Compton & War on Police | September 14, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host. Todd, that is right. You are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I'm your host Todd Huff hope you had a great weekend out there email Todd at The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for those that want to watch the program live or on demand on Facebook it is it's good to be here. And you know, I set this this Software I have a love hate relationship with the software that streams here enter in the you know you I type in some information into this platform and then I send it out like I it's supposed to go straight to Facebook it erases it. So now there's nothing there because I wanted to talk about the war on police, which we'll still do. I've just lost my hashtags and so forth in the in the post on on Facebook, but there's this wide spread war on police that is way that is raging in this nation. It is raging and it is being waged by. I mean, I think there's different aspects and elements of this. But there is downright hatred for police in This nation and you can make the case this is this has been true for some time but this is being fed and amplified by the media by the radical left. And I'm gonna say this by athletes and I'm not gonna say every athlete, but I'm gonna say enough athletes to wear. This has been this pot has been stirred vigorously by those who want to wear Jacob Blake t shirts and show solidarity for their support of Jacob Blake in spite of all that we know about those circumstances that is what these athletes decide to do and so there was a shooting. You may have seen this. If not, I'll make sure that we get this up on Facebook posted by the LA County sheriff's posted. Let's see if I can tell exactly when this was posted 11:59pm on September 12. And if you haven't seen it, there's a an individual that walks up to a parked patrol car in Los Angeles. walks up from basically point blank range, fires shots in the side window of the patrol car, striking two officers a 31 year old and 24 year old. The officers were then taken to St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood. That's not that's not where the story ends. Unfortunately, that's not where the story ends because he followed this stuff on Twitter. You'll find that the protesters first of all key words there's so many there's so much there's so many despicable components to this story. So you have an individual who feels justified in walking up to a patrol car and shooting two officers at effectively point blank range or very, very close range. Just say that shoots them. And then of course takes off running. Then you see people in the area thinks the Compton Compton i think is technically where this took place. I don't it's just I've seen multiple, multiple reports I've been Believe it or not, I don't know if I've shared this on here before I've been to Compton. That sounds made up that I've that I've been to some little small town Monrovia, Indiana. I have a friend that lives in Compton, great, great guy. Great guy, good friend of mine in college. We went. My wife and I went to his his wedding several, several years ago, we stayed. And with his family in Compton, just a wonderful, tremendous group of people, just lots of stories from that trip but just tremendous people. And so I've seen I've seen Compton up close and personal and there's some definite Of course problems in that part of the country with crime and violence and that sort of thing, but there's also tremendous people that I know some personally so but it's still a very, very rough very, very rough neighborhood are part of, of Los Angeles County, but so you have the incident that takes place and then and then once the once the cops begin recording bonding you have people on the streets with their cell phones recording in fact, I've I've seen one i think i retweeted it last night. If you want to see it, it's on our Twitter page, but there's a guy and it really to me. It feels like it reminds me especially this time of year. It reminds me of those radical Islamic terrorists. And the way that they were celebrating after the fall, or after the towers were struck on 911 by those by those terrorists flying those aircraft. On September 11 2001. There was celebration. There was absolutely celebration amongst radical Islamic terrorist or those who are sympathetic to their cause. celebration dancing in certain places around this world. Cheering clapping that happen. happened on 911 that Trump often gets Trump Trump is criticized because he talks about a group that he saw on television in I believe in New Jersey or somewhere in the New York metro area, celebrating and dancing on the roofs. And of course, there's, there's no footage of this. Trump says he saw it. I don't know. But I mean, it's it's not out of the question, that that sort of behavior took place because that is what we saw from those who are cheering the destruction of this country though. At the time it was radical Islamic terrorists cheering around the world, this individual. This man who was recording police responding to the scene where two officers were shot and at one point in time are both in critical condition I heard this morning that they are expected to now recover both officers. Both officers are At the time, their lives were in jeopardy. Their lives were in question. And so cops were police officers were responding to the scene and people were recording. People recording this on the streets of Compton and one individual and it could be more I just found this one I saw someone retweeted this. I can't play it on here because he uses the N word about 46 times and that may not be an exaggeration. But he he kept talking about it felt like he was cheering it on. Like he was he found this humorous and funny and just kind of they got what they deserved. sort of thinking is what you got from this individual on the streets of Compton. As two cops lay wounded, perhaps it could have been at the time mortally wound Again they've since recovered and it's my understanding they expect them both to survive and and you know fully Well, I don't know long term term damage but they expect the most to to recover. But the time that really, you know, obviously wasn't known and there was a feeling of celebration on top of that. On top of that the feeling of celebration in Los Angeles County, just at the scene of the scene of the shooting. You also had a group of protesters that went to that went to the hospital where they were taking these two officers and people were cheering. We hope they die. They blocked the entrance and the exit of the hospital emergency room. This is again tweeted by the LA County Sheriff's so they blocked the entrance and the exit of the hospital emergency room. Chanting Are you We hope they die. Referring to to LA sheriff's ambushed in Compton. fact the county sheriff's tweeted out do not block emergency entries and exits to the hospital. Should that ever be something that has to be tweeted? Should that ever be something that has to be stated to the general public don't block entries and exits of emergency rooms at hospitals? Folks, the amount of hatred and division that's been stoked here is absolutely reprehensible is absolutely inexcusable. And there is plenty of blame to go around. And the blame I'm going to tell you it goes towards the leftist or goes by, in some cases, the don't take the famous term and useful idiots that further this stupid sort of message. People have now been, in their minds justified, justified to take this sort of action. Remember LeBron James tweeted back in May after I'll get the tweet actually it was it may have been an Instagram post. It may have been an Instagram post. But what was on social media? He made the comment on social media. He made the statement. He wrote this on social media that police are literally hunting black men down in the streets every day. That's what he said, on social media. If that happens, when that happens, where that happens, that's absolutely reprehensible, inexcusable, evil. And perpetrators people who do that need to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. That to me is a comment that should be accepted and embraced by every human being likewise. Likewise, if you're an officer, and you're being hunted down by lunatics like what we saw on camera in Los Angeles County and Compton over the weekend, that is literally they were, they were hunted down, he walked up to the side of the patrol car didn't give an Indian any indication that he was about to fire a weapon until he decided to fire said weapon. Now there's a manhunt for this guy. But as I watch this unfold, and I asked myself, which side which group here in this argument, is actually inciting this sort of behavior who is actually the problem here? Who has stirred up enough division enough hate enough fear? Who's misrepresented stories? Jacob Blake, for example, Michael Brown, for example, who's done this? who's done this? They have created a scenario whereby these individuals that take these egregious acts of evil attempted murder here this is attempted murder. I don't know what they charged us in Los Angeles, Los Angeles County but this is attempted murder my friends. This is 100% attempted murder. You walk up to a parked police car. He pulled out a handgun from very very close range and fire weapons through the side window of the vehicle striking deputies in the pull events to head up head and head chest area. I believe you strike them in that vicinity. How is that not attempted murder. I mean one, but I don't put it past these folks. You know, just just as you see charge that are being filed against some of these police officers. You look at this when especially when you see the totality of the evidence. Well, we don't see the totality but we see we see a little bit at first that looks really bad. And then you find like with with the incident up in with George Floyd. There is the original video now we see the other video. The officers. body cam video changes the story quite a bit. Once you see that video turns out that's what evidence does when you get a different part of the picture. It can change perceptions, it doesn't mean that suddenly than his kneeling, the officers kneeling on George Floyd's next excusable or not it just it simply means that there's more to the story than we were originally told. And it changes you know, you look at that, in regard to the charges. What is the second degree murder, I believe the highest charge and you see you see What George Floyd was doing, how he was resisting arrest and all of that sort of stuff. And suddenly, you begin to ask yourself in, you know, is there any way possible that that's really what this was, this could have been a bad, bad mistake by the officer, this could have been a, you know, something that is completely inexcusable by the officer. But it's not exactly what they painted this out to be at the beginning, which, of course, is one of the reasons why I just was, again, have said, Wait, you know, it's innocent until proven guilty. We've we've lost that notion. We've lost that notion in this in this nation. But if you look at who's encouraging this sort of stuff, in flaming the sort of behavior, it is people in the media, it is people on the radical left, it includes people who are asking And saying some of the things they're saying, making it sound like what we saw on video over the weekend and Compton. LeBron James makes that sound like that is precisely what we saw on video is precisely what happens to black Americans across this country. And once we look at case by case what actually happens, that is not if it is, then there should be absolutely the same consequences that this individual faces. Those are it doesn't matter who's being targeted at this is if this is the behavior, then this needs to be stopped and it needs to be dealt with in accordance with the full, you know, strength of the law. Instead, what we're doing is we're we, this nation, the media, the radicals on the left are stirring up so much dissension. And so much fear that they're actually creating a situation where this is justified. This is celebrated. People are blocking entrances and exits to hospital so as to keep cops who are shot from getting treatment, reprehensible and evil. And this needs to be dealt with. I'm gonna take a break. continue our discussion on this when we return you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Folks, what is so hard about this one is so hard to be on the right side of this. It's not complicated, actually, of all the things and all the universes that can be talked about today. Or in these next. I was a six weeks now I guess until the election. Of all the things that can be discussed. This seems to me to be the most simple and straight forward that we could have. We don't want circumstances, situations where law enforcement is acting in ways that are not justifiable or legal or moral or ethical, shocking surprise. We also don't want situations where people are stirred into a frenzy where people are justified, justified we have people that are justifying this, creating circumstances whereby people feel justified to walk up and shoot off In a parked patrol car just sitting on the streets of Compton. Now I'm not going to say that hatred for the police is a new thing in Compton, but I am going to say that that folks who have hatred for the police are now in Bolden. They are empowered and emboldened by the things that they've heard in media, from politicians, from athletes, quote, unquote, those who are now role models, I just saw the 30th and I think it was the 30th anniversary right around now from where Charles Barkley came out and said, I'm not a role model. I'm not a role model. Unfortunately, people have made athletes into look, anytime you're in the limelight, anytime you people are fascinated with your abilities, and you have You know, you're viewed as a celebrity of some sort. You're going to have people looking up to you and I, I both agree and disagree with what Mark Lee said, I agree that in fact, if you read his full comment back in the day he said that that, you know, parents, you know, don't don't expect me to parent your kids. I'm here to play basketball, basically, I'm here to, to do what I need to do to win on the basketball court and to to help my team and to, you know, give the fans what they want. That's not synonymous with raising your child. That's your job. Parents. That's kind of what Barkley said 30 years ago, and I again, I agree and disagree. You can't be in these positions as a LeBron James or a Charles Barkley or whoever James Harden Russell, Russell Westbrook, whoever else Tom Brady Drew Brees, whatever sport, whatever athlete and expand and think that I don't have any, that I don't have any influence over the lives of the people that follow me that that's, of course, and today's world is simply living in a fantasy world. That's not how that works. But at the same time, parents need to raise children, they shouldn't let their role models have to, you know, they need to find ways to have a positive impact influence, direction over their, over children because now if you look at this stuff that's being said, I need to pull the LeBron James social media posts here. And I'll do that. But if you if you read these tweets, if you see the actions, I mean, folks, you turn on an NBA game, which I'm not doing, you turn on an NBA game and you look at You watch five minutes It is the Black Lives Matter movement. The NBA is now effectively Black Lives Matter. The NBA is now effectively BLM. They might as walco brand, they might as well take the Jerry West logo off and put the Black Lives Matter logo on that is where we stand in the NBA and I'm not sure that the NFL is far behind. Maybe the NFL is even there. Maybe it's a head I don't know. They're painting things in the endzone. I don't think Black Lives Matter. I don't believe that's on the fields. But there are phrases that are Black Lives Matter approved and honestly if you read some of the phrases on face value, something that you can, I think we could all agree with and I can't remember what they are offhand but maybe like in racism or justice for or something Like that. But when you realize that they're being used to fuel a movement to fuel a movement that's being led by radical Marxists that's being used by others to justify the shooting and whoa it wistful they're hoping that it kills officers. When that you realize that's at the root of this, suddenly suddenly this has takes on a different shape. And yesterday was what my guess last Thursday was the first night of the season. I watched a grand total of zero snaps yesterday in the NFL, do not care. sickened by this stuff I heard that players stood for the black national anthem, which whatever that even means. I I thought here I am living under the notion that we all as Americans had one national anthem. It's kind of what I thought at And, you know, people didn't kneel for the, the regular national anthem, the the actual national anthem. I've said on here and I'll say it again, I think somebody needs to kneel, kneel during the black national anthem at the NFL football games. And when the commotion that its causes, you know, when it hits the fan, so to speak, they should say, No, no, I wasn't being disrespectful. Because that's not what it's about. Right? We're not it's not about being disrespectful, as they've told us multiple times. They're not kneeling because they're against America or the flag or our troops or any of that stuff. And that's why I say look, I'm not against any of this. I'm not against the black national anthem. I'm not against any of the words I'm not against any of it. I can't believe you would even assume that my kneeling during and had anything to do with what it symbolizes. No, no, no, no, I thought I I'm confused here. I thought I thought that none of this was even related. You see what the reason I'm kneeling during the black national anthem is because I want to bring attention to and then you could fill in the blank. You could say I want to bring attention to the number of black babies that are aborted each year or I want to bring attention to fill in the blank. It doesn't at that point, it can be some other issue because it doesn't have to be directly tied to that. But to act like these athletes don't have any, any influence or any the third they hold responsibility for help helping to further stir this pot and then they're they're living in a bubble, right in the NBA. They're in a bubble, physical bubble, but also metaphorical bubble. They're applauding themselves. They think that they're making real headway and fighting for social change. But if you really look at it, if you really look at it, what they're Doing is further stirring the pot to where now and again, I'm not blaming them. This individual incompetence shot the officers made it his own personal decision to do this, but I am saying this. They've created a scenario where they've allowed things to be misrepresented from Jacob Blake to Michael Brown to whatever tore LeBron James says that everyday black men are hunted down in this country to earth if that's true, if police are hunting black men down as LeBron James says, Then suddenly, that sort of behavior so that that individual that shot those officers was really preventing crime. Right? If you follow that line of thinking, and suddenly it's justifiable, don't tell me that they have no impact. They have no influence that they have nothing to do with stirring up this justification that we see for actions taken against the lives of officers. In the cheering and the blocking of emergency room entries and exits and so forth, despicable, reprehensible evil and it has to stop. quick timeout. so tight be back in just a minute.

Welcome back again, I don't understand what's so hard about being on the right side of this. I don't understand. I do understand from the political perspective, I'm simply saying, I'm simply wanting people to stop and think how can you be on the wrong side of this? How can you be I mean, really the wrong side of this either is one of two things you think it's okay for law enforcement officers to do whatever they want, even if it's just or even if it's not justified. I know literally of zero people who believe that that's true. I talk with lots of officers I know of act of a grand total of zero. Who would say to me who have ever said to me, Todd, we should be able to use whatever means necessary whenever we feel like it. Now, they will say, we should be able to defend ourselves, they will point out that it's not always as easy as you think. And that's obvious to me. fact you've seen I saw actually a video recently of a of an individual who is part of the I think Black Lives Matter movement or maybe some other group or he's just, you know, out there calling for officers to be fired to use deadly force. Well, he he agreed to go through the the training the training were, you know, you would be an officer coming up on on a circumstance or situation and then you had to decide, you know what you were going to how you were going to react to it, you know, to to what the individual you had stopped to question was doing. And he failed the test, actually in one of the scenarios and was shot and killed. Of course, it was just a test, but he failed it. And that's because it's because it's more difficult than us regular civilians can appreciate. It can happen in the blink of an eye, it doesn't justify an officer just going in. And, you know, jumping and not following protocol or not just just going in with an abusive mentality. If and when that happens, that officer needs to be dismissed and face the consequences of his or her actions. In accordance with the law, no one is saying otherwise. But I'll tell you what some people are saying. Some people are actually saying things that are encouraging people to take up weapons and harm officers. There's a now a movement. There's an actual movement of people, at least in Compton, who are cheering this folks. I've seen the videos. They're actually blocking entrances to emergency rooms. Yelling I hope they die. So the two officers are shot. Suddenly people think wow, let's run. First of all, they cheer. They're laughing in the streets video on this. Talking about oh man, they got what was coming or whatever else they were saying on these idiotic videos, then people People that don't even I don't even know if there's any leader to this is just assumed, hey, the next the next best thing is to go into block the emergency room they know where they're going to take these wounded officers is critically wounded officers, let's go block the entrance to the hospital. There are people who legitimately are saying things that are fueling the behavior. I'm not saying it's being called for directly. But when you say that people are being hunted on the streets because of their race by police, police are hunting people based upon the race in the streets every day around this country. suddenly someone responds like this. One has to sit think, well, if what is what LeBron James said in that circumstance is actually true. Then suddenly, you can begin to see why people justify this. I don't know what's so To be on the road, this is this is this is Elementary, to me how simple this is. This is a simple situation, lawn order must be maintained. lawn order must be maintained. And And folks, that is not what's being encouraged by many in the media, by many in sports by many in the Democrat Party, the leadership those who hold office. You begin to ask yourself the question why, why? Why do they want this tension and outrage Why did they misrepresent things? Why do they tell us a narrative that's been disproven? Why? And when you begin to realize when you begin to follow the line of thinking and the only explanation is that this has a political creates a political And or personal advantage to them. You could say, you know, it helps sell media or stories and newspapers or whatever viewers or it helps their political cause their movement. I'm reminded of Allan Lichtman, I'm reminded of his, you know, his what, how many were there nine or 11 things that he uses, scenarios, circumstances that he uses, and he makes a judgment on these nine scenarios leading up and up to the presidential election. And if it depending upon how he grades each one, that he predicts which person is going to be elected, and one of those areas is there's civil unrest. And if there is civil unrest in the country, it helps the person who's not the current incumbent. So civil unrest in this country would according to Allan Lichtman presidential model help Biden. And when you realize that this is that everything is political, you can begin to see that this it's sickening and saddening to say. And look, I know some of some folks believe the narrative, they they've been deceived by people, the professional deceivers amongst us. So some folks are just, they just don't, they don't know the truth. And they're spouting off about things they don't really know much about. But other folks, other folks deliberately lead us down these paths because it helps them politically and or personally And that my friends is the rep. That is the very definition of reprehensible evil, and that's exactly the sort of thing that this nation was designed to try to prevent it. Against, you know, with with our founding is people that are trying to accumulate an abuse power and reprehensible ways and that's that's what we're witnessing here. That's what we're witnessing and some folks are gleefully rubbing their hands together about this and I've seen him I've seen him in the streets. And I think we would be surprised some of the places we see folks realizing behind closed doors how much this they believe this helps them politically until it crosses a line until it crosses the line and we may be at that line now, which is why the democrats are wanting to push back on this a little bit. sickening stuff gonna take a timeout, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Look, I want to be crystal clear here the person or who's responsible for this as the person who walked up to the officers and pulled the trigger that is the person who's responsible for this. But I will say this as well. And when I say Democrat, I'm talking about the party leaders. I'm not talking about the rank and file. Although there are certainly people in this country who have taken to the streets and protested and made accusations and allegations against individuals that simply were not true. And sometimes it's been done intentionally and sometimes it's been done out of out of ignorance. Again, the most obvious example is the latest situation with Jacob Blake. But you could go back to Michael Brown. I mean, you could pick any number of circumstances but the individuals the individual responsible is the one who decided to take that act of violence and evil and pull the trigger. But, but we have created a an an environment now in this nation where we have so where so much discord and anger has been has been created here targeting police and General defund police, police, our pigs, whatever else they say. Define dismantle the police look at Minneapolis. People are justified they believe that they are justified in taking these actions and what rhetoric what leadership is responsible for that this is a straightforward and very, very simple. Not blaming all Democrats. I'm blaming certain Democratic leaders for having a hand and stirring If this hatred and dissension especially when you realize is for political and personal gain it's pathetic is what it is. That's what that is absolutely pathetic, inexcusable and those folks need to never ever, ever be elected. If they're in office today, people should vote for their opponents and they should never, ever be able to you know, hold high office ever again. Sit tight, be back in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, again, this is this is spiraling way out of control. This is nationwide. This is of course We're six weeks out from an election now, this is this this is again, as I've said before, and I even hesitate to say this I don't even want to say this but folks, we need to be prepared for this sort of thing, this tension and animosity to continue. I hope it's not in this respect I just mean in general as we move toward the election and it's it's it's sad because what we're doing is we're ignoring truth and justice. On the expense Well, just for the purposes of political and personal gain from some of these Yahoo's and jerks out here, folks, I gotta go, SDG seen a few.