Politics of the Coronavirus and the 2020 Campaign After Biden's VP Pick | August 14, 2020 | Hour 2

You're listening to the Todd Huff Radio Show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. We advise the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff All right. All right. Well, you are listening to the Hello conservative, not bitter. Talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. You can email me Todd, The Todd Huff show.com facebook.com slash The Todd Huff Show if you want to watch the program, our number one of the program. Our number two is streaming now on YouTube. Good morning, YouTube. Thank you for joining us here. It's good to have you. So last hour we spoke a little bit about the mask the politics of wearing a mask. Biden and Kamala Harris's calls for a nationwide order on wearing masks. We spoke while we shared a couple of we should we should Trump's response to that as well, which maybe I should do here, off the top just to kind of set the set the stage for kind of where we left off last hour. We have some folks and it's not advised to do this listening, listening can stop and even reverse the dangerous side effects of liberalism. That's an undisputed fact in fact, 98% of scientists 98% of scientists, one more percent of scientists that agree with that statement then believe that man is contributing to and causing global warming. 98% of scientists agree they realize that Listen to this program has been demonstrated to stop and reverse those damaging effects of liberalism and that listening can in fact cause you to lean to the right. But as with most things, it is better to have a little bit more. So if you missed first hour, I do not advise that. I do not advise missing any part of this program because we are here to help inoculate you against these dangerous effects of liberalism. We are here to help you to cut through the nonsense that you're being told, in many instances in the media by the Democrat Party by our elected officials. And so it's good to have you in our number two, but our number one you may have missed, right and so I spend a little bit of time just kind of making sure I give you enough information where we can at least have a point to I guess pick up from where we left off last hour because in my mind Right. I mean, I'm continuing this discussion, but I have to pause and I have to think, hey, some folks may have not been able to hear our number one. So here let's do a quick summary of our number two and I want to play for you. I want to play for you. The soundbite I played at the very end, very last segment of last hour where President Trump is responding to former Vice President Biden and former well, and Senator Kamala Harris. Their calls for national mask mandates given by all 50 or as I said last hour 57 governors, if you go by Biden, excuse me by Obama's count, the Biden Obama administration thought there were 57 states. Anyway, this is what Trump said in response to this. Here it is. Today we saw Joe Biden continue to politicize a pandemic and show his appalling lack of respect for the American people for what it is. At every turn, Biden has been wrong about the virus, ignoring the scientific evidence and putting a left wing politics before facts and evidence. Sleepy Joe opposed both the China and the Europe travel bans. You know that he apposed the China travel ban that I instituted very early, and the Europe travel ban that I instituted quite early. If he had followed if we went after I listened to his advice, hundreds of thousands more people would have died. This is according to many people. I believe that Dr. falchi agreed with that. He said that President Trump made a great decision when he put the ban on China. Okay, so Trump is basically saying, hey, not so fast, sleepy Joe. And, in fact, you've been wrong on this thing the whole time. I remember and I don't have the date in front of me. But I remember remember Trump instituted the travel ban on China. I remember Biden coming out against this. I remember Biden actually didn't actually didn't actually say that he was in favor of the travel ban. And so long, long after the travel ban was instituted, and it makes you wonder, as Trump is pointing out here, it makes you wonder, how many more early cases would there have been? Had we not done something about travel? And Dr. Fauci of course, says that Trump made the right decision with the travel the travel ban to China and to or between China and the US and between China and in Europe and Trump saying, look, you don't get a free pass here. Joe sleepy Joe, as he says, You don't get to criticize. eyes when you've been consistently wrong about this the Chinese virus, that's what it is the Chinese virus, you don't get to have the luxury of lecturing me of telling the American people that I'm effectively in a sense. I mean, this is really what this comes down to that I'm at fault for the Coronavirus. You don't get a run, you know, go around saying that whenever your positions we have public record of the things that you've been in favor of that have that you would have made decisions along the way and pertain specifically as it pertains to travel between China and the United States and between Europe and the United States, you would have made decisions that put more Americans at risk that would have caused more death. Biden's out there saying Biden's out there saying if Trump he doesn't, he didn't directly say this, but this is the clear path of thinking here. And this is politics, the politics of the Coronavirus If Trump or if Trump would, you know, lead effectively is what he's arguing here, if Trump would be a leader and call on these governors and say, Look, I need all of you to kind of go lockstep on this arm and arm put politics aside. politics aside, each of you issue a decree in your state's saying that if you go outside gotta wear a mask, at least three months. I'll take us up to the election, then we don't have to worry about this anymore. If politically speaking, that's not true. I hear people say that by the way. I hear people say it's gonna magically go away. If If Biden wins and I do think that there is a degree we're talking about the narrative, right, we're not talking about the Coronavirus is gonna do what the Coronavirus does. The Coronavirus doesn't care who's in the White House. Right. I remember early on Coronavirus. We were told it doesn't matter if you're white black Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal if you're from Maine or from Texas from California from Idaho, Utah, Florida, Indiana, it doesn't matter. This thing doesn't care. It affects everyone equally. I mean, in that sense, it doesn't discriminate very politically correct in that respect. Unlike Joe Biden who discriminates against anyone who's not a black female as far as it pertains to his choice for Vice President, every other racial and gender combination is disqualified. According to Joe Biden, he needed a black female to be his vice presidential candidate and the Coronavirus seems to be less less of a discriminator than Joe Biden. because it affects it affects all of us. So the Coronavirus is going to run its course and do whatever it does, it doesn't care who's in the White House. Now you could say that policies that are implemented and prac put into practice by the government and by extension or by force. Depending on how you look at this, the American people that could impact the life for the I don't know how long this thing is around what it looks like, Is it going to be around through the end of the year this thing going to be around for next year, we're going to have this problem for multiple years to come, as some people are now saying, but it doesn't care. It doesn't care who wins the election, it doesn't care. You know that Joe Biden is promised already to cure cancer, and Alzheimer's and diabetes. Joe Biden can say he's gonna cure COVID as well doesn't mean that it's suddenly going to happen. And once the when I say it's, it's, some people think it's magically gonna go away in after the election to one degree as it pertains to the political narrative, I would agree. But you also have to think about this in terms of, you know, again, to the, to the eyes of the radical left, talking about the radical left. I'm not talking about your neighbor who votes democrat Who's down to earth guy? You know, his kids are in school his, you know his wife and you know they're normal people they've just been persuaded usually by just one single issue, to vote Democrat over Take your pick. Those are folks are not the radical left these those folks are just individuals who have been hoodwinked by the smoke and mirrors of this morally bankrupt in many cases, the ideology of radical liberalism, the one that essentially says your government is your God, the one that essentially says, You are a subject before you're a citizen, you are a part of the machine instead of an individual created by Almighty God to live your life as you see fit. That is what I'm talking about who I'm directing these comments towards. And so and so we've got people who say that this is going to magically go away if Biden wins an election and I will say to a point, I say I see what you're saying. And again, we're talking about the narrative, not the reality Coronavirus is going to do its thing. There's some things we hope that we can do to impact to influence. It's how long this thing's around how dangerous it is between medication between vaccines between treatments, between just safe practices that cut down on the spread. Of course, everyone wants to see this go away. But it's also something that, you know, it's a microscopic virus that can be transmitted in ways that I mean, we're not going to be ever to fully stop. I mean, there's just no way to do this at some point. And folks, there's, there's still unfortunately people who die of the bubonic plague or something that is largely eradicated or we think is eradicated But you see, you see areas where this pops up from the different diseases from time to time. Anyway. So I think that the idea that it would go away if they would stop talking about it and you know, being incessant about it, the counts and the fear mongering portion of this, which again, I mean, we need to understand that it is real, it is a threat. You know, practice hygiene, try to try to protect yourself and others, of course, but we don't need the government to tell us that. I mean, that's, that's really what this comes down to. Trump says, I trust the American people to make decisions that they that are in their best interest and for the, you know, the interests of their families, if everyone is doing this. There's a, as Adam Smith would say, in an economic sense, on the economic side of this was the invisible hand but even even as it pertains to these decisions, if everyone is making decisions that are for their own self interest, not and not from selfishness, but Making decisions that are good for them and their families. And enough people making those decisions you there will be a trend in the right direction as much as we can impact this. Trump says I trust the individual Biden says, I don't let's have the heavy hand of government, which is interesting to me. It's always interesting to me to people who put their faith in government, because government is still run by people, right? They don't trust individual citizens to make decisions, but they trust people who have power over them to make decisions. And that is peculiar to me. You can say, Oh, well, the average person Todd is just not very, not very smart people are idiots out there. And that's a lot of what you need to know about the radical left. But the arrogance, the condescension, the self righteousness that comes from thinking not only do you know what's best for you radical left, but you know what's best for everyone else, and you've got the answers and if only You had more money, or more power or more control or more influence or more whatever, you can make things better for everyone. That's, that's a really problematic lifestyle. None of us are God. None of us have all the answers. That's what's beauty. That's what's beautiful about a free society that doesn't have a centralized government making these decisions, because there's individuals who come up with their own solutions and ideas, their own, you know, take your pick, whether it's in the case of COVID treatments, you know, you don't just want one line of thinking there might be some breakthrough this right around the corner. I don't know there might not be I don't want to give a false sense of hope about this. We may be dealing with this for years to come. I don't know we may be dealing with this for the rest of our lives some version, like we do the flu. I don't know. I do you know this, though. I do know this, that government doesn't hold the answers in spite of what they want us to believe. And that doesn't mean there's never an example of where the government should, for the interests of, say, the Public Health Institute policies, but usually those have to be clearly defined. I think they have to be there has to be a clear timetable. It has to be done legally, you just can't make decrees Congress needs to be able to step in and actually vote on this. People need to be held accountable instead of just rogue governors making declarations left to right. Especially when it's something that's been around for a while like this. If it's a if it's an immediate threat, and Congress hasn't had time to intervene and, you know, talk about these things and hold the bait. That's one thing are legislative bodies. And the executive has to be able to be responsive enough to take quick action to put safeguards in place but this thing is has been around for a bit. And it's new it's it's still only on the one hand several months but on the other hand, it's been several months and legislators could have made You know, could have cast votes on these things is not the way that this has been happening. So again, this notion that this is going to go away, if Biden wins the narrative and the focus on this, I don't know that I agree. In one sense I do. But in another, I think, if this politically helps them, this will not go away. If this helps, if this helps them achieve more of what they want, which has bigger government, then they will use it again, I say that fully understanding I mean, you know, I want you to understand, I'm not saying COVID is fake, I'm just saying they will use it, both those things can happen simultaneously can be a real virus that is dangerous, that offers that that's created fear. And then there can be politicians who want to piggyback on that, and and use the fear to get what they've long desired for they've long desired factors. This is where some of these crazy ideas come into play. And you'll hear things like essentially We can't have, you know, we look at the economy. Well, you know, you're some radical leftist like AOC out there basically saying, This is the time we need to fundamentally change our economy because this, this virus has exposed just how unreliable or how faulty capitalism is. And then it need to have safeguards for people so that they can take off work. If we were socialistic, and no one had to work, then we could take as much time as we want, you could stay home, you wouldn't have to worry about going to work because you have to pay your rent. That's why she wants to make rent. She says, anyway, that's why she wants to make, you know, protect people from being evicted or dealing with the rent during these challenging times. They've used this to advance the things that they wanted for a long time. So in that sense, that's why I don't think the election is going to make this go away. There's two things there's the reality of it. It's gonna To run its own course. And of course, whatever we can do to combat it will could potentially impact that. But who knows what our abilities are against this thing. The other thing is the narrative, the narrative and if if it helps achieve the democrat utopian ideals and dreams, then they will certainly continue to use it. If Biden is president or not, I do understand the thought that says they don't want the negative news like they do with Trump if Biden's president, but again, I think if it helps them achieve their purpose, and they can they can keep people turning to government, while also you know, keeping a little bit of uncertainty about this by forcing them that direction without maybe throwing thrown Biden under the metaphorical bus quite as much as they have Trump. I think they're willing to do that. So really, really long in this segment super long. Gotta take a break. Next, next segment will be shorter. To get us back on track. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. Back in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, I'm not again against wearing masks. I am just for I am for liberty. I am for the rule of law. I'm not in favor of unilateral actions being taken over the long term without end. You see what happens in the most dramatic of examples you have governor like the radical governor of the People's Republic of California. Governor Gavin Newsom has basically told people that can't sing or even in some instances really attend church. It does violates logic. And since people are in many kit enough, we've always got examples of individuals that don't fit this bill. But people are reasonable in the sense that if you explain to them and can tell them why they should do X, Y, or Z, I mean, there's always going to be folks to say, you know, you can't tell me what to do. But no one wants to put anyone at risk. But we also don't want to be we also don't want to be lied to. We don't want to be deceived. We don't want to be conditioned to look to our government to solve all of our problems. We don't want to look to people who lie to us or who misinform us just admit it and say we were wrong. This is new Coronavirus is new here's why. We thought, well, we did. And now we're going to change it. We need to change our recommendation. Because of that we don't get that we just we just get, I mean, just random things mass don't work. Mass may cause more harm to you than not, you know, don't wear a mask, then wear one. If you're caring for someone who's sick, then you better wear a mask. It's an act of symbolism, then you have to wear a mask. And now if you don't wear a mask, you're, of course killing grandma. And it's I just, I mean, just stop just I mean, let us reason together, right? I mean, that's really what I feel like is lacking in this country. I can be told by a democrat that I need to wear a mask, I can be told that. But I tell you what, I mean, I'm just, you're gonna have to give me something more than I said So. There's also the rule of law. There's the role of government. There's The importance of, you know, legislators legislating, and governors governing, and courts, you know, ruling on laws and that sort of thing. And we just we don't see that. And you're not allowed to ask a question. I'm not a big fan of when you're not allowed to express a viewpoint or ask a legitimate question. There's lots of legitimate questions that we're not allowed to, either they don't want us to ask or they're not going to take the time to answer. But yet they know definitively. They know that. If you don't wear a mask, you're killing people. I just, I just reject that notion. Again. If my mass can keep the virus from leaving my area, how can it not keep the virus from entering yours? I just, I mean, there's so many questions that you're not allowed to ask him. You're not allowed to ask him. I'm more than open to listening to people. But the problem is they don't want you to listen, they want you to comply, and that then is dangerous. That is not that's not healthy in a constitutional republic. It's just not a good not a good thing. So explain to us but they don't they don't they won't. They make decrees they make orders this I mean, this illustrates some of the problems that some of the fundamental problems with with liberalism and the desire to have a big over the top government can solve all your problems ideology, simply not the case. Again, I can say that and also say, you know, wearing a mask could could be proven to work just let's let's get there. It hasn't been yet. The only thing I know is you want me to wear one now because now there's an inventory of mass. That's what I know. Fauci said I didn't want to tell people to wear a mask because they couldn't buy one anyway. We had to get those to the first responders. So you lied to me. Yeah, I did. Well, are you lying to me now? How can I ever know that Whoa, Okay, So enough about the masks for now. But this has been politicized, and it will be politicized. And it will be politicized until at least the election, as long as they think they mean the radical left until they can benefit from this or Biden can this can help Biden, this can keep biting on the attack instead of answering his own questions, stating his own opinions, opinions and beliefs, his own agenda. If they can keep this, you know, Trump is terrible on the virus or whatever else, they will happily do that. And that's what's being politicized and weaponized politically here as we move into the campaign. So shift gears a little bit when we get by actually one more thing on this. I referenced this last hour, and I'll get to it after the break. Thanks to the state of Wisconsin is telling. It's telling folks that to where I just want to read it really quickly. It'll be a short thing, but it's rare. I saw it on the blaze but Wisconsin State employees are told to wear masks. During zoom calls, I just wanted to get through that because it fits with this and then I want to shift gears on to something else here as we wrap up the week, which is hard to believe. Time flies when you're having fun, sit tight. be back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So how in the world I'm referenced this I think last hour, I may have hit on an even shortly or briefly this this error as well. But how in the world do we get here, Wisconsin. This is The blaze was constant state employees required to wear a mask even when they're home and virtual and virtual meetings. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources again reading from the blaze here, Aaron Colen. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has taken face mask requirements to a new level, mandating that employer employees wear the mask even if they're at home on virtual meetings. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. This department rule is not backed up by any public guidance. Department officials admit openly admit that the purpose is to virtue signal that masks are important and the department takes them seriously from the Journal Sentinel. This is a direct quote from the Journal Sentinel natural resource and Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole reminded employees in a July 31 email Governor Tony Evers mask order was going into effect the next day. That means every DNR employee must wear a mask while in a DNR facility noted Cole and appointee of the Democratic governor. also wear your mask even if your home to participate in a virtual meeting that involves being seen, such as on zoom or another video conferencing platform by non DNR staff. Cole told his employees set the safety example which shows you as a DNR public service employee care about the safety and health of others. So show that you're concerned about others by wearing a mask at home on a zoom call. Now the second that zoom call, the second that zoom call turns off you can take off your mask and not be in any violation of any order. Not be in any violation of any Any any any scientific issue? I mean this No one's saying to wear masks 24 seven. No one's saying that masks are to be weird every second of every day when you're in bed when you're in the shower. I mean, we may not be far from that. But there's no order. There's no evidence. There's no anything for this. This is all about optics and they admit it. We want to show people non DNR staff. So I don't know if it's a straight DNR call if you can take your mess off around each other or not. But if you're on a call with Nandi and our staff, apparently you've got to keep it on. This is this crazy, crazy stuff, the focus on how something looks. You know, I get into this discussion with people sometimes and I get you hear people say, perception is reality. Well Reality is reality. Perception is what someone thinks reality is they can think that very strongly. But as as I've said here before truth doesn't care who believes it truth is truth be weakened, denied truth, we can scream at truth, we can be mad at truth, truth just keeps on being true. You know, truth just keeps on doing its thing. And truth doesn't care about certain things. It just, I mean, it just it just is it just it is what it is. And in one sense, I don't like statements like that. But another I feel like that's exactly what it needs. What needs to be said about it. Truth is not going to change because we don't like it. Truth is not going to change. Because we virtue signal. Truth just needs to be accepted, and we need to deal with it and move on, or whatever needs to be done once we recognize the truth to adjust. It but move on Don't fight it. Don't pretend like you have some. I there's there's dealing with things the right way and those worrying about how everything looks and I just, I just I'm telling you I just reject that I do. I reject and I'm not saying in a foolish way like you need to think through even biblically in the Bible it talks us talks about not giving being a reason for someone to stumble if they see you doing something that makes them question something in their faith. If you're a mature believer or whatever, don't give people an intentional reason. Don't Don't give people reason already. that people are already probably nitpicking different people don't give them additional ammunition. But don't get obsessed over how everything is going to look because folks, it doesn't matter if you think Donald Trump thinks like this. Do you think Donald Trump says In rings, his hands about how something is gonna look. He goes out there. He says what he says. He doubles down, triple down, quadruple down is an unmovable force. And even if he faces criticism and blowback and mockery, it's amazing how many times he turns out to be to be right. And he doesn't care. He blasts through all of the criticism, all the all the naysayers, all of the whatever to to hold us course. And many times he turns out, he turns out to be right now he's not perfect or infallible. I'm not suggesting that but he doesn't sit there and wring his hands over the minutiae of every single tiny detail about how something is going to be perceived. And that's what this that's what this is rooted in perception is more important to people than reality. The mask doesn't work, potentially. I mean, science tells us the masks don't work. But the it gives the perception that you care. We want to be told how much we care doesn't do a deadly darn thing, scientifically speaking, unless there's research out there that I need to be made aware of. But it doesn't do a deadly darn thing but yet we feel good about it. Or we can show people how much we we care about. Look how much I wore a mask on a zoom call, someone can say, look out Look how much I care about this. Going back to this police officer who questioned my friend who was badgering my friend about wearing a mask lecturing him, as the officer himself did not have on a mask. It didn't even occur to the officer that was even I mean, that should embarrass someone they should pay should think I shouldn't do this. This is hypocritical. I'm yelling at this kid lecturing this this kid whatever. For not wearing a mask as I myself I'm not wearing a mask but they feel justified and this is dangerous. This goes back to what I think Think about. Again, I am a Christian. And I think it's important that people see Jesus in my life. But I'm telling you this if I focus so much on what people are saying, instead of making it real, I am taking the wrong path, my friends, I'm taking the wrong path. Fact The Bible talks about Don't let people see what you're doing private right to go into your closet and pray don't stand on the street corners and nothing wrong with praying in public. But if the only time you praise in public and so that you can be told how beautiful and lovely and wonderful your prayers are, you got it wrong, man. Got it way wrong, make it real. Real is a powerful thing. I don't have to fabricate real. I don't have to worry about what someone thinks about real. I don't have to sit there and wring my hands about whether or not someone can accept the you know whether someone's going to misinterpret or just be real I look I be real and then I let the chips fall. Where they may let the chips fall where they may I don't intentionally give someone ammunition to attack me do my best Anyway, I'm human. But I'm really focused on the real not on, not on what it looks like. I'm reminded of former basketball players are reminded of like Reggie Miller or Larry Bird who shot the ball their shot, they broke so many rules on the form of the jump shot but you know what they made it they could have sat there and you know, worried about how the shot looked and made the shot looks wonderful but missed more or they could have figured out how to make the ball go in the basket which is what they did regardless of what it looks like. And there's others exam other examples too, but as a former Pacer fan, former emphasis there. I can I can relate. I mean, I've seen it, you know, in that respect, and I think that applies to the rest of our lives as well. Sit tight, be back in just a minute. 

All right, welcome back. Something else I want to share with you here. As this week it's a sad time coming to an end but Don't worry you can catch encores of our episode over the weekend. Encore episodes toddhuffshow.com/listen. So daily daily wire Hank barian writes this Georgia store suggest $20 refundable deposit for white customers to shop there. This is where we are 2020 this is it this is this is this is what we've got a vintage clothing store in Savannah, Georgia needs a roll off your tongue like molasses at Barnard told me from the office has come under fire for promotion they posted on Facebook, in which they stated they would require white customers to pay a $20 refundable deposit to book an appointment to browse the store while waiving the fee for people of color. Civvies on Broughton, I guess the name of the store here Wrote as a mostly white staff with white ownership. We do not Feel comfortable upholding a digital and financial barrier which could prevent bipoc. I've since learned that that means black, indigenous and people of color from shopping at our store at this time. On top of the limitations already made by online booking the store later apologized on Facebook. Again reading here from The Daily Wire the store which sells new and recycled clothing told potential white patrons that they could decline to pay the deposit on the booking form, and a manager would reach out to discuss other options. Civvies went on to say, however, that they would not accept appointments with any white customers who are simply refusing to pay the fee because they believe it's unethical. So you can't call them and say, I'm not paying it because it's unethical. No, you got to give them another reason. I don't know. I don't know what that reason would be. Maybe you could say hey, I'm voting for Biden. Maybe that'll get you in there for free. Maybe I you know, I believe it's time for Heather to be a black woman vice president. Okay, that might get you in there. Maybe you walk in with your Black Lives Matter shirt or your and Tifa mask, maybe that'll get you I don't know. I don't know what this is, but you can't say it's unethical reminds me of a Seinfeld, by the way. Civvies explained, with a mostly white staff, they don't feel comfortable upholding a digital and financial barrier which could keep black indigenous or other people of color from shopping at their store. Also in this, in that post, the store said if a customer is white and unable to come up with the $20 for an appointment to select, they do not agree on the booking form. So the booking manager can reach out with other options, WTOC reported. I mean, there's a lot of details I don't know here, but this is ludicrous. I don't know if everyone had to pay a fee and then they cancelled it for the bipoc community, I guess is what we're calling this now. I don't know if it was free for everybody and they added the cost for white people. This is what they believe is moral. This is what they believe is just this is what they believe this is their version of equality right equality for all this is it unfolding before our very eyes sit tight, come back and wrap it for the week. I'll be back in just a minute. 

I have oz fired up this morning about this. She is upset. It appears after reading this that there's a $20 fee refundable. I just can't understand why this is the case. I don't know. I don't work there. I don't put this together. This wasn't my idea. I'm just telling you what I'm reading here. And they've waived it for people who are black indigenous or people of color because they said statistically, they're more to be more likely to be impacted by poverty. Anyway, I'm not defending and I'm just saying, gotta go guys. SDG Have a great weekend. See you soon.