Vice Presidential Debate Recap | October 8, 2020 | Hour One

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Oh, that is right. You are listening to the home of conservative not bitter talk. Yes. We're gonna talk and vice presidential debate tonight. vice presidential debate this morning, last last night vice presidential debate. And there's lots of talk about Yes, including the pence fly. It's which appears to be appears to be the biggest news on Twitter this morning. But it's good to be here. Thank you for joining us email, Todd at The Todd Huff You know, found out yesterday that we're now streaming the program live to our website, which you can see by visiting The Todd Huff You can also watch it on Facebook and YouTube and Periscope slash Twitter. So it is good to be here. And I appreciate you joining us. So let's talk about this vice presidential debate last night. Just opening I guess, impressions from the debate. I think the impressions that I got were that of course first and foremost, this thing was much different than the debate we saw last week between President Trump and vice former Vice President Joe Biden this thing for people who are I don't know, those that have followed politics closely their entire lives, or for a long time. This is something that felt more like a debate. It seemed more serious. It got tense at times. By the way, I I just the likability likability of Kamala Harris is just I don't I don't see it. I don't see how this was a good pick by Joe Biden to select Camila Harris. I don't know how she's, you know, received by average suburban women, for example, or just she the the condescending tone, the facial expressions? I just I don't I don't see that at all. I think I think she's a very unlikable politician, just just her stage presence, if you will, her facial expressions, her Don't lecture to me stuff just is not. Again, we're in the world now of, you know, televised debates. And this is just, I think, an unfortunate part of what, you know, I guess the Kennedy debates are the first televised and people talked about, talked about how good looking Kennedy was, and all this sort of stuff, and that we went from talking about issues to talking about the theater of this stuff. And I think along with that comes come some of this. I mean, you can't simply you can't simply talk about ideas anymore. There's all these other factors. And I'm not saying that none of them, I don't mean to be misunderstood and think that none of them matters. Some of these things do matter. I think you can tell some things about temperament and attitude. And I think those things can certainly play a role in someone's decision. Now for using the video to see who has the better smile, or who has the clothing that the audience prefers or who wore the right color red or blue or whatever sort of stuff. That's a total different conversation. But I think you can tell a lot about the personalities of those on the stage and of course, pence came out and did what pence does. Pence is going to stay calm. He's going to stay focused. He was on the attack on Kamala Harris, on her ideology on the administration's Well, not the administration's on the the Harris Biden I think we should start calling it that Harris Biden ticket. I mean, they did. Both of them have done this. Both Camilla Harris and Joe Biden have referred to this as the Harris Biden administration. Future Harris Biden ministration. list the Harris Biden campaign today. I think we should refer to it as such, because because of things we talked about yesterday, and of course, it goes the radical left just a little bit, but there's a lot of radical ideas. She was, as pence pointed out, Kamala Harris and 2000. Was it 2017 I believe it was 2017. She was voted or named the most liberal senator in the US Senate, which is a big, big statement. I think Newsweek did that. That's a big, big statement. Oh, she is on the ballot, with Joe Biden and being on the ballot with Joe Biden, as we pointed out yesterday, and as it came up last night in the debate as well. Being on the ballot with Joe Biden, Biden would be the oldest president ever elected, Biden is showing signs on the debate trail, as he's hidden in his basement, as he's answering questions. In some cases, people think using teleprompters to do interviews, as he's doing these things, and making more than just gaffes, making literally no sense, of course, Biden's always made gas. So this is that's not new. But the degree to which these gaps even make, you know, less than they make less sense, as we go further into, into Biden's long, long, long political career spanning nearly half a century. Again, it's amazing. And I think this is a totally fair point. The leftist don't like it, but suddenly a guy that's been in DC, but in the, in the end crowd, basically, one of the most powerful political men in America for a long, long time, close to half a century, at least 40 years in that category. They I mean, if you're a senator of the United States, folks, you're one of 100 people in that body. And that body that has a lot of power acting as though acting is the youth, you know, only served during times when America was fundamentally flawed shows that you as a candidate must be fundamentally flawed. And pins had on that a little bit last night, as well as he should have, but pence was on point. pence was not, you know, it's it's, in many ways the polar opposite of what we saw last week between Biden, and Trump. And I know again, some people prefer this. This one was more issues focused, but it was much less entertaining, which of course, is not the only reason to watch. But look, I mean, to keep people's attention, we have to, there is something to be said about the entertainment factor of politicians. So anyway, I think it was clear that this was a much, much different feeling. debate. This is something that many of the establishment types people who I have a friend that worries constantly about whether whether or not some suburban woman in some American city is going to be upset by Trump over something. And seeing this performance by pence last night. My friend feels much, much better. I don't know at the end of the day, how much difference does this make how many Americans are truly undecided? undecided voters? How can you be undecided? Folks, we have two diametrically opposed. Two diametrically opposed worldviews on the ballot and pence expose that last night, whether it's talking about the green New Deal, which the Biden excuse me, the Harris Biden plan for the green New Deal. Their version of the green new deal is slightly different. Just slightly different. It's a modified it's the it's the green New Deal, except it's got a different name. That's what this is, and then they act. They act as though they have no that their plan has nothing to, you know, no similarity whatsoever to the green New Deal, Lee. They talked about taxes. Kamala Harris said that President if there was a President Biden in the Harris Biden ministration, then he would he would eliminate the Trump tax cuts day, day one. The Trump tax cuts of course have helped I think This is another thing that should be a no brainer. This the Trump tax cuts have helped the vast majority of American families, statistically, people in every group have benefited every income group have benefited from the tax cuts, that plus the increased wages that have come. Now, of course, now we're dealing with a post, post COVID world. So that's we're recovering from those effects. But if you look at where the economy was prior to COVID, if you look at where it was prior to COVID, we had a, a roaring, strong economy. incredibly low as low as unemployment rates can go, sort of numbers, stock market success, business, optimism, consumer confidence, all of these things moving forward and they want to have a debate over the economy. I say, let's have that debate. I think the average American is not prepared to become a socialist. I think the average American understands when it's properly explained to them, what's on the ballot, but see the democrats want this to be they want this to be a race as to a race about race is what they want this to be, or race about gender. Kamala Harris is the first would be the first black female vice president. That is apparently all it takes. That's all it took for her to be on joe biden's shortlist if you let that sink in. I was listening to her last night talk about the reasons Joe Biden chose her. And I don't mean this disrespectfully. But the truth is Joe Biden she was on joe biden's shortlist begin Joe Biden has admitted this because this these are the only qualifications he gave, prior to his selection of Kamala Harris for vice president he said I'm looking for is going to be a black woman. He said it's going to be a woman. And then at some point further down that path he said it would be be a black woman that's that's the discussion of qualifications again, no problems with being a black woman or any you know, whichever male female whichever race all that stuff is not relevant to me what's relevant is ideas and see last night we saw ideas on display we saw a leftist who if you look strictly at the logic of this was decimated by the conservative on the stage. Now some people are going to love the Kama Harris faces some people are going to talk about the fly that landed on Mike Pence his hair. And friends texted me about what's going on. with pencils left eyes. See I take notes during this thing I didn't see. didn't really notice much with the eye. For those of you that watched intently I keep in mind My eyes are on my I use my iPad last night to take notes. I was jotting down things literally for an hour and a half. I didn't see I didn't see the fly. When I glanced up the fly was pretty obvious at certain angles. So that was a big thing on Twitter. So we had to factor that in what do people you know, some people there's someone in America today that saw fly land on pins, and suddenly they can't vote for pins because that's some sort of Omen or something. guarantee if there's someone in America that thinks about that, that that literally will base the decision on that that's those are the voters that those voters that make these elections difficult to predict. Because anything can happen between now and the time they cast their ballots. You know, someone might see the pins has a great jump shot. Or that who knows Kamala Harris likes to surfer who knows whatever it is, and that can be that's why campaigns do these silly stupid things. That's why we had in 2016, sexy, sexy, sexy Martin O'Malley. You probably don't even remember Martin O'Malley unless you follow the election closely. Martin O'Malley was basically the democrats didn't even know about Martin O'Malley. He was one of five democrats on that stage back in 2016. Remember that very diverse stage the democrats gave us with five old white guys in a Clinton. Sexy, sexy, sexy, Martin O'Malley was completely irrelevant. Completely. I mean, it was between Hillary and the nutty professor Bernie Sanders back then. And there were a couple of other guys that no one knew anything about. And the only way that sexy sexy sexy Martin O'Malley had any relevance was he showed up at a Maryland beach one day without his shirt on and Twitter went bonkers. It they're like this guy shirtless again, I guess. Hence the name Sexy, sexy, sexy Martin O'Malley. So but this is, you know, there's that component but then there's also the studious types that think oh, wow, Trump. pence made a great point here. Kamala Harris doesn't know what she's talking about there. She was exposed in many ways. I think she revealed the type of her facial expressions and kind of attitude revealed a lot. I, I don't know how that's appealing to the average person, I'm sure to some they thought she was sticking it to the Trump administration. And she was standing up there with Joseph Goebbels, in her mind. So of course, she should be a little bit, have a little bit of an attitude. So there's that wing of the discussion as well. But I think overall, this was this was pence pretty much dominated this thing last night. pension pins dominated this. This debate, Kamel Harris to me had no good moments. And again, I this is I she didn't do anything over the top that was, you know, going to, I think, harm her and great, great ways, although she was incredibly unlikable, but I maintain if you watched any of the democrat debates back back earlier this year, I think you would find that she wasn't likable. Then as well, she's just not a very she's just not a largely likable candidate. She's, she's, she kind of comes across a little bit hateful and condescending if he asked me maybe a lot. So I just don't know how this I don't think that she helped Biden last night. But again, how many people watch these things really uncertain about who they're voting for? And if they if they are, quote, unquote, uncertain? Are they 95%? Certain, and they're just looking to see if there's any reason they would switch their minds? This is what I don't know. There's not a large, in my estimation, a large swath of undecided voters could be wrong. Again, people make decisions based upon things sometimes that make literally no sense. Sometimes people have perceptions that I don't I'm not aware of that do make sense. I don't you know, there's just a variety of possibilities here. But I just think just the overall feeling of that last night was that pence stayed on point. pence exposed her radical ideas a little bit. I don't know how many people pick up on that. I don't know how people care about that. Who, again, who have been undecided here, the pence pretty much annihilated her in the debate. But at the same time, she didn't do anything that dramatically unquestionably is going to hurt the Biden campaign. Now you can point to things and say it should and I would agree, but I again, she didn't do any have any major slip ups and gaps or super, super embarrassing moments? She lost pretty much the argument on all these issues because again, I mean, you're up against conservatism if you're a radical leftist. I mean, it's, it's, I don't know how you win those arguments. You really can't anyway, more to say about this. Gotta take a timeout here a little bit long in the segment, you're listening to him with conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Sorry, if you're watching on watching the video online, it dropped there as I was searching some notes on the iPad. I thought I could do that. But apparently I can't. So sorry about that. It's back up and running. But anyway. So you know something else about last night? Did anyone else get the feeling? And and I really, look, I am biased. I am a conservative. I am a someone who comes on here to articulate and promote a series of ideas now it's ideas that I legitimately and sincerely believe in. These are ideas that I've, I think are the bedrock upon which this nation is built. I believe that these ideas are critical for this nation, to to build the future of the build this entire nation upon I think that these are critically important ideas So it's not as though I'm just taking aside and randomly saying stuff. I really believe what I'm saying, Yeah, sometimes we use hyperbole and exaggeration, and we have some fun. But I believe what I'm saying on this on this program, but I am biased. But I think I can be pretty fair. And I do think that as I watched this last night, I get the feeling. And I've made this comment to a couple of folks, as I listened to the questions. In fact, I had intended I did not do this. Of course, watch the whole debate I was hoping to pull up and maybe oz can do this now. But I just wanted to see a list of the questions. Just the list of the questions that were asked. Because it felt like to me, the questions basically, were like this, Senator Harris, tell us how bad the Trump administration is, and then Vice President Pence. Explain to the American people why the Trump administration is so bad. That's how that's how I felt that this debate can be summed up? I really do. I think, objectively. And look, I'm not saying that they shouldn't have asked tough questions. I think that this is exactly the place, the time for tough questions to be asked. But it should be asked and, you know, kind of a two way street sort of thing. It shouldn't be, you know, one group of one individual having to deal with all the you know, everything that is not as it shouldn't be your that you're the Vice President, you have to give us an answer today about how you're going to make everything or why you've made, why you haven't fixed everything. And then of course, I'm going to tell her as comma to explain how her administration or how the Harris Biden ministration would do this. And that's kind of how this felt last night. I think, I think, and when you when you take a look at what the left is, preparing to do, what the left is setting up to do here, the left. And their plan, of course, is to win the Senate is to win the presidency is to hang on to the house after last night where pence pinned Camila down and asked her a very simple question, comma, getting a little bit of an attitude about this, as she did with most things mad that pence basically pinned her down and said, Are you going to stack the courts if we confirm the senate confirms Amy Coney Baird. And by the way, he said it would be great if she got a fair trial. And she was heard try hearing a fair hearing and wasn't treated the way that you and other senators treated Brett Kavanaugh, that would be a fantastic thing because Amy Coney Barrett is one who's going to interpret the Constitution and the law. And she's going to apply that. And we think that that's a good thing. If people want to change the laws, they can change the laws. But they shouldn't do that through the courts. The courts are for interpreting what the laws were supposed to mean what the Constitution was written to mean. And then Congress changed the laws novel concept. This is not done in 2020 anymore. fact the left is not US Congress for a long time, other than when they passed Obamacare. And they did that by stretching, some stretching some things to fit into their priorities. And you see the price they paid in 2010. For that decision, they prayed at paid a massive price. But the last plan is to win complete control of government and then do exactly what was suggested last night pack the Supreme Court threw a couple more seats up there, make it 11 or 13 or 15 or whatever they can come up with pack the court get a majority not by filling vacancies instead instead by just creating seats on the court so that they can fill them and Joe Biden can fill those seats and then they want to make DC and Puerto Rico states so not because they would that the idea of DC being a status to me one of the most reprehensible ideas that there is for those that really understand American politics if if DC voters need representation, okay then let's make dc voters part of Virginia again, it's carved out of that state anyway. At one point in time it was carved out of Maryland to but they Maryland's now the Springfield, whatever, Springfield area, Franconia Springfield, all that and DC exist inside land will cross the river where land was carved out from the state of Virginia, DC and no no universe. First what the founders have agreed with DC being a state, DC was set aside specifically for being a place where the federal government existed. That's what it was for. Make it its own thing. If DC needs statehood, the DC needs to return to the state from where it came, no, I have no reason for DC to be said a state other than because the left believes it's a it is it is a liberal stronghold. And it would have to liberal senators and another liberal congressmen. Same thing with Puerto Rico, even the even though the Puerto Rican governor comes out and endorses Trump, and yes, she's a Republican, there's still a lot of Republicans, or at least some. Some Republicans have come out and endorsed Joe Biden. So anyway, the point is, this is their strategy. And when you listen to the things that were being mentioned on that stage last night, and how she refused to answer that question about packing the court, and those sorts of things, it's very clear to abundantly clear that this is what the left's plan is, and to become a basically a one party system that men there's no opposition, they can rule by Fiat. And they can prevent, prevent ever having to deal with another Donald Trump sort of candidate, campaign presidency, any of that. They want to lock this thing up for eternity, and move us headlong into socialism, more big government more liberalism, which by the way, friends means less liberty and freedom. This is their intent, no matter what they're saying up there, blah, blah, blah, at some point, it's all a ruse to move us in, in this direction. And the move is towards one party rule to move us towards more lovers of big government, and to effectively, radically change and transform America as as we know it. That's the unstated plan. That's why she wouldn't answer that question last night. And that is why we should be incredibly concerned about this election, and very, very, very important election here. coming up in just a little over three weeks now. So long In this segment, again, oz is telling me it's time to take a break. Sometimes she throws her hands up over here and almost disgusted, my inability to acknowledge it's time it is time. So I'll take a timeout here, come back. Talk about this debate. You're listening to the homeless, conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So let's, let's play a little bit of the sound bites from last night. Let's do that. I think that that is a good thing to do. Right now, I'm sure that many of you watched this last night. But you know, it's always different, I think to hear it. You get kind of engrossed in the moment. And you're, of course, I'm taking notes. I could like a goober over there. But anyway. So here's here is the exchange about whether or not the left is going to pack the courts. Whether or not Biden would try to pack the Supreme Court I, I have me I don't think the average American, now you're different. You follow politics, you understand this stuff? For those of you that are new, you're trying to learn if you don't know, that's totally fine. That's understandable. Our education system is not very good at teaching us about these things. That's a whole nother discussion altogether. But anyway, I don't think the average person even can tell you the purpose of the courts. You know, this whole idea of liberal conservative on the court really what it should be the differences are what matters. The terms really are judicial activist, or someone who adheres to the law and the Constitution as it wasn't written and as it was intended to be interpreted. The words mean things if words don't mean things, what's the point in writing down words? What's the point in saying anything? If in fact, words don't mean a thing, see words mean something. Fact really ideas mean something ideas change. trajectory of life as we know it on this planet. And so in order to protect ideas and to make sure those ideas are not lost over the course of time because of a true intrusive over the top government, people like our founders wrote down the things that really matter. Hey, just to remind you Americans here are things that you are that you have because of God, you have these you have these freedoms, this isn't all of them. But this is some of them. And here's what we're gonna do these words are going to restrain our government so that they don't infringe upon your freedoms, which by the way has happened across all cultures, and governments and nations throughout this world Time, time and time and time and time again, this is what happened this is what big governments do. So I want you to hear this exchange. Again packing the courts would be while it's something that's not prohibited in the Constitution, it's certainly not something that the that for like pennsaid for the past hundred and 50 or whatever it is years we have we've had nine justices liberals because they've Well, it appears who knows what's gonna happen after this hearing, they're gonna lose this argument over Amy Coney Barrett as long as the likes of Mitt Romney and or Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski and or any other Republican who might break ranks here as long as they stand firm. But anyway, this debate about the Supreme Court matters. Here's this exchange and know that Kamala Harris never answers the questions as vice prints Vice President Pence says, under voting right now, they'd like to know if you and Joe Biden are gonna pack the Supreme Court. If you don't get your way in this nomination. Let's talk about even non answer. Joe Biden gave an honest answer, you know, people deserve a straight answer. And if you haven't figured it out, yet, the straight answer is they are going to pack the supreme hair reactions somehow with this election. Men and women. I gotta tell you people across this country if you cherish her Supreme Court, if you cherish the separation of powers, he's angry yet. The Biden Harris ticket. come November, the third reelect President Donald Trump will stand by that separation powers in a nine seats. Yeah, there you go. Simple. Simple. She can't say it. She didn't say it. She wouldn't say it. She wouldn't say no, we are committing to stay with a nine seat Supreme Court. Because the truth is, we'll do whatever we have to do. And if we have all three branches, well, we have both houses, and the presidency, we will make sure, we will make sure that we have utter control of the Supreme Court as well, which is a terrible way, a terrible way to govern. But yet, that is what they will do. She would not deny it. She also didn't confirm it. But I mean, she did in a sense as well. But these reactions, the looks that she gives pins, the person and the lips. The she literally put her head on our hands as though she was almost mockingly listening to. I mean, she's just not a likable candidate. I objectively do not understand why anyone believes that this is a good choice only is a good choice for superficial qualities, which is Biden's that is going to have a black female vice presidential candidate. Do you want to know why people think she's a good choice? That is it. It's not because of ideology, except for the fact that she will be used to try to secure that radical left wing vote because she's a radical leftist. She's a radical leftist. Gotta take a break here. You're listening to the whole conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

You know, one of the things that Biden has promised to do and I've said this numerous times on this program is if elected, oh, if I'm elected, I'm gonna cure cancer, says Joe Biden. In the Harris Biden ministration. He's going to cure cancer. He's going to cure Alzheimer's and he is going to cure diabetes. Poof, probably cure COVID as well. I don't know if he's been asked that. But why not? I think he should just put an end to all disease and death. Why not? Just executive order day one, get it over with write it down with a pen and paper. Problem solved. Joe Biden's in the office. Everything is back To the utopian dreams of the radical left now, if Biden, God forbid, is elected president, and if somehow cancer and all these other conditions can be cured, let me be the first to tell you that if I was ever I have never had a diagnosis of a disease that Biden somehow cured. I would take the cure. I would but apparently Kamel Harris would not. This folks is beyond childish to me listen to this exchange about the vaccine. Listen. Just to get back to this. Dr. Anthony Fauci and other experts say that most of the people who can be vaccinated need to be vaccinated, but half of Americans now say they wouldn't take a vaccine if it was released. Now. If the Trump administration approves a vaccine before after the election, should Americans take it and would you take it? If the public health professionals if Dr. Fauci if the doctors tell us that we should take it I'll be the first in line to take it. Absolutely. But if Donald Trump tells us that we should take it I'm not taking it. Vice Prez What is that? How old is she? This is like a boat. I've got a 11 a NINE and a soon to be I guess relatively soon to be seven year old. This this I don't even I don't know. I'm sure that they would at some point. No kids are kids, but I don't even know if my kids would say this. Hey, if you get if you get sick, and the doctor wants to give you something that makes you better. A little six year old. Would you take it depends which doctor it was is, is that I wouldn't expect this for my child. What is this? This is so pathetic. so pathetic. If Donald Trump tells me I'm not gonna do it, okay, well don't What the What did they both tell you? What if Fauci comes out and says the vaccines safe and Trump then what do you do? I mean, I think that may make Kamala Harris's excuse me, Camila, not intentional. Kamala Harris's head explode. What do you do then? How are you gonna map this out? What's the logical solution to that? Senator Harris? The hatred, if anything was on display last night for you to see, it is the unbridled hatred that people like Kamala Harris have towards conservative principles values, Donald Trump, Mike Pence, the administration, it was on mitigated anger, disgust, and even at times hatred. And she to the point to where she wouldn't take the vaccine if Trump said the ticket, listening to them, conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. You know, I know a lot of just winning moments here, but a lot of folks, you know, people listen with all different backgrounds and experiences. But last night, I don't have time to play it but by Penn said that the Biden shooting the Harris Biden administration's plan for dealing with COVID sounds a lot like the Trump plan for dealing with COVID and Trump or shoot me pin says that. Maybe the Biden excuse me, Harris Biden, ministration plagiarized plagiarize, which is something Joe Biden knows about for those of you that have not followed things, you know, if you know someone hasn't followed it closely or whatever, have them, look up joe biden's plagiarism. Talking about someone who's lied officially multiple times. There it is, folks, I've got to go have a great day. SDG See you soon. Take care.