Night Two of the Democratic Convention | August 19, 2020 | Hour One

You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show, America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to them with conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff email, Todd, The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show when us decides to we're having trouble connecting on Facebook again today some tech stuff that I got to get ironed out here but we'll have that i think i think who knows up and running here in the next the next segment, so Good to be here night number two last night of the Democratic National Convention, this thing still on the path to being a what I consider just an objective train wreck. And I really mean this I know and what the, by the way the ratings for this thing Do you see how pathetic This is? They've already set the bar I was watching one of these commentators on ABC I don't even know who who he was. So this is not meant to not give him credit. I don't know why anyone would want credit for for this, but I mean, effectively they've lowered the bar for this thing to such a point where they're not telling us they don't even really expect to see a post convention. Biden nominee Bob, they don't expect to see Joe Biden have a book In the polls after, after this convention, just because of a lot of factors, one being that nobody's watching to the people who are watching, find themselves dealing with things like what they've dealt with last night and the night before, which is just stupid stuff. I mean, this just, there's no energy in these things. You know what I thought last night when I watched this, this is this is kind of a sketch, a skit a comedy routine. For those of you who have been on a zoom call, right and many, many of you have been on zoom calls long before COVID hid. I had been on some some zoom calls or other calls like that. Forget some of the other platform names at the moment, but I've been on some of those calls before and it always they always seem to go this way, especially if there's a group of people this This convention feels like that, you know, you've got the guy who logs into the call, and he's moving his lips, and no one in the room can hear this. This is like the first five, maybe 15 minutes of a zoom call, depending on upon how many people and how bad the users are at figuring out specifics pertaining to the zoom call. But usually, it's something like Bill you get to unmute. Bill, Bill, can you hear me bill your your mouth is moving. But but the zoom call, we can't hear you. Make sure it's unmuted. And you get the guy who's got his camera facing the wrong direction. It's showing what's behind him instead of what's you know, on camera. Then you've got, you know, the people who can't get into the zoom call. We actually every every Friday we hold, we host a prayer call. Here at The Todd Huff Show. We have a prayer team and we do a call on Friday mornings right after this program, actually We use zoom. And I'm telling you, I feel like I've logged in to zoom differently every time. I don't know what it is. Sometimes I have a link, sometimes it asked me for a password last week or maybe the week before. It actually, I'm the host of the meeting. And I logged in and I was in the waiting room and it said the host has not yet logged. And then one of the other people, one of the other members of the prayer team, she's she was in the room to waiting for the host. And then he said the host, the host left the meeting, which I did, because it said I was waiting for the host, which was me. This is the sort of stuff I'm telling you. That's what this convention is. That's what this convention is. People don't know they're on when they're on last night. The poor guy that was last night they did Biden as the official nominee. So we can now put to rest and i've you know, we've had conversations and I've even had people on here Victor even when we had Victor Davis Hanson he talked about and he was wasn't wrong, by the way, don't misunderstand, talked about the possibility that Biden wouldn't even be the nominee. People giving some percentages that I'd heard 30% I'd heard up to 50% by some folks. We're past that now. It's 100% Joe Biden, he is the nominee. Now. We still have a gap between today and Election Day, November 3. Here in the next, what, two and a half months or whatever that is, where, you know, who knows, depending on how I put nothing past Democrat, the Democrat Party, but nonetheless, he is the official nominee last night. So I felt bad for the guy. I don't know his name either. He was on camera to basically pass it over to the 57 states as Obama would tell us, states and territories to announce who their state delegates were being assigned to or cast for. And this is the formal process. So this is I was explaining to my son last night. I explained to my son last night who by the way, can I say? I'm just gonna say it's one of those mornings we're sitting there watching we I've let him stay up to watch this thing. It's an educational process, you know, process and he gets to see what's going on. Plus he likes to stay up late. Let's just get let's just be honest. Kid likes to stay up late, it doesn't matter. For what reason he'll take any reason conceivable under the sun. He's 11. And I, you know, good kid, interested, I mean, interested to a point, but he's still 11. So he actually we saw Jimmy Carter last night and he actually had a puzzled look on his face. And he asked if that was if that was Biden's parents. And I said, I said, No, it's not. That's actually one of the President's former presidents. I said they're not too terribly, too terribly far apart in age for getting down to the nitty gritty here. Biden would be the oldest, oldest elected president in US history. But anyway, anyway, so this thing is just a train wreck. train wreck. So the guy last night that's introduced it that's that's kicking off, you know, going state by state to the delegates. You know, Alabama announces their delegates and out in alphabetical order would go through this thing. With the exception, I think Delaware's wins. That's Biden state did it last anyway. So there's like an awkward pause. He's on screen for I don't know, five seconds just smiling. Nobody knows when to when it's time to go. I think it was. Chuck Schumer and Chuck Schumer last night standing in Brooklyn. He was referencing things in the background which apparently was a statue of liberty. He would think from as close as he was that we could have recognized that after he said it and I squinted my eyes I could tell it was a statue of liberty. A boat gone by during that part. In fact, it made me It reminded me of those Trump boats that went behind different people when they're speaking. You've seen the one that goes on behind. I think it was burning in this light on its on a tour. I was hoping for that last night did not happen did not happen, but it wouldn't have surprised me. Because this thing is so it's it's really a sideshow, but nobody's watching. No one expects the pundits anyway, don't expect the Biden bounce from this. And in fact, they're not telling us that conventions don't matter this year. That's what they're on the record of telling us That's what I heard last night in the commentary of this, you know, this nonsensical drivel we've been I've been subjecting myself to willingly by the way for you so that we can talk about this but they're now telling us It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter this year. conventions don't matter, which is a really a way of saying nobody's excited. Nobody is excited to see Joe Biden is the nominee. That's really the time take away from this Nobody. Nobody is by the way. Speaking of Jimmy Carter, think about it this way Biden, Biden had been in for years. For years when Jimmy Carter, he was in Congress for four years before before Jimmy Carter was elected president. There may be people listening to my voice right now. They aren't conservatives, of course. They said we had a president named Jimmy Carter. Yes, we did. Back in 1976. He was elected the peanut president from Georgia. And this is where you had terms like economic malaise. This was kind of like it one way of thinking about it as Obama's first term where the economy ground to a halt. There were shortages. You can only get gas certain days of the week, because of conditions that were created by by Jimmy Carter and his administration, his just the way that they lead and manage the economy. It was atrocious. It led to a overwhelming Reagan victory in 1980. Even more overwhelming in 1984 when reagan won every state but Walter Mondale Minnesota in 1984. And so that's I mean, that's the lay of the land. That's the way the Iranian the US Embassy in Iran, we you know, we had the whole hostage situations which by the way, the Iranians kept hostages until the day Reagan, till the day Reagan gave his inaugural address. They'd been held captive for 400. And some days and they were released. The day Reagan took office. I mean, it was just a disaster. And I don't look, Jimmy Carter's older now, and this is not personal, but but these ideas that have been implemented by the left have caused problems for this country for a long, long time economically, and on the world stage. And so you can find that Terrible ideas with terrible production value that we've seen. And now the expectations being set low being set to the point where the you know, they're basically telling us we don't expect a bump coming out of this convention for Biden. conventions don't matter. Biden officially got the nomination last night. It somewhat reminded me of the moment when Hillary put that fake phony straight out weird look on her face on her face when the balloons fell. It wasn't that bad. But Biden had a moment like that when his the announcement was made, that he was going to be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. By the way, they nominated two individuals. They nominated Bernie, of course, they had to nominate Bernie he had some delegates that would be cast his way as well. AOC was involved in that she got her 60 seconds and you know, just the radical I mean, it's To me, again, this is giving you the 30,000 foot summary synopsis straight up, like straight up communism coming from the mouth of AOC. Listening to the I mean, it was it was like one talking point after another she's getting in trouble this morning for not having even mentioned Biden, in fairness to her she was she was nominating Bernie, this these are kind of the mechanical parts of this thing. So the, the main, I guess legal reason for this convention happened last night and Biden's now officially the nominee. Now the next two nights are supposed to be celebrations, but they've set the bar so low that I don't know how much of a celebration, there can actually be. So I want to talk a little bit about this convention. I want to talk about some other things in the news. I want to talk a little bit about this bill clinton situation. Bill Clinton's amazing, it is truly amazing how the media does back bends and controls itself to defend in the me to era in the metoo era having a speaker although he was not allowed to speak in primetime, like in the main part of this this thing, but he spoke last night lecturing. I mean just it's just crazy stuff talking about character. I mean it's it's bold it was it was like it was the night before when Cuomo went up on stage and talked about talked about Coronavirus, talked about how Trump should basically learn from how his state was responding to Coronavirus I mean, what on earth are we talking about? It's just bizarre crazy out of control stuff so in a place them soundbites gonna play Stacey Abrams soundbite as well. She says America. democracies don't elect saviors. I want you to hear that. I'm gonna talk about that because that's kind of what I thought they were acting like Obama was back in 2008. It's just amazing the hypocrisy the double standards, the way the narratives change depending upon which party's convention they're at and who the nominee is, what the narrative of the day is. So talk about those things and maybe more. And we should have Facebook up and running here after the break. So sit tight, you are listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

All right, welcome back. So, so here we are. day number two night number two of this exciting, exhilarating, Democratic National Convention I want to play. One of the things we heard Stacey Abrams, the radical Stacey Abrams, who of course has given part in what they're calling the keynote. She has a part And what they call the keynote. Even though, even though I'm not entirely sure that I would call this thing, a keynote series, it's a montage of people who get a couple of minutes. She got a couple of minutes to do this keynote, but I want to focus on one part in particular. One part of her speech in particular last night, this is Stacey Abrams, about halfway through her two minutes. Speech, again, kicking off the evening where Biden officially received the nomination. And so this is what she has to say about really, the role of a president I guess, in general terms and they use the term democracy, folks, I know that this seems harmless to many people. This is a constitutional republic. This is a constitutional republic. We do not we do not have a pure Democracy, there are certainly democratic aspects to our Republic, people get to have a voice. People get to, you know, elect or cast their votes for candidates, but we do not have a democracy. But nonetheless, this is how they're trained to talk about this. And then it's a subtle shift into, you know, democratic socialism, which basically means you can take whatever you want from someone else, so long as half of the people or a majority half plus one. Say that that's okay. That's what democrat you want to know what democrat that's what democratic socialism is. You can take whatever you want from whomever you want, so long as a majority of people say that you can do it. That's democratic, democratic socialism, justifiable, theft the so called common good. Meanwhile, the producers, those who have been successful those who have worked and sacrificed Put everything on the line for the success of their business, their entrepreneurship their. I mean, they've sacrificed. I can relate to a to a point here with some of the things that we've done but just thinking about how this is so misguided, this this viewpoint how the the wealthy are, I don't know positioned or how they're attacked, how they're blamed for everything. Democratic socialist, we're a step away from that. Anyway, this is what she has to say last night. In a democracy, we do not elect saviors. We cast our ballots for those who see our struggles and pledge to serve, who hear our dreams and work to make them real. To defend our way of life by protecting our right to vote. Faced with a president of cowardice. Joe Biden is a man of proven courage. He will restore our moral conscience. By confronting our challenges, not by hiding from them or undermining our elections to keep his job in a time of voter suppression at home, and authoritarian stop, I can't take any more of this voter suppression at home. She say authoritarianism abroad. Is that what she said? I didn't catch that last that last point. I listened to this stuff last night. But she says here, she says here, in a democracy, we don't. We don't elect saviors, which is, by the way, correct, by the way, correct. In fact, you may from time to time hear me talk about this. This is something that's important, I think and understanding the role of government. Government is not a savior, individuals are not saviors. In fact, as a Christian, I already have acknowledged the Savior. I don't need another Savior. I don't need no one needs a human being, to come in and be a political leader and be viewed as a savior. That is not The rule now it gets, there are some things I want to go through because number one, number one, you can have a president who you could say, you know, intervenes and saves America from the course that it's on. Because ironically, as Stacey Abrams is making these comments and she's saying America or excuse me democracies, she could say America, that's really what she's saying does not elect saviors, the party that is putting more and more now, there's republicans that do this too. So I'm not giving them a free pass. But, you know, on. On one side of the aisle, we have people who think they're driving an Indy car full throttle towards the cliff of socialism and big government on the other side of the aisle. Again, there's different groups, different people within the Republican Party, but the republican moderates are the country clubbers. The establishment Republicans, they have a viewpoint that says we're gonna move towards that. But instead of driving an Indy car, we're going to drive maybe a regular automobile at the speed limit on the on the interstate. So one may be going 230 plus towards socialism, the other might be going 70 or even 80, depending upon where you are in the country with your speed limits as that so we're moving towards that with both parties, more government, less freedom, higher taxation. Now Trump came in and rattled that shut that up. He did. It's undeniable. He did these things. In fact, that's one of the things you'll hear them rant and rave about is undoing. President Trump's tax cuts which only benefit the wealthy. It's as though no one sat down and looked at their on the Democrat Party side and we looked at their the differences in their tax returns between when the tax cut happened and the year before it happened. I mean, it's it's demonstrably it's Math. I know that math can be tricky. For democratic socialists. They don't understand that numbers are real things that represent real dollars that represent the amount of work the amount of productive production that Americans engage in productive activities. That is a money is a representation of that work of its value. Although they think these numbers can be made up and you know, they think there's no real difference between million billion trillion quadrillion whatever they just they think it's the government can just print more of it. They have no understanding of, of economics but so we have clearly people that are moving us towards the left and towards socialism and towards big government and towards government being our Savior. Then they tell us that we don't elect saviors well then I say if you don't like saviors and stop trying to save me from myself, stop trying to take away my liberties. Stop Trying to insist upon higher tax rates stop trying to insist that I comply with every little minutia and detail of your perspective particular worldview. Stop if you don't believe that the government is a savior, then stop policing every little detail of our lives stopped bureaucratic state stop the the PC police stop it, knock it off, stand for liberty actually stand up for people you don't agree with because they have an ability to have a freedom. They're free to believe in to say what they want stand up for that. That's the real test of this. By the way, if you can't stand up for someone who says something with which you vehemently disagree, then you're not really on the side of free speech and liberty. And we have a lot of that in Washington DC. She has the audacity I'm reminded of President Obama when he won the election. I think it was in Hyde Park in Chicago and this was that this is the moment speech This is the moment, folks, when you when you cast your vote for him when when he won the election in 2000 and 2008. He goes up to the microphone and has the the god reverb standing up there in front of all the folks announcing his victory, saying that this is the moment. This is the moment the sea levels are going to recede, folks, and they're going to tell me that they don't like saviors. I know we don't elect savers and I have more to say about this. We don't elect saviors, but we can't elect people. We can't elect people who redirect America back to what it was. This is the whole Make America Great Again thing move America back towards the individual away from the bureaucratic state away from big government away from tyranny and oppression and infringing upon the rights of individuals. Taking away Liberty away from high taxation away from God. Government promises and towards the individual unleashing the creative potential, the freedom, the liberty of individual Americans across this this country. And so while people that do that are not the Savior because ultimately it comes down to how we use those freedoms you see it doesn't come from a decision made in Washington DC, some bureaucrat some elected official deciding what it is that you and I can do in our lives. Instead, it comes from the ability from someone defending the rights for us to make those decisions. On our souls. You see, a savior does something on our behalf. Someone who saves this constitutional republic is one who stands not to do something on our behalf, but rather to protect our rights to do something on our own. And that my friend is what this nation was built upon. America should not elect saviors but for far too often. I mean, I hear it you You hear it these promises these grand every Biden's going to cure cancer. That's what he says. He makes it sound like he's got the cure, and he's not going to share it unless he wins the presidency. And then not only is he gonna cure cancer, he's gonna bring out diabetes as well. He's gonna teach us how to cure Alzheimer's and COVID. I mean, this is remarkable. See saviors, do those things. Instead, the right thing to say is Look, I am going to stand for the establishment of a society where people have freedom, where people are not micromanaged by the federal government and they can seek to create solutions to these diseases without the heavy hand of government making it complicated for them. And then they will come up with a solution that president the idea that one man has the cure for cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and COVID. If that is what someone believes, folks, I almost think I almost I find myself asking is that person even living close to the realm of reality? Anyway, we don't. We don't elect saviors. The problem is the Democrat Party has been positioning their candidates as saviors for a long time. Just vote for them and they will fix your problems. That is the positioning. That is the argument. Those are the promises remember when Obama back in 2000 2008 was asked by a woman if he would help her get a kitchen. Remember this? Got the audio somewhere? She actually asked him if he would help her new kitchen. That's just not the thinking there is so far off. From what we need. You see you ask. saviors that you don't ask. You don't ask someone who's simply unleashing the power, your individual choice, the power of your choices, the power of your liberty, the power of your You know, simply your ability to keep what you've earned. That's not a savior. That's someone who's simply said, we're not going to have a government that makes, that tells people that what their leaders are doing will literally save them. It's actually the exact opposite. But she thinks she wants you to believe that Trump thinks he's the Savior. Now, Trump will say, I created this many jobs and all this sort of stuff. But really what happened is, he created conditions whereby people and businesses had confidence in making these decisions on their own making these things happen on their own businesses, and business people create jobs, not not the federal government. It's important to understand and that's why we don't have saviors. But Stacey Abrams is completely wrong and how she's thinking about that. Anyway, really long in this segment oz has tried valiantly over here to get my attention a couple times. I'm going to follow her advice here and take a break here. So come back and continue this discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, you know, you would think in an era of the me too movement and this was the democrats had planned to use the me too movement politically and I'm not look I'm not D legitimizing there's certainly things that had been exposed by individuals some painful circumstances that women had gone through at the hands of just some terrible men. There's no doubt about it. There's some some hear me out instances where women had accused innocent men Not doing or accusing me of doing something they didn't do. So there's there's real problems that have been exposed by this me to movement. But the democrats had planned to use this for some time politically. And so that's one of the reasons One of the main reasons the main drivers they want to ride that wave and that narrative, that trend, that's where the Kamala Harris pic originated. That's why Biden had been out for months saying that he was gonna pick a woman, then it turned into a black woman because of the circumstances and they've always tried to rile up racial animosity in division as well. It's just amazing to me how they act as though Trump's the one that's that's done this. As I said before, and I'll say again, the only difference between Trump and it's a big difference I'm not minimizing when I say the only difference but the difference between Trump and Other republican presidents is that Trump fights back. That's the only difference. The reason it is at this point where there's a hopefully it's the climax here is not going to continue to drive past this point, although it will get worse, we're embarking upon these next, whatever it is 10 weeks or so, we're embarking upon a time that it's going to get very contentious and the average American is going to have a tough time with with what we're about to go through here. But that being said, That being said, the reason that that that this tension and climax hopefully again climax exists is because is because of the standard tactics the left and the media use, which is attack the sitting republican president this you can go back and find this throughout. Throughout modern history. You look at Reagan, you look at Bush, you look at George W. Bush, that's this is what they do. And so Trump says I'm not going to sit here and take and I'm going to fight back. And so every time the media and the democrats levy a charge, Trump doubles down and throw something back in their faces. That's why he's on Twitter last night when they're out there on their virtual convention, which again is another train wreck. So Trump's out there on Twitter. Someone says something he doesn't like he's going to respond. In real time on Twitter, it drives people crazy. But I think if you properly see the perspective of what has happened and why Republicans have taken it on the metaphorical chin in some cases, I think what he's doing is he almost even a necessary thing. You know, back in 2016. When I was reviewing the considerable the Republican candidates, there were two criteria that I was looking for a conservative individual, as conservative Christian, you're a constitutional conservative someone who embraces Is the foundational principles of this country number one, number two, I wanted someone who wasn't going to be a wimp, because sometimes you get one and not the other. Sometimes you get conservatives who are principled, but yet when it comes time to fight, they don't have a clue. And they are caught, you know, with their their guard down, they don't know how to fight back. They allow themselves to be defined by the media and they are ineffective. And they are in some instances, even politically neutered. They're just totally beaten down. And they don't know what to do about it. And Trump's not that way. And so this tension exists because Trump is not going to play the game. As as normal. And so here we are. Here we are. And we've got again, we've got the me to movement, we got the the Kamala Harris pick because she's a woman but also because she's a black woman, which according to Biden himself, a black woman is the only qualified candidate. If you're in any other group, if you identify as any other race or if you identify as a as a male, you are not qualified. By Biden's own criteria to be his vice president. I'm still waiting for him to answer that. answer that question why that's the case. So, but they, in light of all this, the democrats still bring Bill Clinton folks, Bill Clinton to the stage. So I want to play an exchange. There was an exchange about this with the band Jones, Jennifer Granholm and another guest on CNN, Anderson Cooper 360. I want to play this and I want you to hear it's just amazing to me. And they do this for all people to see, but unless people unless the media pushes back on this, which they will not people with this, a lot of people just go about their business. They don't see the hypocrisy in the double standard, but it is so glaringly obvious. When you think about Bill Clinton and of course many People don't know how bad Bill Clinton really was all the allegations made against him. His I mean, the amount of meat to allegations they're hard to keep track of. So anyway, talk about that when we get back, sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back if I said the names Juanita Broderick, Kathleen Willie, Paula Jones, and there's others. For those that followed Clinton, back in the 1990s, you would know that these are all women who have made various allegations but all allegations that pertain to everything from rape to I mean, just sexual assault, which again, I'm not minimizing but there's From rape to inappropriate touching and virtually everything in between so, me to movement, first female vice president potentially hopefully not with Kamala Harris. Democrats aside. I mean, they're in a tough position in this sense. Do we bring Bill Clinton? Not I mean, Bill Clinton was one of the most recent democrat presidents of the United States. I mean, it's hard to say no, especially when you bring out Jimmy Carter. So they've got him out there. But he's got as me two problems that are off the charts. And I want you to listen to this exchange. I don't have time to go through all this, but I just wanted you to hear this this exchange between Scott Jennings and Jennifer Granholm Van Jones and Anderson Cooper on CNN. I want you to listen to that. Here it is. I'm dumbfounded by this bill. How is it that Bill Clinton has not been canceled by the democratic How has he survived all of these waves of cancellation when he has been one of the biggest violators of the Rules all these years. I mean, we talked about director, we talked about we talked about, we talked about the use of character to try to say Donald Trump is a man of low character Joe Biden it Okay, fine, Trump is fine. If that's he's fair game on, it's totally fine. So you're going to say that in one breath and then say, character matters, ladies and gentlemen, Bill Clinton. I mean, does this make sense to anyone if you want Republicans to vote for Joe Biden having Bill Clinton talk about character and not having drama in the Oval Office? Is that the right answer? Okay. This has already been asked and answered decades ago. The point is, there you go. That's the right answer. Ben Jones says it's redemption brother. Jennifer Graham Granholm says how far back Are we going to re litigate this? The problem is Bill Clinton is not admitted to these things. You can say Monica Lewinsky but that's when he got caught. I mean, he was caught there. She kept the dress I mean, this was a big deal. And if you know the story, a you go back to drudge, I mean, drudge was important and and what happened here? I mean, the media. I don't know what would have happened if there wasn't someone like Matt Drudge. And there wasn't someone who was trying to help Monica Lewinsky tell her story. They tried not to let this be the case. It wasn't like Bill Clinton said, You caught me I messed up, I'm sorry. And I want to repent. There's, That's not at all what we're dealing with. There's still a lot of unaccounted for trauma that's been alleged here by but against Bill Clinton. They say it's been over and it's, it's, you know, over and done with, it's been a tone for redemption. redemption requires that you know, that there's a confession and there may need to be, there may even need to be some, you know, paying people making, making amends. You don't deny this. It doesn't give you the luxury to do that anyway it's peculiar at best and incredibly hypocritical and insane it at worst for the democrats to do this with Bill Clinton but anyway gotta take a break here Sit back be back in just a minute welcome back again the double standards that hypocrisy is just really it's just hard to to swallow and comprehend but the but these answers suffice for many people unfortunately these answers suffice it was a long time ago man get over it get over this a democrat man they they get a free pass it's just remarkable to think about how blatantly hypocritical These folks are just like again Cuomo yesterday andrew cuomo coming out there criticizing Trump on his Coronavirus response by the way. Cuomo is coming out with a book, coming out with a book on how to lead through a crisis like Coronavirus with the double standard hypocrisy is unbelievable. I gotta go join us an hour to SDG be back in a minute.