Night One of the Republican Convention | August 25, 2020 | Hour Two

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right you are listening to our to The Todd Huff Show. By the way, I should point out our number one is available on let's see as a podcast. Simply search iTunes or wherever it is that you listen to the Apple podcast or Stitcher. Wherever you listen to podcasts, you simply search The Todd Huff Show and poof there we will be found also on On Facebook slash The Todd Huff Show as long as Facebook allows us which I'm 5050 5050 that they are not going to allow this for much longer. But anyway, it's good to be here. Thank you for thank you for joining us. So we've been talking here about the convention I said last hour that Republicans showed democrats how to produce one of these things because the democrat production was awful. Last week, I mean, truly terrible and awful, awkward pauses, people smiling at the camera for many seconds before they even realize that they were on the timing of this. I don't know what was going on last week. And see normally this is where the democrats Excel. Normally the democrats Excel when it comes to the production value. fact they have to produce so well to cover up the fact that there are no ideas. And when I say this, again, I'm talking about party leadership, I'm talking about those who determine the direction the party's going, or those who are promoting certain policies, those who are letting cities burn to the ground, that kind of stuff. I'm not talking about rank and file Democrats. I'm saying that normally. Normally, we have the situation where Democrats don't have any ideas, but they can make the fact that they have no ideas sound really good. This is what well to people who, not people like us, not people who analyze and listen to what they are really saying, We're the people who dig into the well the real messaging here, not just the superficial nonsense, but what's really being said beneath the surface. First, what's the intention? What's the motivation? What are they really getting at? So, but normally, this is where the democrats Excel, they can make something really bad. look much better. Not last week, they took something that was already really bad, and possibly made it look worse. That may be the first time I'm aware of the democrats doing this. But of course, this is the path they're on. I mean, they've got a they've got an uninspiring candidate who chose a vice presidential running mate simply because of her race and her gender. And then he was told that we'd been told by him that that had nothing to do with why he picked her. He picked a woman because 51% of America is, well 51% of America are women. So there you go. That's why he picked a vice president. Seems to me as I'm watching karl rove here on Fox hold up his patented whiteboard But it seems to me that if 51% of women are if America's 51% women, I think he should hand over I think Biden should hand over the keys to the presidency to come along. That seems fair to me. But we have to listen to all this nonsense and silly rhetoric and just stupid stuff. In the wake of the democrat convention or during the Democratic Convention last night, the republicans kind of came out I think, both guns blazing. I think it's good to paint the picture of what President Trump has helped usher into this country. And again, I want to make it clear that conservative, President Trump does not make people wealthy. Now, when we're communicating about this quickly, people will say President Trump created these jobs. It's not enough What happened, but still, what happens is President Trump has created an environment in our government that makes people the real job producers which President Trump was a job producer when he was in the private sector and government doesn't produce jobs. Government can only do things that influences people's willingness to produce jobs, to engage in economic activity, to feel comfortable taking risks in their businesses, which of course can pay off dramatically create wealth for people create new products and services, helping people improve their lives. That's what a government can do. And that's what we've witnessed over these past nearly four years now. And you contrast that with what the democrats did remember when when the Oh Biden Obama administration was in power. Remember this we had what they called the new normal. The new normal was that GDP was on the grid gotta grow like what It's a novel concept it to fight this constantly because the people who go in are attracted to positions of power in our government, they believe that they've got all the answers to your problems. If you just give them more power, more authority, more control more of your money, they would fix it. They would fix it all they can make it a more equal world for you to live in. They can make it so that they won't mean that you know, you won't get COVID God forbid they make promises like this. Biden is gonna cure cancer. It's one of my favorite examples. I go to a lot because I'm telling you, I'm telling you it is an incredible thing. It's just it's just incredible to witness this stuff. Right? It's It's incredible to see this contrast between our parties and between the vision. I'm watching here again, I got Fox in the background. There were hostages that were released that Trump sat down with yesterday, shared, you know, that was that was shared with the American people as well. It's an inspiring vision for this country. Getting government out of our lives. I'm not saying no government, no one's calling for that. But we're saying for limited government. It may come as a surprise to some people but government doesn't care more about you that You do. In fact, we heard remember, rahm emanuel tweeted that Biden cares more about you than you. That is a violation of the laws of human nature pros Biden does not care more about you, than you care about you. That sounds good, this guy's gonna help me. This guy is gonna do something to make my life better. He's going to take something even though folks don't think of it like this. He's going to take something from someone who has more, and give it to me. And that's going to fix all of my problems, when in reality, what's going to fix people's problems the fastest and the best. The best way to fix your problem is to realize that the person staring back in the mirror to have these conversations with myself, sometimes I'm responsible for me, right? I mean, this is just the truth of the matter. Not everyone else's fault. Sometimes bad things happen. Sometimes people do things that are harmful. I'm not gonna deny that but the idea is That every second of every day, I'm under the heavy hand of someone else or that someone else is unable to accomplish something because of the actions of another person who has no control over them. It's just not a healthy way of looking at it now. If it's your government, which is something that is so massive that it can control every aspect of your life, they put their tentacles into every sort of thing from whether or not you can sing at church Gavin Newsome would say to. I mean, what you do in the privacy of your own home where you you know how much you have to get paid to work. Minimum wage laws. Some people don't understand that minimum wage laws don't actually do anything but hurt people who are trying to get entry level level jobs. Most people are paid much more than minimum wage. I mean, this the vast, vast it's, it's almost everybody. It's 90 some percent. I don't have The number in front of me but you look at these things and you realize that there are two competing visions. two competing visions, one that's been cast by Trump and the republicans and will continue to be cast. And another cast by Biden, the Democrats, with grandiose promises. Speaking on emotional levels, giving us no context, no details on their plans. It's just that they're not Trump. Trump bad Biden, good. Actually, it's not even Biden, good. It's Trump bad Biden, not Trump. That's what it is. That's exactly what it is. That's their that was their convention. Trump is bad. Biden's not Trump. Hashtag settle for Biden. That's effectively their campaign compare and contrast that to what we've seen here. I'm gonna play a soundbite next segment from from Herschel Walker. I don't know if you know who Herschel Walker is. I love Herschel Walker. See, I used to watch I used to watch the end NFL I used to watch the NFL you know they used to take pride take pride in their and their and their nation understand that they've been given incredible privilege they've been blessed by God with amazing talents and athletic ability and yes they worked hard and yes they did they're you know played their part but they've a lot of those folks are blessed with so I mean just off the charts, athleticism and abilities and now it's now it's more along the lines of you know, they're almost I don't know they're they act like I mean that there's there's a lot of problems that are let's just say that for now. That's not the point. I'm just saying that that Herschel Walker as a kid, I remember watching this guy he was a, an awesome, dominant football player, big, fast strong. Turns out that not only we see an awesome dominant football player, this guy is a class actor. A human being our tremendous human being a good person, he's a Christian. He treats people well this guy is in his 50s and he's MMA I've seen him training and fighting in MMA looks like he's in better shape than most 20 year olds or whatever. He's just a phenomenal. I mean, he's a physical specimen. The guys was awesome at football. Awesome athlete. Good man, but he has some things that tall, he's been friends with Trump. Trump, of course, was involved with the USFL which is where Herschel Walker before he became a Dallas Cowboy and a Minnesota Viking. In the NFL, he was a he played in the USFL. So he speaks shared some information about Trump and I want to play his speech last hour I played Jim Jordan speech, Herschel Walker speech I'm telling you if you've not heard this, it's good stuff. Especially if you If you listen to his words and you share, share it just share with people if they haven't heard it, who think that Trump is this evil, racist, terrible human being. Herschel Walker has some words to say about that. And about the character of President Donald Trump, which I know some people just don't even want to hear they have been painted in their minds to be basically the second coming of Adolf Hitler. So we want to play this I want to play this next segment. But again, we have what's been cast before us is two diametrically opposed worldviews. One that is believes that the government knows best one that believes that your problems are one vote, one tax away from being solved, because Democrats, if they are elected, can solve all of your problems. And on the other hand, on the other hand, you've got Republicans, the republican convention telling you, telling you effectively that this nation was founded upon great ideas and principles, that America is an exceptional place not because of our DNA, but because of our ideas. And those ideas apply to all people, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, any of these things, because they speak to how we were created by God. And that being in control of our own lives, leads not only to the most happiness, but it also leads to the most opportunity and ultimately the most prosperity. Yes, there will be people who fail. But failure is an event not a person. And I'll say this as well. Many people who have failed in the past, have been have overcome those learn from those failures and become tremendous successes. Failure is on the path to success. It's part of it. The left wants to insulate us from failure and subsidize failure and that prevents them People have so many thoughts to share about that. But I don't want to do that just yet, because I gotta take a break and I want to play that Herschel Walker interview. But suffice it to say, suffice it to say that we learn from our failures and we come back better and stronger and can do things we can accomplish. We can overcome failures, temporary failure is an event. Failure is not a person. Failure is if we change the system, from what it was to something that's more utopian, like something that's more focused on a bigger centralized government, something that takes away your liberties, something that increases the tax burden increases the government's expense. That's what's failure. That's what failure is. And I'm gonna take a break, come back and share that sound bite this this short speech by Herschel Walker, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Do that after the break. 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Welcome back. I I tell you I watch during the break. I watch or I read I should say some of these opinions from the left on yesterday's convention night number one It's just remarkable to me. I'm just going to read a little bit here and we'll get to Herschel Walker in a moment, but I just this caught my attention during the break. Here's what it says. It says in Donald Trump's world his swift action confronting the corona virus was enough to save millions of lives. He's a compassionate leader of family man, known for his empathy and diplomacy. And the country's biggest national crisis isn't a deadly pandemic, but an epidemic of canceled culture sweeping the nation. I'm not really sure that that that's what anyone said. But regardless, this is the New York Times and they don't live in reality. On the first night of the Republican National Convention, Americans got a glimpse of Mr. Trump's augmented reality and it seemed pretty detached from well, actual reality. See, Funny thing is that's what I thought about the Biden convention. I mean, Biden, Biden is America's first virtual candidate. Reality is not in the cards for the Biden campaign. But nonetheless, The New York Times finds that President Trump and his party's role first night at the convention was void of actual reality. Here's what they continue to write back in the real world, which of course, New York Times telling us about the real world is astonishing to me. The New York Times wouldn't know the real world if it smacked it up the side of the head, but nonetheless, The New York Times tells us here, back in the real world, nearly 1000 Americans die of the corona virus daily unemployment claims are backed up 1.1 million in a week. The country's reckoning with police brutality continues on Sunday Jacob Blake a black man, which they did capitalize here because you're supposed to capitalize black and not white according to the AP. What the AP style guide tells you. A black man in Wisconsin was shot in the back multiple times by the police in front of his children. The New York Attorney General is investigating Mr. Trump's private business for fraud. That's the that's the real world. According to The New York Times, I don't dispute some of that. But the other thing is, to act as to act as though Trump is living in a fantasy world while Biden is living firmly with both feet planted in reality is simply not the case. So what I want to do here, I'm gonna play the soundbite from the speech from Herschel Walker, former NFL superstar. I want to play this. I want you to listen to how he describes President Trump. I want you to listen to the words he uses to describe the type of man President Trump is. And I want you to ask yourself, if the world that were painted, excuse me, the man that's painted by the New York Times, Mr. Trump, President Trump if they are living in reality because it doesn't jibe with what I'm being told here by Herschel Walker about the type of man Donald Trump is. So I want you to listen to this. It's about a three minute speech. I think it's worth listening to. I think it's really good Herschel Walker talking about President Trump last night. I'm not an actor, a singer or politician. I'm Herschel Walker. Most of you know me as a football player. But I'm also a father, a man of faith, and a very good judge of character. I've known Donald Trump for 37 years. And I don't mean just casual ran into him from time to time. I'm talking about a deep personal friendship. I watched him as owner of a professional football team, right at the ball and a team he set out to learn. He learned about the history of the team, the players, the coaches, every detail. Then he used what he learned to make the team better. I watched him in the boardroom. He can be in the middle of a big meeting. But if one of the kids was on the Phone. He dropped everything to take the call. He taught me that families should be your top priority. I watch him treat janitors security guards and waiters the same way you would treat a VIP. He made them feel special because he knew they were. He understands that they are the people who make this country run. They clean they cook, they bill they dry they deliver. He told me Herschel make an effort to get to know people remember their names that stuck with me. One time I plan to take his kids to Disney World with my family. at the last minute Donald say he lied to join us. So they was in a business suit on is a small world ride. That was something to see. It just showed you what a caring, loving father he is. He hurt my soul to hear two terrible names that people call Donald. The worst one is racist. I take it as a personal insult that the people would think I've had a third stickers and slogans on New Jersey. He keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of black Americans and all Americans. He worked night and day. He never stops. He leaves nothing on the field. Some people don't like his style, the way he knocks down obstacles that get in the way of his goals. People on the opposing team they're like when I ran over them either. But that's how you get the job done. I pray every night that God gives him more Time, give him four more years, he has accomplished so much almost all by himself on a constant attack. But there's still more work to be done. You love America and want to make it better. Donald Trump is your president. He's my president. And I'm blessed to call him friend. Okay, that's Herschel Walker describing a President Trump that we're told is not the true man. Herschel Walker says he's been personal friends with him for what? 37 years, I think he said, he said it's not a casual acquaintance, were personal friends. We know each other. Well. We've been to Disney World together he rode. It's a small world in his business suit, which that would have been a sight to see. By the way. Imagine that. We went to Disney. I don't like to admit this given Disney's craziness on the political front, but we went to Disney here a couple of couple of years ago. I don't know if we did. I don't think we Did small world I don't remember. Anyway, I know what it's a small world is because I've been to Disney as a kid. And I'm just envisioning President Trump getting kidding on that ride. In his suit. Herschel Walker had seen that in person Herschel Walker has seen President Trump take phone calls from his children in the middle of important meetings. Now, Biden's granddaughters told us he was taking phone calls as he was speaking Biden up on stage, granddaughter calls, I mean, maybe Biden's at the I don't know United Nations or he's giving a big speech for Senate Democrats or some such thing and he gets a phone call. And he grabs it and talks to his granddaughter's for 10 or 15 minutes. That's what they what they said. And now we know President Trump takes the calls too. So if you're, you know, if there's voters out there that are basing their decision on which candidate to vote for based, you know, based upon whether or not they take calls from loved ones during important meetings and speeches, I mean, that's it's a Wash. Now, Herschel Walker can attest to the fact that Trump takes these phone calls. So if that's, that's something that is important to the voter, we got to cross that one out because both of them apparently do this. But you know, it's just in all seriousness now, it's it's remarkable that we have allowed, we have allowed as a culture as a country for a man's personal character. To be looking. I'm not saying President Trump is perfect, but I'm saying President Trump is not the devil. Like that's just silly talk. That is not being fair minded, that is not being intellectually honest. He is done things are bad, let's say alleged to have done things. Let's say that instead, he's alleged to have done things that you know, are not good things that I've mentioned on this program before. spoken out against, but to say to say he has done nothing good to say that he's a terrible human being at all times in his private life as they do, literally as they do on a daily basis is not reality either. We don't need people to tell us seriously tell us that Trump is not a fascist, or that Trump is not a racist, the only time Trump became a racist, and is 72, or whatever he is 70 to 73 years of life on earth is when he decided to run for president of the United States as a Republican, then suddenly he became racist. And we've let them get away with this. Do you think the New York Times knows the character of Trump better or does Herschel Walker To me it's an easy, no brainer, because the New York Times is of course, the only time they see this guy is when he's up on this. You know that the podium and he's assaulting them and they get their panties in a bunch their feelings hurt. And this is their perspective Plus, he's politically the antithesis of what they want. They want to they don't want a Joe Biden but they want someone who wants more government they want someone that's, that's not a conservative that's not a constitutional conservatives, not a Republican. And there's lots of reasons for that. But anyway, I think Herschel Walker did a good job last night with his speech. So more to say, we're gonna take a timeout here. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. sorry I've just been thinking here during the break about Trump getting on this ride, getting on the ride with Herschel Walker with Trump's kids and Disney Disney World. It's a small world after all, reminded me of the song. It's a small world after all, I'm just picturing Trump as this is playing in the background. In a suit, I could hear him saying it's a beautiful ride. Great song, greatest song in the history of songs. Love this ride. It's a small world after all, my world small sum. so fantastic. I've accomplished so much. And it's remarkable. You think about this. This is the thing about President Trump riding This ride just simply entertained me during during the break. But anyway, President Trump, Herschel Walker says rude i'm not i'm not doubting this, I just find this humorous to picture. President Trump is what sucks. I know there's arguments, you see things on social media to say President Trump's really only six, whatever but he's listed at 636 threes in a suit climbs in the boat for It's a small world, listening to this to this music. I just think it's fantastic. And I believe it by the way, I do believe it. And, you know, these things matter to voters. These things matter. It doesn't matter to the base. The base is 100% Well, what is it 90 97% 96% of Republicans approve of Trump is remarkable. None numbers that we haven't seen. Really, I don't think ever, I don't think Reagan's numbers got to that. But President Trump has the base but the people want to know. People yet to remind people that you're human. Right? You have to remind people that you are not just the guy that goes to the podium, some of us love that. I do. I love that I love once I when I see President Trump, up there at the podium, I've shared the story when I was at the NRA convention here in Indianapolis back, or when that was that last summer, I don't even remember but anyway, I got a press pass. first time I'd ever had a press pass. I don't consider myself by the way press. But they give it to people like me a pass and I went and I was in the press pool, I guess you could say. And when President Trump spoke at the NRA convention, I loved that. It was My The highlight of the event for me when he stood at that podium, and kind of lean into the podium, and he pointed to people in the media, bad bad people, some of them good, some of them, and I'm over there laughing. But it was interesting to, to feel the president and you don't you could feel it. The President of the United States leaned on that podium, pointing at the group. And of course, he wasn't talking to me. Because I was one that of course, was one of the good ones. I'm not even part of the media. I just had a press pass because I'm, you know, I have a talk talk radio show, talk talk show. And so anyway, but he points to us, you could you could feel that, like you can feel that energy could fill the eyes and I said before, I never felt at one moment in any danger from those in the audience. Some people in the media actors are like the Jim Ocasa of the world. I don't know if he specifically made this comment before but he makes comments that are as stupid as this like, you know, telling folks out danger in danger he feels by having all the people at the convention. is a human, I like to find that this person can connect with they can relate to this person. They want to know that. And so you hear these stories told by Herschel Walker or even the story by Jim Jordan. And it humanizes President Trump. I'm telling you to that these stories. They're, they're true stories. They're real. you know, just encounters he's had from, again, from Secret Service, to, you know, some of these stories that we've been told here regarding family members of people in Congress, or in the case of Herschel Walker, his family, people who have encountered and gotten to know the President Trump that most people don't get to meet. He has to put on that metaphorical suit of Kevlar to go out there every day to deal with the arrows and the hatred from the media and the press and he has to deal with that a certain way. He's pretty darn good at it if he asked me. But sometimes that that misses that that makes people have a difficult time connecting personally because you don't see that side. There's not the soft human, you know, just the just kind of the gentle side, you don't see that because he's in fight mode. And I understand why he's in fight mode because the media is in fight mode all the time. They're in misread misrepresenting mode on a regular basis. So no, it's good to hear stories like this again, none of these things should be a reason they should supplement the reasons for voting for President. I'm okay with that. But it shouldn't be the reason you shouldn't be Trump takes phone calls or Biden takes phone calls from his family during important meetings. That shouldn't be the reason. But it also shows to some degree, the type of person that that individual is how they treat their family, what the people closest to them have to say about who they are and way that they've impacted their lives the love and devotion, commitment, those sorts of things that they've exhibited, it's important to see that but ideas are still the most important thing. These things should supplement. Maybe someone's choice they shouldn't be. It shouldn't be a contest over who, you know, text their children the most or some silly thing like that. So, anyway, that being said, time for another time out here you're listening to the conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So, Republicans, and I've seen this several times. The headline is republicans tout President Trump as the pro America candidate. Of course, Democrats don't like this. But here's my question. Here's my question. Are there not reasons to say that near to at least bring questions to the minds of voters as to whether or not some of these folks are doing some of the things they do in the democrat party? Does it not raise questions about how much they love America? I mean, again, you go back to the this whole anthem thing which now in the NBA which I am not watching, I do not care. I saw the Pacers were playing I don't even know they may be done. I don't care, do not care. These guys can believe whatever they want. They can vote for Biden and all just straight democrat for the rest of their lives. I don't care. I mean, I do care. I'd like to persuade them. I like to have a chance to explain why that that's ludicrous. But that's fine. I just don't want to shove down my throat. I don't want it done in such a way. where, you know, a couple of years ago people were arguing whether or not Kaepernick Of course he was NFL but this applies really to all sports now. Kaepernick whether or not he could kneel now we're basically asking if people can stand During the national anthem, it's crazy talk. My question is do you love? How do you kneel during the anthem? I understand that there's other America is not perfect. I get that. I understand that. I think there's there's problems with America too. I think that, for example, I think that, you know, killing unborn babies is atrocious, but it would not occur to me. That's a voice that those concerns that I should kneel during the anthem. I just don't understand the relation there. Then they tell us Oh, it's not about the anthem. Okay. Well, then what is it about? It's about the issue, then why are you doing it during the anthem? You know, it's it's like, I don't know there's a time and place for things. Right. And I think that they want it both ways. But you see this behavior. And you have to ask yourself, would someone who i mean it's it's a fair question, I'm not leveling the accusation I get I think some absolutely do not love. America. And you can say that I mean I've said it on here slavery is atrocious that the the founders made a terrible mistake they you could say that they had to do it to get the unity of the the you know, everyone to sign on and and agree to be a part of this union. I understand that but it's still atrocious and terrible and, and evil. And, you know, I'm just I'm saying you can still say that and say say that this country is still a very special place because they also got a lot, right. They got a lot, right. But that's not the feeling you get from the Democrats. It's just simply not and they get upset that Trump's being painted as the Pro America candidate but I'm just telling you in a sane world that is clearly clearly the contrast that we see and I'm gonna take a break. Come back and wrap up here for the day. Sit tight, be back in just a minute. 

Welcome back so night number one in the books for the Republican National Convention night to of course is tonight. President Trump will be making appearances all throughout the week. And of course, we'll be calling the convention will culminate with his speech on On Thursday, folks, we're just now kicking off the beginning of this campaign. I mean, the official beginning of the campaign. And so buckle up. As I've said before, we've got a bumpy ride ahead of us because this is going to be, this is going to be more contentious than 2016. They see what's at stake, both sides of the see what's at stake. It is a battle for the direction of this nation. fundamental changes are at well at risk here. If democrats are elected. They want to change our economy. They want to take more control of every aspect of your life. Some freedoms are certainly under assault from religious liberty, to the freedom of the second amendment that are that's been granted by God by the way, not by the government. But nonetheless, this is what this election is about. I've got to go see you tomorrow. Take care.