Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You're listening to them with conservative, not bitter, not bitter. We're not bitter over here. I better talk. I'm your host Todd Huff email. As always, Todd The Todd Huff slash Tato shows where our number one is, I guess unless they've taken it down which would not surprise me on any given day at all. But we're on YouTube for our Number two, YouTube. It's good to be here. Thanks for listening. And for those of you that haven't subscribed to our YouTube channel, I'm gonna humbly ask that you do that it probably changed your life. By the way, subscribing to our YouTube channel. make things better for you day in and day out. And of course what's not to love here at The Todd Huff Show, but I want to continue here. I want to continue kind of where we left off last. last hour we talked at the end of last hour about double voting in the state of Georgia. The Secretary of State there said that there are 1000 double voters back from the back in the June primary. They found 1000 they believe folks who voted once by mail by absentee ballot and then showed up at the polls. And cast a second vote. Now I pause here I don't know if they actually were able to cast the second boat. I'm looking here so it says some voters who weren't sure whether absentee ballots would be received before election day decided to vote in person to ensure their votes would count. voters are allowed to cancel their absentee ballots and then vote at polling places as long as their ballots haven't yet been received by election officials. It's unclear whether the voters under investigation tend to do so. So the point is, the point is, is that there are holes in again, I want to make this clear any type of voting. You know, you open up a system and I'm not I'm not arguing for no vote. Don't misunderstand me. What I'm arguing for is that we be objective and fair and rational. We understand that anytime there's a system for anything, I mean for anything, someone out there is going to try to find a loophole. someone out there is going to try to find a way to exploit the way that it works. I mean, you can take all sorts of examples. I'm not. I'm no longer a football and NFL football fan, but I'm reminded of how you know, Bill Belichick is a master this. Actually Bill Belichick had this used against him. I think last year, maybe in the playoffs, there was a loophole in the rules. I believe if you took and it doesn't make any sense. I've always wondered stuff like this as well, but I believe it was a delay of game penalty. a delay of game so your team has the ball. If you still watch the NFL, which many of you are not I know. But if your team has the ball say it's late in the game, you're trying to milk the clock from your opponent. But let's say I think it was like a fourth down situation. So, instead of putting the ball they would let the clock the play clock run out. And if the previous play was a running player that, you know, receiver was tackled in bounds. If it wasn't a clock stoppage, that clock was ticking. While on delay of game, you would think that the rules makers would say we're not going to allow the clock to continue to tick after a delay of game penalty on the offense, but they did. And so I believe this was how it was set up. So you would take a delay of game penalty, they march off the five yard penalty, and then they wind the clock again and it start ticking. The other team doesn't have any timeouts and you're like this kid that list could last. I think this went on until a certain point of time and then it wouldn't happen. And if there's a final two minutes, the Final Four minutes, something like that. It's one of these obscure, obscure rules. And so that's what was happening. And so this is what happens to anything. And and there's examples of people, you know, not breaking the law, of course, simply using things to their favor like that that's exploiting a rule that they're not they're not breaking the rule. You might say, That's not the way the game supposed to be played. But then you could say, well, then why the rules allow it. So people look for advantages. Right? People look for advantages and everything in life that should not come as a shocker to anybody. People look to find, find advantages. And so people say, let's find a way to stuff the ballot box with as many votes for our candidate as possible. There are people that do that there are people that do that. That looked for weaknesses in the system, I would venture to say full time. This is what they're trying to do find, discover and exploit holes in the system. And so there are holes in any system. Right? It's just the way that it is. You try to minimize those you try to think what would someone do to try to cast a ballot illegally? Right? Everyone knows you get one vote. How do we prevent people from having more than one? You have people that walk into polling places. That's why people say you need an ID. Now some people will say, Oh, that's racist, that's targeting the poor, because that's effectively issuing a poll tax. They can't afford an ID. And you say, okay, actually this Sunday at church and the pastor was not making a political statement. He was just talking about our ID or who we are proving who we are talking Talking about our identity in Christ. But he was saying there's 17 things that you have to you need an ID for on that list was not voting. I noticed that other people notice that I had someone come up to me afterwards and say, you know, basically that is that right? Am I hearing this right? You don't need. And I said not everywhere because you don't, you don't need it because they said it's racist or it's it's targeting people who can't afford one. So states, like Indiana have agreed to issue just an identification card for people so that they can vote. I think it's even free. But still people say having an ID is discriminate. It's discriminatory or it's it's targeting certain groups of people trying to make it harder for them to vote when in reality, what it's really trying to do is prevent exactly what we're talking about here. Right. It's that that's what it's designed. To do so you have to put safeguards you can't just you know, you can't just plop a whiteboard up at the intersection of main and fifth in your local city and have people tally you know, walk by and put a tally by which candidate they want to vote for. Turns out this might shock you. It turns out that count would not be right. Some people would vote multiple times and people would erase the votes. Same thing. Same thing, folks, this is not complicated. Same thing for walking voting. There's got to be safeguards. You got to prove who you are. You got to be able to demonstrate that you live in the district that you're trying to cast the vote in. all that sort of stuff. Same thing for mailing ballots. with Absentees there's a you know, they they check signatures, which is what I want to get to here, but they check signatures to verify who you are. To verify that you say, you know the person filling out that ballot was in fact you, You've got to request it, you got to show your ID for that, that whole process. But so but there's still weaknesses in the system. There's nothing that could really stop you from bringing that ballot home. And you say, Look, I don't know who I'm voting for, and you hand it to one of your friends or someone who's wanted to make sure that that you voted for the quote, on quote, right person, and they fill that out, and then you sign it. Right, there's nothing or they take it, you just say Here, take it, do whatever you want with it. So he will say, I'm not going to vote anyway. What do I care? They're all crooks, or whatever. There's endless possibilities here. That's not the point is to say, to acknowledge that this or to not acknowledge this reality is to only set yourself up for more failure. Right, you're not going to prevent it if you don't know what you're looking for. You have to be able to know how to do this and So with that in mind states are now I mentioned the Georgia Secretary of State here but let's look here at an article from the Daily Caller headline battleground states may see unprecedented amount of absentee ballot rejections. This was dated a couple of days ago up to three times as many voters in battleground states could have their votes discarded compared to 2016. if states reject absentee ballots at the same rate as the 2020 primaries. The Associated Press reported. Millions of voters plan to vote by mail amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and postal delays have been reported across the country according to the AP rejection rates could even be more pronounced in urban areas, or ballot rejection rates had been higher throughout the 2020 cycle. So you see how this is being set up. This is basically hear plan in your mind that this is they're going to reject ballots that are going to be intended to be cast for. For Biden it's it's it's the same thing as well there's differences of course but it's the same basic thing as Russian collusion. People who were gonna vote for Hillary were tricked were duped into voting for Trump by a Pokemon GO ad. That's effectively the narrative for Trump, Russia collusion. Now it is people who tried to vote for Biden in 2020 by mail because they were scared of going to the polls because of the Trump virus. Again, this is the narrative of the media By the way, this isn't my words. This is what they're saying. Trump virus, which is what some of them call it, the Trump virus which makes no sense By the way, this thing is around the world that did not, did not start here. For based upon what we're told. mean, you know, they say it starts in Wuhan, China. Anyway, now it's the Trump virus, the Trump virus. Trump's unleashed this virus on the American people. He's not wearing masks. In fact, that's I want to get to this tweet by Chris Hayes of MSNBC, one of the insane one of the many insane things that have come from Chris Hayes. But so people are saying, Hey, you know, Trump's out here, trying to, you know, kill people with the Coronavirus scaring people from going to the polls. And so they've, they're going to grab absentee ballots, but now they're balanced aren't going to be counted if they're from urban areas. Right. So folks we have 60 days at the post office today, I don't know when you can cast your first absentee ballot. But if the post office can't get it there in 60 days, that's not Donald Trump's fault in the post office, Is inept in a lot of ways. And they can't pull this off with where we stand today just just a little bit under two months out. There's a massive problem. And it's the narratives that they want you to believe. And there's a lot of packages, there's a lot of pieces of mail even though it's decreased. I've seen since 2001, which is when it hit its height, there's a lot of mail going out every day. It's not as though I might venture to say that in some places, they wouldn't even notice an increase in volume with absentee ballots coming through when they processed large numbers of pieces of mail anyway. But now we're supposed to believe the post office is sitting there at capacity, right? And if they get one more piece of mail, it's just going to shut the whole system down. They're going to lose your ballot. And it's only going to happen in inner cities. They're going to target the Trump is going to shut down the post office in democrat areas. This is what they want you to Believe shut it down, keep these ballots from coming through the mail. And then if they do get through the mail to disqualify them, because well, because they're going to be casting ballots for Biden. This is what they want you to believe. In fact, one group has gone so far as to suggest that Trump's going to wallop Biden on election night but then as the mail and ballotstrickle in trickle trickle trickle trickle in, there's gonna be magically just enough, just enough to remove Trump from the White House enough votes for Biden and how do we know when all the bail ballots are counted? Well, funny, you should ask because I've got the answer to that. We know all the votes have been counted. When Biden is declared the winner. The second that happens they'll know hey, game set match. This thing is over. We're just going to keep counting and counting and counting until we get enough votes for Biden then suddenly there's not going to be any desire to recount or anything thing like that. We've got what we need. This thing's over, let's declare Biden president. Let's call the, you know US special forces in to remove Trump from the White House, which is effectively what they want you to believe is going to happen. That the drag the guy out, kicking and screaming, so that Biden can move in and re Institute peace and tranquility in these United States. It's what they want you to believe. So I want to continue talking about these rejected ballots, because I want to explain why they're being rejected. So far, we've read a little bit of this article, and it makes it sound like they're almost arbitrarily being rejected, but let me explain to you why they're being rejected. We'll do that after the break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back so, so picking up here discussing what happens to these ballots that are rejected these absentee ballots. Okay, so here's what then this is talking again this is an article in the daily call this is a getting some feedback from Michigan's Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. She said Sunday, MSNBC or shoot me NBC Meet the Press is the number one thing that keeps me up at night the idea that voters will do everything they can to ensure their ballot is returned on time and the system will fail them. So, as this article points out, millions of people plan to vote by mail amid the ongoing Coronavirus. And so they're worried about postal delays. They're worried about rejection rates. So, to give us a frame of reference, the AP went back and they found by looking at Michigan's August primary, they found that there were two and a half million ballots, excuse me. Two and a half million ballots were cast in Michigan's August primary. And 10,000 of those were rigged absentee ballots were rejected. Now why were they rejected? Let's get to the the meat of this Over 60% of those rejected did not arrive in time to be tallied or were rejected due to a missing or non matching signature state data shows. Now, if you don't have a matching signature, can we all agree that that ballot should not count? Now, you could say, well, Todd, who so who else would have cast that ballot? I don't know. And neither do you. And it's not a valid ballot if it doesn't match the signature. So I think we should we could all agree that those ballots should not be counted. Now. The other question is they these balance being rejected? Because they did not arrive in time. Okay. Sounds like a potential problem. It could be a problem. I don't I don't know. But it could be that people waited too long to mail these ballots and it would be a kin Going to vote in person and showing up after the polls closed, I mean, there's just, you know, not giving yourself enough time to get there's the same thing. You have to take personal responsibility, every ballot that is not counted is not because the State Secretary of State, you know, the Secretary of State of a particular state is trying to not count ballots. They're trying to protect the integrity of election. There are rules, right, there are rules. So you may note that there's a day called Election Day. Election Day, it's supposed to be a day in which we elect someone, or lots of someone's to run to hold public office. So you cast these ballots on election day. That's historically what happened. Now we've got early voting now we've got again, I'm not I'm not saying we shouldn't or whatever have these things. I'm just simply saying the more you do, the more you open up avenues to cast ballots. The More, you're opening up potential for abuse. That's all I'm saying, I find this to be completely impossible to refute. It doesn't mean there's not answers. It doesn't mean that there's not solutions to the problems. But it does mean that you're susceptible. Whenever you I mean, when you open for business, there's a reason that you get insurance policies, folks, because you are putting yourself at risk at some degree of risk and underwriters, they've all calculated what that risk could potentially cost. And they've come up with the formula or whatever. They've done the calculation and they found that it costs you know, the risk balance with the cost or whatever. This is the formula whereby they come up with a way to protect or way to assume that financial liability. Same thing is true here You open your eyes. Anytime you open the doors to receive ballots. There's the potential for fraud, it doesn't mean that it's going to be rampant. It can be it can be. Actually Ironically, the more we act like it can't happen, the more susceptible we are to it. If we're naive to potential problems, you have someone God forbid at your company that's embezzling money and you're oblivious to this even being a possibility it will likely continue, it will likely continue and it won't be caught until you start to look for it. Until you start to put safeguards in place to protect against it, it doesn't mean that everyone that works there should be assumed to be a thief or a cheat or whatever. It just means that that's there are thieves and cheaters out there. And we should try to put safeguards to do a couple of things. One to protect against loss the other and In that particular case to give the employee some assurances that, you know, if something is if there are questions at some point, the safeguards actually can can protect the employee as well if they're following the process. The point is, is that these ballots, acting like there's no risk here, acting like there's no risk of fraud, which is how the democrats act actually creates more opportunities for fraud. Right? It's just, it's just the natural way that this works. If you're not thinking it's in existence, you're not looking for it. You're not trying to find ways to prevent against it. You're simply walking down the same path that you've been walking that is open to others to exploit. That's it. So they want to start planning these thoughts in your head, the AP, they want you to think that these absentee ballots are not going to be caught or counted. They want you to think that Trump's trying to shut down the post office so that your ballots won't be delivered. right this is this is what they want you to think and why that's that's the question to me. Why do they want us to think this? Something tells me that they expect Biden to truly get maybe walloped on election night, as they've already been saying. But they blow that off, and then they create this other phase two of the election. But it's because the people that would normally have voted for by it, and this is what they want you to think would it be casting their ballots by mail instead of by person. And if they cast those votes by mail, instead of by person, we get to give those chances votes a chance to come in. And now if a ballot gets tossed out for something they're gonna say this is, you know, voter suppression or some such thing when in reality the ballot may have been received late. The ballot may not have had a matching signature, why should those ballots be be counted? It's like arriving at a again at the at the polling place in person, but you missed the cutoff time for the vote. Should you just get to vote? If you say Look, man, I was had to work late tonight. Okay, well, you could have voted absentee. You could have come early for early voting could have changed up your scheduling came earlier in the day. Like there's a cut off. There's a point in time where ballots and voting end. And it's almost as though they're creating a scenario in the minds of Americans that says as long as this needs to go on, for Biden to win, that's what we're going to do. And we have to be ready for this. I'm telling you that I think that this is what we need to do right now. We have to adjust our thinking we have to prepare ourselves. We have to be ready for what they're going to throw our way because I I have this suspicion that we're going to be blindsided by what they're going to do here. It's going to make hanging chads. And all those shenanigans back from 2000 look like a walk in the park 20 years ago. For those of you who remember that we're going to see that times, times in times of a magnitude of that, of what it was in 2000. With hanging chads, and so forth, whatever it takes to win, folks, this is, this is really what they think whatever it takes, as long as it takes them. As long as it takes Trump out of the Oval Office. That's what they think. That's what they're prepared to do. We better be prepared for the same. And just remember, every time a ballot is rejected, it doesn't mean that it's suddenly because Trump's trying to suppress the vote. That's what they're gonna want you to think so then there's a pressure to count votes well found these ballots in a School closet probably should count them because we don't want to suppress the vote. Well what are they doing in the school closet? How do we know how they got there? Why are they in the trunk of some democrat operatives trunk? Why Why are they in the trunk of their car? Why up but I don't know but they look like real ballots to me we better count them. That's how this stuff happens and it's problematic. And it silences the other side. Because it it doesn't look good to say don't count those ballots. Fact last night I'll real quickly I take a break. I coach soccer. I had a guy make a comment to me last night, my daughter's two my two daughters are on the team. And I was yelling and I was yelling as she was playing. I said don't pass the ball. Now my daughter didn't even have the ball. But when I was telling her was she takes bad angles she was she's on the wrong side of the ball. She needs to be behind the ball in this particular instance so that she can continue to push the ball forward. direction she wants to go. And this guy said, you know, if a parent heard that it sounded like I was telling her not to Pass Pass the ball. She didn't even have the ball. I was telling her not to pass it in the same way. In the same way. That's how this is, in my estimation, if you say, we can't count these ballots, because people say, Oh, you don't want to count the ballot, as of you know, somebody who's who's legally cast a ballot. Well, no, that's that's kind of the point here. We've extended this to such a degree, that we've opened ourselves up to all sorts of potential fraud and questionable balance and all this things that magically appeared days and weeks later, and we can't have that I think we should all agree we can't have that. That's not Trump's fault, either. If that happens, states run elections, not Trump. I gotta take a break. Long. In this segment. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. I am taking odds on the possibility of what? Well, the likelihood of Donald Trump winning the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize he's been nominated folks. He's been nominated. In fact oz asked me about this earlier. I hadn't even seen this shit. Looking here. over the break, Donald Trump nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize following the deal between Israel and the UAE United Arab Emirates. Trump is now officially nominated. What are the odds? Whether the Trump wins this Nobel Peace Prize, can you imagine? I'm just imagining Trump at the if I mean luck, the likelihood the the the the likelihood that this happens is I can't even calculate it. It's so small this, the folks who are involved in making these decisions, they are politically the antithesis of Donald Trump. They they're embarrassed by Trump. They hate Trump. They don't like his tweets. They think his address to the United Nations is beneath the dignity of the President of the United States. These are the folks that like to, you know, they like to play the, you know, the political game they like, they like to get, you know, praised and they like the I don't know, they just they like the circles of liberals that they're running around in because they often are these liberals anyway, right? radical leftists in many cases, but I'm just imagining Trump's acceptance speech this would be this would be a thing for the ages. I hope this happens. I think this would be a great thing to see Trump up there giving an acceptance speech for winning the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, he the things he would say would be fantastic he would it would be for someone like me would just be pure entertainment factor and and a little bit of just joy from seeing from seeing him tell some of these folks What's up, and I'm sure we would find out from Trump that this was the best Nobel Peace Prize ever. That he is the most worthy of any Nobel Peace Prize of all Nobel Peace Prize winners in the history of Nobel Peace Prize winners. He probably would make a comment about an President and a Nobel Peace Prize, this is just good stuff to me. But again, the odds that he's gonna win this thing. Very, very, very tiny because again, the people that make these decisions do not like to acknowledge anything good that this President has done. They don't like to acknowledge that there is another way another ideology that doesn't include them. The power brokers of the world of this country, not having control over every aspect of our lives. They don't like that they like the power and prestige and authority that they think they've either taken or been given by people in this country and by others around this globe. But I'm just envisioning what this speech would look like. I hope I hope and pray that this happened this this would be a fantastic thing to see him take the podium and accept this Nobel Peace Prize but just wanted to share that with you gotta take a break. You're listening here to the home of Conservative not bitter talk where we are yes endorsing, endorsing Donald J. Trump for Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2021. Back in just a minute. 

Welcome back, you know, it wasn't that long ago I was reading. And I may have heard this before, but I'm reminded or maybe I learned it for the first time. But Alfred noble who's the founder, the one who I guess started or founded the Nobel prizes. He, I forget what I was reading this in. But he is actually the inventor of dynamite and other explosives. And from what I remember reading Well, when I say reading, I typically mean listening on Audible. When I was listening to this book that made it sound like he kind of regretted the way that dynamite explosives had been used as it pertained to war or just the way that it had been used and created harm, feel with with people. And so that kind of motivated him to seek peace. He thought that maybe his explosives were used in ways that were not peace seeking. They were used as you know, aggressively or what have you. And so he started the Nobel Prize find that interesting talking about Trump. Again, we're fully we're This is a full hearted endorsement, not half hearted, this is a 100% wholehearted endorsement of President Trump for the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize, just want to go on record of having said that, but I find that interesting, you know, you think about Alfred Nobel, Nobel and, and just Just the mindset, the mindset of people and how experiences can push us one direction or the other. His experiences were that, you know, he felt some degree of guilt or just he wanted to, to kind of atone for how explosives had been used and so sought to do something with with acknowledging those who promoted peace. Now this, of course, is turned into a political show with who gets Nobel Peace prizes and so forth. But anyway, that's just the way that these things work as well. I want to reference something else. Go back to something I referenced off the top. I intended to get to this earlier. Chris Hayes, MSNBC, Chris Hayes. He sent out a tweet when was this was this yesterday. Gotta look at the date of the tweet here, too. was sent out at 934 yesterday morning, so about 24 hours ago. Chris Hayes, host of whatever his show is on NBC. I can't even think of the name of it. He's his tweet says Trump is an objectively, pro COVID Say that again, Trump is objectively pro COVID it's not even a matter of opinion anymore to say Trump is pro COVID. Now, what does it mean to be pro COVID pro COVID means someone who's in favor of COVID wreaking havoc on the lives of Americans and other other folks around this world. COVID means death for certain people. COVID means fear. COVID means uncertainty. COVID means economic You know, fragile economic conditions when COVID is at its when COVID was, you know, first running rampant in this country created all sorts of economic turmoil and confusion and fear and that sort of thing. So now he's saying Trump is objectively pro COVID. objectively, it's not a matter of opinion. This is black and white Trump is a dejectedly pro COVID. He's in favor of COVID. Why I get I mean, I can only presume. But I guess because it's going to cause people not to want to go to the polls, and then he can force them into using mail in ballots, which he won't count, which he'll tell the post office Hey, when you pick up ballots from this particular democrat community, make sure you don't deliver those. Of course it's ironic that the postal workers are primarily democrats that postal workers union that carries our mail has been supporting Joe Biden. It's not any. I mean, it's just the truth. It's what it is. And not only that, but I'm reminded of the postal worker who was caught on camera dumping ballots, not ballots, but postcards for a Republican candidate in the dumpster because he didn't want to deliver him. also saw an article yesterday that said that people in, I forget the city. People who are Trump supporters are getting mail. There's the post, they believe the postal worker is writing Black Lives Matter on their mail. That's a nice oz likes that. Us thinks we need more of that in our society today, today. But anyway, this is what we've got. Trump is objectively pro COVID says chris hayes going I mean, it just proves that you work in msnbc long enough. You lose any ability to think clearly. And I'm gonna take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back In just a minute. 

All right, welcome back waning moments of the program here, but I wanted to point out something really quickly new Trafalgar group poll in the state of Michigan. Now, we're talking about presidential politics, but something which is important Don't misunderstand me. Don't misunderstand me, but what else is important is the Senate, the state of things in the US Senate. And there's a race in the state of Michigan, between john James republican and Senator Gary Peters. And john James is up by about one and a half points in this in this poll. I just wanted to point that out. Keep your eye on this. That's a big development of this, in fact, holds true on election day. So folks, I gotta go. Thanks for listening S, D, G, take care.