Night One of the Democratic Convention | August 18, 2020 | Hour Two

Do you know what I have to tell you? I have to tell you, I've gotten some messages. I've gotten some messages that have said thank you for watching this and for sharing with us. What happened last night in this democrat convention. I couldn't stomach it. I couldn't put up with it. I think as I've thought about this, and you're walking by By the way, that is the right rate. That's the right reaction to have. That is the right reaction to have if you did not watch this thing. First of all I should tell you for those of you that couldn't stomach this, there were a couple of instances that I may have dry heaved I may have actually dry heaved with some of the things I was subjected to and saw. And I also think, I also think I need to speak with my accountant about this, but I might qualify for hazard pay for this. I don't know this. I do feel a little dirtier this morning, having subjected myself to this thing last night. But this was I mean, a lot of this was predictable, but I think and I watched the whole thing I did. I think eyes eyes asked me he watched the whole thing. Yeah, I did what time to go over a 1102 or 1105, something like that right at 11. And they went right to the local news. After that, but I would say on a scale of one to 10. And look, I am reminds me of a Seinfeld reminds me of a Seinfeld and I remember there was an episode where Jerry had a girlfriend. I'm going back to the memory bank here I'm trying to piece this together on the spot. I didn't think this actually hit me a time or two but I didn't piece it together. Think about this specifically until right now. But he had an episode there's an episode where he's dating a girl. And the girl apparently is Jerry thinks her circle of friends believe she's the loser of the group. Do you remember this episode for those of you that watch Seinfeld? And so Jerry was trying to like her friends would say thank you for going out with her. She'd just come off of a breakup and it was almost like thank you for doing something nice because we know you really don't want to do This has really nothing appealing about this girl. That's that's the feeling. But of course there was. And Jerry was trying to figure out what is going on here. And he was coming to the conclusion that her friends and her circle she was the the loser. I don't know how to say it the loser of the group. I must say this is the way it should. I'm just telling you what the Seinfeld episode was about. And so they said, you know, he was telling George about this, George Costanza. And George said, he goes, but Jerry said, I don't think she's the loser of the group. I think, you know, she's, she's an attractive girl. She's, you know, likable, she's engaging, she's successful. She's all these positive things. And Jerry and George says, Are you looking at this as superficially as possible? And Jerry said, Yes, Yes, I am. I'm just going on the most superficial level. possible, she's not the loser of the group. And that's how you have to watch the convention. I'm telling you, you have to watch the convention, in the most superficial manner possible. Now, we don't do that we talk about the ideas, the ideas matter. But again, for the average American, the average voter, and this is not people that engage in political talk, listening to talk radio and so forth. In fact studies have shown that this is I mean, a very well educated audience. people that listen to political talk are very well educated they have they actually have a pretty good understanding of multiple viewpoints on issues. You follow things. So, but most people don't. Most people don't do that. Most people turn it on and say, oh, Michelle Obama, she seemed nice. I like Michelle Obama or Her husband had a good jump shot, or her husband spoke well or her husband You know, made me feel good after when I would listen to him speech speak about hope and change. I felt good about that or whatever it is. And that's the level of superficiality. I think we're required to analyze this from a mass on the mass consumption level. And there's lots of reasons for that, that I don't want to necessarily get into right now today. But I think that's the way that many folks watch this. They see they get an initial You know, when you meet someone, and they say, you've got just a couple of seconds to make an impression. And I kind of think that that's how, how this is done. If someone is, you know, articulate, well spoken, you know, presents themselves well, probably doesn't help if they're hurt if they're somewhat attractive, all that kind of stuff. Things that you can hear, you know, the sound of the voice Yeah, the shape of the eyes, the body language, all this kind of stuff that goes into determining if we're going to trust this person. Things that we do and maybe interpersonal communication and day to day life that's how people view these things. Yeah, well I I trust this person Why do you trust this person? I don't know. He just looks like someone I should trust or she sounds like someone I should believe. And that's how this is done. That's how this is. is watched and see normally they have the they don't they don't botch the presentation side of this so much. They always botch the ideological side. So I like to talk about the ideas because candidly, when it comes to ideas, they fail miserably every time. But when it comes to the production, when it comes to you know, what's the there's a saying for you know, folks in say, Texas They'll say all, all hat no cattle person looks like a cowboy by how they dress or what they want you to pay what they want to appear to be they they play the role, they dress the part, but they don't have any cattle they don't have. They're not actually Cowboys, they're actually just people that want to look a certain way or want you to think that they have something that they don't and that is what the democrats are masters of. And last night, it was a major Swing and a miss. And I'm not sympathetic. I mean, these folks, the leaders of the Democrat Party alongside the media, and this, again, is not rank and file Democrat. I'm talking about the leaders, the ones making the decisions and so forth, setting policies, determining how they talk about issues like the Postal Service. The way we've been misled there is pretty incredibly insane, but the ones that put these narratives together the ones that piece together The next steps, the next steps designed to win elections and then to control and to gain more control more power, take away Liberty grow the government, that whole process, the leaders, the folks that are putting those steps together. Those folks are professional deceivers. I was telling my wife this last night as we were watching, watching on ABC is where watched last night. And they had the pundants out there. And they would bring in the reporters, Jonathan Karl, I said professional deceiver. Like I, I think when we come to grips with the fact that these folks wake up every day and they think to themselves, they don't think, how can I present? What's going on in politics or whatever and current events? How can I present that to the American people so they have, as much as I'm possible as a journalist as much as possible for me as a journalist, how can I get them to see it for what it really is not not to serve you at one way or the other, but just To present to them what's going on and then they can decide what they want from, you know that they can make their own decisions that that journalist is a rare breed that journalist is, I mean, literally, you can probably count them on a hand or two, at least as it pertains to the national political media. Maybe one hand maybe it's a couple of fingers. There's not many folks. There's not many folks that are true journalists. It's It's a rare breed. It's an it's a dying it's, it is an endangered species, critically endangered. fact, we're hoping that they have offspring so that we can hopefully perpetuate the species. It's like the panda bear. When they have panda bears have a baby. What do they do? They get in there. Of course, the panda bear is a big massive animal and the babies that they have or look like the size of a I mean, they're tiny The Bears sometimes accidentally harm or even killed their young so it's like people are watching when the pandas are pregnant because they want to protect that baby. It's almost the same thing that we should we should have some we should have a group of people that watch that pay close attention to journalists and when they do when they are expecting to, to have a child to just pay special attention and it makes sure that we protect the species. It's so endangered. It's critically endangered. It's a rare breed. It's almost like the sort of thing where you know when your local zoo says it has a certain animal and you're like, Man, I've never even seen that on animal planet or discovery. I want to go to the zoo and see that thing. That's how rare a journalist is a true traditional journalist and john Karl is not one that people I saw trotted out through on ABC News last night. None of them none of Those folks were real journalists. They're all pundants. They're all people that are trying to persuade you to a certain perspective, if you want to know someone, if someone is a journalist, or a, someone who is an editorialist or an opinion person, just simply ask this question, are they trying to persuade me to a certain perspective? That is what I do, by the way, I try to persuade. I don't even pretend to be a journalist. That's not at all what I do. Although I will tell you I think that there's no doubt in my mind that I am fairer than almost all the journalists, even though I can just like how I talked about Michelle Obama's speech, that there won't be any of that at the republican convention. And I'm not Look, I don't agree with the content of her speech, and it did turn into where she went after Trump in the latter half. But at the beginning, it had a different feel than the other speeches. She didn't feel angry. She didn't feel saying she was or wasn't I'm just saying again, following the George Costanza advice, looking at things this thing as superficially as possible, as superficially as possible she did not feel those things the other folks did. Muriel Brewer, Mayor of DC sounded, I thought crazy. I thought angry. I thought of course Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders always sounds a little angry. A little fired up. I mean, that's how you have to sound you're leading what you believe to be a revolution. When I looked through it, the list of Andrew Cuomo sounded angry nutcase it didn't sound angry case it didn't sound angry and as this morning said, was he standing at a fork in the array excuse me at a crossroad and I said no. He was standing at a fork in the road not a crossroad not an intersection. Why in the road gravel road to gravel road in fact, there is one shot, I believe or there's a drone Something was shooting down upon him so that we can see we're at a fork in the road and one fork leads us to President Trump. And if you follow that road, there's probably a cliff and pitfalls and, you know, all sorts of dangers, probably houses on fire, probably set by radical protesters and rioters, of course blamed on Trump for not giving in to the demands of the radical left but case against him. You know, he's he doesn't come across as angry. He's come across as confused and maybe delusional, but not angry. But most of those folks came across angry Gretchen Whitmer, Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan, I mean, she's, again, she I think, folks think that she's likable, but I just don't think that she I don't think that she has Michelle Obama, there's a different feel. Michelle Obama, again, on a truly superficial level, I know folks have very strong feelings About her I'm not defending or saying any of this is real. I'm just saying, watching it from a superficial level and just looking at the feel of the speech, hers felt better if they had more speeches like that. They might be able to communicate with people who don't yet agree and embrace the party and so forth. Now, I'm talking about the first half the second half of our speech is going to lose some people. But these folks, I'm telling you, by and large, came across as angry came across as I mean, really to with some degrees there varying degrees of Trump derangement syndrome. Right? Everybody blaming Trump for every problem in the world and then ironically saying that Trump's The only president that doesn't take responsibility for anything. I mean, it's just it's it's crazy times that we live in. But overall, this thing was not well done. It was not produced well And we knew it wouldn't be substantively anything of you know of importance or things that we needed to really address on that level because it's the ideas are so fundamentally flawed and in many cases morally bankrupt. But this this notion, this notion that this convention is going to be produced and it's going to wow a new and our people folks night one swing at a major Miss. Swing in a major, major mess. So anyway, gotta pick a timeout. continue this discussion when we return, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So as this convention is taking place last night, and of course we knew this was gonna happen. President Trump and others not just Trump, but those that are part of the Trump campaign. We're taking to Twitter. And one of the tweets that went out, I think from the Trump war room, this may have been at the conclusion of the convention. And this is kind of in response to what Andrew Cuomo was saying, again, Andrew Cuomo was was trotted out there last night, was put in front of the camera sitting there at his desk with his graphs, right his his bar graphs that showed the big peak in cases. I don't know if it was cases, it probably wasn't a chart of deaths, but I think it was cases it could have been, I can't imagine them charting the deaths back there, but maybe, who knows. So he has the charts and it goes, peaks way up. And he's talking about how the president is a failure when it comes to Coronavirus and he's put us at risk and all this stuff. Right and he's blaming the President of the United States and The Trump war room here is not gonna have anything to do with this the Trump. Well, Trump himself will have nothing to do with this. And this is what I mean people like me, and I'm guessing many like you some folks think, Todd, I can't take any more Trump tweets. I don't feel that way at all. I don't feel that way at all. I think it's because I think it's because I've seen how the story plays out when we sit there and take as Michelle Obama says, you know, go when we go Hi, now I'm not saying we shouldn't go Hi, you know, I'm conservative, not bitter. I'm not a and I'm a Christian. I'm not for the hatred and so forth. But there's a difference between even Michelle Obama said this last night she said, Hey, you know what, just because we, I tell you to go high and not low, it doesn't mean I'm saying to, to not fight back. I'm not telling you that you shouldn't try to you know, that you should just stand by and watch things that shouldn't happen happen. I'm saying the same thing from the other side of the aisle. Don't confuse conservative not bitter with weak, don't concern confuse conservative, not bitter, with never getting a little bit of fire lit in your belly because that's not at all conservative, not bitter means it's not personal. I'm not hating people. I'm not trying to divide and to destroy individuals. I'm trying to destroy ideologies that cause problems for mankind, for humanity, for individuals, and that is what liberalism does. That is what socialism does. That is what communism does. All these ideologies of the left, lead to bad things for the individual and for society. And so, liberty, limited government opportunity, freedom, freedom of religion, freedom to be who God made you to be with your own dreams. ambitions, desires, preferences, whatever. Being able to live your life freely, your ability to swing your metaphorical arm ends where my metaphorical nose begins. You can live your life and do the things you want to do until the point that infringes upon my life, liberty and property, not just my feelings. Right? Some people think that oh, well, you hurt my feelings. If you say something. I'm not saying that people should go out there and try to intentionally harm someone's feelings. But if my being conservative, hurt somebody's feelings, I will never apologize. So to apologize for that. That's silly to think that and so that's not what we're saying here. But we've seen for too long the Republican Party, embrace that sort of stuff they confuse. they confuse what I would consider. term conservative, not bitter with with weakness, with silence with not engaging not responding not trying to win the battle not trying to persuade, even if it gets tense even if it gets even a little bit, like maybe even a lot, there's nothing I don't, I'm not worried about. I mean, if it gets intense and that's fine, it just doesn't have to get personal Am I my objective should never be to destroy a person or to burn stuff down as someone on the other side are now endorsing, doing and all this sort of stuff. Instead, we have to win, try to persuade and the people are entrenched against ideas that are good, that are based in liberty and freedom that are rooted in the constitution that are rooted in Judeo Christian principles, ideas and concepts that people stand against those fervently understanding what they are rejecting them for what they are, it doesn't mean that we cease trying to win it politically. It just means that the you know, we should try to persuade. And there's a lot of persuasion that can be done but we start to win win fights when there's when people entrench and they refuse to accept, especially things like freedom and liberty of people, the choices of people to live their lives as they want to live them without the government saying they can't do stuff. That's that's preposterous to me. And I'm not saying the government never has an interest that needs to be taken into consideration, but the government has to prove that that burden not the person, the default should always be the individual should be able to decide the individual should be able to live his or her life as the individual should desires to live it so you know, up until that point of their their decisions causing legitimate not just emotional or psychic you know, like somebody saying, I get psychologically harmed by this. That's That's not it at all. I get psychologically harmed by my neighbor having a bigger house than me That's not at all what I'm talking about. I'm Talking about legitimate real threats to life, liberty, property. That's what I'm talking about. And so we have to be prepared. But so, Trump's out there, Trump's team when they see these things when they see andrew cuomo up there, blaming Trump, they fight back. And I love this. In fact, Trump war room last night retweeted this ad, this ad that they put together of democrat governors praising President Trump for his response to COVID. I'm gonna play this quickly. And then I gotta take a timeout, but here it is. Fact is, every time I've called the president, he's quickly gotten on the line scan, we asked to get support for that mercy ship. And in Southern California, he was able to direct that in real time. What the federal government did, working with states was a phenomenal accomplishment. We got 2000 of these vehicle field medical sites that are up almost all operational now in the state. Because of his support, those are the facts. His team has been on it. I know a team when they're on it. And I know a team when they're not on it. His team is on it. They've been responsive, late at night, early in the morning. We are working very well with FEMA Region to them with the Army Corps of Engineers building for field hospitals. That was a decision the President himself took, and I'm grateful for it. It these were just extraordinary efforts and acts of mobilization. And the federal government stepped up. We needed help and they were there. He said everything that I could have hoped for. And we had a very long conversation. And every single thing he said, they follow through. We've got to have double the number of ventilators that we requested for that area of the state. And in fact, we got them in frankly, short order haven't lost any Mexican back cause we didn't have a bed. We didn't have a ventilator, or we didn't have healthcare staff know that the President was extending support for new slots. So awesome conversation, commitment, promise made promise kept. I mean, a stark contrast from what we heard from Andrew, Governor Andrew Cuomo last night basically blaming Trump for deaths specific deaths in the United States didn't handle this properly much different and that's why they tweeted this that's why they tweeted this reminding people what was really said because again, and politics a day you know, there's a verse in the Bible 1000 years I'm paraphrasing here is like a day to the Lord and a days like 1000 years. And and politics there's a similar again, just loosely Don't misunderstand, but there a day can seem like a long time in politics. Because we're bombarded with so much, so much information. So here we are two and a half months out from the election. And a lot of things are gonna happen. There's another Bible verse that comes to mind to that I want to talk about after the break here, as I'm thinking about this Democratic Convention as they're going first and we'll we'll share that on the other side of this. But anyway, sit tight. We'll continue this discussion when we get back. Listen to conservative, not bitter. Talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So as I'm thinking about this convention, of course, the democrats have theirs this week. Republicans have theirs next week. I have heard and I Don't know if this is accurate or not. I kind of hope that it is actually I really hope that it is. But I've heard I've seen rumored that Trump is going to speak every night. And I think this is exactly what should happen. Because if there's anybody that can navigate the uncertainties pertaining to virtual rallies or whatever virtual conventions, its President Donald Trump, he's a master of what used to be referred to as television. But now since we can watch it on our mobile devices, I don't think young people think about it as television. I think they don't even know what they consider it anymore. But just that visual, you know, being able to watch on video, what's happening. I think President Trump is a master of that the republicans are squaring up to make their pitch next week rally. The troops make the argument for four more years of President Trump for the Republican vision for the United States. And so it reminded me of a verse in the Bible because some people, you know that traditionally, you'll see a bounce in the polls after a convention. I don't know if that'll happen this year. for a couple of reasons. They might I don't know. But number one, a lot of people have already made their decisions. I don't know how many truly undecided voters there are. President Trump doesn't really allow too much wiggle room for you to be uncertain about what you think about him. Right, you're either for him or against him pretty much. I mean, that's maybe overly simplistic to a degree. But of all presidents in modern times, he's the most he's gives us a little gray area, so to speak for your support for him as anyone that is even in politics period in in modern history. I don't know There may be examples, but there's not many that simply, you know, are I don't want to say as polarizing, but that's the effect it's that it is polarizing because because of where we stand it because of his nature that he's not going to capitulate and give in. So, but there is a tendency I think some people may if there is a bump might be worried Oh, my goodness, Biden's up eight or whatever, this kind of stuff. I just, I mean, polls at this point of the year are meaningless. They don't they don't mean anything. They really don't. So, but some people will begin to panic and I know I know who some I know who I'll probably get texts and phone calls from. And but the truth is a it's early but be republicans haven't made their case. Trump's not been out there with the same level of attention. Now, granted, the They're going to malign the president, they're going to attack him. They're going to misrepresent him. There's nothing new 99 and a half percent negative news coverage in the month of May. It's incredible. You think about it. I was telling someone yesterday, I don't. What does that leave the positive? I didn't know that there's any positive news. I think it's just not negative, maybe something like President Trump's birthday was today. Is that considered positive? I don't even know in today's world, but anyway, 99 and a half percent I mean, that is orchestrated, that is intentional, that is by design. And so we know that that's going to be the case that's going to be the problem. That's going to be the reality that's going to be the opposition. But republicans haven't gone yet reminds me of this verse in the Bible, Proverbs chapter 18. For 17, I'm going to read from the New International Version, it says in a lawsuit now I know we're not in a lawsuit but in a lawsuit. There's prosecution and defense, right? There's two sides to the story. There's this adversarial system of justice, whereas someone makes a claim and then someone else gets to dispute it and present evidence. And then there's the court case and there's a verdict. But it says here and so same thing we have the democrats are going to make their case and then republicans are going to make their case. It's not a legal situation, but similar, right. There's a there's an adversarial system. There's one side that's going to make claims against the other. The Democrats are going to claim President Trump is murdering people with Coronavirus. He's putting kids in cages. He's running concentration camps, all this sort of stuff. Right. So the democrats get to speak first here. But the verse here says in a lawsuit the first to speak seems right now, obviously, in this particular case, it's so crazy. It doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem right to us. Because it isn't right. But it might seem right to other people. So even if Even if they buy into this madness, and this, so called logic and thinking and so forth, and they're persuaded sometime this week, which after watching last night, I don't know how much of that's going to actually happen, but let's just say that it does. There's another part of this verse, there's a comma. After the comma, it reads this until someone comes forward and cross examines now, there's not going to be a cross. I'd love there to be a cross examination, I would love for Biden to be on stage. And for Trump to be able to go up there in live real time be able to cross examine, to ask questions, because the wheels would fall off this thing in about four seconds. This whole production even though it's pathetic production so far, the wheels would fall off this thing in about four seconds. But there won't be the cross examination there will be a counter argument being made now. There will be debates we think, unless Biden can find a way to hide from them. I don't put past them. That's not. I don't think that's out of the realm of possibilities here. I think if there's a way to get out of the debates, I think they know that that's probably a smart strategic move. It's just dealing with the, the consequences, the the negative PR, the realities that say, Hey, why are you running from Trump? What are you gonna say you thought he would give you COVID? I mean, you're gonna wear you know, I can't talk through my mask, and Trump's gonna walk up and violate my personal space and be within six feet of me. He's not going to socially distance himself. And what are you gonna say? I don't put it past them. But the point is, is that there's a process and right now, for those of us that decide to watch this junk, like me, a glutton for punishment. Those of us that watch this stuff, you know, if the poles do bump up, and it's just I mean, it's it's going to pass there's going to be a rebuttal, so to speak, there's going to be another viewpoint and other arguments. And it's it's gonna it's going to be better than this. I just I can't conceive of a way that it's not. If Trump's first night of the convention was like their first night of the convention last night, it's all we will all we would hear about is how pathetic The production was. I saw people performing singing songs, they got cut off, people having to speak and Representative Jim Cliburn started his speech, they stopped him he restarted the timing of this terrible I mean, it really was the timing between different people speaking, that transitions that is awkward, awkward pauses. It's weird watching these things in silence. These speeches were super short. Michelle Obama's was at least of some length, maybe maybe 20 minutes. I'm just going from memory that's my gut around that level. But most of these things were just a few minutes, case of speech or just a couple couple of minutes, thankfully. Anyway, there's not a whole lot to fear here in this sense because this thing is, so far pretty pathetic. So, take a time out here, come back, continue our talk today you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So Trump's Of course, pushing back fighting back. he's not, he's not going to allow the democrats to get away with branding him as whatever they're trying to brand him as. And so he's gonna get his moment on the stage next week. But in the meantime, in the meantime, he's going to I mean, he's gonna tweet he's going to I mean, you know, last night Biden was not Biden was not in you know, I don't know if he was in Wisconsin or not, but he wasn't anywhere live. Trump's in Wisconsin, Trump's in Minnesota, in the states that are not some people say Minnesota is not employed, but I'm not. I'm not so certain about this. I'm not so certain amount this at all, especially, look, Trump's Trump's internals are telling him certain things that we don't know. So Trump's in Wisconsin Trump's in Minnesota, Trump's in Michigan. Right. The Democrats pick Wisconsin for the side of their convention even though they don't end up having their convention because of COVID they have the governor of Michigan be one of their speakers. Michigan is obviously a battleground state but Biden's not out there. actively doing stuff in these states. Trump in the you know, during the week of the democrat convention, he's actually at these these states in the states making his case going after what the left is saying, challenging their narrative, and I'll tell you what, they've glossed over this, but I've been watching. I haven't talked a lot about this recently, but you look at what's happening with an Tifa and and radical Groups like that in the city of Portland, Oregon. We look at what's happened in places like Seattle, right? We had chaz or chop that nonsense. You look at what's happened in the city of Chicago. You look at how they've all refused to accept the realities of what they were facing from these radical, insane. I mean, Democrat, these are part of the democrat base. Now it's it's a fringe. But it's a bigger group than it was four years ago. And we've been watching as they've been terrorizing cities burning stuff to the ground, and we've watched these mayors and governors turn a blind eye to this stuff. Trump's out there saying this is an issue. This is this is an election about law and order. Buckle up because this this is going to be the narrative going forward. We're going to hear about law and order we're going to hear about anarchie and disorder. And chaos, we're gonna hear about weakness, the inability to lead the unwillingness to use tools at your disposal to protect your cities. We're watching Minneapolis fall apart the city, the state of Minnesota in the wake of some of this nonsense that they're, that they're doing. They're in the city of Minnesota with this dream of defunding and dismantling police forces. And this, this, this is going to cause some harm to people, which is terrifying and sad, because it's predictable, but also also to their chances of winning and that will this is not on the radar. I mean, it is but not it's like they're ignoring it. Trump's not gonna let it be ignored. He's not gonna let Tara Read be ignored. He's not gonna let hunter Biden be ignored and he's not gonna let this issue of law and justice and order be ignored as well as wait until he gets his podium because this this narrative will change quickly. Sit tight, be back in just a minute. 

Welcome back waining moments of this program today but if you've not seen andrew cuomo speedwell say speech presentation last night you should it's worth watching. I will say that is worth watching. And he blames Trump. He says our way worked. He thinks New York's way worked in spite of leading the nation and deaths in spite of being second and the number of deaths per capita because of COVID. It's all Trump's fault. Yet the democrats are out there saying Trump's blaming blaming everybody not taking responsibility. Meanwhile, Cuomo took actions that specifically put the elderly population at risk. And there's, I mean, we'll see where this plays out. But anyway, sad stuff. I gotta go. Thanks for listening. SDG, see you tomorrow, take care.