Mika Brzezinski's Meltdown & Black Community's Stance on Biden's VP Pick | August 17, 2020 | Hour 1

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to the whole conservative, not bitter talk. I tell you what, it's a technological nightmare over here this morning things going off and not connecting. In fact, we're not quite up to Facebook yet but it's good to be here. Thank you for joining us. hope you had a great weekend email as always taught at Tata dot com slash The Todd Huff Show where we will be streaming live or on demand momentarily. There we are. Good morning, Facebook. It is good to be here and again, hope you had a nice weekend. So. So we are at the point as we move towards the I mean, this is convention week, right? This is the week where we have democrats supposedly supposedly bringing their best and brightest out onto the stage to share with us the vision of the Democrat Party in 2020. and by extension, they want that to be the vision of the American people come November. So we're about to hit this full stride. The 2020 campaign and I tell you Just I'm not wanting to say this by the way. I'm not wanting to say this at all, but I will say that some people say this. Some people, some people say things such as I cannot believe how crazy how crazy things have gotten. Surely things cannot get any crazier than they are right now. You've heard people say stuff like this, but I have to tell you, we're nowhere near just buckle up. we're nowhere near the end of the Crazy Train. This is we've got a long way to go here. regarding how crazy people are, how crazy the left's going to be in particular, as we move towards this election i have for you. You know Mika Brzezinski morning, Joe. She's one of the CO hosts of Morning Joe. Married actually Joe jars joe scarborough. There's a montage. I don't know if this all happened on Friday. It's a montage of what I'm talking about. I think this is a good I saw this, I think at the conclusion of the program for maybe it was it's a conclusion of the day Friday. But Mika Brzezinski is on the verge of a complete and utter meltdown over the possibility that Donald Trump may be our president. At the end of the November election. Yes. I want to talk about the US Postal Service. Yes, I want to talk about polling, polling after Kamala Harris's her being selected as Biden's vice presidential choice. Polls suggesting that potentially, black voters are now less likely to vote for Biden than they were before. His choice of comma Harris all kinds of crazy stuff going on out there as well, along with, along with something else that I wanted to mention, which is the the sad passing of President Trump's brother. And the response that we've seen in the media fact there was a hashtag. You may not know this if you don't live on Twitter, which if you don't live on Twitter, that's probably a good thing. But nonetheless, there was a hashtag over the weekend after the passing of Donald Trump's brother. The hashtag was wrong. Trump. In other words, the wrong time the wrong Trump had died very compassionate, very compassionate, caring people on the radical left not missing any opportunity whatsoever to engage in politics further radical, insane, deranged, immoral, unethical. It ideology. But I want to start here with Mika Brzezinski, because this To me, folks is I mean, this is a great summary, a great synopsis of just how close to the edge I'm telling you this is this is how the left feels right now. They've invested put yourselves in their position for just a moment they have invested. I don't know if invested the right word. They have put their heart and soul into maligning, attacking, destroying.
And you name it, this president for four years now. For four years, they have thrown everything conceivable at him. They have, of course, they invested a lot in this stupid Russian collusion nonsense, which I still, I still want somebody to explain to me. I really do some leftist you can share with them that there's a challenge on The Todd Huff Show you can explain to me in terms in just average normal terms that you would use to communicate an idea to somebody. Normal, persuasive, everyday sort of interactions just in common vernacular, explain to me how the Russians with the help of Vladimir Putin, the lead under the lead of Vladimir Putin helped President Trump in 2020 steal the election by using Pokemon GO ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads and the rest to trick to trick democrat voters folks that should have and would have preferred to vote for Hillary Clinton to trick those folks into voting for President Trump. I want to know how that happened. I want someone to explain this to me the most, the most insane, delusional, talk out about conspiracy theorists folks, that is there you go that they're the poster child for conspiracy theories and data Back to on the 2016. But I need someone to explain that to me. But they've invested starting with that starting I mean, even started before that, but that's that's where they thought they had it. Right they thought that they had him and they've invested countless hours, countless stories, countless narratives all built upon this. They have attack this guy non stop. Some studies show Media Research Council shows that in I believe it was May in a I think it was a 30 day period in May. I may have the month wrong, but it was here in the past couple of months. Media Research Council found that coverage in the media of Donald Trump was negative 99 and a half percent of the time. It usually is like 93% or something like that. But they've amped it up to 99.5% of the time. And yet, in spite of all of this, in spite of calls for him to be impeached think we went to the impeachment saga Remember that? probably forgotten that. Well, you know that it happened but you probably forgotten that they were too busy doing that to worry about COVID. Remember that? I know you remember COVID? Because we've been all over the board with COVID. In fact, Fauci came out on Friday. I think it was Friday last week saying that voting in person, voting in person is not going to be a problem for the American people so long as masks That's right, the mass that save our lives each and every second of every day, and social distancing. And again, I don't have problems I just, these folks are all over the board as to what they really believe. They tell us one thing Five minutes later, they tell us another without telling us what changed from the first bit of information they shared with us, only expected you to follow the science, whatever the world that's supposed to mean. In today's world when the science seems to change, second by second in our society, but they have invested countless amounts of resources, energy, and they completely went all in with this, in fact, I will say and they've gone after Trump negatively, obviously from the beginning, but I think one of the strategic errors they made is that they went after him effectively while it was all negative covers. They went after him primarily for one thing, which was Russian collusion. Yes, he's a dictator. They say Yes, he's a Nazi, they say, but all this stuff really pales in comparison. As far as the scandal goes. They went after him one for one primary scandal, though. Everything he does, of course, is motivated by evil. They say. The ones the one thing that they invested in from a scandal perspective was Russian collusion. That's what they were all in on that crumbled. Got Ukraine that crumbled In fact, when the
when the dust settles, when the dust settles and we look at what Durham has to say about things we see or even Horowitz, we see that the folks that are not looking very good through all this are actually those in the Obama administration, those in the deep state. Anyway, they've invested everything that they possibly can at unseating this president and impeaching this president, at his at impeding his ability to govern. And yet in the first year, the heritage foundation came out and said that the actions taken by President Trump amounted to more effective conservative leadership than what we saw in the first year of President Ronald Reagan in 1981. They want to pull their hair out this is why they should scream at the universe By the way, ah, the universe. President Trump, President Trump got elected Ah, like that's gonna do something this these are the tactics. These are the they are beside themselves. They don't know what to do. They've never faced a phenomenon and a force like this. Trump continues to walk through the fire through the flames. They look at polling. They see that while Biden supposedly has a big lead in some areas, it's not as big as it should be. I don't believe it's as big as Hillary's lead was at this point. I don't follow that stuff. Some folks follow that stuff to the, into the minutia into the detail. I don't I don't do that. Because candidly, candidly, it's all going to change here and it's irrelevant. It's kind of like asking a 12 year old who they're going to marry when they get older. I mean, these things are really irrelevant at that particular time. Because life changes, things happen. People are met, whatever, whatever. So this is very premature to be looking at polls, but I suppose based upon what they've invested in, folks, this should be a foregone conclusion. Biden should be at 40 points. Trump should be on the verge of being ushered out of the White House in handcuffs, maybe straight to the guillotine. I mean, they're chanting folks chanted as I said, not chanting, but they may as well chanting death to Trump, they chanted wrong Trump the wrong Trump died. How pathetic an awful and terrible is that? His brother dies and that's the response of some on the left some in the so called media, the wrong Trump died. That's, that shows the amount of hatred, anger, disdain, and just complete I mean, they've lost whatever was left of their collective minds here. And so that's where they've gone That's this is what we've gone through the past four or five years actually dating back to the time that President Trump came down the escalator in New York City to announce his candidacy for President of the United States. The left has lost their mind. And yet he still stands today. And in fact, he has a chance of winning re election. Some might even say he will win. reelection heck with with the Allan Lichtman, the professor who's predicted successfully using his model of 13 key points. He's been right since I think 1980 or somesuch year, he's been right every election he has Biden winning as of right now. But out of the 13 key factors, Biden has seven his favorite Trump has six in his favor. So that means in fact, you take away COVID and you take away the economic circumstances that have happened since COVID. Trump would be up. I think I calculated the other day Trump would be up something like at least eight to five and maybe nine to four thing was eight to five in Lichtman's model. And they I mean, they are, this is these are the realities they're faced with. And so it's starting to come through, they're starting to have a version of what they probably would call PTSD. They're starting to be reminded of the struggle to get through the day back in 2016. When they were screaming at the universe when they were crying and playing with their adult playdough and their adult coloring books and requesting service dogs and all that nonsense. They're starting to have a resurgence of those fears, those emotions, and so people like Mika Brzezinski are on the verge of meltdowns of breakdowns on live television. No one's watching but on live television. So I want to play that when we get back. You're listening here to the humble conservative not better talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. Good to be back. See in just a minute.
All right, welcome back. So let's listen to what Mika Brzezinski This is a montage This is on grabien, in grabiennews.grabien.com, we will probably post this later today. But I just I don't know if I'll play all of this but this is a montage of what she was saying I think it was on Friday it was it was late last week just this is the the feel and the tenor of the radical left in the media right now. This is because it's not supposed to be like this, folks. Trump has been targeted for a long time. not supposed to be this way. But this is the way they feel check it out
that I have for this president. But look at the facts. Look at how he's worn us down from his paid off porn star to Russia allies to racism and Charlottesville racism across the board. Children in cages. I mean, lie after lie after lie conspiracy theories. Our country right now is really at a breaking point. If we don't find a way to hold this president accountable with his attempts to undermine the post office, and also his apparent negligence, perhaps purposeful on saving the American people's lives and this pandemic. You are pathetic at this point with his calamitous Coronavirus leadership. It's killing Americans every day. He could be keeping people alive. He's choosing not to every day. This president looks more ridiculous. The clothes fall off. I mean, Mitch McConnell, wake up, wake up and smell the coffee. Don't you see what's that you want to hold on to the set? You could have nothing. At the rate you're going at the rate you're letting him go. Can't you see what is happening? I know you have a lot of special interests in your state and maybe money coming in from Russia and interests. Your wife works in the administration, but wake up. It's not about losing the Senate. We're losing much more than the Senate. You can be sure that you will never see me on Fifth Avenue ever, ever, because he has said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. I believe him. I asked for you to appeal to members of his administration. Those who still have a brain, those who aren't somehow brainwashed. By the cult leader or those who aren't such Stooges and so interested in their own special interests and the money they might make somehow that they could care for one second about this country, talk about ditzy talk about it ditzy, stupid, botched response to a pandemic that is killing 10s of thousands of people over 160,000 right now, this is on you. It's idiotic, and it's killing people. And you get up there and talk about Joe Biden being wrong. There's nobody who has been more wrong about this than President Donald Trump. Many of those deaths, Mr. President, are on you and your terrible response to this virus. Obvious, terrible response. But you say that children miraculously just don't get it. You're wrong. There's no one who been more wrong than you on this and you're the president of the United States. I'm thinking of Tulsa, where the Trump campaign took the social distancing stickers off the chairs and squished people together and made them click on a waiver saying you can sue if you get the corona virus and die from coming to this rally. How stupid can you be? At this point? If you follow this president? I beg you not to be for your life. But I asked you Dave Ehrenburg Is there any legal recourse if you get this virus because of the stupidity of this president. If you're sensing a little intensity here, a little amped up because this is an emergency. Oh my
goodness, folks. I mean, this is the you talk about the clothes falling off here. This is exposed This is who they are. The anger. They're a little amped up. She's, she said she's a little bit amped up, folks. She's off the charts, What in the world? What in the world is going on here? I mean, I was watching the video, you didn't have the benefit of seeing the facial expressions. I mean, this was not staged. This is real. Now it's not real. She's living in a fantasy world. I'm not saying there's not. There's not problems with anything Trump's ever done. That's not the point at all. I'm simply saying that she's lost. Her ever loving mind here. She's not ever she says I'm not going to go to Fifth Avenue in New York City because Trump says he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue in New York City. Trump says he can shoot someone on Fifth Avenue. I believe him. I believe him so much, even though he lies about Everything else, she says, but I believe him so much on that, that I'm not even going to New York City. I can't go on Fifth Avenue. I'm afraid he'll shoot me. She actually says that she's not joking. I might be maybe I don't know, you might be able to put that together as a joke and get a laugh. But she's not trying to get a laugh, folks. She is pleading with her audience. Now. That's MSNBC, by the way, who watching msnbc is on the verge of voting for Trump, who's in there tuned into msnbc. If they're worried about the msnbc crowd voting for Trump and Trump's gonna win this. He's gonna have 400 electoral votes. This may look, this may look like the 1984 election. Walter Mondale and president president reagan in his re election year. By the way, that's something else I read this morning. rahm emanuel says not so quick. Republicans are comparing this the 1968 election. rahm emanuel says dead fish you know dead fish never let a crisis go to waste. Rahm Emanuel, the leader from Chicago, Emanuel says this is more like 1980. And republicans just as the reagan democrats jumped from Carter in 1980. To support Reagan. rahm emanuel says that they're not by they're not going to be by their anti Trump republicans are going to jump ship and support Biden hopefully staying in the Democrat Party. He says the folks this is deranged. I mean, she is she needs to seek professional help here. I mean, she's afraid to go to Fifth Avenue, because Trump said I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and still not lose supporters or some such thing, whatever that was back in 2016. Of course, it's hyperbole. It's satire, exaggeration all this stuff, but she's afraid afraid to go on Fifth Avenue because she believes Trump in this one area. This is I mean, this this encapsulates this captures this. Her little diatribe there. This montage of insanity coming from Mika Brzezinski, I think is a very accurate depiction of where the media and the Democrat Party is, again, it is not supposed to be this way. They have invested every ounce of their energy, every fiber of their being into stopping President Donald Trump from keeping any support whatsoever from having any chance whatsoever for they've used every bit of their energy to get him out of office before this election even took place. The idea that we're sitting in mid August and President Trump still has is still even on the ballot, where there's all sorts of projections. He was going to us all professors remember back in the early days, the early days of the Trump administration, predicting that this would be the second shortest tenure of any president we ever had, because Trump was barely going to make it 100 days. And now he's on the ballot for reelection in 2020. They really believe this stuff. They get into these echo chambers. They bring in these experts, probably some professor from some ultra leftist University explaining to us why President Trump is going to be impeached or why President Trump was colluding with Russia was going to be placed in the clink, right for the rest of his life. All this kind of nonsense.
And they've bought into it. And they've been disappointed and disillusioned, and now they're staring 2020 in the eyes. We're down to what two and a half months, whatever it is. They don't know this, this should not be this way. And so what's the result to lose whatever was left to their