Here's your conservative, not bitter host, Todd Huff.
Well, that is right. You are listening. Here we go to the little conservative, not bitter talk. Yes, I am your host, Todd Huff Here we are just a couple of days away from election day. And I voted yesterday. I don't know if you've voted yet or not. But snuck in there really quickly. Cast my ballot. Had a little conversation with someone in there and walked out that door. It was a good Good day. Good to check that off the list. It's an important election and let's make sure that we and everyone we know get out there and and vote for Trump not for Kamala Harris. Did you see this Biden? Biden's out there? I wasn't sure if I was gonna play this. But I'm gonna play this here off the top. Biden. Good old Biden out there telling people that he is common law. Harris his running mate, did you see this? AWS saw it. He's out there. And he says he's not kidding. He's not kidding. what's what's I guess interesting is, in my estimation, he is the number two on this ballot. I mean, they've been telling us for some time, it's a comma Harris Biden ticket. In fact, when Troy Aikman and Joe buck, Joe buck, were complaining about the flyover during the NFL football game and whoever was down in Tampa, I don't know who they were, I can't remember who they were playing the Buccaneers. They fled that flyover happened and they were complaining about the flyover and how that was a waste of your tax dollars and all that sort of thing. Eggman said, you're not going to get that in a comma Biden ticket. Kamala Biden administration not going to have this nonsense. They're going to take care of all the nonsensical things in Washington DC, of course, unfortunately, they will be the source of nonsensical things in Washington, DC, as they always are, or in any other place that they are serving in office as well. But listen to this job. Joe Biden down campaigning in Georgia, down campaigning in Georgia, talking to the crowd, I can't see the crowd. And maybe 14 people for all I know, maybe it was a big turnout. And there were maybe even triple digits. Maybe they hit 100 people at this one. I don't know. But listen to what to what Joe said. This is fantastic. I love this. Here we go. And Joe Biden, Joe Biden's husband, and I'm common was running me. Don't think I'm kidding. You don't actually know we don't think you're kidding, Joe. We think that that's absolutely what those tickets are bad. And candidly, it's what concerns us. One of the Well one of the things that concern us but Biden's out there on the campaign trail. You know, they're having dueling rally. I don't know if he called Biden's events or rally or not called Biden's event a rally. I don't know. It's like a like a family reunion or like a picnic, or people stay in their circles. I don't know what you would call these events. But nonetheless, Biden's out there. Last minute campaigning as well. They're campaigning he and Trump both campaign yesterday in Florida. I think even in North Carolina. Trump has been the pace Trump has been on here. Trump is laying it all. Leaving on the table here laying on the line. He is criss crossing this country. He is all over the place. He is making final appeals for your vote for votes in key swing states. Undoubtedly, if you listen to Biden, I'm sure Biden will tell you that Trump is colluding with Russia. Coming up with another plan. Undoubtedly, part of the plan is to trap his son, Hunter Biden. In this mess that they've gathered the media is ignoring this this thing with Bob Alinsky, that hunter Carlson zoomin Tucker Carlson has on covered is is quite remarkable. So here we go. final days of the election, folks making their decisions. Did you see too I saw this yesterday or over the weekend. This was one of the most a trend on Google was actually can I change my vote? Can I change my vote that was something that was trending here, either over the weekend or earlier this week, which is fascinating. Because if you think about the reasons given in the past week, the news cycle, the things that have happened come up. anything anybody that wanted to change their vote would have almost certainly been searching that because of a vote they'd cast for Biden, and and believe this or not, in some states, you can actually change your vote. If you voted, I think absentee there's steps some states you can do that in But anyway, that's out there as well. We get this is this is gonna be an interesting thing to watch on Tuesday, and we will be live folks election night, Tuesday night freedom 95 Studios will be streaming if you want to watch this online, on the website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, will also be streaming or broadcasting on freedom 95 nine and you get a chance you get a chance if you want to actually be there with us. For those who take advantage of our conservative, not bitter, early bird enrollment offer. For those of you who want to sign up for our courses, our eight week course online, Todd Huff slash contest for more information, but basically you get a $20 discount on the course. And you'll be entered into a drawing to spend the night with the evening in the in the studios with us as we bring in the election returns fun time. And that's yesterday I was talking about that remembering 2016. So should be an exciting time. But you can be there with us. If you go to The Todd Huff slash contest sign up and you'll be entered into a drawing to to spend that evening with us, me and the team at freedom 95. So but that ends on Sunday. Anyway, yesterday in Congress, in the Senate, Twitter, Facebook, all these social media folks were pulled in there because the Senate was grilling them over the issue of censorship of silencing conservatives or free speech or news and information as Twitter's done and I want to get to as we get later into the program, this exchange between Twitter CEO jack Dorsey and Senator Ted Cruz from the great state of Texas, there was some back and forth there that I want to make sure that we get to but before we do that, before we do that, I actually had a conversation with Indiana. candidates for governor libertarian, Donald rainwater. He and I spoke recently and I want to share that conversation with you. I know many of you have. This is one of the questions I think I'm asked most frequently. And that is what do you think about Donald rainwater? What do you you know, should I vote for Donald rainwater? Can he win that sort of thing? I will say this, I will say this that of any third party candidate in Indiana history for an office like governor, at least in modern history, and say my lifetime, your your lifetime. This is by far and away, according to polling, and according to other just the smell test, how Donald rainwater does in these debates, how many signs you see for rainwater across your community across this area. And he has, in my estimation, the best chance he still has an uphill battle to fight here. But I want you to listen to what he has to say. And I want you to ask yourself this question. I want you to ask yourself, if everyone who has the inclination, the Inklings, or the I guess the inclination to vote for him would actually vote for him? What would the actual numbers look like? Right it meaning if everybody who thought I agree most with what this guy is saying on the stage, on the debate stage, I agree most with his positions. Of course, no politician is going to be 100% in agreement with every one of his or her voters and supporters. But I agree with this individual, the most of everyone who thought that if everyone Who thought that actually cast the ballot push the button for Donald rainwater. What would this look like how many people are casting their ballots for Holcomb? For Holcomb because they're afraid that a ballot cast for rainwater is a ballot that is not going to count is actually going to give the democrat a chance. But I want you to listen to this conversation after the break. And I want you to make that make that determination for those of you who haven't voted. And just to be open to considering this like again, yes, even in polling, the best poll showed that he was at 24%, folks, and that was a poll several months ago, but if he was at 24%, that is certainly within striking distance. Normally libertarians will pull to 3% something like that maybe a big year might get them close to five and most parts of the country and most offices and I'm not knocking Don't misunderstand libertarians. I'm what I am saying is that
this is different. This is different. I've had the opportunity to have a couple of conversations with with Donald rainwater and candidly had been really impressed and, and like him. And so I want you to listen to this after the break this conversation I have with him and make your decision as to if it's someone that you know, if if if Hoosiers every Who's your who listened to him and thought, Man, this guy makes a lot of sense, or man, I would like to see someone like this in office, if everyone made that decision who thought that? What would the numbers actually look like on election day. And then make your decision if you're willing to take that step, but time to take a break. So when we get back home to play this conversation with Mr. Rainwater. And by the way, I should say there's going to be additional content. So it's a two, kind of a two part interview. So some of its going to be online, I don't have the time to play a really long conversation. I think we talked in total for 25 minutes or so. So the entire thing you can you can find on our on our website, and I'll make sure that peddles gets that up as soon as possible this morning. But you can see that on the homepage, if you scroll down to there's a section called posts, there's in the news. And then there's posts, if you're on your mobile device, scroll down. And you'll see the interview with rainwater posted there a little bit later today, if you want to hear the whole thing, but we'll play the first portion of it here after the break. So sit tight, you're listening to the home of conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So So I've got to jump right into this interview here just to give us time to hear the whole thing. It goes for, I think about 15 minutes, so we're gonna be a little bit long. I'm sorry, we're gonna be long in this break. So don't get me too bad. This is just the nature of this sometimes. So I want to share my conversation with you. And again, if you're just tuning in this morning, hearing my lovely voice on your way to work or whatever you're doing. We're having Donald rainwater, Libertarian candidate for the state for governor for the state of Indiana. And I want you to ask yourself, as you listen to Donald rainwater, what would happen if everyone who is nodding in agreement with the things he is saying is focused on liberty and a constitution everyone in this state? Who thought good things about him who thought it's time for change is one of our listeners on Facebook and and just mentioned a moment ago? If If everyone would simply cast the ballot for him who agreed with the ideas it didn't out of fear, cast the ballot for Holcomb or whatever. Just ask yourself what that would look like in the state of Indiana. And how if it's time to maybe to take that step and do that yourself. So here it is conversation with Donald rainwater, Libertarian candidate for governor, state of Indiana. Hope you enjoy. Well, folks, we have been following the race here for governor in the state of Indiana for some time closely and it is my pleasure to have on the program for a second time. Donald rainwater he is the Libertarian candidate for governor of the great state of Indiana. Donald, thank you for joining our program. How are you today sir? Well, I'm doing great Todd and thank you so much for having me again. I really appreciate it. Well, we enjoy having you and I I watched that debate or I listened to some I didn't you know see all of it. But I, you did a great job as far as advancing the ideas of limited government. And I guess just give us your takeaways. What did you what kind of feedback have you gotten? What did you? What did you learn from that? Just kind of tell us what's happening in the wake of that debate from Tuesday night? Well, I think first of all, the first thing that I have learned from the feedback is that we have a tremendous amount of support, and that the narrative being pushed that we are a distant third, can't be more incorrect, because I've never seen an incumbent, spend more time responding to a libertarian in a debate than what I saw Tuesday night. And that is exactly what people have been telling me is that they were amazed at the amount of time that the governor to respond to comments that I made, which means that they are well aware that Hoosiers are responding to our message, and it concerns them. We've clearly made an impact in this race, I see the rainwater for governor signs. I have people asking me out of out of all the things I get asked I would say right now, questions about Donald rainwater, the governor's race are probably at the top of what I'm hearing from our listeners. So just really quickly, I want to say my summation of what I saw Tuesday night at the debate now, I want to be clear to the listeners and NT to Mr. Rainwater have a great deal of respect for you and what you've been doing. So the worst scenario for Indiana is governor woody Meyers. But as I listened to you on the debate stage Tuesday night, I mean, I there were times I thought you were auditioning to be a felon host for our show, because it sounded I mean, it's exactly what I think needs to be said limited government, freedom, the Constitution, and you went back to that time and time and time again. So we had the radical left. I think on one side, we had you talking about constitutional principles and Holcomb, you know, and he's a good guy. I really don't have any, you know, personal problems here. But just it's there's so much political speech and not enough authentic living and government constitutional talk, I guess speak to that, and maybe the differences between you and Holcomb from that perspective. Well, I think if you really boil it down the fundamental difference is that I actually believe in limited government. And I believe that Hoosiers are better off being able to control their own destiny. And I believe that to be very frank, and I believe that Governor Holcomb is part of an establishment of corporatism. That is always more than willing to sell out Hoosiers for their corporate connections. And I believe that shows in how he has governed over the last four years. I think it also shows very clearly when he touts all the new jobs he's bringing to Indiana. And then in the next breath, he talks about the fact that we have over 100,000 jobs that he's brought to Indiana that are unfilled because Hoosiers aren't trained to fill them. How does that help the Hoosiers that are unemployed? And to be honest, he touts a, a next level jobs program that if you really go look at it, it is Bernie Sanders college for all life, which means it's very socialist socialist in its implementation. And so I think the more you drill down and look at how he's governed and what his policies are, you see that he's not small government, and that he really doesn't worry about or govern as what's best for individual Hoosiers. As a matter of fact, if you look at just yesterday, His reactionary activities to the rise in infections, covid infections in nursing homes. We've known that 60%, close to 60% of the deaths from covid related illness were in nursing homes since April. But he's just now getting his administration to hear again, react, instead of being proactive, to making sure that we're focusing on the nursing homes instead of, you know, General authoritarian orders that really haven't protected the most vulnerable. So it just, you know, I think it's just very clear that it's not what he says it's how he governs that counts. So I think a lot of people are nodding in agreement, a lot of people are attracted to what they've heard you say, on this program during the bait at the debates, whatever. And I think they are. I get this question constantly, you know, basically, Todd, is a vote for Donald Raimondo. And I want you to address this, you know, is a vote for Donald rainwater, creating the worst case scenario, which is governor, Woody Meyers. Versus it can Donald rainwater really wet? I mean, we've seen polling, there's one poll that had you at 24%, within, within striking distance of Holcomb. And that is unheard of in third party politics in the state of Indiana, at least, at least in my lifetime. So I guess talk to that, what would you say to that listener? I think that there's literally quite, there's quite a few people who haven't voted yet who have that question. And if you can give them a good answer, I think that, sir, that they might cast the ballot? Well, so the couple of elements of that, that I think are relevant, and that we should talk about. And and here again, I hope that your listeners know by now that I'm not scripted. I just, I'm just going to tell it like it is. And the chips fall where they may. So first of all, a vote for me isn't a vote for woody Meyers, because it's a vote for me. And if you're worried about voting for what you believe, and that your conscience tells you is right, and that you are being told to be scared and fearful, that if you vote your conscience, that the worst possible thing could happen. step back and think about that for a minute. Why would somebody try to convince you that doing the right thing is wrong? Or will turn out wrong. It's because they have a vested interest, they have an agenda. And they are trying to push their agenda because they know that their candidate is as well as what they're trying to keep you from doing. See, they're not trying to convince you why Eric Holcomb should get your vote. They're trying to convince you that if you vote the way your conscience dictates the worst possible thing can happen. And the reality is, is that the vote for Holcomb is the one that will return the worst possible scenario, because the reality is if you look at how he has governed, he is basically the same person that woody Meyers is the only difference is what he buyers is willing to tell you who he is. Holcomb wants to tell you is one thing, and then Governor's another. So to me, what you have to do is you have to look past the rhetoric past the fear. And you have to look at what do I believe is right. And you have to remember that the one science that is immutable is mathematics. And if I get more votes than the other two guys, Hoosiers win. And if that doesn't happen, either way, Hoosiers lose. So do you. Like is it? Is it your contention that if everyone who has that question I just asked or a version of that question, which is man this Donald rainwater guy really is saying A lot of stuff that I believe in, but man, I'm afraid that voting for him is going to open the door for the, you know, the democrat and we'll be locked down and COVID. And we'll be mandatory masks and we'll be paying fines and going to jail and all this sort of stuff. Is it your belief that there's enough people who are having that internal monologue in their head that could put Donald rainwater over the top? And this? Absolutely, and I think there's physical evidence to corroborate that. If you look at the if you look at the responses to informal news polls, on television stations and on social media, after the debate, it was clear that the vast majority of people thought that I won the debate and were supportive of my ideas. I don't see anywhere near the Holcomb or Meyers, yard signs. I have supporters who have spent thousands of dollars of their own money to put up billboards all over the state of Indiana. I don't see billboards for the other two gentlemen, I believe that we have a tremendous amount of support. I am then privately contacted by numerous members of the Indiana General Assembly, not just Tim Lucas, who publicly endorsed me, but but a good number of other individuals who have come out and told me we're behind you, we support you. We obviously can't come out publicly right now, because of the backlash from the Republican Party. I have the support of both traditionally Republican and Democrat voters who believe in what we're what our message is. And I believe that if people will just step back and not listen to all the white noise that is propagated by people who are desperately clinging to the status quo. that they'll see that you know what, there's something going on in Indiana. And if we get behind it, it will happen. Mr. Rainwater, I need to take a break here. But I want to so we're gonna continue this conversation on our digital sources on the website and so forth. So I, I'm going to ask you some specific question, the fact that had some folks share some thoughts about some questions that they wanted your position and so forth on so we'll do that here. And take a quick timeout. But I want to say this, and I want our audience to hear this. This is this is something you know, we've gotten, we've had a couple conversations here over the past few months. You are You know, it's funny when I when I interview politicians, there's a whole variety of different types of feelings that that I get sometimes there's even third parties that schedule me and patch me in and all that sort of stuff. But you know, you are a genuinely down to earth. Just straightforward, genuinely nice guy. And I just I wanted our listeners to hear that as well. Because it is refreshing, sir, to to have conversations like this, and I appreciate what you've been saying in this campaign. And I appreciate you taking time here and we'll continue this after the break. Absolutely. And I appreciate you saying that. Well, I appreciate it too. We're gonna take a timeout continue our conversation with Donald rainwater. He's the Libertarian candidate for governor, the great state of Indiana. You're listening to conservative not bitter talk back here in just a minute.

Welcome back. So what do you think I know oz is already telling you I'm so far off the time schedule today because of that. Long segments that long interview with Donald rainwater Libertarian candidate for governor here in Indiana, but what do you think? What do you think you can share your thoughts on our on our Facebook page and to get better at that, but you can always go to our Facebook page. This program streams live there. You can share your thoughts you can email me Usually off the top of this program, I tell you can email me your thoughts, questions. And yes, even your adoration and praise will be accepted as well. Todd The Todd Huff But what do you think about this? I mean, what does he does he make a compelling argument, you know, at some point, folks, at some point and I get it the worst scenario, the worst scenario for Indiana as a governor, Woody Meyers, but the best scenario is a governor who actually is out there openly, actively driving home the ideas and concepts of liberty and the Constitution, not just not just managing government. Like, uh, I got to be careful here. I don't have any personal qualms. But with Holcomb, but, you know, this, this idea that, you know, we have two sides, two parties that are expanding government, and not not across the board, but there's, you know, especially high ranking, you know, say, governors or people in DC, they get elected as senators and so forth. A lot of these folks, it doesn't, it often doesn't matter that the party one is government on government growth on overdrive. The other is government growth, light, and neither one of those are good, clearly one is better than the other. And there are clearly, especially locally, and occasionally on the national, you know, those who would be going to DC, some folks who actually want to, you know, return to limited government as well. But, you know, we have to make that decision. And again, my question is, if everyone who felt something compelling about the case that Donald rainwater is making, if everyone who felt connected to that or that this is the right thing, the right candidate, that candidate that's going to move us back towards true constitutional government with liberty and freedom, and all these sorts of things that are good, good for our society, good for the human hearts good for life. If that is in fact, if everyone who thought that cast a ballot in that direction, what would it actually look like? And does that have an impact on your vote? By the way, I want to say this to Donald rainwater has been a paid advertiser for this program for some time. Now, the way I look at that is always look, you get an opportunity during your air time to make your case. In fact, I've not talked a lot about this. So anything I've said, and I, sometimes it's difficult for us, I'll be honest with you, but you know, you've got someone who's, and I've never had any pressure, but we don't really you won't hear me indoors. You won't hear me endorse a lot of candidates. When we get to the general election. I mean, it's pretty obvious, but I mean, I'll, of course, generally do that. But the these are your decisions, I hope to be able to share my thoughts. And if I think there's something important important to consider, I will certainly say that as I think I have. But I can tell you that whatever that those are different things for me, I look at this election. And of course there are I understand the concerns. We don't want to Governor woody Meyers, you think about mask mandates and all the stuff that would have happened shut downs and all this. But I will tell you this, Indiana has a strong majority in both the House and the Senate of Republicans. So that could have been that that's kind of if you're hesitant in casting a ballot for rainwater, because you don't want to give a liberal or you know, well, a liberal democrat governor, an opportunity to be the governor of the state of Indiana. I can say that those checkpoints will help limit whatever damage a liberal can do as governor, but it's still a real concern. I understand that. I just do. I do think that the things he's saying need to be said more often. I wish I heard them from Governor Holcomb specifically as well. I don't hear those as often nearly as often or as adamantly as I hear those things coming from Donald rainwater, fundamentally constitutional issues and the bedrock principles upon which this nation was founded and was made great. So I got to take a timeout long on the segment, all messed up on the time clock. It's not Oz's fault. It is mine. quick timeout back here in just a minute.

All right, welcome back. So I had mentioned I had mentioned earlier on In today's program this back and forth between Ted Cruz and jack Dorsey, I'm not going to be able to play as much of it as I would like. In fact, I'm rarely going to be able to play any of it because I've gotten Long, long winded. And I knew that the interview with the interview with rainwater was gonna run a little bit longer, just because of the format. And I wanted to get as much of that in there as possible. By the way, you couldn't hear more of his interview more of his interview by going to our website, The Todd Huff I got to have I got to get pedals to update the site with the complete interview, but we'll do that here. A little bit later this morning. Here is a little bit I don't have much time. This is remarkable. Ted Cruz, questioning jack Dorsey yesterday about Twitter's ability to infer influence elections. Remember, as you listen to jack Dorsey's response, which by the way, jack Dorsey look like he just rolled out of the rack or something that was on a three week, Outback, cross country hiking trip or something. But this is remarkable, though entire 2016 campaign was predicated upon the idea that social media is a place where influences can or elections can be influenced, right? Of course they can be here you go. Let's listen to this exchange.
Mr. Dorsey? Does Twitter have the ability to influence elections? No. You don't believe Twitter has any ability to influence elections? No, we are one part of a spectrum of communication
channels that people have. So you're testified to this committee right now that that that Twitter when it silences people, when it censors people when it blocks political speech that has no impact on elections? People people have choice of other communication channels with not if they don't hear information. If you don't think you have the power to influence elections, why do you block anything? I'm gonna pause it there. And I'm running out of time. But that is a fantastic question. For jack Dorsey. Mr. Dorsey jack, fresh off your cross country hiker, whatever is going on there. Good morning, as you're ruled out of the rat. I just he's he looks a little disheveled. I just got to be honest. But jack, what is? If Twitter cannot influence elections, then why are you Why are you determining what people can and can't see? What What did we just go through for years about you know, what, what was this all about? It's just, it's remarkable. To hear this. It is remarkable to hear this there are committed leftists It doesn't matter. Whatever the answer is, that fits the narrative at the moment, they're prepared to say it with a straight face. Anyway, just wanted to share that with you timeout just out of time here today. One more time, I'll come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I'm your host, Todd Huff back in just a minute.

Folks, I got a wrap up here really quickly. But I want to say one thing. I don't want you to misunderstand me I'm not. I think that voting a straight Republican ticket in 2020 is a very logical decision, a very logical choice. And I know many of you have done that, or we'll be doing that. But let me say this if we're presented with a better choice for governor, I think we should at least consider making that choice regardless of what the party is libertarian in this case with with Donald rainwater. In fact, I'll add to this if we're ever going to truly win this state in this country back over to constitutional conservatism and limited government and things that are in our founding principles. We're going to have to make tough decisions at some points our founders have to had to we're gonna have to as well so anyway, so be take those things into consideration as you look to vote here between now and election day. Thanks for listening. SDG see tomorrow. Take care