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Folks, here we are on the eve of the election 2020. And I can hear him backpedaling all over the place here. Talk about that briefly today also have a conversation that I want to share with you. I'm with Daniel Elliot, the chairman of the Morgan County Republican Party talking about the importance of voting down ticket. And these this election. This election is about a lot of things. And one thing is about is it should be about is the rejection of the ideology being perpetrated being advanced by the democrat party at all levels of government. So we'll talk about that. Sure that conversation as well. But I've got to start by the West and start by telling you email Todd, The Todd Huff You can email me your thoughts, opinions, feedback, yes, even your adoration and praise. Additionally, you can check us out on Facebook, where we're still streaming live, who knows what they'll do if, in the wake of this election, I put nothing past these folks, I can tell you, I can tell you and some of you can echo this just from what you've experienced personally. But we have seen a change in how many folks were reaching through Facebook. And I have no reason to believe that's for any other. Well, anything else other than we're conservative, and what we see with the silencing of conservative messages on social media, but we're on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter streaming this morning, good morning, after watching on any of those programs, as well. So I want to start here. I want to start here with Nate Silver, this is absolutely astonishing. To me. This is astonishing to me, what they're now saying, remember, if you look at the projections, I go back to what it was in 2016 as well, the morning of the election. So I'm telling you this if you're a Trump supporter, and you follow these polls, incessantly, or whatever the case may be, if you are just worried about things when you see certain, you know, when you see certain numbers coming in, or the New York Times, they actually emailed out over the weekend that Biden is up 11 points in Pennsylvania, 11. points, folks. And you look at where he is actually campaigning. I mean, he's campaigning in Pennsylvania, why would you spend Why would you spend them looking now at showing the averages is Biden up for and Pennsylvania? Why would you spend all of your time in the state this where Biden is Biden, remember is a is the third senator from Pennsylvania. That's what he says he's born and raised in Scranton. Him and His identical twin brother Michael Scott. They were raised and Scranton PA. Biden, for some reason is up. massive numbers of points there again, I think the New York Post had him up 11 in Pennsylvania. Yet this is where the guy is campaigning, folks, this is not adding up. You look at the states, they're campaigning in the state. I'm looking right here we go. Cleveland, by the way, Biden's going to be in two states today, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Trump's going to be in Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, which is I mean, a little bit concerning. I think, if you want to know what what these campaigns think, look at where they're they're campaigning today. Remember, I go back to 2016. All the big guns in the Democrat Party ended up going to Pennsylvania. And the big guns at the time were Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton Remember that? They all went to they all went to Pennsylvania. No, Biden's at Ohio. Is there a chance Biden wins Ohio I guess do I think that's likely I don't but Heck, what do I know? We can't trust trust these pollsters at all. And now they're starting to backtrack the things that they've been telling us all this time, Biden's up massive numbers of points. Remember, he was up 14 points or some stupid number here recently. Now they're starting to tell us. Well, things that happen 10% of the time actually happen fairly often What in the world? This is what they I don't think Nate Silver understands statistics. That's what he says, I'm gonna play this clip. It's It's astonishing to me. They're backtracking. They're hedging their bets. It makes you wonder if the polling again, this is a very fair question, in my estimation, and some people do not want to hear it. But I think it's a very fair question to ask, Why on earth? Why on earth? Does this happen? every election? Why are we why is it that these polls seem to be used more to persuade people than to reflect what people actually believe? Because if if Trump wins this election, if Trump wins this election, what should happen unequivocally undeniably is that we should pay absolutely zero percent of our attention to these pollsters, Frank Luntz is on record as saying that if the polls get it wrong in 2020, they've basically destroyed themselves and ruin the reputation. I don't know that that's going to be the case. Because I think that people get caught up in the emotion of the election and all the attention then suddenly goes to what's going to happen next. What can they do to stop Trump next, when can they impeach him next? There was no there were absolutely no consequences for them getting it dramatically wrong in 2016. In fact, they'll tell you that they weren't really that wrong, all of their polls. It just so happened that all their polls, you know, it felt within the margin of error, Trump's victory. But if you paid any attention on the morning of the election last year, you would have seen that they gave Hillary Clinton something like a 98.6% chance of winning the election, Trump had a 1.2% chance or something like this, I'd have to look at the numbers. But you know what I'm saying? You know what I'm saying? And then they'll say, but But see, Trump still had a 1.2% chance he didn't have a zero percent chance. So we weren't wrong. What do you mean, you weren't wrong? Don't act like somebody that have has a 1.2% chance is really something that happens all the time, by definition, Nate Silver, and other pollsters and other statisticians, things that happen 1.2% of the time, let me rock your world here for a second 1.2% of the time happens one time roughly out of 100. Well, but Todd that one election has happened to be the one baloney, you're gonna tell me that's going to happen again, you know, the odds of something in two, two sequential elections, presidential elections, 2016 and 2020. What are the odds that the guy who had a 1.2% chance of winning in 2016 also comes out? Who has a 10% chance or whatever number they're giving him this year? And when's the next one as well, you know, the odds of both of those things happening and have to do the math on that somebody out there probably can, but it is astronomically low. In fact, you could stay you could say statistically approaching zero. It's like Hillary Clinton in 2016. Winning all the coin tosses. Remember that? In Iowa, every time that there was a precinct where there were, there was a tie between her and Bernie, she wants something like eight coin tosses in a row. The odds of that are astronomical. astronomical, the odds were about as high about the same as what it was that Elizabeth Warren should be considered a Native American. But it's astronomically high, but they yet they act like well, you know, that's just the way that it works. No, it's not the way that it works. I want you to listen to this. To say and by the way, he says in this soundbite Nate Silver, a 538 D, supposedly little g God, like Charlemagne, the God, the little G, little g God, polling is out there telling us that.
I mean, they've been telling us that Trump's going to get annihilated, but now he's telling us what I've been saying on this program for some time. If Biden doesn't win Pennsylvania, folks, I don't know how he wins this election. In fact, you could say if Trump wins Pennsylvania, he talked about the odds flipping completely. From his predictions. I would say that Trump's odds of winning are probably 90% plus at that point, so anyway, I want to play this exchange. This is yesterday, I believe This is Nate Silver on what is he with ABC, whatever their, whatever their propaganda show is here with George Stephanopoulos. But listen to this exchange, I'm going to play a minute or so of this, I just want you to hear this. I want you to listen to some of these comments. And I want you to listen. If this even sounds remotely close to what you've been hear people saying about the polls for the past several months now, here you go.
Where's your forecast this morning. So we have Trump with a 10% shot and Biden with a 90% shot. So 10% things happen fairly often. At the same time, you could have a polling error of the magnitude 2016 instead of losing all these states by a point and bind would win Pennsylvania by a pointer to Michigan by two or three points Arizona by a point so that little extra cushion, when people who didn't like Clinton and Trump but can tolerate Biden might be enough, even if there is a polling Miss. On the other hand, if you had a polling error, like 2012, then you could see Obama or rather Biden overperform. Right. He might win states like Texas, for example, by the way in, in these Hispanic rich states, Democrats have sometimes beaten their polls to harder group to necessarily get on the phone. And so so there are like lots of upside cases for Biden. And there are also cases where he wins in a squeaker but like, but I'm sure everyone's kind of concerned about that. That 10% you say you spend you tweeted The other day you spend 90% of the time thinking about that? 10%. So when you when you think about that, and you're writing the headline writing the story on Wednesday that Donald Trump won, what would be the key factors? I think it would come down to Pennsylvania, the fact that as Tom said pensively has not bumped up to a seven or 8.5, like we see in Michigan and Wisconsin, it's five points. It's not a big early voting states, a lot of votes have not yet been cast in Pennsylvania. Among the votes that were sent in by mail. There are some provisions about a naked ballot of security envelope that can make things more complicated. You can get have the courts involved. You have some protests looting in Philadelphia, right? There's lots of stuff going on. And maybe a lot of little things add up and Biden loses Pennsylvania by half a point and then he doesn't quite pull off. Arizona or North Carolina. I mean, doesn't have other options. Right. I mean, North Carolina is a state where a lot of the vote is in. Obama won it in Oh 708 when it looked very similar nationally. So that could be a problem the GOP, Arizona, but still without Pennsylvania, then Biden becomes an underdog. Let's take a look at those options with Tommy Thomas. Did you Did you hear that? Without Pennsylvania Biden becomes an underdog? Does this sound anything like to what they've been telling you? Anything like to what anything similar to what the pollsters have been telling you telling all of us for the past several months? Does this sound anything? Somewhat even close to that? If Biden loses Pennsylvania, he becomes an underdog and what is this common about 10% 10% chance things happening fairly, fairly often. 10% chance things do not happen fairly often. That's the that's the point of calling it a 10% chance thing of happening. Don't try to rewrite what statistics mean. Nate Silver, if you tell me something has a 90% chance of happening, it means that if the scenario were to be able to play out 910 times, nine times it would happen the way in which it is said to have a 90% chance of happening. If it happened 10 times, and you said something had a 10% chance of happening if you could play through a scenario 10 times that 10% chance thing what happened one time what in what universe is one out of 10 a fairly common or happens all the time sort of scenario? What is this guy talking about? If this is what his definitions of statistics mean? I'll tell you what this means Trump's going to win this thing. That's what that means. It what Nate Silver is up here, blabbing about nonsensical gibberish. Folks, a guy that's supposed to be the statistical genius of our day doesn't even understand remotely what these terms mean. If what he is saying is true, it means Biden is absolutely unequivocally the underdog here. Because again, Nate Silver is I mean, Nate Silver's a leftist Nate Silver once Joe Biden. That's what he wants. There's no question about this. Anyway, on the eve of the election, 2020, who would have thought, who would have thought we ended up exactly where we were back in 2016. I would even say, except this time, there's two factors Trump is hated more than he was in 2016. But on top of that, there's a whole heck of a lot more energy and momentum for Trump in 2020. Then there was in 2016, this is, look folks, this can still go either direction. It comes down to key states and how certain people vote Who votes and how they vote. Because it is a slim margin in the rust belt. Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, maybe even Minnesota, maybe Nevada, maybe New Hampshire, maybe Florida, maybe North Carolina, possibly Arizona. But I'm telling you what if Trump wins Arizona if Trump wins Florida, if Trump wins North Carolina, that's 260. That's 260 out of 270. Biden loses Pennsylvania it's over. Biden loses Michigan, it's over. Biden loses Wisconsin, it's over. Biden loses Minnesota, it's over. Biden loses Nevada and New Hampshire together, it's over. At that point, the math plays out in Trump's favor much, much, much better than it does for Biden. Now if Biden wins North Carolina if Biden wins Arizona, if Biden wins Florida, that's a bad problem. But Biden, God forbid wins Texas and Georgia. That's another big problem. But as it stands now, as it stands now, if Trump can hold on to Texas and Georgia and win Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Biden has to run the table, Biden has to win every single rustbelt state and that is where they're campaigning. So who's on defense here? who's worried about this? The most in your estimation, who is hitting the campaign trail with the absolute fervor By the way, Trump's all over the place, Biden's sticking home so he can get back to the closet by dinnertime, the basement, whatever. Got to take a break long In this segment, going to come back and share a conversation I have and talk about the with with Daniel Elliot, republican party chair here in my county and Morgan County, talking about the importance of all the offices on the ballot tomorrow are for those of you that have voted early, of course, on your early ballot as well. But we'll talk about that when we get back. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back again, folks, we have we have in many ways a repeat of 2016. Now the result is not necessarily the same yet. But it certainly can be. And so I'm going to be be off the schedule here a little bit. So the you know, actually what I'm going to do here, this segments gonna be really short and we're gonna play the interview the following segment, because it'll keep us on track a little bit better, but we are squaring up we are in the position exactly where we were in 2020. And I had it flipped. New York Times poll that just came out last night showed that Biden is up five in Pennsylvania, he's up they say 11. In Wisconsin. 11 points in, in Wisconsin. We'll see. I mean, I just I don't believe this. I really don't. I'm not saying that Trump will win, Wisconsin, but I am having incredible doubts about Trump being down 11 points in Wisconsin. In fact, if you follow again, there's there's three pollsters now. There's three pollsters who are saying that Trump is going to win this. It's not just the Trafalgar group. It's the state polls. I had a friend texted me that the other day, I think it's called state polls, is one that predicts a Trump victory. And also someone at I'll have it in my notes in there on the printer there. I can't, I can't see it for my recess. kohana, I think is the other one. So anyway, here we are. Here we are. So we shall see how this plays out. But I want to share this conversation because it's not just it certainly matters. President matters, Senate absolutely matters. fact the state polls. You want to really drive a leftist crazy tell them what the state polls prediction or the state polls, prediction. Polling group. Again, I'm not saying this is true, but I'm saying that these these groups are out there. They say that Republicans will actually increase the amount of seats they have in the Senate, I think 254 that's an increase of one which would be remarkable in this in this election, given that the republicans are playing defense and given that their their seats are all up for reelection, more so than anyone else's. The Democrats anyway, but anyhow. Anyhow, anyhow, this is The all the seats on these ballots matter, all the seats on this ballot matter, and I would encourage you to strongly consider. Now I would tell you in Indiana, I hope that you strongly consider Donald rainwater for governor. But beyond that, at least on my ballot, there was, you know, nothing else worth looking into besides Republicans. And so voting down ballot matters, and a lot of ways as well. So we'll talk about that with Daniel Elliot, our guests here after the break, you're listening to conservative, not bitter talk, I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.

Welcome back special guests here with me in the studio. This morning, six year old water down here, sitting quietly on the couch. But I wanted to share with you share with you a conversation I had with Daniel Elliot, republican party chair here in Morgan County. But folks, no matter where you're from Republican Party chairs would echo this, these sentiments across the state. across the state, we have an ideological battle that is taking place at all levels of our government. And we need to make decisions to elect people that want limited government and who want to slow the growth, hopefully, in the best case scenario, reverse the growth and get back to true, limited constitutional government. But this matters all the way up and down the ticket. So Daniel Elliot talks about that with me. And here is our conversation. Well, it is election time. And here we are just on the eve of an election. In fact, we've got early voting happening absentee voting, all sorts of things happening and so wanted to invite a friend of mine, Daniel Elliot, he is the chairman of the Morgan County Republican Party to talk a little bit about the election in general. But then specifically some of the things that are going to be down the ballot other things other offices besides president and some of the popular offices, Governor, and so forth things down ballot and why those might matter. So Daniel, welcome to the program. How are you today, sir? I'm doing great, Todd, thank you very much for inviting me on.
What's my pleasure, and this is important stuff. It's important that folks understand and I know our listeners, that they follow this closely. But you know, even the most seasoned follower of politics can find themselves in a voting booth and looking at a particular race and think I don't know who the people are on may not even be sure what this office does explain to us why the races down ballot. Why those matter? Well, one of the key things about why down ballot races matters, because those are the front lines when it comes to interactions between the citizens and the residents and their government. When you think about your street, your city streets, that is somebody's down ballot, when you think about the streets in your county, if you live out in the country. That is those are the folks down about your commissioners, your council, when you think about when you're when you're paying your property taxes, all of that happens at the local level. And in these are things that Believe it or not, people have a lot, a lot more direct ability to affect change, to be able to notice an issue. Just say something as simple as there's some big potholes in my street, I can call up a local government official, local elected official, or representative and get those things taken care of some of the other things that we talked about dumbbell kind of more of the middle of the ballot tends to be things that deal with states. If you look at things like protection for the unborn, those are issues that are almost always decided at the state level. And so these are these are, are so important, because the individuals that you're selecting to represent you in these areas, they affect your life daily. Now, of course, we all support President Trump, we want to make sure we have good strong conservative leadership in the White House. And that is important for larger policy decisions. But the the day to day, things that happen in your communities are all affected by people who are your neighbors, because you're voting on your neighbors to do those jobs. So let's look at some of the state state offices that maybe don't get the attention. Everybody knows about President everyone knows really I think about governor as well. But what about what are some of those offices state level offices that you would want to draw folks attention to here as they cast their votes here on election day? Absolutely. Well, I'll tell you One of the first ones that we need to be paying attention to is the race for attorney general. The Attorney General is the state's attorney. And of course, if that if that attorney general is a strong conservative like Todd Rokita, then you know, you're going to have someone who is going to be fighting for the rights of the unborn. Our current Attorney General is well known for doing that. And his has taken fights to this to this Supreme Court. If we had a democrat like whines apple in that race, or in that office, he's not going to go forward and try to push for protections of the unborn because he doesn't believe in protections for the unborn. If you look at things like states rights issues, it's sometimes you know, let's, you know, sometimes the federal government does get out of control, whether it's republican or democrat leadership, you need to have someone who's going to fight for states rights issues. You're not going to find that in the Democrat, but you're going to find that in Todd Rokita. A key issue that's happening right now is the, in his front center for all of us, is the issue of law enforcement and the needs for law enforcement to be able to get out there and protect us. And right now, you know, the democrats are oftentimes pushing for more restrictions on our law enforcement, whereas we need to have a strong law and order Attorney General out there like Todd Rokita, to make sure that we have someone defending our law enforcement and protecting us. That's exactly right. And doesn't take much, much time and effort to look at what is erupting all around the country, even in Indianapolis in the past year with some of the out of control behavior and things and lawn order is certainly a factor to be considered. What about locally? Dana? What are some local races? You know, you get to some of these these seats or some of these elected positions? And I'm not sure the average person can tell you anything about some of these things like corner or maybe Treasurer survey, or those sorts of things. What locally, what are some things we should pay attention to? And again, why did those races matter as well? Well, I'll, you mentioned corner, I'll use that as a perfect example here in Morgan County, we have a corner. Most people don't realize this, but the corner, you know what a corner does. But what they don't realize is it's a constitutional office. And because of that, it is term limited. You only get two terms as corner. So we have a new person running for corner. We've had good strong Republican leadership and in a net butcher for many years as our corner, she's actually brought Morgan County to the forefront in leadership. And in doing some of the work that needs to be done for families and for issues that are facing us a corner almost always is the person on the front line dealing with the drug issue, dealing with it at its worst at it with the death of someone, or of course, every time there's a car accident, and unfortunately, there's a fatality that corners there. So you need to have good strong leadership to make sure that that these individuals are doing the job well, but they're doing it in a way that is fiscally sound. And we have that in good Republican leadership. Now, our new one, the new person running who's Republicans, Mike Ellis, and he's the current deputy coroner, just known person as a friend as well as seen him act professionally. And I cannot tell you, you know, I've rarely seen somebody who puts so much heart into the job, but also has a great deal of skill. And it's important that people realize that in these types of jobs, you know, this job, let's be honest, you and I don't want to do that job. Most people do not. It takes a very special skill set and a very special heart to do that job. And we're fortunate to have someone like Mike Ellis doing that running for that. But when we look at the votes, we need to make sure that we're voting in those skills, those those abilities and that heart. And these jobs also can be you can move on to say county council. Right now a perfect example on county Council's is that they're making jobs, making decisions about budgets. I happen to be a county Councilman right now. And I can tell you in our in our particular position in Morgan County, we would never ever, ever consider defunding our Sheriff's Department just not not gonna happen. It isn't in our DNA. But that's why you need to make sure you have good Republican leadership because that's happening in Indianapolis. And that's what's really, really scary. If you you know, you suddenly see Wait a minute, some of this stuff. This rhetoric you see happening in in other communities could be hitting really, really close to home if you don't select type of leadership and in your local levels. It has a direct effect on you pointing in a case in point, something I'm very proud of as a councilman. Since I've been on the council, I've advocated every year to bring in new police officers, new sheriff deputies into our, into our county. But you see in other communities where they're wanting to take away police officers, I don't know about you, but I know in what I'm seeing increases in, in drug usage increases in crime. These are not things that we need to be shooting ourselves in the foot and keeping us from having the tools and the people necessary to figure these things out. And so that's where good conservative leadership helps make good decisions about your local community. And you get to have a direct impact on that and say, Yes, I know, Daniel, I know he's going to vote for this. And that's what's so key about these local local races. You're right. And and I have a friend that you know, as well, he's a republican town Councilman, and he and I are I'm sorry. Yeah, he's on the town council. And, you know, there are the political ideological battle is being waged in this country at all levels of government. And we have to, we have to regain control at all levels. Because I'm reminded Daniel back in 2000, when Florida was doing their recounts and hanging chads, and all that stuff, the amount of local and state officials that we're making very critical decisions as to how things proceeded there. And I think the average person may not really grasp that this ideological battle extends, in a lot of ways, all the way down the ballot and could, in certain circumstances raise its ugly head. And there'll be circumstances where like you said, police are defunded, because we have a liberal Council in say, Indianapolis, or what have you. So maybe talk a little bit about that, about how the ideology of the parties really does trickle down to all those local decision making processes. So that is a really excellent point. And you look at, say, a, a county, like Morgan County where it tends to be strong republican or Johnson County, also strong republican counties, these counties had been very fiscally responsible, we've been very fiscally responsible. As we go into a pandemic, another pandemic year, I, as we look at the numbers, it looks like 2021 is still going to be we're going to be in the midst of this pandemic, Morgan County, Johnson County, other republican counties, they they go into these into this difficult situation, actually, with a good amount of reserves. Why because they save money. They said, Hey, we're going to save things back for a rainy day, because we don't know when it's going to happen. But we know it will. And now we're in the middle of that rain. And we're able to still function and do the do provide the services of government. You look at places like Indianapolis, they're having more difficulties, they're having, you know, they have democrat leadership, and they're, they're having budgetary issues. They're discussing cutting funding for their police departments, they're discussing cutting funding for roads and streets. That's not happening in Republican controlled counties. And this, this goes back to a really big fundamental principle of conservative leadership. And that is, we only need to provide the services that we should be providing. And then we should be using you we should be taxing our, our our folks as little as possible, our residents. But then whatever we do tax whatever we do bring in as revenue, we should be very conservative and fiscally responsible with that, because we don't know when we're not going to win. We're going to have a difficulty now that we're having that difficulty. We're able to show Oh, wait a minute, since I had, you know, the analogy of money in the piggy bank. Now I'm able to do things with that money that I couldn't have, have expected. A perfect example is during the midst of this crisis in Morgan County in Johnson County, Republican leadership because they were fiscally sound. They had money available to start buying the the PPS and other other public safety supplies that were needed, because of that, Indiana as a whole to $2 billion in reserves. Yet you have Illinois right next door and let's be honest, there is not a big difference between the people of Illinois and the people in Indiana. But Illinois, is literally going to the federal government saying we can't afford to do any of this stuff. You need to give us money. That that Yeah, completely that is literally the during these times of of crisis. This is when you start to realize, what's the difference between actual leadership? That's right. And we've got to make those decisions. Sometimes before having any idea and no one knew COVID was coming, that sort of thing. So we've got to make these decisions based upon some really fundamentally important thing. So Daniel, I would say, last, last word for you here, what? What would you want to say to voters, those in our listening audience as they are either preparing to, well, as they prepare to to cast their ballots here for this, I would, I would encourage you to vote for you know, of course, vote for Donald Trump is president, we want his continued leadership and have people like me, call me Barrett, in the Supreme Court, those are great, important reasons to get out and vote. But also just as important is to get out and vote for people like State Senator Rob Ray, for Mike Ellis for your county, your republican county council, your Polk republican commissioners, these individuals are there to make sure things happen here in the local level in the state level, and the leadership that they provided, has helped us enter into a crisis, with our head held high and confident we're gonna be able to get through the other side. So I would encourage you to vote for these Republican leaders. Now, as we, as we are in the midst of this crisis. Because of their leadership, we've been able to continue through this crisis and still be able to provide the same types of services. So vote for those folks get to know them, talk to them. The funny thing about it is you can actually call most of them on their cell phones and talk to them. Yeah, it's important, this ideology, this ideological battle runs all the way up and down the ballot. Daniel, you've helped us help shine some light on some of those races. I appreciate you taking time to visit with us today. This is Daniel Elliot, chairman of the Morgan County Republican Party. Daniel, let's hope we have a big republican victory on election night here, and I'm counting on it. Thank you very much, Todd for your time. I really appreciate it.

Welcome back, folks, just have a minute here as we are, again, off schedule because of the interview. But look, it is important. Obviously President of the United States is important. Obviously, if you have a senator on your ballot, that is important. Your your representative, your us representative from your district, wherever you are located, is important. But it continues beyond that. You're governor if there's a governor on the ballot in your state, of course many of you are from Indiana, you have that choice. In Indiana. I that's an important race up and down the ballot Secretary of State down all the way down to you know, town, Councilman, school board. And our school board is a nonpartisan, they say nonpartisan office. But anyway, these races matter. The ideology of the left, which has infiltrated and taken control of the Democratic Party is very dangerous no matter where it is on the ballot and it must be soundly defeated. Tomorrow. quick timeout needed, come back and wrap up. You're listening to conservative, not bitter talk. I am your host, Todd Huff back here in just a minute.
post that is all the time we have the day but again, this election comes down to key states as we I've always known that it was going to and your vote matters. Cast that vote today or tomorrow. I know that there's a lot of excitement here. And we need to start looking at what's going to happen. We get all sorts of scenarios that we need to talk about, by the way I should tell you tomorrow night, tomorrow night, Election Day, we'll be on live. You can catch us on a lot of places but including freedom 95 starting at 9pm talking about the returns, folks. So looking forward to that very much. Have a great day st GC tomorrow. Take care