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Here's your conservative, not bitter host Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to our two. Our two of The Todd Huff Show I feel bad for you if you missed our number one but do not fear that hour is available that program is available on Our website The Todd Huff Also available where you listen to your podcasts. And it's also on Facebook so long as our friends at Facebook allowed to stay up which I've learned may change moment by moment but it's good to be here. Thank you for joining us also want to mention off the top. So when mentioned off the top, something I did not realize last segment, sister in law Kathy's birthday today Happy birthday, Kathy and it's a great day out there today. I've been includes The Todd Huff Show that'll make it perfect. But anyway, I want to talk about this hour what I kind of set up last hour which is all this talk about. Well, the allegations I guess made against President Trump in this Atlantic hit piece late last week. This piece will Written by Jeffrey Goldberg headline in the Atlantic This was from September 3, September 3 before the Labor Day weekend and the politics session section of the Atlantic headline Trump, colon. American Americans who died in war are losers and suckers. That's the headline the President has repeatedly disparage the intelligence of servicemembers, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades. multiple sources tell the Atlantic I should point out that none of these sources were identified. And I should also put a point out that this is this was released roughly 60 days before actually it was exactly two months before election day. September 3 is when this article was released or published. I guess And Election Day is of course November 3. So this is what the article says when President Donald Trump canceled a visit to an American Cemetery near Paris in 2018. He blamed rain for the last minute decision saying that the helicopter couldn't fly and that the Secret Service wouldn't drive him there. Neither claim was true. Trump rejected the idea of the visit because he feared his hair would become disheveled in the rain and because he did not believe it was important to honor American war dead according to four people, we don't know who they are with first hand knowledge of the discussion that day. And a conversation with senior staff members on the morning of the scheduled visit, Trump said Why should I go to that cemetery it's filled with losers. In a separate conversation on the same Trump, Trump referred to the more than 1800 and Marines who lost their lives at bellawood as suckers, quote for getting killed bellawood is a consequential battle in American history and the ground on which it was fought is venerated by the Marine Corps vet American and its allies who stopped the German advance towards Paris there in the spring of 1918. But Trump said But Trump on that same trip, asked aides, who were the good guys in this war. He also said that he didn't understand why the United States would intervene on the side of the allies. Trump's understanding of concepts such as patriotism, service and sacrifice is interested in me since he expressed contempt for the war record of the late senator john mccain, who spent more than five years as a prisoner. The North Vietnamese he's not a war hero, Trump said in 2015 while running for the Republican nomination for president, I like people who weren't captured now. I want to pause since he referenced that and Trump did say that, by the way, but I think I think what we have to understand here is what what Trump, how Trump operates. So Trump is fine with virtually anybody. This isn't politics now. Trump is fine until he's criticized and when he's criticized, he comes out. You know, both metaphor, metaphorical guns blazing. Right. I mean, this is not deniable. This is this is why early on in the presidential debates, Ted Cruz did not criticize Donald Trump, he realized at some point he was going to have to and when when that began to happen is when President Trump at the time candidate Trump came out against Cruz in some some pretty dramatic ways. This is how President Trump does this. And so the full context was that john mccain, john mccain wasn't a Trump guy. And so President Trump doing what President Trump does, it's just like, you're never worried you're never going to hear out of President Trump's mouth. May I think he said it. I'm pretty sure he apologized for this for the comments that were leaked by Billy or access hollywood, all that stuff. I believe I remember him apologizing to some degree for that. But folks, that is we're not gonna hear President Trump say to the media. Yes, you're right. I did say this or I messed up there because right or wrong. I'm just saying. The guy is he understand sound by Culture he understands media handstands, branding handers dance positioning, he understands that if you give these vultures on the, in the media, the radical leftist unhinged media, if you give them an inch, they will find that chink in the armor and they will expand that they will attack your soft underbelly. And that is effectively what President Trump is not going to allow to happen. And so when president or excuse me when, at the time candidate Trump was talking about or was was, you know, giving some feedback or some his thoughts on john mccain. He was described as a war hero and Trump basically is gonna, he's not going to accept anything good you say about someone who's come out against him. He's going to attack incessantly relentlessly. Those things that he thinks are your weaknesses. He's not. This is just how he is. And so someone makes the reference of McCain being a war hero and Trump flippantly or just to say, No, I don't accept that he's a war hero. He got captured. This is what Trump said I, I think I think the context does matter. But he's saying look, he's not a war hero just because he was captured on my saying that that's true or I'm simply saying that is what Trump was was trying was trying to communicate there. Now of course we all well many of us some some dome Many don't today, but in this audience, I'm guessing many of you most of you know about the Hanoi Hilton, you know about the just excruciating. processes the torture that went on there for those that were captured by the North Vietnamese during the Vietnam War, the things that happened, they're the things that took place. They're the things that these these brave soldiers and sailors, whoever they had captured military personnel had to endure for a long, long periods of time. Absolutely, absolutely atrocious what they had to what they had to endure. But Trump says I'm not going to when I'm having a political fight with someone acknowledge anything, and that's when he also added I like what's he say? He's not a war hero. Speaking of McCain, I like people who weren't captured. I like people that weren't captures what Trump said. Now, I think we have to differentiate when Trump's having a personal battle with one person overpowered Politics over whether or not he's endorsing him or supporting him or think he's good for the Republican Party. Of course, McCain. You know who's since passed away. But mccain is for true conservatives McCain has been, I think many conservatives would say he aligned himself. He aligned himself more with democrat policies in many, in many instances, many conservatives would say he was naive in a sense as to what you know, these these compromises he was prepared to make with some of these radical leftists, the Gang of Eight all this sort of stuff back over over the past 20 years. For example, just just take as an as an example. And so there's that there's that tension. There's, you know, McCain coming out against Trump endorsing other people saying Trump It's gonna be bad, whatever and Trump fighting back. So there's a difference between that. And then if we look at how Trump has talked about the military, in fact, Trump has talked about the military and has done some very positive things for the military. You look at the VA, the improvements he's made there when Obama was president, under the Oh Biden Obama administration, the VA was absolutely a disaster an unmitigated, inexcusable disaster. President Trump has fixed that President Trump has made that a much better circumstance for those who had to seek services from the VA for medical treatment and mental health or physical treatment, whatever it is. Trump is, has always been always been against the idea of war prepared to using war understanding that war is sometimes unfortunately necessary. You cannot learn Your your enemies, you know, do things that are threatening or that cause instability and regions of the world that that threaten us interest and so forth. Trump is prepared to use it but he doesn't use it haphazardly. In fact, he's been against this notion of endless wars. He's criticized republicans for this. He's on record. I saw this soundbite earlier. What was yesterday I thought maybe it was Sunday, yesterday or Sunday I saw President Trump in a clip, an interview he had with wolf blitzer back in 2007. Talking about how they would invite veterans or military service men and women who had experienced say in an amputation or some some injury during during Battle roadside bomb or what have you, what have you. They would invite them tomorrow Lago in, in Florida, Palm Beach and they would. He talked about that he talked about how, you know how people don't want to talk about that loss. When we're having these conflicts, the real human loss, these men that came back from the front lines, who are suffering physically, emotionally PTSD, all these sorts of things. He spoke to those things very compassionately, very concerned. 2007. Right. So this notion that President Trump doesn't respect, doesn't respect the military, or military service members, whether they're currently serving, whether they've served historically, whether they've given their lives whether they've been captured as p o W's. He certainly had An issue with one particular with john mccain over political purposes. And that's, you know, dealing, the way that Trump deals with these things is to do precisely what we talked about here a little bit a few minutes ago, which is to, to attack and to not to not acknowledge anything that's positive about someone who's politically engaged in a battle with Trump at the moment. That's just how Trump is. That's how he's going to do these things. He's not going to change his methods. And so this is, this is kind of the setup. So he just because he was against a particular member of the US military, and he did, he criticized him, he said, You know, I prefer my heroes not to be captured. I think, understanding Trump a little bit we can at least separate those from a you know, a political spat with someone versus And all out assault against people who were captured or taken hot, you know, pow or died in battle or something. So just it's not the same thing. It's not the same thing you could say that it illustrates, in fairness, you can say that it exposes what he really thinks. But I think that there's a lot of a lot of other things that he's done a lot of other actions that he's taken a lot of other sympathies and a lot of other respect that he's shown towards American service members that that calls that into question that those allegations that Trump is this terrible human being who thinks that suckers and losers are who died on a battlefield 102 years ago in France. So since then, all sorts of stuff is erupted. Now we're all being told by David Frum that we all know that this is true. Now we still don't know who said it. Some folks have been asked about this, I think I saw an advisor or someone I can't even think of who it was with but people have denied being the sources and so forth. But that's the narrative right now. President Trump thinks that American military personnel who were taken POW or who died in battle are suckers and losers. Winners aren't captured goes, the narrative winners aren't captured or lose their lives. Those are that suckers and losers, which I mean, it's just a ridiculous thing to say. Period. And so it's just obviously factually way off base that's not anywhere near reality, but then to say that the President said, to report on it using for supposedly anonymous sources from a left leaning person publication that best seems questionable, but nonetheless that's where we are. It's not that surprising, especially coming out here. What 50 what was about 60 days when that came out from from election day. So continue our talk on this when we get back I don't take a time out. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

He said, But anyway, so that is kind of the, you know, our personal again through through my wife's grandfather our connection to that, as I see that our audio was not going on during that time, which is fantastic. I just told that that story of my wife's grandfather being shot down in World War Two. So there's a bit of a connection there for us to, you know, the idea that the idea that there is no of course people who are shot down, taking prisoner That's the suffer loss during during a battle deserve to be honored. But this story in the Atlantic is saying that they that they don't say that they don't. In fact, I'm going to tell again since the audio was messed up, my wife's my wife's grandfather was shot down. He was a pilot in world war two American shot down in Italy, crashed landed in a lake, taken hostage by the German soldiers apparently landed in a lake one side of the lake was allied forces. The other side was German. They captured him he told us that they took that they were they were good to him that they gave him cigarettes. They didn't treat him poorly or anything. And he was in their in their control or under their you know, cash by them for I think it's a couple of days again, not minimizing that it was only a couple of days, but it wasn't a prolonged period of time like McCain's time was which was, which was years. Anyway, so there's that there's that connection as I'm, as I'm reading these things, as someone who, again, it's my wife's grandfather who since passed. But he told us some some stories about this. You know, when I read Trump's comments, when I read these are here these allegations, which of course are from anonymous sources, who knows what that means in today's media world. Who knows what that means, given the battle we have between Trump and the military. And the deep state where someone say Trump in the military there now is a battle over these things. And I can I understand based upon the the allegations, I certainly understand that but to think that, first of all, why do we wait until today? You know, at this point, something comes out about Trump. It's clearly for the political purposes. You can make that case all along because they've been attacking this guy from the beginning, but at this point, it's clearly for political for political purposes. Anyway, so that's a something else to my my wife's grandfather kept. We have copies, pictures of copies of his flight logs. And it's a mark. An amazing thing. I remember the day that he got shot down in the flight log. If you look at line by line normally, each line was just a sentence. And there wasn't a lot of room in the flight logs for for the record. But on the day he got shot down instead of writing one sentence It was like three sentences. And it said something like, you know, I don't know exactly what it said. But basically he had flown a mission took fire crash landed. That's basically what it said. And that's really struck with or stuck with me because and it really struck me at the time when I read it. Because I think here's a guy that one of the most monumental moments of his life being shot down in World War Two by the Germans taken prisoner, and all he had to say about it was basically another day at the office in a sense, like he just dealt with it. Just the bravery, that perspective, the ability to adjust and to, to handle with with with strength, and determination. And just when I read those words, when I see that and maybe I'll look for that See if we've got it somewhere here, but I tell you it is. It's remarkable to see that that perspective and now to hear that Trump say nice things allegedly alleged by anonymous sources. I mean, for me, I just I don't take these comments. I don't I don't believe them I don't see them. Again, we're supposed to believe what we've been told happened behind closed doors by people we don't know who they are. And I put it past I put nothing past a media I don't put it past the media to make this stuff up. I don't put it past the media to really use these sources, but yet these sources are making stuff up themselves exaggerating. taking something out of context. I don't know. I don't know but I do. I've seen them do it. I mean, what do they have Trump's a lie count is up to 20 Thousand lies. And they count things as lies such as President Trump says he's the best president ever. factually false. redx for Pinocchio's, that's an opinion. So it just makes me wonder what you know how we got here. It doesn't jibe with what I've seen. And again, it's not my grandfather, but it's my wives, but having someone who's experienced I mean, I think we would, we would, we would want him to be honored. My wife's grim grandpa Jim, for being shot down. But I don't take these allegations seriously. I don't think that's what Trump thinks. I think that there's something else to the story. I think that it's even possible that this is fabricated and made up for political purposes. That I think we do know even if it's true, it's designed to have political damage on President Trump. Every now It's with people. It's it's, it's with people that they, they want to create separation between Trump and particular groups of people that, you know, they don't want to see vote for Trump. Right. This in this cases, military veterans or people in the military who, based upon some polling we saw last week shows that a majority of the military wants Biden, if you believe that, so maybe this is further designed to, to drive more of that military vote away from Trump to Biden, I don't know. I don't know. But there's some fair questions about this. But yet they tell us we're supposed to believe this without any question. We all know this to be true. I want to talk about that. Next David Frum says we all know we know that this is true. We just don't apparently I guess want to believe it. So we'll talk about that as well. After the break. Sit tight. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Okay, so I mentioned last segment that not only have we been told these things by, by the media in this article and I didn't read the whole thing in the Atlantic, but if you want to see that we'll probably we'll probably post it sometime soon. Today David Frum writes an article also in the Atlantic yesterday. Everyone knows it's true, as Trump vehemently disputes reports that he is disparaged veterans some silences speak loudly. Donald Trump generates a lot of noise. He talks he tweets he is echoed and amplified by vast clack on TV and online made up of Americans and foreigners humans and bots never has. He shouted louder than in the days since my colleague Jeffrey Goldberg reported the President's disparaging comments about those who have fallen been maimed or taken prisoner in war. We referenced that article earlier this hour. Trump's protests have been seconded by his wife the First Lady's endorsement of Trump's pro military credentials has been repeated by Trump Cabinet Secretaries as well as by Fox News, talking heads and by a recipient of a Trump pardon. So obviously, the only people who defend Trump are those who are biased, right. I mean, that's basically the argument here. Amid the clamor, it's easy to overlook those who are not yelling those who are keeping silent when there are where are the senior officers of the United States Armed Forces serving and retired the men and women who worked most closely on military affairs with President Trump, as any one of them step forward to say, That's not the man. I know. You know, it does. It becomes interesting when you talk about, you know, military personnel are not supposed to be making political statements. I don't know if you've ever noticed this or not. You probably have noticed This, but at the State of the Union addresses, you'll find that both everybody can stand and clap or boo or whatever they do except for a select group of people. And those people include the Supreme Court Justices of the United States. And they're not all there usually four or five that are there. And the other is the are the military representative, the Joint Chiefs of Staff? Right, they don't stand up and cheer. Now they will, they will clap on broad issues that pertain to the military. It can't be construed to be a political statement. They don't stand on any of that. But they will stand and applaud if there's, if one of the Presidents whoever the president is speaking at the State of the Union speaks about the man America's military Might or the the brave men and women are who defend this country or something along those lines, you will see that they can stand and applaud for that sort of thing. But otherwise they stand there sit there rather stoically not saying anything in particular making any sort of political statement. So there is that factor here. Right now if they're retired, that changes the the scope of things. That changes things dramatically, but it's not like the joint chiefs are going to come out and say no, this is not who President Trump is. So that arguments a little bit flimsy at best to me, though, there's still something to be said that the to this that, Hey, where are the people who come out in support of Trump, but many of these folks are not really able to do that. But the idea that the military that there's a vast amount of people in the military Who do not like President Trump is a stretch, I find it hard to believe. And maybe I'm just wrong. Maybe I'm naive in this particular instance. But I think that it's just hard for me to buy that a majority of people serving in the military today are in favor of Biden, over Trump. That is difficult for me. To acknowledge, I will say it's not surprising that people who are higher up people who are officers in the military, I do believe that there as a percentage going to be more liberal. I don't think that that's a shocker at all. I think that, you know, they go through the academies or what have you. And the idea that they are more liberal than the rank and file or than the enlisted sailors and soldiers seems to me to be an obvious thing. So that's a factor as well. You're not going to hear a lot of Have a lot of the high brass coming out for the two reasons I stated. One is that they're more liberal than those who enlist. And they're also not really able to come out and defend the president at the run and an active duty capacity. So there are those two, there are those two factors to contend with here. But the article here basically says David Frum says, hey, look, we know this is President Trump. We all know this is true. It's not surprising that he's saying that people who you know who are injured, maimed, taken prisoner or who die in battle are losers. That's what he says. shouldn't be surprising. We all know that it's true. Losers and suckers, apparently. So, but again, wouldn't it be nice to know I want to know sort of what Instead of wondering who in the world isn't coming out to defend Trump that's, you know, current military brass or whatever. Why don't we ask who's the ones that are making these allegations? It's kind of hard to defend yourself against an allegation against something that can never be proven or disproven when someone who's making the claim is not able to be cross examined. I'm really sure that the Atlantic went hard after them, right really went hard after them to press them to confirm that these allegations were true. No, the Atlantic probably gleefully rub their hands together and said, Yes, we're gonna be able to do this hit piece on Trump and you've given me the ability to site anonymous sources. Never going to be held accountable for anything that said after this because I can just say anonymous sources. Anyway, it's where we are politics 2020 less than 60 days from election day. Expect more of this in the days and weeks to come and take a timeout you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

I don't know what the media is gonna do with this john bolton on the story with Marsha McCallum I guess this was last night. He denies that Trump disparaged fallen American soldiers in France. He says that that was simply simply false. He says according to what that article said the President made disparaging remarks about the Soldiers and people buried in the cemetery in connection with the decision for him not to go to the ceremony that was planned that afternoon and that is simply false. I don't know who told the author that. But that was false. The main issue was whether or not weather conditions permitted the president to go to the cemetery to go out to the cemetery, said Bolton, who's at the room at the time, and recalled this being the case. So the media darling john bolton who had bad things to say about President Trump in his book now, now is out there saying it's simply false. This did not happen. What President Trump was accused of doing, simply did not happen when he was when he was there. Not only that, but there's a picture cry be wrong here. But President Trump ended up going to a nother cemetery. I believe on the day in question. It wasn't though he it wasn't as though he said, I'm not going to see these losers and whatever else is alleged to have been said here, suckers and losers. It's that he went to another cemetery for from what I can understand from what i've pieced together here. There's actually pictures of him speaking elsewhere at another location, so it just defies sense. It doesn't. It's not consistent, but then again, nothing else that they tell us is either nothing else they tell us about these things. It's consistent either. So that's the story. That's the narrative. That's what they're investing in. At some point, what they're trying to do is pull more more military votes away from President Trump. They know that This is a close election and they want to be able. They want to be able to secure victory the idea of losing in two months again like they lost in 2016 is totally unacceptable to these folks and they will do anything mark my word anything to prevent another loss and 2020 quick timeout, come back and wrap up. Our two today you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

All right, really quickly you all can rest easy now Merriam Webster dictionary adds to the definition of female they add this this is a an article written by Breitbart having a gender identity that is the opposite of male so I still have a primary definition which reads, of relating to or being the sex that typically has the capacity to bear young or produce eggs. However, they added to this, they added this having a gender identity. That is the opposite of male, made up of usually, usually adult members of the female sex designed for are typically used by girls or women typically used, having a quality such as a small size or delicacy of sound sometimes associated with the female sex. Merriam Webster also updated their definition of trans woman earlier this year so we can all rest peacefully thanks for listening SDG tomorrow Take care.