Day Two of Confirmation Hearings for ACB | October 14, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd, well, that is right. You are listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. And I tell you after watching after watching what is going on in, in the Senate confirmation hearings, you should be very thankful that you found a place where conservative where someone cannot be bitter my heavens, the things that we have been subjected to in these hearings is quite candidly. Remarkable. Remarkable. We've got my goodness, Senator mazie hirono. The radical from the State of Hawaii. Yet Cory Booker, aka Spartacus, you know, Spartacus. He had a Spartacus moment back in 2018, during the last Supreme Court Justice nomination process, he's having another one today, asking some stupid questions as well. These are not these are just not authentic, genuine questions, these questions, the things that were subjected to are nothing short. nothing short of it again, is political theater. absolutely positively. political theater. And that is what we have been subjected to, during during these days of hearings you may have seen yesterday, yesterday near the end of day number two of this ridiculously stupid process. Not not look, I'm not suggesting that there fact I've discussed with some people who thought that there shouldn't even be a hearing. And I I said I don't know if we want to go that route. Some people said we might as well we have the votes, let's just call it to you know, she's been been through this process before for a pellet for an appellate judge position. What else is going to come up from this? And I look I I'm not, I understand that viewpoint and think it should be taken under consideration. But I also think that there's nothing there. It's good to have a hearing. But that presupposes that the democrats are not going to be insane, which they are on that committee. So I'm not suggesting that the hearing itself is a bad thing. In fact, this is part of the process. At least traditionally, if nothing else does the senate again, it has the advise and consent rule. So it stands to reason that this should be a part of the process. It's just what what what our founders could not have truly foreseen is the amount of bad political theater we're going to be subjected to. So I'm reminded of fact I had a friend last night. Tweet me a link of Spartacus and good old Spartacus. Cory Booker, you may have decisions, you may have forgotten that Cory Spartacus actually ran for president. He was a democrat nominee for president, not the nominee, but the candidate I should say, for president and this guy is. Look, he's he's at one point yesterday, Amy Coney bird. That's what I started to say. At the end of the confirmation process. She was asked by senator john Cornyn of Texas, he said something along the lines of your collar, the senators, my colleagues up here, have all been referencing pages of notes. Would you like to share with us what you're referencing in the in the way that you answer the questions and she kind of gets this little grin and she holds up? She holds up a blank notepad at one of those tiny Notepad, you know, something like you would get at a at a hotel. they've laid it. Some official Senate, a little notepad sheets of paper on her, you know, buy her microphone where she's sitting at that at that table. For now, two days, listening to people pontificate and ask ridiculous questions and put on Just again bad political theater, she holds it up and kind of grins and it's completely blank. It's completely blank. You see the democrats over there like Maisie hirono Cory, Spartacus and the rest. They're reading from scripts. The reason they're reading from scripts is because to them, this is political theater. See, you don't need a script. If you're authentic, like Amy Coney bear, you don't need a script. If you don't have to keep your lies straight. Or if you don't have to keep your series of manipulative comments misleading comments, talking points straight you can just get up there and talk it's a refreshing thing, actually is you stop and think about it to think that there are actually people there are actually people who are willing a to go through this nonsense. willing to go through this nonsense be to do it with again, her integrity shines through and this her integrity, and they're trying, they're trying for all their work to pinner to pin something to her that's going to derail this nomination, prog prod process. And mazie hirono is one of those folks. We'll get to that. But I'm reminded of this. Oh, yes. It reminds me when I've see Cory Spartacus up there. This is what he said back in 2018. The last time. The last time the Senate Judiciary Committee was in a hearing with a Supreme Court nominee this time was Brett Kavanaugh, you remember the circus and the side show and the nonsense we were subjected to there. When this I get I'm looking at a fox is showing her hold that pad of paper up there a little girl with her grid. But anyway, I'm reminded of this. This is political performance at its worst. By the radical left. This is Cory Booker back in 2018, during the Cavanaugh hearings, dramatically telling us this was his Spartacus moment. Listen to this. Morgan Miller plumbing has been gee whiz folks, I didn't read the soundbite here. Hold on a second. I gotta read cue this thing. But Cory Booker to give context, Brett Kavanaugh is actually in the process of being you know, supposedly going through the same situation. Amy Coney Barrett is that remember they they found information. They found individuals who were prepared to make comments about Brett Kavanaugh and about basically how terrible of a human being he was. And instead of handling this the way that you should back in 2018 instead of handling these matters with sensitivity, making sure again, just investigating they could have investigated this quietly that's not what they wanted. What they wanted was exactly what we got, which was a which was a sideshow. They thought they had the goods. They thought they had the you know the these allegations of basically wild rampant rape parties and so forth. That cabinet was a part of back in his high school days, or college days, or whatever it was. And they waited. They waited until they thought this could do the most damage to Cavanaugh, and that's when they unleashed it. The guy remember he couldn't even coach his little his young daughter's basketball team because of what was said about him. During these hearings, they don't care. So it was during that that was the the scene is I've got this queued back up here. Cory, Spartacus. Listen to this stupidity. Comment he makes the stupid comment back in 2018. He makes more yesterday. Here he is in 2018. About the closest I'll probably ever have in my life to an I am Spartacus moment. Oh my gosh, the closest I've ever been in his life to having as I am Spartacus moment. Give me a break. This guy is a political. I'm a political hack, a complete and utter political hack. And if you don't believe that, if you don't believe that, then just take a listen to what he asked Amy Kony Barrett, yesterday, this is remarkable. May I remind you as I know, you know, but may I remind you that Amy Coney Barrett has adopted two black children now from I think they're from Haiti, okay. They're from Haiti, as had to remind me I had to pause. I wasn't sure. I knew they were from outside the US, but I forgot the nation. But anyway, so they're from Haiti to adopted black children from Haiti. And she is being accused. Well, I don't she's not being openly accused. But she has to actually answer the question because asked by tough guy Spartacus over here, Spartak is looking for his next I am Spartacus moment, we can only sit back and watch the silliness of this predictability in the insanity. Again, this is political theater and it's bad. It's bad political theater, at least if you're going to subject us to political theater make it good. You know, Senator Spartacus, could you at least take acting lessons because this is pathetic stuff? He actually is at the Listen to this. Listen to the questions he asked. He actually asks Amy Coney Barrett, the mother of you know, two adopted black children from Haiti, which someone the left have accused her of adopting these children only to make it look like she's not a white supremacist. This is not a racist. So what did she do? She has to go out and find children from another country, a poor country, right? Get them into her family so that she can say, Look, I'm not a racist, this this is what this is what they think it shows how little they understand about people who actually have a heart who have a passion, a desire to go through the process of adopting children or fostering children or helping children in some capacity like this. This is a big commitment for people to take to do things like this. And they do it because they love they have a heart for helping and serving the children that they bring into their homes. This is remarkable. The question he asks again, the mother of two black children, just let this sink in. Here it is. Yes. Thank you. I'm glad to see that you said that. I wish our president didn't start where it said, Look, here's the full comment. Come on, do it correctly. White supremacy, correct? Yes. Thank you. I'm glad to see that you said that. I wish our president would say that so resolutely unequivocally as well. But we are at a time that Americans are literally fearful because their president cannot do that in the resolute manner in which you did I'm I'm sorry, that that question. Sorry, what a white supremacy. What in the world? What in the world is this? He asks the mother of two black children if she can condemn white supremacy. You can't see it. Maybe you have seen this, but you can't look at it right now. Because the beauty of radio I guess you could Facebook. I could put this on the split screen. But you don't see her fit her face. She looks genuinely confused by this. She looks genuinely confused as though I wish she would have said senator Spartacus. I have two black children and what universe would you think? When anyone think I'm a white supremist? Oh, sorry. I'm gonna I'm gonna ask this question. I'm so sorry. It's because our president I can't he had no choice he was in. It was dictated from heaven above this question must be asked Cory. Senator Spartacus asked this question. The life of the Republic depends upon it. ask amy Coney Barrett, if she is in fact, a white supremacist, you must ask her. You must ask her. decency, morality, our constitution demand that we asked this question and what On what grounds? On what grounds? Do we need to ask her this question? This is bad political theater. This, this sort of stuff. Look, this sort of behavior, in my estimation, clearly disqualify someone from being a serious, serious someone who should really be serious in their pursuit of being a senator in the United States. What on earth? Folks, this is designed to do nothing more than the law Cory, Spartacus, tough guy, Cory Spartacus to actually use his time to make political speeches instead of genuinely asked questions. This is not about he did not think and what universe does one believe that Amy Coney Barrett has to explain that she's not a white supremacist, I'm telling you. Now, I will say this, the radicals out there, the radical left things that anyone who is a republican today is must explain why they're not a white supremacist. The starting point is we're republican conservative, you're racist, not only are you racist, you're white supremacists. It's not just And not only that, you have to be anti racist. You can't just say I'm not racist. I just try to treat people just know you got to be anti racist, and they define what that means as well. That means that you are you have to prove that you're not not a white supremacists. Again, this isn't the only stupid question she was asked just so there's a whole bunch. But another one I want to get into is the discussion that Maisie hirono senator from beautiful state lovely state, radically insane state ideologically, the State of Hawaii. So we'll talk about her stupid comments as well how Amy Coney Barrett sits up there and puts up with us what she has to I know this is part of the process. She's not she's a very intelligent, she knows. I hope. Everyone has to know by now, the lengths and the the links to which the radical left is going to go to try to either a, just simply make this a soapbox moment where they stand on their soapbox and talk about, you know, their political ideology or their hatred for Trump or some silly stuff like that. This is not about genuinely reviewing her credentials. This is about trying to catch her in a moment. This is about trying to create some narratives whereby they can motivate people who are voting to vote against Trump. This is what this is a campaign event. They get on Trump for having a campaign event at the White House. Maybe they should look at themselves and say why are we holding a campaign event in the US in the US Senate. That's what they're doing. This is a campaign event. This is an anti Trump rally. This is about as many people as they can get to an anti Trump rally, short of them being paid by some radical George Soros croup. But anyway, that's what we're witnessing. This is silly. This is nonsense. And these folks should not be. I mean, the US senators. I know I don't know what to say like they the position should be respected, but they themselves have proven that they are not worthy of our respect. They're not worthy of the office, if this is what they're engaging in this is this is sophistry. This is this is fair, say ethical behavior back in biblical times, this is about, again, trying to trap somebody get them to slip up. This is not about the pursuit of truth. This is not about the pursuit of decency. This is not about the search for someone who is trying to fill a Supreme Court vacancy and determining whether or not they will actually interpret the law in the Constitution. The law and the Constitution as written as intended. It's not about any of that it's about getting trying to trap them, trying to trap her and trying to create political soapbox moments to help the democrat party to harm President Trump and to to campaign. That's what this is about. More stupid questions that were submitted that Amy Coney Barret was subjected to yesterday. Yesterday. We'll talk about those when we get back. You're listening to them with conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. I want to clarify some I felt a little clarify. So the senator Booker is is acting is putzing around. I said he's acting like a Putz. Now. I'd looked it up to confirm I'm not calling him stupid. What I am saying is that he's engaging if you look up the word, the verb pots, it's, it's about engaging in consequential behavior. That's what he's doing this is again, it's basically engaging in things that are silly. Look, ask her questions. That is fine. But what on earth are you a? Are you are you a white supremacist? Sorry, I gotta I gotta ask the question because the presidents of white supremacists I want to play the sound maybe I shouldn't maybe I'll do it next segment but Media Research Council has put together 19 or 20 sound bites of the president directly condemning rebuking whatever word you want to use white supremacy he does. In fact, he in one of the soundbites one of the interview question times he was asked about an interview by Chuck Todd the very impartial What is the NBC News political hack? Chuck Todd? President Trump said I've have condemned I've condemned. I've rebuked What do you mean to do? Can I condemn? Can I rebuke what word you I'm going to use? Okay, then Chuck Todd says something like, okay, so you rebuke, yes. yes for the 57 the time I do. What on earth? Cory, Spartacus, these folks are so deceitful. They're absolutely positively deceitful. And one of the reasons they're allowed to get away with this are able to get away with this is because they're dealing with more folks that are complicit in the radical leftist media, again, professional deceivers. I want to go on the record here. I say this regularly. But I want to be clear. The media, by and large, is full of those who engage in professional deception, professional deception, they act, they still act as though President Trump and his post Charlottesville speeches and conversations and press conferences and whatever else, was saying that the neo nazis and the antifa thugs, those two thuggish groups had good people on both sides is not clearly what not what Trump was saying. In fact, he said that I'm not talking about my talking about these radical groups. I'm not talking about the KKK and all that sort of stuff. I'm talking about people who there's another there were two other groups there. They were protesting the removal of statues from the Civil War. President Trump said, there's good people on both sides. Neither one of those groups, they just had different opinions. They had different viewpoints on the issue, and Trump was saying there's good people on both sides. Why would Trump say there was good people in an Tifa? If you want to look at it that way, you want to start with the premise that Trump is a white supremacist. I mean, that's deranged but Okay, let's say that that's that's the starting point. Why would Trump let's say that he's why why would he? Can you imagine a universe I think I saw someone make this point in a Prager, you video. But why would Trump say there's good people on both sides? That that basically says that he's calling people in an Tifa? Good, can you have you? Can you find a single time and all of his attacks or discussions on an Tifa that he's mentioned and Tifa in such a positive way? He doesn't talk about that as a radical group. In fact, terrorist group designation, is how President Trump talks about an Tifa Why would he say there's good people in an Tifa. And President Trump's mind, it's like saying there's good people in some other terrorist group. Anyway, pausing here, I'm gonna have to take over I want to I want to play these Maisy hirono. Moments yesterday as well. She gets on the nominee Amy Coney Barrett for earlier comments that she had made using the phrase sexual preference instead of sexual orientation. Then she also asks her a series of questions, a couple of questions that I mean, it's absolutely insane. These questions, but again, it's for political consumption. This is this is to they asked these crazy questions, because they want you to think I have to ask them because President Trump has created a scenario in our system whereby we have a bunch of white supremacists running around we have a bunch of people who are sexual predators running around. And so she unleashes a couple of questions on Amy Coney Baron, she says, I asked these maybe she does. I don't know. I don't watch all these boring, you know, hearings all day long. But maybe she does ask these questions of everybody. Listen to this and just think, is this really? Is this really what the founders envisioned this to be? It's not funny, but I just I can't help but laugh at the stupidity. And the amount of putzing around in consequential behavior. We're watching from these folks engaging in very, very bad political theater, not about a confirmation of a judge not about trying to find someone who's qualified, not about any of that, trying to make political points trying to trap her and some statement trying to demonize her or the party, the President that nominated her here as we're just a couple of weeks out from the election. So I'll play these when we get back sit tight, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host tada back here in just a minute.

Welcome back cosmic to good point here behind behind the scenes here in the break going back to Spartacus. You know she pointed out that in the vice presidential debate, vice presidential Vice President Pence was accused of mansplaining and interrupting Camila Harris, and we had all sorts of people upset about this. Now we have Spartacus, who may be now known as the man's plainer. Spartacus is the man splinter out there constantly explaining things to Amy Coney Barrett, I don't remember or hear of any people. On the left. Anyone on the left that was outraged by this spark is the man's Blender explaining to a mother of black children adopted black children from Haiti. Really just that whole process of why what white supremacy supremacy is and why he had to ask the question mansplaining is what he was doing. I don't see any outrage about this today. But then again, of course, we knew that we wouldn't just simply worth pointing out here, here's Maisie hirono. As I promised, getting on. Amy Coney Barrett yesterday during these proceedings for using the wrong term for using the term sexual preference, instead of sexual orientation. I want you to listen to this exchange yesterday again at the Judiciary Committee, the Senate Judiciary committee's hearing on Amy Coney Barrett's nomination this morning, Senator Feinstein as your question about the Supreme Court's 2015 decision in obergefell v. Hodges, a case in which the Court recognized the constitutional right to same sex marriage. And I was disappointed that you wouldn't give a direct answer whether you're agreed with the majority in that case, or if you instead agree with your mentor, Justice Scalia, that no such rights exist in the Constitution. So even though he didn't give a direct answer, I think your response did speak volumes, not once, but twice. You use the term sexual preference to describe those in the LGBTQ community. And let me make clear sexual preference is an offensive and outdated term. It is used by anti LGBTQ activists to suggest that sexual orientation is a choice. It is not sexual orientation is a key part of a person's identity, that sexual orientation is both a normal expression of human sexuality and immutable was a key part of the majority's opinion in obergefell. Which by the way Scalia did not agree with. So if it is your view, that sexual orientation is merely a preference, as you noted, then the LGBTQ community should be rightly concerned, whether you would uphold their constitutional right to marry. I don't think that you use the term sexual preference. Yeah, so those that, you know, I've never seen, I don't know how they expect folks to keep up with all of the politically correct or incorrect stuff that we can and cannot say. Fact I remember, I remember seeing forms like I wouldn't doubt that it would almost be certain that somewhere in government documents in this nation, there's a box that one under that you can check maybe I don't even know maybe this census form I'm not saying it does, but it would not surprise me if it still says sexual, sexual preference, the things and then she goes on to say, I don't think you met in that way. But I want to correct you. And make sure that people know that you are anti LGBTQ. That's basically again, the point of this. The point of this is to I don't know if you can can you woman splain Is that a thing? Probably not. If you can ask them not sure. I don't think you can. I think you can only mansplain if you're a woman you can explain anything to a man or another woman. No word as to whether or not you can do that. Until you know how they identify but you know how we're supposed to keep this stuff straight? Really. I mean, she's just having a she's answering questions without notes or might remember she held that blank notepad up the the senators have their notes, they have effectively their cue card. They have their script, they have their talking points. They can work into their performance. You know, she's actually we're playing two different worlds one side is playing a game. The other side is trying to take this seriously. Amy Coney Barrett is showing up for what she presumes, of course, he's not an idiot. She knows what's going on here, but for what she would presume would be an actual hearing where people wanted to, you know, engage in conversation about issues and ask her questions about her judicial philosophy and all those sorts of important matters. The left the radical left the sport a Spartacus man splinters out there. Want us instead to be subjected to political theater? It's a game it's it's a script. It is fake. It's like reality TV, I saw what is the bachelorette last night? pedals in the office watches this stuff, I think pause in the office watching this stuff, too. I don't watch The Bachelor. I think it was Bachelorette. I think it was I don't know, I don't watch it. They don't like it when I say that. It's more scripted than TV that actually had scripts like, you know, Seinfeld, or whatever sitcoms, those sorts of things. But I'm going to say that what we're witnessing in the senate pedals might be happy to hear this. I think the senate what we're hearing from the democrats in the senate is more scripted than what we even would see on the bachelorette or the Bachelor. And that's saying a lot folks. that's saying a whole lot. But see they want at least what the sitcom you know back in the days when they made sitcoms people you know, they spent money to bring you know, to buy the rights to air or the network sometimes and make their own sitcoms or whatever doesn't have to be a comedy it can be a drama or whatever. But they invest in people to try to we all knew was was a story it was it was actors that were engaged in this this process of playing a part and a role. In reality TV came along and now they want you to think it's real. But a lot of these most of these reality TV shows are more scripted than the actual scripted TV shows were and that is look at this is this Senate hearing. And a lot of ways is akin to modern reality TV. Sorry, pedals for bursting your bubble on. teasing, but anyhow, this is just the way that it is. It is bad political theater. It is silly. And we are watching people Putz around and they're engaging an inconsequential dialogue and absolute silliness. Gotta take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. So not only not only did Senator hirono get on, Amy Coney Barrett, about the term sexual preference. She also she also asked her something that she says that she asks everyone, everyone who is everyone who is a nominee. For Sorry, I was trying to I had this queued up for this replay in that I grabbed the wrong stuff. I mean, she actually asked her she actually asked her I'll read this to you. I saw this yesterday and saw it from a blog, like a feed from Fox as to what you know, question or what was being stated at the moment. I couldn't watch it the moment where I was. But it was a series of of you know, questions and things that were happening at the at the hearing. And she actually asked her, I read this to you it's I got this on Fox here. actually asked her unbelievable. She says she asks her if she's ever committed sexual assault whether she's ever used The you know, any any words that can be construed as sexual harassment? I mean, this is what let's just ask her ever let's go through the Criminal Code, let's go through all the things that one can be accused of, you know, all the crimes someone can be accused of. And let's just go down the list. Just go down the list and ask these. These questions. I just find this so problematic to think that you're going to take the time to ask her and like, What's she gonna say? Yes. Is that what she's gonna say? She's gonna say yes. When when Trump nominated me I, you know, backed him against the wall and gave him a kiss or something. Oh, what is what do they think is going to happen here? This is just absolute silly nonsense that we're subjected to, and is to be taken seriously? And why are they asking these questions while they're asking these questions? Funny, you should ask because that's really what they want to get into. They're asking these questions because Trump is has destroyed all things decent in our, in our government and society. Trump's out there nominating a bunch of people who are guilty of all sorts of things sexually explicit things sexual harassment, sexual assault, and so forth. Meanwhile, look, I don't hear any questions about for, you know, for Joe Biden this this whole tear read situation it? I mean, we never heard anything else about I'm not suggesting he's guilty. I'm just suggesting that there's only curiosity about things republicans might have done. If they just you know, Democrats can just randomly put a blindfold on, spin around in a circle and just point at the wall. And whatever question is pinned to the wall there, they get to ask it. Meanwhile, there's a series of legitimate things. There's been an allegation made by Tara Read, I guess, Joe Biden, I'm not suggesting it's true. It could be it could not be. I don't know. We don't know anything because there's no curiosity on that stuff. In fact, that stuff is blown off is completely, you know, just political, political, politically motivated, it can't be taken seriously. But but you can literally ask someone who's being nominated for the Supreme Court. Have you ever basically been a engaging in sexual harassment or assault? Have you ever done that? Crazy times in which we live, I gotta take a break. Listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in in just a minute.

Welcome back, not much time remaining. But I did want to share this really quickly found this on the bond gene are actually a bond genome record report, I think from a tweet that came from Rona McDaniel, the GOP Chairwoman, talking about the rally that Trump had in Florida, the recent rally back in Sanford, Florida, there were 15,852 voters that were identified. 31.8% these are at this at the rally. 31.8% were not republicans 16.3% were actually Democrats. 24 points, think about this. 24.4% of those at the rally did not vote in 2016 14.4% did not vote in the last four elections. That's who's coming out to the rally. Interesting. This is why they don't want Trump having rallies. This is why they'll tell you it's about whatever else they want to tell you. It's about But folks, it's ultimately about politics. Everything's about politics for them. I've got to go. Time is ticking away. Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care.