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is right you are are listening to them with conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff. As always, you can reach me by email, Todd at The Todd Huff slash The Todd Huff Show for those who watch the program live or on demand. oopsy Daisy, there we go. Good to be here. Thank you for for joining us today. You know, I have a question off the top what evidence and I mean this, I really mean this, but what evidence exists today, or whatever evidence exists today that I guess demonstrates to you that Biden is about to win this election. I know the polls, I mean, I'm starting with the premise that whether you accept the polls as one thing or not as another thing altogether, but what else exists, what other evidence exists? If you were you know, someone who was trained to study campaigns over the course of American history, and we didn't have these supposedly comprehensive polls where people could use telephones and other methods to collect data from voters, the science of polling and all that didn't really exist, of course, throughout American history. If you didn't have the polls to look at, and you just you just kind of licked your finger and stuck it up to see which direction the wind was blowing. Would anyone listening to my voice, think that Joe Biden is winning the selection? If that's the way this campaign, this argument, because if you look at this, let's take a look at this look at the rallies. Now, I know someone might say Todd Biden, voters are so intelligent, they are respectful of the Coronavirus, they do not want to subject themselves to a situation where they will be in close proximity to someone mask or not. They want to stand in their little circles, or sit in their cars as Biden is speaking. Okay, I'll accept some degree of that. I'll accept that. That is part of the reason. Part, bear understand part part doesn't mean significant. I'm just saying it's part of the equation. Biden had trouble filling the room at the local library, the conference room before COVID. So this guy has never been one, to drive people to want to hear what he has to say. In fact, again, the truth of this campaign is that Biden is focusing on strategically they've decided this intentionally this is the direction that they think gives them the best opportunity. They want to go intentionally in the direction and the direction that says, were they campaigning not for reasons they should people should vote for Biden, but rather peep reasons for why people should not vote for President Trump. And of course, Biden basically just says, Well, I'm the only other option. That's it. That's his campaign. That is the amount of enthusiasm and excitement that exists there. I'm not the guy who's the worst president in American history. That's basically what they are, are saying, of course, without any evidence, and of course, my ignoring the evidence that actually does exist, this is what their their basic argument is, but just just think about this what truly what really exists out there that makes you think that Biden is about to be our next president. Now, I'm not saying he cannot win this. I'm just simply saying there is something going on here. Because nothing, nothing would suggest this outside of the polls. And again, I'm not saying definitively that all the polls are wrong. I just have a whole lot of questions about this a whole lot of questions. And I think you should as well, in fact, I think I saw 538 now. Somebody's predicting, I don't know if it's 538 or not Biden, excuse me, Trump has a 5% chance of winning in November 5% chance. But remember this that, that puts his chance chances better than what they had him on election day. In 2016 fact, as I scroll down here, through my Instagram feed, I remember on Election Day 2016, I posted a graphic from, from the Huffington Post. And the Huffington Post gave data, I guess, if you want to call it that. They said that based upon their research and their data, and what pollsters were saying, and all that sort of stuff. And on the morning of the election, the morning of the election, think about this the morning of the election, President Donald J. Trump, according to their math, which again, I would not suggest letting liberals anywhere near a calculator or math in general, because they don't really know what they're doing. They don't really have any comfort or familiarity with adding up numbers with making calculations and so forth. I'm still looking for those because I remember posting this. But the morning of the election 2016. I think it was I'm trying to find the exact there it is. Here it is. The chances. Huffington Post said the odds that Hillary would win the presidency on the morning of the election, November 7 2016. This is at 11:25am on Election Day, 2000 2016. Hillary Clinton 98.1% chance of winning Donald J. Trump a 1.6% chance of winning now they're saying that Trump has a 5% chance. So that's that's what three times over three, over three times the chance he was given in 2016. That's the way I look at this. Folks, this feels like 2016. all over again. But what evidence exists out there besides these polls, which we don't know, some of these polls are pulling democrats plus, heck, I think I've seen some extreme examples of plus seven or eight, which I don't think is anywhere near reasonable as to what this is going to look like Trafalgar group questions, the methodology, and I think understandably so. If these telephone pollsters do not account for the fact that people are reluctant to tell a stranger they're voting for Trump, not every Trump supporters, a lot of folks are loud and proud about this. fact a lot of folks to another point I would like to make here, a lot of folks will jump in their pickup trucks or Jeep strap as many flags as is possible to the back of said pickup truck or Jeep and go driving for miles and hours with their Trump flags with their American flags with their thin blue line flags with their magga flags, all through communities around this country from big cities to small towns. I don't see. I don't see anything of the sort happening with Joe Biden, you look at yard signs, you look at all these indicators. You look at the what we're talking about in this campaign. Again, it is so much a repeat in my mind of 2016. That it's just it's remarkable. I mean, we have what appears to be a corrupt campaign, the Biden campaign we've got, by the way, congratulations to to to Tucker Carlson for exposing the corruption in the Biden campaign and the Biden. What's turning out to be allegedly, the Biden crime family here, my goodness. Congratulations to Tucker Carlson for actually digging on this and giving us some information and for for allowing, forgiving, Mr. Bob, Bob Alinsky time to share what's actually been going on with with Joe Biden and his knowledge of hunter Biden's business deals in China, and that's and folks that matters tremendously. So on the eve of the election, the final few days, we've got emails, again, emails that are damning to the democrat candidate we have we have news that is a narrative that exposes corruption. In the democrat candidates, family or dealings with people, and foreign governments, and that sort of thing, they have nothing positive to run on. I mean this they have literally nothing positive to run on. They have their candidate out there talking about transitioning from Big Oil, transitioning from oil to other sorts of energy. He's backtracking left and right trying to make sense, trying to allow voters to make sense of his ridiculous comments on the campaign trail, days before people in key swing states are going to cast their ballots. for president, we've seen that now polls, some polls are showing that President Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania, folks, if Trump wins Pennsylvania, I just there there is no path. There is no logical path in my mind. For Biden, you could say Biden wins Florida. I don't think that's likely. You could you could say Biden wins Georgia or Texas. I think those are those are complete pipe dreams. What is left, what is left for Biden he has to win Pennsylvania. Trafalgar group shows him in their latest poll up it's less than a point it's within the margin of error. But nonetheless, it shows that Trump is up this is not supposed to happen. This is a replay in many ways of 2016. Now, you need to still get out and vote. I didn't vote yesterday, I still need to get out and vote this has to be carried through with the run through the line. Right. I used to back in my younger days run track, you don't stop the race before you go through the line. Does it And likewise, you don't stop the election until in here in Indiana. 6pm hits on election night. That's when ballots are supposed to no longer be counted. Although we got some better prepare for what's going to happen legally, especially if Biden's behind if Biden is behind on election night. If Biden is behind projections on election night if he underperforms all we're going to hear about is how many ballots are out there. We're going to hear about the 70 plus million people that voted early some of which by absentee ballot, although many just voted early at their polling places. But we're going to hear about how unfathomable it is for republicans not to want to count for courts not to want to allow votes to count the trickle in after deadlines. Folks, buckle up for this. Now, if Biden wins clearly on election night, which again, I'm not predicting, I'm just saying if that is what happens. We will not hear one iota about ballots that may be stuck in the mail, we won't hear about the post offices inability to deliver ballots because Trump is trying to cut their funding, we won't hear about that. And in the minds of the media, in the minds of the Democrat Party, this election will be over when Biden has enough votes to win whatever that means. That's when they'll know this election is over. That's how they will determine when every vote has been counted. When Biden has won more electoral vote than Trump. That's when they'll know that'll be their proof that the votes have been completely tallied. And that President Donald J. Trump will be serving his last couple of months in office to be replaced by Joe Biden in January. But if you look around again, you look around this is a a repeat, in many ways of 2016. With the corruption with the emails with the way that this campaign is going again, there is no there is no positive news for the Biden campaign. None whatsoever. absolutely zero. As my friend rush limbaugh would say, zip zero nada, nothing, nothing positive. For the Biden campaign. They're hiding. They're not campaigning, they can't get people to rallies into events. Trump has control of even with all the help of the media, the issues now that people are talking about our issues that favor Trump are no longer people have forgotten about this stupid impeachment stuff. People are seeing that the economy is roaring towards complete recovery. People are while COVID is spreading faster. The mortality rate of COVID is not what it was the spring. And so we are seeing very positive news for Trump on the issues at hand and that is even before when is one of the third quarter GDP numbers coming out if they come out as where they tell us at 37% GDP growth which is what experts were predict. Got the third quarter GDP comes out with those numbers. That's another notch in the President's belt, so to speak here. So, again, I asked the question, if you are watching this, you don't have access to polls, you're just watching campaigns as a student of American history of someone who follows campaigns. I asked you what evidence suggests that at this point in the campaign that Joe Biden is about to be our president, I'm not against suggesting this is over. I'm not suggesting he cannot when people make decisions on who their president will be, for reasons I can never fully explain to you who looks better on the stage, who's got a better jump shot, Biden thinks he can do more push ups and Trump if if Biden drops down, I'm telling you, this will get Biden some votes, somebody is going to vote for Biden, if he reps out 10 more push ups than Trump can. Anyway, just as you look at this, as this as you apply the simple smell test here, who appears to be in a favorable position, yet the polls are the one area that they tell us that what we see is not really not really what we see. That's what they want us to believe. Now, maybe that's true. I don't know. I'm like you in a lot of ways, folks. I mean, I've studied this for years, I studied this in college, I had professors that tried to convince me to be a socialist, socialist and communist I've had to combat this stuff for a long time. But I in many ways, I'm just like you when I look at this, and I'm thinking this something doesn't add up here. And maybe they're stacking the deck and creating this, this, this situation, this scenario in our minds that say we we should expect a Biden victory. So if Trump wins and Trump had to have done something to steal this again, he's not wanting to count all the ballots. Who knows be ready for this. Be ready for this be ready for this to extend past the Election Day The only way it can't is if Trump Wallops Biden so much what one of the two while at the other so much on election night that these outstanding mailing ballots simply cannot make up the difference? That's the only way this is gonna be over. election i got more to say about this. I have to have more to say about this at a personal story. This is just kind of reminded me as I've thought about this as we're getting ready because we're gonna be live election night on freedom 95 fact we had a contest for you to possibly even join us in person, meet us meet the team and I as we broadcast live, I'll tell you about that next segment. But as I'm thinking about this, I'm just there's so many things that fall into place and my memory as to what 2016 was like. So we'll talk about that on the other side of this break. A quick timeout is in order though you're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So we're just going through a little short trip down memory lane back to 2016 and 2016. Now this is for those of you that are newer to this program, I started podcasting in my wife's bedroom closet. That makes sense. We share a bedroom, she has a closet in that bedroom that is that is hers. And that's where my studio used to be. I started podcasting there in August 15 2015. basically spent a year and a lot of ways learning and practicing took the show to freedom 95 in Indianapolis and we first aired on freedom 95 October, I think it was October 3 2016. Folks I started at 2am 2am was the time slot that I began there with and then in July of 17, we went to we went to morning drive, which is where we are today. But at on October 3 2016. That was the first time I was ever, ever on radio outside of a small little segment that aired on the radio in Florida for some time. I don't want to get into that at the moment. But anyway, I so that's that was a month before the election, a month before the election was the first time I was ever effectively on the radio. So I was I wanted to be on election night. I wanted to be on election night in Indianapolis. And so I spoke with the program director and he agreed that the idea at that time was that we would come in during another show and on commercial breaks provide live updates with the election. Night results 2016. So that was fine. I again, starting off, you take any opportunity you can get. And I wanted to do that. So we went to the studio that night. And in preparation for sharing the results with listeners of freedom 95 in real time as they came in. So about halfway through that evening, I think it was around 10 o'clock for those of you that follow election night returns, you know that you're gonna get late into the night or at least moderately into the night before you really know what's what's going on, because of the times that polls close. And then you have to account for the time that it takes states to begin tallying and reporting their numbers. You've got West Coast states and East Coast states and all this stuff. I mean, the Indiana's the first date, I believe the close anyway, so we waiting for those to come in, I think it was around 10 o'clock. Program Director comes in as I'm sitting there in the studio with a bit of a funny look on his face. And he says, my feed to whatever the program was airing at the time, just went down and this never happens. And he says, Do you care to take the whole thing? And I said, what do you what do you mean? He says, I said, Just talk the whole time? And he says yeah. And I said, Sure. He said, How much time do you need? I said 60 seconds, I decide at least wanted to compose my thoughts for a minute, because I'm picturing dead air at the moment. So he basically walks around out of the studio into the broadcast area. And then I hear the music. You know, the rejoinder music coming on in my ear. And I start talking and we did that for the next couple of hours at that point. Live election night, I think we went off air at midnight, could not we were not at a place then where we could officially call it for Trump. But it was, at that point very clear, unless there was some major miscalculations that Donald Trump was going to be President of the United States. And as I just remember that you know, and you you remember, your, your, your day, or the process of coming to the realization as you begin to see these numbers come in on election night. You remember what that was like? 2016. First it was man, hope this guy can win. I can't stand the idea of a president, Hillary Rodham Clinton. And then you start watching the numbers come in and you think wow, this is closer in some states than I thought, Wait a minute, Trump. Trump, this one Pennsylvania? What's this all about? It was that even I didn't even know that no, that that was a battleground state. These polls aren't really right at all. Now the pollsters will tell you why you see, you see, all these polls were within the margin of error. So we really, we really weren't wrong. Except for you were telling us the day of the election that Hillary Clinton had a 98% plus chance 98.6, I guess, of winning or 98.1, whatever it is, of winning the election, folks, that's 1% more, she had 1% more of a chance of winning the election, then scientists believe man is contributing to climate change. I mean, this is this is guaranteed sort of stuff. This was not supposed to happen. And I remember reporting on that live and there's a lot of energy, excitement, it's just fun to watch this come in. It's fun to come. It's fun to watch us come in, especially when deep down in your heart. You have this feeling based upon what you're seeing you feel the momentum, you see the energy. You see, the oz told me during the break that there's apparently another Trump parade, a statewide Trump parade to the state of the state of Indiana. I don't even know what that looks like. But these things are everywhere. People are excited, enthusiastic, they're bolder now, I think there's more energy now than there was even in 16, which it was remarkable in 16. Now, you've got people in 2020, who voted against Trump and 16 that are now saying that they're going to vote for him and 2020 people like glenn beck people like Ben Shapiro, there's lots of others, as well. You see the growing support in the among black voters, Hispanic voters. You see, the Rust Belt states are close yet again, you see the polls, quote, unquote, tightening. You got the pollsters and the experts telling us, Trump has no chance. But yet by their own numbers, he has a three times better chance than he had the year that he won. So you begin to ask yourself all these questions you remember what it's like on election night. that excitement that it's so it's a once in every four years sort of opportunity, and I'll tell you this I don't know. I'm a little bit. I've told my wife this before. But I don't know who I don't know who comes in and replaces Trump and guy. I'm hoping he wins this year, but but you look at 2024. And I don't know that we'll ever experience anything like a Trump campaign and presidency again, in our lifetime. So this may be, this may be one of the greatest campaign nights ever. This may be her election nights, I should say, ever. And so what we're doing, I should tell you this, as we look at this, and we look at the comparisons, the 2016. And I'm just reminded of that, that crazy night back back four years ago now, what we're doing for folks, and we've, you've heard me talk about our conservative, not bitter University, we're launching, or launching those courses here in December. And for those who sign up for early bird enroller, you need to be an early bird enroller in the program, drastically reduced rate. For those that sign up, we're going to enter you in to a drawing to spend election night with us at freedom 95, it is exciting, it is fun, you'll get to meet the team, you'll get to see, you'll even get to see or hear the explanations of the nicknames will have pedals there and pause. And bubbles. Jeremy will be there. I'll be there, of course, and we'll get to spend some time together chat, probably have some pizza, that sort of thing. Election Night in the freedom 95 Studios, I'm telling it is an energetic, fun, exciting environment. And we would love to spend that evening with you and a guest, you could bring a guest. So you'll be entered into that drawing, all you have to do is become an early early bird enrollee and CNB u is the lowest prices that I think you'll I think you'll see for cn bu it's $20 less than our what we plan to kick off the pricing with. So it's $27 for an eight week course. And the course folks is going to actually provide you with something that is practical and helpful. It's going to build upon the things that I've learned the things that I've put to practice. Before starting this show. And now especially as I do this show, things I've learned in how to communicate, and actually persuade other people to at least hear out what conservatism is. I guess there's some remarkable examples that that I've been able to experience with folks, and I want to share that with you. And I want to share, it's not just, there's a lot, I think that goes into this. But a lot of what I've learned I was a salesperson for a good while a lot of what I've learned in sales and marketing applies to this. And so I want to teach folks how to do this so that we've got to win this argument, right? We've got to be able to persuade other people, how cool would it be, by the way to be able to have a political conversation with someone that you just think that you can't because of emotions, if you just could learn to do a couple of things a little bit better. And so that's what we're trying to do with CNB you help you be better and not better, right? We're conservative, not bitter, and we have conservative, not bitter University, but this is what we're trying to accomplish. And you'll be entered into draw to into a drawing to win a chance to spend the evening with us so you can find out more information or you can do that at Todd Huff slash contest, The Todd Huff slash contest. 27 bucks, eight week course kicks off in December. But in the short term, you'll be entered into a drawing to spend election night with us in the studios at freedom 95 That evening, it will be a blast, I can guarantee it. And I've got to take a timeout here. So again, Todd slash contest for more information or to sign up you're listening here to the home of conservative not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So, so so so bear with me here. So we are in the midst of what appears to be again a repeat of 2016 I mean, it's it's it's absolutely astonishing. And remarkable. I want to play a little bit about a little bit of this interview between Tucker Carlson and Tony Bob Alinsky. He's the one who is telling us about, I guess you could say warning us about really what's going on and what Joe Biden knew about Hunter's business dealings in in China. The media is ignoring this just like they did folks just like they did with Hillary's email server back in 2016. Remember, WikiLeaks was leaking things. I remember at one point somebody on CNN, it was either tough guy, Chris Cuomo or Don Lemon, maybe it was both of them. And one of those fascinating back and forth exchanges they do between they're the ridiculous programs, but anyway, talking back and forth, or someone makes a comment that if you even look at these leaked emails, you're violating federal violating federal law, you risk being prosecuted, going to jail, going to jail probably be cellmates with Donald J. Trump, who knows. So that's what they were telling us back in 2016. Now, now we've got this story that they've largely ignored. Tony Bob Alinsky, telling us about joe biden's involvement, awareness of potential complicity in the whole hunter Biden deal, which this absolutely matters. It is amazing to me how people who are intellectually dishonest can say, this doesn't matter. What do you mean, this doesn't matter? This absolutely, matters that the Vice President of the United States was working with are colluding. But there you go colluding with his son to set up sweet business deals using his office to leverage this. And to give some, some sorts of payback or special access or privileges or whatever it is, to someone who has helped him or his son make massive amounts of money through a foreign business that he has no knowledge or expertise in anything. If this happens, this absolutely unequivocally corrupts an administration, how does it not? How does it not? Now you can say you can say, well, there's no evidence of that. Okay, then I would say, why don't we actually look at the evidence? Why doesn't anyone actually do reporting? See, Tucker Carlson is on this. And it is even uglier than we first thought. I'm gonna have to wait till after the break to play this now, cuz I'm getting fired up over here. But you think about this. You think about this. And again, it's a replay in many ways of 2016. But what amount of intellectual dishonesty must exist to say that this doesn't matter? Of course, this matters. Maybe there's an answer for it? I don't know. Because no one wants to report on it. I don't think there is based upon what I've seen, I don't think there is based upon how much they're hiding this from us. I was annoyed. I'm not paying attention to her. But I don't know how much. I don't know how someone can look at this. In all seriousness, and say it, it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if the person I'm about to vote for for President of the United States is actually selling access, giving access, special treatment and access to foreign companies, governments, whatever, so long as they give his son or someone in his family, some sort of a business deal or part ownership or kickback, or position on the board or whatever. How can you say that doesn't matter that is intellectually dishonest and that if that's really what someone thinks, folks, that is a that is a corrupt individual themselves. Got to take a quick timeout, you're listening here to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, sit tight, folks through this break. Studies have shown 98% of scientists agree that listening to this program can in fact cause you to lean to the right. Be back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. And just like in 2016, the media has no interest, no interest in reporting any of the things that are important to the American people and to the voter. Zip zero, zilch, nada, nothing. They have no interest in anything. no interest in anything whatsoever. That has anything to do with Biden. Corruption just like they had no interest whatsoever in talking about Hillary corruption in 2016. This is just a short snippet meant to play this earlier. Instead wanted to get talking about 2016. And the excitement there and the similarities and also a little bit about the contest that we are holding for those of you who want to, I want to spend potentially election night with us in the studio, which will be a blast. Anyway, I want you to hear this. This is just a tiny snippet of this Tucker Carlson interview with Tony, Bob Alinsky this, listen to this. This is just scratching the surface on what we've learned about Biden and the corruption there. Here you go.
The former vice president said bear with me that did not three key that the former vice president had no knowledge whatsoever of his son's business dealings, and was not involved in them at all. But this sounds like direct involvement in them. Yeah, that's a blatant lie when he states that that is a blatant lie. Obviously, the world's aware that I attended the debate last Thursday. And in that debate, he made a specific statement around questions around this from the president. And I'll be honest with you, I almost stood up and screamed liar, and walked out because I was shocked that after four days or five days that they prep for this, that the Biden family is taking that position to the world. Now, I don't know why he would be shocked that after four or five days that they were going to come up with anything other than this guy. This Mr. Tony, Bob Alinsky is some sort of a Russian planter Russian hack, part of the disinformation disinformation campaign formal former naval officer who is now basically working for Putin. I don't know why he would have thought anything but this. But again, this guy has personal personal meanings experiences text messages, going back and forth with with the Biden's very I mean, it's it is implicating them in a lot of ways. A lot of ways. He's saying that Joe Biden, and he's saying a lot about Joe Biden. These interviews are worth worth watching to understand the level of corruption and so forth we're dealing with but again, media has no interest in this. They blow this off as though it's that's just, you know, chalk that up to Russian disinformation. You know, they've invested so much in this concept, but a big portion, a larger portion than I care to admit of Americans, not an agreement. That makes sense. That makes sense. This guy must be on Peyton's payroll, man, this runs deep insanity. It's true insanity going on here, but that's how they blow this off. And this guy says it's a blatant lie. The Vice President, former Vice President of the United States is lying to you when he says he knew nothing about hunters business dealings. Anyway, media doesn't care. But we should be concerned about come back and wrap up for the day. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host Todd back in just a minute.

Alright, folks, welcome back. It's about that time of day when you begin to get a little bit upset that we're running to the end of the program, but fear not. Fear not we have. I will be back here in 23 hours. Not only that, not only that we have encores on our website, The Todd Huff slash listen. Also, you can sign up, you can sign up to enter for your chance to spend election night with us. That's going to be a lot of fun with us. That means me that means pedals. That means pause. That means bubbles at the freedom 95 Studios on election night. I'm really looking forward to that especially if it's a potential another Trump victory this year. So anyway, thanks The Todd Huff slash contest is that website SDG take care