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That is right. You are listening to conservative, not bitter talk. Yes. I'm your host Todd Huff. You can email me your questions your thoughts, your adoration and praise Tata Tata, calm Facebook is where we're streaming YouTube, Twitter slash Periscope. And of course, you can catch the program, streaming live on our website as well. Good to be here. hope you had a good weekend. Here we are one week away, my friends one week away, or one weekend a day from Election Day. This is the last the last week, the last full week before things get completely crazy. And you can begin to see some adjustments being made by the media by the left in the way that they're talking about this. In fact, last night, let me get this here. The New York Times last night at 7pm. I noted this because I wanted to make sure that we talked about this this morning. But you know the new york times the media in general, yes, I want to get to Trump in 60 minutes. And Kamala Harris and all this sort of stuff as well. But I want to start with just the way that things are beginning to adjust. In the media. New York Times headline of an article I got last night, you can see this on the New York Times website as well. It's on politics is the particular section of the of the wall, the paper, the election may hinge on Pennsylvania. Can the polls get the state right now pause for a moment. What has the media been telling us for the past? I don't know many months. The past many months has the media not been telling us that Joe Biden was winning this thing hands down that Joe Biden was up by as many as 14 points. Remember this? Of course you remember this because this is how they've talked about this. But the media now that they're a week away from Election Day is beginning to realize we better at least start reporting on this in a way that doesn't totally blow away our credibility. Now, you and I already know the media should have absolutely no credibility whatsoever. And they've got it's amazing to me how they have tricked people into believing that this is like a horse race. That this, I mean, the vast majority of people folks have known who they are going to be voting for since I've known who I'm voting for since 2016. That's That's how long I've known who I'm voting for in this election. Most people who are casting their votes, whether they have in the past few weeks, by the way, you see 58 million people have been said to have voted already 58 million folks in 2016, I think was a total vote count. We're approaching half of the total votes cast already now at this point that were cast in 2016, roughly 100 and 30 million or so. votes cast then now so here we are 58 million, I think is the number they're saying now, but so a lot of folks have already known who a lot of folks a voted be they've known who they are going to be voting for for some time this idea that we have a lot of undecided voters out there, which again, how can you be undecided? I'm not saying if there's not any undecided voters, but I'm saying how can you truly be undecided, giving what's really on this ticket? folks? This is a stark contrast in worldviews. a stark contrast and ideologies one is pro American. One is pro constitution, one is pro liberty, one is pro limited government. One is pro the American citizen. One is pro keep what you earn. One is pro capitalist, the other is pro socialist, the other Is pro big government. The other is pro do as we say, or we will force you to do what we want you to do, because government always has the best answer, the right answer, what's best for you? What's best for all Americans. And we will do that by force. Because folks, by definition, government is forced. That is what it is. And that contrast, again, is between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, the lovers of big government, those who want to change America as founded those who want to basically lead a revolution. Now, the media doesn't press much on this. They want you to see Joe as a smiling old grandfatherly figure that's just, you know, that has these little foe pause and gas from time to time. It's kind of cute, nice, likable guy. Kamala Harris, they don't dig into her. You know what she really believes they just want you to know that she would be the first black and female vice presidential or vice president should they be elected in this, you know, talked about in this almost fairytale sense. We don't get into their ideas. We don't get into the ugliness, folks, the downright ugliness of some of these things coming from the corruption surrounding Biden, the corruption and just really nasty attitude and so forth of Kamel Harris, we don't get into that fact, we get fixated instead on Trump's tweets and all this sort of crazy rhetoric we find ourselves getting into as we move ever so closely to this election. But there's not a lot of undecided voters. And the way the media has portrayed this since the beginning is that Trump is going to get walloped and thumped and Trump has even less of a chance. I'm telling you, they've talked about this in such a way that makes us believe that Trump has next to no chance of winning this election. In fact, if you look at their they, they're telling you if you go to some of these sites where you can make your own election map, you can make your own predictions. When they start the map for you. It starts off with 290 electoral votes for Biden, Biden only needs 270. They want you to believe that Biden is already locked up to 90. So why this headline in the New York Times why this headline that says the election may hinge on Pennsylvania, folks, Pennsylvania is worth 20 electoral votes. They have Biden at 290. If I take away 220 from 290, I still am left with 270. That means Biden wins. But besides that, you've given it to bide you've not included Pennsylvania in a toss up state. Here, you've given it to Biden, some of these maps show Arizona definitely going to Biden, some of these maps show Texas definitely going to Biden, some of these maps show Georgia definitely going to Biden, some of these maps show Florida definitely going to Biden, Pennsylvania, Michigan, the states that they put up as toss up states that Trump is probably going to win. in my estimation anyway. But regardless, why why now suddenly change? Why is that suddenly change your perspective? your argument, what you're talking about? Just how much the election hinges upon the state of Pennsylvania. This is what it says I'm not gonna read much of this. I just want you to hear this because it's drastically different than what we've been hearing in the media here. As we get closer, in fact, something else to look out for. For polls that come out this week, don't expect. Don't expect to see any more 14 point Biden leads. In fact, remember last week, or maybe the week before, Biden's campaign manager came out and said, we're not up 14 points, set it on some conference call with supporters or some such thing. Don't buy the lie that we're at 14 points, of course, is a lie. That's that's fabricated, nonsensical, just crazy stuff. He's not at 14 points. But going back to this article here, it says this, President Trump pulls off a come from behind victory. Again, acting like this is a horse race on November 3, it's likely to run through Pennsylvania, one of the three Midwestern states he won by less than one percentage point in 2016. And arguably the one that's still within range for him, I didn't know that. I call it Rust Belt. I didn't know that Pennsylvania is Midwestern. Anyway, Joseph are Biden Jr. The Democratic nominee has built a polling lead in Pennsylvania that is now considerably stronger than Hillary Clinton's was on the eve of the election four years ago, you better look at which depends on which poll you're looking at my friend. This, by the way, written by Giovanni Russoniello, I think my apologies if I don't pronounce that right. But regardless here considerably stronger they say Hillary than Hillary Clinton's lead was on the eve of the election four years ago. But the President's weakness is driving the race. More than Mr. Biden's strength, Mr. Biden has only recently achieved a positive overall favourability rating among voters in Pennsylvania, according to various surveys, high quality high quality polls. Let's remember this, folks mark this stuff down. I'm not predicting again, I think predicting this stuff is a bit of a of a fool's game with how some people decide to cast their ballots. But that being said, I still think that this, that the maps here are lining up favorably for President Donald Trump, I wouldn't. I like his position. I like how these states are playing it, folks if he wins, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona, which by winning them basically means holding on to them from 2016. If he wins those states, he only has to win Minnesota or Wisconsin, or Michigan, or Pennsylvania, or Nevada, plus New Hampshire, which all these things are doable. Biden has to run the table at that point. Biden has to run the table at that point. So anyway, these high quality polls that they're citing Now, remember what they told us? I think, if Trump turns out to win this thing, especially if Trump has over say, 300 electoral votes, which is possible, I'm not saying likely probable anything like that, I'm just saying it's possible. I think right now, the most likely outcome is that he'll be in the high 270s, maybe the low 280s. And you again, you'll need you only need 270 to win. But there certainly are scenarios where he can be into the three hundreds, even into the higher Well, the low to mid 300 range, if a lot of things everything falls into his favor. There's also scenarios where Biden can pull this out, certainly. But the point is, the point is this. Remember what they've been telling telling us they've told us that Biden is up, that Biden is up anywhere from five to 13 points in Pennsylvania, in Pennsylvania. Now, remember, last week, in the debate on Thursday, Biden told us that he was going to begin the process if elected President of replacing, set the word to use replacing transitioning, thank you, us azer. For they're paying attention, transitioning from oil to something else who knows who knows what will be powered by Biden says it's going to be something other than oil. He's transitioning from that Pennsylvania says, Wait a minute. Turns out that a lot of our Well, a lot of folks here depend upon that Western Pennsylvania has some, you know, some places that our people live off of oil, this is how they have jobs and that sort of thing. Biden's gonna replace that transition from that. Not sure what that means. Exactly. So that's an important factor on the eve of this election. But suddenly, The New York Times seems to realize, seems to realize that Pennsylvania actually will cast electoral votes for president along with 49 other states and the District of Columbia instead of simply giving this to the you know, the one who wins the national popular vote, which folks could still be Trump. I'm not I that's not the the traditional, you know, the narrative or what most people believe in again, I'm not predicting it, but he certainly still could win. The net, the popular, the popular vote, especially if, especially if people in groups that do not typically vote for republicans vote, you know, in a much higher percentage, for example, and the black vote, folks, I saw a poll. I saw polling numbers late last week. I think I saw I saw them over the weekend that had approval rating of Trump. By black Americans, one of the days showed 46% Now that's not necessarily translating into a vote. But 46% of black voters approve of Trump. If Trump was to even get a third of that 15% of the black vote, that is bad, bad news for Biden, if Trump gets to 20%, or into the low 20s, there's no way that Biden can win this election. This is bad news. For Joe Biden. There's a lot of bad news for Biden out there that seems to be ignored by the media. It might be hinted at a little bit as we get closer to this election, but the bottom line is they're still largely pretending that Joe Biden has this in the bag. Folks, if it's so bad, you think about back in 2016, people were utterly shocked when Trump beat Hillary Clinton remember this again, people going to work that morning putting bottles of champagne in the trunk of the car preparing to go and celebrate that evening, the coronation of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the first female president in American history. Although I'm not sure we can say that because Do we know how all of the other presidents identified? I don't know that there's ever been a comprehensive study done on that. But nonetheless, nonetheless, that sound they went to work that morning, and they were shocked, and they were dismayed. And they were screaming at the universe. They were in tears, they were beginning the process of requesting service dogs, and playdough and coloring books to cope with this, the professors and universities all around this, the fruited plain, we're canceling courses The next day, the next week to help students cope with this traumatic experience. Imagine what it's going to be like, given how unlikely the scenario was the way the media has talked about this of Trump winning this election if he pulls us out, folks, this is going to be makes 2016 look like, look like they responded like adults, this is going to be made worse by magnitudes. This is going to be dramatically worse and worse in ways that are concerning, because now we're in an era where violence has largely been accepted violence against those that you disagree with him. I don't know if you've seen that the Jewish group that was in favor of Trump that had a rally for Trump in New York City yesterday, folks assaulted there by the ever loving left. Were intense times, folks. And if this doesn't go in Biden's direction, the powder keg is going to begin to go pop pop pop all around this country in big cities is intentional. In some instances it is predictable. In some instances, it has been. It has been condoned, and summoned instances by people who are in positions of power by mayors looking at Portland, Oregon looking Chazz, remember that the great civilization, Chazz that lasted about 300 hours. All of these, all of these places have condone this behavior. I've turned the other cheek if you will have have turned a blind eye to what's going on in their particular cities letting folks basically destroy the place. And if Trump wins, Trump wins this thing and Biden loses. They're going to lose whatever is left of their ever loving minds. I had a break long in this segment lots more to get to including Trump's soundbite with Leslie stall, Kamala Harris, laughing hysterically When asked if she's a socialist. So got lots to get to quick timeout is an order you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff. Back in just a minute.

Welcome back. Now you could say that the media is starting to realize or at least wanting its readers or audience to realize that this election isn't simply who gets the more well will not be determined simply by who has more Total votes popular votes in this country. New York Times has awakened to the fact that the election will be decided by an electoral college and maybe the elector electoral vote of the state of Pennsylvania quite possibly, which is an amazing shift given they've seen Biden be up 1014 points and they've kind of acted like this was a foregone conclusion for some time. So even though that's going on, it doesn't mean that they're still not trying everything within their power to prevent that from being the outcome because they They certainly are wanting that to be the outcome. And so that leads me to what the media this little back and forth between President Trump and lesley stahl of 16 minutes here. It aired last, I guess last night. But the interview took place last week, you may have seen Trump hinting at this, Trump talking about how he was releasing interview and that sort of thing. But here's the exchange, I want you to listen to this. The the willing ignorance here, on the part of Leslie, stall the UI call these folks professional deceivers. And I think that's how these folks should be viewed. These folks are not interested in uncovering truth so that you the American voter, can can know information about the candidates or the issues that's relevant, and then you make the decision, they want you to make a certain decision, that decision they want you to make is to vote for Joe Biden, or to vote against Donald Trump is really the better way of saying it. They're not excited about Biden, not excited about Biden, we've talked about this extensively on here. They don't really want you. They they know that they can't really motivate you to go to the polls and cast a ballot for Biden. But what they do know what they do believe, is they can stir up enough hatred, enough. Just bad will towards President Trump. In fact, they've invested for the past four years in creating this. They know that they can send you or they believe they can anyway, send us generally speaking, not us specifically, because you're probably not interested in voting for Joe Biden. But nonetheless, they think that they can send Americans to the polls with enough hatred for President Donald Trump in their heart to will that to where they will push the button for virtually any other name on that ticket. And so I want you to listen to this exchange really quickly before we get to go to a break. This is Trump telling lesley stahl I wish he would interview Biden, the way that you interviewed me and I just want you to hear how this how this conversation goes the back and forth. The complete utter ignorance. And the intentional ignorance of Leslie stall here is mind boggling. So these are the people who are, again, it's an act, it's a performance, it's a play. This is this is something designed to generate a certain outcome. And again, that outcome is for those watching to decide to vote for Biden, instead of President Trump. Here's the exchange. I wish you would interview Joe Biden like you interview me. It would be so good. You know what you think? I thought I thought
when I watch him walk out of his store, and he's walking with a ice cream and the question the media asked him what kind of ice cream what flavor ice cream do you have? And he's in the midst of a scandal. He's not he's taking his horses. Come on horses. It's the biggest second biggest scandal. So biggest scandal was when they spied on my campaign. They spied on my campus no real evidence of that course there is no over the place. Leslie spied on my campaign and again Can I say something go for No, this is 16 minutes. And we can't put on things we can't verify it
on because it's bad for bite we can't put on things we can't very Leslie they spied on my campaign we can't verify totally verified? Absolutely. It's been just go down and get the papers. They spied on my campaign. They got caught. No. And then they went much further than that. And they got caught. And you will see that Leslie, and you know that but you just don't want to know.
As a matter of fact, I don't know that guy. She doesn't know that. Of course. She doesn't know that that's not her job to know that her job is to professionally deceive you. That's her job. And part of being a professional deceiver is to not know the truth, because then I certainly can't be accountable to present that truth to you. What is she talking about? Of course, there is literally hear me say this. There is zero. There is zero evidence that suggests that what happened by the Obama administration in their face a warrant against Carter page in the Trump campaign there is that is absolutely unequivocally spying. vysa the warrant that they applied for folks, I've said this before, I'll say it again stands for stands for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. They got a surveillance warrant. look up the word I challenge you today to go go to the source calm or and you will find at some In your search, maybe the very first one that you pull up that there is a synonym for the word surveillance. You know what it is spying. That's what it means. It means to spy. The question is not whether or not Obama's administration spied on the Trump campaign because that is absolutely, positively 100% the case. There is no denying that the question, the question that couldn't be asked in fairness is whether or not the spying was legally justifiable in accordance with the law, but to say they did not spy and to say that there's no evidence of that shows that she is unqualified 100% unqualified to be a journalist 100% she's not a journalist. She's a professional to see where you may have also noticed in that, in that exchange, she started to say there is no evidence of that, but she caught herself. She said, there's no what she say real evidence. There's no, no real evidence of that. I mean, there's no real evidence you stopped yourself when you were starting to say evidence, because, you know, there's evidence in fact, you know, that the truth demands that you accept that they got the Pfizer warrant a surveillance warrant, because they wanted to spy that is what that is, you know that. I know that. You're gonna pretend like you don't know that. Anyway, silly stuff I've got to put up with. I gotta take a time out a lot more to get to let's get to Camila. Next. Camila. In her interview was asked by Norah O'Donnell, if she brought a socialist or progressive viewpoint to the Biden ticket. And she laughed. She is laughs So we'll play that. When we get back. quick timeout is in order here, you're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk. Don't panic, folks. We'll be right back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. I do want to also mention that Amy Kony Barrett's final confirmation vote appears to be scheduled slated for later this evening, sometime Monday evening. It appears that again, unless there's some sort of a last minute, just unforeseen set of circumstances, it appears that she will be confirmed to the high court with 5252 votes that would include Mitt Romney that would include Lisa Murkowski that would not include the only republican that would not include is Susan Collins who of course is running for reelection in the state of Maine. That's a highly contested election, she may in fact, lose her seat. So she's trying to, you know, appeal to the, I guess you could say the moderate voters in in her home state. So that being said, That being said, I want to shift over to another interview that was conducted on was CBS Norah O'Donnell interviewing senator Kamala Harris. Joe Biden's vp pick actually the the front runner the title name on the Harris Biden ticket. She is in her mind, and in the minds of many people actually the presidential nominee, just pretending as though she's vice president because Joe Biden is, of course, well, there's a lot going on there. But many folks don't expect Joe Biden, many as in more than half most Americans don't expect Joe Biden to serve an entire four year term. So that would make Camila Harris. At some point, God forbid Biden is elected, but that would make her President of the United States and she's not been really vetted. Yet, folks, we don't really know that much about her media is not too interested in her other than to tell us that she is black and a female. And that's really all we need to know, in today's superficial world of politics. So having said I want you to hear this little exchange, nor Norah O'Donnell ask, asked Kamala Harris if she brings a progressive or socialist viewpoint to the agenda to President a human counterbid to the to the Harris Biden ticket does she bring does she bring a progressive or socialist viewpoint to that ticket, listen to this conversation. But I will do and I promise you this and this is what Joe wants me to do. Do this was part of our deal, I will always share with him my lived experience as relates to any issue that we confront. And I promised Joe that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him. We can is that a socialist or progressive perspective? perspective of, of a woman who grew up a black child in America was also a prosecutor, a mother who arrived here at the age of 19, from India, who also you know, he likes hip hop. What do you want to know? Well, you know, what we want to know, was what the question asked, do you bring a socialist or a progressive perspective to the Biden ticket? Now I'm not sure that Biden really needs that much of a perspective brought to his ticket as it stands. Back Biden's granddaughter is on record telling us that Biden she agrees Biden will govern if he is elected, like a radical leftist. Basically, she I'm Biden is Bernie and her mind. Camila won't even admit that. She laughs it off. She's been practicing this response. And look to many folks, that's enough. That's enough right there. She did say no, technically, no, but look at the it's just it's fascinating to me, whatever your personal viewpoints on, you know, a particular candidate is her answer is fascinating to me in the sense that what what she wants you to believe this election is about this is about wanting the voter to pick her because we want a perspective of a person who has a certain a certain genetic makeup. And she completely glosses over the important part, which is the ideological makeup. As I've said on here before, I I think it's great that America is to the point where we can vote for a black president, that would not have always happened in this country. And that is a great place to be. However, we should never and hear me say this and never vote for someone simply because of their race, ethnicity, gender, etc. We should elect someone vote for someone because of the ideas that they want to implement. The ideas that they want to advance the way in which they will govern ideas, America folks is an idea. America isn't an idea that only applies to white people, or to black people or to Asians or to take your pick Hispanics, it applies to all people because folks, the ideology, the the idea, upon which are the ideas upon which America was was founded, upon which America was predicated, are rooted in truth are rooted in a proper understanding of human nature, a proper understanding of how we were created by God to live. That is why it works and works for all people. Now, it doesn't mean that everyone is going to have a, you know, no problems or struggles. That's called life. But the idea of America is not based upon any race or ethnicity or any of those things. That's why it matters. That's why it matters that we pick individuals to be our president to be our leaders. I don't like the word leaders, our politicians, our policymakers, those who run our government, we pick individuals who have the right ideas, which are the American ideas, which by the way, would not be the progressive. And the socialist ideas, those in fact, would be the antithesis of the American ideals set forth in this nation. But instead of telling us what her ideas are predicated upon, instead of telling us the foundation of her ideology, she goes back to things that people have a personal attachment to, and I understand, I do especially with the history of this country, how that story appeal is appealing to people. 19 year old mother moving in from India, you know, basically nothing starting over from scratch or what have you. That's common was mom and now she's running for vice president. There's something really amazing about that, that story. But there's also something very troubling if that's what you go to. There's something very troubling instead of telling us what you believe and why you believe it. If you only want to talk about these things, they get people emotionally invested. I've got no problem with the story in general. I just need to know what Are the ideas what are they? They're not socialist. They're not. What are they Camila? How would you define them? Because they did not certainly go in line with what I believe about this country so long in this segment gonna take a break. You're listening here to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, again, tonight, tonight, Amy Coney Barrett is slated to be confirmed to be confirmed as Supreme Court Justice associate Supreme Court Justice of the United States that appears based upon what we've heard that she does have the votes now there was a procedural vote yesterday. She received 51 of those procedural votes one of those. So there were all democrats voted no. Plus, Susan Collins and Susan Collins from Maine Lisa Murkowski from from Alaska. But Lisa Murkowski voted no her position is this her position is what her stated position is Anyway, she doesn't think this should happen this close to an election. However, she also believes that Amy Kony Barrett is completely qualified. So she voted no yesterday. She voted no yesterday because on the procedural process, which leads us to this final confirmation vote had that not passed yesterday, we wouldn't have a confirmation vote. So she voted no. She tells us voted no yesterday because she didn't think that we should be pushing for a Supreme Court nominee this close to an election. Or you could obviously say during an election because of her early voting. She said Instead, she would have preferred to wait. However, Amy Coney Barrett is completely 100% qualified as she is by the way, she is completely 100% qualified, she is as qualified as anyone else. And, by the way, more qualified than some of those folks we've seen. nominated to the Supreme Court by leftist presidents, but she is as qualified as anyone else. And even more qualified than the Mini. So this it appears where she's gonna vote yes, tonight giving republicans 52 votes giving Amy Coney Barrett 52 votes. And it appears again, I'm always hesitant was like because I put nothing past the left that this is going to be the case. Tonight 52 votes confirming Amy Coney Barrett and she will be on the Supreme Court. She will be on the Supreme Court. And suddenly all of these cases that may make their way to the Supreme Court, pertaining to this election, she may actually have a voice in determining the legality and the constitutionality of all these things. So that is a good thing. I'm gonna take a break. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Alright, folks, that's unfortunately all of the time that we have today. But I will tell you this, we've got some exciting things coming up here in the not too distant future that I want to add that I'll be telling you about here, in very short order. So that's, that's good. So more this program available to you, as always, of course, a good thing, as you will know, but it's all the time that we have today. Lots of stuff to get to. I mean, there's lots of stuff I didn't get to today that I wish I could have gotten to. But nonetheless, we've got we're in overdrive here as we move towards this election, which is now just a week away. So anyway, if you haven't voted, get out there and do that. Encourage your friends to do the same vote Trump 2020 I've got to go have a great day. SDG, see you soon.