Remember 9/11 & Biden Tries to Laugh off Slow Joe | September 11, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to Domo conservative, not bitter, not bitter talk. I tell you what not bitter, is something that stands out boldly in today's landscape. So it's good to be here. Thank you for joining us email. As always Todd at Todd of slash The Todd Huff Show should you want to watch the program, live or on demand? there and find out that yes, I do, in fact have a face for radio. Well, as long as Facebook lets us keep that up anyway. So that's where we are good to be here. Thank you for joining us. You know, I want to talk about a couple things today, Today is September 11. And every every year, I try to at least spend some time talking about this day, and just what it means, I think to most to most proud Americans. And, you know, I want to take a moment to I guess, do that I was going to do this a little bit later, but I just kind of feel like it's appropriate to do on the top and there's a reason number one, it's something that we should always make sure that we remember, you remember for those of you who were old enough to understand what was happening as much as we can understand what was happening on 911 for those of you that were adults or aware of, you know, things that were going on why they were happening again, as much as we can understand those acts of evil. But we understood that you know, what we were facing it took it took a little bit of time to maybe wrap our heads around the amount of hate some people, you know, I think refused to see that we were in the crosshairs of extreme radical Islamic terrorism. I think people for a long time failed to understand just how serious the threat what happened was, how deeply the how deep, the hatred ran for this nation. For the people of this nation, it didn't matter if the person an individual was directly responsible for anything that upset these radical Islamic terrorists. It didn't make any bit of a difference to them. They viewed anyone who wasn't effectively part of you know, they didn't, anyone who didn't accept or adhere to their political system, their political slash religious system. It's one thing for these radical Islamic terrorists. A lot of folks did not understand how deep that hatred was the source of that hatred. And I would say today, people still don't know it's a different world and the sense after 911 this nation rallied together in ways that I don't think that has been matched in my life. lifetime. And I'm not sure that it will. Unfortunately, it takes something as tragic and as devastating and as just gut wrenching as as an, you know, as a 911 event, and I'm kind of talking about this day because we've actually got some, some some younger team members here on our program and it's, you know, talking with them, and realizing they're sharp Don't misunderstand, but they weren't. They weren't. They were tiny. When this happened. They were. I don't even think either one of them were in school. You think about that. So 19 years ago now 19 years ago that we're looking at what's happened, and a lot of people have a lot of people who may be voting now have no recollection really of what happened on 911. They don't realize Is to its true to its its full. They don't fully realize how big of a change happened on that day. You know, I told one of them yesterday that imagine in 20 years you're talking to someone about and I don't know if this is a Please don't misunderstand but something as as dramatic as the way that we've responded to COVID you know, now we're wearing masks and unless you're Nancy Pelosi, you don't have to wear a mask. You can get special treatments if you're attending a funeral of a democrat candidate you get to you know, get special privileges if you are a Hollywood leftist go in New York City for whatever was the what was the some one of the awards events, I don't even keep track of those stupid things. But if you're one of those folks, you can have special treatment. It's just it's just like big government. The way the big government works is why socialism there's actually creates a wider range of inequalities between people. The haves become a smaller group the have nots become a bigger group. The people with privilege they talk about white privilege in this nation. today. You're privileged because you look I'm privileged, I am privileged because I am, I am an American. I am privileged because of what this nation what the people that went before me did for this nation, the sacrifices they made the truth that they embraced, the acts of sacrifice that they endured, that they that they willingly took. those are those are the reasons why I am privileged today, and anyone who calls himself or herself American. None of this comes across as really harsh to some people because they think Well, some people have difficult circumstances and I'm like, glossing over that I'm saying we are all blessed by being born in this nation, this nation transformed, transformed life on this planet transformed it, folks, and radical ways, are now citizens and not subjects were free. We are. I mean, granted, we had people attacking this constantly. We have one political party who's focused, it's, they're hell bent on eradicating that when we talk about rewriting, you know, kind of re creating America in this new, more loving way as the left does. They talk about it in ways that abandon those, those ideals and principles, that we are in fact, blessed people. And so anyway, talking back, you know, speaking with younger folks, I, you know, can you imagine I said, speaking to someone in 20 years, who had no idea really what COVID was Maybe they grew up thinking that, you know, mask wearing, which is part of everyday life in America forever. Assuming you know that people continue wearing masks who knows what happens with that. But my point is that this is COVID. And the response to COVID. I mean, it's shut down businesses for six months. In places like California, it's hurt the economy in way it's destroyed certain industries. Right. I mean, we've seen and, of course, Congress is still trying to figure out another piece of legislation here which of courses, I don't want to get into that at the moment. I just simply want to say the democrats want to make it look as political as possible so as to keep to say republicans don't care enough to do enough for the American people. That appears to me that Democrats are prepared to write a blank check for untold trillions of dollars here. But anyway, to think that, to think that in 20 years Say the 20 to 25 year old, you know, can relate to 911. And that sense that they imagine when you're in your 40s and you are talking about COVID and how it changed the world, how it changed the world, the way that this nation operated, at least for some period of time, and some, some person comes along and they have no idea what you're really even talking about. You know, that's for those of us that were live before 911 experienced 911 we experienced kind of an awakening of sorts we drew together in this nation, and we fought an enemy. You could question some of the actions taken whether we should have gone to certain wars, but we absolutely had to eradicate these these terrorists which we in large part have done. But this this anger, this hatred, still foments against the United States, amongst the radical Islamic terrorists, but it's it's film in and elsewhere as well. I think that there's a deep and profound hatred for this country that comes from the leadership of the Democrat Party. This nation has found that it's this you know, Islamic terrorists hate this nation as founded. They hate what this nation was built upon and stands for it is the antithesis of their political worldview, their religious slash political worldview, and they believe they are completely justified in taking the lives of people on 911 or at anytime thereafter or before because they're on some sort of a religious mission directed by God and make no Allah make no mistake about it. By the way, make no mistake, they are waging religious war against us and still is being waged, although they had been beaten back tremendously, since 911. And in particular, since President Trump because we had a new enemy arise, say a new house a new enemy, a better new type of enemy arise with ISIS. ISIS actually had taken territory under the Obama regime, taking territory basically, in places like Syria and Iraq, and it took President Trump to come in and eradicate that as well to take back the land that they had, that they had occupied. They had basically claimed for themselves. And so this battle still is being waged. And there's always, you know, activities in the shadows. This is how they are trained to act is not unlike the radical Marxists. Which again, to remind you Black Lives Matter is run by to at least two maybe three radical, probably three, now that I say that radical trained Marxist, they're trained in techniques and strategies to cause havoc, even if it's covert, even if it's not in the limelight even if it's not something that we can readily see before our very eyes, the battle still is being waged. The hatred still rages. And it's crazy here on 911. We have so much hatred and anger and so forth for this nation. I think back to this date on 2001, and there was anything but that anything but that this nation came together, this nation unified. I remember for a short period of time, George W. Bush's approval numbers were I mean, I think they were in the 80s or some some such number. I mean, it was remarkable people realized the level of the threat that we faced, and that we had to do something about it, and we had to do it together. And the idea that politics ended at the water's edge, which is a course a historical truth in this nation is Not so much today. In everything's political today back then. Back then we actually realized, you know what, we better figure this out and work together. Now that didn't last long, because of how the democrats try to divide and conquer, but it did. It was the case for some time. And so we should remember now they're not going to have ceremonies on ground zero today, there will be for family only, but they're not reading the names. They're not reading the names. There's going to be a pre recorded reading of the names. But I always watched this, that this was something that, you know, I think everybody would watch at least a portion of I've been to Ground Zero since 911. And it is a sobering place. I remember the first I've only been in New York City once. And it was finally four years ago this week. And I remember I took the train from DC and I remember the first time I saw the Freedom Tower, out the window, the train As we were approaching New York City, probably I guess in New Jersey at that point I looked out the window I didn't know you'd even be able to see this the the skyline from from where I was coming I you know, had never been there before. And I remember seeing that for the first time. That huge tower in the distance and I immediately folks mmediately teared up. It's just like, you just remember all that you remember watching it on television, you remember seeing, you know, the devastation the the just awful effects of that day. And it sticks with you and I know it sticks with you, as well. You probably remember exactly where you were. When you got news that the World Trade Towers were under attack. I remember I was starting a new job. Actually, it was probably my second or third week I was in training. I was heading downtown to Indianapolis. I was actually passing the airport Indianapolis on 71. I heard First the reports were a small plane crash into the towers and then somewhere along the way a second plane and when you hear the second plane crash into the tower, you knew something's going on right? The first one you think, man, what happened is somebody you know, it was it some tragic, just pilot error was or equipment malfunction. I you know, everyone's trying to gather information but when there's a second one and when you saw the video, of course, and you saw it was a large passenger jet. It all began to be crystal clear that this was intentional being orchestrated by someone, someone that had deep deep hatred for this nation, and what it stood for. And so we remember this today, we remember the fallen, we remember those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center. We remember those heroes aboard flight 93, who took control of an aircraft that we understand we believe was in route We know to Washington DC we believe the Capitol building or possibly the White House was the target. Those brave men and women took control that aircraft and it never reached its destination. We remember those in the Pentagon, Pentagon, those folks who were there doing the work to defend this nation, when they were suddenly and unexpectedly attacked by another aircraft on that fateful morning, September 11 2001. And so I know they don't have the ceremonies today because of COVID. It's just the intersection of these two these of these two major events COVID, and how the world has responded 911 and the importance of that, as we remember our history on this 19th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. And we just want to take a moment to remember those those who died on this day, those who Those who wrote who offered themselves to fight for this nation on that day or soon after, because of what happened. And those who have been on the frontlines fighting the war on terror ever since and whatever capacity that looks like whether it is on the front lines or in the Pentagon or wherever else, these things take place. We've made great progress on that. But it's a in many ways. It's an invisible enemy that's hard to pin down. It's like jello to the wall. They're deliberately hard to identify, and to isolate and to target because they know that they can't match us that they can't match the power of the US toe to toe. They've got to do things in other ways to give themselves opportunities to wreak havoc on this nation and other free peoples around the world. So may we never forget 911 May we never forget this day. 19 years ago, I'm going to take a break. When we come back, we're going to shift gears talk a little bit about Joe Biden, Joe Biden trying to undo the hash tag or the the position that the slogan slow Joe. He's not doing a very good job of that. We'll talk about that get into politics here. The rest of the show. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, I want to make an executive decision here. I told you we're gonna talk about Biden this segment and we will talk about Biden and how he's been trying to overcome this hashtag slow, Joe or You know, this is I don't know, his his mental condition. I guess he's trying to laugh this off and he just doesn't pull it off, folks. I mean, it actually, it actually makes it worse and I don't want to look, I don't feel comfortable. We'll talk about it but I don't feel comfortable in it. This isn't me jumping up for joy about this, this I, I wonder what exactly is wrong with Joe Biden, but I do know that it raises definite questions as to whether this guy should be anywhere near the Oval Office, even political ideology aside, putting that aside, which is terrible. It's just there's a lot of problems. But I want to go back to this as I was thinking here during the break about, about this, I love this country. I love this nation. I was raised to love this nation. I don't understand why more people are not raised to love this nation. I think that this nation, is the brightest beacon of light and the hope This world has ever seen. When you look at the, what this place is what it was built upon the truths upon which it was established. I find myself puzzled sometimes at the level of hatred. I mean, I also understand there's different types of folks. There's folks who try to intentionally, I guess, confuse us on what this nation is because they don't want us to like it and embrace it because they want they envision a different system of government. They like to have more power and authority. They don't like it. A lot of these folks enjoy the darkness. And I'll tell you, this nation is a shining city on a hill now. The founders made a mistake. I've made this abundantly clear I, I said this back in college before this was in Vogue, I remember thinking back then, as I had these discussions with people, the founders, really made some bad they made some bad mistakes with the way that they handled them. They embrace the evil with slavery. That's what they did. And so, but that's that is where that ends. There's not a systemic problem that exists today. This nation is, again, a bright and shiny, shining city on a hill. And so it's just remarkable to me is I see the hatred. I remember you remember 19 years ago when when everybody everybody had flags on their cars, bumper stickers or, you know, I had a little window sticker of the flag on my, on my driver's side window. Everybody was proud, flag up, flag waving Americans, they were and now we've abandoned that you think that's been 19 years. That's not that Long, depending upon your, I guess, perspective at this moment in time, but that's not that long. Yeah, we've seen changes quicker than that. I mean, I think that the, the rate at which we're seeing hatred for this nation is founded on an accelerated rate. People are believing that it's, you know, evil and systemically flawed at a rate that they've never done before. And I think that that's, that's really sad. And it's unfortunate. Because I look at the landscape of the world, I think, what would this what would this planet look like without the United States of America? And there are some those who hate the hate this nation that would say it'd be better place it'd be a better place. Oh, my friends. That's dramatically overstated. That's absolutely wrong. This world is a better place because The United States and again, it's not because of, I mean, it's because of us in the sense that we demand these things that we stand up for these things that we ensure that Liberty passes on to the next generation. But it's not because of our genetic superiority. It's not because of anything, personally, about us, per se, other than what I just mentioned. It's not we're not more qualified or more worthy of these blessings than someone else. Someone else living under a tyrannical regime right now a dictatorship or what have you. They're just as worthy as we are. We just have the blessings of those that have gone before us that have set the wheels of liberty in motion. And so here we are, on this special day and again, I know I'm, I'm gonna get to Biden, but I just I, I see the hatred, I see the burning of the flag I see. Which again, I'm not saying you know, free speech, whatever, but have that desire in your heart to kneel for the anthem? And then tell me Well, it's not because of that. didn't watch a second of this stupid NFL game. So I don't know if anyone knew don't don't care. Don't know if they kneel or whatever they did or what but, you know, that's that's where this has come. In fact, in the NBA, it's news if you stand up for the anthem, Now, think about that for a minute, a couple of years ago. That's what I mean that the rate at which we see a deterioration of American I guess, pride, and how quickly is accelerated to hating this nation. Now it's it's news, if you stand during the anthem a couple of years ago, people were asking, should the NFL allow players to kneel during the anthem? I'm not I'm waiting for them to say should they allow players to stand for the anthem? So it's, it's perplexing on a logical level, on another level, we know What we're dealing with here, we understand who these folks are, that don't, like America is founded, there's a couple of different types, some who don't understand the beauty of what it is, or the, you know, they don't have any I don't know if they don't stop and think about the atrocities that have been committed in other governments that and just the abuses and the tyranny and the poverty and the just abject failures of these governments under the name of socialism, or communism, or some other totalitarian big government sort of on a monarchy or whatever, compared to what we have here. It's not even close, but yet they find fault. And this is not perfect. But I will tell you, this side of Heaven is as good as we're gonna get. It's a darn good system that's built on some very fundamentally true and very important principles. So I hope even, you know, a day like this could be a day that maybe slaps someone up the side of the head who's been fomenting hatred for this nation. But then again, other people who they may also believe that we deserved, some of these folks are insane that we deserved. What happened on 911. But this nation, folks, this nation is a shining city on a hill, it is a place of hope it is a place of goodness, and the world would be a much, much, much worse place. Without this great nation, we are blessed and fortunate and privileged, regardless of our race, gender, ethnicity, religion, creed, what have you, to be a part of this nation to call ourselves American. And I call myself an American each and every day with pride. But on a day like this, that even has a little bit more of an emotional impact and meaning to me, given what this nation endured, and given what heroes did on this day and following this day, in our fight against terrorism, so next segment, I promise we'll get to Biden quick timeout. You're listening To conservative, not bitter Talk, I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, want to shift gears gears here again, this is the 90 day anniversary of 911. But we have an election coming up too. And I want to shift gears and talk about this. Joe Biden out there he's on what is he on CNN, I guess this was just yesterday. being socially distance, I mean, it's extreme. I'm looking at the picture here. This is, I mean, we're talking about a 10 feet apart, sitting in chairs. It looks like what are they in a garage, this Biden's basement now that I'm looking at this? I don't know. There's a pickup truck back in the background. One of my I guess this is one of those staged events. He's out there talking about how he's going to help American jobs or whatever. But anyway, he's sitting down talking with CNN here. And he's trying to dispel, he's trying to dispel the narrative that he has some sort of cognitive decline. Now look, I've said this before I take no pleasure. And this I don't like talking about this. I'm just going to be candid with you. I don't like it. If, as I suspect there is something going on with Joe Biden, it's really it's really sad. I don't know if I don't know if no one cares. I don't know if they've just calculated the cost. And they realized, look, this is our only chance to win this and to stop Trump. So let's just do whatever we have to do. I don't know. But I know that there are certainly fair questions to ask about this. But I take no pleasure in this. But he's trying to dispel this right and we're in an election and when you're a politician when you're someone you know Trying to, you know, grow government or push your ideas on the American people. I mean, you these are these are critically important things and so you become a target and so he's he's gonna have to deal with the truth or the reality or the questions surrounding some of the statements he's made that are more than gaffs. Some of these things are much, much more than gaffs. These things are incoherent. They don't make any sense. You can't remember what the Declaration of Independence is, you know, the thing, whatever these these lists of gaffs are, but he's trying to dispel this. And this is important, I think, to set up. He's trying to dispel the notion that he's not slow Joe, as some have been apparently calling him so his reaction here. Listen, he loses his train of thought here as he's trying to explain why he's not slow Joe and how this is so obvious that he's not slow. Joe. So he's trying to do this. And he quite literally loses his train of thought this by the way, he does this regularly. If you hear him out on the campaign trail or during an interview, and interview where he doesn't have his teleprompter there to help him with answering questions. If you hear him, say, I just I better not say that I shouldn't get into it. or something along those lines. I better watch myself. He's trained himself to when he loses his train of thought to say that. Now that happens to anybody that's even happened to this well trained host of your program. But it can't happen every time. You look around every time you go out and it's becoming close to that. So listen to this really quickly. Biden explaining why he's not slow, Joe. Just look at us. Well Just look at us who seems to be in shape who's able to move around? Who's I mean this idea of, you know, slow Joe. I, anyway, I shouldn't laugh about it because anyway, Donald Trump, just look at us both watch us and determine whether or not you think I'm misleading anyone, not you personally but the public. You know, look at me judge me based on I know what Yeah, we are. That's the problem. That's the that's the problem. We are watching. Joe, Mr. Biden, that is the problem former vice president. We are watching. We see things like this. In fact, if you saw the video, you can tell he gets he gets visibly shaken. He takes his finger and kind of scratches a temple looks kind of looks down to the ground. He Trying to laugh they probably instructed him to laugh You know Joe if they call you slow Joe get up here and just just start laughing all right I'm slow Joe What do you know here we go again trying to hit his Reagan moment or something from the 1980 primaries and debates and so forth not primaries but the debate season and the general election with with with his opponents but it's it's it's just remarkable that they that they let this go on that's a remarkable that they air this and this was Jake Tapper, I think was interviewing him staying at least 10 feet away. At least 10 feet away from Joe Biden here. Socially distance. Looks like maybe in Biden's basement But anyway, it's not in Biden's basement. He's out in I think he's in Michigan or somewhere which by the way, am I he saw that in a on a teleprompter somewhere. He was talking about the number of COVID deaths in Michigan. That's what am i stands for. He said military it's another thing There's a list of things and again, these things can happen. Anybody believe me? I know, some people you may be listening to this and you think, man, I don't I don't get I don't see that. Well, I can tell you that. For those that speak a lot, and he speaks more than I do. I speak, I think we've calculated 12 to 14,000 words in our two hour program on average, I think is what it is. But they speak more than that. And when you do that every day, I think I speak I think based upon studies, I speak more words than the average man speaks all day. In our, during our program. I think I speak to gonna take some people off but based upon science, and you can just tell me what the study say. I speak about the same number of words in a program, maybe not even quite as many as, as females speak in a day. So men speak a fraction of what women speak, but I speak that in this two hour program more than men do all day in many instances and about the same or around the same as as women. But the point is, the more you speak, the more you speak, the more you're going to have moments like like this, but not this many. It can't be so. So disproportionate. And it is clearly with Joe Biden. It's off the charts. It's every time he goes out. And it's not just stumbling. It's literally forgetting what he was saying one second before. And there's questions that need to be asked about that. And I get I don't take pleasure in saying that it makes me it makes me uncomfortable. I don't I don't want anything bad to be the case here. But it is something that we need to be aware of and not pretend as some some joke. And I do think we should compare him and his mental state and his, whatever his health or whatever you want to look at hair specifically to to Trump. Let's do that. Let's watch them when they're on the debate stage here in a couple weeks. Let's Just see what happens. Anyway, go take a timeout, listening to Todd Huff here on concert with conservative, not bitter talk radio back in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, about a month or so ago, Biden was kind of doing the same thing he was on. What is this? I don't know where he was here, but some other television interview defending his, his fitness and this is what he said, we just listened to this. And by the way, as I joke with him, you know, I shouldn't say I'm going to say something I don't I probably should say, anyway, I am. I am very willing to let the American public judge my physical mental filter, my physical as well as my mental filter. fitness and to, you know, to make a judgment about who I am and what what state of affairs I have, what kind of physical shape I'm in, what kind of mental shape I'm in. Okay, that's not making the case that he thinks it is. And again, things happen. I get that. There's fair questions and and they've not been asked. they've not been asked by. They may have been asked, I guess Jake Tapper mentions it in that original soundbite. But it's not it's not really been looked at. It's almost like it's, they know that they have to do it. Because, you know, it's obvious that something needs to be said and so they threw up the softball let him hopefully they cross their fingers that he's going to deal with it appropriately then they move on to something else. They'll tell us that they've looked into this. And it's just Trump trying to trick you into, you know, voting for someone that you don't really want to vote for. It's just a version of Russian interference 2.0. It's fake news. It's interference in our democracy and change the narrative to something along those lines. But these are fair questions, but they've not been addressed. Neither, just like Tara Reid hasn't been addressed, just like hunter Biden hasn't been addressed and buckle up because I have a feeling and we get the Durham report coming out here soon, potentially, as well. But that's all about the change. I mean, this narrative, we're Trump's on the defensive, over COVID, or whatever is going to quickly change as we head to these debates. And as Trump begins to force some of these issues, what she's going to do, which is going to do, take a break, come back and wrap up for the week, folks, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back real quickly, the democrats led by in this case, Trevor Noah, The Daily Show are trying to say they're trying to say that Trump's does the same thing as Biden and they've come up with a little video of gaffes which again watching you should watch it because it's not at all the same thing. It actually is exactly what I was saying last segment but anyway you can look at that on your own time permitting or whatever you want to do you want to check that out but Trevor no also upset I didn't have time to get to this today, but he's also upset about gender reveal parties thinks that you should wait until the child is old enough to determine their gender. I tell you what, some of the state of affairs where we are today, but anyway, I gotta wrap up here. Time is dwindling, quickly fading out. And that's it. The end of this week I will not have our two today there's some things I've got to again as we grow a few things I've got attend to here behind the scenes but never fear you can check out archived episodes The Todd Huff slash Listen, have a great weekend SDG. Take care.