. We'll talk about that as the program unfolds. Email, Todd, the Todd huff Questions, comments, MSNBC jokes, adoration and praise for your one and only hosts. And all sorts of other things just make it count Todd, the Todd huff You can also connect with us on our online community community the Todd huff don't have to worry about the jokers at Facebook and the Nazis there and excuse me Metaverse, or whatever the world they're called now. It's good to be here today. So this AI words escape me as to what we're dealing with here. And I first saw this in the post millennial. you've undoubtedly seen this. Most of you maybe some of you haven't yet but NBC producer who reportedly instructed man up. I'm reading another there's, Well that one's relevant too. So that that that one's in response to the idiotic stuff that's happening basically a journalist, a freelance journalist, so we're supposed to understand that freelance freelance, I don't know if it means contractor, it just means they're trying to put separation between MSNBC and this journalist was pulled over last night, I guess, Wednesday night for following this is unbelievable. So you think the following the jury bus. So the the county has gone to great lengths to protect the jurors and the jurors identity? And why why do they have to do that? That's the first question. Why do they have to do that? I'm glad you asked. Because and you know this already, they have to do that. Because of the amount of hatred, the amount of anger, the amount of rage, the amount of misrepresentation of facts and truth that have been thrown into the middle of this case. And I'm talking exclusively? Yes, I know, the prosecutor is I don't know, I try not to make this. This isn't personal. But my idiotic, I don't know what else to say. The things that I some of the line of questioning some of the charges that had been brought here, pointing the gun at the in the courtroom with his finger on the trigger. I mean, the amount of stupidity here between the prosecution, but and the media, but the media is the main drivers of this. And so they have to protect the identity of the jurors, because because they're afraid of all sorts of things like jury intimidation, or, you know, before the fact before the case is actually decided and we're still waiting. We'll get through the rest of the day. Maybe today who knows? I mean, I will they will they reach a decision today they've had three full days of deliberation. 23 and a half hours I've read, including including lunch breaks, so I don't know how much longer lunch break is but basically We need three, three full days, essentially, unless you're a government worker, and that's about a month and a half of work. Kidding, not kidding. But anyhow. So we have a scenario where there's been so much fuel thrown on this fire. And now, they're amping it up even more, which is inexcusable. i The amount of you can say stupidity you can say evil. I think honestly, I think it's I think it's it's a mixture of evil intent with political, what I want to say that they're so blinded by their ambitions, they have to the left needs Rittenhouse to be convicted, they just need it. And if he's not convicted,
they have. I mean, they have juiced the base so much over this, that Gattling knows what's going to happen. And that's why we're starting at this point where the jury has to come in, they have to meet a boss think about this, you have to meet a bus in a location. That's not the courthouse, you have to get on the bus. You have to the bus has to have, I think the tinted windows. So you're basically sneaking this group in, like a group of, I don't know, SWAT team or some sort of SEAL team or something. You don't want their identities identities to be seen. So you sneak him into the courthouse. They go in there and they listen to while they're now they're deliberating before they were listening to testimony and so forth. Now they're deliberating. But But Wednesday night, a journalist from MSNBC. That's right, the home of who I think is I don't watch everybody. So I can't say the biggest, but one of the biggest racists in media Joy read who only sees the world through truly skin color. I can't watch a clip of anything that joy Reid talks about where she is not condemning whiteness on a regular basis. And so that's the home of joy read. That's the home of Chris Hayes. That's the home was the home. I think that I see the he retired Brian, I say Brian Williams retired. Did you see that or he wanted i i saw something about him the other day by Brian Williams. Remember, Brian Williams, he used to be at NBC. And when he was in NBC told a story of how he was basically, his helicopter was attacked, or some made up malarkey in was in Iraq, or if I don't know where it was, but he was, you know, onboard a helicopter and he made up a story. Kind of like, well, kind of how an extreme example of how Obama led us to believe he took out Bin Laden on his own. I did this and I did that. That's that's a hyperbole. But you get the idea that he just needed to feel to make people think I guess he was a hero who who had endured all sorts of things to bring us the truth. That guy who made that story up completely lied to us was able to get a job at MSNBC, that's apparently a way to, you know, enhance your resume when applying in MSNBC. So that is the crowd that is the group that is the news organization. You know, I give CNN a lot of flack on here and and deservedly so. I mean, CNN is a bunch in my estimation. They have a bunch of professional deceivers we know Don Lemon, tough guy, Chris Cuomo, bunch of the other jokers on there as well. And CNN absolutely has this problem. CNN is designed you remember the the Project Veritas, Veritas tapes where James O'Keefe was hacking into their to their or they let him get the password somehow I don't know how I pulled it off. But he got the password to the monthly or weekly conference calls. Or maybe they were daily I don't know. And Jeff Zucker was leading the calls, and James O'Keefe on the last day or when he made it public. He said, Hey, I'm just, I'm here, you know, and they kind of freaked out and he revealed all the stuff that they were saying in these meetings, which was basically things like, I don't want anything besides this sort of news. Jeff Zucker would say I want news that is, you know, pushing this narrative. I want to hear about all the bad things about Trump essentially and all that sort of thing. So the CNN has its problems. MSNBC, obviously has its problems as well. And I dare I say even crazier, CNN, I don't know if that's possible. But even crazier, these are two of the, my estimation, this is my opinion, two of the worst, most unreliable, just Insane Places to to get news now funny, it entertains me. it entertains me a lot sometimes. But at the same time these folks are
there, they're misleading. I was gonna say millions of people, dozens of people that watch, but they do have some people that tune in to this this nonsense. And it seems to me from the outside looking in here, that people at MSNBC, were more concerned about cow Rittenhouse, driving 21 miles or whatever it was to Kenosha than their own journalist driving to follow the bus of jurors. So they got pulled over. This journalist gets pulled over for running a red light because he was following according to what he told officers, he was following the bus with the jury on it. Now why would a member of the media need to follow a bus with individual members of the jury on it? In what universe? Is that even remotely appropriate? I read part of a response or maybe the whole thing from MSNBC today that said, you know, the journalist wasn't trying to make contact with the jurors, the journalist wasn't trying to get pictures of the jurors. I wonder what what was the journalist doing? I mean, at the instruction, if what allegedly are based on what the journalist told officers and what the judge said in the courtroom yesterday, was following following the bus of jurors who have taken extraordinary, you know that their extraordinary efforts have been taken to keep that jury from being identified for obvious reasons. And it's not because they're afraid of the Tea Party, by the way. Anyway, that is what we're dealing with. When I say on here. I just I It's unbelievable that this that this happened, we'll see what the consequences are. This is a serious violation. By the way. You can't you can't do this. Right. I mean, this, the media is free to talk, you know, to to talk about what's going on in that courtroom, to criticize the prosecutor. They won't criticize the prosecution, but the defense or the judge or whatever to mock written house. But they can't go the jury cannot be targeted. The jury shouldn't be pursued. The jury shouldn't even be on the radar of these jokers. But the jury is and you have to wonder why. Why is that the case? Why does a journalist need to be following the jury at the alleged instructions of a producer at MSNBC that producer by the way, and that's the headline I started to read to have both the articles pulled up here this is also a post millennial NBC producer who reportedly instructed man to follow Rittenhouse Jerry buss nukes, social media accounts they she's deleted her Twitter account and I think her what's the other LinkedIn? I believe her name if you're wondering that well the journalists name who was stopped and pulled over and ticketed for running a red light is James J Morrison. According to the what's being reported and what the judge said the name of the producer the name of the producer is where's it here? I've got her picture here where's the actual Her last name is b b y o n bi on Irene by on is is her name and she has now eliminated her full name is Irene Min Joo by on and she's destroyed her deleted her online. Her social media accounts in the wake of this.
This is again another thing to add into the mix on the cow Rittenhouse trial and the disaster and the desire right the desire of the media to influence every person that they can. That's what I see here. The desire the media to influence every person that they can through all means, look, I'm all about influence, but they're using Any and all means at their disposal, even things that are illegal and inappropriate, such as trying to what I entirely intimidating the jury, are they threatening? Do they want them to know that they're about to be doxed exposed addresses, you know, put on online platforms. I mean, that could certainly impact the way a jury is going to vote, especially if they're concerned about their city being burnt to the ground, especially if they're concerned about riots and looting. Which, of course, I mean, they should be. This is a very tense situation in general. And the whole thing started, you go back to when this started, and the riots that happened last summer, Black Lives Matters involvement, the made up narrative about Jacob Blake, right, that whole thing. And then the riots that followed, which then led Cao Rittenhouse to travel 20 Some miles to the city of Kenosha and that's when all the stuff went down. And now the media at least this particular so called journalists at the instructions allegedly of the so called media outlet called MSNBC is chasing down even running red lights I guess that I don't know if the bus was getting away or what happened here but the chase to follow a bus with yourself being a journalist I there's no there's no explanation for that. None what's not not one that's good. Not one that's good at all. It's just remarkable to watch this stuff unfold before our very eyes I gotta get timeout. MSNBC should be truly and utterly ashamed of itself. But they should have been a long time ago as well but they never have been. So quick timeout. Lots more to get to here sit tight, my friends back in just a minute
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And the third one, I understand what he's saying. But I think there's a man, I think he needs to rephrase this and rethink this. I think it's worth discussing here because of in light of what we talked about last segment and a lot of what we talked about a couple days ago with, you know what we can learn from the Rittenhouse case. So the tweet reads like this, in this country, Americans are innocent until proven guilty. Absolutely, my friend. That's 100%. Right. And in fact, I should have said that on the show Wednesday when I talked about the things that we learned from the written ask jersey that I'm sorry for Rittenhouse trial, the the things that are under attack in this country. And we hit on it indirectly. I didn't state it that obviously. And I should have stated it more clearly. But one of the threats is in fact that that fundamental American principle, that fundamental just it's a fundamentally good principle that you're innocent until proven guilty, the the state the government needs to prove that you committed crimes that are illegal, they have that burden shouldn't be your responsibility. My responsibility, should we be charged with something to prove we didn't do it. It's tough to prove a negative right. I mean, technically impossible to prove a negative and he that's the first line of his tweet. So he's 100%. Right there, the burden of proof lies on the prosecution. Prosecutor it says not the defense. He's absolutely correct on that. Right, the right way to look at this. And I, I went through this when I was on the jury with the rest of the jurors, because I don't know that I will. I don't know that everyone gets this fundamental concept in a very clear manner. You don't you don't imagine evidence is just a brick, every piece of evidence as a brick, you don't you don't have two piles of bricks in your mind. And in this metaphor, there's evidence that shows this person's guilt evidence that shows this person's innocence. And then you look at him you take a step back and you say which brick is bigger? Or maybe you're stacking them up one on top of another and you say which one is is higher? And you say, Well, that one's a little bit higher. So I'm gonna say guilty. That's not that is not how this is supposed to work. You're supposed to take the evidence and assemble it look at the evidence against the defendant to whatever degree it does or does not exist. And then there's there's a line, right there's a, you know, like, my family and I are about to traveled to be out next week, by the way. Actually, you're going to hear on Wednesday of next week, the in honor of rush and of Thanksgiving, the true story of thanksgiving. I'm going to do that on Wednesday, but we'll be out next week. We're going to be in crossing enemy lines and going to Disney World with family. And whenever you go to ride a ride ride you have to be tall enough. There's a there's some some places have a stick with a piece of red tape on it. Some of them have that little metal thing that you swing the thing out and if it hits your head, you know you must be this tall to ride that line. In this metaphor, wherever, however high that is, that's the line of reasonable doubt. And so as I, as I hear evidence presented as a jury would hear evidence presented from a defense I shouldn't have from the prosecutor,
they would stack those bricks up. And if they eclipsed that line, if they reached that line, if they if the pile of bricks were big enough to ride the ride in the metaphor, then then that's a eclipsed reasonable doubt. And you would Can you would vote to convict if there's evidence, but it doesn't reach the threshold isn't reached the line of reasonable doubt, if you're not tall enough to ride the ride than you would have to vote? Not guilty. I say vote to convict is what I meant to say the first time convict vote to convict if it hits Reasonable Doubt or higher, vote to acquit, say not guilty. If it was below Reasonable Doubt, right, you didn't get to that threshold. And so it's the job of the prosecutor to stack the bricks to try to get above that threshold above that line of reasonable doubt. It's not the job of the defense. He's 100%. Right on both these lines. Now, he says this, He concludes with this this last sentence. And I just, I know what he's saying his tweet ends by saying our justice system is beyond broken, folks, is not the system. And I understand what he's saying it is it is broken and practicality. But it's broken. And this is critically important. critically important. And I guess we're going to talk about it after the break, because I've gotten long winded here on this. But it is critically important, because because we have this if something's broken, it suggests that needs to be replaced. And I asked you, What can we replace the American system of justice with that is better than the system of justice we have, we don't have a problem in the system, we have a problem with the Joker's who are running the system. That is America's problem. It is prevalent at all levels of government. And I'll talk about it and tie this up in a little bow here after the break. So sit tight, my friends back in just a minute.
Welcome back, my friends, let me let me finish what I'm pointing out, I think it's an important difference. It's different to say the system our system of justice is broken. Versus the clowns running our system of Jokers have corrupted everything that they've touched. And that in general, is our problem in America. And let me illustrate a couple things. Number one, oh, I hesitate to even bring this example up. I'm proud I promise. I'm not trying to be provocative here. But I when Bill Clinton was president, and when he had in appropriate relations, we'll leave it at that with an intern in Washington DC in the 1990s. Would it be fair to say our intern program was broken? Or would it be more appropriate to say that the people, ultimately the person in charge of the internship program there the person that they were interning for the at the top of that, you know, the President the person who's in charge, the ultimate person they're interning for, would the problem be that person's behavior remember that this is like William F. Buckley statement that the problem with capitalism is capitalist what individuals choose to do, versus versus the problem with socialism, which is the ideology itself. Right. It also reminds me of the 2016 election. Americans were upset. They were mad at politicians. They were mad. It was people were tired of what they considered DC insiders, DC, you know, political professionals, that sort of thing. And that did hurt Hillary. In some circles and I remember this I distinctively remember hearing from people because I asked I asked them on this show. I probably have some of the sound bites that I heard from some of them. I asked them, I put it out on social media. I don't know where all we put it. But I said if you are going at the time, it was still the primary and it was Hillary versus Bernie. And people actually thought Bernie was gonna win and we knew that he wasn't what we didn't know was that the mass effort against Bernie, to prevent him from winning the Democratic primary was making it even more impossible than just the democratic power brokers that we're not going to let that happen. But I asked, I said, if Bernie loses now, why people thought Bernie was an outsider, is crazy. To me, Bernie has been there forever as well. But people viewed Bernie as not a typical politician. And I remember saying, for those of you who vote for Bernie, I want to know, are you gonna? Are you going to support Trump or Hillary and the number of people whose logic was, if Bernie doesn't win, I'm voting for Trump. That, to me is exactly what we would be headed towards. If we if we said here that our justice system was broken, meaning people know that the system's broken. So they're, they're basically saying, hey, I'll pick whatever, whatever alternative that's available at the moment, it doesn't matter if it's socialism as a case with with Bernie, or if it's what Trump was going to do, which was not socialism. And they knew that at the time, they didn't care what the alternative was, they just hated professional politicians so much. And that's a dangerous place to be. Now, on the other hand, it's when people realize that the way things are working or not the way that they're supposed to work, or the way that they're not working is not is not the way it's supposed to be. That gives us a chance to persuade and explain and articulate, that's good. But if we can't get in there, and they just say anything, but this is what happened in the 2020 election, people were convinced Trump was well, I don't want to go into everything that went wrong with 2020. But for those that chose to vote for Biden over Trump, a big chunk of them said,
we're not we're just voting against Trump that you could put Mickey Mouse on the ballot or whatever else. We're voting for anybody that's not named Trump. And then they didn't. And now they're upset. Many of these folks Biden's approvals down to 36% when George W. Bush's approval ratings dropped to 36%, Wolf Blitzer, I remember wrestling by playing the the monetize of sound bites, Wolf Blitzer had to talk about it every seven minutes on his program, George W. Bush's approval drops an all time low of 36% 36%. George W. Bush approval rating, unprecedented low approval numbers at this point in presidency. What's it mean? On and on every five seconds? Biden is there today? People are not happy. My point is, my point is and it's important, the system is not broken. It's the people who are working the system. Who are I guess, metaphorically speaking, they're the broken ones. That's where the that's the the the weak point in the chain. Right. That's why we we have a beautiful system, my friends, criminal justice systems, a beautiful thing. The American system of political system, beautiful thing. It's not broken, the people running it, have corrupted it. They've turned it into something it was never supposed to be the people running the media, same thing they it's why they chase buses of jurors running red lights. And that bus was designed to keep people's identity hidden. And we have MSNBC allegedly telling us journalists follow the van, follow the bus. Crazy stuff. The system is not broken. It's the people it is the problem with capitalism is capital are capitalists, individual capitalists. The problem with socialism is socialism. It's a big, big, big difference and it needs to be pointed out. I don't want to split hairs and my disagreement here with an individual who I think I have a lot in common with or agree with a lot on is who tweeted this out. It's the individuals who are the problem. They're the ones that need to be replaced. They're the ones causing the havoc and turmoil they're the ones Miss applying the law. They are the ones that are allowing for the shenanigans to take place. The system itself is sound and good and true. It doesn't mean that there can't be tweaks somewhere around the periphery the system is good it's sound, it's what we need. But the Joker's running the show different story altogether. quick timeout my friends back in just a minute
Welcome back, my friends, by the way program brought to you in part by Indiana, geothermal. I don't know what you know. About geothermal heating and cooling units, but they are very cost efficient. And for the certain situation for certain homeowners, it may be the perfect solution and it's not as expensive. As some folks think. For more information, visit Indiana in the energy I've known these folks, Chris and his team G money. I think I first met Chris. It's been probably 1518 years ago. Kind of the expert in the industry, Indiana geothermal calm, be sure to tell him you heard about him on The Todd Huff Show. So I want to briefly touch on two more things here. Briefly. The one I just want to just if you haven't seen it, my wife sent me this earlier. What I guess yesterday, Governor DeSantis, signing the legislation prohibiting COVID vaccine mandates in the state of Florida, which is good, right. But the part of this that was the best to me is where he was signing, you know, where he's, you know, where he's signed this. He signed this in Brandon, Florida, folks, that when I say the left is engaged in political theater constantly and I call them drama Kratos, because it's bad political theater. This is Rich, this works. For me, this is a subtle thing. It wasn't the focus of the entire, you know, it wasn't just a dog and pony show a charade. He's trying to actually protect the liberties of people in the choices of people in the state of Florida, his state. And he does so by going to Brandon Florida, which of course, is a nonverbal head nod to two, let's go Brandon, which I think is fantastic. I really do. So I just wanted, I just wanted to comment on that. The other thing I want to get to in the winning moments, there's a lot I want to get to. But the other thing I want to get to in the waning moments of the program, is what the house is now doing with this big spending bill. Now. It's one supposedly $1.75 trillion that they tell us doesn't cost anything, which is patently absurd and ridiculous. And we're not sure what's going to happen in the Senate. But the house is now apparently looking to push this thing through. And again at the time of this, of what I'm speaking that they haven't done a vote on it yet they haven't held a vote. But that appears to be that appears to be the plan. On the very day that the Congressional Budget Office, the CBO came out and said that this was going to put the United States this bill was going to put the United States in an additional $367 billion worth of debt is going to be added to the to the national debt which the Democrats of course deny, because they're going to give the IRS more power and the IRS is going to find that confiscate that from taxpayers. So terrifying thought but anyway, you know, take a timeout, come back and wrap up here for the week. Sit tight, my friends back in just a minute.
All right, my friends, unfortunately, that is all of the time that we have for today. And as I mentioned, somewhere earlier in the program, we I won't be here actually, we'll have Chris Dunham, Kristen, I'm a good friend of ours has filled in on this program before I come in and fill in on I believe both Monday and Tuesday. I will have the honor of rush. Well, in honor of thanksgiving and Rush Limbaugh. I'm going to be continuing his tradition of sharing the true story of thanksgiving on Wednesday. And then of course, we will be back here the following Monday after Thanksgiving. So Happy Thanksgiving in advance folks, see you soon. SDG take care