Biden Refuses to Answer; Plot to Kidnap Gov. Whitmer | October 9, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
I tell you folks, as I look at the things to discuss today is Oh, I mean, it's both entertaining and terrifying. Being honest. Here's I'm checking out. I mean, listen to this, I got Pelosi threatening to enact the 25th amendment. Biden refusing to answer basic questions as to whether or not he wants to pack the Supreme Court, should he be President of the United States. We've got Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, who was targeted by a group of individuals who were apparently either motivated by or working with or some such thing. With the militia group. We got comments at her press conference that she made. Basically blaming Donald Trump for inspiring this action. The debate has been rescheduled Trump says he wasn't going to not long after this program wrapped up yesterday I saw Trump on I want to say was it Maria Bartiromo show somebody show on Fox Business say that he was not going to do the debate? Because he's not doing a virtual debate. questioning whether or not Biden would have an earpiece in so the powers behind the curtain could influence or to actually just tell him what to say. You know, we've got odds here behind the curtain, but she's not feeding me anything into my ear. She's just telling me when it's time to take a break Biden, Biden may have a teleprompter. Biden may have an earpiece, if there's a virtual debate, that thing would have looked By the way, what to look like the Democratic Convention is a miser to talk. Wait a minute, what? Trump up we lost child. Wait, there it is. He's back word Biden go Biden's looking at his teleprompter. Anyway. And that's just a bit of what is going on. today. So starting, by the way, welcome, email, Todd, The Todd Huff where you can share your questions, your thoughts, your adoration and praise will also be accepted. there and it is good. Good to be here, even though. I mean, we knew that was going to get this way. Excuse me. We knew it was going to get this way as we moved ever so closer to Election Day, which is now just a little bit over three weeks, three and a half weeks, we'll say away from today. Of course many of you can already vote in this state in our state of Indiana, you can certainly do that. Now. Early voting is underway. Some folks may have cast their ballot by absentee ballot. And others may be planning to vote here in the next couple days. Or you may wait till election they've been no matter what your vote is supposed to be cast here in the next three and a half weeks, I say supposed to because, again, I've learned that the way that we know, this election is over. And then all the ballots have been counted based upon what the media is telling us and the Biden campaign will know that this election is over and that all of the votes have been counted once Biden is declared the president. God forbid that from being the case. But once that is declared that then we'll know that all of the votes have been counted. You know if Biden were to win on election night projection so that Biden wins. Again, hope this is not the case. But let's just say that it is the case on election night Biden is declared the winner suddenly we won't be talking I'm just telling you they won't talk or have any questions about how many Malan ballots will be coming in. That'll be over and done with. It also could be over if Trump wins by enough to, you know, to outnumber the potential mail in ballots, although that's even questionable because I put nothing past these jokers we've seen through what has recently been released at Trump declassified the notes were By Brennan It doesn't matter. There's no curiosity in the media. No curiosity about what these jokers. What these talking about. I saw jeffrey toobin of was the CNN I don't even know where he is, doesn't matter some radical leftist media figure saying that Trump saying that Biden and Obama should be prosecuted for their role in this attempt to I don't know, to undermine the election in 2016. To further this false narrative about Russian collusion so that they could protect Hillary, and her hidden email server from being the focal point in the news. Trump said that they should be indicted and prosecuted. tubin is all upset about that, of course, you shouldn't use political office to get political retribution for your political enemies, political foes, of course, that's not the case. But you also just because you are someone in politics doesn't mean that you are immune, immune from the consequences of breaking the law. Now, if you're sitting president, there's a whole question about when that can transpire and how that all should take place. But regardless, the bottom line is you should not be able to use become immune, because you say, Well, my opponents are politically targeting me, and you shouldn't target your political opponents. But we should focus on justice. There's a concept that would be nice for America to return to at some point, but I want to start here today. And there's so many things places to start. I want to start here with this thing with Gretchen Whitmer. I want to talk about this just for a moment. Gretchen Whitmer, Mayor of she's me governor of Michigan rat I mean leftist. And she's a basically acted like a totalitarian when it comes to COVID. And what she can do, the powers that she's given herself and so forth, but it in no way shape, manner or form, justifies a group of individuals planning to kidnap her and possibly, possibly to harm or even God forbid, kill her. It's we're still getting, I guess, information about this exactly as to what was being planned. But she actually takes So just to be clear, that is bad. I completely condemn that. Yeah, it doesn't matter. This shouldn't have to be said in 2020. But I think it does. It doesn't matter if the target is Donald Trump, Brock, Obama, Joe Biden. Someone in the Harris Biden campaign, someone in the Pence, team, the Vice President's team, someone on the Trump administration, it doesn't matter who that person is, it should not be this we should be able to say this is unify universally bad, universally bad The thing is, I have to say that because I feel like some people would cheer. If Trump I really, they're radicals I know and they're friends. But their voices are louder than I think many people give them credit for but some people would cheer Trump deserves it. I can almost hear it now. Nancy Pelosi said the 25th amendment should be invoked. We just decided some radical leftist, probably media figure working at Vox or something. Maybe Trump should be some in depth study. Maybe Trump should have been abducted. Maybe they weren't wrong. But this stuff, of course, is wrong. But what's even worse than that. Not it's not worse than that. What's equally as bad as this is to continue to inflame the situation, politically for political purposes. And to continue the narrative here, which governor Gretchen Whitmer does yesterday from the podium talking about and it's a little bit hard to hear. I'm gonna play a little bit about this, but basically blaming President Trump for inspiring and motivating this. This is again, her press conference announcing the report that she was being targeted by a group of I've seen six and 13 individuals. Again, I'm not entirely sure. When information comes out on something like this. Sometimes there's a textbook While for the dust to settle, but it appears that there's people either partnering with or being trained by inspired by something militia group that's targeting Gretchen Whitmer and was planning to kidnap, abduct, potentially harm and God forbid even fatally Harmer. It's just unclear exactly what was the specifics were but it's bad, terrible. This is way past just political disagreements at this point, we've crossed the line into a whole nother whole nother realm. But listen, in response to this. In response to this, she's actually blaming the President, I want you to listen to this soundbite of her little press conference yesterday where she talks about this again, it's a little bit hard to hear. And but it's, I want to play the sound bite. So here it is.
Okay, now it's not give me a second here. Stand back and stand by them stand back and stand by his words not as a review, but as a Bradley as a call to action when our leaders,
okay. Okay, so that was her comments. They are getting a little bit hard to hear. But basically what she said was this is President Trump's comments. Basically, yes, essentially, Trump does not condemn white supremacists. Of course, he's done this multiple times. On almost countless times. She says that his comments serve as a rallying cry. So he's rallying his troops effectively, according to Gretchen Whitmer, here, who's a governor state of Michigan. This is stupid, stupid comments here. In fact, maybe we should play. It's a couple minutes long, but there's a montage of I think there's 2020 times that President Trump in this particular montage has disavowed white supremacist groups and individuals 20 times, media every time acting as though Trump has never done it. Media sometimes the same media where Trump has said the comment disavowing these radical hate groups, which is done again multiple times, they act as though they didn't hear it. Maybe it was even on their own networks. They still they haven't heard it. They haven't heard it. They don't understand it. They think he's not condemning these groups, even though he's done it multiple times. And now Gretchen Whitmer. Greg Gretchen Whitmer, she now shows or says that there are these things have been inspired by the rallying cry of President Trump. The rallying cry of President Trump, I guess there's a dog whistle that says let's kidnap the governor of Michigan. I mean, it's just silly where we've gotten ourselves. This is not an accurate depiction of reality. It is reprehensible. It is evil. It is it has no place in America and a constitutional republic in a civil society. Plans to adopt kidnap maybe worse, the governor of a state, but to say that Trump is using this that his his words are a rallying cry against this or that in favor this I guess behavior is both dangerous, reprehensible and candidly stupid and idiotic. So anyway, we're gonna take a timeout here, but this is where we stay at in 2020. Lots more to get to here. This busy Friday. You're listening to the conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Welcome back. For the break. I had mentioned Trump's they still they the media they the Democrat Party. They Joe Biden they Kamala Harris, who's licking her wounds after getting thumped on Wednesday night by a very prepared, very calm, very strategic mind. pins dismantling her that was just an embarrassment to the Democrat Party. Again, I don't, I said this to my wife what is so scary. And look, I do not mean that I know that this is this this is this is gonna sound like a bit of a contradiction here. It is not personal for me it politics this, this is not personal. And I really do on a regular basis steer clear of a personal attack. But so I'm going to make a statement that I made yesterday about Kamala Harris. And I don't mean this to I'm going to talk about her personally, I guess, in a sense or personality. But I don't mean this as a personal assault, I'm just saying in a world where these superficial things matter. Right. I mean, she was chosen, Biden told us that what qualified her to be his vice presidential running mate was that she is a black, female. And she's a radical leftist. That's basically the criteria Biden gave us. And by the way, that's, that's bad. We shouldn't, you should find the running mate. Of course, this is living in a bit of a idealistic world, but you should look for a running mate that you think is best qualified for the job. But that's not what this is about. Of course, this is about trying to basically patronized groups of people and to get their votes. That's what this is about. And it's, I've got no problem with a black woman, President, Vice President, none of that. None of that. But it turns out that what matters more to me is the are the ideas of the individual has not, not their race and gender and something else. And that's just in this world of politics. It's so so superficial, right? They want to criticize Trump's personality constantly. And it's I mean, it's to a certain degree fair game, although it's way, way, way out of bounds as far as how much they've done this incessantly for four years now. So it's in that light that I'm saying this I don't mean this personally, to her. I just mean, from a political perspective, why I don't understand why more people just don't point out the obvious, which is she is not, maybe in person, she's great. I don't know. But the facial expressions, the condescending tone, I mean, she's she comes across as incredibly arrogant, incredibly unlikable, and just condescending and rude. And a very if we had these encount, if she was this way, personally, the average person listening to my voice right now think, man, I don't, I don't really want to be around that. And again, maybe there's just something I'm not trying, I really am not trying to personally tear her down. I'm just saying that that is what we see. That is what I think is glaringly obvious. And I don't know how in the world when they chose her other than simply saying she's a black, female, radical leftist. I don't know what they thought she was going to do to help the Harris Biden ticket. And yes, I did that on purpose. The Harris Biden ticket, they did it, why can't I? So I just, I watched this stuff, transpire and so forth. And to me, it's just right there for everyone to see. But I don't feel like many people want to say it. I don't know if they're afraid because she's a woman because she's black, because she's, I don't know. It's not for any of those reasons that I say it I just think it's glaringly obvious that she's not a likable politician, personality on that on that debate stage. It's just not it doesn't it's not a it doesn't feel good to to watch her reactions and the way that she way that she communicates it's just not. And it's it's coming from a position I think of condescension, arrogance, anger. Talk about, you know, we're conservative, not bitter. I sense that there's a lot of bitterness, even rage at times. Coming from I've been I've watched her it wasn't just this last debate. I've I've thought this for a long, long time when she was running for the Democratic nomination for president. Anyway, so. But getting back to what we were talking about before the break. Gretchen Whitmer saying the President Trump's words he's he's basically rallying people to take extreme actions around this country. Right fringe groups, folks. are racist part of hate groups part of groups that are, you know, that are looking to President Trump. And there's these dog whistles and secret codes and words that he's going to use to inspire them to take acts of acts of evil and violence against Americans, apparently, including even Governor's now. That was essentially what Gretchen Whitmer was saying. And so that leads to the conversation about Trump, and how the left and the media and again, all the folks I mentioned earlier from Kamala Harris, to Joe Biden, to the folks in the media, other Democratic leaders, Nancy Pelosi, etc. How they say that the President has refused to condemn white nationalist white supremacist, racist and all these sorts of things. And that's absolutely unequivocally not the case. So someone here and I've got this, this is a montage put to some put together by someone. I found it on YouTube. Mr. J is where this is. And he's put together a three minute clip of Trump disavowing racists racism and hate groups and so forth. And this the some of these clips go way back to even the 2000. The first one does. And then some of them are even recent, you'll hear and I think they're in chronological order here. I just want you to hear this. Remember, Biden says at the beginning of this video, Biden says that the President refuses to do exactly what he's been doing here throughout this video. So listen to this montage. He's yet wants to condemn white supremacy, the neo nazis he hasn't condemned the darn thing. You've got David Duke just joined a bigot, a racist, a problem which I'm not looking to repudiate David, David Duke and robo calls around again, the white supremacist movement supporting you. I do have any words for that. Well, I disavow David Duke endorsed me. Okay. All right, I disavow okay. When we looked at it, it looked at the question, I disavowed David Duke. So I visited that David Duke, all weekend long on Facebook, on Twitter. And obviously, it's never enough. So are you prepared right now to make a clear and unequivocal statement renouncing the support of all white supremacists? Of course I am. Of course I am. When Chris joined we had a news conference and they asked me the exact same question i said i disavow I disavowed then I disavowed today on ABC with George Stephanopoulos. I disavowed again, David Duke is a bad person who I disavowed on numerous occasions over the years, I totally disavow the Klu Klux Klan. I totally disavow David Duke. Ultimately, he got to the Klu Klux Klan, which obviously I'm going to disavow I reject David Duke rejected David Duke. I've rejected the KKK, the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke is saying to his supporters and followers vote for Donald Trump, white supremacists are saying, but do you want those votes? No, I don't want them and I don't want him to say it. And I want the support. I don't want any. What do you think of white supremacists? By the way? I don't like any group of hate. David Duke announced his candidacy. claiming your agenda. Are you ready before you ask the question? newt gingrich said every republican should repudiate this guy. And I do we've built Is that okay, review review Done Done. Do you want white supremacists to vote for you? No, I don't at all. Not at all. His campaign is denouncing a show of support from the KKK, his official newspaper, as in the Ku Klux Klan in the same New York Times interview, he denounced white supremacists, he denounced the neo nazis who support him racism is evil. And those who cause violence and its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo nazis, white supremacists and you had people and I'm not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalist because they should be condemned totally. I spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry and violence, and strongly condemned the neo nazis. The white supremacists and the KKK, President Donald Trump signed a congressional joint resolution that condemns white supremacy neo nazis and other hate groups in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy any group of hate, I don't like it, any group of hate. I have, whether it's white supremacy, whether it's any other kind of supremacy, whether it's whether it's any group, okay, I am very concerned about it, and I'll do something about it. Okay. I mean, I don't know what else they want. I mean, I do know what they want. They want to Biden victory. That's what they want. That's what this is ultimately, about. And they'll continue to ask the question, they'll continue to act as though President Trump has never disavowed one white supremacist or one hate group. For the KKK, or any neo neo nazi group or whatever, they'll continue to act as though they're utterly confused by this President Trump. They'll act as though he's never once condemned this group or that group or what have you. And this is how the game is played. And this is why I tell you that the media, in my opinion, ultimately, is the ideology. That's the most dangerous but the media creates a path for people to accept this ideology unwittingly, many times because people get distracted by the false narrative, which is, Trump hasn't condemned neo nazis. We don't know if he's a white supremacist. So the folks are talking about that, and it's scaring groups of individuals around this country. When Trump has clearly unequivocably repeatedly made denials, disavowed groups, and all this sort of stuff, but they will never get this because they don't care to get it. They want to deceive you. These folks are professional deceivers. They are not paid to give you news, they are paid to persuade your opinion through the art of deception. That's what they do. And I'm going to take a break. You're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. It's for the reasons and the things that we talked about last thing with the deceitful media it's because of the deceitful media I should say that I am thankful for the likes of rush limbaugh rush is has means more to me than I can express and explain to you rush limbaugh is the reason that I am that I do this today. There's a couple of inspirations but there's three actually. But one, the one that is front and center the other two might surprise you. But the one that does this that created this genre that put talk radio on the map is rush limbaugh, the one who stood firmly against an expose these deceitful individuals in the media, these radical politicians. Rush was the precursor to the Tea Party movement to you know, conservative bloggers, conservative news sources, even to Fox News rush stood alone against this for a long time and we owe a huge debt of gratitude to rush. And I bring him up because Because today and I love this. I love this, you won't hear me talking about any one else's program. But Rush is going to be having Trump. Now it says as a guest host, I'm not entirely sure how this is gonna work. So Russia's having Trump as a guest host. Trump tweets out looking forward to speaking with the great rush and guests so rush or Trump is going to be taking phone calls. From the sounds of things I think rush will be still there. I don't think it's just Trump, but maybe it is it's not entirely clear. But Russia's gonna have him basically have I think the whole effectively three hours of, of his program. And that's why this is this is good because of reasons I just shared last segment, because we're dealing with professional deceivers because we're dealing with people who still don't believe Trump has condemned white supremacist groups and hate groups and so forth, because people still including this week on Wednesday, Kamala Harris misrepresenting in the statements that she's cited of Trump's she's misrepresenting what he actually said. Going back to comments in Charlottesville, you know that Biden says the moment he decided to run for president was when he heard Trump's reaction in response to what happened in Charlottesville. And if you read what Trump said about that, and then you listen to what they say Trump said about that is two totally different things. So this is fantastic, where Trump can go straight to millions of people. Millions of people through Rush's program directly say fine you when you want to do virtual database now they've since have rescheduled this they've canceled this idea of a stupid virtual debate debate. Instead, they've Reek rescheduled the debate for I think, October 22, instead of October, whatever was 15th or whatever, whatever date it was. So they've moved that debate, but look, fine, do your little petty games, play your major Believe virtual campaigns and so forth, I'm going to Trump says, Get out there and in front of as many people as I can on filtered and on, interrupted by deceitful folks in the media. And I'm going to go straight to the American people. And this is a great idea. So this is fantastic. rushes on from noon to three. And hopefully you can catch part of this. It should be, it should be entertaining, and I'm going to try to catch I can never listen anymore Just because of, you know, what's involved in, there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes are growing and developing the program. But I'm telling you, I'm gonna check out as much of this today as I can. Trump will be guest hosting or having a virtual rally on Russia's program today, the wrestling ball show, so this should be entertaining and good. And God bless. I'm so grateful that we have these other platforms for communication otherwise, otherwise, that can serve it a message would be relegated to the back corner of the room, because the media is doing everything in its power from keeping that message from getting out. And from being properly understood. Gotta take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, I want to shift gears a little bit here. As we're getting towards the end of the week, I know how this must make you feel. And I can understand but never fear you can catch the program on other archives of the program at The Todd Huff slash Listen, by the way, we're streaming the program live on our website now. So you don't have to tune in to the Facebook police or the you can you can watch us there. But you don't have to worry about them pulling us for some reason you can check us out at The Todd Huff But I want to shift gears here and talk a little bit about Joe Biden, Joe Biden. I tell you what, Joe Biden said this to me during the break. And this is this is funny, I was good job. She said, Joe Biden doesn't want us to get the cures for cancer or Alzheimer's or diabetes. until after he's elected, he also doesn't want us to know if he's going to pack the courts. That's right. So he's asked Think about this. This is this is a very important issue. You know, if you're going to change the Supreme Court from nine justices to 11, or if I'm being honest, it's probably going to be they probably would go for 13 votes, because if Amy Coney Barrett is nominated, excuse me confirmed, that's going to be six. I mean, I put a question mark, because Roberts is included in those six, but that's six to three, at least the possibility of six people who actually care what the Constitution says and what the law says instead of just creating out of whole cloth what they want the law to say. That would be the other three the radical leftists remaining on that on that court. So they want to have a seven six majority. So I mean, the six five majority puts them back where they were before Trump. So anyhow, they are it seems relevant does it not to know if you win president. No, no. Vice President Biden if the Harris Biden administration becomes a reality, are you going to pack the court and he refuses to answer this he also by the way, refuses to give us a list of his Supreme Court picks Trump's done this. I mean, Trump's list is long now. But Trump's every time pick from picked from his list. None of this has been a shock to anybody. They want to dig up dirt on somebody go to the list Go for it. Remember this is Amy Coney Barrett is standing up there sitting up there that starts on Monday by the way her hearing they need to confirm Amy Coney Barrett this needs to be done there's no reason not to she is one that interprets the Constitution is written she doesn't become a legislator from the bench and that is folks the only thing to be concerned with the she had the temperament and does she interpret the laws that have created that's all that's what you need. You need nine people like that. You need zero people that want to legislate from the bench or make what they say law because they simply want it to be be that way. This is how liberalism is advanced. It is the most I think the most dangerous tool Is to hire the most dangerous weapon in the liberal Arsenal is a liberal activist supreme court justice. So, Biden's asked about if he's going to pack the court. And this is his response. Are you covered in national politics before? looking at us? It's an embarrassment. It's a pure embarrassed. court packing when the election is over? And I look, I know. It's a great question, y'all. And I don't blame you for asking. But you know, the moment I answered that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that. Other than other than focusing on what's happening now. The election has begun. There's never been a core deployment once an election began, what, 4 million or so people? Okay, there you go, not gonna answer your question, because that'll be the head. That'll be the headline. So not only do we have to wait for Biden to be elected, to cure cancer, to cure Alzheimer's, to cure diabetes, and to probably cure COVID, as well, we'll see what he decides to do with that. Not only we have to wait for all that to happen until after he is president. And not only do we have to wait to get his Supreme Court picks until after the election, why don't you list it? I mean, if you think Biden, that we should wait until the after the election, to, you know, let you have a pick if you know if you win in this scenario that you're creating here, hopefully just in your mind. But if you win, and you're going to name a Supreme Court justice, and tell us who it would be, give us a couple, give us five, give us three, give us one. He won't even tell us. He said I'm not gonna tell you. I'm not gonna tell you if I'm going to pack the court, because it's going to take attention from the fact that she shouldn't be nominated. Well, let me tell you something. Joe Biden, there's nothing that you can do to stop the confirmation process. I'm not who knows something could stop the confirmation process. But it's not Joe Biden, you know, who can stop the confirmation process? The Senate? That's you can stop it at this point. Trump has done his constitutional duty and nominating a Supreme Court justice. The Senate says we're gonna take this up, and we're gonna have hearings and presumably confirm this justice. Amy Coney Barrett, making her the newest justice on the United States Supreme Court. And the only thing that can stop that are the senators who are voting through America. I mean, it could be through public opinion and pressure. Sure. But it's not because Joe, Joe Biden can't do anything about this. So why don't you tell us what you can do something about which if you're president, you can stack the court? Will you do that? He doesn't want to tell you because we know the answer. And it's not what Americans want to hear. Got to take a break. Be back here to wrap up in just a minute.

Welcome back. I don't have the time. But I think we've played it on here before. Biden really did. He's really has promised to cure cancer, Alzheimer's and diabetes. In his first term, as President, God forbid, as President of the United States. He really has said that, and so it's true fact, pedals may make an infographic today that shows the things you'll have to wait to learn about Joe Biden, and how he's going to govern excuse me, well, governance president you have to wait to see how he's going to cure cancer, diabetes, all Alzheimer's, how he's going to end COVID, who he nominated to the Supreme Court, and now if he'd packed that court, so anyway, folks, I've got to go. Have a great weekend. Thanks for listening. SDG see you Monday, take care.