Biden Family Link To Ukraine & Burisma | October 15, 2020 | Hour One

Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff. That is right. You are listening to him with conservative, not bitter talking. Yes, I'm your host, tada, female as always taught at The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show. We're on YouTube, Twitter, The Todd Huff Show is the handle for all of our social media platforms. It's great to be here. And yesterday, yesterday, we were not able, I didn't see this before the show began this posted yesterday. Yesterday morning New York Post. I saw it as soon as we wrapped up the program. And I wish that I would have seen it sooner. But I did not catch it during show prep. It was really gaining traction as the program was underway yesterday. But by now you've probably seen this New York Post article unless you are of course, depending upon social media for your source of news because social media has blocked Twitter, Facebook, for sure. other platforms possibly as well. They have blocked the sharing of this article. In fact, locking or shutting down. The White House press secretary Kaley mcenaney said was a Twitter account, I believe, for sharing this. It's really remarkable stuff. Unbelievable stuff. I mean, folks, there's so much at stake here. For this. For this nation. Right now we're dealing with two diametrically opposed ideologies, one that says American needs to return power to the individual. Return to her founding America as founded which is liberty, freedom, opportunity, limited government, the other says that government can solve all things. In fact, if Trump wasn't president says the democrats we basically would have none of these problems we're having today. COVID wouldn't even be a thing. COVID wouldn't even have existed. Had there not been a President Trump. Biden's got all the solutions. Biden does. By the way, I had someone arguing with me on Twitter about this. Biden has all the answers for virtually everything. Virtually everything. He knows how to cure cancer, he's told us that I haven't I haven't shared the soundbite. And this individual says, Oh, yeah, like, I'm gonna listen to a soundbite out of context. He says, I I probably can play it. I played it for you before he's gonna cure cancer. It is not going to stop there. He's going to cure cancer. He is going to cure diabetes, and he is going to cure Alzheimer's. And of course, he has a plan that would have prevented COVID from even happening, even though even though the guy said that shutting off transportation or travel, I should say between China and the United States of America when Trump did was xenophobic. That's right. It's another racist policy idea. Biden says in the mind of President Trump, but folks, it's it's amazing to me. It's amazing to me, you could say you can say I'm still voting for Biden. I think it's I mean, insane, to be quite honest, but you can say I'm voting for Biden, just don't deny that he said he's gonna cure cancer, or Alzheimer's and diabetes. Don't deny a lot of other things going on. And don't pretend like this thing with hunter Biden is not a story headline here yesterday again, New York Post smoking gun email reveals how hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad now unfortunately, I have to read some of this because unless you look this up directly, and pedals can put this on our we'll put it on the website. And we'll put it on the website. I don't think we can share this directly. Maybe Facebook has changed their policy since I last saw yesterday. I watched Tucker Carlson last night explain this in great depth and detail, but basically, you're gonna have to either look this up yourself who knows? What Google's do I don't know? Maybe Google's blocking this thing to you? I have no idea. But it's it's a New York Post article, or we will have it on our website later that later we'll try to share it on on Facebook. And on social, but I don't I don't know. I don't know that you'll be able to click on it, but we'll try. Let's let's take a look at what this says though, because they don't want you to hear this. They literally do not want you to hear this. So not only, not only do we have now a smoking gun, as the headline here and the story suggest we have we have just damning evidence that this is. This is remarkable. the smoking gun now connects hunter Biden, Joe Biden burries corruption, basically, almost, I guess you could say, another pay to play scandal here. Let's listen to this article. Hunter Biden introduced his father then Vice President Joe Biden to a top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured the government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company according to emails obtained by the post now, I guess the framework for this has not changed. The framework has not changed. We know we know that Biden, he's announcing it from a stage he's bragging about it. Biden tells us Biden told the audience and what I can't think of the name of the event, I can look this up during the break, but he was on stage in 2018. telling an audience that he told the Ukrainians I'm holding up a billion dollars if you don't fire this prosecutor, the prosecutor that was looking into burisma the same board where his son served and made what was a $50 million a month. Biden's son, Hunter Biden is on. He's admitted in and televised interview that any board that he served on, probably at some level is the result of his being the vice president's son. And now we have emails that are much more damning than this, by the by the way, he calls his dad. My isn't my guy. In the emails, it's my guy. That's how I refer to his father, I guess he's trying to create some level of he's trying to be a little bit cryptic. And letting you know in case someone uncovered these emails, which we now have, let's continue here. The never before revealed meeting mentioned in a message of appreciation that post are iski, an advisor to the Board of burisma allegedly sent hunter Biden on April 17 2015. About a year after hunter Biden joined the bereavement board at a reported salary of $50,000 a month. So here's what the email says. Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving me an opportunity to meet your father and spent some time together. It's real teeth. Now these are of course he's Ukrainian. So basically, it's supposed to say he's just his English isn't great. and spending time together. It's really an honor and a pleasure. The email reads. An earlier email from 2014 also shows the number three executive at Berea czma asking hunter Biden on quote, advice on how you could use your influence and quote on the company's behalf the blockbuster blockbuster correspondence which flies in the face of joe biden's claim that he's never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings, is contained in a massive trove of data recovered from a laptop computer, that's a story all unto itself. Folks, it is absolutely incredible. You see the level of the it's always the symbol that gets these folks. They have this strategic plan. They've got this coordination this collusion if you will, with the mainstream media with the Professional deceivers that we have out there in the mainstream media. And they have this plan, they have scripted, they don't ask any questions. They tell people, hey, we've looked into this and there's nothing there. Okay, then why didn't you want me? What about this? Is this nothing? media. Now they block it, they go to their social media, collaborators, co conspirators, and they say, block this. We can't let this news out. We can't let it be known that hunter Biden is using his father's influence, influence as the vice president of the United States, to personally enrich himself to get personal favors. Biden's on record having denied this VML he didn't even know he had no idea. Nothing to do had nothing to do with his son's business dealings in Ukraine. All this just a coincidence and a sideshow. And so they have this, this denial, this emphatic denial knew nothing about it media says oh, I looked into it nothing there. And that's supposed to be the end of it. Except it's not because you know what happened? hunter? Well, we think it's hunter Biden, it could have been someone that was working closely and aid or whatever with with hunter Biden. But there's a problem with his MacBook Pro, his little MacBook computer, he takes it to a computer shop, takes it to a computer shop drops it off to the guy think water was spilled on or some such thing sees if he can get fixed leaves it there never goes back to pick it up. So the guy then who runs this shop in Delaware, by the way, and Delaware tiny state, of course home of the Biden's and eventually takes possession of this because no one came to pay for it and pick it up. As he's looking at the hard drive he finds all of these emails and he started digging and looking around cannot believe what he has makes a copy of the hard drive makes a copy of it backs it up and then gives it to the FBI now folks this was back in Oh, this was this was I have to look at the exact day but this was an ape of a by April of 2019. And you can find this in the article to the computer is dropped off at a repair shop and Biden's home state of Delaware in October or shoot me in April 2019 according to the stores owner. Now in addition to the emails other material extracted from the computer again reading from the article here in the New York Post. Other material extracted from the computer includes a raunchy, 12 minute video that appears to show hunter who's admitted struggling with addiction problems smoking crack while engaged in a sex act with a with an unidentified woman as well as other assuming as well as numerous other sexually explicit images. So the owner makes makes a backup copy. Thank goodness he did this because it gives it to the FBI gives it to the FBI and crickets, nothing, nothing, nothing happened. Never heard. Nothing happened. So I have to get break. That will pick up where this where this story will continue this after the break. But that was in December December when the FBI picked up this this laptop. Federal subpoena was given to seize the efforts and sees the documentary shooting the computer in in December of last year. So that is what happened. Thank goodness it's backed up because we wouldn't know anything about this. We would not know anything about this this this had to make it who knows where this is. In the FBI. Why is this still not a thing? Why does no one seemed to care about this in our government? I think we all know the answer to that and I'm gonna take a break. You're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back. I tell you it keeps getting even worse if this can get worse I just saw. I told oz here. Daily Mail just released a story here that says hunter Biden pursued deals that would To quote, be interesting for me and my family, in quote with major Chinese energy company, a second wave of secret emails has revealed. oz asked me When did that come out? And I said a couple minutes ago, it's actually been of the past 10 minutes. Although it's a little bit confusing, because when you look at the the time and date stamp on here, I said it's from the future. It's being released from the Daily Mail, which is a UK publication 11:10am, October 15 2020. But that's, of course, local time and in London. So it's from about 10 minutes ago, 12 minutes ago. This is now being being reported. By the way, let me wish my wife a happy birthday. Today is her birthday. And that is all we're going to say about that. But I do wish her happy birthday. We won't say anything else other than it's a happy, we won't give out numbers or anything is what I'm saying here. But Happy Birthday to my wife. So hunter Biden, my Oh, my. This is this is serious stuff. So this one just posted to and pedals can probably share this, again. No guarantees, you're gonna be able to find this thing. But this is an article in The Daily Mail. I'll read the bullet points at the top of the article, it reads hunter Biden was involved involved with China's largest private private energy company, CFC, he was given equity ownership of a holding company and huge consulting fees. Hunter was dealing with C e FC Chairman, he Jing Ming, who has since vanished, the article says. And in one email, Hunter said a lucrative deal would be quote, interesting for my family. Oh, is it getting ever closer to the former Vice President, I want to pause on all this, we're gonna get back to this. We're gonna get back to the details and talk about this. But this is I know, I know how this people will. There's a saying in fact, we were talking about this yesterday, in a meeting after, after the program, the mind will justify what the heart desires. The mind will justify what the heart desires that is a something that quote a quip, a saying that I had read and learned about years ago as as a young man and the older I get, the more I realized just how true that statement is. In fact, it's one of those statements that you kind of feel like, there's it's not that's not a biblical verse, but there's definitely biblical truth in that. I mean, I think of other verses, like you know, from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks. This saying says the, the mind will justify what the heart desires. And so we have to come to grips with the fact that the media, of course, once Trump out of the White House and Biden in the White House, we have to come to grips with the fact that, of course, the Democrat Party wants that. And of course, they are co conspirators and co looters with the media to prevent you from knowing things that might prevent you from voting, in a way that's contrary to what they want. There's a whole list of reasons why they don't like Trump from simple embarrassment, to extreme ideological differences. To I mean, just not being, you know, not being part of the in crowd at the DC parties to not having enough grip on not having enough power. Right. They love to have the accumulation of power. In fact, when you listen, I had someone comment on this the other day to me, I forget who it was. So if you're the person Forgive me, that someone was telling me about listening to reasons that I think it was the the CBN whoever is taking over CBS Evening News, I couldn't even tell you who it is. I think it was CBS one of the evening Evening News things. It's a female and she was explaining why she's a journalist. And they told me that in the in the commercial. I haven't seen this, but I'm just if it didn't happen exactly as this is being portrayed was portrayed to me this is this has happened elsewhere, because I've heard it elsewhere. When she was explaining why she was you know why she does what she does why journalism's important or whatever. She didn't say that she you know, was trying to get information out in truth. She listed a bunch of things and, and I jumped in and said things like, you know, changing the world or making America better that sort of stuff. And the person said, Yeah, stuff like that it wasn't. It wasn't to give you truth, which is the whole point of journalism, the whole point of journalism. And I know, this is in a ideal world, because we're dealing with people here who have political axes to grind. We are dealing with people here who have political preferences, who desire so much going back to the statement, the mind will justify what the heart desires going back to that they desire so much their heart, their heart desires so much for a President Trump not to be in the White House, they will literally do whatever they can, their mind will justify that behavior for them. I've encountered these people on social media. They know nothing about hunter Biden, they don't care about hunter Biden, because the heart once Joe Biden, I don't know so much that it's Joe Biden, in the White House is just anybody who's not named Donald Trump, and they don't have another option. They're not excited about Joe Biden. They just hate President Trump, and why do they hate President Trump? I mean, sure, you can say that Trump has created some of that himself with tweets and comments. But if you understand them in context, in fact, I love having the opportunity to explain to people why Trump does and says some of the things he he doesn't says, because you can use when you understand the level of deception, dishonesty manipulation, that happens in the media and the Democrat Party, a lot of what happened, what President Trump says suddenly takes on new meaning that's why people like me, are not really bothered by it. Because we are dealing with a force, a force in Washington, DC, the media and the government itself, the Democrat Party in particular, we're dealing with a force that is designed to deceive us and to keep that those groups those individuals in, in power in ways that are difficult to understand. And that's going back to this hunter Biden thing. That's what we're seeing on unveiled here, the idea that a vice president of the United States would use his power to help his son personally get enriched, and then potentially, as hunter says, in his latest emails, lucrative for my family, is that is that even include Joe Biden himself, you know, you think about this Biden a spin a half a century and quote unquote, public service, public service, and you look at the places places that Joe Biden calls home the homes that he has, you look at these, and you think, how does someone in a lifetime of quote unquote, public service, just all just putting his boots on one day at a time jumping on the Amtrak train taking into DC day after day, just one of the common folks how does this guy accumulate so much wealth to where he can build these massive buy or build whatever the case was these massive homes? Why How's that possible? I don't care what Joe Biden has, I tell you what I do care about. I care about what if he's, if he's using his position for personal gain? Don't First of all, Don't tell me you're a public servant? If you're out there making more money than everybody would then the vast majority of Americans don't tell him that that has nothing to do with why you're in DC, why you've made a career out of being in DC. And then when there's evidence suggests that not only these larger than average salaries, not only are not only is the larger than average salary part of the equation, what's also part of the equation, possibly, is that you're using your position to even enrich you, your family, whoever else, even more. Folks, this is unacceptable. If this is true, I don't care who the person is. I don't care if it was George Washington, Abraham Lincoln. I'm sure Kamala Harris probably has that queued up if there's another debate for vice presidents. She's going to say that Lincoln probably uses office or personal gain. She got all the information wrong in the last debate. She was giving pence a history lesson. Let me teach you a little bit of history. Vice President Pence. Okay, go for it. Go for it. Camila. She gets it all wrong. You know, I don't care which President My point is. That has done this. It is it's our government official. It is unacceptable. It's the same sort of thing. I mean, we are we're right back where we were in 2016. With the Hillary email scandals, there's so much so much overlap here. Hillary used a private email server to hide her communications from the American people from you from me. official business because she was mixing personal business, allegedly with with personal gain donations to her Clinton Foundation, which, ironically, shockingly, saw a dramatic decrease in donations received by the Clinton Foundation, after she was eliminated as a presidential contender after she lost to President Donald J. Trump. Those donations dried up shockingly, this is a very similar thing using position of power. It appears allegedly, media helped us figure this out. It appears that hunter Biden was selling to some degree you can make the case access to his father, his vice president of the United States for personal for personal gain, and not just himself personally, but maybe as these latest emails Show us. For, for his family, lucrative deals for his family, as well. This has to stop. Not only are we are we fighting an ideological war and our government, we're fighting a corruption war. In some ways, it's connected to the ideology and other ways. They're two separate animals, corruption and ideology. Both of these things are dangerous to our constitutional republic. Both of the both of these things threaten threaten America much more than whatever phone call President Trump was impeached for and peace for back in 2000 2019 I guess, about a year ago. That was only a year ago, by the way. Anyway, this is big news. And big tech doesn't want you to know about it. They don't want you to know about it. They don't think you can handle it and still make the right decision. They think that you're too stupid. They think that you're gonna actually they think that you're too smart is what this comes down to. If you know what's actually been been going on, you're gonna not want to vote for their guy, their candidate, Joe Biden. And I'm gonna take a break, come back here and continue this discussion. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back so I want to go back we stopped in the story I put a pause in the story where this computer shop owner in Delaware he received the computer from we believe it's hunter Biden himself it could have been from someone else we don't really know the person said that the MacBook Pro had water damage, so they dropped off the computer. guy was gonna work on it, try to fix it. person never came back. So the shop took ownership of it backed up the guys started looking in the computer. There's the repair shop owner, finding a treasure trove of emails, treasure trove of emails between hunter Biden and Gatlin Ozu, I mean, this stuff is still being figured out. So he had the presence of mind to back it up on an external hard drive. And then, in December of 2019 10 months ago, now 10 months ago, this was taken by the FBI and then nothing so the guy, the computer shop, owner, he effectively started trying to reach out to people and and basically say, hey, I've got some things here that are kind of important. And and Tucker Carlson last night, I haven't seen this written, I don't see it in the article, but maybe I'm just overlooking it. But Tucker said that he first reached out to Mike Lee, the Senator from the great state of Utah. And I, maybe a couple of other individuals, no one responded or gave him any information or update or anything. So he then reached out to Rudy Giuliani, actually to Rudy Giuliani's lawyer, Robert Costello. So that's, that's basically when this thing, you know, they they figured out what they had, what they were looking at. And now we know now the New York Post has told us about it, but that's not where the story ends. And we're still learning a lot. We're still learning a lot from
from what these emails Even today, in the past 1015 minutes, I've shared something else that we've found in these and these emails or that the actual journalists, people that are curious about this, what they found, but that's just where the story begins. Now we begin to try to share this story. And social media says none No, no not gonna happen blocking it, shutting down accounts that actually share it. Folks, this is outrageous. I mean, this is we're knocking on the door of 1984. Here, some would say we've already rammed through that door with a better battering ram. And maybe maybe some instances or some some way, you're right. But this is incredible. To dis think about what is going on here. This is a repeat, I'm telling you in many ways, this is a repeat of Hillary Clinton's email scandal back from 2016. This is an absolute repeat. We have people who think they're untouchable that they can act with, basically, political immunity. They can act against, they can violate any laws, they can do whatever they want, because they and their families or their families, whichever one actually hold power. And power is the equivalent of a Kevlar vest. They are they're untouchable. They're in the in crowd they have. There's nothing in their mind. I mean, just think about the boldness, how bold and brash, this is, how reckless I mean, some of these emails, I mean, they, I don't want to say they read like a shakedown. But it's it's a heavy handed negotiation. here's, here's our, here's our price. Basically, this is this is what you got to pay us to, you know, to get involved in this little game, basically, is the feeling of this. And what's the game the game is? allegedly, possibly. I mean, it looks to be quite possible the game is access to my father. And my father, Hunter Biden would say, his former vice president at the time, and it was the current vice president of the United States and this guy, you got a problem, he can solve it, boom, Joe Biden, you may not have heard my dad can cure cancer. My dad can cure Alzheimer's, my dad can cure diabetes, boom, problem solved. Problems of you may have wondered why he didn't do that in his previous 50 years. He's waiting, he's waiting for a second act. He's waiting to do this. When the time is right. for the American people. Boom, problem solved. COVID never would have happened if my dad was president. And if you want to, if my company burries mo wants to not have a prosecutor prosecuting them, which of course, they don't want that. If my dad doesn't, if my dad knows about this, all you got to do is you know, basically pay to play allegedly and boom, my dad will make a phone call and a few threats with threats to withhold a billion dollars from from the country and suddenly the prosecutor looking into, you know, the organization will mysteriously be fired. That's right. And then when it's all said and done will impeach in my home country. This is hunter Biden having a conversation with the Ukrainian gas folks in my own country will then prosecute the next president, who even mentioned who even utters the words that anything like this happened, who even suggest or hints or tip toes anywhere near this conversation, we'll have the guy impeached and even convince one republican to vote to convict and remove him from office. Crazy, crazy, crazy times. Truth matters, folks. It's why you did the right thing this morning by tuning into this program. is remarkable to me. It really is it's remarkable to me what we're dealing with and I'm gonna take a break this long In this segment, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back guys asked me during the break if what Biden teen Biden said about this. They have released a statement This was Andrew Bates Biden campaign spokesman. This is What he said investigations by the press during impeachment point for that they want to remind you that Trump was impeached, and even by two republican led Senate Committees whose work was decried as not legitimate and political by a GOP colleague have all reached the same conclusion that Joe Biden carried out all official. To me, Joe Biden carried out Official US policy toward Ukraine and engaged in no wrongdoing. Trump administration officials have attested to these facts under oath. They continue the New York Post never asked the Biden campaign about the critical elements of the story. They certainly never raised that Rudy Giuliani, whose discredited conspiracy theories and alliance with figures connected to Russian intelligence have been widely reported, claimed to have such materials. Basis added Moreover, we have reviewed joe biden's official schedules from the time and no meeting as alleged by the New York Post ever took place. So they're even denying the meeting took place. They looked at his calendar, looked at Joe Biden's personal calendar. Not on the calendar. Like it's I mean, what in the world like it's gonna say, meet with, meet with Ukrainian gas officials. You know, what's the purpose of the meeting? My son is on the board. And they've requested a meeting and my son promised them that he would get access to me is that I mean, what in the world? So again, they say that the New York posting alleges that the meeting took place. No, the emails, hold on the emails allege that the meeting took place. The email to hunter Biden says thank you, I'm paraphrasing here. I don't have a right in front of me. But thanks for introducing us last week. It was great to meet your dad, your guy, as he said elsewhere. In the emails, they didn't say that. But that's what hunter said. And my guy. You can meet my guy. They met his guy, his dad. The email says 100 an email back and say what are you talking about? Who this and what are you talking about? That isn't what happened. It's just remarkable. And I'm telling you I was watching yesterday in the morning, I was watching Ainslie on what is it? fox and friends. I like Anglia, Hart, she says the media is going to have to look into this. Now, I don't know if that's accurate. The idea it doesn't matter what the evidence is, again, the mind will justify what the heart desires. They're in lockdown mode. Joe Biden doesn't even campaign now. In fact, there's articles on Joe Biden strategies to run out the clock. Read that this morning to hyden in his basement, 2.0 thinks he's got big leads. They know if the election was was held today, they would win. This is the story I'm just telling you. And expecting something big to happen from this expecting him to be asked about this during the Town Hall on ABC is I mean, I don't know maybe, but he won't be pushed, and he'll be allowed to say whatever it is he wants to say. And they'll move on quickly, if it even is even brought up at all. So gotta take a timeout. Listen to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Welcome back, folks, this is, again, we're at a critical point in time. We know that this election is about a lot and is about ideology. It is about the direction for this country, it is about whether or not we're going to return continue to move towards that path of limited government of freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, those principles or whether or not we're going to move towards this idea that government has all the solutions to our problems, if only we give them more power, if only we give them more money that is represented by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, or if you prefer the Harris Biden administration, and, of course, Trump is moving us towards limited government and liberty folks, and there's corruption involved as we've seen today. Gotta go sddc tomorrow, take care