Biden's Call for Mandatory Masks in America, and Trump's Response | August 14, 2020 | Hour 1

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right, you are listening the home of conservative not bitter talk. That is right. That is right. I am your host Todd. Email, Todd, The Todd Huff I'll take your questions, comments. I'll even accept your adoration and praise via email. You can put that on Facebook as well as long as Facebook allows it who knows about that where we're streaming the program live. Morning. Good morning if you're watching on Facebook, and no matter when that is appreciate you joining us so I want to start this morning. I want to go through a couple a couple of things that have I want to get into today, as we are now what the Democratic Convention is next week. Democratic Convention is next week. And as you know, have you seen the list of speakers here, by the way? I know because I get these emails because my friends Sign me up for this silly stuff. But team Biden, team Biden has emailed out a list of speakers at the convention next week. They'll be no no, this is a virtual reality. In a lot of ways convention, virtual convention, simulated convention with a simulated candidate who's being and it's worked out well. This works out well for a guy strategically, not again. I gotta be. I know people misunderstand and sometimes misconstrue things intentionally not saying COVID is fake made up anything. I'm just saying the political consequences of being able to not have to be in front of anyone or not, you know, not have to have a raucous crowd at a convention, for example, this plays out quite well, to the party. The Democrat Party right now given their candidate given the energy for their candidate, given some of the concerns about their candidate anyway, so we got their list of speakers and it's it's jam packed with some humdingers kicking the night off. I don't know if this is an order. And remember, as we talked about yesterday, if you missed which Shame on you, if you missed yesterday's program, Kidding, we talked about eo She was given 60 seconds. She's given 60 seconds. I still think that's too long. In fact, I think that might be 59 and a half seconds too long. But just listen to this lineup. Bernie Sanders, by the way, not even a Democrat. Bernie Sanders is only a Democrat when Bernie Sanders is trying to win the presidential nomination. Senator Catherine Cortez Masto Governor Andrew Cuomo, Governor Cuomo, early on in the coronavirus pandemic was people were calling for Cuomo to be the candidate. In fact people were saying Cuomo has done such a fantastic job through this pandemic that you know, they were wanting him to somehow replace Biden do remember this. Now he's speaking at the convention. He's got a lot of difficult questions to answer and if you've followed any Janice Dean, she is the she does the weather reports for what Fox News in the mornings, she might be on on the weekends, too. I don't I just know that I see her in the mornings. And her in laws both died. They were in nursing homes or Assisted Living Centers, one. And she has I mean, she's unleashed on Governor Cuomo. She lost two family members that she says the way Cuomo has handled this. And there's a lot of questions, a lot of problems with the data as far as the number of actual deaths, which people are saying we won't actually even know that came from that came from nursing homes in the state of New York. And in particular, because of the way that it was handled, because of the nursing homes being forced to accept COVID positive patients and all this sort of stuff. So Cuomo is on the stage. Governor Gretchen Whitmer you know governor Whitmer. She thinks she knows best when you should be out on your fishing boat in the state of Michigan by yourself on the middle of a lake. She thinks that you if you wanted to do that during this coronavirus pandemic, you were putting your fellow citizens at great danger spreading Coronavirus. You could go to the grocery store, you can go to the pharmacy, which Thank you state of Michigan for allowing your citizens to do these basic things. No word as to whether or not she really believes you should be able to sing at church yet. She's not come down quite so heavily in that regard as our friend, Gavin Newsome, who's also on this list. So we've got guests, Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Representative Jim Clyburn, Representative Bernie Thompson, Representative Gwen Moore. Then we've got good old former governor john K. Sick. That's right. This is Monday, Monday's lineup. Folks, this is Monday. The next the next time You get to tune in and hear my voice will be the morning of the kickoff of this exhilarating event. Former Governor, Republican Governor John Kasich cases from the state of Ohio, the one who was running in fourth in 2016. In the Republican primary process, he was in fourth place out of only two candidates. Remarkable. I don't even know how that's possible. And went Trump, Cruz, Rubio who had dropped out of the race, and then case ik john case it's thought that he was you know, had a legitimate chances. The only thing case UK won was Ohio. Now he's out out there, basically being a Democrat. He's on the stage endorsing Joe Biden. We've got senator Doug Jones that's Alabama Koba char Of course, former presidential nominee. First Lady Michelle Obama. Then we get Sally Yates remember Sally Yates that name former actor The US Attorney General all the problems pertaining to just I mean insubordination to the President, all the stuff going on with the deep state or the bureaucratic state interfere with the transition, the spying on me her fingerprints are on these things right the Russian collusion nonsense and the following cover up from that she's taking the stage Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer will be there. He won't be apparently in Washington DC trying to provide relief to Americans to this Coronavirus bill. We won't be seeing him there. Instead we'll be seeing him on the stage. JOHN, former Secretary john kerry Secretary of State john kerry who has a tip of my hat to my mentor rush limbaugh who served in Vietnam john kerry. AOC he doesn't say that she gets 60 seconds but AOC in 60 seconds on Tuesday, Representative leap. Lisa blunt, right. Chester, former President Bill Clinton will be on the stage Tuesday. And then former Second Lady, Dr. Joe Biden, of course, wife or as Biden things sister to Joe Biden, Wednesday, having this this list of characters is just amazing to see Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the House of course, again not in DC not in DC trying to negotiate as they tell us they that she wants to do she's instead going to be campaigning, you know, if a republican did this campaigning that the headline would be campaigning, while Americans suffer at the hands all she has to do is convene Congress, work with Chuck Schumer make a phone call to Donald Trump in this we can make American families who are suffering because of the coronavirus pandemic we can make that those those problems be eased but doesn't matter when it's Democrat. She's you know, she's there on Wednesday night with Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton or former losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, if you prefer that, just look at this Wednesday. We have Pelosi Hillary and then Elizabeth Warren. And this is remarkable lineup. Elizabeth Warren, who is the make believe Native American and the Democrat Party. She's going to take the stage governor Tony Evers. There's a couple more I don't want to get through all these and Senator Harris and Obama president former President Obama take the stage Wednesday as well. Gavin Newsome will be on the group of candidates on Thursday. Maybe he'll have some more announcements to make regarding some of the freedoms that the citizens and the People's Republic of California maybe have some more freedom to take away from his citizens on Thursday. Wait and see about that. Mayor Keisha Lance bottoms, Atlanta she'll be there. And Tammy Duckworth is going to be speaking that day Pete Mayor Pete boot edge edge, as I've learned as the right way to say that and then Vice President Biden will speak on Thursday as well. So that's next week. And Oz told me that the republican convention kicks off the 20 the following link right the 24th. At some point, in this episode, The day I want to talk about the I want to talk about the story, the narrative have to have to what's gonna feel like, distinct to I mean, polar opposite conventions, Republicans announced their their theme, I guess, the theme for their convention honoring the great American story, and I just gave you the list of candidates or the list of speakers I should say. Say for the Biden Harris convention democrat convention next week. Mondays focus We the People, Tuesday's focus leadership matters Wednesday's focus a more perfect union. Actually liberals believe that they can make it an absolutely perfect union by the way. Thursday's America's Promise. But what you're going to hear, I mean, you're going to hear two distinctly different narratives on America. You're going to hear two distinctly different beliefs about what America is what America was founded to be. One is going to view this America as this shining city on a hill, the other will view America as this reprehensible place especially since the current president occupies the Oval Office. You'll hear some we know just some really negative, uninspiring fear doom and gloom from one convention and you'll hear others the other convention that's talking about the things that truly make America a great place. And it goes along with Trump's campaign of Make America Great Again, keep America great sort of stuff. But again, looking at this list of characters that take the stage in the Democratic Convention, I mean, it's quite remarkable seven again, the highlights are, of course, Bernie. Governor Cuomo, Governor Whitmer. Governor case sick. I don't know if he's aware that he's at the dinner crack convention. I mean, you know, there were back in the day I remember back, I remember back in 2016, I did an episode where I talked about every single republican candidate that had been in the primary process. And I said something positive about every candidate except for one and I loook this Isn't personal. But I'm telling you I remember at the time I think I said case IQ is running in the wrong the wrong party. Case IQ is should be on the democrat side case it should be over there with the four old white guys and a kuantan. Him. Bernie Sanders, sexy, sexy, sexy Martin O'Malley, they could be up there together. Hillary Clinton herself. She wear the orange pantsuit Not to be confused with the orange jumpsuit that many believe she should be wearing. Anyway. It's just remarkable to look at this list. It really is. Sally Yates. AOC I mean, again, Wednesday night, we've got Warren, Hillary and Nancy Pelosi. Oh man, I can't watch that. I can't take that. I'm just going to tell you I cannot take that. That is too much. That is that is too much for me to handle on one night. Then of course, Thursday. Thursday culminates with Of course, Gavin Newsom he'll probably again, who knows might declare something else illegal in the state of California, excuse me, People's Republic of California, Joe Biden taking the stage as well. Two different Americans, two different AMERICAN STORIES. One that's filled with, again hope, one that embraces the American promise, the American dream, the Constitution, liberty, freedom, the other that rejects that. The other that doesn't see anything good anything special about how America was founded, the other that will make you want to make you probably be unable to sleep that night. If you listen to what they say. And of course, what their promises are, if only you would elect them. Only you give them the opportunity to pull the levers of your life of American Society of the economy, things would fall perfectly into place. Again, Biden will cure cancer Biden will cure diabetes will cure Alzheimer's. He said this not me. Probably Kurt, your COVID to which I want to talk about that next. next segment, Biden and Kamala Harris have announced that they are in favor of a nationwide mask order requirements, but they want that to come to the governor's. So we'll talk about that as well. But two distinct Americas will be on display here for you to choose for us to choose which one we want, which one we think is best, which one we which story we think is accurate, which one we want to identify with and put that party or those individuals in positions of leadership to fulfill their vision, to execute their strategic ideas and so forth. Whatever the case may be. So that'll be on this display starting on Monday. You can stomach as much of that as possible tune in, and there'll be plenty of stuff to talk about next week. I've got to take a break shifting gears when we get back we will talk about this call for a nationwide mask requirements. And we will do that when we get back. Sit tight. be back in just a minute.

All right, welcome back, looked at the conventions. last segment. I want to look now at what happened yesterday. Yesterday, Biden and Kamala Harris. They announced that they were in favor of a nationwide mandate or a order I guess on the use of masks as it pertains to COVID Coronavirus. So I want to play that soundbite I want to play Trump's reaction to Biden and Komlos demands or calls for an order making nationwide mask wearing a mandatory sort of thing. And so, let us, let us let us kind of start with that, by the way, before I do that, something else I saw the other day I think I saw this on the Blaze. Mandatory mask wearing I think it was in Wisconsin. We'll probably talk about this later, but this just reminded me. The state of Wisconsin actually told its state workers to make sure they wear a mask on Virtual virtual meetings or in virtual meetings on zoom calls, got to get the message out. So let's wear those masks on zoom calls. If someone tells me this is not symbolic, I've lost complete, complete faith in that person's ability to use common sense and logic, you're in a room, you know, on a call on a in a virtual meeting by yourself, and you're supposed to wear a mask if they're gonna tell me that you can transmit this over a zoom call. I mean, I don't put it past them. We've got a, we got a list of how this the evolution of the mask has has come about. And I'll reference that here. As we, as we talk more about that. But my first question is, can I wear to the virtual meeting? Can I wear a virtual mask? That's what I want to know. We've got a virtual candidate and Joe Biden. He's running a virtual simulated campaign. Talking about fantasy, you know, the fantasy ideas that the Democrat Party has to solve America's problems. It just seems logical to me that I ought to be wearing able to wear a virtual mask. Or I can identify as wearing a mask, even though I've object objectively not wearing a mask, it seems to me based upon what I've taught what I've heard the liberals tell us regarding other issues, but I could identify as wearing a mask, even if I'm not, I mean, the inconsistency and the craziness that I'm subjected to, by listening to these ideas that come from the radical left are quite overwhelming from time to time. But anyway, let's stay here with this national, this national mask order, in particular, the call by Biden and Kamala Harris. See I'm getting that right now. didn't intend to get it wrong. I think I was calling her Kamala. It's Camila. No. disrespect has ever been intended. I'm just saying that I got it wrong? I did. I got it wrong and so I got it right now. So let's listen to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris here. Call for a nationwide use of the mask and national mask order put in place by all 50 or 57. If you go by Obama's counting governors in the United States or you go about one thing, very straightforward, doesn't have anything to do with Democrats, Republicans or independents. It has to do with a single simple proposition. every single American should be wearing a mask when they're outside for the next three months at a minimum, every governor should mandate every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing the estimates by the experts are will save over 40 hours. lives the next three months 40,000 lives. The need for this mandatory mask wearing will also be about what Joe has articulated and what a Biden Harris administration will do in terms of creating a pandemic testing board. To get 10s of millions of testing kits were needed to build a public health jobs core, hiring at least 100,000 Americans to lead us through contact tracing as soon as we take office and to chart a clear path forward for a safe and effective vaccine. Okay, so they are calling for this to happen. National man, you know, it's at least three months now. Do you remember a couple of weeks I think it was a weeks ago, a couple of weeks ago. Again, I'm on COVID time here still, so I'm not sure if it was a couple of weeks ago or possibly even a month or so ago but someone and I don't know if it's it wasn't it wasn't a surgeon general maybe it was the head of the CDC said that if Americans commit to wearing masks for six to eight weeks, six to eight weeks, then we should be past the Coronavirus. Some such I'm paraphrasing, but it was something very similar to that. Now we're up to three months. Now we're up to three months by and since at least at least three months. So there is that we've already tacked on time of course, it's coming from different groups of people and one of course, is seeking to seeking to well, both sides are seeking to win the election. By the way, three months, that's roughly that's roughly the amount of time until the election a little bit longer than that. A little bit longer than that. I want to read to you. Read you quickly. Something That we posted to social media recently the evolution of the mask February 2020. us Surgeon General says masks are not effective. March 2020, the CDC and the World Health Organization said don't wear masks. April 2020, who the World Health Organization says only wear a mask if you were taking care of a person with Coronavirus may 2020. Fauci says he wears a mask in public as, quote a symbol of good behavior, symbol of good behavior. June 2020, the CDC and the World Health Organization recommend general the general public to wear masks. So that was, you know, from February to March, February, March. They said don't do it. They're not effective. From April they said do it if you're taking care of someone with Coronavirus and may found He tells us that you know, he's wearing it as a symbol of good behavior, whatever that's supposed to mean. June, they recommend the who and the CDC recommend the public to wear masks. July the CDC now is saying in July and of course we're in August, but they were saying cloth face coverings are one of the most powerful weapons to slow and stop the spread. Auguste falchi during an interview actually watched this I don't know if I played this, if I reference this, get it Forgive me, I don't remember. Bass. He says that you can wear goggles or an eye shield, in addition to the mask if you want to really up your protection game. So now we've got calls for a nationwide mask order. Well, or a series of governors working together all 50 or 57 of them working together to implement a national mask order so, and we've also got, as I've shared on here, eight or nine studies that have been done since 2009, that showed that not even N95 respirators prevent any statistical difference from one person catching the flu is what they studied or not catching the flu. That's what then in 95 respirator and that is with the flu virus. But now, now if you want to wear if you don't wear a mask in public, in fact, I gotta. Someone was sharing the story with me about mastodon sure after the break as well. Anyway, we'll talk about this. We'll play Trump's response to that. On the other side of the break. You're listening here to the love of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. Listening by the way may cause you to lean to the right so be careful out there today. Back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Okay, so yesterday I had a friend had someone tell me a story about wearing a mask or not wearing a mask. And I wanted to pass this along. I don't share names or I won't share details or even locations of where this happened. But it happened it happened in a city where the police have issued a statement the chief of police or whatever, has issued a statement saying they will not enforce mask wearing in in their particular city town, what have you. So, this individual was in a convenience store on his way to work, grabbed whatever it was he was grabbing was in line did not have his mask on, didn't have a mask on and he says he hears a voice from behind. Him, say Where's your mask, and he turns around, and it's a law enforcement officer from that department, that department who said that they're not enforcing the mass, they're enforcing the mask. Order if it turns into an issue of trespassing, or if there's some problem that arises and a fight or whatever happens in regards to the business and the customer or whoever, to customers fighting over this or something like that, then the police will get involved to, you know, make sure that people are safe and not fighting or if there's a trespassing issue, they'll you know, make sure the person leaves the premises and that sort of thing. So this individual turns around, and he looks and the officer does not have a mask on. important important bit of information, the officer who's questioning him about his mask, doesn't have a mask on himself. And so this is an The visual, I think, thinks the guy is kind of joking with him. So he kind of chuckles maybe says a comment and turns back around to check out from the convenience store. And the guy the cop says, No, I'm serious. So this individual turns around and proceeds to be lectured by the law enforcement officer, as I mean, someone that I know someone that I trust someone that I believe the sounds made up, again, the law enforcement officer does not have on a mask. And I believe someone behind the officer, a little little old lady from what I was told, said, Where's your mask? And he said, mine's in the car as though there's some moral superiority to your mask being in the car, not maybe Fauci will tell us having a mask and your car will work? I can tell no. And right now, I gotta be honest, I would not be surprised. Maybe your car even needs a mask. I don't know. We want people in the state of West Wisconsin to wear masks. If they're on zoom calls or having virtual meetings to send the right message out. Send the right message out to stick with I guess we're sticking with the symbol part. Anyway, and I get look I don't have a problem if you if you want to wear a mask I've I've put one on I'm not trying to cause problems with it. I'm just asking, Hey, man, explain this to me. Just treat me like an adult. What changed? Is there new information? Is there something that invalidates all the studies that science has done that tell us the mass even in 95 respirator mass make no statistical difference in someone can contracting or catching the flu virus and fairness it was the flu virus. But if I mean, that's the best thing we have to go on is unless there's specific reasons why masks are better and old t shirt and we're talking about cloth masks when I've been talking about respirator masks, talking about cloth old t shirts Like I see servers wearing when I'm out and restaurants that are branded now those things hanging off their face they keep pulling them up touching with their hands what they've been breathing into their masks and I'm thinking if you've got coronavirus in your mask or that you're breathing it out now you've got it on your hands. You're carrying food around. I mean, just to me explain this to me, right? Help me understand. Remember that whole at the beginning, it was all about surfaces and this this virus sounded like it was the most indestructible virus in the history of mankind. This thing could live on surfaces for like weeks. We were told that I don't even know what's true, nobody knows. But this this officer said my mask is in the car. So I guess he was proud of that, that that it was doing his job because it was nearby folks, this is insanity. And again, then he proceeded to lecture the my friend this this individual began to lecture this individual on How he was putting people at risk by not wearing a mask, while the other guy giving a lecture was not wearing a mask, but he had one in the car. And he worked for a department that's not supposed to be engaging in enforcing the mask order. It's remarkable when you stop and think about this absolutely makes no sense. But it goes to show us a lot of things here. A lot of things. So I think we get the power of groupthink, the complete absence of individual critical thinking. They have paccar see the double standard. He's getting on a citizen for not wearing a mask as he himself is not wearing a mask but he has it in the car as though that's something What What does that even mean? I told this well told told us this morning, I would have said I've got 2500 and a box at home so I'm super protected right now. What the world are we have we come to this is complete lunacy that we're doing. Dealing with. And the idea that this is not being politicized. And you can say that it's being politicized and still believe it's a real thing. But the idea is not being politicized is simply insane. The idea, the idea that there's not some groupthink here, which I can talk about a little bit about groupthink when we get back I remember talking about that in college, but just remarkable stuff. Remarkable stuff. So more on this when we get back including Trump's response to Biden's declaration here desire to see a national mass mandate. So we'll finish this conversation here in this hour. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I mentioned before the break a couple of things. Number one, this idea of groupthink. I remember when I was in College, I had a class, I don't know what it was this was a butler. I think the class was called CNT changing tradition, we studied different cultures throughout history, cultures that are deeply rooted in tradition, say China, for example. And then cultures, societies that had been affected, impacted by great change, say the French during the French Revolution. So I remember I think it was that classic could have been another class. And we were sitting in a circle. And our professor told us actually, I think it was, I think, was a writing class. Now that I say this, it was in that same part of the building is why I think it was, is that the other class anyway? So our professor was telling us that the power of groupthink and there had been studies done where a group of people met in a room, everyone but one person so they said, Let's meet here at one o'clock and the other person comes at one time If they told that person at different time, and they all agree that they have an object that's clearly red, they say we're gonna, we're gonna say we're going to insist that this object is blue. And so the person comes in the person who doesn't know about the little game that's being played a little test that's being done. And so they, they say, Hey, this is everyone starts referring to the red object as a blue object. And it's remarkable the number the percentage of time the percentage of times that the person that had not been in on the joke eventually capitulated and just said, yeah, that's blue. And it's the power of groupthink. And if you were to ask the person why they thought it was blue, they might say, I don't even know I just thought maybe I was wrong. I'm crazy. I don't know just social pressures, blah, blah, blah. And there's a degree of this, again, to think to think that you can lecture someone about wearing a mask as a law enforcement officer while yourself Not wearing a mask. I just this makes no sense. I'm more confused about this having told you this than I was before I even shared this story. But look, this is I mean this, this is a big part of this. So a big part of where we sent find ourselves in this political discourse. And again, I'm open. I really am. I'm open. I'm open to being having things explained to me. But explain them to me. Explain to me why you've been so wrong for so long. And if your explanation involves a lie, I want her to not tell you the truth because you couldn't get a mask anyway, basically, is what Fauci told us. I'm sorry, but that makes me a little bit more skeptical of you. Because now how do I know you're telling me the truth now? Right. I mean, it's just it's a remarkable series of events that we find ourselves having gone through and we're standing at this Crossroads again, talking about Biden's call for national mask order. So anyway, come back wrap up this hour. And I want to play that. Let's see if I can squeeze that Trump's down Biden really quickly. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back here is Trump's response yesterday to Biden and Kamala Harris's call for a national mass mandate. Today we saw Joe Biden continued to politicize a pandemic, and to show is appalling lack of respect for the American people. It's what it is. At every turn. Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting left wing politics before facts and evidence. Sleepy Joe oppose both the China and the Europe travel bans. You know that, he posed the China travel ban that I instituted very early, and the Europe travel ban that I instituted quite early. If he had followed, if we went after I listened to his advice, hundreds of thousands more people would have died. This is according to many people. I believe that Dr. Fauci agreed with that he said that President Trump made a great decision when he put the ban on China. Okay, so I'm ready for more of this. Get ready for this to be politicized even more as we move headlong into the convention season, which is next week. And then the republican convention the following week, I shared with you off the top of the program this cast of characters with these radical ideas and concepts, these In some cases, totalitarian governors like Newsome and Whitmer out there taking the stage next week at the DNC. Look, we're kicking off the final, the fourth and the final, the beginning of the final push to this to the election, the campaign is actually going to have to happen at some point to some degree. And we're watching the beginnings of that come together here as these conventions kicked off fake and virtual and made up though they may be but anyway, social distancing, I'm not saying they should be there. People should be there. I'm just saying, it's a different world. And it's convenient for those who want to hide their candidate. So anyway, guys, I appreciate you listening. Hour two will be on YouTube here in just a moment. Thanks for listening SDG. See you soon.