Night Three of Democratic Convention | August 20, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to the conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff, email, Todd, The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for those who want to watch the program live or on demand today. So want to talk about the convention. Last night again, Obama speaks Hillary speaks. Kamala Harris speaks. Speaking at the beginning, she said something about having a voting plan. The importance of Democrats to have a voting voting plan, folks. I have voted since 1996. I voted since 1996. I've never once had to come up with an actual voting plan a plan on how, what what isn't what's entailed in a voting plan. You know, they make it sound like and this dovetails nicely with the United States Postal Service conspiracy theories as well. But then make it sound like voting is the most complicated, convoluted, difficult thing to do, that an American can conceive of. She actually at the beginning of the convention last night, day three, day three of this I mean, debacle, day three of this company's zoom calls, what it feels like the timings off, they show empty podiums, they have to restart their speeches. Just an absolute mess. But comma last night before this thing at the very beginning, calls on voters Democrats to have a voting plan because of how difficult it is, I guess, to vote, I think they should think think through the strategy a little bit because I think the harder you make it sound sound like it is to cast the ballot, the fewer people that are watching this nonsense are going to want to jump on board and try to go through the process. If you make it sound like You make it sound like you're going to have to donate a kidney or some such thing, people aren't going to want to do this. And I wonder why. I mean, why do you have to have a voting plan? voting plan when you have early voting, when there's absentee voting, when there's all these get out the vote campaigns and all this kind of stuff. I mean, a voting plan. They make it sound like again, this this falls into the narrative they're trying to create, which is effectively effectively that Republicans are trying to keep people from voting. In fact, she said that somebody said that last Hillary maybe I can't even keep track. There's so much so much craziness going on up there. But having a voting plan. I also want to say this, I watched the call Three nights of this convention tonight is the last night and I am. You know how you feel for those of you that run maybe you've run a marathon I'm on like mile, maybe 20 here in my mind, metaphorically here. And I am. I'm tired. I've hit the wall. I have I there's no more water stations here, right? I don't know how to tell you this. And I look at the it's like, I know what the Indianapolis marathon or whatever they call this thing. Maybe it's the mini Indianapolis mini but there's a part of the race where you run the the oval at the Indianapolis 500 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. And I've been told by people that have run this that's kind of a tough My wife has done this before this. That's a tough part. You're running these. These stretches of just flat open space because those back stretches in the front stretch or they're large, they're flat there. There's no curves and you're kind of out there in the middle of just this big asphalt track running out there can see forever. That's kind of how I feel here. We got one more night of this thing. Had to listen to voting plans, early voting, absentee ballots. Now we need voting plans. I mean, we're, we're almost to the point if we make voting any any easier to make. I don't I'm not saying voting should be made hard. But folks should have to. I mean, you can't just sit at home. And you know, raise your hand or answer the phone and tell a pollster who you want to cast your vote for like that's, that's not a secure way to do this. But the idea that we need voting plans so that we can actually cast ballots is preposterous, but that's where this thing started off last night. And I also say I mentioned my watch thing on ABC. I was witness last night. I wouldn't have Last night, one of the most ridiculous I don't know what you would call this just a little piece, a piece between that talked about the relationship, excuse me, between former President Barack Obama and former Vice President Joe Biden, soon to be well, he is the official nominee. Now he'll accept it tonight in a speech. We think we think that's what Biden's gonna do. Who knows what Biden's gonna do? They're telling him while he's in bed right now, hopefully. They're telling him stay on the script. Joe, stay on the script, read the teleprompter. You're going to be speaking at I don't know 1030 tonight. Stay on the script. Don't try to improvise. Don't go Donald Trump here and start talking off the cuff. This is not going to go well stay on the script. So he's getting ready for that ABC last night. ABC put this piece together. I mean, it's just remarkable. I told my wife when we were watching this, I said that is the most ridiculous. This is saying a lot because I watch. I watch stuff like this just to see the arguments or it's not even arguments it. They don't want to have an argument they don't want to have to make the case for bite. Instead, they do these these puff and fluff pieces that are designed to just connect with you emotionally and just make you feel things. back as we were watching last night, my wife looked at me puzzled, what are the things that was said at this convention? And I said, You're thinking too much. If you really want this to resonate the way they want it to resonate, you just have to feel it. You know, your your, if you find yourself thinking and analyzing what they're saying, You're not really in the target audience here because these, these things are meant to elicit a feeling. Ooh, I don't like that. So let's vote for this guy. That's where we are in 2020. Actually, it's been there for question. At some time, but I watched this fluff piece between well put together by ABC as a piece of journalism, mind you. They actually said in this piece, I thought about playing clips of this. I don't know, maybe we can find it. I'm not sure if I want to do this or not. But it says they said in the piece that Biden and Obama, of course, the Oh Biden Obama administration, have the closest, closest relationship in modern history between between President and Vice President, I have an immediate question about this. I have an immediate question about this. Why if that was the case, did president former President Obama, not endorse Biden, until even Biden's current opponent? Well, his last opponent in the primer anyway, Bernie Sanders, did you know that so everyone dropped out, and it was just Biden, Obama still does. endorsing, he didn't endorse him until after his opponent, Bernie Sanders not only dropped out of the race, you would think if you want to stay neutral, okay, fine, you're gonna wait until it drops out. But why wait until the guy that was running against him days before actually then endorsed Biden. Before you did that I remember I remember putting two I remember saying on this program. I remember a social media graphic of a poll quote from this program that said something to the effect of what I said that day, which was the last democrat to endorse Joe Biden was Barack Obama. And that's almost true. That's almost true. It might have been a little bit longer for maybe Hillary there was someone else. Maybe it was my cousin Liz Elizabeth Ward, who also spoke last night. But last night was designed to do two things because again, you have to look at this. This is a production value event. They think Although viewership compared to 2016 is down, I think I saw, it's around 50% 51, maybe even 56. I saw this yesterday. It's in half cut in half. So no one's watching this besides me. And a bunch of folks who are probably going to vote for Biden anyway, the last night was designed to do two things last night was designed to make this look like the democrats are embracing women. 2020 is the political year of the woman, whatever that's supposed to mean I, you know, as someone who actually takes words, literally, and and, you know, believe that they mean things and believe that this nation was founded in such a way not to, I mean, to, to build a society. That's the same Same for, for everyone. And I understand look, we've been through this countless times that it took a while for the United States to correct the their original sin of of slavery. But we have remedied that we have now established in this country, a very firm foundation for liberty for all. And that look that goes across the board regardless of gender, regardless of race, ethnicity, and all these sorts of things. And of course, there's idiots out there who hate groups of people, for whatever reason, you're never going to fix that. There's no law that can fix that, by the way, no law that can make people not be idiots not have hate in their soul and so forth. I mean, that's, that's, there's no lead to so that's not a legislative problem. that's a that's a condition of the heart problem, which is why someone like me would say that there's the importance of God, the importance of having a faith in Christ the importance of following following the things that the Bible teaches us to do, but anyway, last night was designed to tell us that the Democrats have it fully embraced 2020 as the year of the woman, although I thought 2016 was the year of the woman, the way they acted in 2016 with Hillary was that Nostradamus had predicted, you know, after he predicted the end of the world and what was at 2012 he decided that wasn't going to be the case. So he started making other predictions in 2016 was supposed to be the year that America thought it was time to have a female president and then of course, Trump stole it stole that election from from Hillary via the Russian collusion story, Hillary even she can't pass up an opportunity to mention this. By the way, she mentioned that again last night. But last night was to was all about again, it's about creating a feeling and emotion and in addition to making it feel like or seem like digital kratts have embraced 2020 as the year of the woman again, whatever on Earth, this is supposed to mean. They also wanted us to feel last night that Obama and Biden are buddies. That that what Obama did in his administration of Biden was right there beside him making, you know, step by step making these things fall into place. And that this is effectively effectively the third term of Obama, the Oh Biden Obama administration. That's why they say these things Biden again on his own, Biden is not an inspiring candidate on his own. Biden is not going to energize the base on his own. Biden is not going to drive people to the polls on his own Biden is not going to give people a reason to vote for him. What Biden has to do is tap into these other emotions he tapped into the historical Well, the historic nomination of Kamala Harris historic, right, they're trying to tap, they're trying to recreate 2008 I'm telling you, then they're nowhere near by the way. They're nowhere near that. And there's a myriad of reasons for that, but namely, the candidate they have this year is not any of the things that Barack Obama was. And so they're trying to recreate that and it's just it's failing miserably. So they're trying to piggyback on the people that made 2008 possible, namely Obama, himself. So they're trying to piggyback on 2020 being the year of the woman and have a bunch of radical leftist women and Hillary up on stage while in front of the cameras anyway, telling us about whatever they want to tell us about how Joe's the guy Joe's the guy, right, Joe's a good decent man. That's what they tell us. Joseph good decent man. And again, when they tell us that they just the Joe's our guy, you can just see it on their face. They just they can't believe they're saying this. They don't want to say this. They probably had some conversations with production folks off off camera saying, Hey, is there another way I can say this? I don't think I can make this seem authentic. Of course Hillary doesn't care. She still has flashbacks of that phony face she had when the balloons fell back in 2016 at the convention, but that's what this thing is about last night. It's it's all about posturing and positioning. And ABC says that Biden and Obama had the close the closest relationship in modern American history between a vice president and the president. And not only that, they also told us last night that Biden didn't want by Obama to endorse them. That's That's why Obama waited because Biden didn't want that endorsement. Biden wanted to earn this on his own. This is literally what they said, was straight faces. You remember the Biden campaign and I gotta take a break here. But the Biden campaign was holding on to hope by a single thread. The Biden campaign was all but dead, metaphorically speaking here, symbolically speaking, it was all but over. And they had kind of a wing and a prayer in South Carolina. And then things changed in an instant because the party power brokers, the big money, Democrat party leaders and so forth, didn't want a socialist on the ticket. And so they all jump behind Biden and get people out of the race and so forth. But the idea that Biden didn't want Obama's endorsement is absolutely ludicrous. And this was the most ridiculous thing I've seen in the news in some time, and that is saying a whole lot given what we see in the news and these fluff pieces that are pretty On a seemingly minute by minute basis, gotta take a break here continue this discussion of last night's what night number three of this Democratic Convention train wreck. We'll talk about the speakers. We'll talk about some of the topics. We'll talk about Trump's tweets, all caps and all that. So we'll do that when we get back sit by asset type be back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I was reading some of these Trump tweets to oz during the break. Because Trump was on Twitter last night, and this drives some people mad. Let's try some people out of their minds. Trump's on Twitter, tweeting in all caps, by the way, all twice all caps. So I'll read a couple of these. So of course, our lines up last night was Hillary I think it was my cousin Liz, well, wait a minute. I don't know if Hillary or my cousin Liz was first. So those two were there. And then of course, we had Barack Obama. And then we had, of course, Kamala Harris and so Trump's tweeting when these folks are speaking and after they wrap up or whatever, but in real time, basically. So he says, when when Obama when Obama was speaking, Trump tweets this. Why did he or Obama refused to endorse slow Joe? I don't know if I've heard slow Joe before I've heard sleepy Joe. I've heard there's another one I've heard but I don't know about slow Joe. Why did Why did he Obama refused to endorse slow Joe until it was all over? And even then, was very late. Why did he try to get him not to run remember that was the story 2016 he encouraged Biden not to run, which again, you would think from someone who was as proud of the sound of last night talking about Biden that he would have said, Hey, man, let's keep this thing going. We got a good thing happening here. Right. We've got a great thing. You are. You are, I mean, the greatest vice president ever. I think he said that. Did he say that? He said that last night. oz didn't hear that. I think he said that. I'll be honest, I was dozing off at the end when Kamala was up there. But I think by excuse me, Obama said that Biden was the best vice president in history. I think he did. I think he said that. He did say, as as confirming the best vice president in history folks. Think about that. If he's the best. I have so many questions. Why wait to endorse the guy who was the best buy President history. Why in 2016, do you encourage the best vice president in history not to run for president the united states in 2016? Because it's the year of the woman. Because Hillary, it's Hillary's turn to be president. She needs to be corinated. Yeah, explain this to me. You're the best vice president in history. Maybe Hillary was considered the best first lady in history, I'm sure in their crazy view of reality. that's accurate. But why would you have the best vice president in history not run for president? It seems to me that you'd want that guy. It seems to me that you would want your your legacy to be firmly established in this nation and have your ideas not get taken down or, you know, replaced or removed from, you know, how this country operates when like, like Trump did, it seems to me you would want those things to be Taken further down the path of executing your little utopia here in the United States of America. But why did he tell him not to run? Especially as the greatest vice president in American history? That's a big statement, folks. That's a big stay on but Trump's out here tweeting that he also tweeted when Camila was speaking, but didn't she's speaking about common law call him speaking about Biden a racist. Didn't she say he wasn't competent? I mean, fair questions, by the way, because these things did come out, back when they were competing against each other. So Trump's out there tweeting in all caps. Democrats are on stage trying to make this election about anything besides the issues. Right that I saw last night it was it Rahm Emanuel. rahm emanuel is on the panel at me or excuse me on ABC as I watched this thing, and I wanted to say, Now I know that ABC doesn't play all that This the silly little stuff that this convention puts together. But the the so called meat of this convention the speaking parts, right the the obama speech, the Elizabeth Warren speech, the Hillary speech, the Kamala Harris speech. You can you can condense these things. This convention can be 30 minutes 30 minutes a night and they would still have about 29 minutes of fluff. I think that they could do this instead of making me sit there listening to these commentators half the time, but rahm emanuel was there on the panel, but George Stephanopoulos with chris Christie, he's sitting on the panel there as well. And there's other folks. But Rahm Emanuel, rahm emanuel actually said, I could I couldn't believe this. I think I tweeted this last night. But rahm emanuel said in Chicago, we have a saying, vote often. Oz laughing because She saw this she she saw this as well, the vote often and voter Lee, he actually said this. So the pretense of all this voting discussion we have voting by mail and not having to have an ID at the voting booth. All this, these these, you know, fake claims of voter suppression by Trump and Republicans. He really just highlighted what he thinks should be the case that now I've always said it the other way. In fact, I said it earlier last night, I said, vote early and vote often now that he says vote often and vote early. I don't really know that seems to not flow and make as much sense to me vote early and vote often. But regardless of the same thing, the same thing that Rahm says, happens in Chicago, Chicago, notorious, a place that steals elections, you talk about a place that doesn't allow the voice of the voter to be heard. You talk about a place that doesn't have a good history. for, you know, having a an election with integrity, it's Chicago folks. Chicago, of course home to rahm emanuel Rahm Emanuel, of course tied to the Obama administration, rahm emanuel telling us the strategy of the democrats is for people to vote on early and vote often or as he put a vote often a vote early. So it's just it's one crazy thing, whether it's a person on I keep wanting to say on stage, it's not on stage because we don't do the stage. Although Kamala went out on the stage, which was awkward in and of itself for other reasons, just the whole, basically silent, big room, which probably would have been about as many people as Biden could have got to fill that room on a normal convention, but she was on stage. Everyone else was on camera and I listened to crazy thing after crazy thing, and then I go, they flip over to these commentators. And it's the same thing, telling me that Biden and Obama have the closest relationship of advice. President and President in modern American history telling us that you know, people should vote often and vote or vote early. Oh, my gosh, these folks, it's like, it's like they're so bold. Now. They, this is what we're going to do. We're trying to get the election to be going the democrats favor and we're willing to do whatever we got to. We got to make up conspiracy theories about the post office check. We got to accuse republicans of trying to suppress the vote check that we're going to get our folks to go out there and vote often and vote early as Rama Martin. He literally said that on television last night. No, there's only what I mean, no one's watching the stupid thing. But nonetheless, he did say that. And then of course, Trump tweets make this even more entertaining and enjoyable. So more things about this convention when we get back including some of the things that were said. And I want to talk post office two, if we don't Get the post office this hour we will get to post office second hour today, which you can catch on YouTube but I'm going to take a break. We're going to take a break here, come back continue this discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Oz really found this humorous. I saw last night after Camila spoke. I was on parler which were on parler now. Parler is kind of I don't know if you'd call it the conservative alternative to Twitter. It's a conservative or at least I don't know if I'd say conservative, although a lot of conservatives are flocking there. It's just a place that lets you communicate without the thought police the PC police jumping in and saying what you can and can't tweet and all This kind of stuff. By the way, I'm still waiting for Facebook to remedy my situation here. You can't go to our website, at least as of my last check that I could have fixed that this I haven't checked this morning. But you can't go from the face of Facebook won't link to my website, it's there. But it's bothered by my website, which is very, very problematic. I mean, I you know, our website is just so hateful held, and vulgar. I mean, it's it's ridiculous that they even say these things, but they're bothered by something on our website. We don't know what it is. We think it's the conservative. But anyway, to parlour is designed not to be this right. It's designed to be the antithesis of this and so I go to parlor last night and after after watching the stupid convention watching Hillary and Elizabeth Warren and all this, and I see. LAUREL Laura Loomer, who by the way is is you know, she's she's gonna have a chance here to be Congresswoman from Florida and she says that she's watching last night's you know, convention with her staff, which included some Spanish speaking people on her staff. And they're so so she's watching with folks that you know, speak Spanish fluently and they know the you know just the what words mean that are not in this everyday vernacular, they know the slang and so forth and so pause that thought as you go to the Kamala Harris speech so Kamala Harris last night, you know that first of all, they tried really hard to make her look very likable, like she's a sweet family lady. She's got this nice, soft, generous, lovely side and they're gonna have to work hard here because I'm telling you Her natural inclination is to be is to be abrasive. It just is. This is all gonna that this is it's not hard to see this. It's just really not in fact, I would maintain now she's she's done well I guess in this in a sense of not letting that side show too much here the first couple of nights but we will see this come out and they'll tell us when it does come out that it's just the prosecutor coming out and her but there's an abrasiveness to her personality. And no it doesn't have anything to do with their gender and no it doesn't have to do anything with her race, ethnicity, any of that stuff. It's just uh, she's she can be quite abrasive. And quite, I would say, from a most superficial sense I can possibly say it is not someone that creates this, you know, really likable, warm, loving persona, which is fine. I'm not saying that's but I'm saying that's what they're trying to make her look like. Anyway So she's talking, they're trying to, you know, tell her story and her family and how her mother and father met and how they both immigrated to this great nation. And it's a good it's a great story. Right politics aside, great story. Then she goes on to tell us that her well, her stepchildren tell us what they call her, and they call her mama. Which when I first heard it, I thought, well, my first question was, did they always call her that? Or did some strategists tell them that that's the right thing to say? Because it works on a marketing level as they're out here on the debate stage, well, there's no stage yet but you know what I'm saying when they're out here promoting the the message and so forth stuff that's memorable for the democrat voter that and then in the next breath, she has to tell them to come up with a voting plan so that they know how to vote in 2020 but they apparently call her mama which makes Again the staff Laura Loomer staff was watching this and they all the folks who speak Spanish start busting out laughing according to a parlor that Laura Loomer sent out. And the reason is and this made oz about spitter coffee out here I've entered ago but the reason is that in I guess the the phrase mamilla in Spanish means suck it up, it means suck it and that's what they call her. And Laura Loomer asked the question is there no his you know is are there no Spanish speaking people on her staff because it's apparently so common that people would would know this. If they spoke Spanish just did this you not have it diverse staff and all this sort of stuff but goes by mamilla which means suck it apparently reminds me of the office when David Wallace started a new company after getting fired or whatever from Dunder Mifflin vacuums called suck it. So Kamala Harris apparently mama Lamine suck at anyway. I tell you folks, this is I mean it this thing, they're gonna be excited the democrats are gonna be more excited when this thing is over because it's been a it's been a really poorly produced train wreck and nightmare. So talk a little bit more about this this hour and again I'm gonna get to the post office as well because I think a lot of these things intersect when Kamala Harris is out there telling folks to come up with a voting plan, which which we talked about at the top. It's really designed to tap into that emotion and that fear that says they're trying to steal the election from us. They're trying to make it as hard as possible for you to go vote. It's so hard in fact that you've got to come up with a plan, a plan, a written plan to come up and vote in 2020 because they're trying to defund the post office and they're putting mailboxes on trucks and chucking them into the Mississippi River for all we know. And this is what they This is their narrative. Again, the narrative is not vote for Joe and Kamala because they have such great ideas. The The idea is to vote for Joe and Kamala because they're not Trump and Trump's trying to steal the election and establish himself as King. That's the narrative really is. I mean, it takes the phrase conspiracy theories, even to a new level. So, more on this convention when I get back, sit tight, I'll be back in just a minute.

Welcome back. You know, one thing I haven't mentioned yet was before this thing started last night, night three of this Democratic Convention, train wreck. But before that, started, there were people that were upset that there were not enough Hispanics speaking at the convention, I can only imagine what it's like to be the person who organizes these events. You know, I mean, and I don't feel sorry for him because this is they've created this themselves. They've created this world of identity politics, where everyone only cares about the race, gender, ethnicity, color, creed, all this stuff, sexual preference, orientation, whatever else cisgender white, you know, whether they're bipoc, biracial, well, whatever, it doesn't matter, just all these superficial and again, I'm not saying these things don't matter. I'm just saying, you know, to to an individual, it's part of who people are. But it's the only way they look at people. Now, as you're as you're planning out the agenda. It's almost as though you have to say, Okay, we've got To Hispanic women, we've got, you know, one Hispanic man, one Asian man, one this or that one sexual predator. You know, I mean, I'm just telling you like it like it is. But so you've got this focus on this is so much to where it's it's impossible to manage this. I mean, it's really to the point where I mean it's going to get worse than this, you know, we're going to start asking ourselves how many bisexual or transgender cross dressers of a certain you know, Native American or Asian American what's are the those folks being represented I mean this this can go on and directions that are literally unmanageable, unmanageable, so folks are upset about this. Again, I don't know if you have a fake Native American on stage that they did last night with Elizabeth Warren. Do they get to count? Do they get a check that box? I saw that she actually spoke. She spoke during this convention to a Native American audience about you know, the, about the just promoting or talking through the process of supporting democrats and she was she was speaking to the Native American group, which is just insane to me, Elizabeth Warren, who pretends to be Native American. I was waiting forward to last night when she walked out on stage and said, My grabbed me Can someone grab me a beer? I actually would have loved it if she did that. Hey, honey, before I start my speak, can you grab me a beer? Actually would have been one of the highlights of the stupid thing. But anyway, this thing is a train wreck. again last night, Hillary Hillary is still she's still upset. She's still bothered, she still cannot pass up an opportunity to talk about how President Trump stole the election from her how our elections are not, you know, safe in the sense of, you know, generating accurate results. People are undermining the election process and challenging its integrity. People like Trump. Meanwhile, we know that they were spying on a campaign which Trump Of course mentioned last night when Obama was speaking Obama, the thing that struck me most about Obama at the speech was too long, which didn't surprise me be. Be the he said democracy, our democracy, like I'm not even exaggerating here. I bet he said it 20 times and have to go back and do a count but multiple times, our democracy or democracy our democracy our democracy. I don't think he even knows what the word means. But there's a reason that they do this. There's a reason that they do this. And it's for political purposes, which can't really get in and of course, we have democratic aspects, but we haven't constitutional republic. We have a republic folks, our Republic, a constitutional republic. And there's very good reasons we have that, versus a pure democracy versus a democracy that can then evolve into democratic socialism, which is really what this is all about. So anyway, I got to wrap up here, jump off here and come back in a moment. We'll we will wrap up our number one and continue our number two on YouTube, which you can join us The Todd Huff This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. So see you on the other side of this break when we get back and we'll wrap up our number one you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back. I cannot tell you how excited I am for this to be the last night of this Democratic Convention. train wreck. Next week, of course, will be, I think, a much more entertaining thing to talk about which will be the republican republican convention. But you know, it's it's, look, I think I in a way, in a way I wish more people would watch this I think I wish more people would watch this with a critical eye and repeat and watch the republican one with a critical eye as well not just to take in these things that people tell you. People tell other people don't just take it in without filtering it. But just watch and listen, because I'm telling you if these things are scrutinized, at all, if they are scrutinized to the slightest degree, tiniest degree, it's obvious what we're being subjected to here, which is nothing more than identity politics, the rewriting of history, fluff pieces and bromances and all this stuff. That's it. not real. All this stuff that isn't real people that have well have a whole bunch of baggage politically speaking taking to the cameras and so forth. Anyway, it's a mess. talk about this more our to SDG see ya in a few.