Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to our to The Todd Huff Show. It's good to be here. Thank you for joining us. And I've been talking about the Trump tapes or the Woodward tapes and all the response to this and whether or not Trump knew about threats of COVID and hid those from the American people or whether or not he was simply trying to simply trying to prevent panic. As he says there's been lots of responses to this. It's been lots of responses to this. By the way, if you want to hear what we talked about prior, I'm not going to go through and set all that up. We played sound bites and everything else. But if you want to hear it, check out our number one as a podcast or you can go to Facebook or you can go to our website even better yet Todd Huff slash listen. So I want to play Kaylee mcenaney. She's asked about this yesterday, press briefing. I want you to hear her response. Again. The position the media is taking and the democrats are tanking is that Trump lied, Americans died. Trump knew that COVID was going to come in and wreak havoc in the United States of America. Killing People that it was an airborne disease. I think back it if Trump makes any statement about COVID he's usually criticize Do you don't know that? Don't say that. Right. I mean, Trump says hydroxychloroquine said promising results. The media and the democrats have made it their personal mission to make sure the word hydroxychloroquine can never even be uttered in public. They made it hard for doctors in many places to prescribe the medication. They've gone out to demonize it because if hydroxychloroquine actually saves a life a single life, they don't want that to be credited the President Donald Trump, it's pathetic. That's just awful stuff. So the idea I'm just thinking if President Trump said this publicly back in February, they would have said this guy is not a doctor. We should listen to the experts. Right? They say they say don't wear masks, they say Just wash your hands. They tell us there's nothing to worry about yet in the United States. Meanwhile, Trump's shutting down travel between countries between US and China first and then us and a continent, the continent of Europe. Secondly, shut it down. That was controversial at the time, the experts said it wasn't necessary. The Democrats said it was in a phobic. But we don't hear about that what we hear is President Trump on this tape saying that saying that the disease is airborne, it's worse than the flu. All of this all this sort of stuff. And meanwhile, meanwhile, President Trump also I think it's worth pointing out so that he thought that Xi Jinping, President Xi of China would actually shut this video shut down the spread of the coronavirus, but that's of course not what happened. And now here we are. And again, as I said last hour, I think that I think that overlooking Overlooking the problems of China and their communication is also a problem over overlooking the need for that government to control every bit of the media. I mean, there there is so much we don't know about the disease or there was the time that we could have known because they deliberately did not tell us. They chose to not share that information. They chose to hide it, they chose to make sure that we did not know the depth of the issue with COVID. In China, they wanted us to know this. Or they wanted us not to know this, I should say they wanted to keep that information. Private. They wanted to keep that out. Out of the public purview. They wanted to keep it secret, and that's what they did. So anyway, the narrative is that Trump doesn't care about Americans instead, I guess. I mean, how short sighted? how short sighted is it? If President Trump said you know what I'm not even going to act like this is a big deal I know it's gonna kill a lot of Americans I'm gonna blow it off. And it'll I mean what what would Why would someone even do that like I you know you can follow the logic of saying I don't want to create mass hysteria and mass panic we've had people that have done that that's why we still can't get what disinfectant wipes from places that's why we still can and some places where we couldn't for some time get toilet paper right or you could get it on Amazon for like 85 bucks a 12 pack or whatever. So that's that's what panic creates those those sorts of things. And, I mean, we can follow the logic of that we can we can follow the logic of of a leader saying I want to share information with people. I want to take precautions and steps again, we were at the beginning. On February 7, the democrats were still in impeachment mode. Democrats were more concerned about trying to get an elected official out of office through nefarious means and they were doing anything else. They weren't worried about Coronavirus. That's for sure. Biden wasn't Pelosi wasn't the Blasio wasn't all these city leaders. They didn't have any concern about any of this stuff. They thought it was no big deal. You could do whatever you wanted, gather in large crowds and no problem, no problem whatsoever. Meanwhile, Trump's the one that's actually taking action. And he's the one that's that's criticized for not caring, but how short sighted even if Trump is the animal that they claim that he is, and I'm not suggesting that he is. But even if he didn't care about President, or excuse me, he didn't care about people. He didn't care if people died with Corona virus. I mean, the idea that people wouldn't notice it's not like it's something you can keep hidden. It's not like say Ben Ghazi where you can mislead the public on what happened so as to prevent people from knowing the truth as to what what happened why in a particular place at a particular time. And you can deceive them as to the, you know, as to what actually transpired and why decisions were made and so forth. It's not like that it's out there for all the world to see. I mean, people are transmitting this while they're, they're catching and transmitting this virus right before, right before our very eyes and there's no hiding this. I don't know how he would have stood to gain anything. But that's kind of the perspective that they're giving us here. Trump wanted to hide this so that he can have some sort of political gain. But I don't know what that kind of possible would have been. So I guess what they want us to believe is that he's both heartless and an idiot, which they want us to believe anyway. He can't even come up with a diabolical plan correctly again, what they want us to think but let's go here. Let's go here to the press conference yesterday with Kaylee mcenaney. Let's see how she responds. Some of the questions about the Trump tapes, the Woodward tapes, that she's being asked by the media. I'd like to ask you about the Woodward interviews, did President Trump intentionally mislead the American people about the threat of COVID a pandemic that has now cost the lives of nearly 200,000 Americans? Absolutely not. This president at a time when you're facing insurmountable challenges it's important to express confidence it's in sport important to express calm is play it down is playing it down. Is that is that expressing calm? It seems dishonest. It seems to me Read the rest of the clone. That's how much they put in there. Oh, you excluded the last part. You didn't have to explain. Please deny that. And he makes clear that he doesn't want to see chaos, by the way is the second part of the quote which you failed to read. The President just days after having this discussion with Bob Woodward said this from this podium on March 30. He said, I do want them to stay calm. We are doing a great job. If you look at the individual statements, they're all true, stay calm, and it will go away. But it's important to stay calm. So this president does what leaders do good leaders it stay calm and resolute at a time when you face an insurmountable challenge. That's what this president he said will not appear that the President lied to the American public about the threat posed by COVID. The President has never lied to the American public on COVID. The President's been very the President was expressing common his actions reflect that. On January sixth, the CDC issued a Wu Han travel notice before any confirmed us cases, among another a number of other actions and I refer you to Dr. Fauci who said that this President has an impressive response. I can't imagine under any circumstance that anyone could be doing anything more. That is the record of this president. Okay, so that's the exchange yesterday and again, you can, you know, but that's par for the course. That's what you're going to get. She brought up Dr. Fauci. I want to play Dr. Fauci was on fox news yesterday, he was asked about this as well, I'll play his I'll play his response, what he has to say as well, but I'm going to do better this hour of sticking with the time, the time clock here. So as I look here, I don't I'm gonna wait until the next segment. But this is again, the narrative President Trump knew it was deadly and dangerous, and he lied to the American people. You can have a discussion about that. I mean, that's, that's those are. Her questions are not necessarily fair, but it's a fair way it's a fair question to ask. It's a fair question to ask what what do you mean by downplay? Do you mean lie about it? Or do you mean to? You know, if you're taking precautions again, what was the average American supposed to do on February 7? I guess that's that's the question. What was the average American if Trump came out and said, folks, buckle up because we're about to go through living hell never seen anything like this. What's coming our way? What What were we supposed to do? And how would that have benefited anybody? Remember back on February 7, we really had no idea I really had no idea that it would even come to the United States. We thought that we could we were still at the point where we were, you know, trying to isolate and and do you know, contact tracing and all that sort of stuff. We thought we can keep it from spreading rapidly, as it as it has, we thought that we could, we thought that we could stop it. Right? Remember, there are people on the cruise ship and all this sort of stuff. They wouldn't let the cruise ship basically dock anywhere and it had to float out at sea for a good while. And there were people that were flown back, I think to the United States, some people had traveled back and then they found out that they had it. They tried to track them down and grab everyone that had contact with them and test them and put them in quarantine and all this sort of stuff. So we were still at the point of trying to stop it from really taking root in this country, even even into early March when some of these other recordings with Bob Woodward took place. And so again, when you say downplay it, what does that mean? It's not as though at that particular point in time. We did not know that it would spread like it had spread We were hoping I mean, you could have guessed that that was certainly a possibility. But it wasn't, you know, where we were in late March, early April where we knew that, you know, this thing's, you know, the cats out of the bag here, we've got to, we got to do something else. And that's where we get all these, you know, government imposed shutdowns and so forth. But I don't want to get into that path I want to stay on. Really, what were we supposed to do at that particular point in time? And what what could what would Trump have said, What should he have said? You know, you could say he's maintained the downplaying attitude throughout the pandemic. And again, these are these are fair questions to ask. But the the accusatory tone, and and the starting premise that Trump wants Americans to die and he doesn't care because he thinks it's gonna somehow help him win reelection. I just that is doesn't that doesn't that doesn't stand up to We know that doesn't stand up to the facts or to reality, even if that's what Trump's intentions were, if that's really what his heart desired, there's no way that he was ever going to get there because again, this isn't something that happened behind closed doors or in a compound and Bin Ghazi that you could, you know, lie to people about what actually transpired. This is something that's happening all around American communities. People have gotten sick people have gone to the hospital, people have been on ventilators, people have died of this people have died alone of this and really sad, awful atrocious stories. But the notion that this is somehow going to help Trump by his downplaying and I don't know that that really adds up. You can say you could you could even say that he made the wrong judgment. I'm just I'm being you know, as flexible as I can hear. I'm not saying that these are the right judgments. I'm just saying you can say all those things, but to say He's He's sought out to, you know, make it look like this was no big deal and didn't care that, you know, X number of Americans died seems to be a it's outlandish. It's outlandish, so want to play what Dr. Fauci says as well. I'm gonna take a break. Do that after the break. Dr. Fauci sit tight back in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So We have Dr. Fauci, Dr. Fat it's, it's remarkable to me and this and fairness happens on both sides of the both sides of the aisle here. But it's remarkable to me when Fauci says something that you know, one particular side likes and I feel like this happens more with the left, but I think it's probably fair to say it happens both ways. I, I try to be fair around here, but when Fauci says something that's, you know, bad about Trump or whatever, something that he's, you know, if he's sitting there shaking his head at something Trump says or whatever, then he's, he's the greatest doctor in the history of doctors this guy is is to be praised and adored by the masses. This guy needs to probably have a holiday named after him statues erected of him in probably in places where they're pulling down The other statues probably put up a Fauci statue. Right? I mean, this is the way but he says, This is what's done. If he says something that is favorable to Trump, if he says something that says, hey, President Trump has actually done a good job leading this suddenly it's like this guy Fauci is such a rant. I can't believe you would actually say this about this guy, Trump. He's in Trump's, you know, he Trump, he must be in Trump's pocket or something's gotta be going on there. And on and on. This goes on and on. This goes so but I want to play this back to Fauci was on with john roberts yesterday talking about Coronavirus. Well, I'm sorry, talking specifically about President Trump's response to Coronavirus. And, even more specifically, Trump's the the audio the audio exchange between Bob Woodward and President Trump On these so called Trump tapes, or the Woodward tapes or whatever they call these things. So I want you to hear this exchange because again, the left not gonna like this because Fauci has some some good things to say here about President Trump Listen, as force members with the president, we're talking about the reality of what was going on. And then when we would get up in front of the press conferences, which were very, very common after our discussions with the president. He really didn't say anything different than we discussed when we were with him. So it may not be tuned in to the right thing that they're talking about. But I didn't really see any discrepancies between what he told us and what we told him and what he ultimately came out publicly and said, So did you get it? Okay, pause. I didn't set that up very well. So the question was, Hey, is President Trump basically downplaying this meaning is he is he having discussions with you behind the scenes and Then, once he gets out in front of the public kind of saying something altogether different downplaying it. And in fact, he says no, I pretty much what he said to me behind the scenes, so to speak is the same things he would say, in public. You know, there was a time not too long ago, there was a phrase a catchphrase, and I guess it's still, I don't buy taught a catchphrase, but it's a trend or it's a term I guess you could say catchphrase, but something that people would say that was important about leaders in businesses was transparency. Gotta be transparent. We don't want someone who is, you know, opaque, someone who's not really showing us their true motivations, feelings and so forth hiding the real, the real reasons why they're doing something instead, we want someone to be transparent. We want them to have nothing to hide. We want them to have the equivalent of a glass desk in their office, you know, clean top, you can see underneath there's nothing Hidden. We don't want to have scenarios whereby we can't really know what's going on transparency, transparency, transparency, which is what President, which is what President Trump thought you just said President Trump without using the word transparent. President Trump has been transparent on Coronavirus. So with that being said, let's go back to this. This exchange between john roberts of Fox News and Dr. Fauci instead, he was or wasn't playing this down. No, no, no, I didn't. I didn't get any sense that he was distorting anything. I mean, in my discussions with him, they will always straightforward about the concerns that we had. We related that to him, and when he would go out and I'd hear him discussing the same sort of things, he would often say we just got through with a briefing with the the group from the task force and would talk about it so no, it may have happened but I I have not seen that kind of distortion. So So back in February accorded passport. Okay, so Fauci hadn't seen it. Fauci says, Look, I may be, you know, not necessarily aware of the specific allegations or what they're specifically referencing in these tapes. Right again, the Woodward tapes, the Trump tapes, but from my experience, Fauci says, what Trump and I talked about when the cameras were not on, were the same things that I heard President Trump, by and large, saying when the cameras were on, he wasn't trying to deceive and mislead or downplay he, it was the same discussion. So I don't know really, in a sense what you are what Bob Woodward are even talking about, because this is simply not my experience. Simply not my experience, and I can hear almost a collective gasp if I listen carefully here this morning. The media gasping Why didn't he? Why didn't he simply tell us the truth? Why is Fauci lying to us? We know that this is president. This is what President Trump did. We know it, just like you. What was it the the the article that I saw written by who wrote the article, I can't think of what it was yesterday or the day or earlier this week, or maybe late last week. It was earlier this week, probably Tuesday. I referenced an article that said we all know what's true present. We know President Trump says bad things about our military. We know President Trump thinks that people who died in battle soldiers, sailors, those who stood in harm's way to fight for well for freedom in Europe, or whatever, whatever the causes to defend this country. We know President Trump thinks that they're suckers and losers. That What they, you know, if they were killed or captured? We all know that's true. That's the that's the article. Same thing here. Same thing here. We all know, the left. This is what the left says, I'm not agreeing with these things. By the way, I'm telling you how they present it. We all know what's true. We know President Trump was trying to downplay this. We know President Trump didn't take this seriously. Although you listen to what he said, and then you're stuck with Well, it he knows it's serious, but he didn't care. He didn't care enough to tell the American people he wanted. He wanted to lie to the people so that, I guess so that more people would contract COVID and die, because that would help him politically. Is that what they mean? What does this even mean? What do they think happened here? This doesn't make any sense strategically. Good. If you look at the timeline, again, I've said this several times. I'll say it again, but it is if you look at the timeline, what we knew at the time, Trump actually was taking more aggressive steps than the so called experts wanted him to take because they didn't think it was necessary. That's why the travel ban the China was called xenophobic, unnecessary. Probably even irrational, probably possibly even anti science. There's probably somewhere out there if you search the internet long enough that they probably said stuff like that. But that's how this is done and then there's no repercussions. There's no, there's no apology issued. Wow, I was really wrong. When I said that President Trump really missed the mark there. You were right. I was wrong. That's not what happens. They move on to the next thing, and what sticks in your mind and the mind of listeners and viewers or people who watch this nonsense transpire every day. What sticks in our minds is that, hey, we had a situation. We have a president that's always in the midst of controversy. It's one thing to another but when you go back and you look at the one thing that happened before the latest thing, you start to look at it you think Well, that's really not what they told us it was, well, that's not really what they told us it was either come to think of it, that is an either same thing. When I look at these lists of 20,000, or whatever it is 25,000 Trump lies since taking office. You start looking at the list of lies and you think that's not even a lie. That's a it's an opinion, it can be a delusional opinion that someone can say it's a delusional opinion that President Trump has, you know, I'm the greatest president ever. Maybe he says, maybe so stuff like that, okay. I mean, there's reasons for this. To go the media it's to, is to double down is to is to be strong. It's not to accept their narrative, all this sort of stuff. It's just the way that he talks and presents himself and thinks and moves forward. It's just the way that he is. And there's something that that's really, to me, kind of appealing about that. We're gonna beat this. This is great. You know, greatest economy ever greatest decision ever greatest whatever. It's good. It's good to finally have a guy in office that makes us feel good about being American to believe in it to have this positive outlook, optimism, belief in the American people the way that we live our system of government. But But that's not the way some Look at this. They think instead, they get to portray this guy as some reckless lunatic who doesn't care about the lives of American citizens and that friends, this just that I I don't accept that. You can say he made a bad judgment, you can say that he should have said more, you know, told the American people more about something I'd be willing to entertain all that but to say that he deliberately lied for what purpose that I guess that's my question for what purpose? Fauci said it wasn't happening. So they'll discard his so called media testimony immediately and Find someone else who's going to take us further down the rabbit hole of anti Trump. And that's the way the game is played and it's not going to stop. It's only going to get worse, especially as we get into the meat of the election or the the campaign. So, quick timeout. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. 

Welcome back, so President Trump was also on hannity last night, answering some questions which I'll get to I can't do it this segment. So I'm going to make sure we we get out of this one on time. And then and then we will listen to it's a bit of a longer discussion. So I will as There's something I need to know. Okay, I see hands hands, the hands going up in the air by eyes usually means it's time to take a break. I sense that there's frustration and something she's doing over there. Said differ a little bit different hand gesture than normal. But I wasn't sure if she was telling me it's time to take a break. But we'll play Trump's discussion with hannity. It's a little bit. It's a couple minutes long. I mean, it's, I think the full clip I have like eight minutes, but I just want you to hear some of it and I want you to hear how he's responding to this. How he's trying to get out in front of this. I mean, there's, you know, we're at election time, it These things need to be addressed and dealt with obviously, regardless but now that we are in, in an election season, this is even more more important. So Bynes out there as well trying to take advantage of this by saying that they're saying that, you know, basically Trump downplayed this fact he said he knew and purposely played it down and worse, he lied to the American people. He knowingly and willingly lied about the threat posed to the country. For months. He lied. He lied and people died. That's that's the way that this is done. Just like back in 2012. Biden said, Osama died and gmms alive remember that that was the that was the the theme going into the convention back and actually it might have been on this very day. It was right around this time. might have been this very day for all I know when Biden said that, that the republican rcma that didn't help. She was At the Democratic National Convention back in 2012. And then of course, Ben Ghazi happened on September 11. So that was a day or two within a week or so of the convention whenever that was so that being said, I'm gonna take a break, come back and want to play a little bit this this conversation Trump had with hannity last night, explaining really from his perspective what's going on what he, what he meant, what he was thinking, that sort of stuff. We'll do that after the break. Sit tight, be back in the back in just a minute. 

All right, welcome back. I told you I play a bit of this conversation President Trump had with Sean Hannity last night I want to play this hannity setting up the interview asking Trump about is about the Woodward book and just this this conversation in general so take a listen to this 10 days after the first identified case, 10 days you put the travel ban in effect and it was a subsequent ban the first quarantine and over 5050 years. He said it was hysterical xenophobia and fear mongering on your part. Two and a half months later, he reversed himself at least according to a campaign that that was Biden. Why? What do you believe that one decision at 10 days after the first case in America? What impact did that have? And what were you saying to Bob Woodward? Well, first of all on the book, Woodward book on the book itself, he called he I didn't participate in his last one and he does hit you up. So with everybody, he even did it on Obama. But the constant hit jobs on Bush, I guess they did three books. They were all terrible. So I figured, you know, let's just give it a little shot. I'll speak to him. That wasn't a big deal. I speak to him. And let's see, I don't know if the book is good or bad. I have no idea. Probably. almost definitely. Well read it because I don't have time to read it. But I gave it a little bit of a shot. Sounds like it's not gonna be good. But if you look at what I said today, I said don't panic. We don't want to be jumping up and down and going wild. Don't panic me cheerleader for this country. And I don't want to szczepanik and I don't what Matt said was fantastic, because we would have lost 2,000,002 and a half million lives, instead of the number we're talking about anything above one is no good. It's no good. We can't have it. It was China's fault. They sent this to us, and it's no good, but I thought I'd give the bob woodward some time. I gave him some time. But as usual with the books, he writes, that didn't work out too well, perhaps I don't know. Maybe it was maybe it's good. Who knows. But as far as the timing is concerned, I did something very important. As you know, at the end of January, I banned, I banned China because the people from China because they were heavily infected. And I had a lot of people including Dr. Fauci and I don't say that with disrespect as it's really what he believed, but a lot of people believe that, that we shouldn't ban and it was no reason to ban them. And Biden was going around for many, many weeks after that saying it's not even going to be a problem you covered it incredibly, actually caught rove covered that incredibly Tonight, and just incredibly actually, and they were all going around no problem. No problem, everybody, practically everybody, nobody had any idea would be as violent as it turned out to be. And we studied it, we understand it now we're opening up. But we could have lost 2,000,002 and a half million maybe even more than that if we did it a different way. And we've done a really good job. But if you look at our numbers, our fatality numbers compared to other countries, we're in we're in really, I mean, it's amazing what we've done. We've been able to do something that a country especially with the kind of size we're dealing with, we've done an incredible job. I watched your your press conference today and and the general tone of the questioning was that you misled the country because you told bob woodward on February 7. Hey, this looks like it's going to be five times as as bad is a normal flu virus. I think most Americans may not even know that they're a year. With the influenza virus that we lose 10s of thousands of Americans, it's not uncommon. And but your actions just seven days earlier, where you put a travel ban in effect, and the quarantine in effect, again, hasn't been done in 15 years. So actions mean something and you taking it seriously was very clear then. And then when you said, Well, I don't want people to panic. They say, well, you must have been downplaying it. Wouldn't your actions contradict that narrative? Yeah, absolutely. And if you look at we've had flu years where we lost 7080 and 90,000 people, people don't realize that. But if you look that and multiply that times five, it's actually more than we lost that we could have lost 2,000,002 and a half million, as Matt said, if we did it a different way. But what I want to show is I want to show a communist I'm the leader of the country, I can't be jumping up and down and scaring people. I don't want to scare people. I want people not to panic. And that exactly what I did. And if you look at the represent those of Joe Biden, you see what they were saying they said, no problem, this won't be a problem. He didn't think it was gonna be a problem until months later. He was way late Pelosi was way, way late. And I was at the end of January far ahead of everybody because I did something nobody wanted me to do. Nobody wanted me to do the ban on China. And then as you know, shortly thereafter, I did a ban on Europe. Alright, so you get the idea. I'm running out of time here. But so but but he's right. I mean, I know that from you know, the revisionists among us, those who want us to view history through the lens of Trump was atrocious. They're gonna make sure that we forget this But Trump was I know that this is not I you know, with as much hatred and as much Trump has been blamed for things related to Coronavirus. I know that people are not going to want to accept this. But the truth is, is that Trump was ahead of where people were saying where the so called experts were at the time. Back in January back in mid February, Trump was ahead of what was being told he was definitely hear the head of Joe Biden. As far as responding to COVID he was definitely ahead of Nancy Pelosi speaker of the house. He was definitely ahead of Bill deblasio, Mayor of New York City where the Coronavirus hit has hit remarkably hard. You could say the worst place that's I don't know if that's true necessarily now but it in one localized area. I think it's absolutely true. New York City was was hit incredibly incredibly hard and the mayor was was down that's what downplaying it, downplaying it was what we saw happening with the way Pelosi talked about it the way that de Blasio talked about it the way that Who am I forgetting here? Anyway, forgetting the other other individual Pelosi Biden and de Blasio, I say those three. Anyway, I'm looking at the timer, it's time to take a break. Come back and wrap up for the day. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute. 

Welcome back. So, again, do you. I listened as I was thinking during the break here of Trump, Trump saying that he didn't want people to panic. That's what a leader, a leader, a leader has to think about those things a leader has to stay calm. A leader has to you know, deliver the truth make people aware, which again, it's the evidence is there that he did that but you Do you have to counterbalance that with you know, you, you just don't want to start panicking. Now I, I guess I guess as I was thinking about this, maybe the left does want that for later. Because I think that is kind of what they do everything is is, I guess the end of the world for them, we have 10 years to act before the planets destroyed. Right? I mean, back in the 80s. It was, we were one breath away from nuclear holocaust because President Reagan was at the helm. We take your pick, I mean, between climate change between whatever issue it is of the day, this is the way that is portrayed, maybe they do want panic from their leaders. I know the leaders want panic amongst the people so that they can assume more power and control and authority but anyway, that's not the way true leadership works. I've got to go guys, have a great day. Thanks for listening. SDG See you soon. Take care