Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to bubble conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I am your host Todd Huff. getting crazier by the day out there folks, as we move ever closer to the 2020 election. Good to be here email address with your thoughts. You can share your thoughts, your questions, your concerns, your adoration And praise will also be accepted here. Tada The Todd Huff Facebook is where we're streaming our number one of the program today slash The Todd Huff Show as long as the let us do that, which I don't know it's a seems to be a minute by minute issue here with Facebook, but it's good to be on Facebook, at least for the time being as well. So Whoa, there's a lot to get to today. And there's gonna be a lot to get to in the days and weeks to come. We've got this what they're calling the skinny Republican bill for the coronavirus legislation. We've got that to talk about. We've got just the political climate we've got the a of course in general, we got stupid things being tweeted by people like the United Nations. You're going to love this one by the way, United Nations never let a crisis go to waste United Nations United Nations I mean, look, I get it. It's predictable. We know who these folks are. But the thing to think with the stated purposes of these sorts of organizations are and then we look at what they turn into. It's quite remarkable, really. Anyway, we've got that we've got Chris Hayes, MSNBC, tweeting out something stupid as well, but actually want to start here. I want to start here with the state of Michigan. The State of Michigan, as you know, is a battleground state. The state of Michigan, went to President Trump last year, of course, they sued me last election back in 2016. And the reason of course, is that President Trump stole Michigan by tricking people in Michigan to vote for him using Russians. That's right, folks. Russia tricked people back in 2016, to vote for to vote for Trump instead of Hillary. I'm looking right now there's a latest NBC News Maris poll. Biden and Trump are literally tied in the state of Florida at 48% apiece. But we're talking Michigan here, which of course, Trump also went Florida back in 16. But Michigan is a state that could also be very, very important, shaping up to be a very, very important state in Michigan, as well, but Trump trick people back in 16, using Facebook ads created by Vladimir Putin himself. Vladimir Putin knows how to get into the subconscious minds of people in Michigan and people in Pennsylvania, in the minds of people of Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, and trick them folks, trick them using ads. It's a remarkable thing. Facebook ads, Pokemon GO ads. Also were used probably so in Twitter ads. And that's the story for 16. But now they're shaping up whether they're positioning preparing themselves for potential Repeating that in 2017. In fact, I didn't mention this yesterday but the I think the Michigan Speaker of the House for the state, the state assembly or the state Congress there, actually came out and said that I think he said Trump's gonna win Michigan and he's a democrat. Afraid Trump's gonna win. Michigan so we get Michigan's governor Gretchen Whitmer. Gretchen Whitmer, who's become a bit of a star for the radical left. Undoubtedly because of some of the crazy things she's done like, unilaterally say it was illegal to fish on a fishing boat in the middle of the lake by yourself during the coronavirus pandemic. Because of course, that's dangerous. And I guess in her words, the way that she looks at it that's siding with science. Following the science the science tells us fishing on a fishing boat in the middle of a lake. By yourself teaches us scientists. That is a incredibly dangerous thing to do. So man, Gretchen Whitmer is a is a bit of a darling, on the radical left. But this is a bit of a problem, you know, when you look at the state of Michigan, because when you have a governor, as radical as this as leftist as this, as I guess as anti common sense, as she has been, it actually, I think, illustrates the absurdity of liberalism. And so when you're in a state, that's, you know, got a close election. They think that the votes gonna be close. I don't think it actually helps you. In cases like this in the Midwest anyway, if you're in if you're in a state like California, Oregon, Washington State those folks, I hate to say this. I really do. Barring, barring some miraculous sort of events, these these states, these states because of the radical ideology, and candidly, in many instances, just gross immorality. And some of these ideologies, some of the things in these ideologies folks are, make no mistake about us not just a different idea, but they're grossly they're grossly immoral. Some of these things and these radical leftist ideologies, and they're so far gone, it's going to take literally something on the scale of of revival to wake up states that have gone this far radical left, but you're in the Midwest, I think there's still there's still a degree of sense in some of these places. There's still a degree of rational thought. And so it's obvious Some of the things that's happening here in Michigan, but Michigan is distressed, particularly Gretchen Whitmer, she's distressed because both Trump and Biden are coming to do events. In her state. She's not worried about Biden's event because of course, people will be wearing masks and socially distancing. And lastly, there won't be many people there to begin with. But that's another thing altogether, but she's distressed at President Trump visiting the state of Michigan. I love these folks. They she's, she's distressed because President Trump's coming to the state to possibly to possibly secure votes to make his case to the voters in Michigan over via and that's where the distress comes from. Folks. Folks, these folks are pure political animals. They're pure political animals. They want you to believe that they're always looking out for your good for my good. Meanwhile, meanwhile, when they think The cameras are off. They take their masks off. they violate the rules themselves. Remember Gretchen Whitmer, his husband made a call to the boat dock or whatever the company that was responsible for getting boats in the water in the state of Michigan, wherever they had their boat dot. And her husband actually made the statement to the boat company because they run a list. They were too far down that list I should say, for the husband's liking, and he said, Hey, can you can you bump me up? Can you pass? Can you can you take the list? And can you take the names that are above my name? And can you move them below my name? And if it helps in determining your answer to that question, can I toss out there that I'm the husband of the governor of the state of Michigan? Remember this this I am telling you this is the mindset. This is why our founders put safeguards Against power because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And I'll tell you some of these folks thought they had or think they still have absolute power during this time of COVID they think they can shut down a gym in the state of New Jersey unilaterally, but you can go to the grocery store. I mean, it's it's remarkable and this is called following following the science, even though we've had studies that have shown the efficacy of masks in situations of protecting against flu virus there's not been you know as many tests on the against COVID because it's still a it's a Corona virus is a new virus but wearing N-95 masks in what eight or nine studies taken all the way back to 2009. I believe maybe 2011 roughly the past 10 years there's been eight eight studies that I've seen cited none of them. show that they prevent. They make any statistical difference in whether or not someone acquires the flu virus none. and fairness is a different virus but it's also a higher level of mass and the average person is wearing it's not a cloth mask. It's not a cloth mask as the in 95 respirator masks shows no difference. In fact, one of those studies has shown that wearing a mask, wearing a mask and touching your mask and that sort of thing actually can increase your chances of getting in the cable was flu virus again, but still, still, the point is worth is worth making. And so but they've positioned this as pro science and I bring this up. I bring this up because she governor Whitmer is really what's the word she is distressed. It's distressing, that Trump's coming to Michigan because he's gonna come in. There's not going to be any social distancing. He's not going to encourage mask wearing. I'm sure they're going to Tell us it's going to be a super spreader event. And Biden, on the other hand is going to follow the rules and follow the science, you're going to come up there with his his little mask on, which again, I'm not wear a mask, whatever I'm not, that's not even the point. Biden is going to be, you know, following the rules, setting the example, socially distancing, which again, is not that hard when you're barely able to fill a library conference room. So you get these two competing events in Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, distressed at Trump's event. I'm going to play a bit of an interview after the break she had with Anderson Cooper. But I'm telling you the real reason she's distressed because President Trump may win the state of Michigan again, that very well may happen. I'm not predicting it, folks. We're, you know, I know I know, we're at the point where everybody wants to know, everybody wants to know what's going to happen in this election. I get asked this probably right now, this is the most common thing I get asked. Who's gonna win, folks. I don't know. I don't know, I can see any number of things happening. But I will tell you this. Back in 2008, when I saw people say they were going to vote for Barack Obama because of his support for a college football playoff, the quality of his jump shot, because he was black, whatever, anything besides ideas, it made me realize it's gonna be hard to predict this sort of stuff because there's a sizable chunk of the American population, folks, there were people that literally went from being Bernie supporters, to being Trump's supporters. Think about that for a moment we had people that were prepared to embrace socialism, prepared to embrace socialism. The socialists didn't win the nomination. The Democrat Party was not gonna let that be the case back in 2016. The socialists didn't win the nomination, and so they flipped to Trump, who's pretty lucky. capitalist. So it's people vote on reasons and rationale that I cannot always explain. Now, I think that the thought that the thought process there was, we don't want someone who's been part of the system forever, which how Bernie gets away from not being part of the system forever is remarkable to me. But nonetheless, that's how people think of Emily, she's, He's different. He wants to do things that are more radical. And so they say, well, we can't vote for Bernie, we'll vote for Trump because we're not voting for Hillary. She was in there with bills. She's been a senator. You know, she's been kind of the face or one of the main faces of the democrat party for for quite some time now. So that's why they said we're voting for Trump if we can't vote for Bernie makes no sense to me and you because we're thinking these folks are on different ends of the ideological spectrum, but that's not what some people vote for. And so when you factor that in and you're looking at potentially thousands of, you know just a tiny sliver a tiny percentage of votes going one way or the other in states like Michigan or Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, now, Florida, North Carolina, maybe Nevada or as Trump says, Nevada, New Hampshire when you look at these states now, and you realize that this takes maybe a few thousand some instances to go one way or the other, and becomes a little bit difficult to predict. And then if all those states you know, if all of them move a couple thousand votes towards one candidate, it'll look like an electoral landslide. But in reality, this thing is going to be a close election when you look at the numbers as to how we got there. So anyway, I want to talk about Gretchen Whitmer, a little bit more after the break and I got a lot of other things to get to as well. But we'll start with Gretchen Whitmer. After the break, sit tight, we'll be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, so so so let's listen to a little bit of this conversation anderson cooper has with Gretchen Whitmer and how distressed she is to have President Trump in her state. And make no mistake. Make no mistake about it. The reason is because the reason is because she's afraid that Trump's gonna win support in Michigan. They can say whatever they want to say. And I'm not saying that she's that she wants Coronavirus or whatever. I'm just saying that these folks think politics first. I mean, look at look at how quickly everything is political. Everything is political. that's by design, folks. She doesn't want Trump there because she doesn't want Trump winning Michigan. And if Trump can come in and she can throw the negative baggage on him if she can tie COVID to him if she can make it sound like this guy virtually, you know, simply by his being here, we're looking at a super spreader event Biden's event totally cool. No problems. they'll follow social distancing there. They'll wear masks and so forth. But not Trump's people. No, no, no, no not gonna happen. Listen to this conversation she has with Anderson Cooper. rally where he's also going this week. And that is Michigan. The state's governor Gretchen Whitmer joins me now governor, thanks for being with us. So President Trump, we see the the event you know he's holding tonight he's holding a campaign event in your state this Thursday. As you see the pictures, say from Florida and also North Carolina with no social distancing, many not wearing masks. How does How do you avoid this happening in Michigan, can you? Well, it's distressing to say the least you know, we have been following the science here in Michigan we have a masked mandate. We've got gathering rules to ensure that We don't have super spreader events, and yet we anticipate that he'll be descending on on this state and perhaps encouraging people to come maskless and and come together and, and the ways that we've seen them happening across the country. And I think this is very distressing. we've pushed our curve down. We've saved thousands of lives, we've gotten people back to work, and events like this threaten all that sacrifice that we've made in and I would love to see the leader of our country, embrace masks and encourage people to do the right thing. This is an economic crisis. This is a public health crisis. And we got to get serious about it. focus on getting this right. Are you I mean, I don't know. How does it work in you know, in your state, do you does do you communicate with the Trump campaign or anyone in the White House about a visit like this? I know you said you have a mass mandate. I know in Michigan if you're outdoors, and it's not possible to stay six feet away, you have the mass mandate. Is there anything to enforce a mask man, I mean, to mandate that these campaigns Well, the fact of the matter is we've been educating our public people understand the science, they get it, the vast majority of people in the state are doing the right thing. I don't doubt that there will be people who want to show up at that event. And we'll take the lead from the man himself and drop their guard and could subject themselves to COVID-19. But the fact of the matter is, we've got Joe Biden coming into town tomorrow. I know that they are scrupulously following the science. They want to keep their supporters and the general public faith and whether you're going to one event on Wednesday or the other on Thursday. I'm going to do everything I can to keep the people of this state whether you're okay. Okay. All we know is Biden safe. Trump. You know, Biden's team scrupulous Biden's team following the science Biden's team, you know, just won't be a single case. Effectively is what she's saying here Trump's case or Trump's team on the other hand, wild flippant putting people at great risk, a great danger. You know, she talks as though Michigan here. Michigan is not the poster child. It's amazing to me. You know, Michigan struggled with this very, very early on with with with kovan. And she acts as though again, that they are I guess the the example. For all the follow reminds me a little bit of what Cuomo said Cuomo is basically held himself out to be the example for how to deal with COVID. In fact, he's writing a book, how to lead through a crisis like I don't know if the title is, but that's the premise, you know, showing exemplary leadership during the troubling times of, of COVID and he's governor they point the Trump in these these democrat states. They appointed Trump as the one who's responsible as though they have no responsibility whatsoever until things improve. And then of course, it's the efforts of, of the governor, I hope these governors succeed in keeping their people safe. Of course I do. It just kind of sickens me to look at the state of affairs and think that everything is truly is truly political. And I mean, look, again, the idea that they follow the science and Michigan from the beginning, is, in my estimation, kind of a laughable thing, because the things that they were subjected to in the state of Michigan are far from far from scientific, far from scientific but that's the narrative here, Biden and his team following the science, Trump and his team, deliberately putting their own voters I guess at risk as the way that they want you to think about this. Which reminds me Biden seems to be backpedaling. A little bit on his view of a mandated mask. Did you see this now a couple of weeks ago, he and Kamel Harris both are out there talking about how they would look at a national, you know, mask mandate at least to put pressure on states to do so. Now it's it appears that Biden is changing his tune on that, in fact saying that that's unconstitutional. I'm looking here at an article at the daily Biden flip flops after admitting national mask mandate plan is unconstitutional now says he won't do it. Reading here really quickly from this article. Joe Biden wants every American to wear a mask and if he wins the white house he has vowed to mandate mandatory masks for all quote, every single American should be wearing a mask When they're outside for the next three months at a minimum, every governor should mandate mandatory mask wearing. The estimates by the experts are that it will save over 40,000 lives in the next three months. 40,000 lives that people act responsibly Biden said last month. Continuing Biden says let's institute a mask mandate nationwide starting immediately. And we will save we will save lives. Then he lectured American saying it's not about your rights. It's about your responsibilities as an American wearing the mask is less about you contracting the virus is about preventing other people from getting sick. This is America be a patriot. The things that Biden consider considers being a patriot include wearing a mask and paying your fair share of taxes, whatever in the world. That's supposed to mean protect your fellow citizens. He says step up. Do the right thing. Kamala Harris has said this is what real leadership look looks like. We just witnessed real leadership which is, Joe Biden said that as a nation, we should all be wearing masks for the next three months because it will save lives now. Now he's been on a Sunday a podcast, I think with Dennis Welch. Dennis Walsh publication and host of politics unplugged. He says this, here's the deal, the federal government. This is Biden talking. There's a constitutional issue whether the federal government could issue such a mandate. I don't think they can, constitutionally they could. So I wouldn't issue a mandate but he plead with us he plead with states and governors. He kind of didn't finish his thought there. I carry my mask with me wherever I go. Reminds me of a conversation I had with a friend of mine, who told me ran into a police officer as he was waiting in line at a gas station. The city had said I mentioned the city a particular city here, but it's in Indiana. The police said that they would not be enforcing the mandate the mask mandate issued by Governor Holcomb. So that was what the police reported. However, the officer was standing there with the this individual that I knew waiting and he was buying a popper coffee or something. And he heard a voice behind him say, where's your mask, and he turned around and it was a police officer who also was not wearing a mask, by the way. Not wearing a mask. Individual kind of chuckled. I think I've shared this on here before And anyway, the officer said, No, I'm serious. Where's your mask? And there was a bit of a discussion back and forth. A lady behind them in line said Where's your mask? On? He said my mask was in the car. Reminds me of Biden here I carry my mask with me everywhere when the cameras are on Biden should say, I'd be sure to put my mask on but the second those cameras are off. I don't do that. I mean, you've seen this this is how they This is how they behave. This is this is part of the production I again, I'm not saying this is not even a commentary on wearing mass. I see people with very strong feelings thinking, you know, some people think that it's attempted murder if you don't wear a mask outside, you're trying to kill your fellow man. This is the mindset paved mindset that says that this is attempted murder but what have you by no put that thing on for the cameras and then preach it us has as the house our patriotic duty, patriotic duty to do the same? Because he carries his mask with him at all times. carries it with him. Aren't you where the thing at all times? I know that you wear it when the cameras are on, just like the CNN reporters. But the second that things off, if you see what happens, the people on the other side of the camera have not been there's been documented, not been wearing their mass. This is all again, they want to politically put this to their advantage. They want to politically put this to their advantage. They think that by having a mask on the messages, Donald Trump created this environment whereby we must wear masks just to stay alive, just to stay alive. That's the little visual reminder that they want us to have. And again, they'll come to wear a mask if you will follow them, whatever. I'm not even commenting on that. I'm simply saying that it's being used for political purposes. These folks make every thing political. You know it, I know it. The gig is up there and to find a different technique and strategy because it's obvious what they're doing and I'm gonna take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. I I'm entertained sometimes by this and I look I understand there's a couple things here in in the news that I want to share with you. It's it's amazing how the left finds a way to make whatever issue or whatever they want to make the election about whatever they want to use or do to make some sort of political point or to gain an advantage in elections, what they'll do to make their point. So, saw this in Breitbart. This morning. This is an actual Tweet, tweet. No, it wasn't a tweet or Facebook post from, from the United Nations. Now, I know you're not a fan of the United I'm not a fan of the United Nations either. As far as what they, what they stand for, what nations that they seem to condemn and, you know, say bad things about like Israel, often the United States, meanwhile, letting other nations like Iran and China seemingly get away with whatever they want to get away with. So the United Nations here tweeted out a tweet. This was September 6. This was at 9:06am. I want you to listen to this. hate this. This is remarkable to me. Even by even by today's standards. Here's what the tweet said. The COVID 19 pandemic is demonstrating what we all know. Okay, and let's just pause what what do we know? through the lens of people like the United Nations that Trump created it. That is not the your China virus is the European virus or it's even the Trump virus. Right? Or Trump killed Americans. Trump had people's lives at risk, again, following the narrative. Now, this is gonna take a turn you weren't expecting here. So these are things that if you read, read that first part of the sentence, you might think, Okay, this is where this is gonna go. No, no, it's not. It's actually demonstrating something else. According to the United Nations. millennia of patriarchy, have resulted in a male dominated world with a male dominated culture, which damages everyone, women, men, girls and boys. This is what the United Nations is out there tweeting. So COVID-19 is a perfect opportunity. perfect opportunity to show that it's time. They don't say this, but they might as well say this. It's your perfect opportunity. It's Dimmick COVID-19 COVID-19 has demonstrated that the world is sexist. That's what it's done. Which is a strange thing to say because I think COVID-19 affects men much more severely than it does women. On average, more men are dying from COVID-19, then women if we can, whatever we can believe from what we're being told. So the COVID-19 exposes the world's sexism exposes the patriarchy shows us that it's now time now time to abandon the male dominated world with our male dominated culture. What we've learned from COVID-19, according to the United Nations, according to the this lesson, that's the lesson of COVID-19. According to the United Nations, this, these are supposed to be the brightest, the most insightful. bringing different cultures and the world together just make us all one big happy family. That's what the United Nations is here to do to make sure that, you know, we all work together and use this vehicle for peace around the world and all this sort of stuff. What's the lesson at COVID-19? According to these leftist lunatics millennia of patriarchy has resulted in a male dominated world with a male dominated culture which damages everyone, women, men, girls and boys. So I guess this is an endorsement of the Biden Harris ticket, because it's time 2016 was time Further to be a woman president, but Americans were tricked out of that by voting in accordance with what Putin one because Facebook tricked him and Pokemon GO tricked him and Twitter tricked them. But the United Nations is out in front of it this time. United Nations is telling us that this is COVID-19 has exposed the need to get rid of the patriarchy, the patriarchy and so we can't. We don't have a female at the top of the ticket as President. So we can't go to that situation just yet. But we can vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, we can cast that ballot, in fact, maybe even multiple times, as we'll talk about next segment, but we can cast that ballot to get rid of the patriarchy and how do we know it's time to get rid of the patriarchy COVID-19 this only sense To a lover of big government a radical leftist, a socialist, because this my friends, is erratic thinking is not logical thought is not coherent. It's not. It's not reasonable. This is this is the lesson I guess. It's demonstrated that patriarchy has existed, and it's time to replace it. And they may as well said hashtag Biden, Harris 2020. Have you ever taken break? United Nations thank you for your brilliance and insight, further demonstrating just how much we don't need. We don't need the United Nations but nonetheless time for me to take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So did you see here? Did you see here that according to I think it was the pulling this back up. Bear with me here. There we go. Georgia's Secretary of State says that 1000 people double voted in the Georgia primary Secretary of State bread wrappings Berger announced Tuesday that about a 1000 Georgians face investigation for voting twice in the state's June 9 primary a large scale allegation of fraud eight weeks before election day these voters returned absentee ballots and then also showed up at polling places on election day. rathmines Berger said Double voting is a felony. And Joe and George, a double voter knows exactly what they're doing diluting the votes of each and every voter that follows the law. rapids Berger said during a press conference at the state capitol, those that make the choice to game the system are breaking the law and as Secretary of State. I will not tolerate it no word as to whether or not the democrats and the media consider this an example of voter fraud. Now what again, now what happened here? Now I know, Trump, Trump said, recently postulated, hey, if you're worried about your vote counting, go in, cast your ballot by by absentee ballot, you know, request that thing the right way, get that ballot, filled it and send it if you're not sure that it went. If you're not sure that it can show up at the polls on Election Day, and say, Hey, I'm here. I cast a ballot But, you know, it seems to me that if I can still vote today it's because my vote wasn't counted. I shouldn't be on that roll, right sort of thing. So now in Georgia, now in Georgia, we're hearing that 1000 people 1000 people, double voted in the Georgia primary. And they're still going to tell us that there's no proof, no proof whatsoever that there's anything wrong. There's any sort of loopholes with mail and voting. Of course there are it's just not it's not a genuine statement to say that there's no problem, folks, there's problems with any with it with any voting. I'm not saying we shouldn't vote. I'm just saying that we need to be aware, to say that there's to say that there's no fraud and some type of voting is to say that you're not paying attention is to say that you're not going to be able to be objective enough to put save guards in place to prevent against fraud. Of course there's opens openings for fraud. Why wouldn't there be? We're dealing with people, people who are trying to steal elections, they're not a they're, this is who they are. They're not they're not law abiding citizens. They believe in their mind whatever method they have to do to get the candidate that they want elected elected. They're justified in doing whatever it takes. Again, 1000 people according to the state, Attorney, General, shimi, Secretary of State, excuse me, in Georgia set 1000 people double voted during the primary back in June. And it was tied, it's tied to their the the two votes came from casting an absentee ballot, a mail-in ballot, if you will, and then showing up at the polls not allowed to do that. can't vote twice. No matter what rahm emanuel says, I'm gonna take a break. Come back and wrap up our number one, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk, everyone. Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. We have all sorts of things to cover today yet, an hour number two, which will be on YouTube, The Todd Huff Show, just go to the go to the YouTube. It will be on there for our number two, we'll continue our conversation and get a lot of other things to get to including potential stimulus bill. msnbc is chris hayes also tweets out some stupidity, which of course is I guess, par for the course with some of the things we hear coming out of msnbc. There's lots of stuff we haven't touched yet today and we'll get to those things in our number two, so I appreciate you checking us out here in the first hour. Again, YouTube is Where we'll be for hour number two. And as always, I appreciate you so much for being here. guys. Thanks for listening. Have a great day. Check us out YouTube our to hear in the next couple minutes s d, g seen a few