Covid, The Woodward Tapes, and Trump | September 10, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to Donald conservative, not bitter talk and boy oh boy, what a day to be sure to not be bitter here as we are heading headlong into this 2020 campaign and get Woodward tapes to talk about a book we've got COVID we got all sorts of stuff. I'll tell you off the top that there's a lot of A lot of sound bites, a lot of sound bites that we're gonna have today. And you've probably heard by now, what all the fuss is about, essentially President Trump was the subject, I guess of a book being written by Bob Woodward. As President Trump says he decided I'm going to give this a go. I'm going to jump on this phone call with Bob Woodward and do an interview for his book, which is coming out I don't know, it's being released sometime soon here. And so he says, Hey, I'm going to jump on the phone and and check out what this how this conversation is going to go and share with him some insight and some input and so forth. And so that's what he did. President Trump jumps on the phone call and gets into a conversation about COVID about Coronavirus. And now is being accused of because of his comments here, which I'm going to play for you now has been accused of hiding things from the American people now has been accused of telling the American people one thing while all the while knowing that Coronavirus, COVID-19 was going to be a disaster a just dangerous. He basically they say based upon his comments here hid the true risk of covid 19 This is back on February 7, I should point out to do you know what happened shortly before February 7, you know what the Democrat Party was interested in on February 7. You know what that was? It was impeachment. They didn't care about COVID-19. In fact, fact they talked about downplaying Biden thought it was in a phobic that Trump even considered this travel ban to China. Biden thought that it was blown out of proportion. Nancy Pelosi was out there encouraging people to to go out to Chinatown in San Francisco. Remember this? other Democrats in New York City like de Blasio and his crew, his crew of radical leftists? Yeah, here I'm looking right now. Nancy Pelosi, February 24. It's remarkable, but regardless, it's still the it doesn't. It doesn't change what Trump said or any of that. are what he meant by this, but the narrative now is that Trump knew this was gonna be terrible, but he just didn't want to tell the American people now at some point, I think, you know, what, what, what did the President have to gain? If he really thought it was gonna be bad, and he told us it was it I mean, because it was going to do whatever it was going to do. So there's a couple of things that I think are important to note here as we, as we go through this today. But I want to start by playing the portion of the recorded phone call President Trump, Bob, Bob Woodward, the President, the portion of the phone call in question here, and what Trump had said there's some cross talk between the two. But I think you can get the the gist of this again, Trump talking with Bob Woodward. And so what was President Xi saying? Yesterday, we were talking most About the virus and I think he's going to have it in good shape. But you know, it's a very tricky situation. It's the it goes, it goes through air Bob, that's always tougher than the touch, you know, the touch, you don't have to touch things right, but the air, you just breathe the air and that's how it's passed. And so that's a very tricky one. That's a very delicate one. It's also more deadly than your, you know, your even your strenuous flus, you know, people don't realize we lose 25,000 30,000 people a year here Who would ever think that right? I know. It's pretty amazing. And then I say, well, the same thing for more deadly, this is five per, you know, this is 5% versus 1% and less than 1% you know, so this is deadly stuff. Okay, so that's the portion of the phone call in Question. So a couple of things. A couple of things jumped out at folks. But I want to I want to point out something else that seems to have been overlooked and most, I guess in most circles here, most discussions of this. What he said at the beginning to Bob Woodward was that GE president GE, of China, he thought he would have it under control. That's what Trump said back on February 7, by the way, by the way, it should be noted that at that particular point in time, most I mean, that was kind of the thinking. I know. I know. Now, here we are in September, right, we're eight months out from this. So it's, we have the benefit of hindsight here. But at the time, at the time, it was thought that China could potentially get this under control. And that's important to point out here because Trump says he thinks that President G will have it under control. That's I think important because, you know, if you think President Xi is going to have this thing under control, then that means that you want that it's your belief that this is not going to be a widespread problem around around the globe and in the United States in particular. So that's an important point. to, to outline here to make sure that we pinpoint president G will have it under control. Now, he also says that this thing travels to the air Baba travels to the ears, not through the touch. And some people you know, you go back you look at the evolution of this and I know again, it's kind of hard to do. This, this this whole thing with with COVID I think for many people has been In just a it's been a roller coaster of emotions. You know at first no one knows what's going on I remember I remember kind of the shock at first when you started getting word of sports leagues, canceling games and so forth postponing seasons the NBA for example, the NCAA canceling March Madness. There were some other things as well but those are those are two of the the ones that jump out the you know, in my memory the strongest because those are things you know people are accustomed to. You know, college basketball fans are used to watching the college basketball season and then watching the tournament and the tournament is a really awesome experience for the players for the fans. You see these ups sets and all this stuff that didn't happen this year. You know, there's guys girls that are basketball players that and other sports as well. There's I'm just talking about basketball but, you know, seniors who had spent four years This was their, you know, some of these conference tournaments I don't even think I think a lot of these conference tournament started canceling first or some of them did. So those started canceling the NCAA canceled March Madness, all this stuff. And some of these some of these kids, you know, played their entire careers. This was their last hurrah and suddenly suddenly it's it's just, it's gone. Poof. The fans who are looking forward to this poof, the cities I don't know where the Final Four was it in Houston this year, I don't even know. But the Final Four, scheduled to be in some city you had some place that was preparing for lots of people to come through and businesses were ready 1402 boom, probably with the additional traffic and fans and all this stuff poof, gone. That's that's back again, seven, eight months ago at this point. And remember, it all started and all started when Trump and initiated the travel ban to between China. And that, of course, that was met with resistance he was called a xenophobe for that he was called, you know, basically someone who hated the Chinese and had to be based upon the, their nationality, their skin color, their whatever had to be something like that and Trump's racist tendencies or whatever. That's the way that this was his xenophobic tendencies. That's the way that this was portrayed at the time. It turned out to be exactly the right thing to do. Now it was it didn't ultimately stop this Because this was apparently worse than what they realized at the time. But this was the thinking back then. People people knew that there was a risk here. There was a lot they didn't understand about the virus. It wasn't completely understood how this was transmitted. China was remember China, they were hiding information. They were not telling us the truth, whatever China's numbers are reported. It's clearly not the full picture of what happened in China. That's not. That's not we're not being told the truth. And that's not anything new. That's not some hard to make common or prediction. I mean, that's just simply the way it is with China. And so President Trump, talking to Bob Woodward, back on February 7 says that travels through the air now, it depends what you mean by that. Right? I mean, some people I remember this back at the time, and they're talking about my goodness, folks, we were talking about things like washing groceries, you know, washing our hands was going to save everything. This was back before masks or even thing. I guess they were a thing though that we were told not to wear them. We're told not to wear them later, we were told to wear them. Actually, at first, we were told if we were caring for a sick individual, that we should wear them. But it was we were told for quite some time not to wear a mask if we were as someone in the general public, these are things that you should only be doing if you were around the person. So even saying traveling through the air doesn't necessarily mean that it's just out there floating it could have just meant that it traveled through the air around an infected person. I mean, there's There's some explanations here, he acknowledges. He acknowledges also this is deadlier than the flu. Which, of course, days it wasn't long after this that he you know, he made comparisons to the flu. Just because you say it's deadlier than the flu doesn't mean that you think it's, you know, gonna wipe out humanity or what have you, right? I mean it. He said 5% mortality, he makes that comment. But again, we're early on we're learning things, it doesn't mean that that's where it has to stay. And so Trump says, I don't you know, I don't want to I didn't want to share these things with people because I don't want to, to cause a panic. That's basically that's basically where these, the The problem comes for. For the median for the left. Basically, they say that Trump knew that this was a problem and traveled through the air. It's deadlier than the flu. He didn't do anything about it. He downplayed it to the American people. Was Trump says I did, downplay it because I don't want to cause a panic. I don't know if this means that the media wanted him to create a panic. Seems like the media and the Democrat Party want us to panic about all sorts of things. They want us to wake up this morning and be an utter panic that President Trump is our commander in chief. I mean, how many things by the way and in fairness, as we were waiting our way through this this coronavirus pandemic, which by the way, by the way, we're still waiting ourselves through in my estimation, we've learned a lot certainly. And we've we've you know, successfully reopened things are certainly been spikes. we've adjusted things but the mortality is now down. That's dropped even as the cases kind of made it Second peak here in the latter months of the summer. course we don't know what's coming here in the fall, will there be a second wave? Is this thing going to just naturally has it run its course as it evolved to where it's just not as lethal. I mean, all sorts of questions seem to be fair at this point to be asking. Back on February 7, we didn't know a fraction of what we know today. And so should President Trump I guess, I guess that's the question Should he have stirred up mass panic, stirred up mass panic and that that's a that's a balance for a leader. You want people to be able to know enough to take precautions, but you don't. We did have panic in this country. I mean, we couldn't buy think about the things we couldn't buy. The amount the things we couldn't do. I mean, some things, some decisions, and I had to take a break here. I'm long in the segment. But there was panic. I would maintain that we see what happens when there was panic. That that's been basically we've seen Governor's or mayor's or certain other democrat leaders primarily although there were republicans too that governed by government governed by panic, shut it all down, shut it all down no matter what the cost and we're still bearing with that or bear in dealing with that now. That's why we're talking about another Coronavirus legislation piece because we shut everything down. I've got this a friend and again in California whose wife still as I understand it, I she can't open her business unless she goes outside and she's a aesthetician. For the ladies in this audience. I wonder or I guess men if you go to the esthetician too, but I wonder how many people are really hip to going out into a parking lot to get some of these as this as the two And treatments and services and so forth. We've seen what happens when there's panic or or when there's political opportunities to want to use this for political gain, which we've seen as well. Again, not saying it's not real, they say, Hey, here's an opportunity taking a playbook out of the Rama manual. You know, our page I should say out of the Rama manual playbook, never let a crisis go to waste. We've seen what happens when there is panic in decisions. We've seen what happens when people are politically manipulated. We've seen that take place right before our very eyes more to say about this a lot more. There's Trump Trump responded. yesterday. He responded also on hannity, we have Kaylee mcenaney, who responded, we've got we got lots of stuff with this. But anyway, this is what we're gonna be talking about today. We got lots more to get to sit tight. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

All right, welcome back. So as asked me here for jumping back on there was this was Woodward is he setting? I don't want to say setting him up. Because it was a conversation. I mean, it was it was what Trump said that he recorded, and this conversation was recorded. But is it a Is it a, some sort of a setup? Is it you know, is it designed to impact the election is quite possibly, but he's also trying to sell a book. And so it may be as simple as well, nothing's ever simple with these folks. But it could simply be that he's just trying to promote his book. And this is one heck of a way to do that. So, anyhow, so this is where we find ourselves. we're debating over whether or not Trump new people are calling by the way people are calling. I saw lots of this on Twitter last night. I saw people who said every newspaper in the country should immediately call for Trump's resignation. I thought what is this 1986? By the way, didn't that already happen? I mean, in some capacity, hasn't this been happening? All the major newspapers if you will, all the major sources for so called news? Haven't they basically been making the case or setting up the argument or sometimes downright demanding that Trump resign all the way back to the day they dried their tears and November of 2016. The day that they put that adult playdough away the date when their last request for a service dog to help them come With the 2020 tsunami 2016 election of President Trump once that happened the last request was denied service dogs for, you know, suffering. People suffering from Trump derangement syndrome or Hillary supporters, isn't that enough to cause people to go into complete shock and despair and all this and, you know, the they've been they've been calling for this. The media has been calling for this since. I mean, since there was a President Trump, since there was a guy who came down that escalator Trump Tower in New York City. That's, I mean, they've been calling and making the case that Trump should not be president that he should be impeached. He should be removed from office. Places like MSNBC, had their viewers thinking their readers whatever, believing that President Trump was going to be ushered out Out of the White House in handcuffs, and an orange jumpsuit again, not to be confused with Hillary's orange pantsuit. This was the expectation that was set. These were the expectations I should say. And so of course they've been calling for this. Trump should resign resigned today. How can this guy not resign people calling on Congress to begin impeachment proceedings yet again? Schiff is you know, I've seen some comments from from Schiff, Adam Schiff. Of course, he was so so upset. The day he had to deliver those impeachment, articles of impeachment to the Senate. Remember that by the way that goes back the week or a couple of weeks before. A couple right around this time that Trump's out here talking with Woodward about Coronavirus in China. The threat that it has of spreading around the globe, Adam Schiff, and other leftist democrats are passing articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. This was right back in the days before Mitt Romney was the only republican to vote for said articles as well as a, you know, to convict him to remove him from office, President Trump. This is back around that time. This is the timeframe. As Congress as the democrats are playing political games President Trump is dealing with this you want to look into you want to ask questions about who was downplaying this who was causing problems and distractions and who was playing political games leading to leading up to the beginning of this coronavirus pandemic. The Democrats in Congress, it's Nancy Pelosi. It's Adam Schiff. It's maxine waters. And they now not only want to control Congress in 2020, they want to control the Senate. And they want to give you Joseph Biden as President of the United States to further lead with this sort of craziness, right to lead us down the path of socialism to lead us. Who knows who knows what would what these jokers are going to do? If God forbid they're given the power to do so they want to use the Coronavirus to separate voters from President Trump. They want voters to think that President Trump knew that hundreds of thousands of Americans were going to be counted as COVID fatalities in 2020. And that President Trump has downplayed it blew it off, didn't care. But again, you have to look at what he was doing. actions were being taken. There was the Coronavirus Task Force, even though you recognize the risk, even though you recognize that it can transmit via the air, that mean that means multiple different things. You know, on the one hand, you can say just out in the air constantly and we're just bumping into it. That's one extreme end of the spectrum. The other is that it transmits by air, you know, near someone who who has it, which is that part to me, is not the surprising part is it? I mean, I mean, being around a sick person, with even I mean flu, any of this, any of these contagious viruses or whatever you you can. It's not you don't always even know how you can tract it from the person. Maybe it was something they touch, maybe it was a sneeze in the room. That's dramatically different than saying like, you know what they're saying today, which is If you're walking around and you feel healthy, you may still have it and you may be killing other people, which is kind of what they what the narrative is today, which is why you need to wear a mask not for your protection. No, no, no, but for someone else's protection, unless they want to tell you that the mask also protects you, then they'll tell you to work for your protection as well. But then I think if my mask protects me from something, then why do I need someone else to wear it for their? For my protection? And there's lots of legitimate questions. I think about that. But anyway, the point is we've had is what we've learned about this, from what we knew about this day one was certainly different than what we knew about this. Eight months in wall or a year in depending upon which timetable you believe. So there's more soundbites. I didn't get to him this segment, but I want to I want to do that here as we get through the remainder of this era. And also, by the way, we're our tos on YouTube. Our two is currently on YouTube. You can check us out there, we'll be on. Oh, about three minutes after the top of top of the hour on YouTube Todd Huff show two searches search The Todd Huff Show there on YouTube and you can check out our to subscribe while you're there as well, but we'll continue to get as much in in this first hour as we can. And I need to take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back. Back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, so we played the original comments from President Trump and his conversation with Bob Woodward, about Bob Woodward's book, and we played the comments that showed the Trump I understood that there was something to be concerned with with Coronavirus with COVID-19. He said that it transmits or can be you can catch it through the air basically. He said that, you know, it's it was more deadly, deadly than the flu. But he also said and I think again, this should be noted that g president g he thought would have it under control. So he took steps to prevent it from coming here with travel bans bands that were again called xenophobic by leftist by media outlets, by well by Biden by other Democrats. And that wasn't enough to stop it. Again, we were not being told all the information by China. We're still trying to sift through the information and understand what we're dealing with China is a very By the way, this is a A case study in what governments like China, which is what many in the left want to move us towards more government control, government making decisions for people more socialism hack, we've got even downright open communists out there. They want to see more of China but this is what we get from a government like China, you get incorrect information, you don't get the whole story, especially if it's information that's viewed as negative, negative toward those in positions of power. So, President Trump also said, You know, I wanted to make I want to make sure that I don't create panic. I don't want people to be I don't want to I want to downplay this so that people don't take dramatic actions now they say well, now you're deliberately trying to kill people is what basically the media in some leftist are saying President Trump's admitted to not telling people information they needed to know, to save their lives. In fact, you've got some people now that are mad at bob woodward. I've seen those people on social media too. They say, Woodward. Why did Woodward sit on this? Well, I mean, it's one of two reasons or it's maybe a combination of both. He's either held on to it to to help promote his book, or he held on to it to help or what a hurt President Trump or to help Biden depending on depending upon how you look at that. So here's President Trump yesterday answering some questions about this. I'll play a bit of this even though it's I don't have a lot of time to segment but listen to President Trump. answer some of these questions about the way he handled the COVID or the Coronavirus pandemic. Well, I think if you said in order to reduce panic, perhaps that So the fact is I'm a cheerleader for this country. I love our country. And I don't want people to be frightened. I don't want to create panic, as you say. And certainly I'm not going to drive this country or the world into a frenzy. We want to show confidence. We want to show strength, we want to show strength as a nation. And that's what I've done. And we've done very well. We've done well, from any standard, you look at our numbers compared to other countries, other parts of the world. It's been an amazing job that we've done. I think it's very sad in many respects, because the incredible individuals working so hard on it, including our Vice President, they've done this great job. They haven't been acknowledged by the news media and they should for the job we've done whether it's ventilators, and now you'll see very soon with vaccines and with therapeutics, the job we've done has been incredible. But we don't want to we don't want to instill panic. We don't want to jump up and down and start shouting that we have a problem that is a tremendous problem scare everybody. And I'll tell you the other thing we immediately started buying all over the world, we started buying masks and gowns and everything else. And we don't want to cause pricing to go up to a level that becomes almost unaffordable. So yeah, and that sense. So in that sense, I agree with it. Yeah, please. All right. So that's the way he's responding to this. Yeah, I don't want to I don't want to create panic. See, I would maintain that others as I said earlier, others in positions of authority and power in this in this nation, governors, mayors, they have created panic. They've taken extreme actions. They've caused additional heartache, havoc, and problems for Americans around this country. Look no further than places like California. Look no further than places like me. Michigan look no further than places like Look, I know it hit New York hard, but they made decisions. Now you could say, this isn't panic, but they made bad decisions. They made direct decisions with what they did with elderly individuals who contracted Coronavirus like, you know, COVID-19. They put them in. They sent them back to nursing homes where this spread like wildfire. These were the most susceptible people, they are the most susceptible people to COVID-19. They put them back in a place where COVID-19 was they knew existed because people they were sending people back there and people lost their lives. And these folks died on just horrible situations. They often died alone because they were not allowed to have guests and so forth. They died alone. I mean, it's just it's awful stuff. What we're what we're talking about here Again, that's not that's mismanagement that's making bad decisions. That's a direct that is a direct decision that led to the deaths of an end. You know, you could point you could say this person died because they were forced to go back. Or they had people I should say, that were that the government of New York forced to go back to the place where they lived, and then the virus spread. Right. And so, this was much later down the timeline. This wasn't back in February and March is we're talking about here with these Woodward tapes. This is much much later, down the timeline. But this idea, this notion, this, it's almost like they're trying to juxtapose this incorrectly. The Democrats had all the answers. They knew what you know, the dangers of this, and Trump was out there saying that nothing to worry about. I mean, on the one hand, he was saying He was downplaying it. Because I mean, that's what he said, I don't want to create panic. And there's lots of why would you want to do I mean, is panic ever a good thing? and panic is the worst thing that we possibly can do. The choices aren't panic or do nothing. The choices are panic versus making, you know, panic is an emotional response, we lose the abilities to think clearly. Right? It's it's there's physiology that that our brain science that shows us that we respond differently during times of high stress and panic is of course, the definition of being in a high stress situation. So why do that it doesn't mean that you do nothing, you take no safety steps or measures or anything like that. It simply means simply means that you don't lose your mind to where you cannot think clearly and based upon some of the things that I've seen coming from Some of these governors I would say that they, you know, they either just get their thrills out of you know, micromanaging people's lives or they panicked as well. You can't go fishing on a boat by yourself in the middle of the lake because that's too dangerous says governor Gretchen Whitmer, for example. We've seen you don't want panic you also don't want to, you know, nonchalant like incans you know, inconsiderate approach, which we did not get that from President Trump. Remember all these? We had a Coronavirus Task Force. We have a Coronavirus Task Force. We had briefings, we had all sorts of information that was being shared on a regular basis. Long, long in the same I can take a break. just looked up and saw the time you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in back in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks and I have gotten us off off the schedule today. I was long in that last segment when I was playing Trump's soundbite from the press conference. So really short segment, we'll continue this, this discussion on YouTube, our number two on YouTube, just search The Todd Huff Show on YouTube. You'll find us we'll be there about three minutes after the top of the hour. But look, this is you know, the latest this this is again, we're What are we? Seven and a half weeks away from Election Day. The debates are two and a half of the first debate is two and a half weeks away. There's gonna be I mean, buckle up. This is just the beginning of this. And look, there's there's questions that that Trump needs to be asked about this. I think that's perfectly perfect. I think we should expect that. I mean, I would ask questions. I think I think these need to be questions need to be asked about this. But we're not to the point. I mean, the leftists are because they're always living here. They're to the point of where they, they want this president to be impeached again, to resign again immediately. Just to throw his hands up and say, You know what, I lied to the American people about this. I mean, there's other there's, there's ways of looking at this. And there's a clearly I think an objective person can understand that you can understand the series of the potential seriousness of something without fully realizing or knowing at that particular point in time if it's even going to be here. We again we didn't know February 7. Nancy Pelosi weeks after that, was calling for people to go out they had nothing to worry about. She's At the Chinatown in San Francisco, nothing to worry about. So I mean, it's just inconsistent, but it doesn't matter to most people because their hatred for Trump is so stirred up and so strong but I gotta take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. No, no, no, it's not Oz's fault today that I'm off the schedule. That's my fault. She was doing her job. I was insistent upon squeezing in sound bites of Trump at the press conference. We got more sound bites, by the way that we'll play. next hour. hour to hear that begins in about six minutes on YouTube. Just search The Todd Huff Show if you want to listen. And again, I appreciate you Very much we got to work our way through this talk about this, the responses to this and this stuff with Woodward and his recordings and so forth. But we'll do that next hour. Thanks for listening guys SDG.