Night Two of the Republican National Convention | August 26, 2020 | Hour Two

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host. Sorry, I just glanced up. I had not seen this this morning. Until now. two individuals were killed last night and these protests No, no. In riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Anyway, I want to talk it's sad. It's I don't want to talk about that at the moment but I just I glanced up installed that here's we're starting our to the program. welcome email, Todd The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for our number one of the program. Also, eventually error number two, but you're catching our two on YouTube. Many of you are anyway. Of course you're catching it on the radio, as well. So it's good to be here. No matter where you are listening to the program. Just last hour, we were talking about the less response to milania Trump last night, and it is pathetic. The radical left the bet medlars of the world. absolutely ridiculous. What she was she'd said about milania. We talked about that again, I we talked about how much praise and adoration would be lavished upon milania. Trump, if she were married. And again, I apologize milania for even putting this thought into your mind, but if she were married to Joe Biden, or if she were married to fill in the blank with some other liberal, Democrat or whatever the case may be, she would be considered the standard for grace and style. The way that a first lady is supposed to act and dress and Oh man, her triceps would be the focus of all sorts of attention and maybe her calves. Maybe your ankles. Who knows where this would go? She would be on Oprah. She would be on in read by Gayle King. There would be pieces segments dedicated to her on CNN. The importance of grace in today's world World all sorts of this kind of stuff would be know that this is undeniably true. undeniably true, but they have a rage and hatred for milania. And we've saw that we've seen that on display. We saw that last night. So that's what we talked about last hour if you want to, I guess go back and listen to that. You can do that on the show archives page, The Todd Huff slash listen or check out our Facebook feed or check out our podcasts, whatever is more convenient for you. But I want to move this hour into where I think this may be headed. So let me kind of paint the picture here of where I think we are we have yet to go back in time. You have to go back Democrats were on a political high in 2008. All the way through the end of the the term of Obama through January 20 said let's take it up to Election Day november of 2016 Democrats were on a High to the radical left. I've said this before, I'll say it again to the radical at the minute talking about all Democrats. You know who you are. I've had people write me who are radical leftist and tell me, you understand me because the closest thing I have to religion, they will tell me the closest thing I have to a religion is my belief in government government is effectively the religion of the radical left. And so, so they believe they feel that their religion has been hijacked by basically heretics. That's kind of what they think they believe that when Trump was elected, a heretic, it's like if you're if you're Catholic, and you were to have a pope that did not believe in God, or if you're a Christian and you're attending an evangelical church if you your church board elects a pastor or hires a pastor, I should say That pastor is not not a believer, to someone that likes to get up there and talk about stuff or whatever the case may be. It's something akin to that. Because government is God. For the radical left, I'm telling you do not doubt this. A lot of things will fall into place if you can accept this, and I know that there's a reluctance to accept us. A lot of these folks they don't believe they believe that we're here by pure chance. There is no Creator God, there is no power outside of what we know in physical creation. But of course, it's called creation because there was a creator, but nonetheless, they don't want to accept this. They believe that myth and coincidence and chance all somehow come together into this big mixing bowl of possibilities and poof, something comes out It's like you dump a bunch of ingredients into a mixing bowl. And suddenly you get chocolate chip cookies without mixing them, adding the ingredients in the right order, you know, putting them into little scoops of dough on your cooking tray, preheating the oven, making myself hungry saying this sliding that tray into the oven and pulling it out. It's as though none of that happened. This is random stuff and we're here cannot be a God because they don't want there to be they don't want to deal with that reality. Some folks I believe are genuinely confused, but many just simply don't want that. So instead, they place their focus on government. They don't look as a the founders, you look at what the founders said. We're created by with unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is a gift of God our liberties are given to us by our Creator. And so they can't accept that to some degree. Because they don't believe there's a creator. So maybe they think we should have those things. But since there's no ultimate truth, or ultimate power or ultimate authority in this universe, it's just random and someone else better jump in and take control of that. Right? And so that's where a lot of this pressure I think comes. Because if we don't have someone that's in strong control of morality, or what civilizations and cultures should be engaged in, then who else is watching over this? Who else is it's like they don't even recognize that the that humanity while we often do the wrong things, and in fact, oftentimes incredibly wrong things The Bible calls us sin by the way, even though we, we do those things. People also know they have we have a conscience and we know I mean, there's a reason we make excuses as CS Lewis said in his magnificent piece called Mere Christianity, there's a reason we make excuses when we do something we shouldn't do. Whether that's I mean, his simple example is cut someone in line, we have to explain to the other person why we why we did not actually violate that agreed upon moral code between us. And the reason is because there's a moral lawgiver that we both while there's a moral law that we both agree to without even understanding it without even having a discussion, this can be a perfectly a perfect stranger. And so we engage in trying to defend ourselves. And if there's a moral law, of course, there's a moral law giver, but they don't want to accept any of that. They don't want to accept any of that. What they want to accept is that these things need to be determined by government, and they need to be determined by people that think like them. And so any thought of this going to someone who sees the world differently or that believes in freedom and liberty in the ways that it's really like truly meant to be believed and embraced causes panic I think in many of these individuals can't have that can't have people who believe in God making these decisions because they think just as they want to use government to implement their religious values because again, government is the source of many of their some would even say I don't think they would, some might say worship even. But it's really just this this focus the focus attention on that's the most important thing. It's above all else is the government and how we, how we can basically control manipulate people's lives. That's how they look at this. And so the idea of someone who believes in God coming in there makes them think Wait a minute, now they're gonna try to force their opinions on me. We can't have that. Which by the way, I wouldn't do And I'm not running, I have no interest but people, people who believe what I believe wouldn't do that. Because that's not there's no such thing as a forced Christian by the way. God doesn't have any grandchildren. God has children, we have relationship with him directly. We can either choose to engage in that of our own free will or we can choose not to. That is our choice. He's given us that freedom. So you can't force anyone people. It's been done throughout the ages. People want to force certain religious actions by people, but that's not really how this works. But nonetheless, this is the fear this is so so when they have control of the government, and they lose that suddenly. I mean, it is panic mode. And we saw that unfold before our very eyes. In the weeks following the election. You can see it happen the night of the election. I'm reminded of jank Yeager, of the young turks having a meltdown dropping all sorts of expletives on huntzberger I can assure you, God forbid Trump loses. I'm not gonna act like that. I might feel a little like that on the inside to think about what they're gonna want to do with their, you know, their acquired power. But nonetheless, it's not to say I still have a savior, I still have a god I still have. My world is not completely destroyed as theirs was. And so I mean, it's still important. I'm not minimizing please do not misunderstand me it's, it's still an important thing. We have to win this election. No ifs, ands or buts. We have to win this election. And we have to understand too that they are prepared to use any and all means necessary because they do not want to repeat a 2016 they don't want to have to use adult coloring books. They don't want to break out the playdough it's all dried up. all dried up, they don't want to try to go back and find some adult service or excuse me some service dogs to help them cope. classes have already largely been canceled on, you know, I shouldn't say canceled, but in person classes had been turned in many cases on college campuses around this country to distance learning. So there's not that support network. So they can't just start canceling classes left and right to help people cope, they can't have cry ins. They don't want to revisit that they don't want to relive that they don't want to rehash that. Instead, what they want to do is have victory. Instead, what they want to do is to replace Donald Trump, they want their pain and sorrow and fears to be replaced with joy and excitement. Because they can once again believe put their faith in their government which by the way, is not anything close that what I do with my faith, I put my faith in God. I delegate We delegate certain things to the government but not too much. And then I spend my time fighting to make sure that the things that we haven't willingly delegated, doesn't get taken over by the government, including my right to keep and bear arms, my right to say what I want to say, express myself my freedom to associate with people that that I want to associate with and in particular, how that pertains to my religious faith. How we should be able to follow the dictates of our conscience and our faith as instructed in the Bible or through church doctrine or some combination or whatever. However, people come to these things and of course, it should be rooted from a Christian perspective in in the Bible, I'm just saying, we can't just say it has to be what the government says is in the Bible, that's not what I'm saying is the point. I want to be able to freely associate and to be able to say what is biblical and unbiblical My church or even in my community, people can read reject that people can ignore that people can say that they don't want to hear that. I can't shut me up, but they can, they can walk away, they can turn me off, whatever. But that's not how they look at this. This is everything for them. This is everything and because it's everything, they are willing to do anything. And that's what I want to talk about. So I wanted to set up that's what and they are terrified. They look at polls and they see independence are going towards Trump right now by 11 points. The same poll that shows Biden up nationally, by whatever it is 10 points, also shows that Trump is winning states will turn I should say, leaving Michigan, Pennsylvania. I have to pull it up in front of me, but I saw those two states. And they're scared and this they're halfway through this convention. They get callers like the one I played at the end of last hour. callers who come out and say things like, I'm a democrat on c span. He says I'm a Democrat, but I've watched two nights of this republican convention and I'm gonna vote for republicans because Republicans have a message that resonates with me in particular. They reference God and the Democrat Party has all been abandoned God. That's what the caller said. That, who knows, I mean, people make stuff up that can be disingenuous. I'm not making that claim. I just know that that's something people will say, but nonetheless, that's what was said and they're, they're afraid of this. I was, I would go as far to say they are utterly terrified of this. The idea that Trump is going to continue to pick up momentum beginning with this convention, as we move to election day. And that's where the anger and the rage comes out. That's where the Bette Midler tweets about milania still not knowing English comes out the xenophobia the the anger, the rage, the hatred That's where it stems from. That's where it comes from, and buckle up. Because we ain't seen nothing yet. I'm telling you prepare for impact, with November 3, and the days to follow. And so with all that being said, I've set the stage for what I want to play next, Hillary Clinton being interviewed by some other radical leftist, talking about Biden, and what Biden should do, should he should it be a close election? I'm telling you that this, of all the things that I've heard, I think we should pay close attention to this, because you factor in Malan, you know, vote by mail and all this this fight about the post office, you know, for a party that thinks it's going to win this election. It sure is saying a lot of bad things about the integrity of our election. That seems like they're setting this up. As a situation where they can tell us to give us well, they can give us reasons why Biden lost and why Trump did something illegal They're talking. They're setting the stage, they're stacking the deck in that favor. So get ready for this. When we think about November 3, I'm telling you there's a possibility that they're gonna fight this thing for who knows this May this may feel like Al Gore and George W. Bush and 2020 counting hanging chads and all that kind of stuff. Some of you are too young to remember that I remember that very well. And we may be headed towards something like that. And I just want to kind of put that out there this morning. And we'll do that after this break. Sit tight. be back in just a minute. 

All right, welcome back. So I want to play want to play I had this pulled up and then at the last minute I decided to look up something Else you got to give me. You got to give me a second here but Hillary Clinton. She's being interviewed on a program. Jennifer Palmieri I think it's how you pronounce her name. She was involved. I remember seeing her name. I don't know she was involved directly with the Clinton campaign. Back in 2016. I don't know if she was involved with, you know, one of these leftist organizations like Obama for America. Just trying to wrap my head around the name of that organization are organizing, it's now organizing for america. Obama for America became organizing for america. So she may be involved in one of those things, but she has a program apparently called the recant the recounts, is that what this is, and well i think the program is actually called now I'm looking at this I think it's called the center ring. Regardless She is talking with Hillary, Hillary Clinton, you may remember last the 2016 election. She doesn't think she really lost it. In fact, I did. I went back and forth I'm gonna play this is this is a like a promotional clip and I'm going to play the whole thing. So there's actually something that Hillary says at the beginning and then there's like, maybe a few seconds of Intro music before she gets to the content that I want to share, but I wanted to share the whole thing because because of her comments because of her comments about losing the election, she says as she says something like as you know, you can still get 3 million more votes than your opponents and still lose this thing called the Electoral College. Which she knew going into this. She knew going into this back in 2016. They know this they know it now as well and they it's the wound is fresh. Last time they went through this, they lost. The last time when they went through this. They had cry-ins. They had adult playdough. They had adult coloring books, they had service dogs, they had the cryo enzyme mentioned they had all sorts of things, canceling classes, screaming at the universe, ah, Trump won. It's going to change things. I don't know why they're screaming at the universe when they don't believe that there's any creator. I don't know. They're just mad at something that is just randomly happening. It is naked. It makes no sense. But then again, don't ask me to explain certain things. But I want you to hear this. I want you to hear what she says let's beginning with some Intro music and then I want you to listen to her advice while she's telling Joe Biden she being Hillary Clinton 2016 the loser. I want you to listen to what she's telling Joe Biden, I want you to you can close your eyes. You can just envision what this means. What this means for November and the days following November 3. Where does this end? Ask yourself that? Remember to that when they tell you what, when they when they try to explain to you what Republicans, quote unquote are doing, should really look at this and say it's what they themselves are preparing to do. So this this is this may be going through the courts, who knows where this thing is going. But I want you to listen to this. Hillary Clinton talking with Jenna with Jennifer Palmieri, on the center ring, here you go. Look, it's going to be a close election. As I said in my speech, you can win 3 million more votes. Still, you know, not get elected because of the Electoral College. It all comes down to the electoral college does and you knew that in 16, by the way to Hillary forced laughter by the way. Intro music here comes here's a clip I want you to hear. If it's a close election, like say Biden, you know, went you know, say Biden wins. What do you think Trump Do look, I think that they have a couple of scenarios that they're looking toward one is messing up absentee balloting. Right. They believe that helps them so that they then get maybe a narrow advantage in the electoral college on election day. Because remember, we've we've seen a couple of cases like in Wisconsin where they did everything they could to mess up voting. But because courts had ordered absentee ballots to be counted if they were postmarked on election day. Democrats actually won some important races there in the recent Michigan primary I was told in Detroit, the Republicans had 40 lawyers challenging absentee mail and votings and a local reporter talking to one of the lawyers he knew he was talking It was a dry run for November. So we've got to have a massive legal operation. I know the Biden campaign is working on that. We have all the workers and I urge people who are able to be a poll worker. We have to have our own teams of people to counter the love, force of intimidation, like they don't have chickens and Trump are going to put outside together already. This is a big organizational challenge, but at least we know more about what they're going to do. And brace for this. You know, Joe Biden should not concede under any circumstances because I think this is going to drag out and eventually I do believe he will win if we don't give an inch and if we are as focused and relentless as the other side is. Yeah. Yeah project much, Hillary. I love how she acts Oh, acts like they don't have teams of attorneys. You. Look, you remember, for some of you remember, some of you weren't even around, you know, or old or you weren't old enough to know anything back in 2000 because you were still a kid and didn't follow this stuff or whatever. Or maybe even worse, you were a liberal. Kidding, not kidding. But, you know, I remember, I remember watching these stupid videos, or like, you know, it was footage of people holding up to the light ballots, and we're trying to say is that a dimpled chat is that a hanging Chad? Trying to gauge based upon what the piece of paper looked like, trying to gauge that to see whether or not the person intended to cast a vote for Al Gore. And this silly nonsense went on for a while until finally the Supreme Court made its ruling and it was the right way. Rolling By the way, even though the folks back then acted like, acted like the Supreme Court stole the election from from Al Gore back in 2000. They did they that's what they know. And it's funny you go back to 16 remember when Donald Trump said the election was rigged Hillary's first response? first response was you cannot undermine, you're causing people not to believe in the American system. You're causing people to have questions about this. You can't do this. This is not American, President Trump and then when the outcome was different, and Trump actually won Hillary was so cocky and arrogant and conceited. She thought this was a foregone conclusion, and she lost and by the way, she knew the electoral college was in effect in 2016, as well, she actually you can still win 3000 more votes and you can lose. As we saw with me, I'm really the winner, because there's this thing called the Electoral College. She's that's what she's gonna believe forever. Fine, I don't even care. What I do care about is what they're going to do here. Trump again said the election was rigged in 2016 people lost their minds on him, said that he was undermining the confidence in our system, keep in mind, the democrats and said that the Supreme Court had stolen the election from Al Gore in 2000 already yet, but that didn't have anything to do with undermining people's confidence in the election process. And so, ever since that point, when Trump uttered those words and Hillary condescendingly responded, ever since that point when she lost all we talked about as to how the election was, was rigged against Hillary, effectively Russian collusion, Facebook ads, Pokemon GO ads, people being tricked to vote for someone that didn't really mean to vote for all this stuff. Not Hillary's fault. Now she's out there telling Biden Get a team of attorneys together, which they're First of all, a they're all attorneys already be. They have a team of attorneys sitting and ready to go. This is who these folks are. They want to find some legal maneuvering to somehow create an outcome through a loophole. Besides simply trusting the American people, so prepare for this. They're acting like this is going to be brought upon us by Republicans, but I'm telling you, it's going to be brought upon us by by people who are simply not going to let Trump get away with this if there's any way possible to stop it. So, talk about this talk about this morning. We get back. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. In 2016 I remember I distinctively remember this I remember people saying things to me like, I can't wait. Now, you're gonna have to go back in your memory bank here, you're gonna have to go because life has changed so much even before COVID life had changed so much. We've been ramping up the intensity of where we lived on a day to day basis. It had been ramping up pretty much since, you know, as we moved into the election season four years ago. Again, for reasons I outlined in the first segment of this hour, cuz of what this means, to the radical left, I mean, it means a lot to everybody. But what it means to them is even something different than it means to a conservative Christian like myself, I don't need a savior. I have a say, I need a savior. Let me miss. I don't need another one. I've Jesus is mine, I don't need the government to play that role. government has a role, government is important the way we live. This side of Heaven is important. freedom and liberty are ways that God created us to live. But if I don't need the government, I need the government to do its job not to do the job of God. And that's really, liberals and conservatives disagree on what that job is. Actually liberals are on one side of the argument the founders and conservatives are on the other. They believe the government should effectively become God. And when that is at risk, they get really upset, really upset. And that's what we've seen. And so and so this, we've been on this pathway to Tensions building we've been on this pathway towards tensions building for a long time. And I mean you can just look everything for me say this before everything is political what you eat what you drink what you drive what you watch on TV. What movies just see what movies you don't see whether or not you watch the NFL whether or not you watch the NBA. I don't whether or not anything, if any. I mean, just fill in the blank. Everything's political, everything. What color you were probably political. If it's not it will be soon. And so we've been ramping up to this point. And I remember back in '16, it was as it was getting tense people said because again, it was it was pre Donald Trump hysteria. Right? The cultural phenomenon that we've seen since Trump was elected, which is Trump as a dictator Trump's destroying planet Earth. Trump's destroying the United States Trump's destroying the economy that Culture The all things decent and good and wholesome and true. Obama had put all those things into perfect harmony and in perfect place and Trump came in like a bull in a china shop and just totally annihilated those things. That's the narrative. That was the narrative back leaning into the election. And of course, it's picked up since then. And I'm but I remember people at the time, I said, folks, this is the wrong way of looking at this. They would say things like, well, if you know, I can't wait for this election to be over so that things can go back to normal and I should go back and pull some my old clips and play what I said. But I remember saying something to the effect of the radical left this what this represents Hillary, the role of government, Trump, all this stuff, what this represents is a is something so important to them. Again, for the radical left, this is their religion. This is the God, I'm telling you not all, not all, I want to be very fair with this as far as differentiating between the radical left and, you know, just normal rank and file Democrats. But I remember saying it's it's naive to believe that this is over, especially if Trump wins, that this is over as soon as the election is over, because Trump represented for the first time ever, they had a guy that said, I'm going to basically undo what Obama did, and they knew he was serious, even though they wanted you to think he wasn't serious. They knew the guy was deadly serious. And so and so they knew we're not going to give a metaphor of one inch. It's a metaphorical lunch, we're not going to concede one inch to him. We're going to dig in and we're going to have trench warfare, hand to hand combat. We're gonna make this as ugly and as bad as we can. Because Trump is a type of person that we've never dealt with before normally, when we start saying bad things about somebody they capitulate, they give in. They they stop pushing back and fighting not Trump. He doubles down, he triples down he quadruples down, he keeps he he's not going to stop. He is a relentless force of nature. They have never dealt with anything like this before. And so I said it is naive to think that Trump can win and they're finally get and they're just gonna say, well, you won, you know, you get a run the government for a while, No way. No way. Is that gonna happen. And so I tell you again, as we move to 2020, the idea, the idea that we're gonna, I'm telling you, we're gonna get to this election, Trump's gonna, let's say Trump wins. I'm not predicting that, but it's very possible. It's also very possible that Joe Biden wins. But if this is the case, Trump wins, close election. Do not think do not think for a moment that this is just going to pass by they're going to accept us and walk away. Hillary has to hold us what they're going to do. She acts like it's in response to Republicans, but it's in response to what they're afraid you are going to do with your vote. Think about that. Think about that, let that set in. We're worried about them trying to stuff the ballot boxes with inappropriate or illegitimate ballots through some massive vote by mail fraud scheme. They're worried about you actually. Having your vote your voice heard without their input without their interference. That's what they're afraid of. They're afraid of you and they got to make sure that they cannot simply trust you. So they put these backup plans and put in place these fail safes. And this is not I'm telling you, they're not going to go away quietly into the night over this. I mean, maybe if Trump wins in a landslide, I don't even know that'll be the case. If he wins in a landslide this Be prepared For this to get challenged, be prepared for things that happened that you may have never seen before, or may not have seen anything like since 2000. with Al Gore, and the lawsuits and people holding ballots up to lights, determining if it's a dimple, Chad, hanging Chad, all this sort of stuff. So that said, Take a quick timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So I've been actually during the break I was watching, apparently I don't know if this was yesterday. Donna Brazil was with Brian kilmeade on fox and friends and Tammy Bruce was the other guest. And I mean, the reaction of Donna Brazil here. Tammy Bruce is basically talking about the stories being told at the convention and then suddenly she makes a comment she says, you know, the democrats are basically letting these cities burn they're not really doing anything about it. They're not condemning it, all this sort of stuff and Donna, Brazil says you're ignoring 400 years. 400 years of racism and that sort of thing. So, you're you're, you're not accounting for the pent up anger, aggression rage from the people doing these things. You're being insensitive you're being patronizing. There's a basically Donna Brazil last night. So to the point to the point what I'm getting at his, expect more of this. I can't play the sound by it and you can look it up. But I mean, Donna Brazil does I mean, it turned into kind of like a third grade fight. Like one person was talking the other was God, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and the other person was talking over him and the other person was starting to talk back over them and all this stuff. This is I'm telling you more of this. And the more that this convention goes on without a problem, the more that they see women on stage. Oh, they don't like that. You have women on stage at the Republican National Convention. They don't like that. That's supposed to be an issue that Democrats own, there's a Supposed to be the party of women. You can't be showing a bunch of women Pam Bondi, Kimberly Guilfoyle just Nikki Haley, all of these women that we've seen on stage and there will be more. Tonight we're going to hear from Kaylee mcenaney. Republican convention. The more that this goes on, the more that this looks good, feels good. The more callers that call in to c span who are Democrats who say I'm voting Republican, it terrifies them. This is their message more teenagers that go on the show on the convention, excuse me. Like Mr. Sandman, Nick sandmann, the young man who won a major settlement from CNN for the way that they treated and reported on this teenager misrepresented truths and what happened. He was speaking last night at the convention did a good job. Young man put on his MAGA hat and people lost their minds, lost their minds. Anyway Prepare for more of this, this is not going away, we have one choice and that is to win this election. Pure and simple. nose to the grindstone, get out the vote, go to the polls on election day early voting, right? You know, request your absentee ballot, convince your friends, whatever that looks like, we have to win this election. This is what the response is going to be. They're going to do this regardless between now and until they get their way. This is what they're going to do. They will up the ante. They will stir up more dissension. We have to put our nose down and walk straight ahead into doing the right thing. We cannot be the slightest bit troubled I mean we can be troubled by the the chaos they've caused, but we cannot let it distract us from what needs to be done. And that is to elect Donald J. Trump. That is to win the House of Representatives and that is to win the Senate in November. quick timeout Can I can wrap up for the day you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute. 

Welcome back really quickly here, Nicholas Sandman. You remember him as the the young man from Kentucky who Covington Catholic High School, who had the whole encounter with the individual in Washington. It was in Washington DC he had his magga hat on. he sued cnn in the Washington Post for defamation. They settled on both subtle or just seeing it I don't know, but they settled. There was a settlement. Last night Joe Lockhart, CNN cnn commentator says this I've been watching tonight because it's important but I don't have to watch the snot nosed entitled kid from Kentucky. books I just mentioned this. It's a teenager one that they clearly they cnn clearly. Just I mean completely said things about that room true. And yet it's his fault. This reaction shows me that they are scared of the results in 2020. Gotta go STDs. Take care.