The President Tests Positive for COVID | October 2, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to conservative, not bitter talk and I am your host, Todd Huff, you can email me anytime with your thoughts, your opinions, your adoration and praise will also be accepted here at the program Tod The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show also on streaming on Twitter, The Todd Huff Show there as well. And on YouTube, just search Todd Huff show and we will be you can stream the program on those particular locations. And you may be listening to on freedom 95 in Indianapolis as well. Good morning. Um, it's it's a pleasure to have you and I hope to this morning we we've got some stuff that has broken over overnight. Then some news it's broken overnight. President Trump and milania have both tested positive for covid 19. Both of them Trump tweeting this out. I don't know was it around? I thought it was around 2am I could be I could be wrong on that. He tweeted out let me scroll to the top here tonight. FLOTUS and I First Lady of the United States Melania Trump tested positive for covid 19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this together that was at 12:54am. And milania tweets out as well. She tweets out the following about half an hour later. 1:27am as too many Americans have done this year. POTUS and I President of the United States, our quarantining at home after testing positive for covid 19. We are feeling good and I have postpone all upcoming engagements. Please be sure you are staying safe. And we will all get through this together. So of course you have the predictable reaction. I tell you folks, I've scrolled through this Twitter feed. And there's pictures of Trump. Drinking bleach of course, is not what he said. But nonetheless, there's pictures of Trump drinking bleach there's a screenshot of The Simpsons episode I guess. I don't know if this really happened in the episode, but apparently at least either someone's taken the liberty to do this, or this was in the actual episode. President Trump is lying in a coffin here on a tweet. That's awfully cute. Saying rip. That's from chance. malware or someone else responded. I really hope the Simpsons were right again. I mean, you go through this. And I mean, it's it's remarkable this. This shows the level of hatred, vitriol, and candidly, just, I would say godlessness and respect for all things decent. Now, statistically, less statistically, President Trump and milania will be will recover. Statistically, statistically, they may even be asymptomatic. We don't know. But what is what's troubling is this. This cheering this applause. In fact, last night, I first saw hope Hicks had tested positive for COVID. And I remember I think I showed my wife that headline and I said, I said this almost seems to me I get the headline from the New York Times it almost felt like they were cheering. Now No, it's a headline it's from it wasn't like with an apostrophe and smiley faces or something, but the way that they talk about this administration on a day in, day out level, you can almost sense that there's a little bit of excitement and I dare I even say hope it's pathetic to say But helping some folks. Some circles around this country. Some folks are hoping that it's it's fatal. Some phobia bad people hoping that it's it's fatal. Not other people think that it's a hoax. People say this isn't true. It's a hoax. He didn't really test positive. He doesn't want to debate Biden again. He doesn't want to debate by again. So that whatever you thought of the debate, the idea that President Trump does not want to debate, Joseph Biden is candidly a stretch of the imagination. That's wishful thinking. Definitely. So we have that response. We have people who think that President Trump wants to test positive so that he can then come back, healthy, overcome the virus, beat and you'll pound his chest and say, I've overcome this, this is nothing blah, blah, blah. All sorts of opinions and ideas out there. But what we do know is that President Trump is he and milania, both have tested positive for covid 19. Against statistically, statistically, they both will recover statistically, they may even both be asymptomatic, but we don't know. We don't know that. That's that's one of the issues with with COVID is that it affects some people almost not at all, and others it strikes and terminate its terminal for people for some people. So anyway, but to see this, see these responses to see these responses, and that most of these I will say that I've seen on Twitter, in response to Trump's announcement milania his announcement. It is they are nice positive kind tweets. People wishing him recovery, thoughts and prayers, but there's some there's some idiots out there that are cheering for these sorts of things. Again, I've seen the President's the simpson cartoon of Trump in in the casket more times than one on this twitter feed people again, cheering for this wishing, hoping that Twitter excuse me that the Simpsons are correct. People, I mean, it's it's just remarkable. Some of these things, I'm witnesses as I'm scrolling down, scrolling down this. So that's what we know. Again, it was just announced last night, or actually early this morning after midnight by President Trump. So that's where we are. That's what's the latest news I planned this morning. I do the math, the vast majority. While I knew what I wanted to talk about this morning until this happened. I spent last night actually I stumbled into CNN. In fact, I was sitting there, I don't I would sit down often. At the time of day that I was and I just had a moment I flipped on CNN and watched Anderson, Cooper 360 or whatever it is, and realized how much I mean, we're in the final stretcher of this election. Now this this COVID is obviously gonna gonna play some factor here. We'll see what that means. I don't. I don't know. I've actually seen one tweet as I'm thinking about this as I'm kind of combining the election with COVID. Now, but I saw one tweet that someone says he wants to give it to Biden, because of Biden's age and Biden susceptible. I mean, the conspiracy theories and and how quickly these things pop up to the surface. Yeah, something else that the amount of conspiracy theories we get regarding certain issues. And I'm not saying that there's not nefarious people out there with the intent to do things and I'm not saying every conspiracy is wrong. But folks, the idea of conspiracy theories are when people talk about those is to say that everything that happens in this world is not the result of some as Hillary would say vast right wing conspiracy, or you can say vast left wing conspiracy. Some things just just happen without people pulling the puppet strings. Not to say that there's not any collusion or conspiracy between people who have bad intentions for the United States of America or for Donald Trump or whoever. But these are the things that people are willing to go to the gym, go to the links, extreme lengths to believe yet refusing to accept some truths that are right there. Under their nose, things like the United States of America is the greatest nation on the face of the planet. Things like liberty and freedom are things that are outlined things that are recorded in our foundational documents that people refuse to accept. You see an all out war against some of these fundamental truths that America was built upon. People don't see that, but they see that instead, Trump wants to catch COVID so that he can somehow defeat it look like Superman, avoid the next debate with Biden, but yet then somehow use COVID to steal the election from Biden here in November. I mean, it's just remarkable these links that people that people go to, but I was watching anderson cooper last night, and I realized, you know, we're in the final stretch, or we're in the final almost four weeks now, we're almost down to the Final Four weeks before, before the election before election day. And and the things that I was hearing on CNN, even by CNN standards are inexcusable and beyond my ability to truly to truly, I can comprehend them from a perspective of you know, that they are throwing everything but the kitchen sink, well, including the kitchen sink at getting Trump defeated here in November, but watching and listening to what I heard last night, I mean, it's it's truly remarkable. It's truly remarkable. Some of this debate covers that I was listening to I mean, it is folks have lost their abilities to think, to reason. It is almost a disease of sorts, this hatred and animosity for President Trump and I saw it come through Anderson Cooper, I saw it come through the two guests on his program that I want to talk about. And it's just it's truly remarkable. So, but I wanted to before getting into that I wanted to make sure that we talked about President Trump, I don't have, you know, we don't know anything other than he has been tested positive. He and both. He and Mark milania. Both have tested positive for covid. We don't know anything else. When you know that he was interviewed, I think last night on hannity seems to be, you know, feeling fine. gets tested regularly. So he's just, you know, tested positive here, again, yesterday, or around midnight, or whenever it was that he actually was tested. So we don't, we can presume that he hasn't had it for long. So they're going to quarantine for two weeks. What does this mean? There's already people talking about pins, you know, people get on social media and all this sort of thing. But it does. I mean, we're down to four weeks of the of the campaign and two of those Trump is going to be in quarantine. So what on earth does that mean? What is Trump going to do? Does this I mean, how does this in addition to impact, his health and his well being in the short term, which again, statistically, he should be, he should be fine and recover and maybe even be asymptomatic. But that's not always the case. But so there's the health issue, there's the campaign issue. And there's all the spare speculators and the conspiracy theorists out there that are and the people that are saying reprehensible things on Twitter, literally wishing for the President to die. So I wanted to talk about that first, but I want to get into to where the media is. And I think anderson cooper is a good example of this, again, losing their complete minds, whatever's left of them, their abilities to think and reason. I want to play some of this and let you hear and people calling, I mean, literally, people calling President Trump, a treasonous someone guilty of treason. Someone that's trying to basically use the dog whistle, to stir up racial wars and to empower people that want to overthrow this country. That's actually what people on his program were. Were saying is Anderson, Cooper and Cooper not at an agreement, finding this to be the most logical and best explanation of what's going on in politics here as we reach reach toward election day. So quick timeout. We'll talk about that when we return. But again, if you're just tuning in President Trump and First Lady milania, testing positive for COVID. Overnight announcing that a little bit after midnight last night, and that we do as we do for anyone with COVID hope for a full and complete speedy recovery and hope for continued health and just overall well being, no matter who catches it. Is Joe Biden. It's Kamala Harris. If it's Hillary Clinton, that's the I the the folks that cheer for this to take someone's life are truly behaving as though they are the scum of the earth here. Anyway. So, enough about that for now. Switching gears after the break, you're listening to them with conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, so so so I had a problem on with our social feed here. Suddenly, this program, I tell you, x sporadically half the time, not happy about this. But anyway going to try to have to address that after the next break. But I want to I want to switch gears now. I want to switch gears and I want to I want to play this this exchange this. What happened last night on Anderson Cooper, this is in my mind, a microcosm of what the media feels overall, this is an example of it's an example of just how the media is in I would say utter panic mode, as we get towards Election Day, get closer and closer to election day. And they are they're worried look, I mean, I know many Trump supporters, Republicans are concerned as well, this is I mean, shaping up to be a close election. close election, you don't have that many undecided voters, in my estimation as a comparison to to normal yours, I don't know how you could be undecided in 2020. I mean, you've either decided that Trump is basically the devil or that he's not. And if you believe that he is, you're not going to vote for him, if you believe that he's not, you will, you know, at least have a chance. And I guess in your mind you there's a chance that you will vote for him. But it's not supposed to be this way. They have invested everything in their power at tearing this guy down for four years. And here we are four weeks out roughly from the election. And he has a chance of winning, this is not supposed to happen. And so they're going to even dig deeper. They're going to even go more extreme. They're going to lose their minds even more. As they reached this this particular point here. Reach this reality though they're having flashbacks folks are having flashbacks to how they felt. Back in 2016. Whenever Trump was announced the winner in that election, it wasn't supposed to happen, then either. It was supposed to be that evening was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary Rodham Clinton, and it was not. And so they will do anything in their power to prevent a repeat of 2016. And that's really what they you know, what they're trying to do. And whatever it takes, as long as it takes them wherever it takes them. As long as it takes Trump out of the Oval Office. That is really their mantra, that is really their mentality. So I want you to listen to this Anderson Cooper, referencing the debate from Tuesday night, playing a sound bite saying that Trump refuses to denounce white supremacist groups. And this goes much beyond that this goes from Trump not denouncing by name, the ones that Biden thinks that he should denounce from the stage even though I don't remember, I don't remember an Tifa being denounced by Biden. In fact, I believe, Biden's and said, and Tifa was an idea and not an organization. By any talk about rejecting reality and truth, Biden doesn't even see that anTifa is an actual organization. Biden says just an idea. Meanwhile, we got streets on fire. I don't know the ideas spontaneously cause combustion in these businesses in these cities across America. And why did they choose to do those? When there were antiva people out in the crowds? Why seems rather ironic, or even Black Lives Matter writers. You know, they don't they don't see the connection here. In fact, they see Trump causing more strife, racial division, by as they say, inspiring those who are more of a threat than an Tifa is not even a threat and Tifa is just an idea. You know, it's remarkable what we're being subjected to here. All that being said this, I just want you to hear this. It's gonna it's a couple minutes, so I'm at the break. break this as we get closer to the break, but I want you to hear, I want you to hear the way that this is discussed the sound bites and then the guests that come on this program and what she has to say. I mean, beyond insane to me. Here it is. Will you urge your supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? And will you pledge tonight, that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully, because that's what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. I am urging imrg my people, I hope it's gonna be a fair election if it's a fair election, why I am 100% on board. But if I see 10s of thousands of balance being manipulated, I can't go along with that. And what does that mean? It means you have a fraudulent election. Okay, first thing, that's the soundbite that he plays from the debate the other night, that's, that's the soundbite that he chose to play from that. Chris Wallace, or I'm sorry, Anderson Cooper played it, but going to Chris Wallace's question. I mean, it's remarkable to me, the question is, will you Will you tell your supporters basically to stand down? Will you tell them don't respond to whatever's happening with radical protests? And, and, and violence? Sorry, Oz's showing me notes here. I can't. I was interrupted there. But. So if that is it's just remarkable to me, as I listen to this. It's remarkable to me as I as I hear this question, because we're literally, we're literally watching cities around us burn by real people that Biden calls an idea. Biden just says these aren't This isn't a group, it's an idea. Cities are burning down being taken over by some of these folks. No one sees the problem here. Instead, they see they see a group that, folks, have you paid attention. Have you watched the news? I know you have. But for the like, I want to ask wallets that have have you chris wallace even watch what's going on? What where is the news about all these things? And I look insofar as they exist white supremacist groups. Truly not the ones that simply the democrats are the southern What is it Southern Poverty Law Center. That farce of an organization that includes people on their list, by the way, their list of hate groups like the american family association? Yeah, that's right. Tony Perkins, leading a hate group over there. Now, that's not tony Perkins, is it American family associations on there? And so is tony perkins group, and I'm drawing a blank on on the name. But regardless, they list some of these organizations as hate groups. And there's some that clearly, I mean, look, I don't know everything about every group in America, and neither can the President of the United States. But to say, to say that there's some unknown group out there. I mean, they people talk about white supremacist groups, but you compare the the hatred and destruction and look again, and so far as these groups exist, I vehemently disagree with their ideology. We're all created equal in the eyes of God, this is stupid stuff to think that one race is, you know, better than another. That's not biblical. That's not rational. That's not logical. But it doesn't mean it doesn't mean that there's not another group right before our very eyes burning cities down. That's not white supremacist. And the blindness of this is just, it's beyond rich to me. They're talking about what might happen from groups that none of us have really heard about, know about seeing anything reported in the news about how dangerous they are, what they might do if President Trump is not elected. Meanwhile, we're watching what is happening by irresponsible people in the media in the Democrat Party. It's being caused by I should say, irresponsible media, people in the media and the Democrat Party, furthering these narratives. I shared some things yesterday with with pedals in the office, we actually went back to the Trayvon Martin case. I played the Nine one or the opposite 911, or the call to the police that george Zimmerman placed the full four and a half minute call or whatever it is. And we contrast that with what was actually reported on NBC News and she was aghast. The set the edited clip NBC News played, was not anywhere near an accurate depiction of how that phone call went. And that's one tiny sliver of a minor, it's just a microcosm of what's happening on a larger scale. They are Miss informing, deliberately deceiving people as to throw gasoline on this metaphorical fire. This this, these racial tensions, they are responsible for this. They absolutely are. And then they ignore people like an Tifa or the people that are writing that are associated with or that our whatever, that these black lives matter. rallies, the writing part, whoever those folks are, be at Black Lives Matter and Tifa just some spoiled, rich liberal kid living in his mom's basement, I don't know. But they ignore that right before their very eyes can't see that. But yet the biggest problem and fear we need to face is President Trump's dog whistle towards white supremacist groups and how apparently they're going to take over this country which I'll play those sound bites after the break. These analysts, former government officials, people that are in counter terrorism, actually saying some of the most ridiculous ludicrous things I've can remember hearing in quite some time, which is saying why because I just listened to Biden. Well, I listened to Biden this week at the debate and recently in speeches and speaking from his basement, so it's saying a lot. But I'm gonna take a break long in the segment, up at the video feed back up here before the break, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute. Welcome back. Okay, so I want to play some more of this. Again, we're listening to anderson cooper last night, Anderson Cooper, and his guests are more worried about what President Trump's suppose suppose dog whistles which Biden told us in the debate, dog whistles don't work anymore. They don't work, unless suddenly they do in the media needs them to work. Trump, of course, according to the radical left, the media Democrat Party is out there trying to signal to his white supremacists, which of course, they'll tell you. Trump is a white supremacist. That's that's part of their narrative. And if you say prove it, that they're dumbfounded. I can't believe there's so much evidence. There's so much evidence out there that he's a white supremacist. Okay. Well, just give me one example. I don't know. I don't know where to start. Okay, well, how about the first example? give me give me the obvious one. I mean, there's so much. There's so much out there that exists to tell you that President Trump is a white supremacist, just pick the first one that you can think of, there's so many I can't think of one. You understand that this is not helping your cause. You understand that this is not furthering your argument. I don't understand what you're telling me. You're making some blanket statement, you're telling me there's so much evidence for this is beyond your ability to comprehend why someone would not see that Trump's a white supremacist yet you cannot give me one bit of information. one bit of exam, one tiny sliver of an example. Because you're telling me, you're telling me that there's so much You can't even begin to think. And I'm starting to think that is the problem. You can't think that's what I think the problem is here. I think if you want to know what I think the problem is, I think that you've been blinded by the narratives. I think you've been blinded by what people like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, tough guy, Chris Cuomo, Rachel Maddow, and the rest wants you to believe about President Trump because I'll tell you right now, they know they know this. They know that the reasons that exists for someone proactively wanting to vote for Joe Biden are near absolute zero. no good reason. The only good reason they can think of and I mean this sincerely, the only good reason they can think of for someone to vote for Joe Biden, instead of President Trump is that Biden is not Trump. That's it. That's that's your reason. That's what they've come up with. That is it. That's the reason that's the rationale. That's the campaign. That's why it's hiding in the basement. That's why he doesn't do interviews. That's why he may very well be reading from telling prompters or notes asking basically for lines. Like he's Michael Scott in the office. You know what he's from Scranton, Pa. Michael Scott's from Scranton, Pa. I think that Joe Biden I had a listener Tell me at one point, this has been months ago that Joe Biden actually reminded him of Michael Scott. Now I love Michael Scott in the office one of the best I would maybe even the best character of all time and television my opinion. I love Michael Scott and a lot of ways in the in the in the good ways. But as far as it comes to the logic, and the rational, common sense side of his brain, it wasn't always wasn't always there. And he was asking for a line one time asking for a line during a deposition. deposition for that his girlfriend was having. Jan. Sorry, just brings back so many memories as I think about these things. But anyway, he asked for a wine. That's where to the point where Biden basically asks for lines. Remember, one time he was telling someone to like flip his note page or some such thing as he was on an interview? It's an embarrassment. There's no reason to vote for Biden, unless they want you to believe the reason is to save our democracy, folks to save our democracy. From what from a white supremacist will tell me why is a white supremacist I can't believe you don't know. How can you not know this? No, don't put this on me. You're the one that made the accusation. You're the one that should provide evidence. Give me one bit of evidence. There's so much Todd, I can't provide it. Are you listening to yourself? Are you listening to yourself as you try to articulate and to explain something that you can't explain? Do you realize that reminds me of conversation I had one time? I can't. I can't even go into that right now. But just the conversation where someone assumed something to be the case. And when you ask simple questions, they realize I have no idea what I'm talking about. That's the Biden campaign. That's that's, that's what someone who calls Trump a white supremacist. I'm telling you, just give me give me one example. Give me one stinking example. Can't do it. There's so much I can't even stop it. Stop it. There's so much You can't even think of one you realize how ridiculous that sounds. It's like asking Give me one reason why you love your children. Oh, it's so there's so many. I can't think you can't think of one. You can't think of one. At some point. If you can't think of one that leads me to believe that you're not serious and what you're saying or you're saying something that you don't know, any idea about what you're talking. That's what I think. And that's what this interview is about. And I didn't get to this thing, and I'll play some of it after the break. quick timeout. You're listening here, the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So I want to continue playing some more of Well, some of these idiotic comments that we heard on Anderson Cooper, this again, this is more of this. I don't know how much we can get into this now. But there's there's so much. Just listen, listen to this exchange, Anderson Cooper and his guests talking about President Trump, dog whistles, you know, racial white supremacist groups that are going to suddenly, I guess, start burning our cities down if President Trump loses the election or some such thing. They have no, no concern about an Tifa no concern about those who are actively rioting in our streets today. They can't see how that's of any concern whatsoever to them. Right before their very eyes. Let's listen to this exchange living in a Bizarro universe. Here it is, which is just the kind of talk that violent extremism flop thrives on. And apparently this President thinks he'll benefit from like it's not like any of this should come as a surprise the president My next guest is former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security. She recently tweeted, I worked to develop policies laws to better prevent domestic terrorism. My colleagues and I tried to educate the president and his staff on this threat. Initially, I thought the rebuffing was due to having other priorities, for instance, defeat ISIS, countering Iran etc. I concluded after the attacks in El Paso that POTUS, the president knighted states was complicit in the deaths of Americans for his refusal to recognize his language was in the shooters Manifesto. Elizabeth Newman joins us now along with Kathleen. So real quick, basically and Anderson Cooper's words here. Well, signing the I guess the tweet of his guests that President Trump is complicit in the people who died in El Paso and the shooting at Walmart whenever that was complicit. But listen to some of this nonsense, author of the book, bring the war home, the white power movement, and paramilitary America. Elizabeth, thanks for being with us. So you said that you think the President's comments during the debate not condemning white supremacy full stop, are going to lead to more violence. And you actually say what he's doing is treasonous. It's obviously a strong statement. What leads you to the conclusion. Here we go. Yes, Anderson, I was really concerned. Look, it's it's so clear that he is doing this for political purposes. But as a counterterrorism professional, my concern is that what he did on Tuesday night, brought attention to groups into a movement that is, is trying to feed on grievances and trying to put more people in groups user effort. And when you have somebody as prominent and powerful as the president, speaking about white supremacy, it is a recruitment tool. So you're going to connect with us, we're moving towards that ideology. And that ideology at its core, the deepest darkest roots, which Kathleen can speak much better to, but yeah, she can read is about violence. They want to overthrow the US government. And they look for opportunities to conduct acts of violence in order to accelerate and move into that hopeful day when they can overthrow the government and establish a white nation. What what he did is made things more dangerous for us as Americans. So I understand he wants to win an election. And there's a political fight here. But the point at which you start using that your tools to actually bring more danger to our country, direction of duty, yeah. Our and us from all enemies foreign domestic. And so at that point for me, it's treasonous you are putting politics in your political future over the wives of American what's so stunning to me. I mean, Elizabeth, idiotic stuff. The literally the cities around them, the cities where they may very well be sitting for this interview may have recently been a blaze. Maybe there may be, you know, ashes that are smoldering in the background. And today, they don't see that they have no idea what that's about. They're confused. Who is Who are these people had this happen? If it did happen? Trump's people probably staged it. white supremacists wanted to look like it somebody else. I mean, it's it's stupid. This is beyond stupid. Trump is a treasonous because he's using a dog whistle to recruit white supremacists by not denouncing white supremacist groups. What I do they not this is deliberately deceptive. President Trump has denounced these groups multiple times, multiple times. Biden's out there saying and Tifa has an idea it's not a an actual organization that doesn't matter. They don't care. These folks are professional deceivers professional full time liars. And I'm gonna take a break, come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, winning moments of the program today but I tell you this is it's remarkable to me. And I know that people on both sides can do this you can be so blinded by you know your support for a candidate or whatever hatred for another in the case of the Democrats, the media and how they feel about Donald Trump and Mio my to not be able to see to see as the greater threat to this country, some unknown group, some unknown group that we have no, you know, knowledge of what their specifics are. You talk about someone actually creating, you know, more awareness of who they are is the stinking media. The meanwhile they watch these cities burn and they're totally perplexed. We don't know who are these people? I don't know. Maybe they're justified in setting fires. Maybe this is their form of reparations. totally lost the ability to think totally lost the ability to discern between good and evil. totally unaware of just how truly insane their comments are. But I'm gonna go, folks, have a great weekend. Thanks for listening. SDG see you Monday, take care.