Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right here, The Todd Huff Show. It's good to be here. Thank you for joining us. And talking about this shooting in Los Angeles and all this stuff that's fed into this. It's just really just reprehensible and evil. And I don't understand I do from the political side and it's it's pathetic that we have to talk about it from this perspective, but I do from the political perspective understand what's you know why people make this complicated, but it's not complicated. It's not complicated. When there are examples of law enforcement officers abusing their power, taking actions that are not justifiable. We want to see that dealt with. If it is, if it's breaking protocol. If it's simply not following policies and procedures, and they need to be dealt with by the department, if it's breaking the law, it's a criminal act. Then they need to face charges, you know, go through the legal process. This is not complicated at all, in the slightest. The other side of this coin, is that when people attack officers, they should face consequences. There There's no question about this. We have now created a scenario where some folks feel completely and completely and utterly justified in taking aggressive action, taking violent action. actually trying to murder officers, people now feel empowered to do this. And it's an it's it's a it's a feel of entire groups of people. segments of cities. Heck, maybe it's all maybe it's entire part. Maybe it's entire cities all together. I think about places like Portland and Seattle. I looked at what happened in in Compton and I saw I saw the videos of the people celebrating this I saw the videos of when they went to block entry In the hospital to to keep the officers that were just shot from receiving treatment that was their stated purpose. We hope they die they said we hope they die. Now the Black Lives Matter movement wants you to believe that this is the response that people have when black individuals are shot. I don't know of anyone that does if they do it. Let me be on the record here saying it's reprehensible evil, unacceptable, ungodly. Pathetic, wicked, and there's no place for it in civil society. And, um, maybe maybe it is, maybe it is happening. Maybe folks are celebrating I, I haven't seen it. If it's out there, show me and if it's out there, I condemn it completely. 100% without question And I know there are racists out there. I condemn that. I'm a Christian folks, we're all created in the image of God, every single one of us. I don't care where we're from. I don't care how tall we are, how short we are. Sorry, I'm pausing here we have. There's, well, I don't want to go into that right now. But I don't care color of our skin, gender. It doesn't matter. We're all created in the image of God. I'm not saying those things don't matter. Those things make us they're a part of who we are. I think that that's fascinating part of our story. It's interesting and makes us you know, there are differences. There are differences between people. Not everything is shouldn't be seen as right or wrong. Some things are just different. It's not right. Not right or wrong to say I prefer chocolate ice cream or vanilla ice cream or rocky road or whatever, that's just a preference. It is however wrong to say that actions taken against law enforcement to where they're, you know, people are trying to murder them. It's wrong, that we've created an environment where this is actually almost, I would say in some situations can be viewed as encouraged. I'm not saying that anyone's directly Well, maybe in these local communities actually there are if you listen to some of these riots, or some of these people at the Black Lives Matter riot, you listen to their language. Yes, I would say it's 100%. It's called force not even encouraged. It's literally called for now politicians dance around it a little differently. They'll use phrases like defund and dismantle the police. They'll use phrase his word. Maybe we should embrace what he teaches in His Word, which is not any of this stuff that we're seeing. It's not ever but when it comes to, you know, justifying violence against another human being. None of that's biblical. I think if we return to that, if we all took a moment said, Let's stop blaming someone who doesn't see things like me, and Let me treat them Like this Bible tells me to do. I think we would see more positive change overnight than anything else we could do in society. I think we would see more positive change than any piece of legislation. Some bureaucrat or DC Insider. If you come up with you can't legislate this stuff. The founders understood this. They understood that having a moral and decent people, which often included in this country was very pro religion, pro Bible and pro Christianity Judeo Christian roots. The Nation never said we're gonna force you to believe anything. The Nation never will. The Nation never said and they went to great lengths to say that it's not the job of the government to determine what your religious beliefs are. The fingerprints of Christianity can be found in our government one not look neat knee look very far or hard at all, to find it etched in our memorials. Right are monuments that are many of which are now being targeted to be torn down or on a list of DC monuments that need to be moved or whatever it is that you look at this. And it's if we would just return to that I understand all of us embrace that we're all sinners that have fallen short of the glory of God and that we should love our fellow man. love our neighbor as ourself. There you go. We would embrace even just the the I'm not even talking about the really deep truths of Christianity I'm just talking about if you just take Some of the common, obvious themes and you just practice Love your neighbor as yourself, how far How far would that get us? Just by doing that? We understand that everybody, no matter what they look like, is a reflection of the Creator God, the Creator God that by the way, I say that I worship. Right that many that Christians say that they worship. If we would identify if we would just say, hey, he created this person, whether they're law enforcement, whether they're black guy, white woman, Asian man, it makes no difference to me. Creating the image of God covers those things, but we want to see real positive change. It's not any policy. It's not only new ideas, not legislating this out of the existence of humanity by some law. Trying to control people saying social media it comes from changing the hearts and folks I'm going to tell you there's one way that that happens not to get too preachy on you but to get a little preachy. That is through the Spirit of God Himself. Changing the hearts of man, mankind that's not a you know people changing the hearts of people, one at a time for us all to come to grips with the fact that we need a savior that we ourselves have made bad choices that we have the Bible says sinned we missed the mark we didn't do it the way that God made us to do it we we failed we become corrupted I said the other day I you know, I don't even know if this was a social media post or where ice said this but all of us. People want to say everybody's a racist. That's that's not a biblical concept. Everybody is a center is a biblical concept. we all struggle with different types of sin. But not everybody is a racist. Not everybody is a fill in the blank, except everybody is a sinner. We all have our struggles, for whatever reason, and God's they're willing and able to forgive those and to heal us, like the Bible says. Right, Second Chronicles 714. But if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear them from heaven and will forgive their sin and will restore, they're land. I think we should we should test that promise not in a defiant way. I think we should just test that I think we should see if God's really serious about that. I obviously believe that he is, but I think if we want to, we want to experiment here. Why don't we try that. parts of humanity, you know, focusing so much on our differences. Why don't we focus on our similarities, our similarities that we're all we're all broken. We all need a savior. We all need some change. We're not all again, right. racist or homophobic or fill in the blanks. But we're all in need. We're all in need of a Savior. We're all in need of a cleaning, cleansing of our souls and our hearts and our minds. If we would just take those steps towards that, take the steps towards reconciliation, whatever that looks like, take steps towards repenting and cleansing ourselves and again and just, you know, we say conservative, not bitter here. I just mean, you know, we're people first, or people first I love all people. I know a lot of people that love all people. Doesn't mean that we agree, doesn't even mean that we don't think the other person's ideas are dangerous for a constitutional republic. People that I feel that way about I still love them. Want to change society? That's what we need more of. We don't need more government. We don't need more rules. We don't need more bureaucrats. We don't need more laws or what have you. We need more of Jesus. And I'll step down from the preacher soapbox here. Take a timeout. But folks, I think if we want to see real change in this nation, there you have it. quick timeout. You're listening here the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So to build on what I was talking about last segment I want to kind of take it share with you something that has been said by others who disagree with me politically but yet on paper agree with me. On paper, religiously Bishop Talbert Swan, so he is he's a bishop, a Christian Bishop and so he's black. Since that, you know, we have to state those things today. But just to paint the, you know, the full picture here on Twitter over the weekend, keep in mind, we saw these officers getting shot in Compton. Bishop Talbert Swan, Who's of a different political persuasion than me a different race than me but we both claim to be Christians here. He says this. On Twitter, there's no such thing as blue lives. stop comparing your job with my life. Your career is a choice my blackness isn't. That was at 7:24am on September 13. About a half an hour or so later 802 I don't know if he got pushback or feedback or what but then he says this, no one deserves to be unjustly murdered. Police are citizens. Well, kudos to that because we can agree on that. If you're expressing outrage over the shooting of two sheriff's deputies, but war defending type Oh, by the way, apostrophe. That's what Bishop or pasture whatever you prefer to be called here. I'm hashtag blue Lives Matter. So his initial reaction, this is this is insane to me. His initial reaction after seeing apparently I'm guessing I'm piecing this together seeing a video of a police are saying in LA County they're looking for a dark skinned man who walked up to a police cruiser and fired shots and striking both officers inside critically wounding both of them. After seeing that, after seeing people on I'm guessing the people on the streets kind of cheering this, thinking this was great, the cops had it coming sort of thing. And then after seeing people blocking those emergency room entrances to keep to keep these officers from getting treated, and a life threatening circumstance, they had been shot. After seeing all of that, he goes the Twitter and he finds it appropriate to tweet this first tweet, which is absolutely the stupidest thing I think I've read all morning. There's no such thing as blue lives. stop comparing your job with my life, your career as a choice, my blackness. My blackness isn't. Right. Of course, of course, there's no such thing as a blue life that we know of. I mean, I don't know. What do we do have someone identify Blue that would be my first question. And that that is a possible a possibility we need to be sure that we don't just gloss over because someone might identify as blue. Like the Smurfs, I was walked upstairs a few, maybe last week and my kids were watching the Smurfs movie, or whatever it's called I, I didn't even really know I guess I did after. I'd never seen it before. But the Smurfs were thing when I was a kid. So there's no such thing as blue lives. So rather presumptuous thing of Bishop Talbert Swan to say in this very understanding world that we live in where Facebook has 62 genders that you can choose from. But he says there's no such thing as blue lives stop comparing your job with my life. Your career isn't is a choice. My blackness isn't so why are you saying people should choose not to be police because they might get shot? Is that what you're saying? And then justifiable that they are getting shot because the only people we shouldn't shoot are people who are of a certain skin color. Is that what you're saying? Because that makes no sense. whether or not someone is targeted because of a choice they made, or something of their skin, you know, like, you know, like their skin color or their gender. What, what's really any different about that both of those are terrible reasons. Now you could say, if someone makes a choice to break into someone's house at 2am, one night, and someone grabs a weapon to protect his or her family. And decides that they have to fire said weapon to protect their family. That's it. That's a choice that that person made that the intruder made, that might have justified a certain behavior, but to choose to be a cop, a police officer or law enforcement officer to choose to do that. Are we really to the point where we're saying that that's okay to suddenly target them. What is this point? What is this point here? And I bring this up because this guy supposed to be a Christian I don't understand this. There's no such thing as blue lives. stop comparing your job with my life. Does he not understand that their life was taken or it was attempted to be taken anyway? Because of their job What on earth is this idiotic tweet supposed to mean? Your career is a choice if you choose a choice that gets you killed I guess he's saying that's your problem. Is that it? bishopstown tabish one enlighten me my friend as your brother in Christ. What on earth are you talking about? What on earth and then you bring in cow Rittenhouse murdering he says he murdered like you can question why cow Rittenhouse was there. You can you can that's a fair thing but to say he murdered the people that he shot had You seen the video? Folks, if he didn't pull the trigger, he would have been murdered. And if that's the case, if that's the case, if you fire a weapon and you were not firing it beforehand out of aggression if you were firing a weapon and you shoot someone, because if you didn't fire that weapon, you would have died. That is the very definition of self defense. If he's not seen the videos, you could question that you can question a lot of things about Kyle Rittenhouse. Okay, fair questions. Why was he Why did he go there? Why did he carry what was an AR 15 I believe Why did he you know, why did he do that? And then you look he was actually trying to you know, treat people medically that's something else when he shot. At least the first victim. He tried to treat him medically. look at why why did he get Got it. It's amazing to me. It's like there's no ability to critically think anymore. Because it's like people say, Well, he shot a guy, okay? He shot a guy, this guy shot a guy who if you shoot a guy you should be, I guess imprisoned is the way that they look at this. Well don't circumstances matter. Doesn't matter what if someone shoots a guy that was broken and broken into their house and was threatening a child or a spouse, you know, their spouse or something like that, is that not different than walking up to a park police car and empty in the chamber into the car, firing multiple shots at very, very close range with the intent to kill. This guy knows Bishop Talbert Swan knows if you read the 10 fact I remember this and I'll take a break because I'm long In this segment, but we're going to talk about Thou shalt not murder is actually when you look at the it's that it's not just Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not murder in the Bible. Murder has a specific definition, folks. Murder is not self defense. Murder is something different is something specific, Thou shalt not murder. Nor does it say Thou shalt not defend yourself. Nowhere does in fact, no one is saying that consequences cannot result in the justifiable taking of your life. In fact, if you read, I'll talk about that the book of Exodus. My goodness, you read chapter 20, you just flip over to 21. And you can see a whole list of reasons where people, people who have justified or excuse me have have taken actions that result in the justification of their life being taken by the law. Talk about that before the or when we get back from the break. ambition. I don't understand this. There's no such thing as blue lives stop comparing your job with my life or what if someone's life is taken because of their job? How's that any different? What are we talking about? What are we trying to differentiate from here? Yes, it's terrible if someone's targeted because of their skin. Likewise, it's terrible if someone is targeted because of their job. Do we really have to make this differentiation? What on earth is his point here? What on earth is his point? What he shouldn't be looking at is why have we created a scenario whereby we have actually encouraged people to take these actions against law enforcement, reprehensible and evil, and I don't understand how a Christian can have had this response. And then to tell people you need to shut up and have a seat. If you were defending cow Rittenhouse for murdering has no idea what he's talking about. No idea and this is all around This stupidity abounds I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. You know, it's amazing to me and I encountered this back in college as well probably for the maybe high school, high school in college for the first the first time but I remember that, you know, when we would talk about we would have some classes or I don't know just debates in general We would often talk about it, we get to a discussion of capital punishment. And I bring this up just because I don't. It's as though people want to look at this and say, oh, police shot and, you know, a black man in the back seven times in the case of Jacob Blake. So that's just bad police shot a man in the back well, okay, context matters. And when you know the full context, and I'm not going to go through it again, we've done this quite extensively. But when you go through the context, and you paint the picture of what happens and you realize he had a knife and was getting another knife and had been tased, and all this stuff, you realize that context does matter. The question really isn't. The question is simply was the action taken justifiable? That's it. That is the question. In fact, it got me to thinking about this. If it results in the in the loss of life, the whole question is whether or not as justifiable murder my friends murder is when an action Okay, so there's homicide which is when the death of one human being was at the hands of another. So that is really effectively what homicide is the killing of one person by another but within that definition are two groups there's legal and illegal. So we understand our I mean, our society is built upon, you know some some traditions and some common law some Judeo Christian concepts and so for the nice things. These things all make a big difference they matter from a fundamental perspective There are justifiable and unjust, justifiable legal and illegal homicides. And so murder is the murder is the illegal form of homicide. That is what murder is if you look it up, it's the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another, to kill someone on unlawfully and with premeditation and I remember in school so so this migrates over to the issue of capital punishment and I just I just want to talk about this for a moment because this these sorts of things seems to be seem to be very, very relevant to me. intentionality, murder, justification for taking certain actions. These things matter tremendously. And it's like we we refused, even acknowledge all we want is the headline and so we don't get The the meat of this discussion at all we refuse it, we kick it to the curb, we ignore it we, you know, we just want to talk about maybe not you and me, but this is how this is handled. This is how this people want to handle this like this, this Bishop that I referenced last segment. But I remember people would say to me, because I thought that capital punishment is a justifiable thing for a state to do. In fact, Trump's out been out there saying that capital punishment needs to be on the table. Of course, at the time, it wasn't clear if the officers were going to survive, but for this individual that shot these police officers. And so but I remember people at the time, we would argue about this in class, usually, American University in particular, and we would talk about capital punishment. People would say they knew I was a Christian. Well, the 10 commandments say Thou shalt not kill well It's actually more accurate to say Thou shalt not murder. But not only that, and I appreciate I appreciate if a Christian believes that if a Christian believes is unbiblical, for, for capital punishment, I can respect and appreciate that. I don't agree. But I don't think that everyone that's has that objection is coming at it from not really a sincere objection. I believe that certainly that can be a sincere objection. But when you The Book of Exodus is where the 10 commandments you find the 10 commandments chapter 20. Literally, if you go to chapter 21, you will find a list you'll find a big the beginning of a list of examples of scenarios where the Israelites were permitted. Where they were permitted to take the life of someone based upon what they did, right if they if they recklessly struck someone and killed them, then their life could be taken by the law. So it's clearly it's the next chapter. It's not a different book even it's not different time period. It's written in the next chapter. And context matters. These words matter these definitions. They matter. You can't just say Jacob Blake was shot in the back by police. Here's another example of police abusing their authority. Well, why they shoot him in the back? What was going on? Oh, wow, that was going on. Oh, wow. It's even worse than I thought. Right that so I just allegedly be I just the desire for people to just jump in and chase a narrative when there's no frame of reference. There's no there's no context. There's no interest in understanding any perception of what was happening. or any of that. It's just the headline. It's just the takeaway shot him in the back or whatever. Which sounds terrible. I understand and agree with that. But there are certain circumstances whereby someone can be shot in the back completely justifiably by law enforcement. And we may have stumbled upon it in the Jacob Blake case, and I'm getting all sorts of notifications over here from Oz that it's time to take a break and she would be right. Mio, My context, what we're being robbed of, and our ability to have adult conversations and deal with these things appropriately. We're being robbed that ability because folks want to chase the headline, the soundbite, they don't want to give any context. quick timeout, be back in just a minute. 

Welcome back talking about the definition of murder. It's a great way to start a segment right but start target talking about the definition of murder. last segment It reminded me I just mentioned this to Oz. I saw this in the daily wire michael moore asked michael moore good old Michael Moore compares Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden. That's right, calling Trump a mass killer my friends he says on his podcast, some stupid podcast emergency podcast episode of rumble. Referring to the death toll of COVID-19. President Trump is a mass murderer. My friends mass murder in the extreme he actually said that Trump was like, bin Laden, bin Laden didn't even though bin Laden didn't personally carry out the terrorist attacks, he was the mastermind. The mastermind I think we should quit using these terms mastermind. He was the the one who concocted this act of evil on the United States. Here's Michael Moore and his reasoning. I can tell you for a fact that Osama bin Laden did not fly a single one of those blank plants. So he's innocent, no. Trump is a mass killer Trump stood down and knowingly allowed 200,000 Americans to die. See, I mean the the understanding the ability to rationally understand things. by those on the left, it's it's completely gone. They have no way of doing this. No way of making any sense of this. Trump is not a mass murderer Osama bin Laden is. And michael moore's podcast is stupid. And I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I tell you the ability for people like Michael Moore, to use rational thought and reason is is almost literally zero. almost literally zero again comparing President Trump to Osama bin Laden and saying that Trump killed 67 times the people bin Laden did because of COVID because of COVID, Osama bin Laden only killed 3000 says Michael Moore. Because he knew the dangers and knew the risks. He downplayed it. And now nearly 200,000 people are dead, says Michael Moore. But he says a lot of things that don't make sense. So this we can just add to the list but context matters definitions and words matter words turnout is rush limbaugh said for years words mean things. Turns out Who would have thought I gotta go. gotta wrap up. Music told me it's time to stop talking for the day. Folks, I appreciate you being here. Thank you for joining us. And we'll see tomorrow. Thanks for listening S D, G, take care.