Jacob Blake and the Narrative the Media & Democratic Party is Pushing | September 1, 2020 | Hour Two

Attention. You're listening to the Todd Huff radio show America's home for conservative, not bitter talk radio. Be advised the content of this program has been documented to prevent and even cure liberalism. And listening may cause you to lean to the right. Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You're listening to hour two of The Todd Huff Show here on YouTube. You also can listen on freedom 95 in Indianapolis and also listen as a member of total access, which you can find more out find out more about by visiting The Todd Huff show.com slash total access but here we are our number two this morning. And I kind of want to, you know, anytime I, we merge from one hour into the next I feel the need to kind of summarize and bring you up to speed a little bit so that we can kind of pick up where we left off from. I will tell you that you're better off from a medical position your studies have shown. Studies have shown that 98% of scientists agree that listening to this program can be an effective form of protection and inoculation. Dare I even say an immunization against the effects of liberalism. 98% of scientists agree with that the remarkable thing even 1% of those scientists 1% more scientists agree with that statement than believe that man is contributing to and causing global warming slash climate change. Remarkable what this program is able to do so but I still for Those who cannot for whatever reason cannot watch our listen to our number one. I'll give a quick, a quick summary. We've basically been talking about a couple of things. We talked, we we started by playing a soundbite from Joe Biden, Joe Biden, yesterday, I don't even know where where was he yesterday doing a speech, you know, sharing, sharing his thoughts on some things. I mean, he had one moment in particular, which I guess we can play it here in a second, but I mean, it was really terrible and it highlights all of the reasons why the democrats had been hiding Joe Biden in the basement. It puts to bed, any silly notion that Joe Biden is gleefully rubbing his hands together and eager anticipation for a one on one sit down or stand up or sit down debate with President Trump. That is silliness. That is make believe fantasy world that is not living in reality. And so the Democrats, this is one of the reasons why. One of the reasons why they have invested so much, why they've invested so much in hatred for Donald Trump. And that's what they're going to continue to do, folks. That's why this that is why this is going to be the most contentious, vitriolic, hate filled election. in quite some time in modern and modern history, this we're just beginning to see what this is shaping up. To be this is going to make 2016 look like a walk in the park, it's going to look like in 2016 Trump and Hillary were besties out there on the debate stage and so forth out there on the campaign trail. This is going to get nasty. It's already gotten nasty. It's gonna get nastier. And the reason is, the reason is, hear me out on this. It's pretty clear to me. But the reason is because the Democrats, the media have invested not so much in who the best candidate is who should be a better choice than Trump. They have spent so much time demonizing destroying, tearing him down attacking to the point where Media Research media research says a council MRC found the back in May through their research that 99 and a half percent 99 and a half percent of the media coverage of Trump was negative in the month. May 99 and a half percent it's remarkable to think about it's truly remarkable to stop and think about 99 and a half percent of the media time devoted to talking about President Trump was negative leaving point I don't think the other point five was positive. I just think it was not. The guy's a Nazi is pretty much what we're left with. So they have invested everything and destroying President Trump everything in stirring up hatred. This is what this is. We talked about the law of the harvest. They've been sowing hatred. They've been sowing division. They've been sowing anger and rage. And now look around us and now they want to blame Trump. They want to blame Trump for what's been happening in some of these cities, some of these places around this wonderful nation. They want to blame Trump yet and they are the ones who are sowing the seeds of discord and disharmony and hatred and anger and rage and vitriol, even some seeds that justify radical, violent, unacceptable immoral behavior. They've done this. I don't think that this is debatable. I don't think this is debatable. One bit, and so. So the candidate that they nominated, begrudgingly right, hashtag settle for Joe. So for Joe, that is the hashtag. You hear people I know Joe's not the you know, the best choice but man, he's not Trump. That is the campaign. That is what that is what they're pushing people. To think that is that is where their efforts are. It's not that Joe Biden's the best president is that Joe Biden is the best is the only person who's not Trump that can win. And so that's what this campaign is about. So if you're not trying to attract people to your candidate, because there's nothing attractive about their policies, there's nothing magnetic about their personality. When they speak. They say things that don't make much sense. They they have, it's not even gaffes, it's just downright verbal meltdowns, like he had yesterday and I'll play it I guess. For those of you that didn't catch it last hour. But this is the strategy. This is who they are. This is what they're investing in. So this only has one way to go. This only has one way to go. And that is towards other more more dissension. More turmoil, more hatred. Again, this is the seeds of this is what they've sown. This is what they've cast, this is what they've planted. This is what sprouting into this was taking root in America and certain communities, to the people who are to the areas who are open to receiving this sort of nonsense to the areas where the soil is broken up and ready to take this, this seed in and let it take root. This is what is being planted in your communities. And so the only thing that they can do now they can't say get behind Joe, they have to they have to make Trump so such an awful reprehensible options in the minds of voters. That they have to they have to burn it down. They have to metaphorical in who knows maybe literally burn it down. I mean it what reasonable universe can you say President occupying the office having the highest office in the land. Because he's there because he's there that he's responsible for people who hate him so bad they are threatening to burn down their cities. And what universe is this a logical conclusion it's only logical when you're blinded by your rage when you're blinded by your political desires, ambitions, preferences, your ideology, when you believe that you're morally superior to another group of people because because your ideology is, I guess better than theirs. This is where we find ourselves folks. So this only has one way it can go and that one way it can go is towards more strife, more turmoil, more division, they start looking at polling numbers, they start seeing that you know, Trump's tighten the gap and certain states are taking the lead or his approval numbers are this are his approval numbers in the black community have increased 60%, not 60 percentage points. They've increased from 15% to 24%. But folks, if he gets 24% of the black vote in this country, this is a game over. For Joe Biden in the Democrat Party, this would be a lacking this would be this would be bad, bad news. And so what do they do? What's their reaction? What's their response is the only thing that they can do is to is to throw more gasoline on this metaphorical fire this fire that they themselves have created. They've sown the seeds necessary to start this brush fire and now they are applying gasoline because that's the only way they think they can get you to vote not for Biden, but against Trump. Again, I'll say that again, this is the only way that they think they can get you to cast your vote for Biden. The only way to do that is to make You want to cast it against Donald Trump and they have done that with a sizable chunk of the population. Right? Just like Trump has secured a sizable chunk of the population who's gonna vote for him no matter what his supporters will walk through that walk through these riots to cast their bounce modal, many of them. So this is this is the stage that's been said. This is the stage that's been set. I'll play for those of you who didn't hear last hour who who may not have heard this already, somewhere else. They either are having to choose between letting the person here Joe Biden, who I'm about to pay to play this soundbite from they're forced with either having to let him try to take this and run with it and convince you to vote for him. Or there are other choices we have to destroy the other guy so much. We have to do a kind of a scorched earth case. campaign here to burn it all down to make voting for Trump so just unimaginable to some people that they have the only other option, which would they take the only other option which is voting for Joe Biden but but they can't go out there and have their guy convince you to vote for him because he says stuff like this COVID has taken this year. Just set the outbreak has taken more than 100 year. Look, here's the lives it's just think about more lives this year than any other year for the past hundred years. Now the problem is we haven't been thinking about it. I've been thinking about what you've been trying to say there and I am utterly confused. That's not a gaffe. Folks, there's something else there they they know that this candidate is not going to When he makes appearances like this, like what he just said, It exposes him as being someone who's not qualified to hold the office. It does. So here we are. Here we are. What's their choice to put him out there? And to tell you why you should pick him over Trump or is it to do a scorched earth campaign against Trump? Throw everything you can add him try to make it you know, just just fuel this discord, feel the hatred fuel the rage. If you can see that it's the latter, then you're on the right path because it's exactly what they're going to do with who they are. It's what they've done. They've invested so much in this but the problem is, the narrative gets out of control when there's this much rage and anger and I think it's now out of their control. Because I think they know that they've pushed this a little bit too far. People are now saying, Wait a minute, we're going to get more of this with Democrats in charge. You know, I can take some Trump tweets if it means I can still walk to the grocery store without fearing the grocery store is going to be set on fire. This lawn order stuff Trump's Trump's right about that, oh, that's when they know the narrative has gone too far. It's out of control. It's not just the narrative. The narrative is what the narrative is. But the narrative has spawned even more of this stuff has inspired has justified in the minds of many folks today. The behavior, this violence, this rage, this anger. So, kind of catch you up what we did talked about first hour, so we're taking a break here. We'll get back I want to talk a little bit about a particular example of what I mean. A little bit here. This is Jacob Blake, I want to talk about this. I want to talk about the narrative and what we were supposed to believe about this from the beginning and not ask any questions and now that information is coming in Suddenly we've got a much more we realize there's much more many more layers to this than what we were told at the beginning. So I want to talk about that when we get back sit tight. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

All right, welcome back. So I mean, it's gotten to the point I'm watching now here on Fox. President Trump is visiting Kenosha today. Governor Are eavers basically has asked him to reconsider thing about this. It's to the point to where the governor, the mere presence of Trump in Kenosha is going to trigger to the point now, to the point now to where we're asking him not to come. I mean, I don't know if they've if they've thought about asking the people are demanding the people or forcing the people who are engaging in this violence. Have they thought about forcing them to leave the city of Kenosha have they considered that? Anyway, this all stems from Jacob, Jacob Blake, and I want to talk a little bit about this. Because when this first came out, August 23, last Sunday, the headline was police shoot. I probably unarmed black man in back seven times. Then of course, the NBA gets involved. The NBA says we're not going to play games Wednesday or Thursday. I don't know why it took them three days. fact we also heard stories about LeBron James having to consult with President Obama to determine how many games I guess they needed to cancel. Should they cancel the playoffs? They were ready to do that. Here I thought the playoffs were canceled to begin with. didn't even know these jokers were still playing. Anyway, so we've got all this happening. All this this stuff happening but there's there's facts that come in. There's facts that come in. And I'm gonna go on the record is saying here. Look, my job is not to be our job is not to be judge, jury and executioner here, right. We don't know. Everything that went into this circumstance or all the things that led up to the event. And by the way, this is different. This is so so some people are now saying just as a cop, a police officer law enforcement officer is justified for his behavior based upon what happens. Apparently now we've gotten to the point where people of a certain race, certain races are justified for their actions because of something that happened to someone else of their race. And some point at some point in the past, and those are different. So different scenarios. So let me be candid here when there's a lot of very, very bad things that we've learned about Jacob Blake. All of those things added up, in and of themselves do not justify an officer walking up and shooting him in the back seven times or whatever that number actually. Actually I think he fired seven shots. And hit him four times. I think that I've seen there's still information that seems to be conflicting out there. But the point is nothing he did prior to that day. justified the, you know, the shooting in and of itself would have justified the shooting is what he did what he may have done during the time he was with officers. Right. That's, that is the point. It's an imminent thing. You know, is your life as an officer in danger? Is it reasonable to, to think that it is and if so, you're justified in using your firearm to defend yourself? And so, but I want to go through because when this was initially, I guess the story initially hit. We weren't really told the full story at all. I mean, now we've got people I'm looking here to picture. It looks like a W NBA game. I don't watch the W NBA either. But they're out there. The players I'm presuming the players on the court with white t shirts that each of them has a letter, Jacob Blake is spelled out. They make it look like Jacob Blake is a martyr, that Jacob Blake was targeted because of his skin that he was shot in the back because he was black. The problem is, the more we learned about this. Now, it doesn't mean that that the officer was justified yet. It just means that there's reasons to think you know what maybe he was. It's definitely not what we were told at the beginning. So, this let's look at the facts as as we know it, first of all. First of all, according to police reports, a criminal complain I should say. On Sunday, May 3, Jacob Blake entered the bedroom the home. He was not invited in. It was late. It's his ex girlfriend. She wakes up with him standing over him standing over are standing over her I should say. In her bedroom is about six in the morning. She's the mother of Jacob Blake's children. I don't believe I don't believe they've been married. But I could be wrong on that. I think I've seen that. The report says this LNB the the victim stayed at about six at about 6am that she was woken up by the father of her children Jacob Blake, Jacob Blake Heron known as the defendant standing over here over her saying I want my Well stuff it's you know excrement is what he said I want my extra met as LNB lay there on her back. The defendant suddenly and without warning reached his hand. Boy Hannah like to say these things but reached us and between her leg legs and as it told me not to say it, and I have that what am I supposed to do here? I can't read it. I'm not gonna read all this. It's it is graphic, but it involves sexual penetration. Then he makes a comment about his thinking she's been with other men. The victim says that she and the defendant have three children together. I'm looking here the story is it's in the daily wire, but this is From pulled from the criminal complaint, they have never resided together in the eight years they've been on and off, but they have three children together. The defendant is unemployed has no vehicle would not tell the victim where he was currently living. The victim or the alleged victim stated over the past eight years the defendant has physically assaulted her around twice a year when he drinks heavily believe he took her car if I'm not mistaken. So after this, and I gotta take a break here but after this, this is kind of this is what precipitated this now there's even more before this, as you can tell from from the allegations here. There's this is not that there's problems here. So that's where this started, even though that was May 3. So that's from from May 3 to August 23, which is when they Shooting happen. That's the first part of this. So the first obvious thing to me is, is that the first obvious point that this could have been avoided this whole thing with police is that Jacob Blake could have not entered into the house of the alleged victim at 6am. uninvited, he could have not. I mean that by definition, what he did to her is rape. He could have not allegedly allegedly raped her sexually assaulted her allegedly. He could have not done those things could have not done those things that would have not put this officer these officers in this situation. That's just the first step but there's plenty more steps along the way here too. And remember, the folks who also were the me too movements and the T shirts and hashtags are now wearing Jacob Blake t shirts. Anyway, more on this. Let me get back to take a timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

All right. Welcome back. Just going through this again this Jacob Blake situation how this has been? Look you can you can still believe you can still be open to the officer potentially being in the wrong here while still understanding and accepting that Jacob Blake has been accused of Some bad things and made some really terrible decisions. So we decided at the beginning again, I'm do not put words in my mouth. I'm not saying that the decisions that he made are the facts leading up to the encounter he had with law enforcement officers on August 23. Those justified his being shot. However, what I am saying is that there were lots of other places along the way that would have avoided if a better decision had been avoided. We wouldn't even have had an encounter between Jacob Blake and the officers. And so, so what happened August 23. He shows up because of charges that had been filed. charges that have been filed against him. There's a I guess a restraining order, I believe was in place. He had been charged for the incident that I just referenced. last segment. He had been charged. He shows up at his girlfriend's house. where his children are. He shows up there. He shows up. They're not supposed to be there. Apparently there's some, you know, some problems domestic situation that ensues. Police are called. Police come to the scene. Jacob Blake fights with officers. That's right. There's a scuffle with officers. He's tased once or twice apparently doesn't have any effect from what I've gathered. They're telling him to stop stop resisting arrest to comply with law enforcement. Right here he had a warrant. That's another thing. He had a warrant for his arrest that they, I believe, I think they knew about I don't again, we're still piecing some of this stuff together, but it seems that they quite possibly knew about the warrant. So it may have been decided he was going in with them, regardless because there was a warrant for his arrest. All that stuff you think about all those decisions, he didn't have to show up at his girlfriend's house unannounced, 6am stand over her and allegedly raped and sexually assaulted her. He didn't have to do that terrible decision. absolutely atrocious, evil and wicked decision, allegedly that he made. He didn't have to go there. The day in question. He didn't have to, if he was there and engage in, you know, allegedly into behavior that led to the police being called when the police arrived, he could have complied. He didn't have to fight with officers. Right. When he got up from this scuffle with officers, he could have stopped, turned around, put his hands up, gotten on the ground and simply would have been put in the bat, you know, taken to the precinct. didn't do that. He could have stopped before he opened up his car door and began to reach inside. I think I've seen to the didn't the DA said he had a knife on him. Some say it was in the car. I've seen it both ways. But he had a weapon. cops don't know you just have all that all that stuff just happens. All that stuff just happens and people like LeBron James when I go out there and not have basketball games, because a guy that behaved like this allegedly gets shot. Because they want to tell you just because he's black does that does that sound like it has anything to do with any of that from an objective position. This is what I mean this narrative has spiraled out of control for them. Used to they would? Well, this because it's gotten so emotional. For people, and because they have invested heavily in this, in the narrative of Black Lives Matter, which is led by Marxist, by the way, which I'd like to point out, trained Marxist people who know how to use techniques to convince people to accept or come toward their ideology and leave the ideology that they're trying to get people to abandon, which in this case is constitutional. I would say conservatism, but just just constitutional government, a constitutional republic, liberty and free speech and all that sort of stuff. I give that up for Marxism, that's the folks that are leading Black Lives Matter are self identified, Marxist, trained Marxist. And so you factor all these things in all these things into this equation. And you can see that this this narrative has gotten has gotten out of control. They just look at the headline, black man shot and back by police glossing over all of that stuff. And I can look, it can still be proven in court that the officer was not justified. I'm not here to make that decision. But I will tell you this from watching what I've seen and knowing what I know, I can understand why someone behaving like Jacob Blake would cause you to think he's about to fire weapon at you. And if that's the case, you're completely justifiable. That may not be what happens. I'm not in that position. I'm just saying to you. I'm just saying to you, there's a lot of places along this path that a better decision could have been made. That would have not involve Jacob Blake being shot and had nothing to do with that officer. That officer had to make a split second decision based upon information he was given and all that information I just gave you is very very damning to Jacob Like, now is that the narrative? Do they want you to have the full perspective of what happened? You can have the full perspective of what happened, you can think Jacob Blake is a bad person. Or you can think it's not my place to decide whatever you want. But the point is, the point is, there's more to the story, as there are with almost all of these cases there's more to the story than simply cops showed up, shot a black man in the back. a whole heck of a lot more to it. But this narrative is spiraling out of control. And what they've done is, what they've done is because they've glossed over all of that they've glossed over all that I want to talk about this next or another story here, and then the remaining time and I'm gonna do this after the break, but there is a an individual which I referenced in the first hour But this individual 19 year old Georgia teen stabbed a AutoZone employee, because he wanted to kill a white man after watching videos of cops shooting black men. So this might have been in that list, but he thinks he's justified. They've created a scenario where now, people who commit crimes allegedly against white people are now justified in doing so, because of what they've seen on video. They've created a monster situation or they've created a chaotic mess. They the Democrat Party and the media. And this is not good. This is not good whenever you have Trump out there talking about law and order and they're out there, basically feeling this nonsense. So that being said, Okay, take a timeout. come back and talk about the story I just referenced after the break. You're listening to conservative Not better, not better talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So meanwhile as folks are making Jacob Blake into a martyr, we have situations that have been direct, direct consequences. direct consequences of the misinformation we've been given by the media by the Democrat Party headline here in meawwe.com, meawwe.com says Georgia teen who stabbed AutoZone staffer seven times wanted to kill a white man after watching cop firing videos. The victim was transported to the hospital and in a critical condition but is now expected to recover. So this is what it says Columbus, Georgia 19 year old Jayvon Hatchett was arrested this week after Columbus police released a surveillance images of him assaulting 51 year old white male and what police call a premeditated brutal assault. According to reports hatchett was seen walking into an AutoZone on Tuesday, August 25 2020. Remember this is two days after two days after. Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha one day before. By the way, the NBA decided it was time to stop playing games. Asking for a thermostat and after he was informed the store didn't have any. He stabbed a white employee in the neck and torso seven times. Witnesses said hatchet fled the scene immediately after committing the assault. The surveillance footage also shows them fleeing the scene. According to courtroom testimony police say hatchet told them he had been watching videos on Facebook for hours of police shootings around the country. Police say he told them he He decided during those videos, he wanted to stab a white male. Kudos by the way meawwe.com for capitalizing white since the AP says you're not supposed to capitalize white, just black. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and possession of a knife during the commission of a crime. As it turns out, the 19 year old had been charged for criminal damage to property just pre day three days prior. Makes me wonder if he was involved in writing but who knows six months before that he reportedly booked was reportedly booked on two felonies and cooling including aggravated assault. So we literally because of the misinformation and the narrative that's been that we've been lied to about in the case of Jacob Blake. It is now directly led in this case. To one stabbing effectively is what we know now. And they want to take the moral high ground, give me a break and take a break. When I get back I want to share really quickly. Something that the Philadelphia mayor is dealing with these people are too much. Talk about that in a second. Sit tight. be back in just a minute.

All right, welcome back. So I don't know if you've seen this. If you haven't these folks are just too much for me. So this is I saw this in Fox. I've seen this in a couple of places Philadelphia, Philadelphia Mayor seen dining indoors while city's restaurants can only serve outside, so they've because of the mayor, they're not allowing you to go inside a restaurant in the city of Philadelphia. But this Mayor went to, let's see, where is he? He went to Maryland. So it wasn't like he was in Philadelphia. You know, breaking his own rules that there's multiple multiple governors have have done stuff like this. But someone to take a picture