Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. Well, that is right. You are listening to the homeless conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff email, as always, or at least ever since we changed our email address Tod The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for those that want to watch the program live or on demand. It's good to be here. Thank you for thank you for joining us. So I want to today talk about the state of this campaign. Here we are. seven weeks out. Is that right? seven weeks from today? President Trump and Joe Biden will be we'll be on we'll be on election day. Right. We'll be talking about electoral votes. We'll be watching states that have been announced as having cast their ballots for a particular candidate. Now, I don't want to I don't want to overlook an important point here, which is that the left and the democrats are preparing us and our I would say they are trying to lead us to a point to where they want us to expect Expect now a Trump victory apparent victory on the night of the election. But then once these Malan ballots are counted, and quote, all the votes are counted, then then we'll see President Joe Biden as a result of the election. That's the expectation. Of course, this raises all sorts of questions and concerns that need to be recognized here. But I that's we may end up talking a little bit about that. But I want to talk just about the state of the campaign today. The state of the campaign. President Trump, in fact, I think I'll play just a little bit of what he said President Trump said in Michigan recently when he was talking about the two campaigns and i think i think this is spot on accurate and I think that we're gonna see more Seeing the narrative and the campaign move in a direction that's helpful to President Trump. Let's listen to his comments here and we'll talk about this. No time before. Has there been a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies and two agendas for the future. There's never been a vision like this. You have sleepy Joe and yet from that we win. America wins. That's what it's about if we win America. That's right. If he wins, America wins. There's never been a more stark contrast between two candidates. Trump says sleepy Joe and myself President Trump says huge contrast huge difference. He put the Democrat Party agenda, the Democrat Party position, the Democrat Party narrative, whatever up against what Trump wants. And I think a lot of this has spiraled out of control. For the radical left, they thought coming into this campaign. They thought that they could utilize or put to use this. The the violence, the uprising, the protests, but that is gotten way out of control. In fact, the city manager of Lynwood, California. I don't know if you saw this or not a journalist at Fox 11 news in Los Angeles was following this individual, this city manager from Lynwood, California on where's he following him? I think Instagram is where he saw This and this city manager, of course, Democrat posts on Instagram. He since made the Instagram account, private. He posted on Instagram, the following the shooting anyone is a wholly unacceptable occurrence in society. Again, this is a Democrat. This is what I mean this is swollen outside of the control of people like Biden who are trying to get the vote of people who are not radical people who are reasonable, even if they are Democrats, Republicans, independents, what have you. So this post, you see, well, first of all, there's a picture of Malcolm X and then it says chickens come home to roost. So keep in mind this is right after those two sheriff's deputies in Compton were shot. They were shot then people videoing them suffering as they were waiting for help to arrive and so forth. celebrating the fact that they'd been shot. Then they block the ambulance from entering the hospital, Channing, we hope they die or saying that hope that the officers die. Then this radical leftist lunatic, manage city manager of the city of Lynwood, California. post this, the shooting of any one is a wholly unacceptable occurrence in society. I do not condone the type of violence seen in the shooting of the deputies yesterday in Compton. That's good applause should be in order for that. I will say that communities like Compton have been plagued by deputy gangs, Deputy gangs that enforce Fear and violence in the community. So that means that the police are the gangs according according to the city manager in the city of Lynwood. He then adds these deputies murdered, framed and stole from the community just because they could good deputies and never turned on bad deputies for fear of retaliation and when caught most of these bad deputies kept their jobs and continued on their criminal career again, talking about the deputies. No word as to whether or not he thinks that the shooter is actually a criminal. Anyway, he goes on here the fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected. The fact that someone randomly opened fire on deputies is to be expected in the society where we live today the political climate and leadership of Villa nueva has only sowed the seeds of anger and frustration in the community. I pray for the deputies and their families while still demanding justice for and they list names like Andres bordado, Brianna Taylor, Tamir Rice, Ahmad arbury. So he's calling the officers criminal. He's calling the opp, the deputies, murderers. People who set up and framed people in the community, people who stole from the community. Now again, if this happens, or insofar as this happens, there needs to be we go through this regularly. This is common sense if someone violates the law, whether they're an officer or a civilian, whether they are white or black or Hispanic or Asian or what have you. The law needs to be applied equally to these cases. And but the problem is the problem this is this has become the narrative of the left. And so the Trump campaign I saw this in Fox yesterday, Trump campaign is has now said that the defining defining issue defining emphasize defining issue in the election, there's two primary one is the economy. The other is law and order. And the democrats have made a strict I mean, I think a massive strategic error here. They are actually out people that are Democrats, people that are leftists are out posting things like what I just read. City Manager, someone who's well not an elected official, someone who is an appointed official, someone who has been hired or put in power by elected officials. This individual is the one who is one who is blaming officers. Blaming officers for now there are problems. I have problems with things like civil forfeiture laws and that sort of thing and the way that that's being applied. And there's there's reasonable discussion we can have about issues and things that need to be addressed, but to call officers, criminals to call officers, framers or people who have set up people in that community to call them again, murderers. And that's pretty pretty harsh. Pretty contradicts what people in. I think, reality what we're where we live again, if an officer has been found guilty of something like this or needs to be charged and that needs to be done, but to uniformly just condemn an entire police force and to say that this was basically bound to happen, the shooting of officers was just going to happen because because of really justifiable reasons, is a stretch for the average American person, the average American, the average voter here in this great nation, and so this campaign has, I'm telling you, we're talking about whether or not Biden's using a teleprompter. We're talking about I don't know if you saw this Kamala, excuse me, Kamala Harris. Kamala Harris was She was out. I can play the sound by a bit she was talking about under a Harris administration. Not a Biden administration under a Harris administration, with Biden as the president. We're talking about these things, and then we're talking, you know, you put yourself I don't know why, you know, you look at some of these suburban women, which, which, of course, a lot of a lot of emphasis has been placed on them and their votes, how they're disgusted with President Trump, how they're disgusted with his Twitter feed, all this sort of stuff. And the you give them a choice between a safe community or a Trump tweet. I think it's, you can see where this is a problem for the Left, you know, are they going to be more worried about Trump tweeting out something that they are embarrassed about? roll their eyes at, or they're going to be more proud I'm concerned about there being protests in their city streets, to where, you know, they, they, their children, their husbands cannot go to work or school or wherever, wherever they're allowed to go by these Democratic governors and mayors and so forth in a COVID world. But you wonder how, you know, it's clear that this is a bigger concern for the average. The average suburban woman than a Trump tweet is, and I think the democrats thought that they could use enough of this emotion to drive people to drive the energy of their base to get them out to vote, but now this is this is gone way out of their control to where people are cheering for the deaths of officers. To where city managers are saying they basically had it coming. And we're just scratching the surface they've they've gone completely insane. They are embracing in many cases pure evil. their positions are not reasonable logical. course you could say this has been the case for some time on a lot of issues. And I would agree. I would certainly agree. But I think that now that we're seven weeks from Election Day, seven weeks from Election Day, the economy is bouncing back. There really does appear to be a potential Vshape I saw that there were projections for the third quarter GDP to grow Was it 35% 35% the same folks who were during COVID blaming Trump for the economy because of COVID are now going to have to face the reality that right before the election right before the election. numbers are going to start coming out about the economy. And if if those numbers are even close to what projections are 35% GDP growth, that's, that's incredible. I mean, that's unheard of. Now, in fairness, the reason for the growth is because the second quarter was so awful because of COVID. But nonetheless, if Trump is responsible for the negatives, the negatives in the economy during COVID, then it would stand to reason he should be responsible for the positives as we come out of God willing, this COVID situation and all that's transpired. So you start to look at how the the deck is being stacked here. You look at where the democrats stand on issues of violence against the police. You look at how they've not condemned in many cases, really, the rioting. In fact, in some cases, ignoring That they've even really happened. They look past the fact that Democrats have let people in the cities of Portland and Seattle and other places effectively take control create their own little countries, even though those countries only last for a few hours. Because those folks had to get home to mom and dinner and all that sort of stuff. They get to get a change of clean underwear. But you look at this. And you think this election is not this campaign and election is not shaping up the way that it was supposed to. This is not supposed to happen. Again, they have demonized and attack this president for four years. And even before that when he was running, and now they look at polling and look at swing states to look at voter registrations in places like Pennsylvania Republicans have registered tons of new voters in the state of Pennsylvania for example, and they are terrified and for good reason. More on this after the break, you're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So we have this, again, the campaign we're moving headlong to Election Day, seven weeks from today, early voting is not far off. In some places, we've got republicans registering in key swing states and mentioned Pennsylvania in massive and massive numbers, and what is the Biden campaign doing? The Biden campaign is hiding in the closet. The Biden campaign is still not putting their candidate out in front of the American people in an unfettered on. Managed way they're not. I mean, you think about you contrast these two candidates. Got Trump who just goes up on stage at these rallies and so forth and just says whatever Trump says he's got a teleprompter, he'll go off of it sometimes. Sometimes he goes off the teleprompter, meaning he doesn't even pay any attention to that thing for I mean, long periods of time. Crowd loves this. There's energy. There's anticipation, there's excitement. Then you got Biden. You got Biden, they they're drawn circles on the ground so that people can sit inside the circles. Biden comes out, wearing his mask, he might come out and tell you to vote for him as US senator. He might tell you, he can beat you in a push up contest. He might tell you that, you know, he's to vote for his opponent. We you know, you have no idea what Biden's gonna say. You have no idea what Biden's gonna say he also don't have any idea. Now apparently it might have rubbed off on Kamala Harris, Kamala Harris was out yesterday on video. And she was talking about a Harris administration. I referenced this earlier. This is was c ABC, this ABC or CBS abc news, I believe. So she's talking with the Biden Harris banner behind her but yet, she's not entirely sure who's running this campaign. She's not entirely sure whose name is at the top of the ticket, apparently, listen to this from Kamala Harris yesterday. need to make sure you have a president in the White House, who actually sees you, but understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work, and who has your back a Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the President of the United States, the Biden Harris administration, you will have access, provide access to $100 billion in low interest loans and investments from minority business owners. We will provide $15,000. There you go. A Harris administration with with a President Biden, Biden Harris, she then corrects herself administration. It kind of look, there's been talk you remember Biden early on early on, he said he was only going to run serve, I should say for one term, should he be elected President of the United States? Heaven forbid that. But he said early on, he said he was only going to run for one term. Now he is he say, Man, I'm open to run in two terms. I'm in the greatest shape of my life. I can beat President Trump and a pull up contest, a push up contest, let's race to go out there and you know, run down the street and see who's got the best 40 time. I can log a great mile and a half time as well. Let's let the American people Just Just look at us, man. Remember these laughs that he does? What are you doing when Trump causes slow Joe? is laughing, delusional kind of stuff? does look at us. Look at our look at us. It's just comparison. Okay. Well, we are Joe. That's kind of the point and kind of the problem here. It is the problem and it's a legitimate problem. And I've seen like I've seen Trevor Noah, from the Daily Show. They're trying to compare Trump's slips, which again, Kamala Harris here just did a slip. She said Harris administration. Now I find this humorous. I also find this potentially they say here the daily call it the Daily Caller tweeted this out yesterday. But they say it's a Freudian or question Is this a Freudian slip? Right. This is really, really revealing her is this really revealing what she wants to be the case because you know Joe's gonna serve one term or who knows? You know, you talk about these questions or the the all the talk about Trump being removed from office because he was unfit and minimal mentally in the unqualified to serve and that sort of thing. Well, these questions will quite possibly come up if Biden is elected president. So maybe Kamala's already assuming that some are, you know, wondering if that's if that's the case. So that happens right? When you go out and speak a lot I've said this before. any politician anyone who speaks a lot is going to say things that come out wrong or that are even embarrassing. And things like saying the wrong name. When you mean someone else's name and that that is just there's no way to avoid that. There just is no way to avoid that with the sheer volume have words that some of these folks speak. I can relate to that in some, in some ways, but here's the thing. There's a difference between slips of the tongue, and little mistakes versus things that are incoherent and make no sense whatsoever. And that is what we're getting from the Biden campaign. We get things that make no sense and they're not just there. They're literally brain freezes on live television. When Biden couldn't remember the name of the document, the founding document of this great nation. We hold these truths to be self evident, you know, you know the thing, right Remember that? Like that's, that isn't a slip. I mean, especially something so central to the foundation of this of this nation. It's not a slip or just a simple gaff when Biden is talking And he says something like, I shouldn't even say anything else, I'm gonna get myself in trouble. That's a technique that he's developed because he's lost his train of thought. And again, that can happen from time to time with anyone. That can happen from time to time with I'm trying to be understanding here to a point, but that doesn't happen every time or that or multiple times a week, which is what we are, what we are witnessing. And you combine these two things, and you look at what Trevor Noah put together on Trump, when Trump mispronounces words or, you know, reads the wrong word off the teleprompter or what have you, that sort of thing happens. That sort of thing happens but to have these moments of just an inability to clearly articulate a thought. That happens occasionally here and there be just because of, you know, again, maybe someone's tired. I tried to be reasonable here. But to see this as frequently as we've seen it, it's just not not a good thing and democrats know what so that's what they the strategy was to hide Biden in the basement to make this all about your hatred for Trump to make the election about Coronavirus and COVID. And all this stuff to make it about, you know, just use the the energy from the Black Lives Matter movement to energize parts of the base that will go and vote but what's happened is, instead, some of the things that Black Lives Matter is now standing behind endorsing has been kind of exposed, the leadership has been exposed for who they are. And they hate America as founded the leader, the leadership, not talking about the statement, Black Lives Matter. I'm talking about the mission and the stated purpose. Have the organization of the intention of the leadership it's not American is it's not the defense of American ideals it is. Again, they tell us that they're trained Marxists. And this has been exposed people can see this and now they've they've overplayed their hand. What was originally designed to get energy out and to drive the black vote to vote to go cast their ballots for Biden is now being seen as unnecessarily violent at times to where that they've they've the you can say the movement has been hijacked. You say whatever you want, but the results are people cheering in the streets of Compton. When officers are shot the results are people blocking ambulances from carrying wounded officers to the hospital. That's the result of some of this and it's gone too far. And it's no longer simply trying to be you know that it was originally again intended to increase the energy and drive. Drive the Black Lives Matter supporters to the polls now it's actually created a counter movement to where people are saying enough of this. This is actually well beyond reality their sports leagues are cramming it down our throats and they're holding up individuals who are alleged criminals who are alleged to have committed heinous acts, people like Jacob Blake, who's being held up as a hero in some in some circles, and that's not exactly the case at all based upon what we know allegedly that he has done. Why are you wearing t shirts with his name on it? given what we know about this individual and what has been alleged and I Average normal people think this is way outside of their control or outside the realm of reasonable at this point. campaign is spiraling out of control. quick timeout for Biden. Anyway, quick timeout. You're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I don't know if you saw this as well. President Trump has accepted the offer of Joe Rogan to moderate a four hour, four hour live streamed debate between Trump and Biden there would be under Rogan's proposal there would be no audience live audience. It would just be Trump and Biden and Rogen The room and a couple of microphones this thing will be live streamed for hours as what Rogan said he'd like to see. Trump has accepted this. By the way, Trump looking here at the epic times, President Trump so that he would take part in a proposed hours long debate moderated by Joe Rogan. Rogan has offered to do this again four hours, no live audience streamed live with no editing. No word on whether Biden would be allowed to bring his teleprompter. For his answers. I'm sure Rogan would say no to that as well. This is what Rogan said First of all, I'd want no one else in the room, just the three of us and you would have to stream it live so no one can edit it. And I would want them in there for hours. want them in there for hours? Rogan says it's 2020. We should be able to have this. We have the ability to do it. Why don't we Do it. And so but Rogen also is I don't Rogan says I don't know if Biden could handle it. In fact, he says, I don't think Biden can handle it. He continues, and by saying, I mean, people get mad at me for saying this, I think that there's something wrong. And I don't think there's something wrong because I'm guessing or because I'm pro Trump. I've seen him fall apart. He's had multiple brain surgeries. Again, this is what Rogan says about, about Joe Biden, let's see this runs contrary to what the democrat party to what the Biden campaign what this runs contrary to that this is not at all what they want. They want to be able to have an election without a candidate effectively. They want the they want the vote to basically be do I you know, do you hate Trump? Have we stirred up enough stirred up enough hatred in your hearts for the current president so that you would replace them with virtually anybody? Whether it's a Harris administration Biden, Harris administration, a Mickey Mouse administration, whatever, would you vote for someone else, because we don't really want to put our guy out there. We don't want you looking at this and making a choice between Trump or Biden. We want basically, the democrats want this to be how much you hate the current occupant of the White House, how much you're afraid of COVID and how much Trump is trying to kill Americans with the disease. That's what they want this to be about. They want to create these narratives. They want to hide their candidate. They want to stir up hatred and they want you to cast your ballot based upon how much you are angered and raised full of hatred and animosity for the current occupant of the White House. And if you don't have enough hatred and animosity, they're all about stirring that up. They're all about throwing a proverbial Molotov cocktail into the mix. Literally and figuratively, depending upon which democrat you're asking, you know, you look at, you look at the violence in these cities. And, of course we know that these votes are not going to Trump. These violent protest or no the violent rioters in the city are throwing the Molotov cocktails, those democrats are democrat voters are casting ballots. For Joe Biden. It's why the democrats have a hard time really coming out and condemning a lot of what they see. They'll say things like this is pent up anger. This is understandable. These businesses are insured anyway. is justifiable and all this sort of stuff when it's clearly not. But they're trying to navigate. They're trying to navigate the hatred that they're stirring up. And they don't want to offend that part of their of their base. And this is where we are. And Ren Rogan says let's have a four hour debate. Democrats are saying we don't want to put Joe Biden out there for four seconds. Four minutes. That's a stretch. You're asking for four hours. Can you imagine what this would look like? Come on Biden step up and do it. You said you said you said on record, you want to look at us. Look at us. You've said compare us. Okay, let's do it. I'm all for this the three of you in a room with you know, Joe Rogan, and a couple of microphones and have a discussion. Let's hear let's hear your thoughts. Let's hear if you can navigate these conversations. If you can keep all this stuff straight. Just the three of you know, no handlers, no teleprompter, no basement. No anything. Just you and a microphone and the American people Trump jumps on that opportunity immediately. Why can't you we know why. And he won't. But why can't you? It's a question we should all ask. Why can't he because it doesn't help. his chances of winning it exposes him and his weaknesses even more. He's not gonna do it. He's not even gonna acknowledge that this is a thing. steadies gonna continue hiding in his basement reading from a teleprompter, and I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. I don't know if you saw this. I referenced this a couple times really quickly. Joe Biden being interviewed by James Carden and he's holding up pictures of his sons. That's it's him and his sons on one in one big photograph. In fact, he comments that is too heavy to lift. So I thought Biden can win all these push up and dip contests can't lift this picture. They have so many incredible pictures, including one here that may be too heavy to lift up. But this is one of my favorite pictures. It's a picture of me. And my two boys when they were in high school when they were in college. Oh, I don't know whether you can see that. Just move it just move it. Oh, look at that. And that I have that hanging in my bedroom. And my, you know, now what you can't see. And it's a big picture. And it's a good picture. It's Biden, notice his two sons. I think he said they were in high school. And of course, it's it's very sad that he's lost his son Bo to bring cancer. That's incredibly, incredibly sad. And I'm sure that this photo has a lot of meaning to Joe Biden. And and I'm not minimizing that but what I am pointing out here is that when he holds up the paper You can see a reflection of what Biden is looking at. And you can see that he's on a zoom call and you can see that there's a teleprompter. Now. I should point out that the producer executive producer for James carton has tweeted out that this is James Cardin's teleprompter is the only way they he says that they can do it through zoom. I have questions about this because I'm familiar with this. technology to me, you have a teleprompter. The teleprompter doesn't have to go through zoom. The teleprompter does not have to go through zoom. In fact, there's a teleprompters go in front of your recording device. That's kind of the point. So if if Carden is using a some sort of a digital camera or an iPad or whatever he's using to record himself for the show to stream himself through zoom to Joe Biden, the teleprompter is on That device. In fact, there's a screen that goes up over the lens, and the reflection of the words go up on that screen to where the camera can shoot through that screen and record you while you're looking and reading the screen in front of your device. So I don't know, I'm not a television executive by any stretch. I'm, I'm not a an executive producer, but I'm very familiar with these devices. And the idea that the only way that James Kardon can access his teleprompter is through zoom. I just have a hard time believing that because of what I know about these devices, maybe that's the way that they're setting it up to be used. I don't know. I don't know. But you can clearly see it. Right. I mean, it's in the reflection, it is a teleprompter. Now, if you've not seen a teleprompter, maybe you won't know what that is. But I'm telling you, it's a teleprompter. I'm also telling you, I gotta take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back here we are seven weeks from election day. And things I think are spiraling spiraling out of control. That doesn't mean it's a guaranteed for for Biden spiraling out of control for Biden, but I don't think that that's, you know, we're far away from dancing, a victorious celebration for Trump. There's a lot of campaigning left. There's a lot of tricks up the sleeves Biden's got a team of lawyers. That's another thing that we we've got to be concerned with. They're expecting to be to have to, to fight for counting votes that probably are not legitimate, or they come in through God only knows what means So we got a lot of that to contend with. But this is not shaping up the way the democrats expected and planned as they move towards 2020. Folks, I've got to go. Have a great day. Thanks for listening. SDG See you soon. Take care.