Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings Start Today | October 12, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
Well, that is right, you are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And yes, I'm your host, Todd Huff email, as always taught The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for those that want to watch the program live or on demand. Of course now we're streaming live on our website as well. And it is a pleasure to be back with you this Monday, Monday morning, just a mere three weeks away from election day. So we'll talk about that today. We'll also talk about Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation hearings beginning today in the Senate. Along with other things out there, Trump is now not contagious with COVID over COVID. In fact, there's some report on that that we'll get into as well. Just a lots and lots of stuff to get to today. But I think I want to start really quickly just by clarifying a tad bit what we discussed on Friday, which was I was working under the assumption because I read it at oae. In one American news. And the report as of Friday morning was that the debate which was scheduled for this coming Thursday, had been rescheduled for October, I think it was 29th. There's another debate scheduled October 22. Unless Biden can find some way to weasel himself out of that one as well. You know, we've been talking about this for some time, you know, this. We've been talking about this for some time. And we said if there's a way to get out of the debates, Biden would happily take that. Now, I don't know if you knew this, but Trump, Trump and his team suggested that they take another debate that's not sponsored by the debate Commission, the nonpartisan debate commission, which clearly saw a tweet over the weekend. I have to think of who I think I saw, I think I know. But I want to make sure I get it right. But someone with with personal knowledge about the debate Commission says, Look, it's bipartisan in the sense that it's Trump or excuse me, it's Republicans and Democrats, but all the republicans on they're gonna vote for Biden. So I'm not sure how bipartisan this thing really is when you get down to brass tacks. And so they've decided they cancel that debate. Of course, there's lots of ways to, you know, when you think about the cancelling of the debate, you think about all the measures that we've that we've taken social distancing wearing a mask, all sorts of all sorts of things. But yet someone someone tests positive for COVID as Trump did, what Trump has now tested negative for COVID. doctors are saying Trump is no longer contagious Trump's declared himself he's declared himself immune for the from the virus, which only throws the left into more of a tizzy, because now they say, well, you don't know if your immune studies have shown this and that studies have shown that fact I just saw one from Harvard that said, three months, three to four months, I think is what it was is how long that they believe that someone with COVID and the antibodies will actually be present in their blood protecting them from another infection. But that's even up in the air. Trump says, Look, I'm now immune. Now immune to this Coronavirus. And the New York Times reports. The New York Times reports that President Trump was going to want it. You know, I wish I kind of wish this would have happened. But again, it's the New York Times. So I'm not suggesting that this is actually true. Far be it for me to suggest anything. The New York Times says is actually true. I'm sure they've cited some more anonymous unnamed sources as they usually do. The New York Times reported that President Trump floated the idea and kind of wanted to put on either if you're listening to this or not, as you're doing this stuff. You might be entertained by this. Do not You know already, but reports are that President Trump wanted to put a superman t shirt underneath.
Just rolls her eyes. Trump wants to put us wanted to put a superman t shirt on underneath his buttoned down shirt and I guess he was being released from the hospital or some such thing. bus that baby open. Kind of like a for those of you that still watch the NFL a cam Newton's end endzone celebration, pulling, pulling apart his button down shirt to expose the Superman t shirt underneath. I look. Do I Do I think Trump has enough drama to do some of this I I too. But do I think that this is a true I don't I lean towards no on this to be honest with you. Because the New York Times could not tell us the truth of its life depended on it. Anyway, these are the sorts of things that we're dealing with here. But back to the debate on Friday, I was working under the assumption that it had been rescheduled because that's what what American news was reporting. Now the debate is officially canceled. Trump's a campaign campaign said hey, Biden campaign is you're busy hiding out in the basement there as you're busy. You know, holding these rallies with people standing in circles. By the way, I did see last night I'm gonna see if I can pull this audio real fast. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed really just for a few moments moments last night and I saw I saw bias but Biden and Kamala Harris excuse me, comma, and that's truly just a slip of the tongue. I don't mean to get that wrong. I'm sure someone will accuse me of wanting to get it wrong. But anyway. So they're in Arizona Biden, and Kamala Harris at a at an event. And I want you to, I want you to listen to the news coverage of this. Remember at Trump rallies. We have here where I live. I'm aware of, I think at least three Trump parades through my community and it's a small community. Three Trump parades through my community in the past 72 hours. There was one Friday, I think oz might knows well, 72 hours. I think there was there was one Friday, one Saturday and one yesterday, I think like my kids stood out and watched the one last night drive by Anyway, there's a lot of energy with the Trump campaign with the Trump voters. Meanwhile, you ask yourself, where's the energy from the Biden campaign? I want you to listen to this Biden and Kamala Harris. The top of the ticket, right, if you want to say the Harris Biden campaign is present in in Arizona, of course, Arizona, supposedly a swing state. I don't know what to believe about any of these polls? I, I don't think that I don't think that they are going to win Arizona. But what do I know? So they're at this campaign event, and I want you to listen to the reporter reporter standing on the street. There's a camera shot of, you know, I don't know if it's where the the events being held or just where they've driven by something like that. And if you listen to this reporter in the background, this is absolutely fantastic. Because she's almost shocked at what she didn't see which what she didn't see was energy and people listen to this. Really quickly. She talks about the Biden campaign. The Harris Biden campaign rolling past a little bit earlier, but nothing else going on. Listen to this. Much all the people that we saw enter into the parking lot about 45 minutes ago were with the Biden Harris campaign and the pool reporters. So you would expect to see I mean, it is this is a pretty big event for the two of them to be campaigning together for the first time since the Democratic National Convention. here in Arizona, we've established our our state has established itself as a battleground state. And so this is technical. So the point the part to catch there was the only people she saw was the Biden campaign team and the poor reporters, the reporters that follow the campaign to talk about what's going on in the campaign. That's all the she saw. She's thinking, Hey, where were the people? Where are the people for this thing? Meanwhile, here an argument again, three Trump parades I don't know if this is a daily event. Now what I saw people with lawn chairs and their front yards. We saw people You know, pulling up in golf carts, parking at the intersection of other other roads waiting for the, at the Trump parade to go by. My kids were in the front yard of someone else's was it at our home or our home is not really in a place? I don't think they even went by here. But anyway, the point is, the point is we're three weeks away from the election, the polling tells us by national polling shows us Biden's up something like nine points. Of course, you know, in your mind that that's not accurate. That's not what that that is isn't going to be where this comes down. I'm not predicting Trump will win. Although I certainly think he could. And I even think he could, in a massive way affect when these folks drive by. And when you feel the energy for Trump here between the signs, the banners, the flags, the parades, again, this is one community in a massive country where there is there are lots of pockets of hatred for the man in the Oval Office right now. People that vote for presidents based upon the quality of their jump shot, whether or not they want a college football playoff system whether or not take your pick whether or not they say certain things in a way that makes audience members faint. Whether or not the media adores them, ask them questions like How did you get so great. I go back to the debate as well the questions that were asked in this last debate. Vice President Pence tell us tell us why President Trump isn't as bad as all of us think that is? Senator tamela. Harris, tell us why President Trump is worse than anyone could possibly imagine. That's how I feel like all those questions were last week. But anyway, you look at the how this is shaping up you look at you just you feel the energy. And you know, you look in Arizona where Biden and Harris excuse me, Harris and Biden, I should say, show up for an event the reporters shocked to say we're the people. Where are the people? No one seems to care where Biden is talking about this last night with some friends and it's not about anyone's excitement to vote for Biden, I think that that is universally accepted. It's it's basically who likes Trump, and who hates Trump. Now, some people are in the middle who might say that they stomach Trump. But since I don't like the idea of fences when it comes to an election, those folks are casting their ballot for Trump Trump's Trump's the source of the energy. Biden is not the source of the energy Biden is even in the media is irrelevant. And when the guy talks, he says stuff like I'm not going to tell you. If I believe in court packing until after the election, that seems to be like an important thing. He acts as though we don't have the right to know that shouldn't even be asking that question instead should be asking about why Trump is trying to cram through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, which we'll talk about next segment that starts today. Amy Coney Barrett starts. The will the senate begins their hearings for Amy Coney bear today and buckle up for this. You know what we're going to expect this is war we have now tread upon the sacred Supreme Court for the left, as I've said before, and I'll say it again to the radical godless atheist left and that I'm not suggesting that everyone who's a democrat is godless atheist and part of the radical left. In fact, I contend that much fewer are part of that radical wing than the radical left wants you to believe. They're just louder, they get more attention. They're the ones that are foaming at the mouth. They are the ones that listen to the likes of Keith Olbermann who I have a quote from or a soundbite from the day that I'd like to get to as well. But the godless radical atheist left the Supreme Court to them is the effectively the same thing as again, your your church pastor or your church leaders. This is a holy institution for the radical left, the unhinged the the godless atheist radical left government is their god. I'm telling you, this is true. I've had some echo my sentiments back to me telling me that yes, in fact, to them, the closest thing they have to God is their government. And now we're looking at taking the sacred seat of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and handing it to someone who in many ways is the ideological opposite. One who will not legislate from the bench one who will not try it. To apply their personal political philosophy, make it law through their court rulings. And they don't like this. They don't like this one bit. I don't know what all we're going to see. But I do know this. They're not going to simply rollover and capitulate here. It's important for Republicans to stand firm and I, again, I don't think this would have happened a couple of years ago, before Trump Republicans would not have had the strength to do this. Mitch McConnell deserves praise for this, as do other Republicans who came out a few weeks ago saying that they would not oppose this process beginning I'm not everyone is 100% on board necessarily with confirmation. That's what these hearings are. That's what these hearings are part of as part of the process. But it's clear that unless she does something, really, you know, makes a really bad gaffe or something comes up in these hearings. That would prevent someone like Susan Collins, of course, she may vote no, anyway, or Lisa Murkowski or Mitch sues me, Mitt Romney, those folks could still be swayed. But as it stands right now, this is her nomination to effectively lose and the democrats are going to throw everything they have at this. So buckle up for this. We'll talk about that next segment. As that begins today, you're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, as we've discussed a little bit last segment today is day number one of the Amy Kony Barrett hearings in the senate now as you Well, no. But as many folks you may deal with today do not know. The process here that's being that's playing out before us is 100%, not even 99% not 99.9%, not literally 100% within the constitutional power of the President. And now it's being handed over to the Senate, where presumably the Senate will handle its responsibility 100% as well now, I guess, notwithstanding what these democrats tried to do to Amy Kony Barrett, which is candidly to destroy her, to destroy her. So the processes and this is, people have deliberately misled you those that you work with those in your community, the media, the professional deceivers, those who wake up each and every morning, telling you telling you something that's not true. They intentionally want you to believe something that is not true. That is called a lie. They don't like to pretend that that's the case. But that is absolutely the case. They don't want you to believe that this is within the President's constitutional authority. And also within the Senate's constitutional authority. The President says I want to nominate a Supreme Court justice. I'm currently commander in chief, I'm the President of the United States. In fact, President Trump win or lose, I pray it's a win. But even if President Trump loses the election here on November 3, Democrats can find magical hidden mail in ballots and trunks of cars and storage closets and wherever else they decide to find these things, which is a very real possibility, just throwing that out there. So the reason why republicans are so concerned or uncertain about this mail in ballot sort of nonsense. We've seen all sorts of things happening already ballots going to the wrong addresses and all these sorts of things. So, so so so, President Trump is president no matter what happens on November 3, all the way through what is it noon on January 20. He's the president. Even if he loses, and I pray he doesn't. On November 3, he retains all the powers of the presidency, the executive branch until his term ends, whatever. If he were to lose the election, again, that's through noon on January 20. The president can be fully the president up until that time and within those rights, constitutional powers exists this little thing called the nomination of Supreme Court. justices, and that is what he's done. He's formally nominated Amy Coney Barrett, he is asked he's by the way he's sought the advice and consent of the Senate, which is the other constitutional part of this. He's gone to the press the the senate majority leader, not the President of the Senate. That's actually the Vice President, but to the Senate Majority Leader, and he says, Hey, I need your advice and consent on my nominee. I would like to nominate nominate Amy Kony Barrett. And mitch mcconnell says, We're happy to entertain that, send us the nominee. So that's what's happening. This is very, very, very simple to understand. If someone doesn't understand this, they've either a and I had it explained to them, or B, they don't want to. They don't want to. Now, she can still be she can still potentially not be confirmed. 53 Republican senators are currently what make up the is the majority 53 to 347. So it's absolutely absolutely her. The Senate's prerogative at this point. To do that. The election, it's irrelevant. The Democrats are trying to mislead you. They're trying to go back to Merrick Garland and again, create a false comparison. Now, yes, Scalia, Antonin Scalia, Justice Scalia passed away tragically in 2016 in an election year. And yes, President Obama, he performed his constitutional duties by nominating Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court, he did this. He formally did this in March of 2016, the senate majority leader at the time, who also was Mitch McConnell, Mitch McConnell said, it is the advice of the Senate is don't send us a nominee because we will not give our consent to this nominee. In fact, instead, we will allow this nominee excuse me, we will allow the American people to make a decision. We know now that there's a Supreme Court opening vacancy here on the High Court. So we will allow the American people this is the what the senate wants to do. Because we candidly don't want you packing the courts taking a term from Chris Coons, which we'll talk about briefly as well. But we don't want any more liberal judicial activists on the Supreme Court. We don't care if it's even a moderate, we're going to say, look, we're putting the election we're staking the election on this. If we win, then we will have someone who is a textualist, who is a someone who is literally trying to interpret the Constitution. And if Hillary Clinton wins, we understand we're probably going to get another Sonia Sotomayor or Elena Kagan, or any other liberal that you could name on the court. That's what we're going to get they took that risk. That's the prerogative of the Senate. That's what they did. The scenario is different now. Because the Senate is in agreement with the types of justices This is not hard to understand. They're in agreement with the types of justices that the president president Trump will nominate. And so the hearings begin today and get ready for the fireworks. Get ready for the fireworks. I have more to say about this. But as for me, it is time to take a break and she would be correct. So I'm going to take a timeout, come back and continue this discussion about the Supreme Court. Sit tight. Be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks, so I'd forgotten. I'd forgotten this. I retweeted this lie. I didn't I didn't tweet this. This is the kind of stuff that humors me. Tweet from some. Some woman named Darlene and it says this I just saw an ad from Joe Biden. He said he was going to treat us like family. I can't wait to go to China and come back a millionaire and have a job that pays me $150,000 a month. It's pretty funny stuff. Anyway, we get back to this. Did the confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, which do begin today Chris Wallace had Chris Coons and Ben sasse on yesterday. And I want You to listen to a little bit of this lecture. I haven't recued this thing too much. Here we go. Yeah. So I want you to listen to this, this discussion. And just gives you a little bit of an idea on what we might want to be prepared for here as we enter the hearings today. Here you go. Chris Wallace, introducing a segment and beginning his conversation with senator senator Chris Coons. democrat Senator Chris Coons. And this is how that discussion a little bit of this discussion went. The confirmation hearings for judge Amy Coney Barrett begin tomorrow. The President Supreme Court nominee expected to face tough questioning from Democrats as they try to block her from filling the vacancy left by the light justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. We're joined by two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which will conduct those hearings. We'll talk with Republican Senator Ben sasse in a few minutes. But first, Democratic Senator Chris Coons, who is a member of joe biden's inner circles. Senator Coons, your caucus just plain doesn't have the votes at this point to block judge Barrett's nomination to the court. So what's your strategy for the hearings this week? Well, I'm going to be laying out the ways in which judge Barrett's views. Her views on reaching back and reconsidering and overturning long settled precedent, are not just extreme, they're disqualifying. She has taught at a well regarded law school she clerked for Justice Scalia, but she has views that make her not qualified to serve on the Supreme Court. President Trump has said he would only nominate someone who would overturn the Affordable Care Act, taking away health care protections for more than 100 million Americans in the middle of a pandemic. And both President Trump and members of the majority on this committee have said they would only vote for a nominee who would overturn Roe versus Wade, as I will lay out in my questioning this week, we shouldn't be having this hearing with two members of the committee infected with COVID. It's rushed, it constitutes court packing, and her views are too extreme to qualify her to serve on this court. Okay, lots of unpack there. So her views are too extreme, shouldn't be having a hearing during COVID when a couple of members are infected. And he believes that pushing Amy Kony Barrett through his quote unquote, packing the court again, this is what Look, the radical left. They, folks, they it is I'm gonna say the radical left in my estimation is the modern day equivalent to the religious leaders in the Pharisees back to the time of Jesus. The radical I'm talking I'm not talking about every democrat, I don't want boards put in my mouth here. I know democrats who are reasonable people. They don't agree with me ideologically. I think they're wrong on a lot of things, but I don't, they're not terrible people. They're not professional deceivers. Many of these folks are, I don't know if victimized is the word but they are at least led astray and potentially victimized by the thinking by the rhetoric by the professional deceit that they're being subjected to, from people like Chris Coons here and people who are in the media, in the media. So these folks, they want to present something as reality but inside it is bubbling beneath the surface, it is completely there's nothing there. There's nothing there's nothing there beneath the surface of the lie is pure fantasy. It's a made up there's no truth. You could say that their story, their version of what they want you to believe is true is completely dead and rotten on the inside. This is this is very much like what the religious leaders back at the time of Jesus were doing to the people they were supposed to be caring for and leading, supposed to be caring for and leading people and instead were being very oppressive to people. Instead, they tried to create scenarios whereby they were praised and honored while the rest of the people had a heavy burden placed upon their backs and around their necks. This is not the way that one is supposed to lead. This is not the way that one is supposed to act. But yet that is what we saw back in the biblical times, and it's what we're seeing here today as well. They want to redefine what terms mean. Court packing simply means what has been discussed here the past couple of weeks. The question Biden will not answer. The left when they realize that they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They want to say you're the one who really wants the cookies. You're the one that's stealing the cookies, not me. And that's what they've done here. They've said, they've said that President Trump is engaging in court packing. In fact, if I played you the rest of this stupid soundbite from Chris Coons, telling us how he's going to attack, Amy Coney Barrett today, and this week, you would hear him say that Trump simply by nominating justices for our judges for the lower courts, and getting those folks pushed through with somehow packing the courts that is absolutely 100%. False. That is not what that term is used to describe. In fact, the term packing the court means adding seats to the US Supreme Court. That's what that means. Don't try to play this game of smoke and mirrors with the American people, Senator, Senator Coons, that's not what you know it. We all know it, those of us who pay attention, who listened to your deceit and misrepresentation of facts and truth and reality that is not at all, what this is about. Not at all what this is about. This is about restoring constitutional interpretations that are based in reality, not based upon foreign law, not based upon someone's latest reading of a Harry Potter novel, or something that they dreamed up the night before they heard a case this is based upon us returning to this concept, this concept that says supreme court justices are there to interpret and to apply the law in the story. They're not to say I wish it wasn't written. They're not to say, I prefer it to be another way. They're not to say this is the way I want it to be. So Ergo, therefore, this is how I'm going to rule. That's not how this is supposed to work. In fact, you're supposed to interpret the law and apply it as intended, as written, as consistent with the Constitution itself. And any statute you may be applying as well. That is your job. That is what is at stake here. Do we want judicial activists on the Supreme Court? Or do we want those who are going to interpret the law by the way, by the way, these folks who engage in judicial activism, they find all sorts of things in the Constitution, the right to an abortion, the right to gay marriage, fill in the blank for any other thing that they found there. But yet they have no idea they're completely dumbfounded. They cannot find the Second Amendment. It doesn't exist in their copy of the Constitution, they have no idea what this right to keep in bear arms means they want to they want us to believe it means something altogether different. Can't find it, they don't understand it. But yet they can create things out of whole cloth that they find in the Constitution. As not the job of the justices, we need to put our noses down and put our heads down and push through Amy Coney Barrett and stand up to this ridiculous nonsense and talk about nonsense. I want to play a soundbite from Keith Olbermann. And the next, the next segment. Nonsense, we've got to fight this stuff back. And someone asked me recently, what's next? What is next meaning, you know, we've got all this tension and turmoil, I said, what's next is we must achieve political victory. We must achieve a large enough political victory whereby we can begin the process of actually healing but this is not going to be there's not going to be healing in this nation. And so one side, the side standing on truth, candidly, actually wins. This political fight is a cultural fight that's being waged on the political battlefield, and we must win this and then we can talk about restoration and healing. But there's no need in talking about that when we're still engaged in the actual battle for control of these things, because they will stop the radical left will stop at nothing. Again, as I've said earlier, that rat the radical godless atheist left to them, the government is the religion. And there's nothing more important to them than having the radical ideas accepted, forced upon the American people through things like the Supreme Court. And I haven't had to break you're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Folks, brace yourself for this lunacy. The alert that you're about to be subjected to Keith Olbermann, I don't know when this was last. Maybe it was Friday. It was last week, I believe. October 9, so maybe Thursday. So here he is. I guess that wouldn't be Friday. I don't even know how to describe this. You heard me talk last segment about what this battle is about. We have to politically win. This is a cultural battle, all this sort of stuff. But listen to I've made it I was playing this for hours during the break. She said this is what the totalitarian fascist sound like listen to this. This is on hinged folks, Keith Olbermann talking since at least he thinks, listen to this nonsense. Trump can be and must be expand, expand, he has triggered the Pandora's Box he has opened, they will not be so easily destroyed. So let us brace ourselves. Let us ask is twofold. The terrorist Trump must be defeated. Terrorists destroyed must be devoured at the ballot box Twitter and he and his enablers and his supporters and his collaborators and the mike Lee's and the William bars sean hannity to the right chances and the Rudy Giuliani's in the Kyle written houses and the Amy Coney berets must be prosecuted and convicted and removed from our society. While we tried to rebuild it. And to rebuild the world Trump has nearly destroyed by turning it over to a virus. Remember it? Even as we dream we remember earned reality and safety and the country for which our forefathers die, that the fight is not just to win an election, but to win it by enough to chase at least for a moment, Trump and the maggots off the stage, and then try to clean up what they left. Remember it even though to remember it means remembering that the fight does not end November 3. But in many ways, will only begin that day. I have no words for this idiotic, stupid, deranged unhinge. What in the world is this? People like Amy Kony Barrett, need to be prosecuted for what? convicted for what remains removed from our society. What in the world is this guy talking about? I don't know what he had to drink before that segment. I don't know. That my friends is literal is literal insanity. This people act like Trump is the danger that Trump is the one that's going after his political opponents that Trump is the Marxist, totalitarian, totalitarian dictator. Hello, the listen these words totally unhinged. absolutely insane. Gotta take a break, listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Oh, I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Really quickly here the waning moments of this program buckle up for an assault on Amy Coney Barrett's Catholic views. And let me say this, let me be the first to say this. It absolutely matters. Let me say the first time I'm gonna say this, I should say. It certainly matters. She shouldn't be legislating her Catholic beliefs from the bench. But no one's suggesting that she should she's not suggesting that she should whether you're legislating your personal beliefs no matter what they are and doing anything besides interpreting the law you're not doing your job as a as a judge. She has clearly done that. That's going to be on display this week. But buckle up for this it's going to get nasty as these things always do. This is their religion. The radical left I'm telling you gotta go Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care.