Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd. Well, that is right. You are listening to conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff email, as always, at least ever since we changed our email tatata slash The Todd Huff Show or on YouTube as well for those that want to watch the program live or on demand. Good to be here. Thank you for for joining us today. I want to talk here off the top about the debate tonight about the vice presidential debates tonight. This is something that has been well, the way that this is being framed is quite interesting. For starters. I look at the headline here in the USA Today. vice presidential debate, Harris for the prosecution. pence on the witness stand for Trump again, headline USA Today. This was just posted a couple of hours ago. I'm gonna read a bit of this and we're going to talk about the vice presidential debate in general. I also wanted to get to Amy Coney Barrett as well. I'm going to get to the courts. I'm gonna give some examples about why the court matters and what it really means. What it really means what the differences are between having a conservative so called conservative justice on the Supreme Court, a conservative judge versus a liberal or activist judge. But let's start here with the vice presidential debate tonight. Good I'm looking at this story in the USA Today. Here's what it says in the past, the vice presidential debate has been regarded as in consequential, a largely performative event that had little bearing on the outcome of the presidential contest. In all honesty, this is written by Kurt bardella, by the way, opinion columnist USA Today. In all honesty, he continues I can't recall one moment in any VP debate I've ever watched that still lingers. In my mind. The debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris could very well be the one that changes. The one time that changes. I spent the bulk of my professional career working with and for republicans until the events of 2016 recalibrated my political leanings and I joined the Democrat Party, semi Democratic Party, that's what it's actually called, but Democrat Party just seems to flow. So much, so much easier. And you know, the other thing is, I don't want to get into that at the moment. I don't want to talk about the democratic versus the Democrat Party. Because I think there is a difference there. And they I noticed that the democrats get mad when you say democrat party because it is named Democratic Party. My guess my problem with that is is that they don't really want things to be democratic. They do if they can use it to manipulate people and get them to empower them more. Which is why I think we should just focus on the name Democrats, which is the group of people in politics in DC that are seeking to grow the state with the help of the so called moderates and the republican party or the Country Club republicans or whatever you want to call them, those who are not conservatives and are libertarians. Anyway, this guy is now a Democrat. While my political bias is overwhelmingly for Harris, I still have that reflex in my brain that wants to game out a plan for a strategy for pencil. This guy talks about a strategy for pence throughout this. I don't get into the strategy so much I want to get into really we will talk about strategy, I guess. But really, what's the point of this thing? What's the point of this? How is it different in 2020? versus how it is typically, because he's right about this off the top of this is not something that people normally pay much attention to, in fact, in fact, if you were to ask you to grab your microphone and run out and do a bunch of man on the street, interviews with random folks and said who's the Vice President of the United States After having quite a few that said, What's the vice president? And even having some that say, what's the United States? That's probably 20% right there that 20% of the people may respond like that. You'll hear a bunch of names of people who they think or vice president. I've heard people say joe biden's vice president currently. Obviously, you know that he's not at MIT. Eventually, someone's going to stumble into the day. Mike Pence, of course, Mike Pence, former congressman and Governor from the great state of Indiana, is the Vice President, people don't pay much attention, people pay attention now to Trump. And that's because of two reasons. One, the media has an insatiable desire to talk about demonize, and try to destroy this guy. And the Democrat Party likes to do the same thing, the party of Democrats, those who politicians, I'm talking again, about the politicians, not the rank and file, the rank and file had been either hooked into voting democrat for the, you know, the majority of the lies because they've been, there's their single issue voters, or, or because they've been misled into believing that, that constantly that the economics of capitalism and free markets are the deck is stacked against them. These folks are not, they haven't been taught about the beauty of what it means to really be free and the opportunities that truly exist when when risks are taken, and so forth. But anyway, the Democrat Party, they seek to grow government increase their own power. And so this is really ideologically, what we're gonna have on on display tonight, however, it's normally done. these debates are normally more, I don't know, in conspicuous, they're not as big of a deal in matters this year, because we have a democrat running for vice versa, me for President Joe Biden. And he is he's not in necessarily the best of he's 78 years old 77 or 78, osmania to look that up. He's very, he's clearly having problems in front of the camera at times quite a few times, it's very, these aren't slips of the tongue or gaffes, there are complete and utter just a meltdowns and shut downs. In front of camera in front of the camera. Again, I take no joy in saying this, even though I do not want him to be our president. But I do think that it is. It's obvious, and I think it's concerning. And so that combined with the fact that at one point in time, Biden said he was only going to run for a one who's going to be a one term president. That was his goal. Now he's since changed his tune a little bit saying, forget exactly what he said. But something along the lines of why wouldn't I run again, basically, if I win in 2020, why would I not run in 2024? And two, which I would say because that is what you told us, but then again, you're a politician. And you're constantly Your job is to try to make us think something about you and your stance on issues that doesn't really matter what it is, in reality, you just want us to think about it a certain way so that we would cast our vote for you or if nothing else, to hate you less than we hate Donald Trump so that we would cast our vote for you as just sort of assigned Biden turns 78, next month, so is 77. Soon to be 78 said he's going to be a one term president, God forbid should he be elected. And he is going to have Camila Harris who is look, folks, we're dealing with a radical leftist. You know, it's interesting to me. I've said from pretty much the beginning, Biden has run a virtual campaign. Biden is America's America's first virtual candidate. There's nothing real about this. He can hide in his basement all day. He is, you know, he can not have to face tough questions from the media. I didn't watch this town hall or whatever they called the on NBC the other night, but from the sounds of things, this was basically just another. Just just another example of how the media and the Democrat Party collude with one another. That's right. They collude with one another to kind of create this orchestrated event where Biden looks like Biden looks like he is, you know, dealing with undecided voters. it's since been discovered that a lot of these undecided voters not just in this town hall meeting, but others are Trump haters and undecided voters, but they hate Trump their social media posts, about you know, how much they hate Trump and wouldn't ever vote for Trump. But yet their position to the public isn't to the public position to you and me as though there is simply regular people who can't decide between Biden and Trump when of course nothing is further from reality. Biden is running a virtual campaign, this campaign from the beginning has been about how much someone hates Trump. And according to this headline in this op ed from the USA Today, from USA Today, again, the headline is vice presidential debate Harris for the prosecution. pence on the witness stand for Trump. I've seen what statements or rumors or leaks or whatever that says that Kamala Harris is going to be attacking not pence tonight But Trump so Kamala Harris, to add to the layers of complexity to this campaign, Kamala Harris, and you can make the case is actually running for president, given the status of Biden, given what we've heard, I mean, heck, most Americans think that Biden won't even finish his first term. I think I saw that in poll several polls, it's over half, which means that Kamala Harris would be President of the United States should Joe Biden, I'm not predicting this? I'm just saying that it is worth having this discussion, given what we've seen from Biden, given what we know about what Biden said in the past about being a one term president as well. Kamala Harris is effectively running against Trump, but she doesn't have to stay in on that podium with Trump. Instead, she'll stand with Mike Pence who by all accounts is a different individual to debate than President Trump. By the way, you will not see he will not see Mike Pence do the things I know that this was off putting too many people and understandably so don't miss Don't misunderstand me but a lot of a lot of folks were off put by the the interruptions in the way that debate went down. Last week between Trump and Biden, this one will feel much different. The Kamala Harris, I hope you see a couple of things. I hope that the folks that vote on superficial reasons and rationale, I hope they see a couple of things. Number one, Kamala Harris is not the nicest most likable politician in the world. In fact, fact, she's I think she's one of the more unlikely I I would venture to say one of the most unlikable politicians and she can't hide it. So we're gonna see how much she can. She can hide that tonight how much anger and an inward rage comes out. We're also going to be looking for how much the leftist ideology comes out. Biden's out there trying to tell people constantly he's not a socialist. In fact, he beat the socialist he's trying to distance himself from the socialist was basically means, which basically means he is counting on. He's counting on getting that far left vote. So I have more things to say about this debate. But again, it's a virtual campaign again, Camila Harrison, for all intents and purposes, is running for president or choice to hear should Biden not be able to complete his term as many Americans think is a realistic possibility. So Kamala Harris is going to be campaigning tonight for President. That's why this one matters more than usual, because normally, vice presidential candidates are simply that but in this particular campaign, Kamala Harris may very well in that being the person we vote for think about that, as you watch this thing. If you watch this thing tonight, think about about that. This is our potential president, not even having to go through the vetting process. You think about the the media coverage, what do we really know about Kamala Harris? Does the average American know about the radical leftist ideology, her history and past how many people No people can even name who she is. Most people could say Biden picked a white, excuse me, excuse me, excuse me for that black, vice presidential presidential candidate to run with them as a running mate. But that's really all they could say. Of course, most people can't. Many people can't name the current vice president. Anyway. This is a potential presidential candidate on stage tonight that's going to, unfortunately be able to slip under the radar. Hopefully pins can push back and position this correctly, make people understand the ideological shift that is on this Biden Harris or if you prefer the Harris Biden ticket, that's what she calls it. That's actually what Joe calls it from time to time. So this presidential vice presidential debate matters more than most, because we have one candidate on the ticket who effectively may be very well running for president, given the circumstances, the scenario and what the democrat candidate for president has said. So quick timeout is in order here, we'll come back and continue this conversation and get into other things as well. You're listening here, the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host. Excuse me, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. Okay. So talking here about the vice presidential debate, which is slated to take place tonight, there was a fight over Plexiglas, a fight over Plexiglas between the two candidates tonight, of course in the COVID world that we live in. Both sides have now agreed, as I understand to some sort of a plexiglass divider, which look, this is. So the COVID is real COVID spread, no one wants to get this no one wants to get folk, I don't want to get any virus at all. COVID is still deadly for some folks. It's not as deadly as it was. I'm not trying to minimize this. But it appears based upon what we've seen that infection rates are higher, but mortality rates, at least here in Indiana, and I think I've seen this elsewhere as well, this is they've trickled off again, not minimizing it not saying that we shouldn't try to prevent the spread and anything like that. I'm simply saying it has it has mutated or evolved or something has happened to where we're treating it better, we can recognize that we know what we're dealing with, I don't know. Maybe it's a combination of those factors. But anyway, it's a real thing. It's a real issue. I'm not downplaying it. Please don't misunderstand. But I also know, I also know that this disease is a political prop. And democrats want you to see them on stage with visual reminders, visual reminders of what they would call Trump's virus. Trump, of course, called the China virus, or whatever else. But the democrats want you to see that they want you to visually see physical changes on that stage they want you to see, as Trump says Biden wearing the biggest mask you've ever seen from 200 feet away, there can be 200 feet of separation between him and every other person. And Biden comes out in the biggest mask. This is what Trump said in the debate last week, the biggest mask he's ever seen. So this is this is as much about political posturing as it is about anything. of legitimate concern. The vice president has tested negative repeatedly. So has his wife, Karen. But, of course there is the virus is hitting people close to Trump and his team, right. Trump and his team, not just people close to Trump, Trump himself, his wife, the First Lady milania Kellyanne Conway, I think we saw I think I saw Stephen Miller has now gotten a positive test result. Kaylee mcenaney hope Hicks. So of course they can. I'm not saying there shouldn't be concerned. But this this is about this. Tonight is about political posturing. They want it to be constantly even when they're not talking about COVID. They want you to think about COVID. And they want you to think we wouldn't have to do these things. If President Trump wasn't our leader Joe Biden was in there. A Harris Biden administration, whether Biden's president, vice president, whether he was just, you know, working out on the line on the White House facilities, doing pull ups and running 40, across the front yard, none of this would have happened, his presence alone would solve this, in addition to his promises to cure cancer or Alzheimer's and diabetes, he's going to cure it's going to stop COVID as well, why not? Why not? Right? Why can't he do this? I mean, with the snap of his fingers, the radical left Joe Biden, the democrat party can solve any problems, all you have to do is trust them. All you have to do is trust them, put them into power, give them all three seats of government, meaning the of course the executive branch, the presidency, Congress, the white excuse me, the the Senate in the house, and of course, the Supreme Court, which they will now either load with more seats, or they'll create additional states, like DC and Puerto Rico. By the way, I saw the governor of Puerto Rico has endorsed Trump, I saw this I don't follow that very closely. So I was a little bit surprised to to see that. But anyway, anyway, we this is a big deal. It's a it's a bigger deal than usual because of what is at stake because of the candidate the democrats are running. And so we have to make sure I would encourage you, everyone to watch it tonight. Of course, you know what's going on, but more importantly, for folks who don't know to see what's going on because Kamala Harris, she's probably going to try to position herself as something she's not as a as a moderate. The Kamala Harris has a radical leftist, a radical California leftist has been senator, you don't win. You don't become senator in California, as some moderate democrat that is not at all, what that state elects. That state elect radical, unhinged leftist, that state is the most insane, radical, it's Words fail me to describe the stupidity that comes out of the state of California better yet the People's Republic of California, in fact, that's why I refer to it as such, just like the People's Republic of China. Stupid, big government promises utopian promises. This is where whatever, whatever you can think of right now, where I say the stupidest thing you can think of the stupidest law, the stupidest piece of legislation that's been passed, whatever that is, in your mind, it's almost certainly originated, or isn't braised in the People's Republic of California. That's it, whatever it is, whatever comes to mind, whatever out of control gun legislation probably came from, or is at least supported by people in, in government in California. When you look at what's happening with forest management, and these wildfires and the regulations that are put on utilities out there, where are these blackouts? Where do blackouts take place, folks, where do they take place? Where can utilities, not operate and deliver power to their customers? Where is that? What state would that be? predominantly, and it guesses? That's right, it's the state of California what state is on fire because its government refuses to do the basic things necessary to take care of the forest. And to make sure they're not just setting some, again, utopian standard for the utilities to me whereby they have to invest solely in green renewable energy, leaving their current infrastructure completely ignored. pieces of equipment on their utility lines that are as old as 100 years, 100 year old equipment, in many cases, in some cases, at least goes back to the 50s and 60s, in most cases. And they wonder why. They wonder why fires are sparking up left and right. Plus they don't they don't do any controlled burns in their forest. They don't they think nature should just take care of that. Well, nature is taking care of that with these wildfires when something sparks or something arcs from old equipment in a California utility. And again, why is that? Why is it that way? It's that way because of liberal policymakers. And they are too numerous to count in the People's Republic of California. This is the state where Kamla Harris is from Is the state that she is a Senator, this is home base for her. She's not some blue dog democrat. Where do sanctuary cities exist? I asked that question. What are those exists the great state of the People's Republic of California. We go on and on and on down the line of issues radical insane. nonsensical jibberish. Whereas Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House from California, where's maxine waters from California? Right. I mean, this is where is Adam Schiff from California. This is when you look at Kamala Harris on that debate stage tonight. Remember that? Remember that? She is an Adam Schiff Democrat. She is a Nancy Pelosi Democrat. She is a Maxine Waters Democrat. She's a radical leftist. She's running for president under the guise of being vice president. At least that's her. what she's thinking and that's again, why she calls it I'm telling you, it's it's it may be unintentional, but it's also completely intentional. When you refer to it your yourself as Vice President, when you put your your name at the front of the tin. Can you imagine pence tonight saying the pence Trump team? She calls it the Harris Biden team, the Harris she's called the Harris administration before what course Joe Biden is President Joe Biden is referred to as the Harris Biden campaign. Here's Biden administration. Why? Because I'm telling you, there's conversations behind closed doors that they understand that this vice presidential candidate has the most predictable. You look, if you're looking at it, not in hindsight, but from the moment that the selection was made forward. The odds are higher that Kamala Harris becomes president during these next four years then, then Mike Pence, anyway, I'll tell him, it's time to go. She's right. I've ignored it for too long. Gotta take a break. Come back and continue our discussion here. I want to get into a couple other things as well. But this vice presidential debate tonight is important. Courage you to watch it encourage you to remind others to watch it because it could be the best example of really what's on the ticket here in actually now. polls are open and most, I don't know, maybe even all I don't know who doesn't. These early voting dates. And if there's any states that don't do that, but we've got votes being cast all around the country now. But Election Day is a little bit under four weeks away now. So listen here, the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. I also want to talk a little bit in addition to the vice presidential debate tonight, I want to talk a little bit about the nomination process of Amy Coney Barrett, which is slated to begin next week the Senate has now by the way, Trump said enough trying to negotiate with Nancy Pelosi and her fake negotiations, we're going to no longer do that on this COVID relief stuff. We're going to focus. We're going to deal with that later on. We're going to focus here on the confirmation process for Amy Kony Barrett. So as you know, the President makes the nomination, which he has, the Senate then can confirm or reject the nominee from becoming a member filling a vacancy on the High Court. And so and so this is where we are now. So the hearing is slated to begin on Monday. And as I think about this, this is critically important. In fact, you're going to see I don't know hashtags, and all sorts of campaigns on social media, people talking about confirming, Amy and this sort of thing. But I want to talk about I want to talk about the really what's at stake here. And in a nutshell and we'll talk about this and more More detail throughout the remainder of this this program. But in a nutshell, the difference between the difference between a quote unquote conservative I don't like I really don't like using the word conservative when describing a justice conservative in my mind communicates what the ideology is, you know, we're conservative, not bitter here. So we are embracing conservative principles, conservative political principles which can be rooted, which are rooted firmly in the constitution and in our founding ideals. And, and what we've learned from human nature and what we've learned from societies and and governments throughout the history of this world. And so, conservatism as an ideology, what you want, what we want, what we need, on, you know, in from the perspective of what, what a judges, we don't need someone, of course, I mean, politically, I think they should agree with conservatism, why would they not, as I've been known to say, on this program, the advertisers on this program do not necessarily agree with the things that are being said, though they should. And I would say the same thing about a judge. But that's not what a judge is there to do. A judge is not there to implement his or her ideology, a judge is there to interpret the constitution and statutes that are written by Congress, some cases that are written by the executive branch, which will, which is happening around states around this country, people just arbitrarily wanting to do away with things that you know, voting laws because of COVID. That's what most of this fight about mailing balances all predicated upon is executive actions or bureaucratic actions taken by people that are running elections in states, they say, look, we're going to do away with all these requirements for ABS into your mail and balance, we're going to ignore dates. We're going to extend the timeframes that we can receive ballots and all that sort of stuff. And look, it's it's dangerous. That's not how this country is created to work. And nor is it the legal way it's supposed to work. If you want to change policy, you should be running for Congress. You should be a legislator or not a jurist, not a justice, not someone who is interpreting law. If you want to interpret law, you should be a judge. These things are not really that complicated. They're profound and beautifully orchestrated, and woven together. But they're not complicated. Gotta take a break more on this. More on what's at stake with this nomination. Because if we get if Amy Kony Barrett does not win, and if Joe Biden I pray this is not the case, but Joe bryden becomes president and makes his own nomination and there's a democrat Senate, this will be a much different conversation. Much, much different conversation. Amy Coney Barrett needs to be confirmed. This needs to be done quickly and efficiently. And it can be done. Even before the election. You're listening here the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in back in just a minute.

Welcome back, you know, I've got an example here of what is really what is really at stake when we think about filling vacancies on on courts at whatever level but ultimately at the Supreme Court, ultimately at the Supreme Court. So there of course, have been many rulings and lawsuits and all sorts of things happening as it pertains to as it pertains to election, the election and you know, COVID and what to do about making it easier for people to vote, making it easier for people to vote. I'm in a COVID world and a COVID world and this is in the a ban on Oh, look at that. Hold on here. There's a couple a couple of examples I was I was looking for but there's an example of, of basically rules being made up on the spot. For people to make it easier, quote unquote, easier to vote in a COVID world. Now the thing is, I don't want people. I want it to be as easy as reasonably possible to vote. But I also don't want it to be so easy that it makes it more susceptible to fraud. I feel like any logical person who doesn't have a political axe to grind could could see that perspective. And, in fact, I would go as far to say they would embrace that perspective, if they're a partisan hack, if they want to use the system to steal votes, and that's why they would be against it. But it's perfectly reasonable. I would even say necessary to say exactly what I said, which is, we want it to be as relatively easy to vote as possible, while also being as secure as possible. And if we make it, there's a point where you make it, you can make it too hard to where it's an unnecessary burden on people. Absolutely. But you can also make it so easy, that it makes fraud completely possible, and in fact unavoidable. I don't understand why any objective person would not come to grips with that. The problem is we're not dealing oftentimes with people who are being objective. So Supreme Court ruled in I want the US Supreme Court ruled in a case and I believe in South Carolina, I'm having trouble finding the the article here, but they, the state, just the, you know, you know, unilaterally. The the election office, took away the requirement, the state has a requirement, if you mail in a ballot, there has to be a witness that signs it that says, hey, this is Roy, the person who completed this ballot. Now the legislature just went through the process of making some changes, but they deliberately kept that portion of the law in place. The local courts, I guess, through I don't know if they have this, the whole process happen, but it ended up in the in front of the district court or whatever there. And they originally ruled that while there, I won't go through all the details, there was a three judge panel, which is sometimes how this happens. They ruled that that that they didn't have they needed to keep the the signature of a witness, then the full court gathered and said no, that needs to be taken away because of COVID. Then that get challenged and went up to the Supreme Court. conservative justices look at what the law says. And they say, look, the law says that you have to have the signature. Now they said that those that they received before a certain date that didn't have signatures during this period of uncertainty, they were still going to count now, a true conservative jurists like Samuel Alito like Clarence Thomas. Like I think in many cases, maybe even Well, there's one or two others, but those are the two that I would definitely throw in there. They all said that that shouldn't happen. And Gorsuch was a third in this instance, that those ballots should be thrown out as well anyway. But that's the difference. Are you going to interpret the law or are you going to create it? judges need to interpret it and not create it, and I've got to take a break. Back to wrap up here in just a minute.

Alright, folks, unfortunately, that is all of the time that we have today. I can understand how that must make you feel but never fear ever. We'll be back here tomorrow to talk about this debate that we're going to see tonight between Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Mike Pence. And of course, you can always go to our website and check out archives you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Apple, whatever the podcast or whatever they call that and lots of way to listen ways to listen Todd slash listen catch up one episode you may have missed. Have a great day SDG tomorrow. Take care.