Night One of the Republican Convention | August 25, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to Thomas conservative, not bitter talk and you made a wonderful decision here as we kick off the day here this Tuesday. It's a pleasure to be here. Thank you for joining us email Todd at The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show where have to look like the next segments this have an issues here Facebook, I tell you what Facebook is a is right now. It's just kind of become the mortal enemy at The Todd Huff Show. So we'll hopefully get that up and running. But it is still good to be here, no matter where you listen, thank you for joining us. And by the way, I should mention that listening to this program can in fact cause you to lean to the right. Our team our vast team of attorneys have told us that we must make this disclaimer known regularly so that folks do not have any accidents while operating heavy machinery. But this has been proven 98% of scientists agree that listening can cause you to lean to the right. So just be advised. As we begin the program today, that could very well be the case. So I want to talk about the convention last night. I want to start with the obvious I want to start with the obvious I love it whenever the republicans out, produce out, show out, just perform the democrats and that is what happens. That's what's happened so far night one would get three to go. But I can compare and contrast this. I look at this. And I think there is no way. Now I know that there's a lot more that goes into politics, then, you know, someone just simply being superficial, superficial reality is one of the first prerequisites to being a leftist. How does something look? How does something sound? How good is the person's jump shot who is speaking at the moment whether that person prefers a college football playoff, all those sorts of things seem to matter dramatically. tremendously to the radical left. And they don't want to talk specifically. They don't want to talk about ideas much. Instead they want to talk about these superficial realities. In fact, that's what the Biden democrat convention was. We were told how good of a man decent of a man Joe Biden was. We were told that he had suffered loss, which is terrible, by the way. It's terrible that Joe Biden lost a wife years ago, it's terrible that he lost a child and adult child several, several years ago to brain cancer, his son Bo, that's absolutely atrocious and terrible. Does not however, qualify someone and I hope I can say this and you accept that I'm not trying to be harsh here. But that doesn't qualify someone to be President of the United States. It's not a contest as to who's had a You know, who's overcome more obstacles or it's a it's a contest. It shouldn't be a contest between who cast the better vision for the United States of America who is responsible or who is I guess I could say, Who is? Who's the one that's following? most closely? The vision, I suppose, laid out by the founders. I mean, that's where we are today because we have two diametrically opposed. ideas, two diametrically opposed worldviews virtually, with the parties. In today's political world, that's where we are. And but that's not what it's about. It's about it's about production. And so I compare this last night and of course, Republicans I think, may have learned they just out waited the Democrats, they actually had their speakers Primarily Not always, but primarily, they would go to a podium on a stage. a democrat party convention was awkward pauses, again reminds me of a Seinfeld like george costanza, he says I'm all awkward pauses the Democrat Party was all awkward pauses, Miss timings people staring at the camera smiling for way longer than the average person would accept as being a normal thing. And it was because the timing was off the production wasn't done properly. I don't know why. This is the these are the areas that Democrats normally shine it. They normally are better. They're skilled at making things look better than what they really are. That's their skill set. I'm reminded of Nancy Pelosi back before the 2018 midterm. She said something along the lines I'm paraphrasing here but something along the lines that Democrats have great ideas but they've struggled to communicate them, bet me. Bet me that's the case. You don't have good ideas that you struggle to communicate. You've got terrible ideas that you communicate in ways superficially that connect with superficial voters are with people that are governed by emotions and feelings. It's not by logic. It's not by understanding the role and scope of the federal government, the responsibilities that it has the things that it's able to do. You have a candidate that's out there saying he's gonna cure cancer, will actually believe this stupid stuff. He's been in government a half century hasn't cured it yet. But you just vote for him for president suddenly. He's gonna cure cancer. Isn't that lovely? you vote for me, I'll cure cancer. You don't vote for me. I guess Dr. Biden says I won't cure cancer. I guess That's the way that we're supposed to look at this. But the republicans out, produced the democrats night one of this convention there were not the awkward pauses. There were not the strange transitions. There were not the starting of speeches, pausing and then starting over. We didn't have any of that it flowed It felt good. The timing, the production was so much better than the radical left. Again, this is just one feature, but I only bring it up because this is how the radical left does things. This is how the Democrat Party focuses on things. This is where they put all their attention and focus on how things look. Right? It's just that is as deep as it goes. It's skin deep, it's an inch deep, and a mile wide. They can do everything for you. That's why the breadth of what they promise is enormous. There's not one thing they don't think they can accomplish, but what they show you is just the, what's on the surface. It's an inch deep. In fact, it's probably not even an inch deep. So that was to me the most obvious difference just from a casual observers beginning I listened to this. I didn't catch all this last night. But I you know, I've watched a lot of speeches since since then, as well, I saw Herschel Walker, I saw Jim Jordan and some of these speeches were pretty good. Pretty good and much different sort of, I guess. way of presenting a party's case was you know, the republicans did I think a much a much better way night one Well, I think night one was was was a good start to this thing I I shared before last week I shared that I you know, one of what We let our oldest son stay up to watch some of the convention I think it's I think it's good I want to explain some stuff to him and so forth and he made a comment last night he made this comment I didn't lead this I didn't push him to say this I didn't throw any leading you know, questions out there anything he just piped up and said this last night when we were watching the pre convention show, and I've been watching this thing on ABC and of course there's a button and Rama manuals up there the reporters the the the the ones who are supposed to be the the hosts that so called journalists are of course leftist. We've got george stephanopoulos up there. He's of course the leftist he worked with Clinton. And they've got a couple they got chris Christie and they've got some some female who is a republican strategist, I believe or pollster But everyone else upstairs is leftist, as I'm watching Kenosha, Wisconsin on Fox News basically be burned to the ground on television here in the background, but so my son chimes in, and he says, Dad, they looked a lot more excited last week, which I thought was kind of a profound statement from an 11 year old. They look a lot more excited talking about the journalists. And I looked at him like, yeah, you are, you're picking this up. I didn't tell him this. Because they did. In fact, you know, I read these headlines I saw the New York Times, emailed. I'm on their email list, and it says this breaking breaking news. This was breaking news last night. On night, one of their convention republicans mounted a misleading defense of President Trump's record and painted a bleak portrait of Democrats. I'm sure some fact checker somewhere will say that Democrats being painted bleakly is a violation of facts is a violation of truth. People are lying about the Democrats. Folks you look around us is a stark choice at this particular point in time. It is a stark choice. Now. You look at places like Kenosha now Wisconsin, like Chicago, like take your pick with lots of cities, Portland, Portland is an utter disaster Seattle, chop Chazz, this nation. This nation, when you look around the fruited plain here and you go city by city, you go to these cities that are run by the radical left, how they're unwilling to actually stop these folks from effectively taking over. I mean, we have insurgencies all around this country, in cities by radicals, and they allow this stuff to go on. And so we're publicans pointing this stuff out. Pointing this stuff out of courses I'm sure factually incorrect according to these fact checkers. Which fact checkers again, fact checkers are just journalists. When you hear the word fact checker, just realize you're dealing with another journalist, you're dealing with a journalist who's probably been exposed for being biased. You're dealing with the journalist who almost certainly has a worldview, that is that coincides with the political objectives of the radical left. You almost certainly have someone who wants to see this nation move further left and believes that person believes that he or she is part of that process, to move America to the right. Well to move them to the left but on the right course, which is towards liberalism. These are the fact checkers when they chime in. It's just the media just when you see the fact checkers just think this is a New York Times columnist trying to get political cover For what he or she maybe can't get away with writing in an article get that passed to conservative now they'll make it a fact. President Trump is not telling the truth. Again, the headline here says on night one of their convention, Republicans mounted a misleading defense. Well, why is that breaking news? The New York Times According to The New York Times and radical leftist President Trump's total about 9 million lies. I mean, if you do the math on the number of lies, they say Trump says it's like 47 a minute. I'm using hyperbole here, but you get the point. Why is this breaking news? To my son's point? Why were they so much excited, so much more excited last week, during the Democratic Convention, why was the way that they introduced the speakers done differently? Why we all know the answer to this, you know, I go back and forth. Sometimes I think maybe some of these folks don't even realize What they're doing I think some of them it's completely orchestrated, unintentional. But regardless, the end is still the same. The industry of the same this thing, comparing these two conventions comparing the republicans first night with the democrats first night dramatically, just on its surface. We haven't even touched on content yet, which we'll do, but I'm just talking on its surface, which is where the liberals want to play. That's where the liberal battlefield exists is on the surface. There is no depth. There is no substance. There's nothing there. There is no man behind the curtain even is just simply a facade. It's fake. It's phony. It's virtual. It is simulated, it is not real. They have a virtual candidate, a simulated campaign and they hope to have a simulated election that they can somehow they can somehow get away with doing things that will make the odds They'll be able to pull a victory out here more likely male in balance and all this kind of stuff. Anyway, they lose night number one democrats do. They lose night number one on in the area that they're supposed to be the experts which is in the superficiality world on the surface and production value. They get smoked by Republicans. And of course we knew they'd get smoked on content, which we'll get into as well. But we'll do that here after our first time out which it is time to do you're listening to the home of conservative not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back before I get into the content portion of this and play, some sound bites even even a couple because these speeches are pretty short. Couple of these speeches, I think I want to play in Their totality, we'll have to look at time available. But I want to say this before we get into that. We have the experts, right? The experts out there telling us what Trump needs to do at the convention. And there's an expert on ABC and I have to tell you, I'm drawing a blank. I didn't I didn't plan to talk specifically about this. Had to jot it down here that experts, they do worry. They worry, GOP experts worry Oh, they wring their hands when Trump goes on the attack. Oh, he can't do that. You can't do that. It's got to get his approval numbers up for 41 or whatever they say it is they got to get to 50. This guy, whoever he is used to be a part of the Bush George W. Bush administration, and he's wringing his hands over this. The experts say Trump cannot go on the attack Trump cannot go on the offensive that will just destroy his chances of winning the election. I say this Trump does things Trump's way. And I'll say this, the Democrats, the policies that they've come up with are literally destroying cities. In this country they are they're literally destroying cities. They're literally charging people as they did with this couple in St. Louis. They're literally charging them with crimes for trying to protect their property from a group of protesters who actually you could say rioters because they breached a gate to a private community. Right, they either tore down or climbed. I don't know what all they did, but I mean, I think I've seen pictures where this thing was kind of hanging, you know, it wasn't They didn't have a key, they didn't have the code. They just breached the gate charging to wherever they were going, I think to the mayor's property who didn't even live back there I just who knows. So they go out with with weapons to their front yard and basically say, we're going to defend our property in our lives. We don't trust hundreds of people coming through our neighborhood who've already acted with violence by storming the gates storming the gates. For some reason, the left thinks that the folks holding the weapons protecting their homes are the ones who are to be blamed. And this situation for some reason, for some reason, the left and democrat leaders have a problem with telling people who have taken over cities for people who are basically running an insurgency campaign taken over the cities of Seattle and Portland and Kenosha now which is on fire, Chicago, whatever, wherever they've taken over wherever they've ruled wherever they've acted like rioters. Right? We've even seen we've seen mayors of cities hesitate in criticizing them. We've seen leaders governors, not take action to stop this stuff. It's pathetic. It is absolutely pathetic. What is wrong with President Trump or some other speaker pointing out that they these policies, these ideas, these are not ideas, these are emotional responses. These governors, these mayors, they're looking at this and they're saying the folks that are out there storming and rioting in the streets are supporters of the Democrat Party. And that's the energy when there's a talk about energy for Joe Biden. And we talk about energy in the Democrat Party. You look at the the energy in the Republican Party, it's much higher than it is in the Democrat Party. And not only is it higher, it's pure. There's people who want to vote for Trump because they believe in what he's doing. They believe in taking away the bureaucratic state, they were believe in reducing taxes, they believe in standing up for religious liberty. You look at where the energy is, on the left, it's in this radical circle. If you're not in the radical circle, everyone else falls into the category where they put the hashtag out that says, What is it Biden something about Biden, we'll settle for Biden, that's it. So you're either burning the cities down, I'm oversimplifying this to a point but you get the message here. That is the that's where the energy resides in the Democrat Party. The folks that have set these cities on fire. These folks who are demanding God only knows what these folks are. They're justifying taking things or there's this black lives matter leader in Chicago I think it was. She says, I don't care if you LOOT A Gucci or whatever she said, I don't even know what these stores are. I don't shop at these stores. I don't even know what these places are. It doesn't matter. It's not their property, but yet she justifies it. Because they probably owe you anyway. Just take it, it's yours. Got a pair of shoes in a department store in Chicago. That's really your shoes because you have been oppressed by that business. Walk in there, bust out the window, grab the shoes, douse the store with gasoline or whatever and light a match you're justified. Democrats are letting this happen. Democrats are not standing against this. This is pathetic. Don't tell me republican strategist who are wringing your hands. Oh my goodness, is Trump gonna go on the attack. Is Trump gonna paint the democrats as part of the problem isn't gonna go and attack them for what they've done in these cities? Yeah. And I'm glad he does. Because this is, this is what they represent. This is what they represent. And I understand that they're not responsible for the actions that these people take. But I tell you what, when the actions are taken and nothing is done to stop it, because they're, they're afraid of some political fallout, they don't want to be perceived as being on the wrong side of the issue because the people burning down the city are wearing black lives matter t shirts, craps that have to do with anything. Get it together. Don't tell me Trump shouldn't exploit this and point this out. Of course he should. We have two diametrically opposed viewpoints perspectives. We have two diametrically opposed worldviews, I mean, diametrically folks. One that says what you earn first goes to the government and they'll basically divvied up what you say needs to be run through the thought police the PC crap. They'll tell you if you can say a particular statement or have a certain opinion. They'll also tell you that what you believe at your core is certainly racist and homophobic and you know, it's a expresses your gender phobia or whatever. You have racist tendencies that you don't even know you have that they can point out. And they can not only point out but they can. They can propose policies that will fix you the equivalent of reeducation camps, all because you want to stand for the national anthem or something like that. racist. By the way, I was watching. Last night I was watching as the ABC News. Journalists, if you want to call her that she introduced as she put it, Rona McDaniel, Toronto. Daniel and I thought if we meant mispronounce the name of someone like we do with Kamala Harris versus Kamala, if you say Kamala versus Kamala, you're racist. I learned that this week. It's a very easy mistake to make. That's racist. I wonder if calling her own uh, Daniel has also racist or is it sexist? It's not any of those things because Ronna McDaniel is a white Republican, you can say whatever you want about her. In fact, you can probably accuse her of being racist because she is white. Does it understand her white privilege? Does it understand all the hatred she has for people who don't look like her? Does it understand that each and every day when she wakes up, she is part of the problem. That's for the journalists and for the left to correct so they can call her Ron or Rona or whatever they want to want to call her. The hypocrisy here is so thick. The superficial reality of their arguments is obvious for anyone who wants See there is no depth, there is no substance there is no truth. And to say that Trump cannot attack or go after, or point out the broken and I mean completely broken ideas that are promoted by the Democrat Party is foolish. And I'm glad to see some of the things that we saw anyway. quick timeout, come back and play some of the of the sound bites we heard last night. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Did you hear Jim Jordan speech last night? Jim Jordan speech was very good. I'm gonna play it for you right now. It's a couple minutes long. Short to the point, shares a personal story about President Trump makes some very good points. And I want to share this because if you haven't heard this, I think it's I think you'll like it. So here's Jim Jordan last night at, well, he's at his home or looks like he's at his home. He wasn't on the stage last night. But nonetheless, this aired last night at the republican convention, and there was not the need for awkward pauses. It wasn't, you know, there wasn't like the equivalent of B roll footage rolling in the background. And so they got this clip ready to air, it went smoothly into this and here's what Jim Jordan had to say. Good evening, I'm Congressman Jim Jordan, representing the fourth district of Ohio. The Republican Party's the pro American party. President Trump is the pro American candidate. This election is about who can preserve the values, principles and institutions that make America great. Don't believe me? Look at what's happening in American cities, cities all run by Democrats, crime, violence and mob rule. Democrats refuse to denounce the mob and their response to the chaos, defund the police defund Border Patrol and defund our military. And while they're doing all this, they're also trying to take away your guns. Look at the positions they've taken the past few months. Democrats won't let you go to church, but the let you protest, Democrats won't let you go to work, but they'll let you Riot democrats won't let you go to school, but they'll let you go loot. President Trump has fought against each of their crazy ideas. He's taken on the swamp, all of the swamp, the Democrats, the press, and the never Trump errs. And when you take on the swamp, the swamp fights back. They tried the Russia hoax, the Muller investigation and the fake impeachment. But in spite of this unbelievable opposition, this President has done what he said he would do. Taxes cut regulations reduced economy growing, lowest unemployment in 50 years out of the Iran deal embassy in Jerusalem hostages home from North Korea, a new US MCA agreement. And of course, he's building the wall and rebuilding our economy as we speak. I love the presence intensity and his willingness to fight every day in Washington for our families. But what I also appreciate about the president is something most Americans never get to see how much he truly cares about people. Our family has seen it two years ago. Our nephew Eli was killed in a car accident. He lived a mile up the road from us grew up wrestling and training with our boys was a high school state champion varsity athlete for the University of Wisconsin. Saturday morning, three days after the accident, I walked to the car to head up to Eli's parents home when the President called. We talked about a few issues. And then he asked how the family was doing. said they're doing okay, Mr. President, but it's tough. The President said yeah, losing a loved one is always difficult, and it's really tough when they're so young. I then said Mr. President, I'm actually walking into their house right now. Obviously, they don't know that I'm talking to you. But if you do Wilma Say hello to Eli's dad, you'd make a terrible day a little less terrible. What's his name? The President asked. I walked through the door and said, Todd, the President wants to talk to you. For the next five minutes, family and friend sat in complete silence. As the President of the United States took time to talk to a dad who was hurting. That's the president. I've gotten to know the last four years. The President shared private moments like this with soldiers, victims of violent crime, and people who've had businesses destroyed by the mob. That's the individual who's made America great again, and who knows America's best days are still in front of us. And that's why I'm busting my tail to help him get reelected. I'm asking you to do the same. Thank you. God bless our country. Good speech. Good speech, good points that were made at the beginning. Again, contrast The Democratic Party's vision for this nation. And what President Trump what the Republican Party by and large, and of course, there are exceptions. It's not. You're never going to hear me be. Well, unless they change, change across the board. I'm not a republican party cheerleader, but he's right on this. Democrats have crazy, ludicrous indefensible ideas on issues like public safety, like what to do with the rioters, like what to do. When someone breaks the law burns down a city, you don't give those folks control. You make sure that they are removed you have to allow safety and general society to function. So he makes those points quite well lays out the stark differences in what the radical left through its party of choice the Democrat Party wants to do and what President Trump and republicans and specifically conservatives want to see happen as well. And those that view those perspectives are truly the antithesis of one another. But he also ends with a story. And that story is heart wrenching. It's heart wrenching. The loss of a son family loses a son, a young adults college, college aged student young man. Tragically dies. President Trump speaks with the family offers hope shares in their moment of pain and hurt You know, we're not supposed to believe these things about President Trump. We're supposed to believe that it says, Jim, just give them my best. I gotta go play 18. Jim, I couldn't care at all about this family. Good luck with all that that's not what happened. And you know, that's the sad truth of this is that when you see what President Trump does, behind the scenes and situations like this, see people it's not really classy, and they do this, Democrats do this. And there's, there's a verse in the Bible that says, not to let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. You know, but too many too many people today want to be praised for doing good. You've been praised for doing good. If you said look at what I've done world, pat yourself on the back. The Bible says you've received your reward and for There you go, congratulations. I hope you enjoyed that moment where you brag. On how great you were. But if you do it for the right motivations, if you're not doing it for the pomp and circumstance, if you're not doing it so that you'll be praised and adored and respected and, you know, talked about for how wonderful of a human being you are. There's a different set of rewards for that that's viewed differently by God. And you hear stories like this, you do you hear stories like this with President Trump and not just President Trump, but you hear these things. You hear a secret service, talk about him, if you want to listen, listen to the differences in the way that the Secret Service talks about President Trump and for those who served with Bill and Hillary Clinton just take a listen to those stories. And that's just one viewpoint. But it's a pretty consistent viewpoint. It's a pretty consistent viewpoint. And that says more about a man than some of the stuff I've seen during The Democratic campaign and democratic convention. Going through tragedy is terrible and sad. But expressing an exhibiting character through difficult times is something altogether different. And so Jim Jordan shared that story. I'm glad he did. It's pretty emotional to hear it's a sad circumstance, terrible situation for the family shows the humanity of our president, the humanity has been under assault by the media and the Democrat Party since the moment they started taking his campaign seriously. So anyway, that's Jim Jordan. I'm gonna take a break. You're listening here to the humble conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So night number one is in the books President Trump. President Trump was officially is officially the nominee after night number one last night. He spoke last night a couple of times. He speaks he's on the docket to speak every night. which I love. By the way. You know, I think even if you don't like the president, if you just think about these things objectively, I think people begin to ask themselves, can Biden have done that? Could Biden have spoken every night? Could Biden have done his little silly you know, sit down on the on the stool in front of the screen and have a conversation, a virtual conversation with four or five people on a virtual screen. Could he have done that? Ever? Could he have done that? If it was live on the spot? President Trump did that last night. President Trump stood up there with folks that were law enforcement, police. I shouldn't be firefighters. I think nurses maybe a teacher or a truck driver had an impromptu conversation with them. I chuckle because when someone would mention something that had political connotations, which of course, is any word now in the English language. President Trump would chime in and make comments about how it's been, you know, basically Miss represented in the media, or some such thing, you know, to entertain me and and entertained. I think the people on that stage with him last night as they were having that conversation, but could Biden have done this? Remember last night, I mean, I'm sorry, last week, I think that we hit the peak. That's the peak point and the democrats hope Right now, their entire campaign is now predicated upon keeping Trump from closing the gap, if you want to look at it that way, if you want to look at polling that way, but they think that they're ahead, and now they're just basically trying to hold him off. They're trying to keep him from catching them eliminating that gap. And then of course, blowing past them, which of course, is a complete possibility here. They act as though President Trump has no chance. But the truth is, he's got a he's got a good chance. He's got a very good chance, especially if things continue to improve in the economy, especially if things continue to improve with COVID in spite of I mean, it almost seems sickening. Sometimes you can almost sense that some people want this madness to continue this. They want to see bad economic circumstances they want to see cities refusing to open they want to see negative news with Coronavirus I mentioned In this way yesterday, you think about this How sick is it? Sick is it to think that when you hear news from the Trump administration that a therapeutic treatment that's apparently from what we can ascertain, has helped 35 35% reduction in mortality. If you don't share that I said this yesterday if you don't share that you are by definition, part of the problem that we face today in this nation. Anyway, gonna take one more break. Come back wrap up our number one, but fear not. Our two will continue on YouTube. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back. So here we are. day number two of the republican convention here again this evening. humblebee out there other speakers promoting the republican message promoting the differences between the Democrat Party and the Republican Party. And this is just look, this is they're being beat at their own game here. The Democrat Party is they're being out produced they've been outperformed. Of course, we're only one night in. But this is clear. I mean that the contrast between these two conventions so far is light years apart. And again, we've only had one night of this, but I expect more of the same I expect if anyone's going to get a bump here. And polling after the convention as President Trump we know Biden did not get one and it will continue this discussion in our number two, which you can catch on YouTube. Thanks for listening SDG, see ya in a few.