Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd, that is right. You were are listening to the one conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I'm your host Todd Huff email, Todd at The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show should you want to watch the program live or on demand as long as our friends at Facebook allow us to be there, which currently looks like we are which is a good thing. So it's good To be here, thank you for joining us. I want to start here this morning talking about Trump's announcement yesterday at the White House of some peace agreements in the Middle East. I also want to talk about how cnn seeing it, I tell you what, I don't even know how they keep straight faces over there at all ever, ever. Although I did see where Don Lemon actually even realize that Nancy Pelosi going to a salon in her home, community, hometown community, whatever. During the shutdown, while salons were closed, not wearing a mask. He was actually you know, he couldn't eat come up with an excuse for her on that one. He was bothered with what she did on that he thought that she shouldn't be making excuses. So occasionally they stumble into things that make sense. But cnn yesterday is Trump is signing these historic peace agreements between Bahrain, Israel, United Arab Emirates. CNN show I tell you what shows the White House, south lawn. And at the bottom of the page at the bottom of the screen, it says Trump holds a White House event with large crowd, little social distancing. That's what they decided to tell us about that event was that there was an event that wasn't that it was a historic piece event. From the now twice nominated Nobel Peace Prize President Donald J. Trump. Just this, you can't you can't make this up. You can't. You can't. This is fantastic to me. But they don't want to talk about that they want to talk about social distancing and whatever else. But this is a big deal. This is a big deal. And so, look, there's what Trump has said here. What Trump has said here is that this is a dawn of a new Middle East. He says at the piece of code, you know, the signing of the agreement yesterday, we're here this afternoon to change the course of history. After decades of division and conflict, we mark the dawn of a new Middle East. Now, this is again, these are small steps. It's a big deal, but to There's small steps, there's still a lot of, I don't know, danger risk turmoil in the Middle East, led by nations like Iran, led by nations. I mean, you've Of course got terrorist organizations running around Hezbollah, you know, Hamas groups like that. You've got issues in Syria. But these are steps in the right direction. lookee Israel, folks, I don't think many nation or many, many Americans grasp how important Israel is to the United States and to that region. I mean, Israel is a shining beacon of hope for that region, as well. Israel is a very close ally Israel is affected friend Israel. Again, is Is is a beacon of hope and freedom and of opportunity in that region, they are hated by many nations. So any movement in this direction is a good step. And this these Peace Accords look and I want to be careful hear this notion of peace, true. long standing peace in the Middle East, I mean, there's, there's we know that there's never there's always going to be contention and strife and turmoil to some degree in the Middle East. Because of I mean, this goes back millennia. This goes back biblically to Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael and this the conflict there runs runs deep. God has things to say about that, but it doesn't mean mean, it doesn't mean that there can't be good things that happen and move us towards less violence more now that they've opened up Jerusalem to, you know, protecting Muslims rights to see holy sites as well that this has all been, you know, I go back to the 90s when Clinton was working with Israel and the Palestinians. He gave the Palestinians virtually everything that they wanted. And that still wasn't enough for the PLO. It wasn't enough for arafat, that's who he was dealing with he wanted I mean, some of these folks truly want the annihilation of Israel that's a that's a non negotiable to some folks. But that's not what happened yesterday. We're dealing with with you know, nations that weren't necessarily you know, at war with Israel, but there's there's still tension and turmoil. I don't think Many of us in the West can fully grasp some of the tension. In fact, I've got, I've got an uncle and an aunt that that actually they work, believe it or not at the, the Garden Tomb of Jesus, where they think as a potential side of where Jesus was. Jesus's body was laid in the tomb before resurrection. And, you know, just just to hear some of their experiences there. I mean, it gets it gets tense at times, there's times when they go when they're about to leave the complex or the compound. It's a small, a small area and securities might say to them, you know, today might not be a good day to go out. And they would listen to that typically, my uncle might not but they typically listen to that my definitely would. Because there's just tension in that in that region, and it's There's many reasons but at the core of that are some really deeply held religious convictions and beliefs and holy sites and all this. All these sorts of things. But these are these are steps in the right direction. And this drives the left absolutely mad. This drives the left mad because President Trump remember when he was elected to be President of the United States they threatened or they promised us that the things that come would include the destruction of the US, I mean, our economy, Trump was just gonna try to enrich his friends and rich himself. The economy would be in shambles because Obama had this thing perfectly pieced together so that it was cranking out 1% GDP, or whatever it was. And meanwhile, nothing could be further from the truth. We were also supposed to be at this point in time. at war with multiple nations, it's important to point out you know that Trump, if you look at Trump in comparison with other previous presidents in modern times, Trump has not gotten us into other conflicts. Now that may surprise some you go back and you look at even Obama, you look at Bush, of course, you look at Clinton. You look at Bush, the former Bush, and you start to look at former presidents and you see that, you know, we had other conflicts that we've gotten into and I'm not saying all of them are necessarily on of war avoidable, some might have been ness, I'm not going to talk about whether we should or shouldn't have some of those wish, shouldn't have. But, you know, the War on Terrorism, for example, is one that we were pulled into, but whether or not should we have attacked Iraq and all this sort of stuff, right. I mean, people will argue Debate these things but one thing you cannot debate is that Trump is pulling us in to needless wars, because that is not happening. And this by the way, I mean, he's been consistent on this. You know, Trump Trump respects and appreciates the military and in spite of these hit pieces that you'll see running in the Atlantic where Trump supposedly calls American sailors soul soldiers and sailors losers and whatever else they said he called him back in, you know, World War One, for dying or for be being taken captive at battles. suckers, I think was the other phrase that they said Trump used. But you look at how he treats the military. You look at how he's cleaned up the VA. You look at how he defends the military, in the way that he talks about them. This guy is for our military. For the military, he doesn't bad mouth them. He doesn't talk about them as though they're, you know, some of the left talks about people in the military as though it's it's what you know, I've heard them they act as though only people that are in the military are people who are stupid they can't go to college. I've encountered these people folks. They don't understand someone who wants to actively go out and defend his or her nation. They don't understand that that's a foreign concept. To these radical leftists. They can't understand why someone will we would even be proud of this nation, let alone why they would be proud enough to want to go actively seek a way to defend it. People like Pat Tillman, former NFL star safety for the Cardinals back in 2000, early 2000s he enlists after 911 becomes an Army Ranger and is killed while serving his nation. This sort of thing is foreign to some I'm not saying every democrat I'm not not saying that but to the radical left, to those who hate this nation who don't understand why this nation is worth defending why we're proud of this, why we applaud this nation why we call this nation the greatest nation on the face of the earth while why we call it a shining city on a hill, they don't That's not at all what they see there. This is foreign to them. And so the only people they can understand that would do such things are people who just aren't very smart, who don't have any other opportunities, who can't afford to go to college right out of right out of school or what have you. And of course, that's not the case. That's not true. So, anyway, Trump was supposed to cause havoc on the world Trump was supposed to usher in world war three. You know, there's so many similarities between what the Trump presidency and the reagan presidency except for I mean, the Trump's not gotten us into any other additional conflicts. In fact, if you look at the pace of say the troop withdrawals in Afghanistan, for example, we're virtually I mean, we're to the point to where there's a projected timeline where it looks as though there won't be any troops left in that particular part of the world. And that's these are good things, assuming Look, I mean, you don't want to arbitrarily do it if it's premature and additional violence and bad things can happen. But if you can, can secure that and then withdraw that's that is a good thing. That's absolutely a good thing. And we were told Trump was going to usher in world war three Meanwhile, he's ushering it. Peace, peace and this concept peace through strength again, it's foreign to the radical left is foreign to them. How do you achieve Peace in the minds of the radical left. Well, you apologize for how bad America is. You say that America was at fault. You, you know act as though all nations have equal footing on the same moral high ground, they just have differences of opinion. Well, that's absolutely, unequivocally not the case. For example, you can't I mean, I look at what Israel has to face with some of these folks that are, you know, creating conflict with them. They're on the same moral ground as the terrorist organizations. That's insanity. But that's what we're told fact you have some people who want to blame Israel for these problems. Meanwhile, groups like Hamas or whoever else, they'll use schools and hospitals to house their, their terrorists and to house their weapons. So as to hope for an Israeli strike on schools and hospitals to make Israel look like a terrible country for striking schools and hospitals when what they're trying to do is stop those places from being used as basis of attack on their people on their nation. So again, this idea of peace in the Middle East is it's it's tough to fully achieve, but it doesn't mean we can't make some strive strides and progress here, which I think we clearly have with with what's with what's been signed. And this is not again, not supposed to happen. not supposed to happen if you follow the left's narrative for a Trump presidency. If he was going to be in office at this point in time. He was going to be 50 points down in the polls. Or, of course, ideally, he wouldn't have been in office at all. He would have been removed from the office in handcuffs after the impeachment trial. But that didn't happen. He's not supposed to be anywhere near winning reelection. That of course can certainly happen. He can absolutely win reelection. We were supposed to be at world war three probably at war with North Korea, China and Iran all simultaneously. While things can get tense from time to time with which it has with all those countries, ask yourself why is it get hot? Why is it gotten intense? It's because of provocative actions by those nations. That's what it is. And Trump is not afraid to use the military to say you this is gonna stop. We're gonna deployed, you know, ships here and all that sort of stuff to make sure that you and your reckless behaviors stop. It's not to go start a war is to is to settle down and to make sure that some of the crazy stuff comes to an end, which we've seen from North Korea from Iran. Again, China. His provocative acts in the South China Sea cannot be overstated as well with what they're really trying to accomplish there by taking creating land to take away these international waters and make those waters Chinese waters. Anyway. At the end of the day, here we are seven weeks from an election, Trump has historic signing of Peace Accords, between Middle Eastern nations, including Israel, at the White House, cn ns only worried about social distancing. It's just quote unquote, an event. It's not a historic peace accord. And here we are, this is you know, he's got nominations for two Nobel Peace prizes. And they have to be completely beside themself. This again was not supposed to happen. not supposed to be the case. And I'm gonna take a break.

Welcome back. I want to shift gears a little bit I'm going to talk about by Biden's confused who's running for president Biden's confused whether he's going to be president or Kamala is going to be president. So we'll talk about that after the break. This campaign is one big disaster folks for the Democrats. Sit tight. be back in just a minute. Welcome back. So I want to I want to share I'd tell you what folks this. Sometimes I think I bet the best job in the world. best job in the world. Joe Biden, remember yesterday, we played a soundbite? We played a soundbite? Let me pull it up here real quick. Kamala Harris. During an interview on CBS or ABC setting, it was ABC, ABC News. She was talking about the Harris Biden ticket right now. I will say In fact, I was just telling you, you know, talking with one of our team members of The Todd Huff Show this, but you'll hear me when when I talk. People work with me. I don't say they work for me, I talk in terms of we. So I don't there's a this is this is something we have to do, as you know, together as a team, and I think about, you know, I can relate to a part of that, but that doesn't mean that there's a reason it's the Biden Harris ticket. Now, there may not be good reasons. Wait, let me go back on that. There may be some really stupid reasons. That is the Biden Harris ticket. fact we know that the reason the Harris name is on the ballot is because she checked off two boxes. One, she's black, two. She's a she she's a female. You can say three She's a leftist. But that's that's it. Biden told us a long time ago that he's gonna find a woman. And other times he even said a black woman to be his vice presidential candidate, which, of course led me to raise the question as to why Biden thought an Asian woman or a Asian man, Hispanic man, black man, so I would love to ask Biden why he finds people that are not black women, unqualified to be his choice for Vice President. I mean, he quite literally, quite literally used race and gender as a basis for his selection. That is what he did. Biden used race and gender to pick Kamala Harris as his vice presidential nominee. running mate. That's it. That's what he used. That's what his team used, he told us he was going to do that. And this doesn't seem to be a problem in the minds or the well, the emotions of not the minds, the emotions of the radical left, because, hey, they can do whatever they want. It's time, I guess, for there to be a female vice president. And again, I'm not against the notion, but I'm not for the notion simply because you put a woman on the ballot. That's just That's ridiculous. That's silly. That's not that's just not a serious way to approach things. But that's where we are in 2020. So we know why the Harris name is on there. Why is the Biden name on the ticket? Well, glad you asked. The Biden name is on the ticket. Because they didn't have another name to put on there. They didn't want to put Sanders on there. The Sanders name on the ticket terrifies them. Sanders stands for socialism. revolution, all sorts of craziness that the establishment democrats cannot be in favor of. They can't put their big money behind open socialism and radical nonsense coming from the presidential podium each and every day. So they were hoping someone would rise to the challenge during the campaign and begin to get enough democrat support. They could that they could throw their money and their resources behind that candidate and tell everyone else to get out of the field because they've picked their candidate that's going to stop Bernie for the second time. Well, no one rose to the challenge. And so they were stuck with the guy. He's been in Washington DC for nearly half a century. They knew this guy now. They want you to think that he was their number one choice same with Obama. Obama and now acts like a that Biden is the greatest potential president live today, even though he didn't endorse him, and I don't, I don't want to hear stuff like and I mean, there's a degree of truth here. It's not. Presidents Wait, you sitting, former presidents don't endorse during the primaries and all this sort of stuff. I understand that to a point. But I'll tell you this. He endorsed him after Bernie did. Bernie dropped out. Why not? If you're for Biden, why didn't he endorse him? The second Bernie dropped out he didn't. He waited until by Bernie not only dropped out but endorsed him. Why the only person I can think of that endorsed Biden after Obama is maybe Elizabeth Warren, my cousin Liz. So this is Biden got on the ticket because he's not Bernie and this was the only person left that they thought that they could coalesce around so they told Mayor Pete to step aside they told Amy Klobuchar Charge and knock it off. They went down the list they told my cousin Liz, not your time. And Elizabeth, whether you're Native American or not, it's just not your time. So all those thing all those people were, you know, called by the power brokers and there's others as well, Bloomberg. Bloomberg was out there making a fool of himself, spending about $4 million per, per delegate that he was getting, anyhow. So that's how the two names got on the ticket. But Biden and Kamala Harris neither one seemed to know which name goes first because yesterday, we played this soundbite from Kamala to make sure you have a president in the White House, who actually sees you, but understands your needs, who understands the dignity of your work, and who has your back a Harris administration together with Joe Biden, as the President of the United States, the Biden Harris, administer Michigan will have access for the Harris administration along with Joe Biden as President. So she started this thing off. But listen, even yesterday, Joe Biden at the at the podium, listen to what he says Harris Biden ministration is going to relaunch that effort and keep pushing further to make it easier for military spouses and veterans to find meaningful careers to ensure teachers know how to support military children in their classrooms, and to improve support for caregivers and survivors. So much more than we do now. So much more. Yeah. I don't know why we haven't done it for the past 47 years, Joe, but anyway, why didn't Obama do this if it was such a needed and necessary thing, but anyway, Biden's even confused. Harris Biden, Biden, Harris, who's my running mate, am I somebody who's running mate, who's my wife, who's my sister. How many people you know, he gets counts of things wrong constantly, dramatically. So saying what 100 and 50 million Americans died of, from gun violence in the past 10 years or some such thing. That's almost half the population of the nation. This guy can't put together a coherent statement sentence, in many instances. And again, not even sure who's at the top of the ticket, even when it's himself. He might tell us today he's running for Senate. He might endorse Trump sometime this afternoon. I have no idea. all bets are off with this guy. And this is why By the way, he refuses to accept Joe Rogan's invitation for a four hour sit down debate between Trump and himself with Joe Rogan hosting. Trump's accepted at the only person holding this thing up folks is is Joe Biden. Joe if you want us you tell us constantly look at us, man. Look at us. Look at our condition. Look at our mental condition. Look at look at how we handle ourselves look at what we say okay, let's put that teleprompter aside. Let's get out of the basement. Let's get up there with Joe Biden or shoot me with with Joe Rogan and Donald Trump sit at the Have a sit down are so socially distanced. We can socially distance you. You can wear your mask if you want. Give you a microphone. Nobody in the audience is talking about issues. Rogen says he doesn't think you can do it. I think the same thing. I'm sure you won't do it. But if you want us to see step up, be a man show us tough guts show us the same Joe Biden that was out there, staring down corn pop back in the 1960s. We'll see that you will even let you bring your six foot piece of chain to the to the debate, Joe. Step up there and do your thing show Trump who's boss. Gotta take a break long in this segment. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Back in just a minute.

Welcome back the Abraham accords, which was what we were talking about a couple segments ago, I was just Oz and I were talking here during the break, it's just it's amazing the way that cnn decides to to cover this. The way that cnn decides to cover this, which again, I know we talked about, but it's just, it's just, it's remarkable. It really is. We know who cnn is. We know that they're the mouthpiece for the Democrat Party. We know that they hate Donald Trump with a passion. I mean, what's the word stronger than hate because that's what they that they load. President Trump. They just they they can't even Hardly, they can barely bring themselves to utter the words president, the word president before saying the name Trump. And they look at the horizon at the landscape and they see, we have an election in seven weeks, and they're not sure that they're guys gonna win. In fact, the only way that their guy benefits is if they stir up hatred for Trump, not by showing us more of their guy. And that's not supposed to be the case. And it's not supposed to be even remotely close to this. They've invested every resource available to man. Remember back when Zucker gave the directive, and less your news report has to do with what was it impeachment or Trump Russian collusion or something, something that's destructive and damaging to Trump. He didn't want to hear it. We want our network. We want cnn to be the constant source of anti Trump propaganda that's what we want. We want this cnn to be 100% of the time devoted towards destroying President Trump. That's what that's what we want. That's who our network is. Meanwhile, they've got a positioning statement that says most trusted name in news most trusted name in news, my backside, not even close to the most trusted name in news. Folks wouldn't know truth if it smacked him up the side of the head, which it does from time to time and they still don't even recognize it. I mean, I watched some of these you know, when when Chris Cuomo tough guy Chris Cuomo show migrates or merges with Don Lemon show it between on one of them's at nine, and one of them's at 10. And I watched sometimes these dialogue between these two jokers I mean, it's just astonishing It's astonishing, their worldview, it's astonishing, that they think it makes sense. But I mean, that's when you're live in that bubble of hatred, of animosity, of just deep loathing for an individual constantly 24 seven, non stop all your friends feel the same way. They feel your hatred. It's like an echo chamber, on and on this goes. This is what you get cnn can only find, can only find it necessary to tell its viewers that there's an event at the White House, not the Abraham accords, not not something that is positive news for a region of the world that's been tense for forever. None of that all they want to tell people is that Trump has some random event and people aren't social distancing. That's it. That's how they that's how they cover it. It's remarkable when you stop and think about it. Anyway, want to take a break here when we get back, I want to share something else that happened in the media. yesterday. I see a CNBC host was talking to Nancy Pelosi, and he accidentally I think he accidentally appears to me he accidentally called her a name that Trump at Trump uses and she did not much appreciate it. It's just kind of humorous television. So we'll play that after the break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I still want to play this soundbite. It's Jim Cramer that calls Nancy Pelosi crazy Crazy Nancy to her face, which is quite remarkable in and of itself. But I still want to spend a little bit of time here. I know I left it for a moment, but I and I've come back to it last last segment but the left axis though, Bahrain and the UAE United Arab Emirates signing a peace accord with with Israel is no major accomplishment because they've not is not a positive step. Because there's no I guess, military conflict. They're not firing missiles at each other. But it still doesn't mean relations were what they should have been. According to Fox News, these deals between Israel the UAE and Bahrain involve the exchanging of ambassadors, establishment of embassies, folks establishment of embassies, embassies, between The nation's establishing those setting those up. How, how is that not a good thing? There were not embassies before now there are embassies. They're talking about cooperating on a wide range of fronts, including trade, security and tourism. How is that not good? How, how is that not a good thing? Because they weren't firing missiles at each other last week. I guess the left doesn't see any possible way that this is even remotely a good thing. Of course, this is a good thing. Of course, this is a good thing just because they weren't chanting death Israel last week, doesn't mean that there can't be positive steps. I mean, it's remarkable how much they're blinded by their own rage and hatred. I promise to play this and I'm getting to the end of the end of the hour here, so I'm gonna have to do this. I love this, folks. I really do not think I really believe that this was an accident. Jim Cramer interviewing Nancy. Nancy Pelosi yesterday on CNBC. They have this exchange between you and I think Secretary minuchin. I mean, what do Can we have a crazy Nancy? I'm sorry. That was the president. I am such reverence for the office. I would never use that term. But it is. Just Did you know? Oh, my gosh, he calls her crazy dancy. He calls her crazy Nancy to an interview to her face. I mean, she's dumbfounded here. She's dumbfounded here, right. You know, crazy. Nancy, to piggyback on what Kramer and of course President Trump call her crazy Nancy does have they're talking about a deal between, you know, Congress in the White House, and all this with Coronavirus legislation and all this but which who knows if and when that'll ever happen. But she has some questions to answer. She has some questions to answer about her special treatment of herself by being able to get her hair did at the local salon while the rest of people in the community back home in California. were not able to do that. She waltzes around in there doesn't have to wear a mask instead says that she set up she's still not apologized for this. Actually she did. She apologized for falling for a setup. And this poor salon owner has been targeted has been the target of attacks. Because people are saying that she said Nancy Pelosi up some salon owner attacks sets up the Speaker of the House somehow tricks are in this sounds like Russian collusion. It tricks Nancy Pelosi into not wearing a mask. tricks are in the doing I'm not sure how She tricked her into doing it. I don't know if they forcibly removed it. I don't know what the story is here. It didn't look like Nancy Pelosi act like she wanted anything to do with the mask. In the video I saw she was just walking around like she owned the place. Yet somehow she faults this salon owner who's now been targeted and blacklisted in her radical community because people there have truly lost any ability to reason and think for themselves. just become a, I mean, just tore totally just depraved in certain areas of that. I'll say certain areas of that particular city and so forth. No ability to think and use logic. Crazy Nancy indeed Jim Cramer calls are that on live television. He didn't mean to I really don't think that he did. But it still humors me and I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Alright folks, that is all of the time that we have today. Time flies when you're having fun. Time flies when you're having fun and there's a lot more that we have on the docket to get to that I simply don't have time to get to but can't do anything about that today. Can't do anything about that today. We always appreciate you being here for joining us. And we have a lot of other things on the horizon. Here. We're developing our CNB u courses. And we'll we'll dig deeper onto some things that I think are critically important to Balancing the conservative cause and movement. More on that in the time, days and weeks to come, but all the time we had today appreciate you listening very much, folks. Thank you so much SDG, thanks for listening. See you tomorrow. Take care.