The Politics of the Post Office, Mail-In Ballots, & Trump's Brother's Death | August 17, 2020 | Hour 2

You're listening Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to our two here at The Todd Huff Show. It's good to be here. Thank you for joining us. Hope you had a nice weekend. We did. It's good to be back at it here. anti American socialists that's what I think 59 and a half seconds too long when they give her 60 seconds. But underneath all of this, I'm telling you this is of course, this is the time when they're trying to unify the party. This is the beginning of the final phase of this process. So they've gone through, they've had a virtual candidate, and Joe Biden. He's ran a virtual campaign. He's been virtually absent from actual an actual campaign he's been. It's simulated, all this is simulated. They've successfully gotten into the month of August, they've successfully gotten to the convention without really having to put their guy out there. And those times that they do put him out there. He says things such as, such as if you don't vote for Biden over Trump, you ain't black. He says things such as unlike the African American community, the Latino community is incredibly diverse, incredibly diverse. The black community, it's monolithic. He's saying it's just one vote, if I get, if I get one black to support me, Biden says I can get every single black voter in America to support me. That's basically what Biden is saying there. And these are the sorts of things that happen when he goes out. These are the sorts of things that happen. He said that twice in one day, by the way. Of course, they want to say that, you know, we misunderstood him or blah, blah, blah, whatever. So this is the time when the party is supposed to be unified. This is the time when they come together to make this final push towards getting everyone who identifies as a Democrat to vote in the November election to cast that vote for Joe Biden and for other Democrats. Democrats running for the House of Representatives, Democrats running for Senate Democrats running for governor and everything else state representative which we've got some news on that as well. But this is an interesting problem. The Democrat Party has fox news that we've talked about this none of this is is earth shattering news in the sense that it's new, but it's actually starting to materialize Democratic Convention. sees party unity mission, keep restive Bernie Sanders supporters from blowing from blowing this. And this has been the problem from the beginning. Well, yeah, it has been from the beginning. So again, in a nutshell, we have we have the same sort of I say, problem or issue or challenge or whatever. In the democrat party that we have within the Republican Party, and that is this there's a battle for control of the party. There's a battle for control light in the Republic. As there should have been, look, Hillary was gonna win that thing. But it wasn't just because that's what the democrat voter wanted. What the super delegate wanted, what the party establishment wanted, what the party elites and the donors wanted, they couldn't get behind. They knew Bernie where they thought they probably were right. But who knows? They thought that Bernie would get them annihilated in 2016. And so they fed debate questions to Hillary. The super delegates back then had much more authority than they do today, although they still have some degree of authority. 

Welcome back again, this is not supposed to be this way. not supposed to be this way at all. It was this way in 2016. They supposedly had four years to fix this problem. And yet they find themselves potentially at the same Crossroads yet again talking about the democrat party and their concerns of having a splinter group the radical left, not support their candidate not get behind this. So fast forward four years from 2016 reading from this article of Fox News and once again the left fell short, meaning the radical left the socialist left as progressive standard bearers Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. And so they're trying to avoid this. They've tried to avoid this problem. But yet, it doesn't seem like it's there. 100% there yet. fact there's a possibility. There's going to be a rift between the democrats between the radical leftist democrats and the establishment Democrats. So they're trying to coalesce around this idea that they hate Trump. They're trying to coalesce around this idea. This concept, this movement, this notion that Trump is, of course, the enemy. And that's why you see the campaign shape up like this. They know the Biden in and of himself is not going to get, he's not going to get motive. He's not going to motivate people. He's not going to be the draw and so they have to amp up hatred for Trump. That's what they do. In fact, I saw again, a poll over the weekend. That said, the main reason people are supporting supporting Biden 56% said because Biden isn't Trump. So that's the other reason why this is going to get nasty and ugly. So this is the beginning of when the democrats are going to supposedly hear coalesce around their candidate, pick a candidate go through the pump and ceremony and all this stuff here in the next in this week this week, we'll be will be traded to some crazy stuff here over the next five days listening to some of the radical stuff on stage. But this is this is they're putting their best foot forward. Remember that. Remember that as we watch this thing unfold as they bring up this cast of characters with radical ideas to the stage, remember that this is them presenting themselves. This is the sales pitch. This is the time that they're going to rally the troops and cheer and clap and this this is the pinnacle from here. From here the attacks will come. Trump will go after them. Other republicans will talk about ideas and things that have been said and begin to pick away chip away at the at the arguments of the left. And this is the high point I think this is the high point from The democrat party I do. The question is whether or not they can hold off. Trump once they put Biden out there long enough. Can they keep enough people from seeing just how bad of a candidate he is? Can they make it about something? Can they make it about anything besides Biden? Because if it's if it's about Biden, if it's about Biden, people are going to have to make a decision based upon what they see from Biden. What they see from him in these debates, this is why they want votes that are going to be cast before the debates Do you know in some states, you'll actually be able to cast votes because of early voting before the first debate. trended over the weekend people actively saying that they wished President Trump would have been the Trump brother who passed away just from reprehensible stuff. I mean, just from the side that constantly preaches to us about how much morally superior They are to the rest of us. This is what they find to be appropriate. So we'll talk about those things. In the second half of the program. Taking a quick break here. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back so late last week, I think it may have even met on Friday, Dr. Fauci came out and said that there is no reason that in person voting shouldn't be safe. This November, no reason. looking here at Business Insider. The takeaways the bullet points in their article says that Dr. Fauci the top us Coronavirus expert. I'm just reading what it says I'm not commenting as to whether or not that is accurate, I hope well, based upon the inconsistency as we've seen over the course of this thing, I hope that that's not entirely accurate but nonetheless said this week Dr. Fauci said this week he believed in person November in is not written correctly. He believed in person in November. They left out the word voting. In person voting in November would be say so long as masks or worn. I don't know word on the goggles. A word if we need goggles yet, but as long as masks were worn and social distancing measures were followed for compromised individuals at a higher risk for Corona virus in affection. fouse, Fauci said people should vote by mail on a pause. There's always been a mechanism. I think all 50 states plus the District of Columbia has always had at their arsenal the opportunity for absentee ballots. We cannot be confused on the difference between mass vote by mail campaigns and what I want to move into here. This is kind of we're moving into discuss this whole post office stuff and the conspiracy theories about how about Trump and that, in the in the post office problems Trump's trying to make the argument goes Trump's trying to make the post office suffer intentionally so as to prevent them from being able to do mass voting by mail. Now, they won't say that They'll call it vote by mail, which they'll say we've been able to do forever. Why is Trump against this Trump is not against absentee ballots folks. What Trump is against is printing ballots, dropping them into the mail stream. For everybody, everybody on the record, who is registered to vote, of course, I'm sure there's some Democrats gonna want these to go to people who are not registered to vote. I'm sure that that's considered the right thing to do. By the radical left. So Trump opposes that which by the way, for legitimate reasons, even though they'll tell you fact checkers galore. I'm sure there's some fact checker out there. that'll say, wait a minute. We have done research and actually, the more ballots we put out into the voting into the mainstream, the better the less likely there is for fraud. In fact, if we just drop them from an airplane over large cities, studies have shown that there would be zero voter fraud. I'm sure there's some think tank out there some leftist groups group of professors at Harvard University are a Yale that are prepared to make such a ludicrous statement. This is how this works every time and then, you know, people in a middle America, people who have sense even on the left and right coasts in this country. They sit there and think, well, maybe there's something I don't know. No, there's not. There's not something that you don't know you understand human nature, you understand that if you have a bunch of ballots floating around that some of those ballots will be grabbed by people who aren't supposed to vote or maybe who can vote but I've already cast multiple ballots, there will be so many fraudulent bam, it's it's just asking. It's asking for trouble. It's kind of like saying, you know, if you want to start a new armored car company, you know, you want to go pick up money from places like banks and businesses and so forth. But you say you know what, we want to give this new version We want to give this new version of money transport this, this money transport industry, when we want to put a new spin on it, we're going to pick it up on bicycles. We're not going to have an armored car that locks that has thick walls that people can't penetrate that's got multiple people inside the cab to protect the money to make sure that it gets safely to its destination. No, instead, we're going to show up on bicycles. A little basket on the front walk in there. We're going to have you write in big, bold letters, how much money how much cash is in the bag, we're picking up and we're going to put that in our basket. And we're going to drive down the street and we're going to just yell out how much money's in the bag in our basket of our bicycle. And then people are surprised I'm sure some scientists some study can be conducted that says that that is actually safer that's better for society because it shows society that we trust them. Show society that we trust them and somebody hears this And then think well, I don't know, you know, I don't live. I just live in my neighborhood. Maybe Maybe these problems are being exaggerated on how people would want to try to find ways to take the money. Yeah, I always thought people tried to not everybody, but I thought there were certainly people who tried to look for holes and ways to steal money. So maybe I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. But the truth is, you're exactly right in your first instinct, because that is just plumb foolishness. And that's kind of what we're what we're doing here. With this mass ballot stuff. Fauci says it's safe. What's the problem with going to vote if you're worried about going to vote, then go request a absentee ballot. It's not that hard. It's not that hard to do. I've done that again. I I've shared I can't remember why I did that. Kind of bothers me, but I'm almost I remember, I remember voting by mail. absentee, not by mass mail where the postcard came, and I didn't check a few boxes or whatever and send it back. That's not how that works. And that's not how that should work. The idea that that's susceptible to fraud is just is not that is not susceptible to fraud, excuse me is just not being not being very intellectually honest whatsoever. Of course, it's open to fraud courses susceptible to fraud, why all all voting is to some degree susceptible to fraud. You want to minimize the opportunities for someone to, you know, to cast ballots the shouldn't be cast. Truth be told, early voting makes it harder to prevent a prevent against fraud than or single day voting does. It doesn't mean that you can't still find a way to do it safely. But, you know, every every day that you're open to take votes, you're more susceptible every ballot that you send out in the mail to someone who didn't request it, you become more susceptible. Why is that? Uh, that that shouldn't even be something that we're debating. The question should be, how susceptible is it? Instead they want to, they want to double and triple and quadruple down on this notion that there's no problem whatsoever. So Fauci says it's okay to vote in person. You can get an absentee ballot if you're you know, worried about voting so you don't in person so you don't have to go to vote. You can get your absentee ballot and be okay. You can go and vote and you can stay socially distance and wear a mask that's not good enough, you can get your your absentee ballot, still failing to understand why everyone needs a ballot mailed to them, especially when you factor in how much more you're opened up to risk This is it's almost as though the people who are promoting this have never operated a business or assessed risk whatsoever. Of course, of course there's more risk with this to this male ballasts that's just plumb stupid to suggest that it's not. So, Fauci says it's okay. Basically, Fauci didn't say this, he's not gonna say this, but he's basically saying there's no need for mass mass mailing, you know, massive vote by mail. You can safely vote in person, because of masks and social distancing. And if you aren't, if you're susceptible, based on your health or your age, or your, you know, if you fall into a high risk category, then you can vote by absentee ballot, which that has existed, nothing is nothing new needs to be done about that. And so, so we're going to set up this conversation to briefly talk about the post office, which we'll do when we get back. Also, I guess I want to briefly I'm just gonna be able to briefly touch on the insane people that are wishing that instead of President Trump's Brother being the Trump who died people wishing that it would have been President Trump himself. So those two things I want to hit before the end of the program today you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

All right, welcome back. So so the story goes that President Trump doesn't want mail in ballots because of course, mass mail in ballots. We're not talking about absentee ballots. We're talking about this balance floating around out there for anyone to grab and use that wants to use them. The only reason you can be against those, I guess, this is the world we live in. The only reason you can be against those is because you're trying to suppress the vote. fact I think I saw a tweet from Obama. In fact, it may be in this particular story I'm referencing but I think he tweeted out something that said Trump should worry less about suppressing the vote and more about suppressing the virus or some such thing which is supposed to be witty, and all that sort of stuff. So Joe Biden, this is in the Federalist Joe Biden and Taylor Swift Taylor Swift embrace bizarre US Postal Service conspiracies. And so you'll see pictures, pictures of people moving post office boxes. In fact, this one's been grew had graffiti placed on it. So they come out, they remove it from the ground, they unbolt it from the ground, put it in a truck, take it in, Hold on to power trying to collude this time with the post office. President Trump era back in 2016, when Trump said that the election was rigged, Hillary said, Whoa, we can't have this. We can't have people saying these things, undermine confidence in the US system. Can't have this of course since then we've had four plus years of incessant focus on Russian collusion and all this sort of stuff. Russia, Russia, Russia. Gotta take a break. Come back and briefly talk about President Trump's brother the triad his tragic passing in the reprehensible response that we've seen to this by many on the left, be back in just a minute. 

All right, really quickly, unfortunately, and tragically, President Trump's younger brother Robert Trump passed away over the weekend and It's not it wasn't disclosed exactly what the cause was, although there was speculation by some that he passed away from anovos speculation or hope that he passed away from COVID. In fact, there's been tweets. Here's one Look, I know it's not politically correct to say this, but it's really sad. Donald Trump's brother died from the pandemic COVID took the wrong Trump. There's one example of the loving anti fascist left. How about this for a pastor? This one offends me as a Christian.

This week as it's now convention week for the Democrat Party and yes, it is crazy time. Crazy time here as we move towards vast array of candidates onto the stage to tell us how great Joe Biden is. Of course, some of these candidates I'm not even sure really want to endorse Joe Biden candidates like Alexandria Acasio Cortez has been given, according to reports, 60 seconds, which I think is about 59 and a half seconds too long if they want to appeal to people who are not radical In part two, you have the establishment types. You have the the Country Club Republicans, the democrat light version of Republicans, probably the never Trump version of not not all of them, but a good chunk of those folks are just know in that crowd that they'll vote Republican, but there's not much difference between their ideal candidate and the ideal candidate of the establishment Democrats. big government is the answer just not quite as big as what the radical left or the Democrat Party wants. So there's the establishment Republicans. They want someone in office who's going to do what's been done by politicians for a long time, and that's, say the right things but yet, when it comes to the actions being taken, the actions lead to more government, more spending, less liberty and all those sorts of things and they can argue intellectually as to why That's a good thing. Of course, they can't do it in a logical sense. They've got to do it in some convoluted and impossible to follow sort of line of thinking, but yet they do this amongst themselves and they think that they're so smart and intelligent, you know, in some degree, to some degree. The difference between the establishment Republicans in the establishment Democrats are is really the difference between, say, a Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan. Meaning they're both playing the same sport, but one just prefers one team, the other prefers another. And oftentimes it's because you know, they were raised. Republicans just like you were raised to be a Yankees fan or you're raised to be a Red Sox fan or whatever other folks were raised to be Democrats but on the vast majority of issues, they there's not a lot of difference. There's not a lot of differences, a lot of In fact, agreement. and of course, more money is never enough. So they want even more money than that. It's bankrupt the bankrupting this country financially, morally, we've seen common sense go out the window. We've seen our legal system or you know, there's a much needed tort reform in this country, which never even really is talked about because we're having this. So such a diametrically opposed battle between worldviews, the radical left and their socialist agenda. The those that are, you know, happy with just moderate liberalism, moderate to even extreme liberalism, before we even get to the socialist nonsense. Government solves all problems crowd which, of course, there's people in both the Republican and Democrat party who embraced that. And so there's this battle, this battle for control of the Republican Party between the establishment types and the limited government types. And then in the Democrat Party, same sort of struggle except for it's between two different groups as the establishment types on the Democrat side which are liberals. And that's really what we have today. Right? We have people that are hip and cool and, you know, telling us kind of having social influence over certain segments of our population telling us how great these ideas are and how terrible other people are, in particular, the limited government conservative types so there's a battle for control of the democrat party as well someone to take it further socialist like Bernie like AOC, like Rashida to leave like Ayana Presley like Ilan Omar. again, the more conservative type, but the more establishment type, don't want to go that far. The professional politicians, they're not really looking for tremendous ideological change. They just want to see us moving towards giving them more power, bigger budgets, more money, that sort of thing. Of course, it ends up in the same place as Democrats are worried about this as this comes to the comes to a head in the convention and this is what this article says in part here and I'm gonna take a break in just a moment. This is for a party that in dirty wide open presidential primary with more than two dozen candidates ranging from the left to the middle. I dispute that but nonetheless, and with the wounds of disunity from the 2000s from 2016 still healing. Achieving party unity at this week's Democratic National Convention is a top priority and democrats are intent on making sure history doesn't repeat itself. Four years ago after a divisive primary battle populace champion, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont endorsed presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, but there was plenty of Bad Blood at that summer's Democratic Convention, as there should have been. But they had decided who the pic was going to be long before the pic was the pic was made, officially So anyway, we'll talk more about this. As we get back I gotta take a timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

They would love that they would love for this whole thing to go off without any debate without any appearance from Biden with that any question and answers you know, q&a session that's been run by Biden and they would love nothing more than that. They're going to be forced here to how the death of Trump's brother has become another example of just how pitiful and pathetic many on the left are when it comes to the issue of decency, morality, and just just, I mean, a little bit of empathy and respect as the hashtag #wrongTrump and then they replace it. In fact, that's what the post office says that they do. our post office and its ability to deliver ballots so that when he says we're not ready to do, you know, mass mail by vote by mail, he can point to circumstances that he's created. He's created these circumstances these are not real circumstances these are fabricated so people take pictures of post office boxes on trucks Of course they've got graffiti on them. Of course they probably have graffiti on them because they've been subjected to an Tifa peaceful protest or maybe a peaceful Black Lives Matter rally they got graffiti on it, it's gotta be painted fact they might train the trained Marxists running Black Lives Matter may train their Taylor Swift. Her tweet is this Trump's calculated dismantling of the USPS proves one thing clearly he is well aware that we do not want Him as our president. He's chosen to blatantly cheat and put millions of Americans lives at risk in an effort to help This one does offend me as a Christian, this guy needs to go back to his Bible and look at the gospel. Bishop, Talbert Swan. Lord, I know you don't make mistakes. But are you sure that was the right brother? I've since looked at his Twitter feed. He's He's posted other reprehensible things that people said about Obama during Obama's term as president saying, oh, where was the outrage here as though he's justifying his reprehensible tweet based upon another I've got to go SDG, see you tomorrow. Take care.